Neo Geo Pocket & Other Obscure Handhelds

My Flash Cart Finally Came in

Can we get a discussion going about the most comfortable handheld of all time? Really Enjoying Neo-Poke Kun & the Card Fighter's Clash 2 Fan Translation on real hardware.

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The Neo Geo Pocket Color has the best library of cancelled games of all time.

Here's a list of games, in case Holla Forums isn't familiar with any of them. From left to right, top to bottom:

cart-only games

Comment too long, so I'll stop there.


There's no rule against talking about old games on Holla Forums.

No, there's not. But that doesn't mean anyone's gonna do it here.

There's topic on /vr/ that haven't been bumped sine 2016, nobody's going to post on a board that slow. Here, have a pocket color video.

This is a board for 15 year olds, they've never even played a single neo geo game in their life much less owned a neo geo console.

That's why I made a topic about it. I have access to every game now, so I thought we could get a topic going.


Metal Slug games, fighting games, and shmups.

That's all you get.

And RPGs. It's got a damn 1-1 port of Evolution.

Are there any good emulators for this console? I've been really wanting to try out Sonic Pocket Adventure and the SNK vs Capcom game on it.

Eat shit.

I'm sure there are going by the youtube videos. If there were an accurate emulator on 3DS that would be best. For the time being I'm just playing on original hardware since the thumbstick is so good.

Probably the best game on the system. The mini-games alone are worth it/. there's a fan translation of Card Fighter's Clash 2 if you're interested.

Man I recall getting this early 2000's. Ended up trashing it some time in 2012 when cleaning out my garage. Fucking stupid of me, should of sold it at least

It was a damn good system, to bad it had next to no games for it.

Fucking nobody owned this thing
The console was out for less than a year before all the units were pulled from shelves and scrapped to be turned into chinese garbage

They were turned into blister packs. Funny enough, a few games like Faselei & Last Blade were both in production at that time, so they produced the carts, but not the boxes. A few years later people thought they were never released, & out of nowhere these blister packs showed up at EB games with ESRB stickers proving they were just about to some out. Those two titles are really expensive for that reason. They made almost no copies.

Fuck off you autistic waste of food and air, do everyone and your poor parents a favor and kill yourself.

Nigga, no one owned a Neo Geo console.

There was a topic on the autistic neo geo forums, where they couldn't find a physical photo of a Neo Geo in a store for display in the 90's. the general consensus being it was so rare you really could only order them from magazines.

play some cotton you won't regret it

I actually just finished the first level. WTF is a "willow"? I'm playing the U.K. version rom.

its candy

Google search is giving me nothing. I'm betting it's engrish. Most SNK games were forced to have english & Japanese on a single cart, regardless of if the developer knew english or not. This led to all the crash translations you see in Neo Geo games. that's part of their charm though.

No, Willow is a type of magical candy in the Cotton universe. I literally own like 500 dollars worth of cotton collectibles alone, I know this stuff.

Ohhhh ok. You have the SEGA genesis Tea cups then? I've always wanted those. The NGP port seems kinda rushed. I thought there would be more music. Nothing plays during Tea Time at the end of a level.

just like the original

I own two teacups (original & cotton 2 magical night dreams), the 1998 arcade poster for cotton boomerang, an official manga, magazine clippings for the US turbo duo game, and the "complete" 30th anniversary 4-cd soundtrack.

ITT: underage and poorfags. Next you'll say no one called the PSone the PSX outside of magazines and dev kits.

I thought the U.K. version of the NGP game was the only cotton game ever released in english? what did they do, make 500 copies of cotton in english on the turbo duo?

Looking for pictures of a Neo Geo for sale in the U.S., not japan.

Here's the topic. They were looking for proof the actual system was for sale on shelves at toys R s, etc. I'm sure it was, it's just that nobody bothered to take a picture. If everyone had a camera phone back then I'm sure something would have popped up.

Bitch, please.

something unfortunately low like that. Cotton 2/boomerang also had English-Arcade releases. I sadly missed an auction in April for a Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams arcade board for only 42 dollars in April. It's important to check regularly for the things you love. It's one of those $300-500 turbo CD games.

Yeah I was joking. I did see it back then in a store once in a while, but it was rare. I even knew one very rich kid who actually had one and literally everything else in the first week of release.

Speaking of handhelds and Neo Geo, does anyone know if the games that were ported to Switch are decent? By that I mean did they do a good job porting them.

I always wanted to know if this obscure handheld was any good was thinking of picking one that was with a final fantasy game but dropped it because I was more interested in obscure DS games.

Not OP but people here tend to think these guys have decent opinions and make good videos.
Also see

I know we have IDs but sometimes people misread or don't notice them.

I need to get a supergun one of these days so I can collect arcade boards. Would love to own a PCB for some Jamma games.

The DS is better for sure. Nothing beats the DS. If you're an SNK fan though it's a must have.

They're ok, but they're ports so the color isn't going to match the originals. you get what you pay for. They're like what, $5 ports?

where did you get your flash cart, OP?
also, has anyone hacked the Neo Geo X handheld yet?

Nigger I'm 34 and I had one of these. Best thumbstick I've ever felt in my life.

Vz 58 and neo geo. Holy shit. You are one cool user

I was on a waiting list. No idea what reserve number they're on now but my que # was in the 50's. He sends them out in clusters of 5-10 at a time.

You need yourself a Neo Geo CD controller. It's like a big version of the pocket stick.

Still worth it.

$8. Thanks :^)

wait I was reading the wrong reply. disregard that, I suck cocks

Well it was either pay 70 bongs & have every game on one cart, or pay 300 bongs for an english copy of cotton (seriously, where do cotton collectors get their money?) The english version of Evolution is also retard levels of expensive.

too late, already replied.

I own physical carts of both shock trooper games. Really need to sit down with them one of these days. I bought them months ago & haven't had a chance to play them.

I've never played Fatal Fury, do I need to fix this fucking now?

You might not like it if you've played newer fighters, but do so. Start with maybe Fatal Fury 2 or Special, then play Art of Fighting.

They were expensive as fuck. Only spoiled brats and richfags had them

t. 39 yo

I wonder why it failed.

They get worse the further back you go, but they're all generally very good.

Best: Garou: Mark of the Wolves
2nd Best: tie Between Real Bout, Real Bout 2, & Real Bout Special
3 & special go here
Nobody plays the original game or the sequel

The pocket game is better than the first 2 games in the series, so you can tell how badly those first 2 aged. There's also a 3D game on PS1 you can ignore.

I knew I had too much faith in this board

WS has bigger library than NGP but most of it is either ports or spinoffs. Only really original stuff I can think of is Riviera, Lumines and that rhytm game with girl in frog costume. Maybe also the DJ series but only because of the controller addon.

Not Lumines but Gunpey, my bad.

It was only slightly more expensive than the Saturn, which was being retailed for FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY FUCKING DOLLARS at Toys R Us at launch. Besides, people use some magical thing called "layaway" or "installment plans" to buy shit they normally couldn't afford in one go, over time.

The focus was on the NGP(C) and the Neo Geo AES. If you have a Wonderswan boner, the onus is on you to talk about it.

Wrong, it was 400 dollars. Your local toys r us jewed you out.

Even Babbage's wasn't offering it for much less at the time. The problem with using the Internet as a source is people often repeat shit that they didn't personally witness, and espouse it as absolute truth. All retailers had to do was offer it as a cheaper alternative to the 3DO.