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FRIST FUR GLIDA MRAS :dddddddddddd

Happy 3rd birthday, GG!

Archive of before bread:



Very nice.

How's your patreon doing? Last I saw some people gave up their pledge

Whoa slow down one benis at a time.

For a second I thought that was a black arm and I thought Vivian was "Blacked"

Holy shit.
Here's tomorrow's Charlie Hebdo.
Yesterday was Charb and Tignous' birthday. They both died at the same time.

it's not lying though, it's just shining light on some bad situations.

bud im a slud :D:DDDDD

Oooh, they're gonna get trucked.


The story until now, #TorrentialDownpour news related and not.

> NISA is trying to fuck with Ys.NISA has fucked Ys
- archive.is/X1omT
- archive.is/wiJV9

Our Holla Forums and cuckchan /g/ made a replace for nyaa after it was taken down, make sure to use it… Now Approved by Japs.


As a troll move they put the fakku doujins you have to pay for in download state.

Fakku 0001-1000: files.catbox.moe/129di9.torrent
Fakku 1001-1100: files.catbox.moe/h3l457.torrent
Fakku 1101-1200: files.catbox.moe/47batv.torrent
Fakku 1201-1300: files.catbox.moe/c9ntlr.torrent
Fakku 1301-1400: files.catbox.moe/rkuheo.txt
Fakku 1401-1500: files.catbox.moe/ce8oor.txt
Fakku 1501-1600: files.catbox.moe/nmqh3d.txt
Fakku 1601-1700: files.catbox.moe/60v3p6.txt
Fakku 1701-1800: files.catbox.moe/3ii6j8.txt

Sweet Karma, Mic fired most of their writers


I tried archiving the source Ian posted, but this is what came, so sorry.



Stop, stop they are already naked!



Freckled girls are the best.

It remains stable at thirty-something good goys
Thanks for your interest user


Don't tell me what to do!



You do commissions right? Once I get some stable income going I'll be throwing some cash your way for giving me a freckle fetish


It's still not enough, It's annoying how that con artist behind breeding season racks in over $14k yet you don't, it's just not right.

Don't be so tsundere.

You work hard, IMO you deserve better.

Still have to watch Re:Zero. lots of people like the cat trap for some reason.


>another aGGro exposed as a sex pest/creeper
Dance thread?


Two actually archive.is/jQEJv

You're looking for

I just reposted it to make sure it got into the thread.


no, wait for after we reach bump limit

White supremacy!?

Thank you.

I'll wait till the Bump limit but I'll post a little one here



Traps aren't gay if I'm a girl, right?



my mistake


Is futa on male gay?

I dunno but what is it with traps that are attractive in that case?


Do you have a youtube link?

But you aren't, you blazing turbo-twink.

I wonder which male feminist will be outed next, I doubt McIntosh ever will his to much of a beta.

Prove it, put a microphone up your vagina and masterbate with it. If we hear something that sounds like a trek through a swamp i'll believe you.

Oh italian TV the trashiest Tv in the world

Diabetes Dave.

Supermario Roberto?

Also would have accepted


Hey now, there's limits to "fat acceptance". Specially if you have a penis.

i feel sad now


One of these:

Happy BDay to everyone.

I'm sorry dude, that's just gross, the image you posted.

If you want viv tinkle porn, you can certainly request something like that, get a commission from someone willing to draw that.

My bet is on Graham Linehan, but he's so irrelevant nobody will care.


Ah that takes me back.

Currently webming this, but it's taking a day and a week to happen.


If it wasn't for how cucked Blizzard was I'd say their reaction was a joke.

Then again, they hate white people so maybe it is a joke to them.

I've been taking a break, but don't give up.

Figure out the next Disnod. (IMO, a major left outlet that pushed the GG lie- that'll have some more sins to sink it on. Or even Google if you can).
Keep shilling for the good, and sharing news on the bad.
Work out how to fuck Google and support alternatives.
Keep talking to Eng Speaking Jap devs (translation of Treehouse document is being looked at by Mombot)

And never give up.
Keep talking about issues that bug you in the game industry outside of here.

That should be mandatory for everyone otherwise you get burnt out and might do something stupid due to it.

That's actually possible.

I haven't taken a break once. I tried, but kept coming back every time.

You just made a fuckin mistake. That's all it is




Worst girl

2nd worst girl

meant to reply to:

We must secure the existence of our aras and a future for araposting

When you think about it, it actually looks like betas become "male allies" just for the pussy.


List of people let go



How fucking cucked can you get to whip yourself this much over someone correcting a term based on dialects?

What a gay.

Ara is love.
Ara is life.

Male feminists fall into two categories.
A) So desperate for pussy they have resorted to acting like lap dogs in the vein hope their mistress will throw some pity sex their way
B) Has done something bad in the fast and think if they become feminists they can somehow atone for it
As for females one they're just either man hating dykes or have horrid personality no men want to deal with.

3rd worst

Okay, your taste is officially shit.


He is telling jews to go back to Israel? Europe saved.


I think someone needs to work with whoever runs archive.is to get a funding campaign together for them.


I cant spell today.




I notice some people supporting the 'Inside Gamergate' book Thunderclap from Grimachu. Wasnt he a scammer back in the early days? Something to do with his girlfriend?

I blame my headache

iirc that was a guy named Sawyer


This looked better uncolored; just my opinion

It's a fucking joke you retards

yeah you're right.

I can't tell what's real and what's a joke any more.

We really need to make a montage/image of all the male feminist who ended up doing shit like this.

Like 2 big columns. On the left them virtue signalling, and on the right what they did. (All with sources of course). Maybe with a picture of their face (ONLY IF THEIR FACE IS ONLINE ALREADY) so those who look at it can make the "balding, bespectacled goony neckbeard" comparison.

Hammer in the meme that male feminists are in it for pussy or to cover their past sins.
In turn, if feminists shoot down those guys they lose (other men are more cautious to ally with them in case their sins get revealed and their "protection" suddenly demands their lynching), and if they protect them they lose (someone who's "pro-woman" claiming the victim is lying or otherwise protecting exactly the sort of guy they claim to be campaigning against)

Then, modern radfems are only left with women- making it easier to point out they're just spinsters & man haters since no (sane) man allies with them.


Mombot compiled the most notorious ones



We live in a post-satire world.

If SJW have it their way, you'll never get a properly translated JRPG ever again.
Talk about it in another thread if you have to- stay focused here

How can the guy make money or fame off of the Thunderclap though?
Change it last minute to another message?
Link to an Amazon affiliate thing so he somehow gets kickback (I know some jewtubers who (at least at one point) have/had a thing where if you buy any product through their Amazon link, they get money from it).

sauce please

Time to bundle up and watch the fires. Just in time for fall to start.

When you're against people that say the dumbest things unironically, you begin to confuse jokes and reality.


Why didn't the world end yesterday?


While I hate someone saying everything is doomed and providing no solution (even if the solution is obvious), here's his Tweet if you want to share it out:

Always post the tweet.


Opinion pieces from the Guardian are infamous.
It's fist shaking with no actual power.

It the people IN government who read the damn thing you need to be concerned with.

we shoul resume memeteor labors

Notice their proprieties, these people are fucking traitors.

Did you mean "priorities"?

Speaking of which, remember this?
please use archive.is/media/2013/apr/12/news-is-bad-rolf-dobelli

That's my face for the rest of the day. Comfy as fuck bro.

Remember people, life isn't a hentai. Actual mother son incest, or incest in general, is heavily scarring mentally and emotionally. It's not some perfect little sex romp that has no consequences.

Their punishment must be more severe.

Yes stupid spellcheck picked the wrong word.


can confirm that this is not true at all

Shes the head of the CPS.

hory shet, Assange just tweeted a Hurtful Beliefs' video



I misread that second image as "Clown" Prosecution Service. That'd be more accurate.

story time?

thank you user

Go on.

Can I be a white nationalist/supremacist if I'm puerto rican?

How sweet, they're giving us a ready-made blacklist. Sure would be a shame if someone put it to good use, no?


That's not up to you to decide you fucking nazi :^)


Hispanic people only become white once they kill a black person.

Not even close to worthy of a greentext. My brother and I just really like incest doujins so we fuck

Other crimes work too apparently, rejoice!


That depends, are to against communism, are against feminism or think Antifa is a terrorist organisation? If yes to any of these then your a FUCKING WHITE MALE!

I like ara, incest, and shota. Just don't want people to take it too far and think it's somehow something achievable in real life to mix those together. Or even the last two separately. You never really know just how many are actually '2D>3D'.

Just saw this in the comments. Would be interesting to spread this everywhere and make people start demanding these companies lose safe harbor if they keep censoring shit

I've searched a few names to see if they wrote about goobers but didn't found anything. Tim Mulerkin is the one who loves crying about GG but he's still on Mic for now

Yea, two brothers who just so happened to be faggots

Of course, it's not like words mean anything anymore.




Okay, that makes sense.


Does that mean i can be a double white supremacist?

Only if you get quints.

Reminds me of when Assange tweeted the pattern that the vast majority of people that have (((echoes))) are always against him, which he later deleted after being told what it actually means. It was a pretty damn hilarious, and unfortunately short-lived, accidental redpill. The reason why Assange retweeted HO is because a lot of the people giving him info are from around here.



The wording is bullshit. It is not white nationalism or white supremacy. It is wanting traditional values established by white people. They try and add these racist tones to everything to stop other races from joining in.

Do not call yourself a white supremacist, nazi, white nationalist, etc. You say you respect and appreciate white culture and civilization and that it's what you want.




"Trump supporters", i.e. interns we put MAGA hats on.

Tits or gtfo.

I'm honestly surprised CNN just didn't get people on their staff to do that, they must have genuinely believed everyone agreed with them back then.

Please elaborate on what "white culture" entails.




A working lol government

im gonna need a glass of wine for this one

European or European descended countries



What leftists conveniently blank out is that nationalism doesn't stop at the border, one nation can very easily respect another's to self-determination, having your own national pride doesn't instantly make you want to colonise others. For example, you see a lot of users on Holla Forums respect Russians, Nips and Syrians (ACTUAL Syrians, not "refugees"), even though none of them have been to any of those countries or ever actually left their own.

Societal and cultural concepts white people have invented. Different types of governments, inventions, music, art, etc. Kind of hard to explain if you haven't spent time outside of white civilization for a while, like spending months in a place like China.

How was the videogame about a transgender hitman destroying a feminist regime called? I want to listen its soundtrack but I forgot the name.

So, are they trying to sink youtube entirely, or are they just trying to go 1984 censorship,

Youtube does not realize how they are killing themselves with this shit, right? They are screwing over there most popular content makers.

wtf I love Space Borderlands now

The question is what the Destiny team did to piss off Google. As far as I know they've done nothing political so I can only assume it's because they haven't openly bent the knee.

We must stand with our ideology at all costs.
Then blame capitalism when it bites us in the ass.

It's probably some jaded SJW at google who hates gamers and these "dudebro" games, using this as revenge for games like Tacoma being completely disliked by gamers.


Judging by their reply it wasn't incorrect they did it intentionally.

Thanks, I always forget the fucking name.

Thing is, nobody talks about "Asian culture" or "Black culturelol." I would not describe Basques and Moldovans as sharing a culture.

Did you really forget webm related? Destiny gave Sargon a platform to speak and is thus a Nazi. It's just like with Pakman's show, Pakman too got demonetised and actually had an advertiser that spent money to advertise SPECIFICALLY on his channel, that advertiser was refused the possibility to give Pakman money even after contacting Youtube directly.

I was thinking about how all of this censorship brings back the joke about how they want us to play the Sesame Street video games, and other baby shit, but then I remember how the big thing in the industry these days is "non-violent" games like "walking simulators".

Makes me wonder what would happen if a developer made a "walking simulator" based around a very bloody and violent event (And, on top of that, an event that actually happened). Hell, have one where you walk around the Auschwitz prison while you hear the dialog of the "Jews being killed". Let's see that get GOTY.

You know the rules, tits or GTFO.



Ah fuck, I am retarded. I knew Destiny 2 was being targetted but thought you were referring to Destiny being targetted AS WELL as the Destiny team


The game destiny, not that piece of shit


You're either hilariously out of touch with what the left has been vomiting recently, or you're lying. Or you're not a burger. Black culture is something the left, and black americans in general, just won't shut up about.

He has nothing to do with the Destiny video game, you dingus.

Nice trips though.


Yeah, no clue why I thought of the autist, since I had already read that Destiny 2 videos were being targetted.

As an ausfailian, I'm actually not upset about the "take-out" phrase. The inner bastard in me is telling me to suggest to anons that if they find any cultural faux pars like that, then they should kick up a stink about it. Imagine how much money the will have to spend if every phrase has to be "culturally sensitive" and people get "offended".

They're talking about the game not that "Is it okay to rape my underage daughter" degenerate.

Yeah they took over a city council meeting in Cville live on television. The discourse is about as intelligent as you'd expect. Foc rouse MSM calling Antifa activities vandalism or simply Nazis.

Seems really weird they'd do this on the anniversary of gamergate.

Maybe this is the next phase for them? They censor information about "violent" and "problematic" games in social media and then let their walking simulators and other bullshit run free?

Really, there's not much stopping them from labeling these games as hate speech and harming whatever the fuck they randomly pull out their asses and then censoring it.

What about vicera cleanup detail. That game is literally playing the janitor after doomguy goes through a spacebase.

I hope some kind of class action lawsuit can happen over this soft censorship.

Exactly; pride in your nation and respect for other nations are not mutually exclusive.

Goy of the Year All Years?



*Of course

I need a new fucking keyboard I swear.

Good thing you put that in quotes there.

I have a better idea, though. Someone make a walking simulator where the player is walking through the aftermath of an Islamic terror attack. That'll rustle some motherfucking jimmies right there.

Offtopic, but the game Shadow Warrior is free on steam right now
Is it a good game ?


How hard would it be to make a walking simulator in unity if ive never touched it?

Og or nu-? Og is amazing, nu-shadow warrior is worth a play if its free.

Its a 6/7. Worth a try at least

We wuz Errege and shit

Not at all. I think you're forgetting that all you have to do is allow your character to walk with no other programming. Otherwise it's nothing but texturing.

Yeah it was alright I enjoyed it, personally didn't find it as great as the original but it sure as hell wasn't as bad as Nu-duke.

Probably not that bad, just steal code from tutorials and find 3d models online. Pretty sure these "developers" are doing the same stuff.

For a walking simulator, you just need the start of a tutorial for a TPS or FPS game. You know, the part where they say

No idea. Just free. Didn't really pay attention.

Thanks to you both.

But that comment is noting the hypocrisy.

The money is completely beside the point.

The real point of doing this to Blizzard is to make them realize THEY CAN'T WIN. To this end, complain about something. But don't stop there. Complain about a lot of things. Then complain about the fixes, replacements, etc. Grind their nerves down to the nub, and when you get there just keep grinding. If they want to play the Political Correctness game, make them play it until they cry and beg to play something else, ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL.

Addendum: Nobody who isn't a braindead leftist.
I would love to see some American blacktivists go to Subsaharan Africa sometime and get laughed at.

Its classic. Grab it. Its amazing.

Dunno where im gonna get textures, or models. I could play around with blender since i do have experience with that.

From what I understand, African blacks hate American blacks, and think they're a bunch of entitled shits.

You can acknowledge certain ethnic groups as superior to your own and you should learn from those that are.
Ethnic nationalism > White nationalism > civic nationalism >being an aids ridden faggot rolling in mud > globalism

Heh, don't worry about it laddy. They can't into nuance, so anyone who's at bare minimum a conservative is a nazi now. Just throw a Heil to the Fuhrer and enjoy the meltdown over very, VERY scary swastikas and that rascal DRUMPF with his weekly shenanigans.

Britbong here - 'Take Away' is wot we call them here - Aussies got it from us.

Reminder there's a one in a million chance incest babies turn into super babies where they have no negative birth defects and are essentially super human.

[citation needed]

Youtube never made a profit and would have died pretty quickly if Google never bought it. Google loses lots of money on it every year, but can't shut it down because of the outrage and nobody is stupid enough to buy it off them. For Google it's actually ideal to slowly chase away Youtube's users till they can eventually shut it down citing lack of activity.

Sargon's second account got nuked today apparently

that's a clear case of cultural appropriation if I ever saw one

That's not how that works.

No tits posted, you're a man whore who fishes for you's on mongolian imageboards.

why would you want a archive of that?

Tits or GTFO

Thanks for the heads-up, user

Well not really, since Australia is simply a Bongistani prison

They're not trying to sink YouTube, they're trying to force people into paying yet another fucking subscription for shows they don't want.


The only youtube red series i want to watch is vsauce's one. Im not paying 10 bucks a month to watch it though. I might buy a dvd set if they release one.


Youtube has never made a profit for google it's always been a monkey sink if it wasn't for all their other shit it would have most likely bankrupted them by now, wouldn't be surprised if they want to kill off their audience and try and turn youtube into a TV station.


Gud shit

It's quite easy. Just follow some video tutorials, Unity is very user friendly. In some ways, its' interface feels similar to 3d programs like Maya.



If you get the playmaker addon and 50 bucks of assets on turbosquid or something, it will pretty much write itself.


I don't think sooooo

No, the deal with incest is that due to the lack of genetic diversity (literal genetic diversity, not muh racemixing) in the alleles, there are basically multiple opportunities for negative recessive traits to be expressed in the child's phenotype for any alleles that the parents are heterozygous for. And given how many negative recessive traits there are, that's a pretty damn bad thing.

The idea that anything good will come out of recessive traits is misdirected because genes aren't simple like "gene for extra strength: on/off" there would need to be a slew of various genes that have just the right allele expressions for the child to have increased strength without getting fucked up in the process, and only one would need to go wrong anywhere to produce something nasty like hemophilia or sickle cell anemia. And no, the million-in-one deal doesn't apply if the odds are consequently made worse than a similar mating between strangers due the restricted genes of the parents.

A sceencap for ants

No archive?


twitter.com/GiovannaLiviana/status/898883424328368129 archive.is/0LEaZ

why are all leftist woodpushers?

How does that help? Asking for info often times get the nicest people posting (Or is half/pol/ that far gone?).
Sounds like baiting topics, or tabloid topics everyone calls BS on.
Unless they "Reee" at the first sign of a counterpoint, everyone enjoys healthy discussion.
We can barely organize ourselves for any consistent type of shitposting. How would this change things?
Bring that up, and you immediately let the mask slip.
And, when the same tactic is pulled on them?

Its Rules for Retards.

I used to think they were a well organized mob, but the problem is really that they are such an incoherent group of people with different priorities and beliefs, all under one umbrella. They aren't allowed to fight each other, so when a third party comes in and appeases some of them while neglecting others, they go nuts.

That never stops SJWs. They don't know how to capitalism, and then they lose and it and say they hate capitalism and it's all capitalism's fault.

…What? I'm not familiar with that term.

it would probably take 2-3 generations of incest to properly fuck your genetics up, otherwise humankind would've never repopulated in some areas.

This feels very CTR pre-elections


So all we need to do to beat them is get monkeys to sit in sinks, got it.

Its a Chess term that means you don't study strategy and just move peaces. Chess peaces are often made of wood. Hens woodpusher.


Is this some kind of forced meme?


Works as a passive gay slang as well, which works.

I bet his sister was a fat uggo.

Oh. Today I learned something.


If he replies to the post of a guy pointing out the mistake with the appropiate pic and then continues talking like he didnt notice the typo yeah


its today? well i be damn, i though i would miss it.

[user will remember this.]

Looks like Lawbreakers is getting the Battleborn treatment.


The guy quoted the wrong quote though, so it's not exactly obvious.

Apparently it's doing even worse than battleborn, actually. They just fucked that one up hardcore, didn't they ?

the best version

new crowbcat video about that game


Didn't some autist copied this to make the Five Nights at Freddy's Twerk or some shit?

On the plus side, you can shit in the girls bathroom.

is this for real?


Possibly I only have the undertale one

Wouldn't it be weird if we dressed up and acted like girls? Haha.

I bet you think wearing dog suits doesn't amke you a furry.

And they wonder why everyone hates them, they're the modern day furrys.

I didn't ask for this.

It makes you a mascot.

They are the furries before furries were a thing.


Mascots were the original furries. They all fucked each other under that suit and no one knew.

Im not stupid

Can I just go back to the ignorant days where I was reading manga that could be best described as "soft-yuri" due to one of the characters in the relationship being a trap?

>This foul beast is not creepy:
>But dressing up like a underage girl, and pulling it off, is creepy

Anything I should tell my sister? She's a big cosplayer.

I'm pretty sure that's just a parody of that FNAF one, it is a parody right he didn't make another one?

whoever made this should be shot


Any gene you are heterozygous for with a negative recessive expression has a chance of being expressed if you have a kid with your sibling.

Autosomal genes would have a 25% chance of recessive expression for each given gene trait, and sex-linked genes also have a 25% chance for disorders in the X-chromosome to be expressed if the father doesn't express the disorder himself (otherwise it's 50%).

That's why the 50-500 rule of genetic health exists: about 50 members of a sexual population are needed to avoid probable extinction from inbreeding, and about 500 are needed for genetic drift to stabilize instead of doing what it wants until the population picks up.

Apologies for the autism

user. Is on the internet.

Nice projection.
Is this a parody?
Did someone plant that pic?

And then the media complains why parents or the conservatives hate schools giving 'books' to children with the fear they might be indoctrinating them.


How in the ever loving fuck is that not child abuse? why are they not behind bars?




Get ready to laugh harder



If you're going to post Undertale autism, at least post the Japanese kind, and not the shitty western tumblr kind.

Read the second paragraph, that degenerate made a kid undress in front of them.

4th pic sauce?


sounds like a fucking horror movie… or a hentai doujin

Is minus8 japanese?

And yet they want you to be on a sexual criminal list for having pictures of lolis.


Oh shit.

Is he/she safe?

I swear, by the time this thread is over and done, a quarter of it will be nothing but reaction posts.

>Doing better than LawBreakers
Could you compare the numbers to Bioshock 2, by chance?

>sounds like a fucking horror movie… or a hentai doujin

I remember reading a doujin story where the kindergartners killed their teacher by tearing her apart.

It just went F2P.

Maybe it's a bad idea to try and involve kids in this when they are still trying to learn the fucking alphabet

I was not expecting it going F2P to be this amusing.

Well Brink went free to play today so that's mostly the reason.

Shit was already posted previously. If the tweet is significant then you shouldn't just leave it at that, make a screencap and add the archive link.

8/pol/ calls it sliding, they're well aware of the tactic.

That's pretty typical.

I don't know off the top of my head, I'm assuming that's korean like said. Either way it's probably Undertale porn, which is even more furry than Miranda, so if you post it I'll offset by posting some actual Japanese UT autism.

I'm not the UT poster.

I just wanted to trick someone into posting minus8 stuff.

That's the point of them doing it at that age. They deliberately try to instill these ideas in children before they're capable of critical thinking.

All I can do is try my hardest in every pic. Thanks friendos

That's great, but it will have to wait to September, sorry for making you wait.

What is the name of the school again? I'm going to read Silence of the Lambs for them.

What was wrong with brink again?
That it had shitty maps?

I think that's the problem. While the movies would probably still be shit, they wouldn't be half as shit if they at least didn't shit all over the source material and instead tried to mimic it.

Speaking of which when is vivian's birthday again?

Ah, well nevermind then.

I'll post some anyway. Sage for offtopic.


It's today!

Nice, expect some requests from me soon, you won't have time to relax just yet.

I can wait

Honestly I forget. It's been so fucking long

Today, post fluffy vulva.




If she has tenure, nothing's going to come of it except a meaningless reprimand (unless the parents remember to keep badgering them about it, then they'll start the tenure removal process), but if she doesn't she's going to be hustled out the door before the week's over. Discussing anything pertaining to politics, sex, or religion outside of a class specifically handling that subject is extremely dangerous in the education system, and shit like gender identity and sexual orientation are outright taboo because there is absolutely no safe way to handle them without pissing some parents off. And in the education system, parents are almighty.

I want to impregnate Vivian.
And Gilda.
And retarded Commie Cat.
And Tomoko.
And Erin.
You fuckes gave me an autist girl fetish.

twitter.com/search?q=Civil War Reenactment&src=tyah

Actually Holla Forums on every site does. Even if full/pol/ had the worst moderation in the entire universe, it would still be better than half/pol/ just from the sheer amount of sliding. The term comes from the COINTELPRO

For example, do you know why "OY VEY, SHUT IT DOWN" is a meme on Holla Forums? It was because there were cases where people would catch shills posting "shut it down" and then instantly deleting their post so that the other shills could see it but noone else could, after which the thread would be spammed. In fact, this is the reason why full/pol/ on day one disabled post deletion, it was to prevent shills from deleting evidence of their presence.

*comes from the COINTELPRO guide

Getting rid of free speech would take us closer to communism and fascism than any amount of free speech possibly could.

Fug, forgot to unspoil. Pls no billy.

I honestly don't remember, was the third one by Gashi-Gashi, or by some other drawfag?



Fantastic Four.


Did the creators already renegated of their creation? or Critical Miss is still running?


Is that the most final version of that chubby Vivian picture?


Havent seen it, is the way he attacks any way compareable to luffy? The whole "stretch your arms 20 meters behind you to launch faggots" not to mention the gatling. Shit would look silly as fuck

Sure, whatever you say.

Now go clean the shit of your cats, you harlot.


2nd pic has blank pc screen for use.
3rd pic - anyone got original/bigger version of this banner?


Soon they'll say reality is a social construct. Literally.

Well, some niggers in South Africa already say it.

Blue Drop anyone?

I have this, but you'll have to add the logo if you want a larger version.

It's still going, they know of Eltonel and even acknowledged him and his superior Erin.


DRAWN autistic girls.


ffs, I fucked up


Thanks user - it was one of those pics where I only saw the banner but never saw the original it came from.

The little porn posted was interesting.

Now I'm sure the cancer won.

Hey, I know some of you had doubts of Gab being legit. But if how other people have treated them is any clue, it might be OK.


However, they are also begging for money for a legal fund for the various accusations thrown at them.

I don't know what they did to spring up doubt on them (other than healthy skepticism), but I think supporting Gab needs discussing (if a solid conclusions hasn't been reached before).

This is the same study that was posted months ago that is almost entirely speculation off of a single anecdotal story that may not even be true. We want it to be true though.


It was posted last thread archive.is/vuz9m twitter.com/Totalbiscuit/status/900024188068560903 no idea why some fuckers still only post pics

But women were having sex with men before civilization and society was formed

We've talked about it before. It was more on the line about promoting it to the Japanese, Koreans, etc… To strong arm influence away from Twitter. There's a couple issues some Anons have about Gab which are sound, but they've proven to be quite resilient in the light of things. Though no one yet has attempted to contact the heads or a representative at Gab to discuss said problems.

The general idea was to promote Gab to the east, which would require getting the participation of Mombot (she already supports them) or another translator to help them adapt to the new environment, coming up with new idea they can add to facilitate the new audience needs (like adding stickers from Line or something similar) and finding advertisers willing to collaborate.

Can I be part of the ebin screencap of this totoally true story?

Extra, extra!
The relationship between women and men is a barbaric concept, and it become outdated once civilization was established.

Surprised they haven't used that yet.


Clearly gamergate used its time machine to force their evil sexists ways on early humans.

You think you can just tell lies on the internet user?
Post those titties.

Buzzfeed has never published a noteworthy article and everything is stolen, even the fucking recipes.
Their head chef is a motherfucking fraud and employees have admitted it but she's untouchable.
I's one thing for a clickbait outlet to steal recipes for shitty videos, it's another thing to compile those recipes in a book and sell them for further profit.
Somebody get this shit to the faggot and see if he still defends them, please.


please use archive.is.com (use archive.is)/articles/163958/the-secret-ingredient-to-buzz-feed-s-viral-tasty-videos-recipe-theft-food-bloggers-say

they use it for monogamous relationships

If I click that will I get mad?

Hahaha shit I just had an idea. What if we can get these fucktards to start saying absolutely fucking loopy shit like "The only reason humans were able to become civilized at all was through the suppression of heterosexuality and the real reason other species haven't created civilization is because they're still trapped in heteronormativity"?

How crazy can we get them to make themselves sound?

That's what some anons used to do with Gamerghazi.

I wonder how the full interview went.

Not really, it's just a kkk guy openly being racist.

You leave them in their echo chambers and they will eventually reach that point, any outside interference will just slow that process down.


Just looking at her legs I can tell she hasn't been outdoors long, if at all.

It's just the media making it seem like the KKK still has any strength and the pick the biggest stereotype to interview

Ah, I saw a woman and the CNN tag so I assumed the worst. What the fuck is up with the audio? And why the fuck does this woman think "I find that offensive" would matter? What is the point of this shit?

hiking should be illegal as it tries to change how fat people are. they were born that way and you should accept them.

So they either got a FBI agent to LARP on tv or they found one of the last idiots to actually be part of the KKK. PROOF THAT NAZIS ARE REAL AND THEY ARE ALL OUT THERE KILLING

Here is the chapter 10 lesson summaries from You Can If You Think You Can.
Never Think of Failing - You Don't Need to
>1. Formulate a goal; not a fuzzy, vague goal, but one that is sharp, cleary defined and specific - very specific.
>2. Pray about that goal to be sure it is right, for if it isn't right, it's wrong, and nothing wrong ever turns out right.
>3. Put that goal into your conscious mind, holding the image there tenaciously until it sinks into the unconscious. And when it does you will have it, because it has you - all there is of you.
>4. Then give it all you've got of thought, effort, imagination, and innovation.
>5. Work, and then work, and then work.
>6. Never, never, never give up - keep it going, going, going - know that you can if you think you can.
>7. Tell yourself every day of your life until you believe it away down deep that you shall never think of failing. You don't need to.
Hope this helps any user who needs it.

but the song is kinda catchy

I was aware the archive had been posted already. Reason is simple: twitter fuckers that post prints without archive and then I would have to search for the text to find the tweet to archive it (which I would do if I didn't knew it was already archived).

Why do they never let the retard speak. I want to hear what they have to say.This is why television is dying


Brad's post made me chuckle.

The 3rd one's by Gashi-gashi.

Wait. Cucky Cliffy B got put on a wrongthinkers list?

That's… interesting.

Congratulations, we'll now have no more arguments about diversity!

It's like watching a group of commies accuse each other of being traitors to the revolution.

Their going for Civil war reenactors now

It's an excerpt of what I assume is the most bigoted/threatening part so it spreads around the liberal net. They didn't say what was being asked or if he had any arguments, which is why I was wondering how the full interview went.
I don't imagine it went well and the guy was probably stupid anyways.

He is a liberal, liberals get the bullet too. We are past niceties now, its full communism. FULL COMMUNISM.

Why does it matter what kind of people engage in a largely-solo non-interactive hobby?
Let's read the article to find out
Wait, so you're wondering how they make it look easy? Maybe it's because they are fit, whereas you self-identify as a "fat queer.".





>not pirating gorilla mindset

Got a PDF?

Dude, chill.

Bigly if true
>>>Holla Forums856563

That's why they push for classes focusing on those things to be mandatory. My little sister is a freshman and her history teacher has students watch 10 minutes of CNN in class every day.

They sorta deserve it for trusting you pinko scum.



Sources? That's one hell of a misogynist rap sheet Whedon's got, if true.

/pdf/ might have it.
**I actually bought it because i can't read digital and decided to try it since I was struggling with 3 years of clinical depression -
noticed a cycle of pills help, then they help less so i get new pills over and over. Depression was gone over a weekend when i read it.**

I want to imagine its to show that media has always tried to distort or outright change what happened but I know that is not the case

One corpse away from utopia.

>…the alt-right and conservatives are using “free speech” to attack and destroy colleges and universities…
It sounds like they're bombing them with words.
>As college presidents try to figure out whether the First Amendment protects conservatives’ right to create political spectacle and instigate violence, it might be useful to recall another time when American liberals were forced to sidestep First Amendment absolutism to combat a political foe: the 1940s, when New Deal liberals purged U.S. communists from American political life.

Who names their kid Kali?

Oh, they're also comparing the alt-right/modern-conservatives with commies

Poo in the loos? I have no idea what their stance on naming people after gods is, probably frowned upon

An indian person


Werk now
Save worlb

Don't you remember? They weren't real commies!


You know what she'd say user: that all of it was rape.

Its fricking Kali though

Say please.

What is gonna stop a poo in the loo from naming a kid after one of his own gods?

didn't he used to be against buzzfeed? He used to bring that up as an example of the bad end of internet journalism. Have the social justice crowd strong armed him into supporting it as some sort of initiation?

Remember, as Yuri said, every Marxist that takes power gets shot in the back of the head by another Marxist that was more Marxist than the previous Marxist.

You just posted the exact same thing the user I was replying to did. I was stating that, whenever you see some very useful piece of information like a tweet or article, that it would make sense to not only archive it but to also screencap it if there is none made already. I very often see people either start from a screencap without bothering to archive or post archives without bothering to screencap, both are very significant: the screencap allows you to distribute the information in an easily accessible format and the archive lets you show that what you are presenting is credible, both fulfil different roles.

Is there even a regular right anymore in these people's eyes?

Yes, he also used to be against Kotaku, but because his friend worked there he did an interview with them for Kotaku UK.

He hates Rich Stanton because of the response now, but give it a few weeks and he'll probably say Kotaku is alright.

Where's the Black Company when you need them?

I know you're joking, but it doesn't apply. The writer doesn't go anywhere near that.



Not that i care about total asscancer but he's doped out of his mind on opioids because being 190+ IQ fedoralord he's afraid of death.
What Jacqueline Kennedy in face of brain cancer did was brave.
She died on her own terms with dignity.

I dunno, user. Why aren't there more Jesuses among English-speaking families? I know the Mexicans and such use Jesus (hay-soos) pretty frequently, but you don't see many native English speakers use it.

Also, India is one of the places in the world where shit like honor killings, public lynchings/beatdowns and so on are still VERY much a thing, so that might have something to do with it.

Croaker is busy wondering why.


The parents that named their kid kali are in america though.

Because they prefer Christian and about three dozen variations of it?

The first investigative piece I have seen about socjus clickbaiting. It's beginning, lads: archive.is/OuDQr

hory fucking shet

Some fag, Roosh or Cernovich I think, theorized that socjus was a scam invented by betas to get women to think that fucking 4Bs is empowering. I think that's a stretch, but I'd say that creep-sex is definitely a factor with many of them. Some Twitter gommie predicted that after the socjus fad is over, these betas will write a million pieces about how they were "seduced" by SJWs, and I think he's right. Also just the other day that gommie was quite literally driven mad by SJWs for criticizing the dumpster fire that passes for the American left lel


Nice archive lad


Did you just archive an archive?

The archive link is fucked


Sometimes archive.is doesn't work ith certain sites, so you can instead use freezepage and then archive that. user fucked up though.

It happened over Twitter (of course) so it's all over the place, but here's the conclusion: archive.is/KH1Xi

Fug, the thumbnails at archive.is seemed to be fine but the actual archived pages didn't. Even Archive.org isn't working, but Freezepage is: freezepage.com/1503430030SMJRRRADNG

Its weird how socjus generated traffic/cash.

Probably the best way to deal with it.

Most people won't catch on until it happens to them, then they won't have a means to express their anger.

Good morning, faggots!

Good evening.

It's a stressful anxiety ridden night for me. But welcome.


What if a "based negro" gave them all HIV?

Timezones give me a headache. hi Marche.

Why am i not surprised.


only the best and brightest go on NeoGAF.



Is this the "ara" thing everyone keeps talking about?

Oh. Okay.


Google is using trannies' YT videos to test their facial recognition AI, SJWs are not amused: archive.is/UHL37

Is Youtube trying to play 12th dimensional chess to fight against Trump? Because I'm pretty sure they have no idea what they fuck they're doing.

So I see youtube is still proceeding with it's "let's burn this bitch down" plan.



Is Vince still alive?


There's no justice in this world!



They are going to kill trump, aren't they?

But wait, there's more!





Tiddies or GTFO


That's what I thought. Thanks, trips!

Bastards are probably about as effective in a firefight as a drunk man on fire.

Can someone younger than me explain what MDE is and why it's popular. I honestly thought it was a new drug for the longest time because of the name and the context I saw it in.
I only vaguely understand that it's made by that guy who said he was going race literally wu and now people meme him as a school shooter or something?
Why is it popular with right wingers and not left wingers if its some kinda comedy thing?


I appreciate the consistent good baked breads recently. Thanks again Baker.


wew, looks like TB's feelings on Buzzfeed has changed in that short time.

Cliffy did a interview on Nichegamer about gamergate once right? As a neutral? Just trying to discuss likely put him in the slammer.

Outside of the lewd/incest degeneracy this is a pretty gud bread.

Watch an episode. It's abstract, you'll need more than one viewing to appreciate the content of the show.

Is this going to be some Tim and Eric shit again? Because that was shit in my opinion.


Tim and Eric went to the (((Producers))) and (((Executives))) in Adult Swim to help Bernstein from cuckfeed to take down MDE World Peace, they succeeded while being cowards not to confronting Sam face-to-face about their kike backstabbing.

Why even bother with his prior opinion.
He claims to support journalistic ethics, yes? Point out their frequent and blatant ethical violations.
As I mentioned above, they steal many (if not all) of their recipes for Buzzfeed Tasty. Not only do they collect ad revenue on their video recipe content, they also sell a customizable cookbook.
Even if Buzzfeed is funding "real journalism" with clickbait-style content, they aren't doing it legitimately.

Do these fuckers even live in the Valley? It sucks, why would white supremacists be here?

It's abstract in a different way, but not entirely dissimilar. I found it hit and miss but still enjoyed it considerably more than Tim and Eric.

Didn't they pull the same shit with Big O?

Generally rumors, but some evidence it was both the retardation of Timmy and Erica there and how Adult Swim does not know how the Nips do anime production.

If they even try they'll rape a worldwind of fire and fury. The justice department wouldn't even have to do anything, common citizens would lynch their commie asses.

The only skits I didn't enjoy were the Pedophile Baseball coach and that hooker sketch from episode one, other than that i can't think of many misses.

fuck i laughed




So…you going to explain or just make dramatic remarks?



It's being a while I've heard of Koretsky


Got a mp4

How bad will Antifag sperg out now that they've been publicly named?

harder than over the alt left

I wouldnt be surprised if they tried to legit kill trump supporters.

We are reaching critical levels of retardation


This timeline is really stupid sometimes.

Glad to hear that book helped you get out out of a slump. However, not everyone is the same, and what one person says may not resonate with everyone (Which is how you end up having dozens of different people saying the same exact thing, but in a different tone, manner, wording, etc.) But, then again, you can never really say the wrong thing to the right person.

Actually, a funny story about that. For a while there, Mexico was obsessed with the Christian religion the Catholics were teaching them. So, in honor and appriciation of it, the Mexicans started naming their kids "Jesus". The Catholics…were…FURIOUS.

Also, Mexico banned religion for a number of years to "tame the masses" before the decision was then repealed, and they even had an entire civil war over it.

I forgot that game existed. Is it out yet?

It's creepy, yet strangely heartwarming.

Oh, for Fucks sake…


Glad I'm not the only one who pronounces antifa that way.

Considering how no one in the media seems to know the 'correct' pronunciation he should've come up with a third way just to fuck with people.






an organization for ants

This right here is why I voted for this jester of a president.

He calls a spade a spade. He doesn't dance around playing the politically correct game, he states the truth as he sees it, and to hell with the scandalized pearl-clutchers saying he can't.

Beautiful. Does this mean the petition has been noticed?

Well, this'll be fun.

A good female acquaintance who is a NeverTrumper got into a political argument with me this evening. Her views were about what you would expect.

I would be surprised if he wasn't aware of Antifa before the petition. It seems more likely to me that he was waiting for the right time to call them out.

I cringed a bit.

Well I watched that. Can't say I really get it. Some of it was a little amusing, but a lot of it seemed weird for the sake of weird. Like am I missing something about that black and white bit at the end? It didn't seem to have a point or resolution or anything.

Of all the beliefs about him this one annoys me the most. Literally every president in history has become more wealthy by being a president except trump. He is the only person to have become more poor by being president.

I'd certainly hope so. They're a pretty big problem to ignore. Especially with his position.


Could this become an op then? Op Snowblower. Where all anons have seen the retarded excuses for crying oppression. Let's stick up for the minorities. Complain to Blizzard about anything you can and be LOUD about it. Does and onscreen ad flash with different colours? Oppression against those that have epilepsy. See a female character? complain about how she is unrepresentative/unrealistic.
The effect would be twofold 1) Blizzard would have to learn that they cannot win by playing the social/identity politics game. 2) other SJWs would become useful idiots and join in making it even harder for Blizzard to ignore it.

It is worse. They are doing it to children who still think Santa and the Easter bunny are real. How the fuck are they supposed to discover what is real when they are fed this bullshit?

I wonder what would happen if these Stronk womyn were forced to hand over their dildos.

Monogamous relationships are just a patriarchal concept that stops ugly as sin landwhales stonk womynz from having sex with hunks acceptable sexual partners.

Correct spelling is a social construct designed to oppress low IQ people.

Good luck. Don't forget to expose LW as a murderous troll.



I like sam hyde but his comedy just doesnt really do it for me either

Pronounce it the other way and it will sound the way they want it to sound. "Anti-fascist"

The Tifa image made me think. Shouldn't there be a -tan yet for antifa? There could be some real fun OC in that.

Give her the d pill

Yea, just what we need, Antifa to be someone's waifu. if you're going to make an antifa tan, make her sickeningly skinny because that's what will happen under comunism.

The kikes already do that. It's just a matter of waiting and watching.


I really wish there was a way I could embed this.

Isn't there already a communism catgirl?

No, god no. Don't make memes for your enemies unless it directly mocks them.
I wish I had money to commission good guro of commiecat

If they want one they can make one.

The industry's hand should be forced in this case to prevent boiling frog syndrome.

Hey guys, anyone got the list of what GG is responsible for? I lost mine.

Then lets make a -tan that's tsundere towards loli Trump.


No he's right to say it like that for a very good reason, though I doubt he said it because he understands that reason. It's probably more to do with the fact that Trump isn't always good at articulating himself

Just from mere shift of syllabic emphasis, Antifa kind of becomes its own, isolated word rather than short for Anti Fascist. You WANT to separate Antifa from its full meaning because the very name is a subversive fucking title that sets up the same dichotomy I was talking about earlier on Holla Forums. Nazi and Not Nazi. So the average faggot will just see the name and conclude they're the good guys because "Well, they're not fascists, so they MUST be the good guys!" Of course, if that were the case, everyone wouldn't have a problem with admitting that Joseph Stalin was a nice guy because he pushed the Nazis all the way back to the bathrooms of the Reichstag

Call them by their correctly inflected name and you're playing into their 1984-tier commie tricks. If you can manage to destroy the word itself, everyone just might realize the hilarious irony of the corporate press doing the PR of a bunch of anarcho-communists

I want to impregnate a Vivian

Those are some extremely stocky legs.

Vivians are not for sexual, get out

Reminds me of this from last year [pic]
no idea where I got it

What's the most degenerate fetish someone drew art of her with?

I will keep encouraging this people to see how ridiculous they get with their stupidity.

I'm glad I'm going to live enough to see the collapse of the left

I feel bad for asking, but is there somewhere I can get it through copy/paste? I got the list from the trips but wouldn't mind getting more. Have some more feels as payment.

He's too hard on Trump, but I agree with the fact that a main point is that he knows there's a problem in the first place.

I pronounce them as An-ti-fas, comming from the spanish translation of Balaclava which most people use to rob or cause riots… fitting since is something most of them use.

It's more the strong strange emphasis he makes rather than the pronunciation that bugs me, I pronounce it that way. It the way he sounds, like he's cheering that is strange.

same tbh

here's the webm too

I thought Trump refused to take the pay/salary that came with the Presidency?
I'm sure Hillary would have done the same.


Biddle me this, gaymergays!

Did he actually go through with that or was it just sort of forgotten?

She's over my weight limit. Not turbo obese, but a regular fatty.


Listanon, is that you? Have you accidentally lost your list?

No I'm not listanon. I just need the list for a little project, the more I can get my hand on the better. I saved the pics and webm, worst come to worst I'll copy them by hand.

Trips say yes, Val.

He donated his last pay to some Women's Initive shit, and Trump had more to lose from going against the establishment, both dems and repubs then he would when he could have just sat out of the elections and do business for both parties.

Only if you believe in the power of TANOSHII

She would be anyone's friend because she's literally retarded.

tfw no kemono bff


I think the weirdest thing was that guy who's fetish is to cum in an disinterested girl's hair. And there are weird fetish things that I just don't understand but they aren't awful. The most terrible thing is probably the slob stuff. Fat 2D girls are great but not when they're blobs covered in grease or other stains farting and burping non-stop.

If that's so, then how come Gilda has so few friends?

She wants to be everyone's friend. That doesn't mean that anyone wants to be hers.

Says the man that cost them literally millions of dollars by opening his mouth.

Honestly, I'm amazed no one has combined her with the backpack cuck yet.

Friendship has to work both ways. Just because she's willing to be around others doesn't man others are willing to be around her. I know that feel ;_;

But that's wrong.



whats with all these weirdly specific fetishes that don't seem in any way sexual?

It's like a regular hot chick is verboten these days


Fuck I hate cuckchan. They're getting to 9gag levels of OC stealing

For all the talk about how weird backpack cuck and floor tiles are, I'd argue that some fetishes that are more common are even weirder. Stuff like Inflation, Vore, or Giant/Shrinking, I saw the Jim vids and I have nightmares about some of that stuff.

What a coincidence, that's MY fetish
gimme source

How about the Lego guy?

At least the normalfags go there and not here to look edgy.

This is the first gg-related thing I've drawn since the 4chan exodus.

Nailed it. Halfchan has been Ebaumsworld since 2014.

This former A+ list tween actress turned B/B- list adult actress does kind of have a franchise. She is the go to person for party favors during the promo run for her latest movie.
She is surprisingly DTF at toga parties at her college. Fraternity brothers call her “The Ghost” Apparently it has to do with a gang bang and she had so much semen on her that she looked like a ghost.


good work


Well done.

I used to stick lego heads in my foreskin because they fit in there and I have alot of excess foreskin. Never developed into a fetish.

Excellent memetics on that one, Johnson. Get it to print.

Does anyone have the thread of that one user that said he masturbated with a piece of steal/ham? I think he ate it afterwards

Isn't that Miranda Cosgrove? Did she seriously go into porn after Nick?

did you do this?


I drew this

no she is just into cocaine gangbangs, as the copypasta confirms:

I remember the first time I went to a USC party that Miranda Cosgrove was at.
It was at a frat house and I was hanging out and talking to people when this huge guy, probably around 6'5 came up to me and grabbed me by the shoulder and told me very sternly to "come with me, newblood". He led me down to the basement, and that's when I saw her.
She was completely naked, on her hands and knees, on top of a large blue tarp. A single bare lightbulb swung from the ceiling, and two massive football players were fucking her, one in the ass and one in the mouth. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head, and she was covered in semen. The words "COCKGOBBLER" were scrawled on her forehead in permanent marker . The one fucking her in the mouth bust a nut down her throat, and she swallowed it all. She then started screaming "FUNNY POWDER, FUNNY POWDER" over and over at the top of her lungs. The guy that led me in handed me a ceramic plate covered in cocaine and instructed me to blow some in her face. I bent down in front of her and she coughed up a huge glob of cum onto the tarp and looked at me in the eyes, all while still beng fucked in the ass. I grabbed a handful of cocaine and placing it in my palm, I blew it in her face. I had tears in my eyes and silently mouthed "but you were in iCarly". I stood up and another massive jock took my spot and started ramming her in the mouth. I then tried to leave but the guy who took me to the room told me "you have to stay until all the coke is gone lardlungs". I sobbed for the next 3 hours doing my duty until all the men were satisfied and she was passed out in a pool of jizz.
It was the worst night of my life.

I suspect I know who you are then, or at least met you in person at a con.

No, I drew this.

holy fuck. turn the english subtitles on that video on. I don't think they are auto generated, someone wrote those accurately

Nah, I haven't really made that many gg-related drawings.

Get your popcorn ready, lads!

Word on e-celeb grape vine is that Anita and co are preparing a big hit list of male feminists / allies who are abusers/rapists/toxic and will begin to publish them one by one on a new site. And McIntosh is possibly on the list! List will include guys in advocacy, game, and tech spheres apparently. Allegedly female e-celebs have been getting contacted in private and asked to out any men who've made any advances at them at all so that they can show patterns of abuse. If anyone knows any female e-celebs ask them if they were already contacted and if they can give any details. Consider this as hearsay until more confirmed info comes out.

That image with Viv sitting in the White House wither her feet on the table. I asked the drawfag to make a version without her wearing socks and he delivered. I'm not even a footfag and I forgot to save it. I know someone has it.

Hope you're not bullshitting. It'd be nice to see them tear each other apart from the inside while we do nothing.


Shut the fuck up retard

Never noticed that before, but I woke my neighbors laughing so hard so thanks for that.

Next they will be deploying mass destruction weapons. The guy writes for Buzzfeed btw


I won't believe such good news until I have a source, user. But if it's true, then it's certainly going to be good. Eliminate the beta-nodders and SJWs fall. Shame them off the web completely. Put them in a naughty corner where no one can see them. They'll find that without their biggest cunt-lickers they have a very small voice indeed.

If this is true, they are burning the few Bridges they still have.

It would be interesting, but remain cautious.

Not too surprising.

Google Ideas name changed to Jigsaw
They were then moved under the umbrella company Alphabet. Their staff list is not available.

Get bricked, user. Look at the brick, learn to love the brick, and think of nothing but the brick.


Never saw the Viv one but but I remember the Jontron doodle, good shit

I drew her with a giant dick

Trump mentions antifa and lookey here.

Ooh, tomorrow's going to be fun. But, I need a source on that.

fuck you

She has a very tiny body, considering she's able to pull that weight.


at least use a clover instead of the ribbon when you draw gay shit

There's a version of it here

Why did they bring gas masks? Thought they were peaceful?


Protester at Trump rally got hit in the benis with a gas canister.


Fuck off. Just fuck off.

Can't wait for 20 years from now, where a (((Hollywood))) movie is made where protesters were chemically gassed to death.




this one to be tbh fampie


Hans (((Moleman)))

Brings a tear to my eye seeing these punks finally being treated the way they should've been from the start.

I don't think the tear gas guns are very accurate. That was a good shot.



Pussies. It isnt that bad.

I imagine it's the smell of shit and rotting flesh that gets you off.

Could I just say that I do get off to some guro, and even I find this despicable? Scat, however, I never liked (Except for the shitting dick nipples).

Pure joy

but fuck that reporter.
It was clearly a smoking teargas can, but saying that implies the cops are just shooting protestors for fun rather than lobbing teargas to clear them out. Always trying to sow discord and raise victim empathy for their communists.

They've gotten overconfident. They forgot that the only reason they've ever gotten away with this shit is that they've done it in cities where they had a corrupt mayor to cover for them.

why would you save this

I like that one, the face is especially nice and I like how her thighs are forced apart by her giant balls.

Actually after looking into the mayor of Phoenix he seems like a typical regressive, but I guess he still has enough sense to not let rioters run wild outside of Trump's rally.

I still think the conclusion would have arrived sooner if people focused on getting Antifa labeled as a Communist organization instead of a terrorist group, which both sides could have agreed on. Would have been much easier to label them a terrorist organization from there.

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If they rioted near Trump's ra;;y, the national guard would have been called in due to the threat to the president and then the mayor would have his ass fucked by the secret service as to why the protest was allowed.


There's a forum I'm on that had a mini version of this exact shit. I forget the occasion, but some member got banned (for something legit bad) and it inadvertently sparked an open floor for "speaking up". It was very gossipy, like a lot of females going "this guy acted like XYZ to me in an IRC chat" (which isn't even technically apart of the forum!), and then beta mods banning that guy for life while everyone goes "omg I'm so sorry". One member was banned during this thread because a female member alleges he dated her to get a free trip to a con, and then he broke up with her afterwards. Sounds like he's a bit of an asshole if true, but Jesus we're banning people for bad relationships? It felt incredibly totalitarian. (The guy's account was long inactive though, I doubt he cares if he even found out.)

What really gets me is that they continue to insist that they did nothing wrong. If anyone else cost a company millions, they'd be on their ass in the streets with box in hand before they even clocked out.



CNN is meltdowwning

So it's a day ending in "y"?

thanks jewgle, you're the best



This is beautiful


It's standard issue tear gas, though it's actually not gas at all, it's a powder, which is why it stains clothes white like that.
It's usually just a mild irritant, but the geneva convention says that because it does contain an irritant by design, it's not cool to use in warfare, not that any party waging war has any incentive to give a fuck.
I've gone to some protests to film them (none recently, not nearby and I cannot trust these lefties to not kill me), and the shit sucks, but it's not going to kill you or anything. It was probably worse to get hit in the dick than it is to breathe the stuff in.

Look at that, the image was made two years before Vivian's birthday.

Any bakers?

So is the protest over?

I have so much trouble watching these kinds of webms because the reporters fucking infuriate me.


How bad? Is it this bad. Please tell me it's this bad.

Shit about supporting Gab.

Okay, going to bed, you gaymergays keep on the look out for the "Peace Through Violence" dindunuffin narrative by the MSM.

Eh I checked a youtube stream for a few min when he posted that. Didn't seem out of ordinary.



Link that to me and I'll put it on the tab.

Gilda lewds.

Do you have a copy that shows her looking up at the camera beforehand to see if people are paying attention to her?

Yes I do…somewhere. I'll see if I can find it.

Adios amigo.

Is that a Toblerone bar?

Spicy. Saved.

He didn't condemn white supremacists tho, did he?


Oy vey, don't forget the 100 gorillion

Oh God, let this be true.

Read filenames user.

It is. Though if you had to ask then you don't get the joke.

I wasn't certain if it was supposed to be Toblerone or if it was just something else that looked like Toblerone, with the file name being a reference to that.

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Police should be throwing nerve gas at antifa, not smokes and teargas, what the fuck.

You're supposed to use yandex on thumbnails
It's narumeia from granblue fantasy, but dunno exact image. not even Yandex has it