So, has anyone else seen the gameplay yet? What is your opinion?
Looks like shit to me. Can Western devs ever make a proper imitation of the East?

Oh, they're doing the "pay us to test our F2P game for us" thing. Also Canadian. I wouldn't say I'm very optimistic about it.

With monhun warudo coming out next year I don't give a flying fuck about any wannabe clones, moreso western ones.

Shitboxes, boring maps, boring weapons

I wish this thread would fucking die already.

God damn it I meant trend.

I love monhun and even most monhun clones, but i'm not yet convinced on this. Looks like they're going for that shit modern artstyle where everything has a flat, saturated texture with minimal detail. The characters are stunningly ugly as well. I'm not paying for the privilidge of early access either.

What really concerns me is the f2p model. It'll probably have some gacha lootbox system for cosmetics, like every fucking game has to have now. I hate the idea of having to buy cosmetic items in a monhun game. Unlocking the weird cosmetic outfits was fun.

A friend of mine bought the founder's pack and gave me the free one that came with it. I don't know to pity or berate him

almost hurt my feelings, user

looks like crap, seriously it's like someone made this game in unity

I am sorry to hear of your friend's syndrome. Have you tried it then?

I blame that on the horrendous "artstyle". It just looks like they were lazy to do up any textures so everything ends up looking like someone ate some pastel paint and puked it out onto a clay model.

Not yet. The slayer's pack only gives beta access so I'd only get to try it on Sep 1st.

"See, our game is like Monster Hunter but on PC!"
"W-well, it's kinda like Monster Hunter, but it does its own thing!"

They got cucked out of their demographic so hard, it's fucking hilarious. Game looks like absolute trash.

I still have respect for shit like God Eater and Toukiden 2, despite being inferior monhun clones. GE has anime boobies and T2 has this super cool setting you don't see to often in video games.
Op's shit? There is nothing worthy of mention in there.

The day MHW's is released their games population will plummet, My hope is they implement a mounting mechanic so the French shitters stay on dauntless and leave MonHun alone.

They announced they're making GE3 awhile ago.

but MHW has mounting?

Yes, and IG was mega-buffed for more frenchery

Honestly? Those air-dashes look fun.

Why play the copy if you can play the original? It's not like MonHun is not coming to PC
Asides for people who never heard of monster hunter, or are allergic to these "weird japanese games eeeew", who in their right mind would play this?



I'm more upset they made their characters look like shitty SJW stereotypes with the sidecuts and ugly females showing what real wamen are supposed to look like.

Hammer looks interesting though. They could've went the easy MonHun clone route and just made golfswings galore, but they turned it into a gunlance hybrid, which is cool.