ITT your favorite weapons from any video game

ITT your favorite weapons from any video game

why is optional


You really couldn't think of weapons from any better games?

'''"Once fired, a needle will seek its target until impact, entering the victim's body violently. After several seconds, the contents of the crystalline shard will detonate; injuries inflicted from the exploding shard are gruesome, as microscopic pieces of shrapnel can become embedded in tissue.

Needlers cause two types of damage: penetration, injuries caused by the impact of the crystalline needles, and explosive, explosion of needles wedged in the body and splash damage to surrounding units. A crystalline projectile can cause fatal damage to its victim — a single shard can cause internal bleeding or strike a vital organ, with untreated wounds resulting in death. Depending on the impact area and angle, several crystalline shards can cause amputation of limbs, and impacts to the chest are in most cases always fatal; the explosive properties can easily crack ribs, damage the lungs or heart, and cause severe tissue damage that can be very difficult to repair"'''


It's fucking Sparda


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I really enjoyed the remote mines in Goldeneye. It was fun screwing around with them in multiplayer. The lightsaber in Jedi Academy was also a lot of fun, loved how deadly it was compared to the glowing baseball bats of other Star Wars games.

Let's fix that.

NV Gauss Rifle makes me moist
That fucking round entering an enemy makes me climax everytime.
Everytime I blow some fags head with it I start fucking grunting out of pleasure, holy shit, I wish the Stalker Gausa Rifle worked like it, I would be climaxing like a woman if that happened.

Vid related

I like the bang, the bolt action, the reload animation, big fucking calibers, the louder cling of the casing hitting the ground, and just a really big fucking gun blowing shit up.

New Vegas was shockingly enjoyable thanks to weapons like that and the variety of ammo types despite the shooter part of the gameplay being pretty much objectively terrible.

Apparently Sawyer is a bit of a gun enthusiast and is the reason the plethora of ammo types and weapon mods are in the game.

i have a strange love for the FAMAS and the P90 even though i've never held either in real life and are aware neither are particularly that reliable in real life

and when it comes to fictional weapons i'm a big fan of the FUCK U cannon from fear

I'm a big fan myself of the P-90 since the Frogs from MGS4. Something about the gun just looks so fun to use.

The Ratchet & Clank series had some pretty good weapons.

Can't argue with your quads

Recent Favorite: The Super-Sledge. This thing is a monster. I remember being down to 0 durability on like my only three melee weapons on my melee/explosives Caesar's Legion run I'm still playing in New Vegas. I had no way to defeat the 4-5 armored badasses I had left in the Brotherhood of Steel bunker in Hidden Valley, as I tried desperately to blow it up and found out that I still needed three keycards. Fuck.

Then lo and behold, out of stims and ability to fight back, I see this. This massive hammer wired up with badassery sitting on a shelf. I grabbed the fucker and remember the satisfying noise of sledge against brotherhood steel as it clanged off of his armor.

He went down in two-three strikes and I cleaned up the rest of the shit lords in the same amount of blows. I ended that fight with 2 bars of hp left as I grabbed the final keycard and ran out of that shit hole as fast as I could with my floating robot waifu E-DE, whom I left near the entrance cuz the brotherhood kept gibbing her and NV isnt no pussy shit: companion deaths are permanent in hardcore at least.

OTHER FAVORITES: Stakegun from Painkiller. Holy fuck those stakes are gigantic.

Electric Mortar upgrade for the N.R.G. gun from Hard Reset. That fire and forget shit would clear out all the little cock suckers that did way too much damage on the harder difficulties. They were annoying or impossible to clear with your assault weapons and the frag launcher was too high of an explosion radius, you'd usually gib yourself first.

ps had a lot of fun thinking of these and getting images, good thread op


and snake wielded the FAMAS in MGS1 which might be part of my affinity for it

It just looks so nice.

Too bad it feels like shit


The original Red Faction had some pretty sweet guns. I liked them all but the rail gun stood out because it was a one shot kill and had a thermal scope that could see through walls. The flip side is enemies in the late game carry them too and could easily fuck you up in one shot. That was a fun game.

Gauss rifle is Patrician Tier, I found it hard to use anything else in NV after getting it. Its was thew weapon that had the most distinctive feel to it and was more satisfying to kill people with than any other in the game by a country mile.
You really felt like you had a powerful retro-future weapon that blew people heads off.

Arguably the worst weapon in the game, I just like the look and chunkyness of the firing pattern and sounds. Railgun is highly satisfying too

Power stance with scimitar attacks, a quick jab on R1 and a parry on R2. Fucking genius

The animations and effects for this weapon (basically all of them in the game really) are incredibly badass.

Solid balance of power and speed, nice wicked weaves, exploding fingers when you hold an attack. Used this for most of my playthrough

Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament.

I mean how can you not love this fucking gun? It's pretty much a devastating shotgun/grenade launcher combo that holds 50 rounds. No reload required. You don't have to switch modes to fire the flak grenades, and flak grenades aren't a secondary ammo. You got 50 shots and you can use them on shotgun style blast that fires super heated metal shards or fire the grenade which explodes and shoots metal shards out in all directions, and the rate of fire is excellent. The metal shrapnel will bounce off walls and the floor so you can ricochet shots around corners.

Shields in pretty much any game

Good taste user. I liked the happy face that went with the alt fire.



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I'll also submit the Moonraker from Goldeneye 64.

High powered laser gun that does massive damage, can punch through doors and has infinite ammo. Decent rate of fire, no reload.

With grip and laser
Ran on infil with Stealth 2 and cqc 2
mvp / game winner build
If you've played with me on PS3 before in the last 2 years you'd know

The concussion rifle from dark forces.


It was love at first sight.

I dislike how MGS5 didn't feature any real firearms overall but the route they did take with merging many guns of the era together into mostly recognizable stand-ins produced some neat looking stuff.

Its a nice looking asymmetrical sword, at least until IV where they shit the bed hard, but that was an all around bed shitting rather then just the sword.


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It makes a wall of fire that reduces humanoids into a pile of bones and ash. Special mention to Excalibat for smacking enemies away and its special attack.
A big fuck-off sword that lets you smash enemies away, what's not to like?
It shrinks enemies for a stomping, and it's one of the few things DNF improved over the original.

The Jedi Academy one is really sweet too.


the single best, can complete the whole fucking game without swapping

Silver knight Sword with charcoal pine resin

10mm HV Penetrator

How is this not everyone's favourite gun?
inb4 (((CLIP)))

Because its so silly

What about it? The way it's shaped that makes feeding new rounds a waking nightmare? The fact it says "clip" even though it's a magazine? The way it's a part of the trigger guard?
I still love the gun though

The one and only.

There's just so many, I can't choose just one.

Shock combos

There is literally NOTHING wrong with the weapons from Bungie Gaylo.


The halo 1 pistol is a monster 3 tapping people in the head and it has a scope on it, how can you not love it? and the karasawa is just a big ass energy rifle that shreds anything to pieces

This was satisfying to use, even if it was overpowered

This Machine from Fallout NV.

It had the most satisfying PING sound.



And decide between these three. UT's Flak Cannon is a close runner up.

Is that the laser gun from Timesplitters 2?

Cry me a river fags

fully modded AK74 in STALKER, because i like the balance and availability of ammo - and just slav shitting on everyone even in late game

Dinner Bell - because its one of the most satisfying weapons in the game especially with the perks that increase penetration and let you knockback enemies

Claymore - because its my favorite balance of speed, power, and damage in any of the Dark Souls games in general. It also looks cool

Iris - because even though the combat is lackluster in Witcher 3 i like the life loss mechanic it introduces, it also has broken damage because its special ability works on bosses - meaning you can knock them down with a strong attack and take away all of their health with a finisher. If they're a human enemy

The Ambassador from TF2.
Nice, big and shiny. Can headshot people when they're not looking, can hurt them when they are. Has a nice engraving on it.

The nailgun from Quake. You can almost feel the recoil from all those nails shooting out. I mean the triangular one, the first one is slower.


Underrated post

A solid choice until you can get the Hellsing.

I just fucking love Automatic Rocket launcher from Po'eD



excellent taste amigo

Oh yeah, baby. Shame no game ever got the sound and power right.

Yes it is. The Lasergun.

Name a flaw.

Nah but for real, good times were had.

In a p mediocre game.

I couldn't stick my dick in it

it's almost as pathetic as the crowbar

I'd say it was the most underwhelming gun ever put into a game.




a weapon that edgy had no right being so much fun

underwhelming is a good way to put it. Wasn't it the weapon introduced after the gauss gun, which is undeniably the best weapon in Half-Life 1? They really thought it would be appropriate to follow up with a piece of ham that farts out triangles inoffensively?


those at least hit with some impact

Excellent taste.

it momentarily made the game easy but by god did I enjoy wreaking carnage
it was a nice refresher

in terms of what? sheer damage out put? the gluon gun does more on average. movement tech? a grenade to the feet timed right with a jump gives you way more speed. it feels good to use?I suppose so but if you ask me every weapon feels decent in that game other then the hive-hand. Snarks are best tho

In terms of

GTA 4's shotguns in general were fun to use. The gore in GTA 4 and particle effects combined with the top tier ragdoll system in GTA 4 made the shotgun a blast to use.

GTA V was such a massive downgrade gunplay wise from GTA 4.

the downgrade hit me like a brick when i shot a guy in both their legs and they got up and ran away before i could pout a tank of gasoline on them

how did you buff the silver knight sword? the twinkling and boss weapons shouldn't be buffable

The silver knight sword is unique in that it was a twinkling upgrade path that was also buffable. Might've had something to do with how the silver knight spear has a holy modifier and the sword may have had the same thing in an earlier version but it was removed and buffing capabilities was enabled instead.

Black knight greatsword, because retreating around a corner like you're going to heal, only to do the heavy attack where you slam it down them up infront and knock enemies the fuck back right as your pursuer rounds the corner is so satisfying
they think you're a coward, really you've laid your trap and they run right into it


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The hornet gun is probably the worst weapon I've ever used in any FPS.
You can't even argue that the infinite ammo is useful because the entire second half of the game drowns you in 9mm ammo.

The altfire is the most powerful weapon in the game.

claymore was really fun in dark souls 3 when you could use the longsword stances with i

This and all upgrades of it. It's fucking lightning. High damage, high range, and with good enough DEX you can spam this shit too. It's only downside is in PvP. Other than that it makes most bosses look like jokes. Praise the sun.


Just about to post this

Is this the most broken FPS gun ever?

I have a raifu harem and I'm always happy to see at least one of these in a game.


IsBuffable is just a flag in the weapon's data. It has nothing to do with twinkling.

I'd say the slayer is far worse, particularly against bots. They know how to use its secondary fire from halfway across a map, it's silent and near-invisible, and you can't screenwatch them.

I really like the Striker and Broken Butterfly from RE4. They both just feel great to mow down crowds of enemies and anally violate bosses with, respectively. Their max upgrades being ridiculous and powerful (I love that 100 round magazine the striker gets in particular) really make them stand out, too.

Honorable mention to the Great Club from Fire Emblem Fates. Having nearly 100% crit is delicious.


There is a glitch that lets you buff weapons you aren't supposed to, look up "tumblebuff"


And that Glock isn't a Glock, it says "Hi-Point". That post is bait.

i can understand getting the ak and other kalish variants mixed up but a glock is something you could recognize from silhouette pretty easily. Whats the last gun in that list, obviously not a famas but it looks kinda cool

I preferred dual wielding maulers
is there a better feeling ?

Something way too satisfying about blowing up cars with this thing.

Top tier taste user.

This thing here. Too bad it was classified as a heavy weapon and not a shotgun. I like it because I love auto shotguns, especially if they're firing slugs. Sadly, too few games bother with them.

Is there any game with some form of full auto shotgun that also allows you to load it with something that isn't buckshot:slugs?

*buckshot or slugs

This. Hilariously broken.

What else would you load it with? Dragon's Breath?

For example but AP darts or Frag-12 would be fun too.

I cant find any good pictures but the shrink ray/ expand ray from Duke Nukem. It was just so satisfying stepping on a shrunken dude or watching them blow up. Also im multiplayer if you turned teh invincibility cheat on right after you shoot them with it they will either stay tiny or look like an engorged giant. If you time it right you can get them frozen as a floating pile of guts which was also cool.

Last pic looks like a kel tec RFB

battlefield 3 let you load frag into the USAS. it was fucking cancer.

it is very sexy

It's fucking disgusting. I can't enjoy a weapon that is not pretty and nice.

Anything with a satisfying/intimidating chargeup sequence and devastating results. Phoenix Samurai from Nightfire, the Spartan Laser, the Husk Gun from Killing Floor.

tfw the Megaman X game by Retro Studios was cancelled
tfw you will never fire a fully charged X-buster in first-person

being a horse is suffering

What the fuck is that?

Thank God I'm not a /k/ tier autist.

Car air filter

A classic with enough stability and fire power to take care of any rabid villager.

The P90 is my autistic gunlove since I grew up watching Stargate SG-1 as a kid

Why the Striking Sword in DW8 is the best weapon in the game (and it's not because you can surf peasants)


There is nothing about this rifle that you can't like.


I don't like the price of it's ammunition.

Nothing to do with the gun itself

Wasn't sparda his pops? Wasn't that sword called force edge or some shit?

Sparda is also the name of the sword in the webm. The Force Edge is the shitty sword you start off with, then never use again once you get Alastor.




The holorifle was the best weapon in NV. You ballistic fags make me laugh.

So hard to find non-ant pictures of this fucking thing

Accessories to Murder has a great arsenal in general, but the centerpiece is the shotgun.

Payday 2 lets you have different shotgun rounds.
If you pay for the BBQ weapon pack that gives you the AA12

vatnik guns usually ugly af but AK12 is seriously sexy

You forgot the best sword in the entire series.

You mean pay for the UE, there are no individual purchases anymore.

Oh yeah forgot about that.

I remember saving right after I got The End's Mosin and the next time I loaded up my save it was gone.

The bowcaster in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. I always loved sniping enemies off before you went down into an area where the AI bum-rushed you. They gave you barely enough ammo to do it, too, so you had to be pixel accurate.

Oh look, it's the gun with no personality that was only ever relevant because bungie nerfed everything into the ground. I want Destiny 2 to crash so badly.

C'mon baby

A horse hoof with the hoof removed. Much like having your finger nails removed.

Battle rifles make my dick rock hard, even if they're semi-auto only in a sea of full-auto guns.

Isaac Antibirth: Spirit Sword
Why: Makes Isaac feel like a gory version of Zelda more than it originally did

L4D2: Chainsaw

Doom 2016: Double Barrel Shotgun
Why: Rips shit apart and is very fun to use


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The lance whilst on horseback is pretty fun too, as are any maces.

Morningstar, flanged, even war picks with hammers at the other end are awesome

>kills anything within range except armored guys
Arguably one of the better shotguns in any FPS, the only problem is the range

the best shotgun(s)

Do you even street sweeper

The shotgun in every game that has a shotgun. Even if it's shit

Also this

Still the best shotgun in any game.


Sure is underage in here. At least the UT Flak Cannon was posted.

This is absolutely reddit tier taste



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I have a fetish for firearms with barrels large enough you could stick your dick in them.
What games can fulfill this?

Ragnarok had some cool katars

First off, I am very sorry for posting a weapon from this game. I know many people do not like this game, but I for one still play it even today. Even though the game is pretty much dead on PC, it does have an average player base on consoles, specifically on Xbox One, which I play on. This, in my opinion, is one of the best guns in the game. Sure, it may have some kick to it, but some attachments, particularly the Stock, Compensator, and Stubby Grip can easily fix that, as well as some getting use to. This weapon just has a shit ton of power behind, and I also like to pretend I am a Rhodesian soldier killing some folk.

Regular shock rifle is still aces (if you learn how to combo).

I asked for your favorite weapon, and I did not call into question your tastes

This is a safe thread :^)


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Scythe of the Celt was pretty bitchin' but the Tibetan War Cannon was pure fuckin' aesthetic. The way the thing snarls and growls as you charge it. I don't get why they made it lob ice balls instead of a fuckhuge fireball, but whatever.

Also, honestly, the Gel-Ziabar Stone and Skull Storm/Ectoplasm are better weapons than most of the other stuff in Undying barring niche cases.

I ran out of ideas past Czechup.


In a zombie survival horror game with limited inventory space, the most powerful shotgun can hold 100 rounds.

closest thing to being Guts from Berserk



Aww shit yeah.
This rifle paired with A Light Shining In The Darkness with better criticals and 45ACP power+ rounds made playing a Sniper fucking incredible.
The rounds are heavy but my god are they worth it.


Sparda is Force Edge. It's simply the sealed version. Once you get Vergil's Amulet and combine it with Dante's it breaks the seal on Force Edge and turns it into Sparda.