Iron harvest

Can it be a good game ? Or does console support doom it from the start ? Do RTSfags have to wait for spellforce 3, which is bound to be meh, or can this satisfy the rts thirst ?
What do you think faggots ?

shit that looks great but there is no way they will make controls work on console

Always assume it's going to be buggy and easy or just complete shit until you actually get your hands on it and play it.

There must be a way. Else we ain't getting an RTS game with a cool setting in a long long while. Especially after the dow3 disaster.

Well if all else fails this setting has a boardgame too. Might migrate to that.


Pleasantly surprised that it actually turned out to not be vaporware & static mock-up shots. Steampunk/early dieselpunk WWI is rarer than one would like; gritty dieselpunk WW2 is near unheard of outside Wolfenstein pop sci-fi. A gritty dieselpunk Polish-Soviet War is absolutely fantastic and is more or less unprecedented in terms of originality. Most people don't even know the Polish-Soviet War exists in the first place. I'll be watching with some small anticipation, but muted expectations until we see more good, concrete information.

Remember that R.U.S.E became what it was- ultra macro heavy with little gookclick influence- more or less solely because the devs had to work around the limitations of console controls, which don't allow for micro centric gameplay. Whether or not Iron Harvest will turn out the same way is questionable, however, considering the bullshotted walker bayonet charge and the ability of the huge cannon walker to blap the quadruped MG carrier instantly, suggesting it'll be somewhere in the middle; mostly macro with some active abilities and a combination between high unit durability thresholds/flat armor rating against arms too small to destroy them and very low actual durability against penetrating shots, meaning what micro there is lies in good positioning and evacuation of units in danger while trying to flank or otherwise blindside enemy units. In other words, RUSE with higher unit fatality on a lower scale. That's my conjectural take on it at least.

Reminds me of Rise of Legends.

That gives some hope, but I really must stress on this: lack of micro is not necessarily a good thing.

I honestly don't like the aesthetics. The mechs clash horribly with the scenery, which I know is supposed to be the point, but they clash with it in all the wrong ways.

True, but it is a move away from the current bad of overly micro heavy games that are beating the dead Starcraft & Starcraft derivative horse and subsequently failing really hard in the attempt to release things 'esports ready' and acquire a phantom secondary, tertiary & quaternary audience of orbiters around enthusiasts who frankly have no interest in moving on from the old glories. Something new is at least something new.

You already know the answer but are afraid to admit it.

Remember, user: hope dies last.

The answer is so obvious the fact that you're asking it here makes you sound like a guerrilla marketer.

R.U.S.E. is the only RTS/RTT made with an eye to console support that didn't suck dick and that was a result of pure luck.

If realism is what you want then yes it will suck for you. But the darker colors/filter make it seem good to me.

The starcraft similar formula can be easily revived as long as it isn't a straight up copy but something fresh.

I just don't want to be stuck with only spellforce 3 to look forward to.

Then it's doomed.

They Are Billions might be decent. The dev's previous game was a fun ride.

Looks like a tower defense with units.


It seemed to me like it's more of an Infested Planet sort of deal.
There isn't much gameplay so I can't really speculate much on it.

Holy shit. This actually looks good.
Why. Why why why why why why why.

sudden strike 4 got released recently and it was made with consoles in mind, guess what.
its same like modern shooters, linear and full of scripted events. total garbage. you cant make a proper rts thats gonna play on a controler. for me seems doomed, unless they prioritize pc release and versions gonna differ.

Are you a retard OP?