Draw Thread

I don't have the pasta my B
Can we have a draw thread?

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this thread time for dubs

try hard next time, OP

Man its a slow night tonight.

Ok then, you dirty niggers, draw actual, almost 3D looking Ruby, not some faggy stick figure.

Save me from the nothing I've becoms

Draw, draw!!!

holy fuck i love RQ, and Nan quest too. i would fuck the paranormal out of them.

has weaver done anything like that recently?



I hate drawing and people who can draw, I wish they would die or go away so I can feel good about my lack of talent.

See you niggers next thread.

Also from the original of the Laughing sluts.

Shit my post.
Requesting the finished version of the personawhores.png

Well, she is 2d and 3d at the same time. Bravo, user. You are winner.

Also what's the status on The boy

isn't the drawthread op literally just a link to >>>/loomis/ and >>>/art/
how do you niggers keep forgetting that when it was posted last thread

Only God knows.

I was distracted

the fuck do you have to be distracted by that you can't remember people bitching in the last thread about the lack of a proper OP.

Robot lewds

Who has time for drawing when there are all these videogames waiting to be played?

people that play OSU?

Airman trying to buy groceries, but some nerd in the aisle wont stop bothering him

draw gutsman's ass


But user, what if digital drawing already is a videogame?

Draw a benis

I want to thank the user who drew this.
Thank you a thon for making this effort, its some good shit.

Requesting more thicc vidya Robutts


Judging by all the not so hidden signatures, I think that user goes by 'HalArts'


OH SHIT i'm late

Woah jeeze user slow down there, I just woke up

santiago a cutie



What the fuck is this cancer?

see you next thread

Only proper nan i'd say.

I bet you browsed chans past 2010 huh newfag.


>Now we have to foot the bill
Thanks satan

it's called tgchan

Draw Gilda destroying the commie cat. Feel free to pick how exactly.


No, he's been doing a Zootopia comic and a FNaF story arc.


This thread is shit



man up

I didn't know this "quests" was a thing but you never banned weebshit, why ban quests now?

Also I served my sentence and holy fuck, of all the reasons I could have gotten banned for, I mean is the mod a woman? And almost a day after too. What is up with that shit?

I got the same thing for "unspoilered nsfw", despite it being cheesecake at worst. Mod is most certainly a kike.

Can you draw Vivian dressed as Coco?

Crap! Second pic didn't uploaded.

finish it

Requesting any of your favorite Holla Forums -tans as the Sonic Forces villains.

I support this request

Requesting Robert Muldoon pumping his Spas-12 after saving Regina from a bunch of Velociraptors.


That is a really big picture, gibs $$$.

Can anyone fucking please help me find Eltonel's E3 parody comic sketches?

sorry, I lack the sketch pages past this point
I know there is at least 1-2 more pages, someone else might have them

You guys got a booru?

if OP weren't such a faggot we would



how do I post on 8-booru?

Also can someone please draw decent lewds of Wynne

Pics related

I found the Pasta It was on the floor
and the Booru 8-booru.booru.org/

Theres 1 more, a prequel to these , have a bonus as well.
I really need to organize my fucking images, goddamn, this shit took a while to find.

Ruby is property of /tg/.

I gues that was the only successfull quest thread?

Draw Imp Link riding on his noble steed

sounds kinda gay

Not enough thanks.

Hope he makes a full /u/ alternate ending if he doesn't stick with that idea like I've worringly heard, but not seen quoted.

Shit nigga, this thread is a disaster.
I'll draw something for you irredeemable retarded fucks.
Remember, I love you.

do it for him.

draw the kid who owned geno as a doll playing with him before he turned into a doll

i mean turned huge

Negro it's been years since I've played that game, what does the kid look like?

tbh I miss draw quests so much, can I request someone do one?

Not here bro.

I really miss them

They're not allowed here.
>>>/quests/ is a place you're looking for.

I don't know why people think that, there's no rule for it or is this another unwritten rule like /sft/ isn't allowed and nor is undertail threads

yeah pretty much.

gee I sure do love our various circle jerks who dictate this shit

If the mods enforce it, then it's a rule, even if it's unwritten.

lost interest, sorry.

Draw me a smug Inkling who's DTF



Anything more specific that you want?

If people aren't too tired of Gondola, requesting a multi-legged Gondola like some Hindu deity observing cosmic peace

I'd like Duvalie as the Anti-Bully Ranger.

Requesting the identity of the person on the left.

Taking this request

any ya'll negros know good learning resources? You guys make this look like fun times and i want in.

Just ecchi is fine, though I would love it if you added mild weight gain, breast expansion or handholding

Please deliver user, she is in desparate needs of lewds

and >>>/art/ have resources I think

nice fucking quads, and thanks for the links

Detroit: Become Human, lovingly rendered in MS Paint.

I'm sure it's some self insert or maybe that Sarah's Scribbles shit

Here you go

Meant for

Sounds like it'd need some circular motif around the character to firmly plant all those feet on something. Just having them pointed toward the heavens seems against the ethos of the character, particularly in any solemn religious context, and having them all on the ground would probably be too spider-like.

Might consider trying my hand at that tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a lazy multi-legged gondola in space as an ersatz.

fukking Australians

Actually I'm canadian

Here ya go.

Cheers, user!

Any gondola is good gondola. Thank you

Well since the /a/ draw thread is dead and I couldn't think of a more iconic karate master, I request Deku learning karate from Mr.Karate himself.

Well that or Deku practicing katas while Mr.Karate looks ominous.

Captain Falcon doing this All Might pose pls



Someone draw ninja Gilda getting her clothes blown off Sen-ran style.


How about you do it?

Why would anyone draw Gilda when they could jerk off to Katsuragi right now?

Flawless logic. Wait for retarded flatfags to start some shit.

Who is this furry anyway

can someone draw Vivian james like this

Got bored, it's not done, yeah it sucks.
At least you got the request taken though…

can someone request more like this pls


That poor user from last thread never got his robutt request filled in the end.

(I love this logo.)

because I'd try them

You mean you want more anti-bully rangers?

If you haven't played the Crash Bandicoot series or at least heard of it then where you living under a rock most of your life? Also great drawing user.

Anything with [few character references] + [good pose reference] should work.

Well if you wouldn't be opposed to more Duvalie you could always draw her with the same expression as this smug chuuni.

Miranda like the first image

woops wrong first image

Draw the last vidya character you played in a bikini.
No exceptions.

requesting dracula fucking richter belmont

Draw your own favorite male/female couple holding hands

Requesting Reimu from Touhou wearing this: my.mixtape.moe/fgalof.jpg



Now this is the type of content I want to see.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make good gold? Especially when it comes to pixel art?



Draw a good boy

Requesting lewd picture of tiny naked console-tans crawling all over a giant naked Xbox-tan and licking her boobs and armpits



what a shame

oh my

I've only ever played the first Crash on PS1 which i dont remember very well

First one was meh and too hard, the second and third games were much better.

Xoess anyone have that Lupin the 3rd Donkey Kong picture?

I disagree. The 2nd and 3th games went overboard with minigames instead of the precision platforming of the first.


Nice job on the coloring, I never played the first one i started with the second one and third one the first one is the most forgettable of the trilogy for some.


Draw the first key frame of a walk cycle, then someone else draw the second key frame, and so on.

for a second there i thought that was some harvest moon vivian

Requesting art of a crowd standing around Menat while Juri sits off to the side jealous.

How have your art gains been going Holla Forums?


Did a plant girl to see if I'm capable of producing waifu material.


I forgot how to draw hands again.

Also I accidentally changed the DPI on my mouse and it is messing with my lines

She's cute and I would hug her, but where are her roots?

Somebody satisfy my fetish for 140cm or shorter non-midget adult females.

Now this is quality content.

Requesting Virginia from Wild Arms 3 and Vash from Trigun posting together holding their guns.

She's pretty cute, nice job user.

I'm not doing a lot of focused practice beyond gesture drawing. I do use irl refs, so there's at least that.

Taking a request

Requesting Zangief squatting in a tracksuit.

Slowed down in the last two weeks. I've made a few aggydaggy gains to compensate.

I can't tell, I've lost track of time. I often see months-old posts I think were posted the current week.

if you ain't even got the ligameme you might as well just give up now
I miss /ic/, all art boards are fucking dead or trash heaps of weeaboos


Yes, perfect. Just needs Adidas stripes.

Rate my art.


muh dick

Both a combination of cute and lewd which i love it.

draw me some motivation

Vivian is such a chill slut. Can you post more?


I've gone back after not drawing for 2 years
I'm serious this time but I'll take baby steps

What have you been doing instead?

Thanks guys. I've been drawing nonstop for a year and a half now and I'm really glad it's finally paying off.

some other hobby
also job stuff

First time I try to draw a car, twas painful but fun.

Those are some sexy lines user

I thought you wrote posing but you actually wrote posting


why does tron bonne have so much more PHYSIQUE than the billy hatcher bitch

is it just the angle?

Seriously does anyone else just completely fucking forget how to draw hands, like maybe once a month?

It's not because you suddenly forgot stuff, it's because you're growing dissatisfied with how you draw hands and want to improve

Nigga I just want to draw hands instead of tentacles.
Or boxing gloves

Look at your own stupid hands.

Or do you not have hands?

Oh I meant posing, my bad. That looks awesome.


Not bad.

The others are alright but oh fug that first one is super cute

There's a chick I know who'd be super into that

Into what? Cars in bikinis?

Yes, well maybe. A bikini would imply it's female and I don't know if she's bi or not but she has drawn vehicles with clothes before.



I got this from her blog, it's really weird so be prepared
The caption that went along with it was as follows

We are beyond the help of Jesus

What the fuck

Draw a cute animu grill with big titties


Top fucking lel

how big

…but aside from how crazy that is, she is fucking amazing at drawing. that's really good user.

slightly bigger than the head is my preference

She's really good, isn't she?
I don't know why she isn't trying for a career in art, I'm not going to give too much personal info away but she's looking to go into the medical field.

j7w on pixiv

truly gifted creatives are always absolutely fucking insane


Let's just hope she isn't as creative when it comes to medicine and operations.

Does she take commisions, btw?

Her commission info is at the bottom.

commission surgical guro

What a shame, that's too expensive for me. But I'll think about it. I'd love to see Gilda in her style.

Stuck on a boat maybe?

She'd probably be surprised at getting a commission like that, she rarely gets anything that isn't vehicle related

Fuck that's actually really hot

I want a picture of sega as a nigger getting up in my asshole raw with the Sonic twitter guy standing next to us, giggling like a school girl with a caption, "serves him well, he trusted sega".

Forgot muh pics

It's also really dangerous unless you have training to deal with percentages that high
Well, she's probably a pilot so I guess it's possible she already had that

Y-you better believe it. It's just not directly visible. Once I get older I'm sure it'll look deliciously tendinous.
It's nice that they're so comfy, but small boards are so fucking dead. I feel like they've been even deader these days.

It amazes me that this hasn't been done already. Great work user.

Two more pictures, artfag from here
I'd like criticism and to see if my anatomy is at all wonky. That's my last remaining problem.

Slowly figuring out what makes a face a face, the construction of things and generally fucking around before delving into how to lighting and shade. Slowly starting to understand that Frank Reilly's head abstraction isn't some kind of weird voodoo magic spaghetti lines that turn into believable people.
So here's a badly shaded face thing that doesn't make enough use of contrast.

The arms on the second pic seem smaller than they should be. Other than that I don't see anything for the second pic that needs attention.

You mean to thank Mark, right>?


Requesting Eliza riding user's dick, and just he cums, Sekhemet comes out of her skin like Refs-Related, leans against his chest, and looks him in the eyes. Adding in some sort of bone-related pun would be stellar.

Requesting Garfield slam dunking this request into a giant trash can.

Let me try to be nitpicky

With the witchy one raising her arms like that her tits should be more stretched out I think. The place where her left tit ends looks off. Otherwise this one looks real god.

The head on the purple one seems disconnected to the rest of the body. Add a little line implying the trapezius between shoulder and neck. For her shoulder facing away from us I dont think we would see divide between the shoulder and the back from this angle and with the arm in that position. Im not sure but the little line above her ass seems out of place, I dont think you get that dividing line that low? I think the legs are just a little bit short?

2nd. Cute but redraw that arm, you know which one. Saturation on the colours is a bit much personally - this a real good video if you havent watched it youtu.be/9kQllLy_X4I
Perhaps give the background a touch of something that compliments the rest of the very strong colours, and not just solid gray?

3rd. Bellybutton too low. Tits look fake because there is no hang to them. Not sure about the eyelashes only going out from the lower part of her eye. Very broad shoulders?


Does anyone have the crooked swastika heil hutler picture? Need it for reference


Absolute mad man!


Please lewder. She was the only thing I ever gave a shit about in ZX Advent.


I just realized this nigga just sexualized Roll from Billy Hatcher.


This counts as drawing.

Requesting an edit of this image where the guy punching is Red user and the guy receiving the beating is a Green user or a Reddit Alien.

Fuckin A



Yes, thank you.

Check in after the weekend. I started but dont have time to finish it atm.

Good on you, drawfag.


Draw Danielle doing the "heart shaped boob challenge"


You should provide some examples of that.

draw sephiroth but with two wings and a beak

I tried.

This doesn't look very challenging.


Requesting Lip the flower fairy doing something to remove the tiny pests from her garden (which are Olimar and the Pikmin).

No idea when this heart boob thing started but I like it

It's similar to the "virgin killer" meme sweater from earlier this year.


Does this person not understand skin?

Trying to recreate this retarded Commie's art without drastically inflating Igor's bodyparts. I know I missed the lines on the front of his head and that his right hand is majorly fucked. Anything else I'm missing? Why does that inflation happen?

Either offscreen hidden or she's detached from them.

Your inner Dobson is trying to express itself.

Requesting possessed kusoge girl bullying Holla Forums-tan by "encouraging" him to play a terrible game. Lewdly is desired.

It's more comparable to the one-finger selfie challenge or that thing with stacked girls balancing stuff on their boobs. I swear, social media can make people do anything, isn't technology grand?


I'm guessing you're reading Betty Edwards' book right now.
Try to pay more attention to the negative spacing.

Not to mention draw the image upside down if you didn't already, It'll help you not to be stuck with your analytic brain half.

What a shame that one will be remembered and the actual "Virgin Killer" won't.

Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a shot.
I did. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere near that close if I hadn't.

Smooth lineart and great hips/11

Test skeleton please ignore

Oh for fucks sake that oekaki bug is still a thing

what bug?

Right clicking can cause random lines to extend further than you actually drew them if you are using a tablet.
And it doesn't actually show up until after you post.


Attempted sketching earlier.
It looks terrible.

Brand new /beg/ thread for aspiring drawfags!

is this loss?

Don't click this picture or you'll spray cum all over your walls.

My sides were gone, but my benis is completely unresponsive.

I just want the motivation

Want motivation? Work towards something. Make a comic or learn to animate.

I mainly want to improve drawing feminine figures, Anatomy in general really but especially feminine

Draw vidya

Shit whoops forgot some things.

Just out and say you want to draw porn, nobody here is going to shame you for it.

Just draw shitloads of naked chicks. Fill entire sketchbooks with naked girls. That's all there is to it.

Alternatively, do what I do when I need to draw something that doesn't look like shit
Make a new 400x400 canvas
Get reference images for what you want to draw
And draw until you have at least 5GB of what you were drawing

I already got it somewhere else.

Don't know what that outfit is, but I fucking love it.

I mean we already know that you're a virgin but, try to hide it better, user

Requesting Wormadam-trash with the born to die meme


My nigga. I figure if I start now I might get it in time for Halloween for some spooky faps. Also because delicious brown.

Is Deku jacked in the manga now?

He's been jacked since before he enrolled.

He's always been since he trained with All Might in that training montage the reason why you don't see it it's because he wears his school clothes and his hero suit thus making him look skinny.

I want to fucking die.

Requesting Nia and Dromarch from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 doing the smug cat face.

Also requesting Dromarch in a top hat and monocle looking ultra posh.


Kill me harder. Make me all dead inside and outside. Make the living wich I so long clinged on seem like a distant dream. K I L L M E!

I have prepared a picture of you dieing

My motivation is wanting to draw cute and cool monsterbros or nice big bouncing titties for squeezing and sucking to fap to.

Get as fucking raw as you feel like.

draw your favorite vidyagame character as or chilling with a fat smug bearded dragon
because bearded dragons are cool as heck


I fucking wish.

do we just use user for this?


I managed to get half of my first request done. Requesting a smug cat Dromarch to complete the piece.

New thread (also by someone who can't into OP)