Nier 1

Was this game actually good? Recently I pirated Automata and was kinda curious about the previous episode. But the few people liking this seem to be all autists.

The game can't be bought digitally and it's starting to get expensive: Squeenix is, or was selling a reprint for 30 bucks. Can't throw away that kind of money for a shit game.

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No dont touch it nigger go have fun with automata.

Don't waste your money


You have terrible tastes in art if this is the best 2b you have

It's pretty average I think these two >>13262709 are just being facetious. I don't think it's worth going through the trouble to buying it and the consoles they run on though. Your generic hit x to win and don't even dodge. Takes a few playthroughs to get any disposition.

Yes but the combats nowhere nier as good.

but the story is far better.

Excellent OST, very good and comfy game.

NieR's a very unpolished and rough game, and it shows because before Yoko Taro started working with bigger publishers and game studios like Platinum Games, he had a small budget to work with. The game has a very repetitive and linear game flow, and the story is sluggish, but it does have a way of flipping your expectations. The characters are all endearing in their own way, and everyone can find their own favorite character.
NieR only really picks up in NG+ and onwards, and sets up a lot of what happens in NieR:Automata and helps you understand the world and why the story unfolds as it does.
Be prepared for a lot of fishing.

you bastard

Call the cops, i've already won.

the gameplay is nonexistent, especially once you get one OP weapon
it's really about the world and its inhabitants that you get to know by doing side quests

if the main story is all you want, watch the cutscenes on youtube or something
the second playthrough is when the game really picks up pace, because you start to understand just how much you fuck up


Everything but the gameplay is fantastic. Everything got slightly worse in Automata but the gameplay actually became enjoyable. These are two great games that you shouldn't rob yourself of playing. And while you don't need to play NieR for Automata, it's best that you do. Acquiring the game is a lot harder with Automata out, so I wish you luck. Even when I got mine in 2015, it was not cheap. If you do play NieR, for the love of God, do not touch the fishing or waste your life farming.


Oh shit, didn't know it got a reprint, very nice.
Scalper tears best tears.

If you're that poor you should be spending your money on food instead of games in the first place, retard.

It's alright OP. Gameplay's not too good, but everything else is fantastic, I would say 30 shekels is an acceptable price.

Going to pirate Automata (fuck Denuvo), but I heard that there's a passive multiplayer thing or some shit, it's nothing of import, right?

It's kind of like the bloodstain system from dark souls but you can either resurrect the stain as a temporary AI partner or consume it for some money and a temporary stat boost. It's completely superfluous. There's also a minor online element to one of the end game segments which may or may not be an issue.

only the true end.

Nier was amazing nigger. combat was lacking they say, but i loved it, the ambient and music make up for it, and the story, well, its yoko taro, you're going to be sad.

Doesn't matter whether you're poor or jew, money is not to be wasted ever.

If you have the console for it and everything see if you can pick it up somewhere for $20.

I play a shit ton of RPGs so it might of just been better for me then most however if you enjoyed Automata's Story then I wholly recommend the first NIER. The game's combat isnt amazing but it and the Basic RPG mechanics like leveling and upgrading are enough to keep you busy through the game to keep experiencing everything like the game's God Tier OST.

I say play it for the story but don't go in with high expectations for gameplay. Most of the game isnt bad and I never had a dull moment with it (fishing did get to be a bit much) but I thought the story to be better and WAY more engaging then Automata's mainly because the characters arent Robots who for most the game death is just a temporary setback.

TLDR: Game is Great, Subpar Gameplay, lifechanging story and OST

It's trash.

It's less refined but has more hard hitting feels than subtle ones

Yeah, it's automata if automata had no ambition outside of being actually fun.