Battlefront 2 will have not a single one of these GOOD heroes:

battlefront 2 will have not a single one of these GOOD heroes:

however, it will have these terrible heroes:

why do they do this? the moves are the worst part of the entire franchise, why do the CANNON clone wars characters get ZERO fucking cameos?

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I actually enjoyed Kylo as a joke. Every other character was worthless aside from tr8-t0r though. I'd almost be slightly tempted if he was a hero, but I know EA would ruin him somehow and I imagine Disney still will in the future considering he was the most popular character from the movie.

i cant wait to play as mary-sue the most powerful jedi to ever live.
i can't wait for them to just act like all the bullshit in episode 7 just didn't happen, and act like rae and kylo are on the same level, even though it has been shown that rae, who has LITERALLY never held a lightsaber, or used the force, was able to reverse mind fuck kylo ren, and draw/win a lightsaber duel. despite kylo having been in training for fucking years.

rae with ANY training should COMPLETELY blow kylo right the fuck out in 2 seconds because she is the most mary sue that has ever been.

fuck this series, god dammit these fucking movies.

b-but there's Rey Mixer and her special ability is wall hack.

People love Rey Mixer even if no one buys her toys. The answer to the critics is that she's the avatar, you gotta deal with it!
I fucking hate Rey, she has no negative traits, she's "literally perfect", these types of character don't make good stories and none of the new characters are memorable.

Post lewds.

God I want to fuck clone wars asoka

Yes user, I too want to have sex with Ashoka.

ahsoka is pure and innocent, and a daughterfu!
she is not for lewd! she is for headpats ONLY!

I assume it'll have a darkie for Americans to self insert?


2017 Holla Forums
Ventress got turned into a feminist voodoo witch that was being chained down by muh jealous patriarchy (Dooku and Sidious)
Ahsoka is disloyal.
Savage is a literal boy toy used by feminist witches.
Rex is disloyal and turned into a fatass libtard.
The only good one out of those is Cad Bane.

But those shoudlnt even exist user


she a hoe

she a space hoe

Rex isn't 'disloyal,' he was one of the few clones to break free from the order 66 programming in time (unlike Cody.) Not sure where you're getting the idea of Ahsoka being disloyal from, but I assume you're referencing the whole shitshow where she got blamed for some other little Jedi girl being a literal terrorist, then decided to leave the order when she realized how fucked their judgement was.

As user said.

Holla Forums in 2017 folks.



I like Ventress (that voice…) but I'm glad that Filoni killed her off-screen so she doesn't appear as another Disney Princess in SW Rebels.


I guess you're a glutton for punishment.


Shit, that's the old one, how about the new masterpiece?

Agreed she's not for lewds, she's for spanks

None of these are good in any way.

It's not our fault you're terminally gay

Shill harder, kike.

Stop projecting your faggotry, please.

Are you okay user?


Is all this Star Wars rape turning fans much like faggots that just wanted to play video games?

Add the Clone Wars comics to that list.

If you gave EA money after 2007 or installed origin ever you should probably consider suicide,

I'm serious. is this unsettling the NPCs? At least they attempted to keep it somewhat close with Star Trek yet managed to rape canon even there.

Star Wars depression thread?





Ashoka is pure sex.

But still
You're a good judge of character OP in terms of good Clone Wars characters, but Rex is just a copypasta of Alpha-17 because Lucas didn't want too many characters with A in their name. Ventress' character was also better off before Lucas re-wrote her as some dathomiri reject. But the others were all excellent, and while I hated Ahsoka at first, she grew on me during the final seasons where her character went beyond the pitiable 1-dimensional shit Lucas intended for her. Dave Filoni can still kiss my ass though for that "Rex was in Return of the Jedi" shit.

Kylo is only liked ironically because he's just nuAnakin Solo cosplaying as Revan. As for tr8-t0r I'll never stand the appeal of the meme, but he definitely did have more realistic behavior and characterization than any other character in the movie.

Also this.

more ashoka

At least the porn is good.

Its not fucking fair.


I already fapped you niggerfaggot

No she didn't. Despite the Wook's autism, those comics were never really canon, and she died without her master in them.

The only reason im interested in the second movie is him

I sure hope you guys don't do this

Oh, they WILL be in game.

As a Paid DLC.


It's like her face was invented to suck dicks

I like Clancy Brown as much as the next guy but Savage Oppress wasn't a very good character, being basically just buff Maul. Also apparently Ventress went to total shit after Clone Wars, running off with some Native American Jedi and having dumb angst corruption adventures before dying in some book.
No excuse for them not to have the others though, Cad Bane, Ahsoka and Rex all deserve to be in there especially over Jango and Leia, but Jango and Leia will get in because they can reuse Leia's assets from the first game and Jango's just an easy color swap of Boba.

They're putting Leia in there as a tribute to her actress, to "immortalize" her. That's all there is to it.

No, I'm talking about Rebels, with the exception of Ventress who was given way too much power in The Clone Wars to begin with. Rex betrays both Anakin and the Empire, as does Ahsoka, and they both join a shitty group of SJWs adventuring in space.

Why do companies do this bullshit?

Are they trying to memory hole the old games?

Literally yes.

Okay, Holla Forums, I've only ever watched the Clone Wars movie way back when it came out. I haven't seen any of the series. Should I watch it?

Yes, though be forewarned that there's a lot of shitty episodes with a higher concentration of them in the earlier seasons. The good episodes are legitimately good and worth getting to.

What kind of shitty episodes? How do I know which ones to avoid? Or do I just watch all the shitty ones anyway? I heard they brought Darth Maul back. That seems pretty stupid. They couldn't have just brought Sev back instead? Or made another Jedi Knight? Or anything else that people actually wanted? Maybe if they do, we can play as Punished Kyle, a man denied his games.

Generally if the episode focuses on Padme or Jar Jar you can safely skip it and miss nothing of value. Maul coming back was pretty dumb but not as awful as you'd expect since they turned him into an actual character instead of just a silent lightsaber carrier. This viewing guide picks out most of the better episodes if you just want to skip ahead to the highlights and judge from there if the rest of the series is worth your time.

do I need to play kotor 1 before kotor 2? Also, any worth while mods? I know theres a content restoration mod for 2.

im not surprised

hello fellow star wars goers, do you like star wars as much as i do?

All of those books except maybe Rogue Squadron (it's been a long time since I read it, and the whole X-Wing series kind of blends together in my memory) are garbage. The EU novels haven't been worth the time since the Thrawn trilogy.


You probably should play 1 before 2, yeah.
The content restoration mod for 2 is essential.
There is another mod for 2 that restores a cut planet to the game. Don't get it, it sucks.


Are those photo shops or real images from obscure Star Wars parody pornos? Because damn, that's high quality costume work for an amateur porno.

They're not obscure. They all came out follow the Farce Awakens.


No, no one said that.

Oh but it's worse user. Disney is making kotor 3

Nigger you best be shitting me. Sauce?

He's lying.

He'd better be. With the way Disney and EA are actively trying to memoryhole the real Battlefront games, I wouldn't put it past them to try to make their own garbage and call it a KotOR game.

The real Kotor 3 was cancelled in 2004 in order to make the sale of Star Wars franchise down the line a smoother affair.

InB4 it's called "Knights of the First Ordah".

I think Revan was on TOR so he's still canon. Maybe could be DLC.

Prequels are good

lol Marku wordfiltered Kiino

So EA did something right for a change.

That seems a little hard to believe considering the span of time in between 2004 and the sale of Star Wars to Disney.

Speaking of, is there a box set of this show? I've never been able to find one, excepting one which seemed really sketchy.


Absolutely mind-boggling. People use the term 'npc' willy-nilly, but holy mother of Joseph even a literal drooling retard could read that and tell that it's utter garbage. I'm legitimately tempted to dig out some of my schoolwork from third grade and see if it reads better than the mind-numbing, nearly-illegible drivel he's written.

Am I hallucinating this? They killed off an antagonist that's been in CW for a literal decade off screen?

Yes, when there's literally no chance of a show ever being aired again I do tend to want to buy it. Unless you would like to lead me directly to a working torrent with at least several dozen seeders. I'd accept that too.

So they added Kyle Katarn?

Lucas wanted to sell Star Wars to spite people over the poor reception of the prequel trilogy was getting. He gave away all the billions of dollars he got from the sale, it was worthless to him. His way of saying fuck you for everyone not liking his version of Star Wars of the original trilogy.

Fuck, she has two broken hands

Man, those 1313 gameplay leaks and trailers were hype inducing

KotOR had some really over the top force power.

Oh shit, I thought I was the only one who bothered reading Path of Destruction.

That's what has been said to justify why we only saw Ahsoka.

You mean iRebel and the diversity squad? :^)

We're never getting any good Star Wars games again. In fact, with the Queen Bitch in charge of the IP we're never getting anything good Star Wars related.

I hope all you faggots are aware of this fact.

Wow, rude.

You know what? I'm not even sad. I just glad they didn1t get ass-raped! Post more Bariss porn faggots!

The cartoons are among the worst part of the entire franchise. Nothing good has happened to Star War since KotOR 2. Why are you asking for characters that were literally made to appeal to children

Funny because he is canon once again.

Yeah, i know. He is the only good thing in that show. Kinda worried about that what will they do with him in the next (and final) season…

This meme was quickly outed as being a propaganda tool by Disney.


Some of that brillant Holla Forums detective work lol

Meanwhile I'm still morning one of the most metal characters ever getting jetted to the sun

I'd prefer if all of that abomination was non Canon. They completely fucked up Revans character and put him in a game he has no reason being in other than cashing in on KOTOR nostalgia bucks.

Would genuinely love to see the source on that. It wouldn't surprise me at all.

The voice and mannerisms are pretty close to how I pictured Thrawn. I just can't get over that shitty art style. Kallus looks fucking ridiculous.

I just searched "watch star wars the clone wars" and found at least 7 sites that are hosting the entire series.

ahsoka gives me a boner

That's a fan project named KotOR Apeiron, not an official sequel or remake. Good thing too, because Disney would poz it up. Come to think of it, I don't know how the hell Bioware ever made KotOR. It seems like it was too good to have actually come from them. Must have been some kind of mistake.

I had thought that this project got shut down, but apparently it's still running and the devs are doing development streams

>eleodie looks over at her second
>thick with the names of those who betrayed zher
Motherfucker can't even stay consistent for two paragraphs.

What's not fair is that Genndy Clone Wars was decanonized, so the one and only time Grievous wasn't a Cobra Commander tier villain with asthma is out the door. Wait, that means all of his hacking and coughing and shit in episode 3 is a massive plot hole because they decanonized the reason why he can't breathe, I just fucking realized that.

Which sucks because the cgi was actually semi-decent for a show, and also Cad Bane and Ahsoka were alright characters if only they made Ahsoka not Anakin's 'apprentice'. Fucking George Lucas.

Didn't Lucas have to rewrite the scripts for the prequel trilogy numerous times because so hard-ass Fox execs didn't find the story "politically correct" enough?

…why? I was unironically looking forward to Space Lesbian Adventures.

>if only they made Ahsoka not Anakin's 'apprentice'. Fucking George Lucas.

I thought Lucas had nothing to do with the CGI Clone Wars film and series apart from approving it.

you dont want ahsoka to be the little sister jedi?

i dug it, especially when thought bomb


I'm glad (((they))) killed the Star Wars I remembered in the Expanded Universe instead of corrupting it like (((they))) do to everything else. At least I still have the constitution books.


You want to clarify what you're asking there?

Why is a female alien creature named after an Indian warlord?

Because George Lucas that's why.


Gee I don't know user, take a fucking guess

I just wish his death was a little cooler. Getting shot into the sun sounds pretty hardcore, but the way it happened felt a little underwhelming. Great character though.

SW cyberraep

KOTOR came out in what, 2002 on top of my head. The Bioware of then is nothing like the Bioware of today.

Nothing good lasts forever, look at Kojima.

MMO always has shit story.

Don't ever listen to the apologists. You play MMO for the social aspect nothing else. As soon as I heard KOTOR3 was an MMO I knew it was over.

You play MMO's do play dressup with 3D toons cause your parents wouldn't let you play with dolls when you were a child.

Cad Bane?

People had a grim reminder with WoW to learn this and they still thought Tortanic will offer anything…

the MMORPG genre is the biggest mistake what humanity ever created

You may not know it, but you're a faggot.

Go back to playing with your dolls little girl!

>>Didn't Lucas have to rewrite the scripts for the prequel trilogy numerous times because some hard-ass Fox execs didn't find the story "politically correct" enough?
Sorry about that.


why does he wear the tubes?

Not gay but if an MMO comes out with lolis I'll play house all day long.

kondaspeter is fucking shit

tera online.

It was 2003. That was a great year for vidya. But yeah, companies change and the talented people leave. At least Kojima made more than one good game. The other guy, Tomokazu Fukushima, may have had more to do with the first 3 MGS games being great than is commonly realized. There have been similar theories with Gary Kurtz and Star Wars. I guess Kojima really is the Japanese George Lucas.

I always thought the Force was genderless, seeing as it lacks genitals. I wonder what incredible game theories they'll roll out with next.

What we got in the prequels was already pretty damn redpilled, even if most of us didn't realize it back then. Beneath all the special effects, podracing and Jar Jar bullshit, the story is ultimately about how defective the US political system is. You have two big groups, a corporate group that owns Outer Heaven-tier PMCs and a corrupt government that puts on a show of opposing them, but they're actually run by the same greedy shitters who make up retarded wars for the purposes of concocting a pretext to seize total control. Oh, and the self-proclaimed "guardians of peace and justice" are repressive, self-righteous assholes who suck that corrupt government's dick. If it was any more redpilled, it probably would have been the Uncle Tom's Cabin of the modern age in that it would have set off a massive war.

You are now imagining an alternate timeline in which the amount of political divisiveness we have now was present in 2005 immediately after the release of Episode III.


Fox had nothing to do with the Prequels. Star Wars was entirely owned by Lucas and he did whatever he wanted with it with his own studio. The Prequels were Star Wars as Lucas always wanted Star Wars to be.

I wish I knew how to make games. I'd make my own canon explored through vidya. Curse my shitty inability to understand programming.

Of the Triumvirate, Sion was by far the least threatening beyond his gimmick of being too pissed to die. He's a Cold Steel-tier villain who's absolutely pussy whipped by Kreia
Too bad Nihlus died like a bitch. He was more interesting.


Hey now
He's also a ghost
And beat Sion

He was the first one you face, so that makes sense that he shouldn't be the most major threat. And given that space magic can be fueld by hate and anger, and that's well established part of Force-lore, it doesn't seem as absurd as people tend to see it as. But he was still threatening and well written for what he needed to be for the story.


So I decided to watch The Clone Wars, and it showcased so many new characters and minor characters who previously hadn't gotten a lot of development that it gave me an idea. Anyone want to help make a Star Wars girl tier list? There's no rule that says only vidya can have tier lists. The only rules are that all characters must have appeared in more than one work of Star Wars media and must have a precisely known physical appearance. Otherwise we'd be dealing with way too many one-off characters and characters from the novels who've never had any art drawn of them or real actors portraying them. Vidya-exclusive characters are exempt from the "must be in more than one installment" rule.

Anyway, here's what I have so far.

Ahsoka Tano

Handmaiden, Riyo Chuchi

Jan Ors, Bastila Shan, Mara Jade, Mission Vao, Aayla Secura

Luminara Unduli, Adi Gallia, Leia Organa, Juhani, Visas Marr, Mira, Jaina Solo

Padme "Israel First" Amidala, Asajj Ventress

Aurra Sing

Rey, Jyn "I Rebel Against The Notion of Not Committing Blatant Plagiarism" Erso

Satine will be a weird one to place. Neat character design, good personality, absolutely the worst at fucking politics and deserved everything that happened to her.

Why Satine when you have her sister Bo Katan who is way better than her? Also she's voiced by Katee Sackhoff

I'm not saying you're wrong, but the heroes were always the worst part of Battlefront you ask me.
I preferred playing the proper soldiers, struggling in the trenches, fighting those dirty clanker scum.
Rex'd be okay, in that regard. I'd be fine playing heroes what're more around standard troopers. Let me play some of the spec ops guys, like Delta squad, for instance.

Incidentally, there's only one good hero from the new load.


This is your mind on Holla Forums

I'm so glad we got to see >her in the new (((canon))) :'^)

More pissed of old luke webms, please

*pissed off

t. low test beta manlet cuckould

>Disney owned "kotor isn't (((canon)))" star wars
Yes that's 'good' you moron

Nothing Disney has done with Star Wars has been good

>Only mainstream names, no fuckdolls from the old true EU like Talon, Guri, Ysanne Isard
This isn't a list, it's a testament of your poor taste…

Oh god… Is that her pozzed/Rebels version on the left?
The art style is awful, I remember the first season, low-poly models everywhere, shitty textures with no normal map… every character has the 3D equivalent of the spaghetti arms and legs from [current year] CalArt 2D animation.
Filoni must hate working for Disney.



Which is why Disney owned "kotor isn't (((canon)))" star wars is good
It's like you guy's want to be raped… y-you don't want that right? r-right guys? guys

Not entirely true…
>At least, a dozen or two new Star Wars media every single year since Episode 1
>Lucas sells SW to Disney
>Disney declares everything non-canon, except the seven films and the CGI Clone Wars series
>Anyone can finally get into the Star Wars EU
>Easy to find since Disney is rereleasing all EU media with a big shiny Legends banner right across the top
Honest, "killing" Star Wars was the best thing Disney ever did for it. At the very least, it finally said "The series is over and done with, move on with your lives so we can Jew the people who aren't in their mid-thirties or older."

That's also my big complaint with a lot of comics (Both Eastern and Western). Some of the companies and writers just don't know when to quit.

Not nearly as much as it should. Anyone who still pretends to care about Star Wars only does it to get attention and most of the people turned off by it are already disgruntled at the state of the world.

As someone that regularly buys__ audiobooks, this is absolutely disgusting.


The EU was (mostly) fine as it was. It was definitely better without all the (((diversity))) that Disney is shoving in there. FFS the new books literally use alternative pronouns.

So, no, fuck you, Disney buying out Star Wars was the worst thing to happen to it

Goddammn those lewd artists & that show. I swear I'm not even into 2D or short dark women. Please help. My dick wants to explore her every hole

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

Some people here have a thing for cuntish women, it seems. Still, many of those girls are from the old EU, and the tier list isn't complete yet. Ahsoka tier is pretty self-explanatory by virtue of it being above God tier though.

You're more mentally ill that the faggot claiming Disney buying SW was a good thing.

At least I'm not a prancing la-la homo. You tremendous boy-molesting fruit.

Atton's not the captain of the ship, the player is. Did you not play the game?

I actually like the EU more than the movies.

The games and Dark Horse comics is better than anything Lucas ever did.


This. TIE Fighter is still the best experience Star Wars has to offer.

She actually died because she was loyal to vos you fucking nigger.

A Ventress is fine too.

shit taste

Can I just say to all you degenerate faggots that your choice of waifu is shit. All these Star Wars girls are disgusting and completely unfappable to. The Droids on the otherhand though…..

I bet Tie fighter is nuked from the canon?

There is only two Star Wars canons: Pre-Disney (Originally called the EU, now called Legends), and Post-Disney (Anything made since the 2014 acquisition, and whatever EU material Disney now deems "canon").

Daala > Isard

It's non-kosher because it actually shows the Empire making the galaxy a better place.

No, there's Star Wars and then there's the Jewish mockery Disney is creating. They'll run Star Wars into the ground within 10 years. Every toy made for TFA isn't selling, people only buy the legacy stuff.

Star Wars is a tortured IP, it has quite the potential, but people fucked it up.

It had tons of good games, but good (or at least decent) writing for it is rare as shit.

Aside from the original trilogy, Kotor2, what else is there?
Kotor1 didn't have good writing at all, all the interesting stuff about Revan comes from 2.
Kyle Katarn is fun and interesting, they could actually make a good spin-off trilogy with him as a grey jedi who favors using standard weaponry rather than his lightsaber and isn't afraid to shank a fucker.


So what the fuck are those little pips on their shoulders? I just got done watching the Rifftrax of ✡Rogue One✡ and that kept bothering me about their uniforms. And the rebels also have them, but theirs look like they continue down into a pocket for another 6 inches. The fuck are those things?

It was explained in Rebels. Those are "ID pens".

They're code cylinders. Basically they're USB drives that carry access codes, decryption algorithms, etc.

I don't know what Rebels calls them but Rebels is shit so you can just ignore that

The pre-Disney EU was the best part of Star Wars. Honestly the movies set up a great universe but they're not that great on their own.

Passed through the toy aisle the other day at my local supermarket. All of the Star Wars figures were sold out except for Finn, who was still fully stocked despite being on sale. Brought a warm feeling to my heart.


Fuck, Kreia isn't even just a top tier Star Wars girl, she's a top tier Star Wars character. I bet the fag who posted that shit doesn't even know who she is.

Pens, they're all geeks.

That nigger didn't even have Juno Eclipse on his list, you should be angry at him.

Shouldn't they be using pocket protectors?
Or are they using special space pens that won't leak ink?

Kek, same goes arround here in eastern-europe, but just with Rey.

No one's buying nuWars toys

These are Bic pens, the ink doesn't leak. They carry those futuristic Bic pens upside down, that's why you only see the cap.

I'm not into grannies, sorry. This is a waifu tier list. If you made a tier list of philosophically interesting Star Wars characters, though, she'd be near if not at the top. And as Atton accurately points out, she did look good once. See Handmaiden for proof.

If you want her on the list, find a spot for her or make your own list.

Finn sold better than Rey in NA

Mark looks like he is trying to conjure up the dark side to choke her.

Shouldn't those be "spin-offs"? Since… ya'know they are into "the business".

Why did TCW have to die such an ignominious death?

Ventress dies in a canon novel actually.

Jedi Master Quinlan Vos gets told by the Jedi Order to go murder the fuck out of Count Dooku prior to the events of Episode 3. Jedi aren't assassins so they don't know how he should go about it so Obi-Wan goes "well how about you go ask Ventress for help? She's a bounty hunter now after all, not a Sith." So he does. Vos and Ventress fall in love with eachother while she shows him how to use his "darker" emotions and power without falling to the Dark Side completely while training on Dathomir. They go to kill Dooku and fail. Vos is captured and falls to the Dark Side and becomes Dooku's new apprentice. But then Ventress rescues him in short order and he becomes a Jedi again. Vos comes up with a plan to trick Dooku to lead the two of them to Sideous so they can kill both Sith at once, but the ship the three of them get on crashes and Dooku catches on to Vos' plan and tries to kill him. Ventress jumps in front of Vos and eats a faceful of lightning and dies. Dooku escapes, Vos completely is free of the Dark Side because of Ventress' sacrifice. The end.

Anons what comics series that featured 181st Imperial Fighter Wing. Its been a long time since i read the series

and also Any anons have screencaps on the Empire did nothing wrong and made the galaxy a better place

Star-Wars: Empire was a pretty good run, especially the first few issues.

I can't find it on Google because EU/Legends have lobsters of their own but I recall reading a comic where two lobsters discuss morality and ethic regarding a scenario where government kills, possibly by accident, parents of young farmboy who then joins terrorist organization and leads attack on military facility causing massive casualties. Only in last panel is Star Wars ever mentioned, with second lobster reacting along lines "hey wait a second"

Here's a list of pairings and potential pairings with better chemistry than Anakin and Padme:

This list is also incomplete.

So wait, doesn't Vos have a wife and kid by that point? Was that Disney made or pre-Disney because it seems to ignore some events from the Clone Wars comics.


Never thought in my life that I would ever see a discount sticker say buy 1, get 4 free.


We'll never get anything awesome SW again. Disney made damn sure of that.



just stay away from these corporations user, no point in being disappointed constantly about bad people predictably doing bad things.

responsible for xbox one/kinect/windows10, part of prism, ruining halo, taking over minecraft, xbox online shop overflowing with indishit games (last checked over a year ago)

helps the nsa backdoor everyone's computers along with microsoft

ask Holla Forums (unless they ban you instantly for no reason at all for talking about Holla Forumsnology just like /a/ for talking about /a/nime)

forcibly inserted into many different linux operating systems that would otherwise be 8/10 as some kind of linux coup.

responsible for iphones, part of prism

took over and discontinued countless video game companies, microtransactions, dlc, season passes, full of sjw's who claim sexism and muhsoggyknees because people don't buy the game when really the reason is because the game is broken and low quality and they don't want to take responsibility for that.

gives ea whatever they want. ruined knights of the old republic, ruined every mass effect after ME1

responsible for battlefield

does similar things to ea and activision

microtransactions, dlc, some of the first people to release the cancer of microtransactions and dlc into the video game world.

responsible for leaving microsoft because they didn't like what they were doing to halo, and then doing the same things as them by making destiny

really dumb customer support, not a whole lot of good games, added paid online to ps4, online shop overflowing with indishit games (last checked over a year ago)

very small amount of games worth playing not counting old eshop titles, added paid online to the switch, eshop is overflowing with indishit games (last checked over a year ago), eshop lacking some of the best old titles from n64, gamecube, and so on. infuriating artificial difficulty in some games.

responsible for gta5, microtransactions, dlc, shark cards

responsible for skyrim

microtransactions, dlc, digital rights management hell, always online, get banned and lose everything you paid for

responsible for borderlands2, microtransactions, dlc, season passes

The extra novels really hammer that point home. The New Republic is a horrific incompetent mess that starts multiple wars and is unable to police their member nations leading to chaos being the norm across the galaxy

Meanwhile the Empire gave the galaxy several decades of hard won peace

The larger politics were right, the smaller stuff was bad and the execution could use some work. Naboo's plight in episode 1 made no fucking sense, the planet is lush with fields and wildlife, and the movie never bothers to explain why a planet like that with what appears to be low population density would have an issue surviving on its own. Likewise, the movies were so damn obvious that Palpatine was the actual villain when that should have been something that shows up in episode 3 so the viewer feels betrayed rather than "why did you trust this fucker."

IIRC Naboo was supposedly reliant on imports of high-end products (not even getting into how stupid that is in futuristic setting since Star Wars is more of a fantasy)

I personally was more curious as to what Naboo exports in order to pay for imports. Turns out that the backdrop for Darth Maul versus Gui-Qon and Obi-Wan was production facility for "high-energy plasma" harvested from Naboo's core where plasma was abundant. This would make little to no sense even if it wasn't claimed in the movie that the Planet's core can be passed through by a submarine (which alone is also retarded.).

Well, that is retarded. In any case, that is actually one of my biggest problems with these kinds of settings. They just scale up the politics and economics when planets should be self sufficient for at least general goods. You could make an argument about manufactured goods, particularly if the galaxy has different levels of technological advancement or different branches, leading to interstellar trade.

Honestly, I would have accepted the idea that they had too many artisans and other such "high end jobs" and were relying on gibs from the Republic.

If I would have to come up with logical explanation, I'd say that due to ease of interstellar travel and relatively free trade the Naboo ended up not building their own factories and relying on imports like many western countries do with China.

Politics was indeed generally at least "okay" tier. Simpsons once made joke about the entire movie being about Senate hearings and stuff but that's gross exaggeration. The one thing that's taking too much screen time is possibly the Podracing sequence.

Also reminds me with stuff on young Anakin. Whoever the actor was he wasn't that bad and ended up being scapegoat of the fanboy crowd who desperately tried to come up with somebody other than George Lucas to blame. Scene from novelization that didn't make it to movie was kind of cool, it would've included the young Anakin helping injured Tusken Raider and in turn not getting killed by the said Raider's clan. Instead we got cameo-tier inclusion of raiders shooting podracers for apparently just shit and giggles.

That's a problem with all sci-fi that includes aliens. With watching the characters bumming around the galaxy in Stargate/Star Trek/Farscape, you're suppose to believe that the little plot of land that the cast visits is representative of the entire planet. However, as we know in real life, New York has a vastly different mindset than Hong Kong, or Paris, or Moscow. And, even New York isn't exactly representative of American culture since you also have Chicago, Dallas, L.A., Miami, Seattle, and that's not even leaving the big cities.

Honestly, if you really want to get down to it, it's a hypocritical discussion in-of itself. Because, to bring back the "New York" example, you also have to specify which part of "New York" when being specific about the area because there's Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, the Hamptons, Chinatown, and so on. However, when you begin to bring back the scope, you all classify it as "New York" with their specific style of pizza, slums on every corner, the cops being assholes, Lady Liberty, traffic jams everywhere, etc. Then, you decide to expand the scope to the entire U.S. and you get the gun-toting rednecks with a burger in hand standing on top of a dead buck, then to the entire continent, then to the entire hemisphere, then to the entire planet, and so on.

Anyone else like Star Wars strategy games? They didn't make enough of those. I'd like to see a Star Wars RTS that takes into account all the economics of running a galaxywide civilization. I don't know how well that would work, though. I'd settle for another tactical Star Wars game, but not under Disney, of course.

The best Star Wars strategy games I've played were all mods, like the Thrawns Revenge mod for SoaSE. I'd love to see a proper SW strategy, but unfortunately I don't expect that to happen

Source? I got nothing trying to look it up

user can you pls Tell me any of the Novels/Comics?

Star Wars Rebellion and Empire At War.

Played both. Good games, but they don't capture the full extent of what it takes to run an economy.

Post-Disney. Comics canon was erased and this follows Clone Wars CGI series canon.

What gameplay mechanics would we all like to see in hypothetical Star Wars games? BF3, JK3, KotOR 3, anything. I could go for a lightspear or a jetpack in Jedi Knight. I played some mods that used jetpacks and they kicked ass. And then there were the badass jetpack sequences in Shadows of the Empire. I think a lot of games could use more jetpacks.

Is the KotOR MMO and fun at all with friends? Some buddies of mine have been wanting to play it since we finished the Clone Wars cartoon but the EA and Bioware name are a big turn off, not to mention how bad its initial release was. Also, what is hidden behind their paywall?

The gameplay of TOR is essentially the same as WoW. It's really nothing special. The game tried to sell itself on being a story-driven MMO, but most of the writing ranges from passable to complete garbage.

That being said, TOR also has one of the single best Star Wars stories in the entire IP, and that's the Imperial Agent class story. How such a gem ended up wedged in that pile of shit astounds me to this day. I highly recommend that everyone play through this story, because it's actually very, very good.

Will do, I appreciate the heads up and it's good to know it won't be a complete waste of time.

Also, is the Commando story worth anything?

I don't know why the fuck you'd want to play as Republic scum. You some sort of hippie or something?
Seriously though all the Republic storylines are average at best. In my opinion they're shit because they're all boring and two-dimensional but YMMV.

To summarize the class stories:
Jedi Guardian: A lot of people encourage others to play as a Jedi Guardian because "it's basically KotoR 3" but that's a big fucking lie. It's like playing through a children's cartoon. That being said, the story for the Guardian is more directly related to the overall story of TOR and gets mentioned most often in the post-class-story content.
Jedi Consular: As above, but somehow more boring and way less impactful
Smuggler: Great for the first chapter or so, since you actually feel like a smuggler, but by halfway through Chapter 2 you get railroaded into being an agent for Republic secret service whether you want to or not
Commando: Haven't actually played it but from what I'm told the story is fairly monotone in terms of pacing. "Go here to kill this guy, go here to kill that guy," like what you would expect from a soldier's story.

Sith Warrior: Average overall story, cringy companions. Some people think going light side SW is one of the better stories.
Sith Inquisitor: Starts out decent, gets repetitive, ends poorly. Your character basically spends most of his time playing Pokemon but with force ghosts.
Bounty Hunter: Starts out okay, becomes average, stays average. More or less what you would expect, sort of the Empire equivalent to Commando.
Imperial Agent: The best story in the game bar none. You feel like a secret agent. Characters are well-written, have depth and personality, and are better voice-acted than 99% of all the other NPCs. Character choices are not always black and white. The story progresses in a logical fashion and keeps a good tempo. You stop plots against the Empire and unravel conspiracies all while trying to stave off Sith attempts to use Imperial Intelligence as a pawn in their internal power struggles. This is the only class story where you actually make choices at the end that affect the outcome of the story.

Mostly because I thought the Clone Commandos were cool so I thought they may be similar, but I'll just go with the Imperial Agent like you said.

Might do a Sith to Light if I enjoyed one play through. Thanks a lot for the rundown.

You might enjoy Commando then. You can always give it a shot. Like I said it's the only one I haven't tried so I can't really give you a firsthand impression of it. Even F2P players get to have multiple characters so no reason you couldn't do both.

Playing Dark Sided Jedi and Light Sided Sith is really the only way to make those stories really interesting.

with Imperial Agent is the story best done light or dark route

They're both equally viable tbh. I think the best advice I can give when approaching an Agent playthrough is to think of yourself as a nationalist or Imperial patriot and make your choices with that in mind. With the Agent, even though choices can be labelled as "light" or "dark", the morality behind them isn't that cut-and-dry and good arguments could be made for each.

If you're one of those people who wants to make consistently labelled choices though, or if you're stuck in a bit of dialogue because you're having a tough time choosing between a light or dark side option, I will say that overall the dark side choices are often more satisfying or more interesting.

Luckily I've been going about it that way, and you weren't kidding. The story has me hooked, to be honest I'm pretty damn immersed. Guess this is the diamond in the turd.

Every time the subject of Star Wars games comes up, the first thing I always think to myself is that the Agent storyline deserved its own game. It would have made a great TPS/RPG or FPS/RPG hybrid. They could have done so much more with it that way.

Unfortunately, one day SWTOR will shut down, and the Agent story will be lost to us forever.

The trooper story, in my opinion, is almost bland with how average it is. It's mostly a "uber patriotic and doesn't afraid of anything FOR THE REPUBLIC!" type of story.
But as others have said, the Imperial Agent story is by far the best class. I don't know if they just allocated all of their funds into it or if they wrote it first, but it plays like you would expect an RPG. You know, choices matter and you have the ability to play a fucking role.
I want to fug one of those blue qts

I still find it funny that people try and say that Rae isn't a marry sue.

Force awakens is a joke. Not only is Rae a shitty marry sue the actress can't even act. She has the same annoyed look on her face throughout the entire movie, yet somehow everyone likes her for some reason.


I was flabbergasted when RLM said they liked the movie and that her acting was one of the highlights. She has the exact same wide-eyed, slack-jawed expression in every single scene, and her character is bland and completely uncompelling.

Isn't including bioware and dice kind of redundant, considering the whole reason they've been shit is because of ea taking them over and fucking them up?

You rightly point out DLC as being a shitty practice of pretty much every other company, but don't even mention horse armor?



Are you me, user?

Not unless both of you are also me. No intelligent person liked TFA.

There were other good/decent storylines in SWTOR. The only good thing about that game were the class stories, but you have to slog through a terrible MMO to enjoy them so it's questionable if it's worth it. I played through every single one, and while they were fun, man it was a huge time expenditure. Only worth it if you have a ton of time on your hands and nothing else to spend it on.

Also your class summaries are pretty bare bones and you miss their appeal. You also didn't cover the crews which are a big part of the fun of the game.


Jedi Knight: It really is a classic Jedi story. The light in the darkness fighting valiantly against the forces of evil, totally vanilla. The only thing going Dark Side does is make you more brutal when dealing with the Sith or other villains, instead of attempting to redeem them or imprison them, you just kill them. Whether or not you enjoy this really comes down to whether or not you like vanilla good vs evil conflicts.

Crew: Pretty dull assortment. T7 is the plucky droid sidekick, Kiras the rebel without a cause, Doc is literally Hawkeye from M.A.S.H, Rusk is the "sole survivor" archetype, and Lord Scourge is the "villain with standards". They're all pretty basic tropes and all pretty bland.

Jedi Consular: This storyline was weak. Very slow, very uninteresting, and lackluster from start to finish. You more or less go from being an archaelogist to a diplomat to a redeeming priest and none of the three are done well, or are compelling. Easily the worst storyline on the Republic side.

Crew: Qyzen was great, he is honestly the best part of the entire Consular class. Tharan was at least an interesting concept, Nadia is just the super gifted prodigy that seems to only exist so the Consular can have a female romance option, and Fenix/Zenith are totally forgettable.

Commando: I actually enjoyed this storyline. You can either go scorched earth the mission over everything or play humanitarian soldier. The missions were well put together and it was a solid experience. Nothing spectacular but it was good.

Crew: Really good crew, Aric is great, Elara is fun, and M1 is the best droid companion in the game. Yuun is fairly forgettable, and Tanno might as well not exist.

Smuggler: The most fun I had playing this game, especially the first chapter. They did a great job with this class, I loved the missions and I loved the interactions. Dark Side is way more fun than Light Side.

Crew: Easily the best crew in the entire game. Risha and Akaavi are fantastic, Corso and Bowdaar are bro tier. Gus is hit or miss, you either love him or hate him.


Sith Warrior: Pretty good, either play as a competent Skeletor, or a reformer who wants the Empire to succeed by ending the stupidity of the Sith power games.

Crew: Garbage. Broonmark is the only decent character in the entire lot, and he barely speaks. Pierce is just forgettable, and that's a cut above the rest. Vette is annoying as fuck, and makes no sense as a companion the way she's written, Quinn is more of the same, and Jaesa is either a Jedi with zero personality or Edgequeen McEdge.

Sith Inquisitor: Absolute worst storyline in the game. I regret spending the time playing through it. Every other class gets multiple threats that wind up to the big threat, in the Inquisitor storyline you fight the same guy I think it was, three times? But he keeps surviving or getting away, it was saturday morning cartoon tier in its execution. Nothing about the story was engaging or interesting, either, absolute trash.

Crew: Khem was good. The rest are trash. Xalek might have been interesting except you get him so late he may as well not exist as a companion.

Imperial Agent: Already covered, really, fucking awesome all the way through. Everyone should install TOR and play through this, it's so much fun and really immerses you.

Crew: Really fucking good sans Raina, who felt out of place and forced. Kaliyo, Vector, Lokin, and SCORPIO were all great.

Bounty Hunter: I actually really enjoyed this. The way you work up from small times bounties to the final mission is great, and you never lose the theme of seeking to become the best in the galaxy. This is kinda like the Jedi Knight though, in that you have to possess an appreciation for the story type to really enjoy it.

Crew: Pretty good. Mako is a sweetheart, Gault is god tier, Blizz is fun, and Skadge/Torian are forgettable.

TOR really is a tragedy. In a lot of ways it had so much potential and a lot of glimmers of greatness, but in the end it was a game stuck being a shitty MMO. People always point to the later Mass Effect games or DA2 as to where Bioware died, but I think the real reason the company fell apart was TOR. They lost all their best people after it flopped and all they have left at this point is the name of the company.

Everyone talking about how good the Agent story in SWTOR is makes me sad. Not because I feel like you're all dumb for thinking so, it honestly really is that good. More I feel that way because they're cannibalizing their own game to create poor cut/copy/paste versions of the same story.

Currently the storyline in the game has a similar storyline as the Agent vanilla storyline coming to the forefront. A secret society is influencing/controlling events going on in the galaxy. The exact same plot as the Agent storyline except much more poorly written than the Agent's story and it forced a twist for the sake of a twist into the story in the form of Theron Shan betraying you for reasons that make no sense (especially if you're Light Side). People believe he's Ocelot'ing and will be a triple agent but it's still utterly retarded. Oh well. At least we got a dungeon based on Umbara out of it?

No, seriously, what did they mean by this?

I figured that this was the only point the writers could get away with since we don't know much about Rae's past aside from the fact she's never been off-world and has been a salvager all of her life, and he piloting skills could be the result of her messing around in her free-time with the equipment, and possibly vehicles, on the downed starships. But, even then, that's a bit of a jump.

*in Disney canon

How does breaking shit lead to expertise in utilizing some related other shit, especially if it's highly complex speciliazed equipment that only a few people extremely familiar with it have been shown to be able to use?

That was when i started to seriously wonder wether RLM were actual shills.

You think the trash left at that company can do anything other than poorly cannibalize previous work? All of Biowares writers left the company years ago. Video games generally only attract garbage tier writers to begin with, and Bioware lost even the pick of the litter from that pile of shit.

She flies an extremely awkward ship through tight corridors. Even supposing that she was doing flight simulations, that is something that I would expect to see in the climax of the end of a trilogy, not early in the first movie.

They definitely got paid for that review. Everything they criticize other movies for, including other SWand Disney movies, they didn't touch on that one.

Nu-Holla Forums, maybe.

I fucking hate going all hipster film school and I hate how people complain about tropes but pic related is the definition of what TVtrope says is a Mary Sue.

I actually enjoyed the film because it was just a blockbuster Christmas popcorn movie for me. I don't expect anything deep or well written from Hollywood.

I fucking hate this so much, Bo Katan was such a cutie and now they made her have 200% growing stronger eyes and fucked up the shape on her face horribly.

Ventress is just Waifubait though.


holy shit she really cant close her mouth, even for promo pics

It's uncanny

What film?

Fish mouth. She has the deep one blood in her.

I really wish they would make the post Revan stuff into some non-canon side story and make more class story content instead. The Eternal Alliance thing is dumb

Oy vey, goyim, why you didn't liked (((JJ Abrams))) cast choice? Are you some kind of antisemitic gnatzee?

They meant "contractually Disney paid us a shit ton of money to say that she was amazing, so we will until the contractual obligation is over."

They've swung back and forth in their reviews, sometimes they say good things about her, sometimes they just about say "she was shit, and her acting was shit, and it was fucking awful," but then they remember the money.

You think RedLetterMedia gets by on YouTube bucks? They're not kid friendly at all, so YouTube has probably demonetized everything they've done by now. Gotta pay the bills somehow.

Just like how they say "Leslie Jones was the best part of Ghostbusters 2016." They weren't praising Ghostbusters 2016 necessarily, but they were definitely not being 100% truthful. I'm not saying they're shills and they got paid for that review, but the tone of their content tends to be all over the fucking map. Movies that you KNOW are awful they're like "yeah, it's not that bad…"

I could honestly believe what Mike says in Half in the Bag Episode 7, "Half in the bag has really gone downhill since episode 6!"

To be fair, they completely shat on ghostbuster 2016 during that whole review. The whole Leslie Jones thing was more of a begrudging compliment to find something nice to say about the movie. Likely so people don't just go "You just hate everything that's not like your old ghostbusters".

There is no explanation for like The Force Awakens though. Absolutely indefensible.

The first Live Action Guyver movie. It's hard to find i in any uncut state due to the directs fighting over it as one wanted to make it like the books, the other wanted to make a silly kids film.

Results in silly happy slapstick, then suddenly the hero is ripping limbs off of his opponents.

Thanks user.

Delet this

Filoni touched Thrawn, what makes you think he wouldn't touch Mara and Kyle too?

I still confused on that he is a good guy with good intentions or just another Disney slave

fantasy shit always has the ancients be op as fuck compared to present day. in old republic you play as the ancients. it makes sense. not to mention revan isn't a mary sue he has character flaws. mary sue != op. he mastered the force 3 times he deserves his power

Revan is absolutely a Mary Sue. Holy shit man do you not remember KOTOR 1? The entire game from start to finish is everyone sucking Revans dick. Everyone from his enemies to his allies can't stop talking about how overpowered and godlike he was at every god damned thing he ever did, and, especially, how he was always right. Even Revans rebellion against the council is portrayed in such a way as to put Revan in a good light. The entirety of KOTOR is hearing about how COOL, so AWESOME, so WISE, so STRONG, and so forth, Revan is. And the entire universe revolves around Revans actions, rather than him being a key part of larger events. But this is all forgiven because you, the player, ARE Revan so he's not a badly written character at all, right?

I feel in many ways KOTOR was the fall of Bioware, because through it they realized just how effective stroking player egos are. Pander to the player by constant flattery to the PC, give them a shitty romance and they'll forgive every other god damned flaw in the game. It still makes me laugh that people defend Revan, simply because they identify with the character due to playing through KOTOR.

Ors and Katarn don't exist in the Disney universe, they've been replaced with Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor.

The Clone Wars is basically 90% of the Star Wars desu senpai.

Plus if the Kotor 2 storyline wouldn't explain his actions, he would ne nothing but an angsty edgelord.

There is two character i never ever want to see in Star Wars again. Revan and Starkiller
Sadly they have a pretty big fanbase…

Star wars is shit. You're such a loser that you care about shitty spinoff characters too. You're like even shittier than the normally shit starwars shitters.

>>>Holla Forums

Not an argument. You’re shilling for kikery.

Which is exceptionally funny because if you went dark side in KotOR1, you played as a violent thug.

Is there a viewing guide for Rebels similar to