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August Event Schedule
7/31-8/8 - Poacher's Day
8/9-8/15 - Five Flowers of Fate (Rerun)
8/16-8/23 - Unite and Fight (Water)
8/24-8/30 - Xeno Sagittarius Clash
8/31-9/?? - New Scenario Event

1.Infinity - 692908
2.Kihou - 740471
3.Sky Lords - 733000
4.Raven Nest - 1024216

Pastebin with guides and info:

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You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.

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Post your earth team


Sara is the MVP on the team.

You didn't spend money on this, right?


protect the little girl team



I've got it on the burn, user. I'll have her not soon.


Can't wait to start getting Sarasa's EMPs and see her crit on counters.
On an unrelated note, I feel slightly better about Xeno Sagi now.


if you are trying to ignite salsa okto wars cuckchan is over there also fuck you


Sara doing the hard work

You'll never guess her name is Yaia.

There's no discussion here. Is there even a single person who would prefer a big bulky guy over a comfy cake cow?

Fags maybe.


oh you are simply retarded it all makes sense now



Scam gacha not so scam for once. Was originally going for S. Bea or Diantha, but this is good too.

Actually already had Agni, but this lets me uncap him without needing to buy another sunlight stone.

I'll probably swap Ferry for S. Heles in short fights, but would it be worth it for longer ones too? My team likes to ougi already.

My only concern is the cooldowns on S. Heles skills are really fucking long.

You can just ignore Ferry's 3rd if you just want to spam ougi. Her 2nd is still really potent.

are you me?


I don't know, am I?

Yakuza was generous today.


What's a good time to put the bets I need to know to at least try get closer to spark time.

grats user, only 1818 here but I really don't have many betting cards left, still pushes my spark funds forward

De La Fille has been shit for Casino Chips lately.

The guy who said to bet on WNE last thread is my hero.

damn you, I want to win more for fucks sake, only 75 rolls away from spark

Answer me please, even with the yakuza stuff whats a good time to put your bets?

I have west timezone -5 so the hour of New York is my time as well?

Alright, if I'm not mistaken, the closing time in GMT -5 is 4 A.M., so I'd say 10-15 minutes before that. Keep in mind though, WEN was winning at that point.

The only proper time to place your best would be in the last 10 minutes, since payouts are only finalized when bets are closed.
Bets close at 6PM JST (18:00 JST), so would have to take a timezone converter to see when that is for you.

That just makes me think of Scathacha.

How many tickets you have?

Left? 20
I bet 6 of the 30 I had on the winning horse.

I would have to wake up at 3:45 AM to check… I can do that with an alarm

Damn, shoulda bet all mine when someone mentioned it.



Hallessena is the only one doing any real damage. The other two are just there to support her.

speaking of betting this might help
This is a reddit spreadsheet for calculating points(this one is only for this month, there's a 2nd one that was used over several GW's but I'll post it next month), you can try to use it when betting but their preditions were still off on both days, I only won crystals because when they said WEN will win, I bet both it and WNE

I won WES the first day because of luck, 568 crystals


I'm still fooling around with party placement.

Can someone who has Ayer and Hallessena answer a question? I love Ayer for his sustained damage output, but he is fragile as fuck to get that way. Does Hallessena have better survivability than him?

They compliment each other, Hale gimmick is not getting hit to get power while Ayer has a good boost on hostility and counters, Ayer takes the attention away from Hale and hit harder while Hale hit harder because she wasn't touched.

That's a nice synergy. Throw Cags in the middle for them buffs and healing. What class compliments that line up?

The luchador class or the Holy saber one, they have ways to mitigate damage or boost hostility

Sword wizard 5* never ever. ;_;

Didn't his VA die?

That's precisely why.

Gotta generate all the koko with the counters.

There's always hope when it's not a Japanese company.

yes. Cygames will never replace his voice actor out of respect, so he will never get more crossfates or fate episodes. On the plus side this means if they want to fix his kit they will do it through balance patches which don't cost resources or need grind

Place your bets now and tell me where to place mine

wait a little, user, things like that cannot be taken lightly

it's 8 hours until the bets close. The payout changes even if you place a bet now. There's no reason to bet this early

>mfw they used it as a chance to ruse the player
>mfw the new VA can do the creep voice almost perfectly

I was pleasantly surprised when Igor's deep voice turned out to be a ruse. I thought they just had a gross disrespect for continuity.


Thanks OP

Yes, good user. Spend all your shekels on the scam gacha. I promise you will have this luck every time and never get a moon.

tomorrow is Spear, bow and Axes…

I hope I get Hale or Nemune, that if the Yakuza don't screw me over with the bets

Siero, you are my greatest ally :DDDDD

I spent sixty dollarydoos on you potato jew and all I got was my fourth Eusless and a second Macula summon.

I just want a loli army. Vampy is supposed to be elevated draw but no. Still 45k crystal from pulling what I want.

What's a good element to reforge the GW sword into?

When will themed Medusa be a thing. I need her in my crew.

The old way of doing GW weapons was to make them match the element of a corresponding magna weapon so you could run a cosmo with that. However since it's the rainbow meta now, you're probably best off making it fill the slot of a mainhand class weapon that you need.
Fire has Michael's sword and ecke sachs, so it's good. Water has RQ sword that you can farm if needed. Earth has magna swords. Light has chev swords. Dark has Qilin sword, although it has both magna axe and spear which fit 2 of the 3 tier 4 classes that use sword.
Best bet is to make it wind as there aren't many wind swords available (and not many wind axes either giving wind warrior not many options for weapons.

Alternatively you can just make it in whatever element you have spare orbs and scrolls in to later fodder for gw 5*

Thanks for the info.

In the guild my guild is opposing this round, there's an English speaking player with Medusa in his party.

Tell him to explode in reverse.

But implosion doesn't take his guild with him.

So… tell him that getting Medusa has made him whole?

An hour left for this round's bet. SEN might win.

Truly best cat.

So, got Threo this GW and got to decide what to do with the next one.
I have a 1* Dagger and I can easily get 6 more, then elementalize the 2. Fire could use it since I'm lacking Debuffs and I'd like to run CR/Warlock. Dark needs it for the normal modifier and to run Warlock MC.
Water could use it, but that RQ Harp doesn't look too bad, it's only a 3% Difference in Attack from the Big EX Boost.
Another option would be to try and get 8 Harps, then make them Light and probably Water, thus skipping on the RQ one.
Another option would be to just say "fuck it" and get guns to start working on Tien instead

Also when the fuck is the next event with a dark EX? The last one has been Eye of the storm on January 31 - February 8 and apparently:
Does KMR hate Dark this much?

Just get Tien. I have a feeling we'll see the Stan event re-run soon, which will get you a light harp. You don't really need all those daggers imo.

You need to get on a Qilin Train to get your Dark/Light EX weapon.
Stop giving your primarch weapons skill levels until you SL10 the Magna weapons, you can maybe give it 1 or 2, but not anymore until the grid every grid is SL10.
If your considering 5*ing a GW character, I would start planning it out, since you used up 2 of your 6 gold bars from the shop, you'll need 3 in total (2 if you are insane) to get and uncap an eternal.

My PC imploded, and i am new in this shit. How do i crew?

You need to reach a certain rank and then wait for one of us to scout you.

Fair enough, but this prize on pin-board… Should i make crew just for myself?

Go to your profile, find your ID, then post it here, one of the crews will scout you.

As soon as my phone stop fucking with me.

welcome to hell next 2 days would kill a normal man but you are better than that right?

Soloed NM100 without any problems. It took 25 minutes though, never going to solo this again.

This is wrong. Just post your ID, the 4th crew will probably pick you up.

Posted by request of a crewmate.

keep grinding you autist

More requests.


Seruel's 5*

4* Setekh

Judging by the numbers I'm seeing on japanese sites he still looks pretty bad unfortunately.

Set on the other hand looks like the best wind summon now, glad I never reduced bonito if his improvements are like this.

don't do it man…it's just a red herring

it's only 130% with 3 enemies, which very few earth bosses have. It's just 95% against one enemy

Depends how good they make the active, I wouldn't sunlight stone him but wouldn't say no if I rolled extras.

Anat was still the best wind summon until now due to the unreliability of the other choices, 95% is still a nice improvement.

I hope they continue with this "First time summon" -mechanic for the other Bonitos. Tezcat would be absolutely amazing with it.


I was told there would be Summer Medusa.

Maximum of 9 days before all our hopes and dreams are crushed. There's still halloween at least

Even more than Garula?

Alright I'm just going to come out straight forward with 100% no bullshit

I need help I got that crstal draw addiction and wasted all my crystals outside of legfest, everytime I get a premium draw ticket or 300 crystals I end up spending it as I have lost all control

pls help

Find a waifu.


Make another account for drawing.

How do you do it?
How can you hold off from having shitty character grids for months at a time just so you can guarantee getting one specific character of your choosing???

How can I a person with no self control at this very moment be more like you?

But there's just so many in this game I can't be satisfied with just a (singular) waifu

I just completed my first grid and I ain't going back to having nothing just so I can redraw

I can't go back

More than one waifu will ruin your laifu.

I meant having it on the side, dumdum.

He is saying make another account just to draw with whenever you have the urge to draw something. I did this when I got the free 3k crystals earlier this week, as I logged to my old reroll account to do 10-rolls for fun (I got summer idols with one of them). It also gives you perspective on how terrible 3% actually is.

I give thanks to my selfcontrol, I have 16k I will try my best at getting the 90k to spark yuisis if I don't get her via gatchas.

I've been holding off on drawing for at least 5 months now waiting for her to come back. If we want to go even further I haven't used my crystals since November of last year.
The occasional free draws we get help make me get the urge to draw out of my system. It also helps to have a few characters to anchor yourself to begin with.
Start small and start holding your onto your crystals and tickets for 2 weeks and just let it build up from there. Just don't go overboard and start unnecessarily hoarding things like I'm doing right now.

It's fairly easy, really.

How do you get those famitsu and jd club ones, is there a way or they are japan only.

IIRC the JDA ones you get form a code input, every account can get 2. It's on the rerolling guide on the wiki.

Iirc the famitsu ticket was handed out a year ago as a reward the game received. I never used it and I'll probably just hold onto it since I expect it to just be Rs and an SR.

We even have the same target

someone is getting cucked

some of those tickets have fixed pools and don't give spark though

I know. But anything I get from them right now will just depress me so I'll use them when I'm most happy. It's a stupid way of thinking and I'll fix it when the time comes.

They both are; I didn't even really care about getting her and she still came running to my alt account.

Apollonia can stay in the rape doujins but Orchis is coming with me, she's lovely, also I really want to go full retard with Lucha+Orchis+Six and a Ultima fist

I got her too, I use her to soak up all the abuse on my dark team.She is pretty cute.

where's your mvp user

Only have Beatrix to rely on with my main and neither account has any luck in dark character drawing.

Ah, so this is what hell is like. Next year will hopefully be S Zoi.

You just have to accept the futility of drawing outside legfest, then saving up for cute girls gets easier.

playable Alliah when
I want to pet those cute ears

Dark has been pretty kind to me. I have S.zoi and D.Jeanne too

Erunes really are nothing more than meat-toilets for breeding.

Draphs are livestock, erunes are meat toilets, and potatos are onaholes.

My crew is filled with autistic weebs that talks about the dumbest things ever.

I seriously love it.

You know what Seruel's 5* upgrade is SO fucking bad I don't think it's even going to move his rank in any tier list, that's how weak they made it, what in the world were they thinking


I have Seruel sitting at level 1 and when they announced he was getting a 5* I didn't even bother putting him in the back lines.

Is it legfest yet?

no. Check back in a week

Will do


I don't think I've ever seen Colo Omega die that fast in my life. S Diantha is fucking great.

painfully true for underdeveloped grid and that exact team

yay, gw art. It's even more true when running nightmares with the guild. Either you shield too early, or 10% of the bosses hp drops off in the span of you hitting attack and you face tank it.

some artwork I found and wanted to post


you made me spit my drink you bastard lol


Wonder if Xeno Corow and Diablo will have counter skills to Ferry and Zoi. Vohu sort of had a counter to Korwa by simply putting your team to sleep wasting buff turns, so Corow might have additional plain damage and Diablo has skill lock and CA lock.

maybe diablo will have para resist for once so you can abuse song crit on ougi also dark is already nerfed enough now stop

Going to host 3 Bahamuts because need horns badly, open to those interested.
First one: 429B0B46

Thanks to the guy who showed up, got the two horns in one try.

Going to be hosting a GO at around 5:30 JST.

GO up. Get in here.

I just wanted to use halle, was that too much to ask?

there's the tentacle porn that I expected from this gw

I wonder if Octo was made of slime.

user's gonna sleep like a baby tonight?

Replace Halle in that pic with Mahira and you have my experience. With Galadar watching, of course. Hostility Up my ass

Who top 20k here?


Fell just short of 40k sadly.


i dont get it

He was ruined for marriage by just the wind their movements blasted into him.

Oh, I see. The illustration does a really shit job at it. It looks like they both punched his legs from opposite sides.


How's it doing a shit job? It even says it in the picture.

The additional valors is nice.

What do?

Haven't heard of that artist in a while. Looks like he got sucked in the Gatchablue Funtasy trap too.

If you have to explain something in text because your drawing isn't able to convey it, doesn't that mean it's a shit drawing?


Hold hands?

Put her on my water team so she can bully the fire Draph.

It's a cheap comic that's just made to give a free bit of entertainment.
You don't even need the text to know as long as you're capable of putting two and two together.


needs more Esser porn

I can't enjoy it anyway because her story is retarded. Actual spoilers:
If she doesn't use her ice powers to freeze some shit, her powers turn on her and start to freeze her instead. They use this as a point of drama about how she's controlling her power for the sake of the crew, but there's literally no reason why she can't just freeze a giant ice cube off the side of the ship and drop it into the abyss every now and then.


You're right that it is needless tension, but she's just a proper lady who doesn't want to worry the others about it

Just slowly let it out and make snow

Fenrir a cute!

Anyone ever tallied up all the crewmates that are cursed in Granblue; all I can think of is Gawain and Lennah.

Anyone knows why Cardcaptor pics always involve Cagliostro?

Cagliostro and Sakura share the same VA

Sounds like an idea for a ero doujin.

Pic related. Though the real curse this poor fucker had is not the magical leakage thing, but by having a master whose seiyuu is the original Forever 17 Goddess going full ham.

Also CCS collab this October.

That reminds me. Aliza's side story goes up today

More or less cursed.

I wonder if there are more chefs or wanna-be chefs, than cursed. I think half of my R and SR characters are just on the Cypher to cook food.

Most of them are uncapped but level one.

There's also the Harvin that always cries from one eye. I wouldn't say Rosamia and Sarunan are cursed, though. They chose their respective downsides, and they can stop paying the price whenever they want.

Sutera is pretty good with her Dodge + Substitute and DA up. I'd say trade Rackam for Abby since she hits like a ton of bricks. 5* Teena if you can.

Aliza will be coming this afternoon, so you can add her to your team

Frontline: Sutera (buffs allies pl;us echo), Abby/Aliza (selfish attacker with counter), Teena (healer)
Backline: Carren (buffs allies) and Abby/Aliza (whichever you didn't put on front)

Rackam isn't that great and there's a wider power gap between Rs and SRs then there is between SRs and SSRs

Holy shit!

Had a lot of hype for it since its announcement.

How'd I forget about Granblue not shit Lucina.

No doubt in my mind.

I don't think Vermeil counts as cursed so much as suffering something so sad it overlapped into another lifetime.


It's the only explanation for all the things that happen to her, right?

Oh yeah, forgot about Ejaeli although eternal youth sounds like a pretty good tradeoff for her curse.

She was asking for it.

She's got that Parker luck.

The Fujo times has started… And we are powerless to stop it.



A fujo yen is still a yen to them.

Also means more fujos in the player base to scream against censorship should it happen to any of their fujobait.

The knights could stand in a row and poke each other in the ass like that one Jojo scene and there would be zero censorship.

When has fujoshit even been censored?

Also, I'd be willing to bet that it's fujos who fill up half the censorship-apologist bingo card squares every time. They're happy when the girls get covered up.

Knew a fujo that absolutely hated how the 3DS Fire Emblem translations butchered the characters since she knew moonrunes.

Is also an artist and says if there's a precedent set for female characters, what's to stop it from happening to male characters.

This Xeno event is the one I'm most definitely confident in. Hoping for flips since the drop rate for the special items is probably going to be complete shit.

Tell her the only reason female characters get censored is feminists. Tell her feminists actually encourage people to depict men as 'sex objects'.

If she's still worried, tell her to google 'hot ryu'.

you might not need flips. Currently the tia bolt grid runs no ex weapons despite a sk15 wind ex existing. This weapon has to offer a lot to replace a bolt, so you may only want to farm one for mainhand spear classes, which can all be bought with farmed items.

Kinda both sides game; they need a little lovin' too.

This shit is going to be fucking horrible.

I hope Naoise shows up in re-link. I like using lances.

What are you listening to while you grind gbf?

2014 had some great EDs

I want to fuck her so much, I don't care if she's currently vomitting

Not the greatest anime, Tulip was alright but I still have best girl smug cosplayer reaction image

Go make fun of saggy's engrish

This scared the shit out of me. Turns out it's just a link to the solo seraph fights
Jesus christ, why is the call so fucking weak?

So looking at that the only chance of making one being worth it is the upgraded one's ougi and extra skill are really fucking good.

event too easy

here's the final weapon stats

y-yay flip chests!

More Deato bullying


Some more GW art

What does Sara and Skasaha talk about in their crossfate? Threesome books incoming for sure.

Uploaded the fate between them
Scatacha is Sara's big sister now

So is the weapon worth it or just as a main hand?

if you have a flb build for wind with cosmo and + the weapon may be worthless to you (it's still a 23% massive unk get one flb )



So the only reason I think this spear exists is because the next GW boss will focus around dispelling. With the past three GW also focusing on skill locking, you have to ougi to remove a debuff.



Lecia when?

Xeno sag triggers are really starting to piss me off. Once 50% trigger happens, he goes completely apeshit in attacks.

hopefully never

She's not even in the story anymore.

This shit is pissing me off to no end, my best damage dealer is fucking Ghandagoza, I'm missing on 600-700k crits from counters

I want her to be back, but I fear it's going to be only after we beat her dad to a pulp and it's not going to be pleasant.

Don't forget the added fuck you where he can switch between doing wind damage or plain damage on Astra Horizon. So you can't damage cut it away without a shield.

The absolutely worst part is 5 flips, 3 bows, 2 selfies


What skill is used for the beast fire sword, damage cap one?

Go for the HP upgrade, it gives 14% HP at SL15, which makes it the best upgrade for magna grids (compared to other beast second skills).

Alright, sounds fine.

Grinding so hard, the boss fell apart.

it's just his tactic be lady for anything

Are you lady? I'm a lady.

I am jew

that's the secret i'm always lady

Elegant ladies only


Can anyone conform that earth DLF's casino skill has been nerfed?

Been getting shit with a couple of 2k+ but figured it was just the usual shit odds that come with RNG.

Anyone know if there's any element that benefits especially strongly from a TenWolf Gun or should I just make it whatever element I have the most mats for (Fire)?

Not really, if you plan to 5* tien water will make the fight against her a little bit easier, but otherwise just whatever element you have the most mats for.

fire's fine. There aren't many fire guns unless you're lucky enough to get Rackam.
Mainhand gun is needed for the thief line and the archer line. Water had the Walder ex gun recently, but has levi dagger for thief and fimbul for archer. Wind has tia bolt. Earth has vohu gun. Light has chev gun. Dark has cerb gun, but can also farm qilin bow if needed for the archer line (though archer is not great for dark as twilight field doesn't work) and has baha dagger.

Please, RNGods, don't be a selfie, don't be a selfie, don'tbeaselfiedon'tbeaself–
Now at 5 selfies and 4 bows here. Still no fucking spear drops. Haven't even exchanged one yet since the entire event so far only dropped 3 horseshoes.
At this rate I'll have enough crests to SSR Oliver.

Done with this event, time to do nothing until maganafest/guild war.

but user, you can get a dragon girl next event

She's from that yuri fantasy school show that got canned right?

take this chance at easy saggi plates to get olivers of every element

Found her.

why did they have to gate shit behind coop?

because otherwise nobody would play it


They didn't.

Don't worry though, people too retarded to make an alt will be able to do everything soon. You'll still be a retard, though.


they haven't shown any new summer characters. Not even silhouettes. There will be new summer characters this legfest, so there's still a chance they'll surprise us.

Guess you'll just have to settle getting her normal ver for the low low cost of 74 usd

I do have an alt, but shit summons means i cant solo everything

what is this game?

Did GBF just fucking die for anyone else?

I can access it on my phone but not on my web browser.

Scratch that. It's working again now.


and I misspelled receiver. FUCK

Learning who voiced a character makes everything so much weirder.

filename related

Seriously, what the everlasting fuck, I NEVER get luck like this ever.


Silva is there as well though, it means nothing since all 3 are "sisters"

or maybe the gun sisters will all get summer skins along with camieux
I didn't notice that was silva

Yeah, Lunalu is voiced by Astolfo VAs.
And Korwa is voiced by the idolmaster trainers.

Thank You Sky Lords for all that you have taught me, I will never forget your combined autism and the many laughs I had spending almost every day grinding waifus and husbandos alongside my fellow lovers of cowtits, potatoes, and animal ear fanatics


Come on nigger, you didn't need to leave, we're not hurting for spots.
I repeat what I said yesterday, the game isn't going anywhere and neither are we, feel free to come back when you've got your shit figured out.

Hope you take care of yourself, and remember, the Captain will let you back in any time.
His ID number is 13540804, send him a friend invite, he has plenty of open slots

The new gamewith wind grid


Just need to skill up the uBaha and Seraphic.

I can't tell if they're Draph-ifying Grea or not. And there's no way we aren't getting an Anne in this event one way or another.

best anti saggi team

Since they're keeping the wings and tail she'll likely be unknown. Unless they do the Erune thing were only old royal bloodlines have tails. And that tail looks thicker than her waist.

Why does Ayer have a tail?

What I've been using, but Saggi gives himself charge so much fear is mostly worthless.

I guess it'd make sense if she was an Unknown. Still, they made Forte a Draph, so I wouldn't be surprised either way.

I didn't even notice it until you mentioned it, huh. I'm guessing it's a tail-like accessory like Escha's.

As expected.
Also, why do they insist so much to have a Main weapon with a Nomal skill?
I can understand the hard-on for the GW dagger, but they keep on reserving the mainhand slot for Normal weapons even in undeveloped grids?
Does it make any difference or are the authors just autistic?

Because he's a lone wolf

I'd imagine it makes the fujos moist, any fujos who can confirm?
Altair has fake wings as well.

But he's never alone.

She's gonna keep her wings and tail, so probably a bit too far from both Human and Draph.

Do those look like Light or Dark weapons to you?

no, wind tokens so it's a wind unk

Yeah, looking like a None/Unknown there, like knifeears healer.

Right after Xeno Saggitarius? I mean, maybe if they want new people who can't do this event to get at least one EX weapon before the GW, but come on.

blame cygames not me

Makes sense that the event would be wind because Grea looks like a Fire character, but dammit we get too many wind weapons from events already.

Didn't even notice the tokens, just assumed she'd be a dark character and we'd finally get more light/dark EXs.

Only thing Lunalus has done that makes it weird is Cure Muse while Korwa has a lot of shit I don't really know anything about but [email protected] Trainer is in no way a surprising thing that classes with Korwas character.

Now I just need to get her, Malinda, and a Polymerization…

I'm going to have a fucking EX only grid at this goddamn rate.

Meanwhile, since the start of the year we got about two for the other elements (not counting Xeno weapons), with dark getting a single one.

Wait, there was the shadowverse wand too, I forgot, so about 2 for all the elements, except wind that got a ton.




Our fun team face a group named "Married Corpse", so it's quite possible for you to be married, have a stable job and still participate in GW.

That can still be interesting.

Shut up crew 3 is the best, we only have 2 grans andin no other crew you are allowed to bully your captain

user I…
1 active Gran now

She's a dragonkin in the source material though, so no dice on that.

So furshit

Did user help her put her sealant on?

But no crew captains walks into the bullying like crew 4s.

I'm out of hell. Now I just have to get fodder to upgrade the spear to SL10.


the side story has more than enough SR and SSR fodder that you can farm

Poor little Veight boy.

I know, I just need to take a break after all the farming.

3rd vampire SSR when? I need a team of them.

5* Veight would be good too, since he's essentially just a much worse Orchid at this point.

Need a SSR of the pet dragon.

Grind Order

Do we know if S. Bea will be in the draw pool during legfest?

She's in the pool right now with the rest of the summer folks, so good chance she'll be in.

I'm hoping that if it ever gets translated; the sex slave owner Draph Lyria will be less of a disappointment.

most likely yes. All summer characters should be back for this legfest

I hope she is, haven't got her regular SSR either and I'd love to have the version that's actually good

even if you miss her, there's still her halloween version in a few months that is still pretty good for an sr.

Tell me about the Bea
What makes her so unique that she has a large following of fans

Bahamut for anons.

she's a cute clumsy character that is very bully-able

VA is a whore so it just makes bullying extra special

Care to share your knowledge?

Aya Hirano gained a lot of fame after voicing Haruhi/Konata, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu even catapulted her singing career thanks to some hit songs like God Only Knows and Lost my Music.

Unfortunately when she was at the top of her career she completely lost it and became the band's and allegedly the whole town's bicycle, this combined with her going full cunt towards her fans caused the always sensible otakus to flip their shit and destroy her entire career overnight.

After that scandal she was no longer welcomed in any project and was pretty much ded for some years(?) until she reappeared in some nip variety shows with a much more "humble" and "mature" attitude that helped her to land some jobs as VA.

It's a shame she fucked up her career so badly because she was actually a talented artist and a qt, i doubt she will ever be really famous again but who knows.

I'd like to thank my fire team for allowing me to forge my first true Xeno Weapon.

luckshitter confirmed.

Good on you, I'm skipping this event since I have no interest in windmemeing

grats user. Sorry it's not the best xeno weapon for your efforts.

You don't get a choice. Next GW is earth, so there will be a ~50% reduction to all damage except wind. Pick up a free massive attack wind spear while you can.

>3* Uncapped Clarisse harp probably from Damascuses
What? Unless you're talking about his characters or something.


Percival and Yuel are top tier
Magisa and zeta are near top tier
Clarisse is pretty damn good too
Shiva and Athena summons

That's some good fire luckshitting

Then why mention the grid? I thought that just referred to weapons and maybe summons, not characters.

I actually drew Shiva months ago. Pretty much has been a main summon since then.

My harp's only 2*.

Where the fuck am I supposed to pull out 12.5k CP?

Gold moons?

Gold moons.

Anyone just get a network error booting them to the login screen and creating a loop where every time you log in it bouncez you back to the login screen?

Anyone just get a network error booting them to the login screen and creating a loop where every time you log in it bouncez you back to the login screen?

I've already spent a few unlocking Elysian, Chaos Ruler, Warlock, Spartan and Sage and I'll be sparking in January.
Looks like I'll be forged to only get one more T4 a month until then, goddamn.


deal with it and empty those drawboxes from events or gold moons

What the fuck am I looking at?

You probably joined one of the chat rooms that the nips like to talk in.

are you actually talking with kmr?

How's the Sagi grind going?

I can FLB my 2nd spear (once I get it to SL10). I still have the 5th shop spear in stock from the event store.


>zero spears

1 Selfie
1 Bow
2 SR sword


God has visited and has given her to us.

A goddess too!

9 flips, 4 selfies, 5 bows.

I don't think we should count the SR drops, those might be more than a few dozens.

1 *less spear
1 *less bow
1 sword
2 axes
Event really enjoys giving me the True anima.

I'm just trying to stuff my numbers to hide my despair user…

Sweet, it's another Lowain event!

Its the same school uniform as the last one, that actually might be accurate.


I unironically enjoy Lowain's upbeat never say die attitude. He is a solid bro living the life he wants.

Found one of these in the wild, decided to clear Medusa with it. I want KMR to give me my wind shiva, I want wind to be a real element.

I'm skipping this gw, not worth my time. I'd rather play something else.

Besides, you need HL tier weapons or have really good characters to do anything useful, learned that the hard way from dirts gw. Omega grids can only do so much.

i don't get it

That depends on what tier you crew ends up in. The best wind grid is magna anyway.

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