ITT: Game mechanics that break immersion so hard that you can never re-immerse...

ITT: Game mechanics that break immersion so hard that you can never re-immerse, because they are too fucking stupid for a rational brain to accept

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Shops in adventure games break immersion for you?


It's Lorule's version of Link, you fucking basketball..




No, user, it really is Link.

Breath of the Wild did this too but slightly different. 4 dungeons and, would could be 4 dungeons, are scattered across the map as shrines with puzzles so easy it's insulting. And they can't have that much variety because you don't get any new tools outside of the few you start with. To not make people frustrated that they can't do certain shrines without a certain tool, they made all shrines accessible.

I would rather have the old system of 8 or so dungeons with new tools to explore and fight enemies with. At the start, certain enemies give you trouble and you have to always take the long route to get to anything. By end game barely anything on the world map can touch you and nothing blocks your path. It was a much better sense of progression than what they do now which is essentially throwing a bunch of passives onto you that don't really change the way you play.

Why didn't you just save up enough to buy them outright the first time? I never rented a single thing. Not like you really had to grind for cash, and there was fucking nothing else to spend it on.

You don't get to own items until you open up Lorule.

Yes, as long as they don't make the boss fight "apply tool to boss, wail on them". This is done well by LttP, but not TP for example.

He literally takes off the mask in the end, did you even beat it?


Link Between World is a fucking terrible game either way, the item shit is the last thing you've got to worry about.

I would've rather they released the remake to ALTTP they were clearly making for most of the development of this game rather than changing two things and trying to sell it as a completely different titles that uses 1:1 replicas of all the old locations with minimum changes and a shitty gimmick.

I guess the shopkeeper in Dork Soles 1 and 2 that sells the boss armors he shouldn't fucking be able to obtain in the first place
Also weak NPC's making it to dangerous areas in general on Soles games

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I genuinely, actually beat the game at release and DO NOT remember the reveal that Rovio was Dark Link all along. By the time I beat it I was absolutely fed up with the game, so I guess it just didn't stick out in my mind because I was mentally checked out at that point. Kek

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Does someone have a screencap of the thread? What got deleted?

jrpg dialog

Making a potion to increase intelligence in Morrowind always broke immersion for me, simply because the brain would have a limit on how intelligent it could be. Even if enhanced magically, the brain can only process so much at once. There are a few other things but that was the big one. Still a great game.

Don't ask or you'll be banned


When the protagonist as controlled by the player is able to kick the shit out of anyone, yet in cutscenes they're a spineless faggot who lets everyone push them around.

You have to go back

I saved the whole thing just for you user

fuck it, i have a backlog to finish anyway

When antagonists stop and face the mc to talk, while both have guns, and then when they finish they just shoot each other and dodge the bullets until they get to cover. Fucking hell this is not how physics works, you can't do this shit in the game, why make such cheesy and retarded scenes when you can't ever do something similar? Just plain retarded

You make so many rupees, that its piss easy to rent then actually buy everything.

You wanna bet on that?

How would you even know that?



Arbitrary group limits in multiplayer games will always wango my tangos.

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