Is this game worth playing?

Pic related, obviously.


Could you explain?

Recommend you play 1 on the PS2 first. The series just got worse with each subsequent release.

It's hardlocked at 30 fps.

If you wanted longer posts don't ask a yes or no question.
Just fucking play it.


Meanwhile, WotS1 runs at 60fps on the PS2.

Does it really? When I got into emulation I found out that most PS2 games actually run at 30 fps, leaving in-between frame smoothing to interlacing.
But some run at legit 60 like Tekken 5 or Raidou Kuzunoha.
If WOTS1 actually runs at 60, then OP is indeed better be off playing that.
I"m autistic about muh framerates

If you enjoy a short silly eastern game with a fuckton of replayability and depth in its weapons, styles of combat and character customization, then you'll like this game. The story in this game is ok but it doesn't take itself seriously like other games in the series. I had a lot of fun with it.


Yep, it really does. But like most PS2 games that run at that framerate you're going to need a fairly good rig to get it to actually run at its native 60fps.

You can do stupid shit

What the fuck is Acquire doing?

You can fugg a chick named Laura Lita. Get it?

Ignore the posters going on about wacky moments and such silliness. The games plot doesn't take itself seriously at times, but it does have a significant degree of depth to the gameplay, as well as around 84 or so different weapon styles you can learn, ranging from hand to hand to swords to spears, to nodachis to guns, to dual wielding. And of course the different types of styles in each category that play differently. It's also got a lot of different endings and branching paths over the course of the game. Very fun to replay several times over.

I couldn't get the game to launch. All the fixes just resulted in further errors. It was really disappointing.

Get your rank recognition together, soldier. It's major melons.

Or Shinobido 3.

If you like janky Japanese vidya with PS2-era gameplay like I do, it'll be right up your alley. There 2 biggest pulls are lots of customization options and the sheer amount of styles that are available to you. Most styles are on the katana, each style is tied to a stance, but some of them have 2 or even 3 stances, dual wielding and using guns has to be unlocked and are not available at the start, you can also create your own style once you grind the styles in the game. Creating your own sword is also an important part of the game. The story itself is quite short, but since there's multiple endings you're encouraged to play it through multiple times and there are also side missions.

What's the best WoTS game and why is it Samurai Western

Did you try the gog version?

God fucking damn Akiba's Beat looks so fucking bad. Why?

How long until we get a Way of the Samurai 5? I need more samurai adventures and being a gaijin in feudal japan learning feudal stuff to make my own school.

Or a similar game with a longer life where I can play as a gaijin defeating different dojos before making my own dojo and marry some woman and have children.

Man, I wish Yakuza Isshin was localized. If anything, that would fulfill the need for samurai adventures.

Seriously, there aren't enough fun samurai games.

Neither enouth samurai games where you are a gaijin.

Yes. You can robably get to an ending in about 2 to 3 hours of gameplay, provided you're not a casul and keep dying, however there's 7 different endings to the game plus a couple dumb endings. spoiler After you win the tournament don't go onto the podium

2 is best.

It's a 7th gen console port so what did you expect? Don't be a graphics whore.