This is how bad the faces are in Shenmue 3

This is how bad the faces are in Shenmue 3

Forgot to attach the other pics

Could be worse. Face does look a little squished though.

And how much did the raise again? Jesus fucking Christ.

Oh boy

This is published by Deep Silver alright.

I hope it stays this way.

What the fuck. Did they hire devs from bioware Toronto to do all that? And after all that fund money, it looks like a WIP instead of an official final product.


I could care less as long as the game is good.

You should've posted some pics of the dude Ryo fights in the trailer, he legit looks like he's in the wrong game.

They clearly are focusing on graphics if you watch the trailer the backgrounds look very detailed but then there's the characters.

Shenmue kinda sucked to be honest

yakuza filled its gap


There's more to life than this.

back to cuckchan


This must be what Japanese think Chinese people look like.

It is true, a boring walking sim filled with QTEs and pointless information about NPCs

you mean like shenmue 1?

They did say that they are reusing tons of uncompressed assets from Shenmue 2

They were that high resolution?

I didn't notice that much of a disconnect in the first game though, the characters and animations seemed standard for their time.

Eh, could be worse, the world looks pretty comfy. Still they do need to loosen it up a bit as everything feel pretty robotic. At least it's not pizza explosions making anime fans cry on prom night.

The characters look like they're wearing masks.
Hope those are placeholders, holy shit.

If anything this makes me worry less about Suzuki going full overboard and trying to make Shenmue into something it isn't, like going into a Yakuza direction but failing hard at the end
I really only want the conclusion of the fucking cliffhanger from over a fucking decade ago

Wouldn't surprise me honestly, considering the budgets on the first two.

Or Andromemeda.

I know the originals were quite stylized, but this shit is so fucking weird looking in higher res. Man they really should've changed the style a bit to suit better graphics.

Who would have thought, right?

That's an accurate description. I think a lot of the post-release praise it gets is either from non-gamers who like their "games" with very little actual gameplay, or people who had the DC as very young kids with shit taste. The DC came out when I was 11, and I was playing Blue Stinger, Code Veronica, Sonic Adventure, Hydro Thunder, and Soul Caliber. Shenmue looked boring as fuck, so I avoided it until recently with DEmul, and surprise surprise, it's a boring fucking meme game.

Shenmue is probably the most overrsted Dreamcast game

It's certainly an acquired taste. It's also the sole reason I like Space Harrier.

How shocking.

What do you want, OP? Quality graphics or memes? Because you can't have both.

You didn't shown the best one.

Meanwhile dreamcast faces.

Wait a minute that face.


Shenmue III confirmed for BOGPILLED

Shenmue was actually really impressive for the time. These faces shown in the trailer are obviously just placeholders since the vast majority of them have absolutely zero expression or animation. At least, christ I hope so… but you can never tell these days. Even so, they're still not Ass E-fucked: Diarrhea's face levels of bad.


That's bad?
What are you niggers talking about?

To me at least, it's not so much that it's bad. It's just that the environments look beautiful and finished. But placing characters that are clearly in their early stages of development makes it look extremely jarring.

Imagine if the game wasn't delayed to next year

Yakuza: Zero 2: Prequel Before the Prequel: GOTY edition

these two are easy ways to recognize if someone is actually retarded

I don't even know what the fuck this means

If anything I have more problems with the environments that look dark as shit.
The only problem with the characters is that they didn't animate their eyes, yet, weird decision but it's clearly just an oversight

Reminds me of this.

user made the argument (which was apparently deleted), I replied in agreement, and you began publicly shitting your pants over someone having an opinion that differs from yours.

If you want to see what the Shenmue would have been like if it actually had good gameplay, go play the Yakuza series. We both know that you'd rightfully shit on Shenmue if it had been released today with identical gameplay and modern graphics.

Yu Suzuki is an overtly ambitious fool with an otherwise flawless track record stained by that abortion known as Shenmue. I do recall that he said how he planned to make a ridiculous amount of Shenmue games way before 2 was released and already has plans for a Shenmue 4 when 3 is not even out. He reminds me of James Cameron, used to be good in the past but is too self confident and full of himself (he already wrote like 4 Avatar movies and only one is out) to realize that he might be going on the wrong track. You can actually draw a lot of parallels between Avatsr and Shenmue.

I was almost forced to make a counterargument then I remembered those cartoons where drawn 40 year old man who LARP's as a (((alt-right))) and turned out to be a pederast who groomed a 15 year old boy to be his sex slave. Not only was he a faggot but he dropped the dox on his best (((alt-right))) friend who turned out to be a Jew married to a tranny faghag.

No, it gets praise because at the time - Shenmue was a novelty. It might be difficult to comprehend, the the argument that games have stagnated and there is no innovation left has been going on since at least the Playstation 1 (probably earlier, but I didn't have internet before 1995). Shenmue was seen as something different, innovative, and revolutionary at the time. Especially if you were a Dreamcast fan and were trying desperately to justify your purchase while looking down the barrel of a gun named Playstation 2.

Now… that shit is pretty the core of every open-world cinematic trash game polluting the industry. Of course it's going to be easier to look back and point out all the flaws in the formula - because it's no longer a novelty. It's the primitive incarnation of modern cancer.

Looks like dreamcast stuff, thought that was the whole point.

user, you're the one freaking out that people aren't agreeing with you.

I haven't laughed out loud in a long time.

Who cares who made it? The soundtrack to The Shining was made by a tranny but it's still great.

you are stick in the head and have shit taste in music.

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I wish graphicsfags would die.

Pic related is the first thing that popped into mind for "muh revolutionary novelty meme games".
Which lends credibility to the idea that once you remove the nostalgia filter and view Shenmue in a bubble (as you should for all games), it's just not a good game. Being novel is very different from being good, again pic related is highly relevant for that. As I said here , if it was released today with identical gameplay and a graphical facelift, we'd be universally shitting on it. So how can one not only give it a pass, but claim it's a good game and that nostalgia isn't a factor?

You do understand that we have IDs here, right? Where exactly is this typo that you're still shitting your pants over?

Well since the video is titled the 1st teaser there's probably going to be more as time goes on and progress continues, as long as the final product doesn't have such stiff faces no one will really care in the future.

If someone makes something good that thing is good regardless of who they are
If you're so insecure you can't even admit something is good because of its creator then you're just a huge fucking faggot

I hope I'm baited because nobody can be this fucking stupid

It's just strange they'd just put this out as a first teaser, probably doesn't give the best idea to the backers


You mean kids who born in PS2 era and capcucks? For me, okay.

Hey OP, didn't you know that shitting on Shenmue is

Besides, who needs graphics when you can have stellar voice acting like that :^)

That would have been the icing on the cake, shit.

At least the original Ryo voice is coming back.

the signature spice of a retarded shitposter
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He at least tried making a proper argument.

I'm not your instructor, maybe you should review your own post and see what you fucked up.

Not with that 480i.

That's not what he meant and you know it, he meant to say people whose first console was the PS2

This meme is gay.

Shenmue = adventure game

Yakuza = beat 'em up

Like, I get they're both set in asia and you punch in them, but Shenmue is so much deeper than that that you're doing it a disservice by comparing it to Yakuza trash tbh.

also retarded

Nice Sega Saturn animations there, Mr. Suzuki.



This is really neat stuff, it looks like the Saturn was way more powerful than the Playstation?

Romulans in Shenmue

At least it looks better than marvel vs capcom

In theory the Saturn had some advantages over the PS1 (higher VRAM, extra channels of sound, higher video resolution output), but it was a Frankenstein of a system with 3D capabilities grafted on at the last minute. Rumor has it the Saturn build of Shenmue was on a development system with its own extra RAM in addition to the 4meg RAM cart released in 1997.

Honestly they could have went with Virtua FIghter 1 tier character models and I still wouldn't have cared. I just want Shenmue III to come out and wrap up the story.
It could be the shittiest game ever created, I just want closure.

It was a ambitious interactive adventure game where the outcome changes depending on your choices. I liked the first.

You could control everything inside.

Yeah, view games in a bubble.
"Like how are Pong and Pac-Man considered good games, like the graphics are so shitty XD."
"Like if Super Mario Bros was made today we would all think it's terrible XDDDDD."
I reject your gaslighting attempts. I found Shenmue to be fun. Just like I found Metal Gear Solid to be fun. Call me all the names you want but fun things are fun. I know Normalfags have soured most of the board an the word, what with their definition of "fun" being uncontested garbage. But most Anons could do well to remember the one game that gave them enjoyment in their lives. Remember that no matter how bad the industry gets, no one can remake or reimagine your fond memories of what once was. Sage for offtopic rant.

That's a pretty shitty rant

Shenmue was never good.

You're admitting that you specifically enjoy it because of the "fond memories" you have of it, and I actually don't have a problem with that. I have fond memories of Lego Island, for example, and that's a fucking terrible game when judged on its own merits. My problem is when people equate fond memories with good gameplay.

Can't blame them, they obviously know they are in a shit game and are dead inside.

very cool

They're fine.

Hitman Blood Money on the 360 looked better than this

And Silent Hill 3 is even older and still blows most modern games out of the water. Wait till you see what they did with the facial expressions, so far we've only seen placeholders with blank expressions.

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p1) faggots are incapable or making "good" things.
p2) You like shit made by fags
c) therefore your taste is shit.

You can't argue with logic!

Hey. Stay out of my territory. Only I can have fun baiting retards.

Lol no it was planned to be a 5 game series
Wait for more cliffhangers

It took him 18 years to get slightly angry

Is the video Shenmue?


Shenmue looks fucking awful now, like a totally different character. I'm pissed.

You're really pushing this "you're mad" meme aren't you? By the way using the phrase "meme game" alone makes you cancer, typo or no. Get better bait next time newfag.

You are mad tho.

It was at this moment user realized that there never was a typo, that his original spelling spergout was for nought, and that he was actually the cancer all along.

Best Shenmue song.

If u disagree then you are nigger.

Beautiful, but I have a soft spot for this one.

I don't care even if the game is coming out for the Saturn, i just want a closure.


Don't jinx it.

Not even about jynx, the guy himself said it, iirc when the game was announced, that he wants a shenmue 4 too.

We already had that, it was a manga set in his ocean travel from Japan to China.

weebs should just harakiri themsleves



You sure about that? Look what happened to Zero Escape.

something seems familiar

smh tbh fam should be banned tbqhwy

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Good luck, I'm behind 7 complex motives.

Oh man, don't think I ever heard that. I'm not sure what would be worse, cliffhangers or if they tried to condense it to one game.

Didn't this shit get crowdfunded?


What's the problem? He looks like a Baki character. He should have been in Street Fighter V. Not that giant piece of shit.


Nice forced meme.

Meanwhile, in PS2


I hope you're just baiting, if so consider me hooked.

The power of the cloud.

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Payed by Sony and crowdfunded by idiots.

*upvotes and gives reddit gold*

Thank you gentle sir, I made that one myself in photo editing software.

Those plastic, lifeless characters is all I need to see to know this game will not live up to the expectations. What's worse, a cancelled game from 2005-2006 (Shenmue Online) shows a better job at modeling faces and "inserting life" to them.

Is that Mark?

Am I in the midst of reddit or did everybody just regress? I don't doubt it'll be shit but not because of this.

Holla Forums is all about hating video games for the sake of hating.
You shouldn't be surprised by this thread.

Who said I was surprised? I'm just adding my garbage to the pile.

dunno if I ever wanted that game tbqh famalam.

Also it's kinda early to say what Shenmue3 is going to be since it's not coming out this year, if I remember correctly. I hope they are just working on the gameplay to make it fun and so on.

But I've been wrong before so dubs this game is going to be shit. Come on chaos god gibs dubs.

Exactly where did op say that the game will be shit?

so this obscure imageboard based of an imageboard that is also based of Japanese imageboard that is heavily into Japanese cartoons, on the sub category of video games where the Japanese loves video games and the based of hates video games also does the ones based of bases of also hates video games.
Really makes the almonds run, also gib dubs

Reading comprehension much?
But then again

Are you retarded? How is a game is going to have bad faces mean the game will be shit?

Ask the shitposting OP.


Mass Effect was not shit because of bad facial animation and 3d models. It was shit because they had a really cartoony story, puzzles/sudoku but with alien symbols, bad gunplay, shit resource gathering, mindboogling level design and the list goes on. The shit animation and bad 3d models was just an indicator that the game was shit.

It can mean that Shenmue 3 will be shit but I'm waiting for some gameplay trailer not some cock teasing teaser trailer.

Seriously, this is the game that Sony shilled on E3 a couple of years ago?! Really niggers?! My god!

The faces in the first two looked cartoony and goofy too. It's like you fags are so young you never played them.

Yes, it's seriously that game that they shilled and where Sega gave the 3rd game in the series license to.

nah, not too young to remember but my country never had a special relationship with Sega, so there was not really a dreamcast presence here and Shenmue was so niche that it could not even sell on the xbox in my country.

Somebody needs to be stop them.
There is a new generations of 3d modeller using 3d sculpture programs like zbrush for example. Their inexperiences in this field create those abominations and unoptimized for animation and take a lot of space with very high polygon count.

If you actually bothered reading the thread then you would know that anons are not merely hating on a game for the sake of it, there are legitimate reasons to be worried about Shenmue 3 and I say that as a backer.

I wish you redditors took enough hormones to finally kill yourselves.

It was bad because of diversity quotas dragging the quality down in EVERY part of the game. Gangrene affects the whole body when it kicks in.

Fuck off.


How much do you wanna bet 80% of the shitposters in this thread never played Shenmue?

reminded me of a Holla Forums user who combine the faces of the whole main female cast of mario to created the perfect waifu ( pauline, peach, daisy and rosalina)

I'm talking about the gameplay even tough the diversity shit did not help either. Bioware is beyond doomed at this point, their games are the only ones where you can have sex with everything, and that is the selling point. Also people have been so burned with mass effect 3 and dragon age cisquisition. I'm hoping that this anthem will be the nail in their coffin.

remember that sony shilled for nu-male sky as well

What in the fuck is going on. Holyshit that's some incompetence.

Looks half cartoon half realistic. Can you explain what the problem is other than you just hate video games and want a reason to not play it?

Art style is inconsistent, not that half cartoony graphics can't be done right but Shenmue 3 clearly has a strong stylistic clash between the Shenmue 2 assets and the new ones


Shenmue 1 and 2 were renowned foe their graphical detail when they came out. This honestly looks worse than the Dreamcast games that are over 15 years old. Please shove your le Holla Forums video games meme up your pisshole and go back to >>>/reddit/