Mass Effect is officially dead.

One down.

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Really, this is more like if the witch had taken your dog, transformed it into a rabid mindless werewolf, and you shot it with a silver bullet. Now it's dead and it's all the witch's fault, but the cunt still lives. I mean, obviously it's better that the werewolf is dead, yeah, but still means I lost a good goddamned dog.

Or something that USED to be a good goddamned dog.

They exist as underling plebs to a group making a destiny clone. Thats better than dead. Its a living failure they see in the mirror every morning.


Do you think they learned their lesson?

They want people still playing the multiplayer to buy lockboxes.

Oh god no, you know we will get the blame by tomorrow morning.


Fuck no.

the only lesson they'll learn is that they didn't pander hard enough and if they just make it all a bit more progressive then the landwhale sales will just come pouring in. They'll do shit like include a clownfish alien race that can change its sex between male and female to try and pander to the trannies, but they'll just catch flak for it because actually biologically changing your sex isn't the same as being a tranny.

do you think ea is gonna let a game as popular as ass defect die? they're gonna wait a year or two, once all the heat over the dumpster fire that was andromeda dies down, then drop a new tranny effect

I'm curious if any of you actually read the post.

SJWs always double down. They won't stop until the entire industry crashes and burns.

OP, don't be a lazy nigger. At least copy the fucking text.

>The Mass Effect Andromeda Team


Its not an ad supported website dumbass.

Daily reminder that these faggots ruined the game.

they re paranoid autists m8

Is this a rhetorical question?



You took the time out of your day to make the OP. Is it so fucking hard to spend 30 seconds copying text? Why do I have to click through to a different website just to see what you're talking about?


Just wishful thinking, I guess.
Really, 10 years ago if you had asked me if I had the same opinions I do now, I would think you were joking. I only wanted to play my fucking video games, but they couldn't let sleeping dogs lie.

ITT: Faggots who can't read an article.

They just announced more content, not less, retards

Autism or beyond bone idle?

Soon it will be time to update the EA studio mass grave pic.


It's okay user, none of us could've foreseen the rise of the politically correct trannies in videogames. I have faith that one day we will have our comeuppance and then we'll play vidya like it's 2004.

which will just be called "MASS EFFECT"

I never liked any of the Mass Effect games. Only pretentious faggots pretend like those games where good. Dragon Age Origin was also garbage.

Diversity was their strength
right up to the point merit was needed to make a game. Then they died.

too much cute for this thread dude. I love it.

I also would like to add that Dragon Age Origin was garbage and the worse character dialogue I've been unlucky enough to witness.

Mass Effect is dead but the unqualified people at Bioware were sent to other EA studios, so the aids is still spreading.

If it's contained to high profile publishers and their games keep failing, isn't this a good thing? Ideally social justice would just be purged and we'd be done with that part of the shitpile, but for now it seems to be helping in it's own retarded way

oy vey white supremacy killed another great franchise!

It's a double-edged sword to be sure. I can't figure out an opinion because I don't have enough evidence that supports/denies your claim. I may have an answer once we see how (un)well the new Call of Duty game does once it comes out.
That said, how did Battlefield One fare? I can't remember if it did well or not, but considering I hardly hear about it anymore, I can guess the answer.

Not to sound like a bioware fan or anything but c'mon now DA:O was atleast painfully mediocre. The kind of game you play when you have an itch for rpg's but you've exhausted the good ones and shit despite it's typical Bioware-plot of "ancient evil awakens" shit and you being the chosen one the lore behind the game wasnt too bad and the gameplay actually played relatively well even without mods that you didnt have to pause it constantly just to issue commands around as long as you chose the right…options or shit for each characther on how they should behave as.

still glad i didnt ever spend a dime on ANY of the Bioware games even if i like DA:O, ME1 and even BG1

I won't celebrate until Bioware is dead. The fact that they are still making a game right now is disgusting.




Looks like that faggot edgelord from the force awakens.

How retarded are you, exactly?

'Your' a burger, right?

Jesus fucking Christ man, do they even try anymore?

Oh no, he looks slightly less inbred. Sorry that I insulted your shit movie :^)

user, I…

Merely tried to go for the double ruse I was only pretending to be retarded.png

I dunno anons, I think you might just have shit taste.

I don't know. They're slowly killing the vidya industry in the west (not only the AAA but also the indieshit where every pretentious shit is hyped to death and if you're not part of the cool kids with colored hair then no one will promote your game).

They try to bring around 2nd Holocaust.
It did but to the wrong Jews and not nearly enough.

It's ok, just wait for Hitl… er I mean, just wait for Star Citizen.

I can't wait to start hearing the juicy details regarding that game's development. Banks are notorious for airing the dirty laundry of anyone who fails to make them money and the team looks like a bunch of backstabbing fucks anyway.

There's a guy that posts star citizen news videos almost every fucking day.

they can change their content too so you should save it as it is.


It's fucking nothing, and you shouldn't have even made a thread for this non-news. Kill yourself.

Forgot file.

That’s obvious.

God damn it I saw your image and thought for a second we might be getting a Hakumei to Mikochi game.

sounds pretty exciting if they pull it off.





Good, let it be humbling or I lay a curse upon all their future games that don't include tasteful asses

Was it even remotely fixed?


What pokémon is this?


What's it say? Without javascript it's just a still image of space

A still image of space isn't too bad.


I wish we could purge gaming of Western women. I genuinely believe that would fix the majority of ills the hobby is currently facing.

Please let me know of all the murders committed by Right Wing Domestic Extremists
In terms of that all I can think of is Dylan Roof, that 1 by car and maybe Sandy Hook and Elliot Rodgers and those are pushing it

Only the desperate MSM claims them to be such, but then again they'll label any murder by a (seemingly) white person that wasn't motivated by leftism as the rise of the right wing death squads.

There's the Oklahoma City bombing, but if you're going that far back you might as well mention all the murdering the leftists got up to with the Weathermen and other similar groups during the 60s and 70s.

Suffice to say that the left is so desperate to bait the right into violence, and then punish them for it, with their own violent and homicidal behavior they've labeled what is either a false flag or a genuine incident sparked by leftists assaulting the car, as a politically motivated murder.

wait, are you trying to say the ADL might lie, because the thought never occurred to us

I still want them to show us a list to back it up

That's why I said they were a push, as the media says anti-women=alt right nazi

No. SJWs love to complain about things, but in the end they do not buy the games nor support the companies that make them.

All the pandering they did with Andromeda didn't pay off because the base game was so shitty that not even hardcore ME fans were that willing to get it.

Glad you asked.

Doesn't matter if the game is a masterpiece for the ages, the leftists will still not support it financially because their interest ends when the developer bends the knee. When that happens they've already achieved their goal and are seeking a new target to subvert and humiliate into compliance.

And should they take the page down then what? No archive it might as well not exist.

Did you know our own site doesn't even have an archive anymore? It was taken down, twice, the second time is much more permanent now though cause the guy running it refused to cooperate and take down CP so any and all pages that fall off the last page is gone. So if there is something you want to go back to you have to manually archive or cap it now, and not wait later.

underrated post

But you need to turn on Javascript to use it

Pretty much. Pic related sums it up best.

And lo, having killed its host, the parasite moves on to find a new target.

They killed Dead Space despite it being popular
Andromeda was the tranny effect after the dumpster fire that was Mass Effect 3.

Guess like the song in the advertisements for the game said, "You're only human after all."

Wait I thought that was a shitty song by a london negro

ME:A must have been a complete fucking disaster for them to pull the plug this fast and give up on making DLC. I'm starting to think sales didn't even break the one million mark.

Now to patiently wait for BioWare to fuck up with Anthem and the new Dragon Age.


Anthem might sell a few million copies but Dragon Age might as well be dead.
Inquisition sold so badly that they haven't even released the direct figures to the investors. Instead they released a misleading figure of total cumulative playime which one can make an educated guess and assume it sold around 1.5 million copies across all platforms.
For reference, Origins sold 2 million copies on 360 alone.

Well I fucking hope it all means Bioware is going to be killed
It maybe only a head of a hydra but fuck no body makes worse games than Bioware, especially bad games that people defend, there are people on Holla Forums who think ME2 is good

Bethesda does if you exclude all the Marxist propaganda BioWare likes to put in their games.

Dragon Age was this levels of fuckup or close to it but it never got this much exposure because Mass Effect is Xbawk dudebros first RPG and normalfag central.

I would actually give two shits about Anthem if it wasn't a Density clone and published by EA.


Fuck no, There is no fun, no enjoyment or fuck even immersion to be had in the Mass Effects games, it just feels like a disjointed mess that's incredibly easy, when enemies die easily, come in low numbers and die in a boring manner
There is no game that is a bigger piece of shit, fuck even ridding a horse in Skyrim even though that is boring as shit is still multitudes better than the shit Bioware make

They could be referring to the millions of views by people witnessing this trainwreck via streams.

Or lying so the investors don't come with torches and pitchforks.

Oh yes, most certainly.

Don't answer that.

Nah. Straight up lies have the nasty habit of leading to lawsuits when millions of dollarydoos are involved. This is some carefully massaged truth which says the same as the lie it replaces without leading into court.

And yet the game hasn't been put in the EA/Origin Vault.
Battleshieeet 1 was added to the Vault two weeks ago (the game was released last november). Last year Unravel and the Mirror's Edge reboot were added to the Vault 6 months after their initial launch.

Clearly it didn't do as well as planned it they are already dropping it this hard.

I think I'll trust national counter terrorism center over ADL.

I think they know no one is going to want to buy it. If they had wanted to keep sales going they wouldn't be announcing they had stopped making DLC and supporting the game.

Memes, more than anything else, killed this game. Any new costumer that does even the most superficial of research will be met with page after page of videos and images about the ugly character models, shitty VA and abysmal animations. The leftists really fucked up when they thought they could get away virtue signaling by making the whole cast ugly goblins.

Mass Effect and DA: Origins were nice, cute little RPGs.

Someone studying English as a foreign language learns grammar from textbooks, avoiding most of these homonym mistakes.

Just so you can fight better, the ADL image is technically correct in that the majority of domestic attacks within the US are committed by groups defined as "right wing." The image you list is of all recorded attacks all over the world. While it's incredibly damning, a faggy leftist might say "yeah, but what about in America? You're America first, right?" There is a record of international terror attacks on the US (read: vast majority Muslim) that makes the so-called "right wing terror issue" look like the tiniest fucking thing. Pics related: whatever you think of the Heritage foundation, at least they list their source if you want to challenge their numbers. I consider the RAND corporation database to be accurate. The ADL website literally says "Source: ADL" on every chart (imagine writing a fucking college paper and every citation is just Source: me).

Every game that is in the vault is (((free))) if you're subscribed to EA/Origin Access.

Funny since they're not the ones who like that "nu-gen rpg" garbodor.