Game development

You are approached one day by a Genie. He gives you two options.

Now, if you're honest I think 99% of you will choose option 1. For those of you in denial, I'm interested in what flaming trainwrecks you'd look at making.

I look the genie in the eye and I say

i pick option 3, you go back to your old lamp and are never allowed to come out until the end times

Take the second option, siphon a bunch of money from the unlimited budget but never spend it, release a shitty mobile game that has microtransactions, reap the initial profits and live off the interest.

Also, shit thread.

Not that kind of genie pal.

Option 3 is not an option

Money has to be spent on game development. The genie has full visibility on the cash spend.

Data mining thread.

Nigger give me the budget and the game studio.
We're making a game where you play as Nazis, killing hordes of Bolsheviks. And since the budget is physically unlimited and we got a whooping 5 years to make the game, then we're also hiring the best voice actors and making god-tier graphics that only PCs can handle. Fuck the console release.

I take option 2, and spend 100% of the unlimited budget on marketing for a shitty mobile game with microtransactions.

I pick both you fuckin retard


Third option:

I'd take that money and try to finish MGSV.

Or make a Gundam Ace Combat crossover.

Retards still buy that trash and I will exploit them.

If I can't take over an existing property then

It would take me 5 years to figure out how the fuck to put together a team to make a game without having it turn into a total trainwreck. Give me enough money to live comfortably without an additional job on the condition that I 1MA a proper game within 10 years, and I'll take it. If I still fail to do it then you might as well kill me.

Assuming I could manage a team and knew what the fuck I was doing, I would take the unlimited budget and make a Runescape successor MMO.

I'd develop the mother of all autism simulators. Train Simulator, Flight Simulator, Truck Simulator, Construction Simulator, Forklift Simulator, take all of those and roll them into a full-blown planet, probably just use Outerra as a base, integrate economies on global scale. Have people develop a huge library of assets, pay extra attention on unfucking the control mechanics that often suck in many games. If there's enough time left beyond this, add management elements to allow players to hire other players for work, maybe industry development too.
Outerra already has a built-in editor, so once the asset library is good enough, players could contribute additional world locations to the map through a greenlight system, making it possible for the game to have a good shot at recreating the whole planet in a sim game.

A good elder scrolls clone.

Crack, whores and daikatana.

If I can just buy out an existing AAA studio/franchise and let them handle everything while raking in dough, I'd do that. Maybe I'd go for Skyrim 2.
If option 2 requires me to be heavily involved in the process, I'd just take option 1. $25M and release from "remember, you're here forever"? Sounds like a pretty good deal.

If I had unlimited budget I would go full Todd Howard and hire the best marketing teams. Even No Man's Sky sold well enough because of the marketing. Definitely enough to make more than $25k.

Personally, I'd just make a game, the first 10 hours would be amazing, next 10 hours would be mediocre, then the last 30 hours or so would be absolute shit. I'd market the fuck out of it so it sells like crazy until everyone gets past the 20 hour mark and realizes the game is shit.

The best part is normalfags are so stupid they would probably play the game hundreds and hundreds of hours and think it's amazing. Just add some dumbass memes, pay marketing to force them, and then sit back and collect money.

Release some bullshit DLC and microtransactions too.

oh fuck I misread, it's $25m, but I'd still do it anyways.

I'll take the money and immediately quit playing videogames forever. They're an escape, and with that much money I could buy a lifetime of happiness.
And yes, contrary to what the jews tell you, money is the ONLY thing that can buy happiness.

There is literally no reason not to take the second option. You can easily make a billion by just making lowest common detonator shit and marketing it to normalfags. Hell, with unlimited budget you can make anything and it will generate large profits due to marketing.

money can't buy you REAL love, user

I wish number 2, then spend my unlimited budged on paying everyone to shut up about my shitty game when it's released, that money is spent under the PR and advertisement departments. Thanks to the hype and complete silencing of all criticism, I have my money back.

real love only exists in fairytales and dreams.

Human farms and human trafficking say otherwise. All I have to do is buy me a loli and cult-fuck her until I have the perfect obedient subservient thrall-wife.

Yeah! Spend that money! That'll teach those kikes!

I want some sweet puss.

I'd take the gameplay of MGSV (sans the open world nonsense) and set it in not-South Africa as you try to liberate it from niggers and UN forces and restore it to a white only paradise.

I would take that second choice.

I want to see how America would react to constant loli exposure from all corners of the media. Would they start actually turning against each other thinking they were child molesters?

On one hand, that's brilliant. On the other hand, you sick fuck.

Gimme option2! I'll make my dream game, and then let the marketing team take care of the rest, provided the genie also gives me a list of phonenumbers to get me started, as I have no idea how to contact major game studios and say, "Hey, I got cash and a dream. Make it true!"

Why the fuck would I not pick 2? Five is four more years than I would even need.

Also I'd make Skyrim with guns. Not fallout four, you play some generic US army dude that gets sucked into a portal.


That means I can crash the economy because everything I do basically prints new money into circulation. Why would I NOTpick that option? I could even use the resulting societal collapse and racewar as viral marketing for my game.