FFXV Coming to PC next year


Expect dogshit performance

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It will have Denuvo, right?

without a doubt

This place is crawling with sonyggers that already played it on their favorite PRM shitbox

Not if you pirate it.

I thought that it was supposed to come out this year. I remember reading last year thet FFXV was supposed to get a PC port a year after its release, so shouldn't it be coming out in November?

Not for long!

need time to add denuvo and gameworks

About time, don't care about the half-ass attempt at open-world, godawful story and piss poor characters, only care about people getting the models of Cidney and Shiva out of the game.

So they can make crappy SFM futa horsecock porn?

What else is can you possibly get out of this game? it was a shitty attempt at playing catch-up by Squeenix. At least there will be more porn.

I'm just waiting for the SFM porn tbh fams

That's it?
I was sure there were more cute characters.

I'm moderately hyped. I played the kind of shitty demo on my Netflixstation 4 and liked the setting/world/cast, so I'll probably pick it up as long as it's not DRM riddled.

Last I heard there were automated tools by BALDMAN that can crack Denuvo in 2 hours. That shit is dead. Publishers will keep paying for worthless DRM anyways because they love wasting money on shit that doesn't improve anything.

Can't say I'm interested.

And yet Bamco insists on using it for everything.

It wasnt a good game
and thats really a shame since it had potential not to suck balls when you look at world of final fantasy and see how its possible to still make good FF games

Not even worth pirating though.

Stop giving square enix money to butcher and rewrite games twice and make grinding skinnner boxes out of potentially great games.

Best 3d final fantasy: IX
Best 2d final fantasy: IV
Worst 3d final fantasy: XV
Worst 2d final fantasy: VI

I really liked Freya.
It's a shame I'm not into kemono or similar things.

People in the comments of the video are calling anyone who doesn't like the game a "salty console peasant"

I approve this!

Maybe? I know there's the princess who dies and there's a party member's little sister. Those four are just the ones I'm interested in. It's not like I gave my shekels for Nissin Fantasy XV

>inb4 the twink party member gets more porn than everyone else


Same, it's sad to think some of us waited 10 years for this thing. Hell, I never even gave up hope when there were rumors of its cancellation… then we come to find that it's a one button battle system, a completely different story for fangirls, and a boring story at that.

I don't even think I'll waste the time on pirating it.

fuck yes, more porn

Worse than denuvo tbh, at least denuvo can be removed.

Released screenshots
does look too impressive to be honest

Beta tester here. I got it used and I still regret spending money on it.

The game is shit. Pirate it if you really want to play it. It's like Skyrim, a turd. Except it's a prettier turd. And no amount of sprinkles you put on it will change it from a turd into a cupcake. It IS pretty, though. The environments do look really good. So if you want a screenshot simulator you'll probably like this.

The game has neither full-action-RPG combat or turn-based combat. It's in a weird "in between" mode that tries to cater to action game lovers, turn-based lovers AND people who rarely or don't play video games at all. In order to do combos properly you have to hold the attack button. Just hold it, and Noctis will continuously attack whatever he's targeting. If you want to dodge, just hold the dodge button in the same manner, and Noctis will automatically dodge. Holding the dodge button this way drains MP anytime he dodges, but you can just open the menu and use an ether. Opening the item menu pauses the game, and the item-use animation is long and consists entirely of iframes. Noctis is the only one that can use items. So if you hit 0 HP, guess what? The game gives you time to use a Phoenix Down on yourself. If any of your party members go down, you revive them with phoenix downs, and the animations show them using it on themselves.

You CAN tap the attack button and dodge buttons, but why would you? The dodge is slow at the best of times and unresponsive at the worst. The only reward for dodging just before the attack hits you is regaining some of your MP. Tapping the attack button is not recommended, because the way the combat works. Noctis changes his attacks depending on his distance from the enemy, which can result in you doing a completely different thing than you wanted to do. And if he automatically switches targets mid combo, he starts over from the first attack in a combo chain, he doesn't continue the combo. Have fun whiffing most of the time if you don't hold it.

At a certain point in the mid-late game you'll just be holding triangle to win, anyway (Triangle does "Warp Strike", in which Noctis teleports to his target and hits them with the equipped weapon. That gets upgraded a lot to the point where just spamming it and ethers are the fastest way to get through combat).

And no, you can't switch characters. And no, you can't command or otherwise control the AI of the other characters beyond getting them to use a special skill or telling them to use an item. So if they're attacking a monster that's about to explode, they'll just take the damage like fucking idiots.

The camera doesn't help either. It's either up Noctis' ass or drawn back so far/high that the characters look like ants on the screen. God help you if you fight a large monster in a small space. The camera freaks out to the point where you have zero idea of what's going on. If you're fighting near some bushes or rocks, they don't go transparent so you can see what's going on, so you get a face full of leaves or rock most of the time.

Magic is also semi-useless in that you "craft" magic spells using items, you also need the containers to hold the spell. While the spells ARE powerful, friendly fire is on which means you'll be hurting and disabling the rest of the party as well. There are no buff spells, all the spells are offensive, and depending on the items you mixed in when crafting, the spells can get side effects like debuffs.

Oh, and also, the game forces you to walk through dungeons. As in, you can't do the jog you do when outside, you are forced to literally WALK. You can dash, however, but anytime you stop you'll have to press the dash button again.


Its like there's no proper global lightning. And look at that drawing distance at the mountains.
This doesn't look impressive.

If you look at these completely unaware of what the game is, it looks quite good. The town looks big, not-Venice looks great, the Leviathan fight looks impressive. But who the hell is living under a rock these days besides the company execs themselves? Everyone knows the game is an unfinished mess.

Fuck I wish Versus just died and we got something else entirely. Fuck Wada. Fuck that whole period of Squeenix's FNC bullshit.


Don't be drawn in by Cindy. She has no more than half an hour or so of screentime unless you go back to where she is and spend more time looking at her standing there. The four other female characters are in the same boat, except two of them you can only see in cutscenes (Lunafreya and Gentianna). The other two, Iris and Aranea, disappear from the game almost entirely after certain points after having a half-hour and hour of screentime respectively. Out of those five female characters, only Cindy, Aranea and Iris have any kind of personality to speak of. Lunafreya is a cardboard cutout that Noctis jerks off over, and Gentianna is barely even a presence. After a certain point in the game she randomly appears in Prompto's photos to photobomb them. There's a rumor that SE cut out of Lunafreya's past because they were afraid to offend feminists (Lunafreya was at least physically abused), but I don't know how true that is.

For the most part you'll be focusing on the main characters: Noctis, Gladio, Prompto, Ignis.

Noctis and Gladio are, in general, bland and boring, but Gladio's the one prone to shitting his pants and having outbursts and tantrums against Noctis for no reason. Prompto is the genki/excitable fuckboy. Ignis on the other hand is a walking meme. You may have heard of "That's it! I've come up with a new recipay!" that's Ignis. Basically the audience that the main party appeal to are fujoshits and people who like jerking off to easily repeatable memes; with the genki fuckboy being the only one to have any semblance of a character and a brain. That's how bad the rest of the party are.

tl;dr + extra points


Why am I still here, just to suffer?

There goes my fetish fuel.

Maybe mods will fix that by making her playable.
That said, could mods fix this game?
Like said, I heard that it's a button masher, but could this change?

Nigger this looks worse than something a 15 year old teenager could make within a week on Unity 5. What part of it is "impressive" Not even the facial animations are that good considering what other games have achieved. Fuck, even Scam Citizen blows FF's animations out of the water.

Hopefully you've learned your lesson and don't get hyped for that FF7 remake.

That was pretty obvious even before the game came out. I dunno how you guys thought the girls would have any relevance.

The saddest part is that this will be a Top Seller in Steam.

Is there anything good about the game?


PC release means SFM porn.


DaS II was the game that taught me my lesson about hype. By the time FF15 was coming out with more information I was just cautiously optimistic. When they announced the one button battle system all my interest in it died. Any more I don't even get cautiously optimistic for new games aside from HD rereleases of old games and smaller games like Etrian Odyssey(which still runs the risk of bad localization).

I had no interest in FF7 from the get go and the news that followed only furthered that. I wouldn't even be surprised if they just rewrote the entire game and pushed it out as FF7… like poor Versus XIII.


Pepsiman was less blatant than this

The line after the Shrimp option is worse

man i could go for some NISSAN® CUP NOODLES™ right about now

enjoy the scraps cucks

I personally think that it looked pretty. There are some views you get that, while they aren't quite breathtaking, made me almost forget that 99% of the game is mediocre trash and wasted potential. It does not help that the first third of the game is a desert.

Some of the music is nice.

And Cindy and Aranea are attractive.

Speaking of the 7 remake they still haven't shown Tifa, and given the fact they precensored themselves to appeases feminists I'm guaranteeing you they gave her a tit reduction, I doubt she will even be in her original outfit given the fact it shows off her midriff.

Consolewarring faggot reported enjoy your ban

Now I want to see blantant adverts in every Jrpg from now on. And I want them all to be as awkward as this one. This is fucking hilarious.

This is just a parody right?


Imagine a condom advert in a Tales of game, it wouldn't be surprising since the jap government used Sailor Moon to promote condoms.

Probably so. If they were to do her right now only would they keep her original bust size but they'd also throw in some physics, instead we'll almost certainly get the opposite. Oh well though, it's better they don't get the money from waifufags who can't control themselves.

Nope, it's in the game and there's a quest surrounding it, ie hunting the meat for your cup noodles.

Who gives a fuck? I want XII.

>use a Phoenix Down on yourself
I knew it was bad but this is a whole new level of retarded. That said, I remember still being mildly, briefly tempted to grab it used or on bargain bin eventually, after I had seen Shiva. But then I heard summons were practically randomly triggered.

Now, I don't even feel like pirating this trainwreck.

I'm surprised you were unaware. I'm quite sure the spoilers about her were floating about even before the Jap release.

Only for them to find that the game is shit.

I've seen the final battle and have read some bits and pieces about the story that were around here, but that's about it.
When I saw the gameplay videos even before the release, I was instantly disappointed.

this is a hilarious thought considering the catalog is 95% PC games

There is an element of randomness, but there are certain (hidden) conditions that must be met in order to summon whichever deity. Leviathan, for example, NEEDS a body of water nearby. Ramuh can be summoned if the battle goes on for too long.

Shiva has a shitload of requirements, one of them being battling for too long. Another being that some of the party members were downed, etc. So Shiva's requirements overlap with others.

Summoning them is shit, anyway, since if they kill anything you don't get the experience for it.

One summon (Bahamut) is also only for the the 2nd to last battle of the game.

The good thing about Cup noodle? You can always purchase it at convenient locations in game which thankfully take American Express™!

Yes, every shop has a great big AE sticker on the outside of it. This game is fucking shit for a myriad of reasons

When your the Demi-Fiend, you've got a lot to worry about; God's wrath, the threat of never ending torment, and being the saviour of Demons. Hunger shouldn't be one of them.

That's why when he's not punching Angels in the face, The Demi-fiend enjoys the nice and cheesy taste of Hot Pockets®! Whether commanding Lucifer's army, or causing fear into the hearts of Angels and Deities everywhere, you can never see hime without a box of Pocks ready to be eaten and enjoyed!

Hot Pockets®, the Devils #1 food!

Shit, I never even noticed that.

Funny thing is America doesn't even exist in that world.

Like I give a fuck

Now this part is fucking terrible. I just got through the bit with the Marlboro a few days back and it was extremely obvious that the combat AI was fucking terrible. It has a HUGE windup animation for the breath attack but your retard party members will still just stay there and attack it until it fucking delivers a stench bukake on each and every one. Because of the requirements for the fight I thought I needed all three members alive so I wound up wasting phoenix downs and potions just for them tot run around and rush right back in to keep slapping it.

I'm glad I got this fucking game for free but at the same time I'm mad a friend spent money on this because I feel HE was the one that got cheated. From an objective standpoint this game is just shit and unlike Skyrim there will be no mods to save this piece of crap.

Well shit

What's sad is when you view footage of it from 2009(I believe it was) and you can see active character switching and the gameplay changing up for each character. I believe it was still present the first time they unveiled it as XV as well.

Maybe then modders can make the combat good and fix the magic system

Buy the DLC, goyim


I find this hard to believe. Skyrim has official mod tools but to this day the combat cannot be fixed.

Modders aren't miracle workers.

Whoever you vote for on either party is an automatic loss though.

I can't believe they fucked up Gilgamesh as bad as they did in that dlc. One armed and grim, Odin would have worked better in that position but I guess he isn't as marketable.

But Episode Prompto ties up loose ends too! WITH MORE WHINING AND ANGST THAN XIII's SNOW!


looks gay

Why do the main characters look so edgy?

I heard it is worse than XIII

Every time. Pic related are shills with the same amount of IQ as you.

hold the fuck up, i swear it came out on pc already, not long after console versions were released
what the fuck is happening


you're in the Berenstain universe friend.

I guess I'll look forward to the mostly mediocre SFM porn.

Behead those who reduce Tifa's features.

Boyband appearance is to attract fujoshits.

I wouldn't say it's worse. It does many things that are better, but a few things that are worse.

You can't control the AI of party members even a modicum like you could in XIII (with the paradigm system that switches their abilities/priorities). So if you want allies to defend/heal you switch to something like Sentinel/Medic/Medic, or whatever combination. XV has NOTHING remotely similar.

Whether the combat overall is better or worse is up to opinion. But I think the fact that XIII allows you to switch/play as different characters on top of having that small amount of control over the AI, the battle system is slightly better.

Honestly it feels like they're just going downhill from XII. XII allowed you to play as any character, purchase abilities for them however you want, and then use the gambit system to customize and fine-tune their AI. "If x then y". XIII removed that and gave you much less control and customization. Then XV came along and said fuck it all. No control whatsoever, not even options to set up priorities for individual characters like Tales does. The game revels in this simply because ALL OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE THE SAME BATTLE ROLES. No one is the healer, no one is the magic. They're all physical combatants (Prompto being ranged, but he still jumps into the fray because the AI is shit) with slightly different abilities. The only one who's kind of magical is Ignis, but he's limited to just buffing Noctis attacks.

The ridiculous purposefully bloated hardware requirements, I can understand.
But why the hell is it 170GB? I'd like to think that it has enough content to account for that size, but I somehow have my doubts.

I think I'll just play FFXII instead, I hear it's good.

How big is this audience and why do some many Jap devs cater to them?
What is it?


Can someone explain to me how pandering to fujoshits makes more sense from a shekel perspective than pandering to the male audience? I know SE is run by insane people, but this behavior is downright bizarre, especially for their flagship product.

Must love that uncompressed 150gb of music and sfx.

I guess that they hoped their existing audience would buy the game anyways.

They're not even pretending to optimize shit anymore.

I can't wait for the brainless faggots who will brag about their overpriced rootkits and shit on anyone who has a high-end PC but still can't run this fucking piece of ugly shit of a game properly. It doesn't even look half as good as some shit Korean MMOs but apparently you need a 1K dollar GPU to properly run it. Meanwhile the consoles with their worthless hardware are already running it fine.

This is the power of the PC.

Don't care then

If GTAV is any indicator, expect this game to bloat up to over 500 GB.

Why wouldn't they allow Mod support? With a game like this mod support should be a GIVEN.

They didn't only pander to fujoshits. They were just one of the demographics they blatantly marketed the game to and tried to get it to appeal to them.

FFXV wanted to please as much people as possible to get as much sales as possible. And that meant trying to appeal to everyone they possibly could.

Nigger do you know what mod support means?

Okay, but she's only got 30 minutes of screen time, and that applies to every other female character. For 99% of the game you're going to be staring at faggots in leather pants. I agree they marketed it to everyone, but the game was clearly made with fujoshits in mind. The fact it's made so even invalids can play it just further reinforces the fact it was made with women in mind.



Um…. they allow you to make mods for it?

Perhaps they just wanted to tell the (shitty) story of friendship/brotherhood of the four main characters and just designed the main characters to appeal to fujoshits?

If I can replace Sasuke with cumslut I might play it.

Oh great another poorly optimized console port, I can't tell if console developers are incompetent or just lazy.

170gb install size

But I don't want it.

They're console devs, probably both.

No you retard, it means they give out support and tools for modding you goddamn retard.
Plenty of games with no mod support but that have mods.

Get the latest version lad. I fixed some little things.

Oh. You right. archive.fo/qdwe7
Not even going to pirate. I am not going to kill my hard drive with that.

Why didn't that ho in FF7 do this? She dum?

OOooooooh. I learned something new today! It's always fun to learn a new thing, especially with your friends. Thank you user.



16GB RAM? TRY 600

Surround headphones aren't even true surround. They produce fake effect of it.

This shit is genuinely getting out of hand. By 2020 games will be 300gb a pop with nothing to show for it.

so much potential, so much stuff cut. Tabata deserves a bullet.

By 2020 we won't worry about shit games being 300gb. We will be worrying about radiation poisoning and legalization of pedophilia.

Who will launch the nuke?

The nuclear holocaust is preferable to what we have now.

That's hot, psuedo-satan.

Lol, the pisspoor pro couldn't even play the game smoothly. It's not gonna be an issue of goyworks, it's just an issue of Squeenix's fancy ass proprietary engine being shit.


Well considering a high amount of Anons here don't like video games and are just here for the politics, it doesn't seem that far off.

Prompto and Noctis are cute.

What did I tell you about the gay community?

Tons of video games from nes, snes, genesis, n64 and playstation can satisfy my boredom for all my entire life. And selected collection of those games won't weight more than those shitty 170 gigabytes of ONE shitty boring singleplayer mmo.

I'm more likely to buy it (assuming it's not covered in DRM and bloated, so nevermind) with the all-male cast simply because I hate waifufaggot pandering.

You're right OP. It'll be terrible
Stop playing videogames

No. Just no.

ff12 is 11 years old you fucking idiot

So you would rather play a game with gay k-pop band as heroes, instead of a game that has few women in the party? Sounds like you're gay.

It's a pretty easy choice tbh

Doesn't matter what it is. It's a bad experience, much like everything that's coming out lately
End your suffering and get off the terrible hobby

I have huge backlog of old games to complain about my hobby. Does a good cinema watcher always consumes the new shit instead of mostly old stuff to have something to compare to and be inspired? After all, all industries are currently in decline.

Thanks guy

I doubt anyone is really surprised by this. Square-Enix has been shoveling every FF game onto Steam. I almost expect them to hire an intern to port Dirge of Cerberus at this point. Unfortunate that it's a Gameworks title, that means it will perform well only on current Nvidia cards and only until Nvidia releases new cards to sell.

Why are you partaking in a hobby that incites you to be dissapointed and complain?

Are the side quests any good? I'd be okay pirating and casually playing the game if the side quests were involved enough to make me laugh or care throughout the game.

Only thing i know about FF15 is that final boss battle looks like embed related.

Because i am not defeatist and actually enjoy good stuff, that's available and too addicted to quit. If you fear disappointment, you're pretty sure shit at dealing with your life.

Because my life is shallow and this is all I have.
I am not a normalfag with a wife or a job, so I cannot complain about those things.

Besides, I still like video games.
Just not modern ones.

I guess this too. Its too boring without video games. I'l go play some now.

So, SE found a way to deter both pirates AND legit costumers?

Proprietary Tech has always held the industry back

It can't be a good hobby if your connection to it relies on addiction. Its about being smart, nor defeatist. Partake in hobbies that won't dissapoint you and will make you feel better. The only defeatist in life is the one who wilfully does things that bring displeasure to himself.

So why haven't they ported the only good one, FFT?

I don't care about 4k but hate that it's locked at 30fps.

You know this makes me think. Besides gaming, what other hobby would I even be good at? I could get into cars, but the only real thing I know about cars is racing games and Initial D. Plus assembling an engine block or learning anything about the make of a car looks like pulling teeth.

I could get into guns, but with my current mental state there's no way they'd give me one. Plus it seems kind've like a shallow hobby.

I guess all hobbies in a way take a lot of investment to actually enjoy. Maybe i've just become too miserable to invest into anything.

What hobbies are you guys into, besides this?

They'll get to it, they like to pretend the FF brand still has value and they space out the popular ones a bit, kind of like DIsney used to do with VHS and DVD releases. But when it finally gets to Steam it will probably be the iOS version.

I see nothing wrong with this outcome.

Do you enjoying having to waste 200GB for a single pc game?
First to download and then install.

At least we're getting a port that won't be fucking held back by consoles. If this trend continues and we at least get games that push PCs, I'm more than okay with it.


I forgot that existed. Of course SE will always find a way to fuck it up.

So fucking what?

Because he is a fucking autistic obese manchild anime pedophile like half the board here

meant to fit in a 4gb capacity on a console designed in 1999

its still a console port lmao

He posts pic of persona 5, chances of him not having shit taste are non-existent.

Pick one.

Do you live under a rock?

how fucking dumb are you?


It's not simple, but it's not that complicated either. You can learn an awful lot just by watching videos of different repairs on Youtube. Just take your time with disassembly so you can get everything back together the way it's supposed to be. Next week I'll be servicing the cylinder head on a light truck I got cheap. Never done it before, but I've done my research and I'm not scared of using hand tools.

Just don't mess with the air conditioning system unless you're ready to replace a couple parts and vacuum pump the moisture out of it.



I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking the same thing now.

It looks like they just placed the UV lightning on full max.

Why would I give him (you)'s? it's a waste of time.


I work on my art, read and play MTG. There's always something else for when vidya really goes to shit

Great minds think alike.

This shit isn't even worth pirating.

here you go

Is watching anime a hobby?

A defect.

Thats fucking blatant, gotta get every shekel.

Where is it? WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?!?!?!

I would say it depends on the anime. Boku no Hero Academia is worth the fucking time.

You think?

pick one

Fucking I was just thinking this same thing.
Bloodborne on PC never EVER.


That was hard.

Nips love them cup noodles in their video games.

We had Bloodborne 20 years ago.

Never going to happen. Square can do this due to ownership of their own IP, but Sony have a deal with From Software to keep Bloodborne a permanent PS4 exclusive.

So it's like Siege then where the game has optional 4K assets and if you don't want to download it, it's half the size it should be. What's the problem?

Nightmare Creatures is shit compared to Bloodborne, give me fucking Bloodborne in 4K.

Bloodborne is literally a 1:1 copy of NM.

That's like saying MGS emulated on PC is a 1:1 copy of MGSV on PS4.


Dude, what? You mean Hope, right?

I don't care about this game at all but god damnit i wanna do the balamb garden thing, except to get a cindy gf
she's so pretty
Anyone have any tips?

No, I meant to say that it should be optional to download the 4k stuff.
I don't know if it actually is. Probably not.

I completely agree.

What the fuck is wrong with her face?

If a game is over 15 GB it's not worth playing.

My god, that lighting was REALLY bad.



4K 60fps is something thats barely done in top rigs with modern games, much less a Squeenix port full of Goyworks, thats the point.
I do agree, everything on PC is good for piracy and future proof/better performance, a shit port is still better than console performance.

If its Dragon Maid its a cancerous hobby

Bloodborne is a Sony first party created when From was still a Private company and made a one time deal with them.
They're now owned by Kadokawa.and a sequel is never happening considering Sony owns the IP.
Its never coming to PC its not that good anyway and its nothing but a way for Sony fans to boast and Playstation DSfags to masturbate to

Boku is a decent to mediocre capefag shounenshit.
I like the artwork and some of its bravado, but otherwise its pretty bad and the designs and writing falls flat on its ass.

But Valkyria Chronicles is 20GB.


I like everything about this post except you shitting on Dragon Maid. That anime was comfy as fuck.

I find the world of this FF interesting. It's a bit of reallife, but not overdoing it.

I like the 2nd picture. It would have been interesting to have a final fantasy type of adventure in 1900s-1980s America.

Dragon Maid is fucking cancer, its the K-On/Lucky Star of this decade.
All of Kyoto and their fans should be gassed

Would you enjoy talking to a farmer at a market, who tells you to go to his farm and harvest his crops for him? One by one?

Fun fact: on the console versions, "interact" and "jump" are tied to the same button. Depending on the quality of the port, it'll probably be the same.

How about killing random monsters? Or killing random monsters to save some man's vegetable truck?

Those are the tiers of sidequests you'll get. There are one or two that are unique, like the Behemoth hunt/Chocobo sidequest, but that's because it's something you have to do if you don't want to be walking everywhere after a certain story event midgame. But that's just 1 or 2 out of 80+.

The Hunts aren't even unique. Even FFXIII's hunts had unique monsters.

Dragon Maid is fine, it's the fucking fanbase that's retarded. For me, it was just a comfy anime to watch while eating lunch after the gym.

yeah but sega at least compressed it for the download to under 15gb for the PC version, then it unpacks to 20gb

lol okay



But the jews fear the samurai!

VR cindey comfy car riding fucking when?!

Dragon Maid is fucking trash slice of life thats unfunny and full of pop culture references.
Watch Haikyuu then you fucking pleb


pssh, women

I would unironically watch an anime about Cindy being an outcast amongst her female peers for being a tomboy and enjoying cars, while eventually becoming a mechanic under Cid's wings.


It's coming soon, brother. SOON™.

I hope everyone here salivating over Cindy is aware that the english version gave her a 40 year old, chain smoker, redneck voice which completely ruins her image.
She literally sounds like Lary the cable guy.

It's like you're actually retarded.

But why?

I don't even own a Bloodborne station 4.

Why are you here?

Because i want to talk about video games.
Please don't rape me.

Because japanese voices are even worse and they all sound the same


Not buying/downloading all the DLC and patches.

So what happens to cidney in the story?

Don't worry son I can read subs.


Pretty sure she hooks up with Pronto.

Lordy, and here I thought FFXIII's 60 gigs was bad.

Can you faggots buy that shitty brick and play that totally not another souls game there?

Final Fantasy 15% of your hard drive

I think that FFXII dub is better than the gook voices for example.

It's about as possible for us to do that as it is for you to not have a dick inside you for any given period of time.

Do you often think about dick inside of you? Typical from faggot.

Is there anything they didn't fuck up in this game?

How can people like you even exist?

Actually I fucked up, I thought they hook up but looking back, Pronto constantly tries to get with her, but gets cucked with cars.

Why don't you tell me what is so great about japanese voice acting?

Well, for one, best girl isn't voiced by some postmenopausal, chain smoking whore doing a horrible job of pretending she's a redneck. Next you'll ask me why the Earth is round, that's how fucking retarded you are.

Are you fucking real?

She actually rejects him.

Yeah I was wrong, corrected myself up above.
Pronto gets cucked by cars.

How much do you think lossy video and audio repacks would shave off the size?

If for no other reason, then at least because Jap VAs try to be professional – they'll always attempt to sound sincere and enthusiastic even though they sometimes do a poor job.

Last dub I heard was for Valkyria Chronicles and it sounded like everyone speaking would much rather be somewhere else the whole time.
Japs sounded like they were really into it, though.
That is why I prefer the original voices.

Japs also scream from the gut, which is much more enjoyable than listening to dubs screeching through the throat and nose.

Not even that, just a removal of le ebin 4K textures would cut it in half. FFXV on PS4 with all updates is only about 60GBs.

The DLC probably only adds another 10GBs too.

I couldn't get into VC jap voice acting, because what they were saying was NOT aligned with the english text.


mark my words in a year form now pc mustard race fags, even on Holla Forums are going to be calling this the best Final Fantasy ever made.

Here's my take on the matter.

Japanese VA's take, and has always taken, their work seriously. I think that to them it's an artform to be perfected, and even the poorly done voices had a little bit of work put into them Too bad most of them sound the fucking same, and any small female voice actor hurts my ears after 5 seconds of exposure.

Western voice actors JUST NOW started to take their work seriously.. If you're new to anime and hear a dub it's easier to know who the VA is, and since it's in your language it's easier to denote quality VA's from shit ones. Too bad there are literally seven good VA's who fucking exist, and the good ones mostly do western cartoons. If you're looking for English VA voice range in an Anime, you're looking for gold. The only time I've seen english VA's actually try to be unique, is when they've been given full control over what they can say, or if they're simply just exceptional. Looking at Liam O'Brien here. Say what you want about Naruto, but his voice work with Gaara impressed me as a kid, and impresses me now.

Of course take this post with a grain of salt, because I'm just some fat no-life faggot who whines about video games on a board dedicated to japanese culture

I just want Cindy porn, I don't give a shit about this bloated abortion of a game.

Makes sense, VII was godawful and people hail it as a masterpiece.

no they wont you dumb nigger and if they do they sold out.

The saddest thing about this release is that it going to sell shitton. The day of Square going down can't come soon enough. Fuck anyone who is going to buy this piece of shit, wish them to burn in hell.

The game in its current form isn't really angsty, it is more like a road trip plot with four guys. I remember reading some other ideas about what the story was going to be and liked those a lot more.

This, at worst it has borderline yaoi fanservice with a few lines to get fags and women going. Other than that, it was just a roadtrip with bros.

I've learned my lesson with Fallout 4. All of you niggas is picking it up DAY ONE

The plot could have been about political intrigue and a prince trying to take his throne back featuring sexy female party members, instead we get a gay boyband on tour and product placements.


Yeah, they dont know that VIII is the masterpiece.

Get out

Sounds about right.

Dub fans, everyone.

Fair point But um, pic related.

Bet he was an SnK fan too.

Dubs will always be shit. Always.

I didn't read it too long

Sounds about right.

His next trick will be saying he was only pretending to be retarded.

Jap VA: Better
Western VA's:Getting better.

Lmao faggot im just baiting

What the fuck? Is this the official dub?

You were 100% correct

fuckin nailed it.


Okay scratch that just saw

If that trend keeps up English Voice acting is for me doomed.


I am guessing you are someone who likes forced obsolescence and having to rebuild you PC ever few years for less of an improvement thanks to the law of diminishing returns? Fucking hell you people are retarded. Video games peeked in the 2000. Their are far better games on the PS2. To think their are people who fell for the Ultra HD. 4K UHD meme.

Found the consolefag.

Why are they all so fat?


They sheetcake daily nigga.

I guess they's downgrading from Resisting™ and overcoming huh?

Kaldaien is trying to shill winblows 10 and thinks that windows 7 is a fucking plague. I. fucking cannot believe this piece of shit and many other think platform/OS exclusivity on PC is a good thing.
Steam is full of fucking insufferable retards and it makes me sick.

I haven't eaten cake in two years. What the fug


wew lad


First point is true but the latter two are bullshit.


windows 10 exclusive?


That would be suicide. but again retards on steam for some reason think win10 exclusivity would be a good thing when AAA devs can't even optimize for shit anyway.

this is not /a/ you nigger

me too

no I am just frugal and not excited about being forced to send between $500-$1k upgrading my 3 years old PC to play a game that runs fine on a toaster console.

funny, assuming you have the money to spend on constantly upgrading your PC, then you also have the money to own Bloodborne and your only excuse for not owning Bloodborne is that you are a casual faggot who hates good video games. I mean if money is not an object then why not own both (like me).



Absolutely disgusting.


While this is absolutely true, I'd still rather have nips than burgers giving voice to cartoon girls.
I still don't understand why the translation is off during some scenes.

At least post some good ones you shit.

Who is the third one looking at? Why is her face so stiff? What is that pose? I would pay money to see how awkward that shoot might've been.

I blame the cuckstation's 30 FPS limit.

Why would the PC version be locked to 30 when it can go above 30 on the PS4 Pro?

She remains at Hammerhead pretty much all throughout the game. After the 10 year timeskip she's mentioned in dialogue, and Hammerhead is now a barricaded safe area.

Goddamn, so the game essentially just plays itself? You're making it sound worse than XIII.


At this point I'm more surprised at what hasn't been ported.

Honestly in the general world of japanese ports I'm more stoked about .hack//G.U. Last Recode coming to PC.

Sort of. You have no control over the AI and can't issue commands to them beyond making them use specific skills or items.

Noctis attacks and dodges while holding buttons. So you could just hold attack to auto-combo until you see an attack coming in, and then switch over to holding dodge to auto-dodge.

Can't wait for it to be modded to oblivion and back making it into an actual decent game.
Like fixing lighting and resolution like had to be done for nier, its made by square so im assuming they will fuck up the port. and then maybe people will go in and actually fuck with the game, change mechanics and such. Hell, just make an entirely new game with the core as a base

This game was fucking garbage

This autist is alpha as fuck for that jump drive

Because it's disinfo.
That's shooped.

Colour me surprised. Thanks for telling me how boring the side quests are and how much content was/many features were cut. The 170gb filesize and sub-Persona 3 command over your party members were huge strikes against it, but if the game even fails as a cinematic casual game about a road trip with the boys, then I don't know what to say. I'd take mediocre gameplay as long as the fluff was good, but I suppose in their efforts to turn the game into a MULTIMEDIA TRANSMEDIA EXPERIENCE and recoup as much development hell money as possible, everything was watered down.

Welp, there are still the rest of the twenty Final Fantasy games that I could play anyway, so it's not like I have any shortage.

Were you that user who posted in a similar manner about FFXV in a thread we had last year? Your style reminds me of a cap I saved from that thread.

So does anyone remember anything from the OST in this fucking game? The only song that actually stuck out to me was embed related but that's because of how fucking aggravating the fight was when your party would stay by him when he was charging the nova attack,

I mean, it's actually a decent them all things considered for what's going on at the time. it was kind of fucked up, but the only reason any fight in this game was difficult was because of retarded teammates.