"If you don't like [indie] style games, you're the same as the Nazis!" - Myst game dev


Remember faggots!

The 2nd image is the epitome of video game design and if you like the game on the 3rd image, you're in the same level as the fucking Nazis! You dig?!

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>taking (((smartphone))) screenshots
>using a (((smartphone)))
How do you do, Chaim?


The guy in the pic is wrong, anyway. It's never been that modern "art" is incomprehensible, just that it's a massive circlejerk, and more people need to start openly pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.

Like that's a bad thing.



Do you drink water?
You know who else drank water? Nazis

Didn't Adolf himself also create the 3 meals a day thing, I don't remember my source though, so I could be wrong.

I like the first type of architecture shown for modernism in the first pic. There are worse examples. Plenty of flat, ugly, boring, brown brick bauhaus pieces of shit that went up in the mid 20th century. It's like they openly wanted every school or government building built in that era to look like a prison.

I highly doubt than

Y'know, if Hitler never became the "evil" man that the world have known, his architectural designs will be hailed as one of the very best in traditional designs. But then again, this is when the Impressionists already gained ground in the field of art.

Go back to >>>/cuckchan/ OP, either make a minimal effort with 15 seconds of your life with a feature you have on your phone or fuckoff with these lazy ugly looking pieces of shit that make you look like an even bigger newfag than you already are.

Even an 8 year old can do this in 10 seconds, anyone who posts uncropped phone screenshots should be gassed for their laziness and lack of common sense.

Modern art is literally just Jewish iconoclasm and money laundering. It's garbage. Also, I hate the fact that I can't say modern art without inducing confusion between modernism and the current year. "Modern art," what a bunch of uncreative kikes.

It literally took me longer to write that and this than to actually crop that image, thats how lazy you fucking are.

No, that has been a thing in Europe for a long time. but the concept of lunch is sorta new.

Not in Spain

I'm already at the point where being called a Nazi is no longer an insult to me.


how long has it been a tradition in Spain? over or under a hundred years?

This is some sort of degenerate new-wave virtue signaling.

So what does this guy have to do with Myst? links? what part of development?

Over a hundred years
except after the civil war, but that was because there was barely any food.

Twentieth century

Literary who?

This guy's such a fuckwad. Look at the world around us now. Modern art is degenerate art. It's shapeless, deformed and disgusting, devoid of any beauty or meaning. I will not accept that white paint on a white canvas or a sculpture of a man sucking his own dick is just as "valid" as the Mona Lisa or Michelangelo's David.

Unironically, Hitler was right and did nothing wrong.

Hmmmm okay. Cool. If thats how it is.

Indie devs into the oven.

stalin also caused the censure of degen art, so you could just as easily call it socialism

those were done by albert speer and are certainly considered as such by anyone who isn't a total bitch. impressionism wasn't the problem either, the only goal was to capture natural light instead of being a neoclassical renderwhore who never left the studio; this had more to do with the invention of the paint tube and the portable easel than anything else. what killed the prominence of realism more than anything else was the commercialization of photography to the masses, this turned portraiture from a status symbol to something that even the underclasses could potentially afford. rich people are willing to spend money on absurd shit just as long as that makes it unobtainable to anyone else and this in what they found in post expressionism and conceptual art.

the funny thing is that most of these 'bash the fash'fags would gladly accept the nazbol platform & economic policies under different branding

You must be 18+ to post here.

Calling Gone Homo avant-garde art is insulting to all the proto hipster faggots who wasted their lives smearing shit on canvasses. It's a bland little program that doesn't even begin to approach some of the most basic mechanics of a game like Myst. It's not incomprehensible, in fact Post-Modernist and Avant-Garde art makes perfect sense: It's the pretentious flailings of people who have tried to establish meaning, purpose, and insight while abandoning centuries of culture which already did that. In other words, it's stupid bullshit.

Could you please take fagnaldo back?
I've had enough of his crybaby antics.

They literally already have. There's at laest one video online of a bunch commies agreeing with and praising a speech by Hitler thinking it was a commie speech. Fucking sheep man.

Da fuck OP? Its just a faggot bitching about old and modern art


Come to think of it, almost no one has posted about anything by politics in the whole thread. I wonder who could be behind this?
and kill yourself pony fag


You're going to tale Holla Forumsshit up the ass if not you're a commie.

OK, I'm just wondering but do the Spanish eat dinner early or late? late would be 4pm to 5pm from what I've seen and experienced that kinda determines if one needs lunch.

was it not a cartoonist that complained that there where no artists left in Universities? mainly because they could not draw weight and shadows?

Yeah it's nazis fault, not years of literal shit pushed in the faces of the people, nope, a fringe group is the real problem.

Making ugly art for the sake of it is not clever, or interesting, or groundbreaking. These people aren't making the powerful statements they think they're making. They're just being fucking stupid and wasting everyone's time.

If you are going to put time or effort into making something, why not make it great? Postmodern art is not art, and the concept of "degenerate art" is not unique to Hitler. It's typical lefty bullshit to claim that people who don't like your self-portrait made out of period blood "just don't get it", but that's not the case at all - they "get it", and they find it to be completely lacking in value.

But at this point I don't even care. Fucking call me a Nazi all you want; I literally do not give a shit anymore. Apparently believing in striving for self-improvement makes me a fascist. Well, that's fucking fine. I guess I'll start practicing my Roman salute.

Fucking nords
7/8pm is the norm here

Try 8pm to 9pm

Yeah, can't imagine why.

It aint a conspiracy at all. If you look you'll see it was kikes pushing for "modern" art bullshit and its kikes promoting it now. Hitler and his buddies where simply right about it.

how the fuck is that dinner? that sounds like evening food or snack. super early dinner is 1pm

It's because leftists despise beauty and worship ugliness and filth.

The really hilarious part is when some normalfag goes full sperg and says that Nazis were burning books.

1. The people that did the book burnings were German students, and they did so of their own free will, the NSDAP did not order them.

2. The most famous such incident was the burning of the library of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, founded by Jews, and let's see what kikepedia has to say about this beacon of civilization in the brutish nightmare of right wing totalitarianism:

>(((Magnus Hirschfeld))) coined the term transsexualism, identifying the clinical category which his colleague (((Harry Benjamin))) would later develop in the United States. Transgender people were on the staff of the Institute, as well as being among the clients there. Various endocrinologic and surgical services were offered, including the first modern "sex-change" operations in the 1930s. Hirschfeld also worked with Berlin's police department to curtail the arrest of cross-dressed individuals on suspicion of prostitution.

But, you know, Nazis were anti-intellectual brutes that wanted their proles dumb and ignorant of the world, right?


Nigga that's just lunch.

Dinner is the Night meal dumbass

Dinner is what I eat when I wake up at 1AM.

That could be a late dinner, yes

Sure is video games in here

This is about a simply as it can be stated. But I would add: it also functions as a kind of social conditioning and manipulation. It reinforces groupthink to continuously parrot counter-factual bullshit. A room full of ugly, shallow work, and people are trained to believe it has the depth of Tolstoy and the beauty of Rembrandt. The social cost of speaking out becomes steeper and steeper as you diverge from what's plainly observable. And the art itself always postures as anti-authority, so it being an authoritarian force is too complicated a doublethink for students/aspiring artists to unpack.


A voice of authority will give you the appropriate opinions. A voice of authority will tell you how the complete bullshit artist statement is actually sharply insightful. Critics will tell you what is quality and auction houses will tell you what it's worth (ignore the gallery owner who picks the artist, gave the critic his start, and sells at the auction house…). And the legions of narcissist kids who want to be called a genius will of course go along. They may even have their own scribbles flattered. Like, cultural trickle down economics lol.

Keep in mind the "geniuses" of today often aren't even making their own work. They have studios & assistants that are run like a factory. Damien Hirst didn't paint his celebrated dots. The point almost seems to be avoiding skilled craft. Or being coherent. Mental illness, drug addiction, sexual deviance aren't just celebrated, they're expected. Whereas we had weirdos becoming artists because they don't have lives outside of work, now being a creative is an excuse to emulate all their worst attributes. They're bad people.

Modern art has been socially promoted for so long that the concept of art has been obliterated. The average person is completely alienated from the weird shit their public museums keep buying but has no authority to object. It's no surprise then that normalfags accept "high art" as an abstracted, empty vessel to project ideas onto. There is no objective or inherent statement. It's not a book that contains ideas and says shit. It's not a historical painting of a person posturing their people how they see themselves. It's not even enjoyable the way one can passively listen to music. Modern art is not anything real.

God, it's such a wasteland. Sorry I have to stop myself. I've seen it all firsthand and the shitheads who wallow in it. It's worse than you know. Don't let these people call you Nazis, don't let them near your vidya.

fuck off with your videogames, at what hour do you eat dinner?

Now it's videogames. I think it's blatantly obvious what happens when leftists invade an artistic medium.

I feel you man, these threads are just Holla Forums-lite.



nah, that is dinner when you don't eat anything not even a nighty night night snack.

how in the fuck is breed with chess night meal faggot?

Shoo, shoo, you whining (2).

I tend to eat proper meals between 4PM and maybe 8PM? Depends on work, or other stuff. Usually when it's not overbearingly hot in the kitchen or the rest of the house, and everyone feels like eating something more substantial than a sandwich or soup.

Anyway, should degeneracy be repaid with the rope, the gas can, or a helicopter ride?

You're not my mom.

If you eat something at 1pm and then not for the rest of the day, you skipped dinner and just had lunch.

Jesus Christ, get a grip.

It's essentially a first person point and click adventure.

you click and the picture changes. try out irfan view for a similar experience.

I'm borderline confused mainly because here is my eating schedule.
Perfect 3 times a day food, I wake up early like 5am to 6am so I have to wait to 4pm to get awesome dinner. Later a night snack is about 21 or later depends when I'm planing to sleep.

I waited too long for one of you faggots to post this image! Here is corrected version.

Art schools should teach practical skills but their main task is not to produce craftsmen that make furry porn just because it sells, you can become one of such "artists" without acedmic training. Art school's main goal is to look for new ways of visual presentation and produce people that understand both history and rules of art so that they know how to break them when experimenting with medium of choice and create something new.

Times of classical art will never comeback because there is no place for it, it's impressive but it's stale and it's use is outdated. Everyone wants so called "degenerate art" even what ashamed to admit it because it's cheaper and more engaging. The problem is not the form but the narrative. Holla Forums is the example of this, they constantly create things that by their own standards should be deemed as disgusting, perverted and degenerate but instead of rejecting it they embrace it because even they know that "degenerate art" holds certain power and truth. Classical art is like a sword, it's beautiful and has rich history but it's a thing of past, so better get used to using guns.

Also daily reminder that only by today's lowered standards Hitler's art is some what ok. In his own times he was shit tier and he'd never become an artist.

What the fuck
Morning meal
Midday meal
Afternoon meal

Evening/Night meal
Thats how it genetally goes in most of Western society bar exception and individual choice.

Heres the timeframe in my case:


Are you retarded or do you not know what PM and AM mean?
Do you live in Alaska?
What the fuck are you on about?

I have played my fair share of point and clicks, but Myst seemed to come off as fucking retarded.

>we're trapped in an (((echochamber ))) so mods won't do shit and cuck/pol/ refugees will cry about Holla Forums, goons, or reddit if anyone implies they're tired of their tinfoil tier shitposting

It's breakfast, lunch, and apparently you're having a small, slightly late dinner, or skipping dinner and having a snack instead. But 1pm isn't dinner, it's lunch.

Abstract is shit. Realism is where it's at. I don't see Holla Forums shitting on a canvas and calling it art. When they do stuff, at least it looks like something.

The main problem with his art was perspective, he had trouble getting it right.

Graphic design was more up his alley, but that specific term didn't yet exist I don't think.

At least an interesting side conversation about meal times is going on.

fuck off you subversive snake

This fucking board gets worse each day.
The OP is Reddit tier and provides no source as to who this man is as well.

Nigger abstract is the best. Anyone can go out and look at the forest, but abstract can give you images of foreign things you will never see in real life.

No, we don't, Fuck off.

Political extremists only enjoy something as long as the creator of said thing aligns with their political views

i don't think so

Please kill yourself.

Nobody wants modern art, literally. People don't buy it because it pleases them. The only people who end up buying modern art are people who use it to launder money.

Literally all modern art is, is a huge money laundering scheme for rich retards and wannabe intellectuals.
Universities jumped on this shit because they can push trust fund kids through their modern art courses and not fail them ever, those are the only people that end up going through them.

Modern art only got big in the first place because the fucking CIA pushed for it to counter the russians, who had better traditional artists.

-Imkikey needs to be gassed
-Facebook frog and kekistan faggots need to be gassed
-/r/thedonald needs to be gassed
-All of Reddit and Cuckchan needs to be gassed
I want these faggots out of my board, Neverhood, Earthworm Jim, Postal 2 and such would still be good games even if the devs were cuckholds.

I want these faggots out of this board, I want cuckchan tier OPs like this one out of this board, I want this kinda of disussion container to the GamerGate thread.

Holla Forums and Holla Forums need to fuckoff this board for good if this is the kind of shit threads and behaviour they're spreading.

I can tolerate this shit in relevant threads like GSC and historical games, but this whole fucking thread is pure cancer.

Yeah, I asked for more links about how this dude is connected to Myst. Nothing so far, I could go look it up cause MUH SPOONFEEDING.

Go back to Holla Forums faggot, this has nothing to do with video games and you know it.


You put way too much work into this bait. You and I both know modern art mostly exists for the art dealer to take out loans against after bidding against himself at an auction to establish its value.

Not really, whoever the faggot is, it's a game writer and designer, and his twitter is full of "nazi are stuck in romanticism, neoclassicism is bad, crusader kings is war game, 2000 videogame ad are mysoginistics,etc."
To add, he is probably another tool trying to get some points with the gatekeeping crowd to get another job


You're thinking of surrealism, not abstraction.

I know the am/pm system but prefer the 00:00 system rather than the lame am/pm system.
Also no I'm not retarded, in nordicuckland dinner/supper is early and I don't know why, I was confused onto why you call my system early. It's worse from where me mum is from then it's 13:00/14:00 when it's dinner.
I had to check a little but it's dinner everything that is within the 1500 range is dinner.

no, it's dinner but there is another system since in the region I'm from the 1500 to 1800 is perfectly normal range and everything after is considered a snack since you are eating dry foods or some soup, but nothing fancy like potato and some meat with sauce.

Fucking what?

Christ, a lot of incorrect terms are getting thrown around.

Funny, since the current walking simulators are a bastard child of what adventure games used to be. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of adventure games has seen the changes that have taken place over the decades. Modern walking sims take ques from FMV games of the mid 90s and the Choose Your Own Adventures VHS/DVD games, I think popular around the late 90s to the early 2000s.

Graphically, current walking sims should be better looking than those type of games we've had, but they still share the same qualities of limitation and stagnation. Not helped by the pretentiousness that it facilitates that is similar to modern artist and is most of the time, created solely for circle jerking between a couple of people.

The only walking sim game I think even tried to do something different was Until Dawn. It tried to present more choices, despite a second playthrough making it obvious how walled off you truly are, it at least tried. Most walking sims have not strayed too far from the path that has already been traveled. Choices don't matter, sprinkle some qte scenes so you have some use for your controller, rinse and repeat. The stuff that telltale games churns out a month.

Walking sims can exist, but they have done little to advance their own niche genre. Have they done anything that is awe-inspiring visually, like a 2001: Space Odyssey? Have they made choices matter that isn't choosing between an A or B ending that you pick during the end of the season? If it has already been done, chances are, they were done in other game genres or haven't even been integrated into the current walking sim game assembly line.

We all know they are created for cheap to turn over a quick profit and sometimes out of the creators own inflated ego. Walking sims seems like a step back from adventure games that could have been the 1.5 version of a stepping stone that could transition Adventure games into a more modern visual spectacle that would be akin to movies, have the pulse pounding impact that movies could deliver, but still retain that adventure sensibility of older games, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore and nobody seems to want to try to make it.

The last good adventure game that accomplishes so much with so little was Machinarium. Creating a world without having spoken dialogue that humans can understand and yet still tell a compelling story. Walking sims are hated more than that they lack gameplay. It's because they all walk the same path than the one that is less traveled. They are stuck in a creatively bankrupt cul-de-sac. Supporting current walk sims is like supporting the next madden that is just the previous iteration with very little changes and a new coat of paint. Nobody with any sense of love for adventure games would want to support such middle-of-the-road efforts because it exist but because they're good products.

No wonder Breivik went postal

Yeah it's just him posting a long rant of fucking bullshit, like Theme Hospital is similar to facebook games but no one call it casual, Myst is just and Hidden Object Games,etc.
Or even this, apparently Nintendo is responsable to have made game into a male dominated field.
As i said, whoever it is, is going full out to get some job

They're not games in the true sense, though, since, outside of a few shallow adventure elements they have next to no gameplay. You just walk from setpiece to setpiece and watch the pretentious narrative unfold, or have some narrator tell you what is going on. It's basically a pretentious hipster movie made by people too lazy to learn how to make movies and direct/edit them properly.

And no, there will be no evolution of this cancerous genre because the people that make these turds don't want to make games, they want to be auteurs and lavish in adulation of the masses, and those masses are not supposed to be icky white, male gamers.

So low cost and low skill comics style is now degenerate? You problem is message not the form just as I said.

Art done by academic professionals is not created for masses just like scientific research data is meant to be understood by common man. In both of these cases it is done so it can be consumed and used by other professionals that may come up with practical and clever uses for it.

What you see now is temporary infestation with ideological fanatics but that does not mean modern art should be thrown away with them.

This is done by small minority at the top and you could say something as cynical about everything that exists, therefore it's exception not a rule.

He probably has a more strict eating scheduled now but it looks like this probably.

is NOT meant to be understood…


That's because they followed the design philosophy of Brutalism, not Bauhaus.

You want some Video games?

**The Sims is the only house building game I know of and it's shit. Why isn't there a Home designer simulator

There is a home designer simulator…

Lets make this thread videogame related by posting good architecture in games

0/10 OP
take it to
since the mods don't care this thread is now for dinner timing and house design discussion.



Well, history might not agree with you, but trips say that you are right on the money.

how about instead just let a shit thread die ,videogames were never art ,never will be considered art and judging them by the same standards as actual art is plain wrong. Not to mention that this exactly what every hipster indie fag that has fancied xerself as a developer has ever strived for and i for one am not willing to give any credibility to their credence

Just give up. Set up a camera with a time so it snaps your portrait after you hang yourself. It would probably be the the most creative and valuable art you could ever create. And the social commentary that the world gets from it will keep you in the public memory even longer than if you just lived a full life making colorful garbage art. KYS GOOD LUCK FAGGOT.

>oh but one of the degenerates, arguably the least offensive, didn't make it through the course


Honestly what I would want is like "Make a house with X amount of rooms/bathrooms with such and such ammount of space for this, this and this."

Of course getting a game to recognize design merit would be hard and would most likely boil down to abusing things the game likes instead of making actually nice homes.

Agreed I eat supper at work around 7-8.

Videogames are art all the programming, design and art direction has artistic merit and it creates a piece.
Cinema is also just entertainmment, yet its also art for different and similar reasons to vidya.
They just don't need a bunch of pseudo intellectual hipster trash and retarded normalfags that want vidya to be gimped interactive movies to justify it.

"If you dont give me $30 for my low effort half complete game that I decided to call an "artistic statement" because I have no skill and couldn't finish properly then your a NAZIIII"
t. low-T numale game dev as he sips a Komubucha and Somalian sperm latte

Michael Jones is a hero.


What do you eat?

Komubucha is fucking gay and Homeopathy faggots love that stuff and they are on the borderline with killing people that has a serious condition.

Since I'm a courier I drive around so whatever catches my fancy. Last night I had Linguini Carbanara at an italian place. Before that it was a Dosa (East Indian Burrito basically). It's nice but try getting done in 30mins sucks sometimes since I'm on the clock.

Again and again like a broken record the likes of you go on about muh social commentary and other ideological bullshit.
I bet you'd start sucking dick as a protest if your political opponents suddenly became anti-faggotry.

does not sound too bad but the timeframe sorta sucks since the best dinners are around watching either jewtube or some netflix good.
I had some fried fish and smashed potato with white sauce and some carrots.

Arguably, but 1pm is much closer to the 1200 range, which is lunch.

You misunderstand Squirrel Girl. It doesn't merely look that way due to lack of skill, although obviously that's part of it. But the style and horrible designs are very much intentional. It is a deliberate effort to redesign the character to make it fit the artist's political views. Even when drawn by good artists, it is shit, because it is designed to be shit. This is as opposed to Squirrel Girl's original design, by legendary comics creator Steve Ditko, which was used for decades and is what made this character intended as a simple joke into a popular enough property to headline her own series. But Ditko is a hardcore objectivist with a decidedly realistic style, so his creations have to be reworked to erase his influence. Blue Beetle was turned into an impotent joke. The Question, instead of being the voice of reason, is a crazed conspiracy theorist who is killed off and replaced by a latina lesbian. This happened as early as when he was still working on Spider-Man, and Stan Lee would letter the dialog of scenes like Spider-Man shaking his fist at a bunch of protesting hippies into him cheering them on.

Granted, I like later Blue Beetle, Question, and Spider-Man, but that doesn't change the point.

But it is. Just read it and any stuff it references (and they will cite their references) and you'll get it. And if you don't, you are free to talk shit about it. Maybe you'll prove that they were bullshitting all along. That's the entire point of science.

It's not temporary. It has always been the case.

Video games are art, but these pseudo-intellectual hipster fucks don't know what art is, so they take an art form that is commonly accepted as art and then apply its standards to video games, even though that makes no sense because it's a different form, and usually, the standards they judge the other form by are retarded and incorrect anyway. ("Does this work agree with my political views? Then it's good art!") But even if their standards were correct for cinema, using those standards to judge video games makes no more sense than using the standards of paintings to judge cinema.

No, he's saying that social commentary is the crutch that the "artists" you're defending try to use to support their arguments that what they do has any value, and that actual art is good on standards regardless of social commentary.

>implying normalfags like the formless, uninspired tripe that (((modern artists))) foist upon the public

Wait, that retard worked on Myst?

It's just a thinly veiled Holla Forums thread, like 99% of threads that start with twatter screencaps. This is the wrong board if you want to talk about video games.

why would you do this?
I disagree, you don't end up focusing on the food unless eating is given its own time (conversation aside). It is however easier to expand your palate while distracted.

You were so so so so close to sounding genuine, now you've outed yourself.

I've been part of this fucking community for years, and not once. Not fucking once did I ever witness such a abhorrent shitpost as this. You have truly posted something more retarded than anything Holla Forums and Holla Forums has to possibly ever offer. Every single fucking thing you said is baseless.

Here's a few things that I will say to you. This is the one and only time I'm replying to you so you better read it well.
Classical art will return. There is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it.
Degenerate "modern artists" will be seen as talentless mentally retards and no one will ever appreciate their creations ever again. Nothing you can do will ever possibly change this.
Postmodernism will be destroyed and there is nothing you can do to stop it.
Who knows when exactly. Maybe in 2 years, maybe in 5. Maybe in 10. No later than that.

So by your standards, Chris Chan is the greatest artist of the 21st century?

It's alright user, not everybody can be a winner.

yeah and most people that have lunch has it around the 1100/1200 period. also 1500 and beyond is considered dinner to late dinner.
Also the earlier you have dinner the more likely you are in going down in weight and sleeping earlier.
The problem is that gameplay is no longer seen as an artform in itself.

because smashed potato is fucking awesome if one uses sour cream and some salt or some Chinese spice to get some more taste for the potatoes

well you can't focus on multiple things? watching good and eating is awesome and the ultimate good experience.

dammit! K'ino

What I mean is it's much easier to just mindlessly consume things when you're focused on something else. It's incredibly comfy/enjoyable but the best dinners are proper meals with others.

There a wordfilter now?
Lemme see: good

Boo! Mark
You should have word filtered Kíno to Cunny. It would have been funny.

I eat dinner at 6:30 PM and most indie game devs are self-entitled pretentious cunts.
Making a game is hard, but nobody forced you to do it.

Dunno, but I like to eat alone so you get the taste of dinner plus watching an awesome flick it might be the ultimate good experience that directors should try to emulate when watching their own film, so they know how to create awesome movies.

no one asked them to do it either but now when dev tools are easier to come by it's kinda understandable that everyone and their mother would try it.

Aww, guess I'm not a nazi because I don't like weebshit.

I mean, I agree with you and all, but the Mona Lisa isn't particularly pretty or anything. It only got popular after some faggot stole it out of the Louvre.

I'm a nazi if i like overpriced fapbait? Well, fuck me then.

And even then when they're being spoonfed by game engines while creating games, they feel like they deserve praise and attention.
To me, this just comes across as weird because as you've said, making games has never been easier yet the devs get more and more praise for something much easier to recreate.

He already made it clear that he doesn't care what the average person thinks about this art. He thinks modern art is valuable because an elite group of college professors can study each others work and have a big circle jerk. He's appealing to elitism, but only if you define the elite as limp-wristed pot-smoking college (((professors))). His whole argument falls apart when you consider that the elite specialists of this field are fucking useless trash whose opinions are garbage.

Sketchup faggot



the thing is in my teenage years it was mostly downloading a pirated copy of 3ds and maya. To just fuck around with and when an editor came along you fucked around with it, unity was somewhat known but not really used until 2010'ish when the dev tools became really easy to use and where people practically started with the whole tutorial step by step make a game which is only a prototype.

I ignored the point of the image because I think it doesn't say anything other than an empty opinion of the author of the image, the fact that it contains false info means it's probably bait.
I don't discard it, I say that it changed it's form. Beautiful and intricate things are still created but you probably don't see them as such because you see them as (((degenerate))). Unless someone does it as a hobby, classical art of old is not viable anymore because it transfixes too much on details that cost too much time to make and too little people care about.
Of course normalfags don't like it because it's not made for them. You think just because you have eyes and can see a picture that you don't like there is nothing more to it. It's like with a different language, you might think that moon runes are pointless scribbles when in actuality it's a language you don't understand and it's made for those that speak it.
Just because I say you don't understand it doesn't mean I think it's deep. It just uses visual means to show concepts that need to be seen and not told.
I don't like it too but I defend the pursuit of interesting visual forms because art is attacked unjustly instead of people that are currently associated with it. Either somehow people there get replaced so it isn't a cesspool of leftist or government pulls out it's funding and instead directs it towards more of a craftsmanship approach. Either option suits me and fixes the problem.
Gee, communists sure do seem like an example to follow.

Adventure games have always been trash, utter trash. Walking simulators are just adventure games without stupid fucking puzzles.

Artist is his name and surrealism is his game.

When do I get the uniform?

Naw. It does take time, but people do care about it. People are impressed by it and appreciate the skill. People also look at the shit you're defending and see that it takes no skill and ignore it. This is why the modern world thinks "art" is garbage. Because you fags have went out of your way to use arguments from authority to try to convince people that the only good art is skillless, formless, meaningless garbage. You say good is bad and bad is good. The art world has become an Orwellian Dystopia.

no, the classical form is still the best because you don't have anyone that can make awesome art like they used to.

This faggot is just gonna get people to say that Hitler was right

Yeah, that's exactly what I was arguing.

So the dude has nothing to do with Myst?

That is not how art works you moron. Art is not equal to mathematical formulas. It is not intended to exist only in high tier art institutions.
It is there to be shared with the masses of unwashed plebs. That is why some art survived the tests of time while your pretentious *high tier* art is garbage nobody wants.

That is not true. No one that has any knowledge and love of art would ever say such things or try to undermine artistic achievements of past generations. I never met a single person in academic environment that would admit to having such opinion and even if it happened it'd be judged as ignorant and embarrassing.

The only situation when these people can exist is when they're sucking dick of some group of interest that nourishes them and pays them to spew such untruths and fund their """""exhibitions"""". The art just like video games or science is infested with the same political parasite that knows nothing about it's host and only cares about personal and political gain.

And who said that? Things are created with with a specific user/consumer in mind. Of course art is not science but you don't see mathematical formulas written in such a way as to be understood by majority either. Change "art" into "vidya" and suddenly you'll be bitching about how devs are dumbing down inventory systems and aiming for Call of Duty audience. The same with "high tier" art, it's not meant to be shared with everyone, only those that are interested and have knowledge about it.

Hey Holla Forums guess what

There was a national poll or something and the results got posted on Holla Forums the other day and 9% of Americans were sympathetic towards Neo-Nazi views.
I would have thought like 0.5% or maybe 2 or 3% being generous, but it's A TON OF PEOPLE

In this very thread you argued that things like realism were outdated and only abstract shit has value to modern society.

But they are. They might be complicated, but all you have to do is read them step by step and you'll get it. Did you even go to elementary school? Math is all about "simplifying" things.

Because in vidya, what happens is catering to casuals removes all skill from the medium, which eventually means gameplay, which is what makes a game a game in the first place. For modern art, it's the casuals who want skill, and it is your circlejerking community that is all about removing skill.

We reached the event horizon, parody and reality cannot be distinguished anymore.

Nobody fucking cares about America. Who do you think we're referring to when talking about the rise of Nationalism? Americucks? No you idiot. We mean European countries.

You don't want to know how much the state payed for this crap.

Could have blown it all on anime and cocaine and it would have been better spent. At least Obama had a good day.

The only europeans worth a damn came here or died in the war, the only things left are servile peasants

Eastern Europeans exempting, they're still people

Slavs were never people. Anything east of Germany or south of France never counted. And now Germany and France and most others are fallen too. The only reason you defend slavs now is because the bar has fallen so low.

You're either a retard or a shill. So which is it?

So 2d? pixelated? looks like it should have been a blockbuster release 20 fucking years ago?
If you don't like that you're a nadsee?
Good. Keep bringing people over to the right, especially if they happened to enjoy, say, Hotline Miami, generally dont like "indie" style games, and feel like this article is talking directly to them.

user, this is the D&C attitude that lets the jews win. I'm not American either, but Canadian. The American media is one of the most toxic, blatant lying machines out there, and many many Americans are complacent and believe the lies. But not anymore.

So let it be a signal that if even the most weak-willed Americans are starting to wake up, there is hope for any country, even Canada and many pozzed European countries. It will take at least a generation for Sweden etc to properly uncuck themselves, but we're starting to slow down the pendulum, and it just needs a firm push in the other direction.

Or to put it more accurately, art shcool's main goal is to degenerate art.

Eastern Europe has always been real Europe's backwards retarded cousin who tried in vain to catch up but couldn't, despite hundreds of years. They were still effectively practicing feudalism in the early 20th century, and it took the USSR to drag them kicking and screaming out of the 15th century, and that still ended up as a colossal mess.

I love when kikes sperg out about Wagner, shame it doesn't happen that much anymore.

degenerate art is morally/socially corrosive.
bad art is just bad,inconsequential and not worth being paid attention.

he is correct that there are many people in the vidya industry who hold certain art to be degenerate, those people are games journalists.

This isn't about arguments, it's about being able to connect behavior to a single bad word
I want these people to die right now

That doesn't change the fact that east europeans are the ones who still have a national identity and aren't tripping over themselves to murder their own culture with "refugees". What good is being french if you just let your country fall to barbarians?

They can have a national identity, but it's garbage anyway. You might as well praise the muslims wrecking the west right now for having such a strong identity that they're managing to colonize the first world with it.

It won't happen in the short term, but the best you can do is smile, nod, and politely steer fence-sitters towards the right path and let the dumbasses destroy their own rhetoric

Art was the first form of art/media to be compromised. As you well enough know they're fighting hard to fully corrupted vidya to the same low standards.

it's not bad because it's avant-garde or "degenerate," it's bad because it's bad

If you have standards you're a bigoted elitist prick
And the answer is: What's so bad about wanting the best of your moneys value?

But how can you say it's bad? surely there is some merit ah fuck it I can't bait people like this

Just because they still love their country, doesn't mean you have to be bitter about it.

No, we're talking about slavs.


honestly? because it's nonconformist. we live in a culture of consumerism and instant gratification where people like to settle, to take the mediocre shit they've been offered and convince themselves they're thankful for it instead of expecting something actually worth their money. no one votes with their wallet anymore; it's not normal to hold out on the latest shitty flavor-of-the-month product in hopes of something better. if you do that, you're weird, and weird is bad. you get demonized - you become "entitled," a "bigoted elitist prick," just for wanting businesses to make products that are actually worthwhile.

did someone said, videogames?

Don't be including Triss in that lineup. CDPR actually gave a shit about making their female characters look good.

Does Myst count as a video game?

The posts in the OP have literally nothing to do with Myst. The screencapped twitter user is a forum troll and sure as HELL had nothing to do with developing Myst.

It's weak bait, dumbass

Unless it's propaganda in vidya, which this isn't, then it is completely non-vidya circlejerking.

The death of Weimerica can't come soon enough…

I'm not even mad. The more people they push into the Nazi catagory, the more the term loses all power.

Lots of Americans were pro-German during WWI and WWII, it's the fucking ZOG and (((wealthy upper class))) that ruin it for everybody else. Americans are basically nigger-tier cattle that are to smart too revolt against their jewish overlords.

That face can't be fucking real. Unless she got punched in the face before it.

WTF??? I hate myst now!

don't shitpost it's not funny

Ignore him. Shitpost harder.