PS Database Leak 2.0

So did it happen again Holla Forums?

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I know Sony's security is shit but I don't believe anything until I see an actual database leak

Even naming your burgers can leak the PSN database, where are the PSubhumans now?

what what a ruse


Last console I ever owned was a PS2
Consolecucks just never learn

The main @playstation must have been regained because it looks like all those messages have been purged.

Jesus fucking christ. I'd be impressed if they hacked Donald Trump's twitter though, honestly.

why don't they hack jack?

Why don't they hack Nintendo and spam the feed with hardcore yoshi porn ha ha

You can't "hack" a Twitter account you fuckwit. You can install malware and keygens onto computers, read insecure internet traffic on local networks, guess passwords, use social engineering to obtain passwords.
But you can't hack a Twitter account. You can hack Twitter itself, and obtain accounts that way. But no one does that.

Which basically means some moron at Sony browsed porn on his PC without adblock on and got a driveby.

Yeah, sure. What you said.
Hack it.


By the way they're talking they could be white hats. Although, that could just be a ruse and they really do want money.
look at the l33t h4xx0rs

I bet those blithering retards are crying in their mum's basement that their golden goose is painted gold-colour and isn't gold at all.

the last console I have is a Wii. Good for playing Triforce games as they seem to have trouble being emulated. The last console I ever bought was a used Sega Dreamcast.

Are you retarded, nigger?

Professional White Hats would contact them quietly and inform them of the flaw instead of broadcast it loudly over Twitter. These are just amateurs out for a quick bitcoin profit, I'll bet.

Ourmine seem to be Arabian. I'm kinda surprised they don't spam Child Porn on their hacked accounts. Even though, it could be funny to see Sony get arrested for that.

Even so, they're clearly in this for the attention, and if they have the database, it'll probably be all over Russian websites by the end of tomorrow.

It's probably not even that. Every company I have ever worked for whines on an on about the importance of security but has stupidly easy to guess passwords on all their services. Especially if it's a social media service.

I bet someone simply got a couple of Sony internal mail account names from a list and spammed them into Twitter with random passwords until they got in. Then boast about being great hackers and that they should get paid.
Of course, gullible idiots follow and think that is now fact even though we've yet to see proof.

Given what happened last time, if they do have the database Sony will wait about half a year before actually telling anyone.

Ourmine is known to hijack people's accounts to advertise their services, so this is nothing new in the least.

Honestly I just wish Twitter would hurry up and fucking die already. I'm amazed they've not gone bankrupt yet.

You wouldn't have anything worthwhile to post neither. They're building a reputation at least

ALL of the issues of an old console and all of the issues of a modern PC.

Are you a cuckchan crossposter?
No one can be this retarded
Xbone has no games

Wow, it's fucking nothing.

Now the question becomes, where is Twitter getting it's new batch of money from?
We already know about the Saudi prince pumping Twitter full of cash, but that has been used up about now.

To be more precise, their Twitter. We don't know if they actually got into PSN or not.

I don't know why anyone would be retarded enough to pump money into a sinking ship,

So you believe the only kinds of supremacists can be white, and no one else, yes, completely, sure. You're a simpleminded idiot without any kind of critical thinking, got it.

Oh that's an easy one, the password was N4thanDrak3 forever.
All corporate twitters have really easy obvious passwords.
Only exception I've found is Wendy's Sega, and Sanic's twitter.


Are you guys illiterate? There was no leak, some hax0rz got into the Playstation twitter account as a publicity stunt for their services.

No, I'm not kidding they're all hilariously incompetent when it comes to security on the twitter end.

American businesses are usually incompetent, until somebody brings reason to the table.

Sure user sure

Well that and more than I think it was 60% of twitter accounts are bots/autopost twitter accounts that aren't even operated. So there isn't even that much of a fiscal incentive to really monitor twitter.

I'd just like to see a bit of substance to it, I mean, I believe it, but I'd like to further cement my belief with some evidence.
What the hell is this, more drama?

If you have ever worked anywhere where there is a shared log in of some sort, you will understand that security takes the backseat for not wasting time having people ask what the log in info is.

You're just cementing the idea that you'd only post nonsense even further

I know this is obvious fucking bait, but come on.

Holy shit, did someone leave the corral open, Holla Forums? Go suck schlomo's circumcised cock.

Good argument

The burden of proof is on you, retarded hypocrite.

are you just pretending to be retarded?


So, for whatever fucked up reason I instantly recognized them as elvish runes form lotr, which are acutally based on old anglo saxon runes.

Anyways, the runes in their tweet transcribe to:

That it builds a reputation or that you have nothing worthwhile to say in that position of power in a way that it'd be effective?
The first one is simple logic, the second one I'll admit is a guess, but you haven't really proved otherwise so far

Even if they're being genuine, report and hide. Do not tolerate stupidity.

Try again counter-meme cuck, that was too obvious.

Thanks, Gandalf.

sorry I don't hang out at your TRS pool parties faggot. Pee Pee is a reddit meme. So please keep it on your cancerous gaymangay thread.

So nothing?

They claim they are leaking the database. I'm sure we'll know shortly.

Hasn't this been like the third time? Buying anything on the playstation store has always been frustrating, I remember when I owned a ps3.
If a website doesn't allow me to use paypal I usually don't use it because the idea of putting my card information into hundreds of accounts while shit like this seems to happen all the time is a really bad idea. People who play on console are being constantly fucked over and jewed out of their money.

You know, that reminds me.
Don't PS1 games only render up to 480i on Ps3 I wonder why that is, it's more than capable of handling 720p. It has hardware compatibility for running ps1 games. Even the later PS3s.

So how is Neofag taking this?

I think the comment 'tf does database leak mean?' says it all for them.

Because PS1 games natively render at below 480i on average.

Yeah, but fucking BLEEM! could handle ~480p upscaling on the dreamcast hardware, and there isn't really the software emulation barrier there usually is on other systems (IE: PC, Wii, 3DS, Xbox) It just seems odd that the PS3 doesn't take advantage of the bigger graphical overhead.

You got noone else but yourself to blame

So you're saying…. their Twitter got hacked?
Here, something to overwhelm you beyond refutation, you fucking subhuman. Now legit kill yourself, you parasite defending shitstain.

Don't fucking reply if you don't have anything constructive to say, or have any sources. The retardation is just as bad on your side if you're making shallow insults and enabling these low IQ shitskins to act like they have the high ground. Beat them with facts, and not preconceptions. For fucks sake.

They're retarded, as usual. Freaking the fuck out over their mistakes.


Like the Nintendo Wii/Wii U do to N64 games, right?

A lot of companies approach the problem ass backwards and tell employees
so ultimately they endup with easy shit that they lose fast.
They should indeed have strong, unique passwords, but change only when there's a suspicition of it being compromised

No not like the Wii/Wii U do N64 games you fucking retard.
Virtual Console is software emulation.

iirc, the Virtual console actually does up the rendering resolution of N64 games.

If I am not mistaken, the Fat PS2 is the only Playstation console after the PS1 to do hardware emulation of it. The BC PS3s have the same chip as the 2006 era PS2 Slims in them, and those did Software emulation of the PS1.

Sony's PS1 emulator is also less accurate than Mednafen, much like Nintendo with the VC games.

I'd wager the PS3 is not a scamstation if you're into weeb shit(I am not, mind you.) It is the PREMIER platform for weeb shit.


If they actually did that they'd be looking to get sued out the fucking ass.
They have a company, they'd be needing to do highly illegal shit like tax evasion and fraud in order to cover their tracks.

Doesn't the PSP also have hardware to play PS1 games?

Woo, free shit, here we come.

Similar Architecture =/(ALMOST)/= Insta-Compatibility
You need to analyze every single game for errors and change how some commands function, which is why software/hybrid emulation or 1:1 native support (480i) takes a bigger priority, to ensure the maximum compatibility with ZERO chance of errors, because if there is an error, they're going to need to either pull the game, or hire people to diagnose the game and fix it, and at that point, they might as well port the entire fucking thing. This shit takes funds and effort, and we BOTH know they aren't going to do that. If it works, it works. So the main issue is lazyness, budget wrangling and precaution. You're buying it for nostalgia anyways, you don't need HD. :^)

Your idea sounds fantastic (especially with the PS3 being a unique situation, compared to the limits the gamecube/xbox/etc have, you could play ALL the games in HD, and give the finger to that god awful PS2 emulator), but it will mean having the publishers hire codemonkeys to optimize the game in the off chance that something goes wrong, and they don't want that. So it's a bullshit reason all around, have you checked if there are jailbreak methods to bypass the resolution limit and bump it to 720/1080? You DID mention BLEEM! after all…

He's right you know. Facebook frog fags are cancer.

No, it uses software to emulate, and has a handful of speed based inaccuracies.

is all the text bold now to anyone else?

I don't give enough of a fuck to look into it to be completely honest, especially since my pc is more than capable of PS1 game emulation in 1080p


Well, it's harsh man. Take a look at this video.
It runs a bit differently than the PS1 version, I don't remember it being quite as fast/slow at certain intervals, or some of the audio being as loud and choppy either. 2:29 has a bit of "scratch" to it, the slowdown then speedup at 2:57 and 3:31 caught me off guard as well. It pretty much happens throughout the video.
To my surprise, I scrolled down and saw people in the comments saying the game thing.
If I had a video capture device, I'd definitely make a comparison webm. I'll link a more obvious video next, but this is more trouble than its worth (for companies), I'd fucking love a native spyro in HD.

You should check out some of the JP Audio plugins for PS1 emulators, some are very good at audio managing.


Yeah, they're fine on an emulator. Unfortunately, the PS3 has none of that.
Here is the nastiest example I could find. It seems these games run differently depending on what PS3 you run them in, the last video sounded fine, but it still had issues.

Who the fuck shows up at a thread just to defend kikes? I clicked your ID and I see videogames literally nowhere, nothing but off topic JIDF tier posts. This is pathetic as fuck famalam, if you want, you could always go to reddit, you'd be in much better company there, it's a denial wonderland! That, or take your political shit to both boards of choice. Just fuck off from the thread.

Then don't play it on ps3? I don't see what your issue is.

I fucking hate these cucks for ruining pepe.

Not me. I said he'd have nothing interesting to say that hasn't been said before, not that jews are innocent.
Because this is a videogames thread about the Twitter videogame where they play the hacking videogame where they hack an account to advertise their videogame.
Calm down

Time to leave Holla Forums

I don't have an issue, I just emulate, I was only replying to your post and adding to it, which said something above the lines of "Why don't they allow HD in PS1" games, right here and I followed up with the possible issues and existing issues that are STILL prevalent in 480i mode. So it would he a mess, then the PS4 just had to come and fuck it all up. Kill me.

Actually, there is a still a fuckton to be said.
This board does not represent society
People are still largely bluepilled, I don't get where you coming from. Yeah, in your experience it's not interesting, but you don't represent millions of other people who have yet to learn the information. Why you'd put politics or truthbombs in some shitty games companies twitter account is beyond me though. Your shitposting still isn't justified though.
There you go, this is videogames, what you keep posting about is NOT videogames. Then you keep dragging it on.
Only the account got hacked, there is no "Hacking videogame" or "Twitter Videogame" being discussed here.
I'm chill as fuck nigga, I'm just telling you to go to places where shitflinging for your cause is more accepted.
Don't take it personally.

That's also my point. Even if you did, it wouldn't be effective because the original owner would take the account back and people would take the hacked posts as trolls and it'd even backfire as antisemitism.
I wasn't the one who suggested doing that, was.
I don't need your blessings, dad.
Read the OP again
I was making fun of you for implying the thread had anything to do with videogames.
If you were fine with me you wouldn't tell me to go away.

Well, you got one part right. It's just a pozzed PC

Good, we found common ground, one response is enough. I'm not saying the guy you responded to is innocent either, but shitflinging only damages the board quality and makes other people see it as ok. If you see a post, or an OP as NOT abiding to the rules, then report and hide, it's THAT simple.
Someone has daddy issues, I can feel it strongly from your garbage way of being passive agressive. You are certainly suffering from low testosterone or something similar.
I did, this is secondary, it still involves vidya, which is why R.O.B threads are allowed, even if people don't like them.
Once again, really shoddy passive aggression, you've got deeply seated issues within you. You sound like you can take a good cock or two, I mean, you've been conditioned to it, but you now like it.
You can be calm and tell someone to leave, is your brain so tiny that you can only process limited emotions? You are now implying what what my mood is, and cannot see a way to separate the way I feel about (You), from the way I feel in a general sense. I don't like you, which doesn't mean I'm upset, it just means I don't like you. Even if I had a short temper, it wouldn't really earn you any victories.
I'm gonna say you lack human interaction or abstraction, why is why you have such a hard time grasping this. Go out, find some friends, get a partner, fuck their brains out, or become that trap you've always wanted to be.

Don't let your dreams be dreams.


its just the evolution of all good memetics. Pepe was born to become cancer.

Nice tripps but the Trump supporting 12 deaths potato head Jew of Ice Cream cake land is a slave to Queen Venti and what Venti say's goes. Venti say's Pee Pee the frog is Cancer!

Don't care about board quality.
I have a good relationship with my dad.
No it doesn't. It's more fit for Holla Forums, there's absolutely nothing videogame related.
It was more like aggression aggression. I was also gonna call you a retard for not getting the joke but I feel low energy.
Not on this context with all the name calling and the implications. Generally, you can tell the level of butthurt by counting all the unrelated things that were brought up (ie someone calls you a leftypol furfag jew who should go back to reddit for arguing why X game is good), otherwise arguing his point is enough.

Like bringing up Jews for no reason when someone says "redpill" like you did?

Redpill and Jews are very related.

They're a security group, not a political platform, you fucking dope.

Are you retarded?

fuck off retard, entryism is not welcomed. Lurk for Two years.


The hacky shit-tier emulator that couldn't even accurately emulate the handful of popular games it was specifically built around?

The PS3 could MAYBE emulate PSX games through accurate software rendering if an emulator was built from the ground up to take advantage of meme processing, but ain't nobody got time for that shit on a dead system.

Lurk more

It shows.
Yeah, I bet you do.
It looks like SONY isn't videogames because you say so! That's why this thread is still here, because this is the "Not Videogames" board, you fucking tard.
Did I hurt your feefees with meanie words, FAGGOT?
Which I've not been doing, except for the reddit part, because you just can't help but keep using your disgusting little fingers to type "Totally Reasonable™ Retorts" that only someone from that hellhole of a website would use, I understand if you're a newfag and don't know how things work around here, but please, for your sake, lurk more.

It also seems you're forcing the bantz to look like anger for your own benefit. It doesn't look good on you bub. By your logic, everyone who curses is sad, angry and bitter, which is why I keep seeing you as fresh out of reddit, they try to warp things to their own vision, nasty little fuckgoblins.
Why not grow out of your shell, you know, as I said before, TALK to people? I'm now more than confident you're socially autistic.

Wasn't the term "Redpill" invented by KIKES in the first place, who are the writers of the Matrix again?

The tweets are claiming to have the PSN Database. Pay attention.

are you fucking retarded? The red pill is about being a truth seeker. Holocaust revisionism is just one subset of that adventure.

I'm not sure if they where jews with any certainly. However, the writers of the Matrix are without a doubt fucked in the head.

It's a clear cut case of bullshit

It is, but do you expect retards who know very little about the opposing side to actually sit down and do some god damn research? Fuck no. They'll make a shallow guess, generalize what the ideals are and call it a day.
These mongoloids are as dumb as they come.
Where they crawl out from? Beats me.

The have the "-ski" ending, which has been heavily used by Jews who've appropriated Russian names, similar to "-berg" in german and "-ez" in Spanish.
Not only that, but their facial features look questionable, even when men. So I'll say most likely they're crypto kikes, or just really ugly europeans. I need more research.

You should be asking yourself that question mate. Twitter is the last place any russian hacker would be looking for user data

I do, 20 cents an hour Freud rip off.
It isn't. it's a technology company that does a lot of other things other than videogames, did a lot of other things other than videogames in the past, and we're specifically talking about their twitter account being hacked.
Hacking has nothing to do with videogames, OurMine has nothing to do with videogames, a tech company in general has nothing to do with videogames unless you talk about the videogames division, twitter has nothing to do with videogames, and this thread has certainly got nothing to do with videogames.
Stupidity. I never doubted that.
Nice change of subject.

If you know so much about it then stay there yourself.
My point was specifically about people who brings up other websites, political affiliations, etc. I have never and never will shit on someone for using insults like faggot, cuck or retard when it fits.
Again, you keep showing you know a truckload about it.
And re-purposed by pol to mean revealing the truth, which involved jews among other things, but keep acting as if you don't know this.

Of course. I didn't mean that Jews were the only thing it meant.

Redpill was from that fucking terminator movie on mars

Yes, and this is THE PLAYSTATION account. How fucking dense are you?
Read above, their PLAYSTATION account got hacked and they mentioned they had info on their PLAYSTATION DATABASE.
Video related is made for people like you.
You tried to prove it in the next post and you failed, we are still in phase 1, playstation, with a little extra retorts sprinkled onto them.
I wasn't prioritizing those over what I've first told you, have I? You have no point here. This is the equivalent of saying your fries aren't food because they don't look like your burger. You're such a drooling fucking retard it pains me to read your posts.

The reason I'm here is because I fucking loathe idiots like you.
So you tell people "If the shoe fits, DON'T WEAR IT", because that's how you sound. You're judged from the day you're born until the day you die.
Well, good for you! Aren't you a mature little booger?
"Don't know your enemy! You'll be JUST LIKE THEM!"
This is why you're failing, you can entertain ideals, but not accept them.
There's nothing wrong with knowing things about the people who are against you. You could use a little of that knowledge instead of having a "Hear no evil, see no evil" episode every single time you have that label slapped on you.

I do know this, but Redpill doesn't automatically mean Jews. For example "Being Redpilled on Hillary" doesn't mean she's a Jew, it means SHE IS CORRUPT. Of course, you keep misinterpreting everything I tell you, because of plain idiocy. Hell, maybe you're time of your life "pretending" to be retarded. Woopee!! How fun.

Oh no. NOW I know for a fact you're a fucking shitposting ID hopper. Why do I let myself be caught into these things.

Its just ourmine. They 'hacked' an external youtube tool and changed a bunch of youtube video titles and descriptions. Im pretty sure it wasnt even a hack but just spoofing packets to change shit. Ourmine is small time and i'll wait to see if they actually did anything of note.

Xbox can't get viruses and Microsoft lets you download graphics cards for free

it's the second time that happened. it's just that normalfags adopting him was a lot less cringey than this chanology style nonsense.

That's actually why I stopped replying. I saw it reset to (1) and thought it was shady. I know there are routers with a dynamic IP address, but after the (2), his posts reverted back to the old post count. It looks like it happened yet again with the post you replied to. So, a VPN.
You need to see post
as well.

So I recommend you stop taking the bait like I did.

Yeah thanks
I reported and filtered. No more (You)'s for his stupid ass. Some people just REALLY need to win internet arguments it seems, they have nothing better to do with their lives.

You don't have to be so scared about it, it's just an argument.

Final (You). Just because it makes you feel good inside, and I pity you.
This is why imageboards are the perfect place to argue, even if you didn't get it right this time, it hones your debating skills and helps you in the future (I hope). Lay off the plea to emotion though, it gets both sides nowhere and it's a cheap tactic that makes you look like a 12 year old on xbox live.

>>>Holla Forums
In that order.

You don't have to argue with me. I'm just saying you're acting as if it's a bigger deal than it really is and being roundabout about it.
Kinda difficult to back off on that when you were hypocritical about being passive aggressive and admitted you hate me.
I ain't getting validated by anyone here, all the replies are retorts.
I had something to say to every point you made.
Good one on proving your hypocrisy on the passive aggressive thing for the 2nd time.
If they were they wouldn't have deleted my post which just replied to what you said.
You mean pointing out you're upset when you admitted you were, admitted you hated me and admitted you reported me?
I hit the nail on the head on that one.

I still believe to this day that the various religious undertones of the Matrix had red pills that stepped on the toes of one too many kikes, and put these two on a shitlist. If you read about the history of how these brothers got to this point you'll see just how fucked up things got.

Do you have the source, or is it easily findable by looking up "Wachowsky Transgender Story"

How about sticking to the topic at hand for once?

The very videogame related topic of a twitter hack?

I remember reading it in wikipedia, because I had no idea. However since that time it had been heavily edited to (((current year))) standards. Let me see if I can recap.

One brother(pink hair) happens to meet a dominatrix at a party who enraptured him and sends him down an ironic rabbit hole of degeneracy. I believe he ends up marrying and divorcing her after he finds out she has also been messing around with his brother and becomes a tranny in his now broken state of mind. His brother goes through the same treatment by the dom and ends up a tranny himself.

I probably got a few things wrong in my summary. After reading the article after what I wrote I can see that Larry Wachowski was fucked up long before meeting the dom, but she only made him worse.

The Rolling Stone article by Peter Wilkinson has been deleted. Here is the archive:

You are asking for a lot, user. I'll sage, though.

Holy shit, thank you! I'm gonna get spooked tonight.

Blame the other dumb motherfucker. It stopped now though, I hope.

nothing really came out first time it happen don't expect much to happen after the second time.
if anything its more HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT ME stunt

You're gonna get fuckin spooked user. Go search Buck Angel and Karin Ingrid Winslow I just did.

So where's the leaked data? It's not illegal to use other people's credit cards in my country and I want to buyfag some steam games

What positives? DRM? Always online spyware. Eventully going to have to open your mountain dew verification can? Or jump up and say mcdonalds to get passed the new DRM microfuck imposes with the next xbone iteration? Less mods and access to games then a linux pc. Sure you get the latest triple AAA shovelware exclusives microfuck pays off developers for. Must be awesome.

So much for not being mad, wuss boy.


Holy Jesus Brittany, what happened to you? You got…older and fatter…

I have a modded PS3 and love every second of it.

I hope they sue the shit out of them.

They're a bunch of skids that managed to phish a social media account from whatever minimum wage high school grad was maintaining it.


Nice b8, m8


So what, all those horrible movies? Jewish patents? What's even in there?

He actually bit.

Well just like everyone they have that digital storefront now. I stopped caring when they started trying to resell me original Playstation games during the PS3/PSP run. The eternal nip strikes again.

And people say chinks/gooks are the asian jew.

If you've been paying attention to Nintendo the last decade and running now it should be obvious. Sony is just more prone to hemorrhaging spaghetti in the process. They all learned terrible practices.

Japanese hate sony though. They're alive solely because American retards keep buying pisstation 4 along with that sweet PSN sub.

Of course the nature of it is absolute mercantilism and is nothing new but how brazen and heavy handed it has become is scaring the straights. It is a form of blindness, tunnel vision. Start to ask your children where they learned these bad habits from.

If they hate Sony then why do they kee' buying their shit?

This has to be bait

You are eternally implicit and I can't wait for the whole fucking ring of fire to take out everyone.

How is he or I implicit? We literally dindu muffin.

See this example here. Their brazen behavior betrays them.


This isn't even good bait.

And yet "people" fell for it.

this the new 8ch, just like cuckchan. bunch of newfags and underage trying to fit in by telling other people to leave or being edgelords and cruising around Holla Forums and then helping them spam

So, like some anons have said I haven't bought or contributed to console shit let alone PC shit for a long time. I think the last console I had was the slim ps1. I use a PC now with emulators when need be. The question I have for anons. When I am fucking
Why is it that the Ps4 seems like the best option out of the shitpile?

And in a shocking turn of events, user revealed himself to be the newfag

Barely anyone is buying their shit in Japan compared to USA, sony lives thanks to ps4 sales and America is where ps4 sales are most successful. The only recent successful sony console in Japan was vita and they killed it because Americans prefer shitstation 4 anyway. America is sony's main market now, after constant shilling on Japanese imageboards which makes sony absolutely pathetic, they finally gave up and turned their hands on America. If you want to blame Japanese for something, blame them for supporting nintendo, although censorship and localization problems are related to US.
In Japan people would rather buy samsung shit and gooks are the most hateful enemies of Japan. I mean you surely can notice that Japanese devs don't make their games ps4 exclusives outside of some exceptions. In worst possible cases they make their games for ps3, vita and ps4 while for Americans with Europeans they always make their releases for ps4 only. It surely says something about how successful sony products are when devs are afraid to make their games for ps4 only.

Are you retarded? What exactly are you implying, that I defend sony or what? I'm as obvious as I can be, I wish sony the most painful death for almost decade, the last time I supported them was during ps2 era. The same faith exactly I wish for micro$oft and nintendo whom I also do not support and never will. Unfortunately though sony can't finally die because Americans keep them on life support.

Spoken like a true coward, instead of doing something himself he's waiting for others to do his job. Kill yourself, parasite. The state of your entire country and the rest of the world is on your own conscience and I have nothing to do this since I'm not American.

PS3's an alright system. The 360 is overall better, though. Wouldn't mind having a slim 360, either.

Cause the xbone is a fucking joke and the only reason to get a switch is muh exclusives, the hardware is fucking atrocious. PS4 only won by shooting itself in the foot with the smallest caliber of the bunch. And they all suck against PC except for once again muh exclusives.

The retard who hacked the twitter could have at least faked proof that he hacked the PSN database too. It's fucking nothing.

Kekistan is project chanology with a new name.

Actually, I'm the one who reported you because you kept derailing.


All I did was reply to one person.


Can't wait to finally play Talladega Nights

Absolute fucking cancer
Thank god the install times made me fuckoff for good after 8 years of idort.

because they are self hating nips