Team Fortress 2 Vintage: UPDATE edition

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TF2V, what is it?
TF2V is a "pre-mannconomy" version of TF2 without the visual clutter and bloat. The only QoL additions is Pyro's airblast and the Engineer building carry. As well as additions of stock gamemodes such as Payload, KotH and Arena

Full game:

Current full build (2.9): mirror (2.9):!mBEzwToA!xO5nd5P_pEPqUm0A5dkSHImPX8_FrFS6-C0Kq2w1p18


The game has been seeing a rise in popularity and with the moddb's page going up and interest increasing it's taking off. Not anywhere near as popular or well known as TF2 yet, but still up there.

Development is focused first on bugfixes, If/when that's all done then focus on weapons can be started. However weapons needed to be coded from the ground up, so unless you want to start that for us then don't ask for something not on anyone's radar right now.

Other urls found in this thread:!AuJgSL6Z!9TatZzJMuSVXUKyRWXbCYq4CWQIUaD-NPmMVCeGIzbo!BqISUDRB!AINJuuTt4dV4tSuiPwH_ws6u8VsaGzri-grpfGF2aLM!IrJHyJiK!-U9fLMW4hTgCFBaYh9xPIWWjx-TmjNXy-C3O09UDjd4!4lRllDaJ!w-mW3NdNZoigdQkVeTDFGHNWTkLnlkS2RCTDYL5i_dY!1LBwUahT!SadokXdb6fbwwt_5iMQqs0wE2t_cLdvMYy_2ytVKa80

Steam revemu tutorial
Here is how to install revemu on windows, i.e. make it no-steam. Technically this needs to be done once by the guy who releases TF2V for the next version, so that the game will be standalone and run out-of-the-box. But anyone can do it. I have shit upload speed.
What you need:
1. Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer from steam. ( Just in case:!AuJgSL6Z!9TatZzJMuSVXUKyRWXbCYq4CWQIUaD-NPmMVCeGIzbo or!BqISUDRB!AINJuuTt4dV4tSuiPwH_ws6u8VsaGzri-grpfGF2aLM
Hash: 3bb2e73-d2d220-698-8376cd-1abbcfa-6781-0ad7f3e )
2. TF2V from OP.
3. Revemu package:!IrJHyJiK!-U9fLMW4hTgCFBaYh9xPIWWjx-TmjNXy-C3O09UDjd4
In case the link goes down, here is the original source: Gonna need full package from 27.04.2016. Then an update from 20.01.2017, it's a single dll, goes into game root.
Start by placing tf2vintage folder in Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer, instead of sourcemods. Now Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer can be renamed to anything and placed anywhere, I will be calling it game root.
Optional: fire up the game to make sure everything works by creating hl2.exe shortcut and adding -game tf2vintage. See first pic. You won't need that shortcut after this, you can delete it later.
Extract revemu to game root. Second pic is how it should look like.
Shut down steam and fire TF2V.exe.
That's it, make sure everything works.
You can look through rev.ini. But here are the most important things:
ProcName=hl2.exe -novid -noborder -game tf2vintage -steam -silent /help
Your startup parameters. I added -novid (skips into movies) and -noborder (borderless in windowed more, makes no difference in fullscreen). More details:
Self explanatory.
Everything should work as expected. Only no-steam servers will show up in server browser. They also need to have no-steam in sv_tags, if I'm not mistaken.
Hopefully I didn't fuck up. I won't have time to test linux client anywhere soon, so somebody else should do it. Ask here for any advice. Linux revemu:

And play on Salami INC server

Hey devanon, contact me on steam
The Payload is still bugged, I fixed that shit in TF2C in 2016.

Dev user is usually on at night during burger hours

Well I hope he'll read this thread and contact me. I love the fact that the items make the half-life 1 sound when they spawn

Actually I'm the dude who has been breaking the code as of late. I'm curious how you fixed payload myself.

add me on steam and we'll talk.

Actually as a show of good faith mind posting the general idea because It's not just bothering me but other players so it'd be good for everyone to see even if they can't understand

Also I'm really not that big on posting my steam, gonna attract unwanted attention

Have the maps been fixed yet for v2.9?

the issues are sorted now.

How bullied will I be if I played TF2 when it became free
I had dialup until around 2009 or some shit.

So were hats. They added character and visual flair to characters to make you stand out. I bet you think stock-only is a good thing too. Why should every toon play 100% cookie cutter? Why do you thibk you're so important to play gatekeeper on content?

very. just play anyways

what ?

acronym for quality of life


This is well written bait, I applaud you


get in here we're playing video games


Fuck off retard.

Your server came down when the map changed. Did you do that?

Enable voice command spam or I kill you

You mean like an hour or two ago ? Yeah, I shut it down accidentaly. It works fine now

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back to tumblr

So I just got this PM on moddb


tell him that you'll agree only if he does a passable Sniper cosplay

Anyone know how to fix TF2 giving you a stutter, then a black screen. It looks to happen randomly for me.

not as bullied as someone who spent 9/10th of their time in TF2 on trade & death match servers

I might just be really niave, but It doesn't look like anything harmful, just someone requesting to host a mirror

thanks stampy

What did he mean by this?



Onward to salami server, then.

yeah okay

Goddamnit. I dont want to download all these sound files to join the salami server.

there isn't that many, I downloaded them all within about 30 seconds.

what do you do to allow nosteam users?

Just delete the map form your sourcemod folder guys

do it

then type cl_allowdownload 0

pretty much, also like said delete the offending map from your folder

Poland can into TF2V?

I believe you need to install revemu for no-steam

Devanon had no objections so I gave the ok

Well salami is a polish server, funny timing.

Somethings i think would be neat:

>borderless window PLEASE

did the server just crash

Well there is a local file for it, you just keep overwriting it. I think though we should omit it from future builds for that reason.

tf2v on steam has launch options in which you can enable borderless windowed mode by typing in "-windowed -noborder" without the quotes

Looks like the EU server might have a problem with map switching.

>have to install tf2v on (((steam))) just to play on salami server
serber better not empty out before i get there you stupid faggots

What's up with the X symbols when a sentry dies?

Mayo said he'd be fixing that, where he is it's midnight so he';s going to sleep and tomorrow his time it'll be no steam

I'll do it today before going to bed. just tell me how.

Make a button
[Print stats]
Make a copy of that file somewhere else.

here's a guide I found on installing revemu on srcds for c.s. goy.

I believe it's just adding the "nosteam" tag to your server

Good games today. Wish more people recorded them.

Sappy is probably the only one that can save the game at this moment.

salami started today, it's not ready yet. Crits are off, im trying to make it non steam and going to bed

salami is up but not on the server list, the fuck ?

What makes a good server?

I doubt it's that easy, I added the tag, see if it works.

just tested it. It isn't working still. You need revemu to run the server in no-steam. If all else fails sappy or Holla Forumsintage fun user might be able to help you out

Three people on the not a furry server

map variety. find good custom maps and not joke ones.

I cant find linux version
this guys looks like the revemu developer

personally I don't mind crits.

i saw this thread its all windows shit… i'll look into that tomorrow.


Oh God please no

six people are back in the EU server

I liked it

Please no.

Kill me

How will TF2Cucks/TF2Virgins ever recover from this?

Classic is superior and did nothing wrong. Bring back the Classic threads.

>alphablaster this butmad that nobody is playing his shitty game

I'm just mad because I feel like Holla Forums got duped into playing this shit. I host a server for this so obviously I was on board, but when I talked with the dev anons I changed my mind. The server will be still up because nobody plays tf2c, I'm not gonna convince you and I just want to play tf2, but this ain't right.


wtf i love tf2c now


I can't tell if ЭгоБунтовщик is baiting or not. Help.

What j mean is that you think that vintage is some great shit that fixed what classic got wrong, that's what I thought at the beginning too , but tf2v is butchered tf2c. Almost everything is still there, there's nothing new (no bugfixes) and tf2c has all the new features configurable. Force stock weapons, don't out small maps in rotation and you have tf2v, but at least everything works for sure.

Don't put dm maps into rotation*

To be fair as the dude handling code I can safely say I have no idea what I'm doing with things. But hey it's a learning experience for me and there are others in devanon's circle seem to be taking a look at the things I break to see what actually works

Oh no the secret chat logs, how ever will we recover :^)

Because TF2C is going down a "what if we made TF2" route and at worst the worse vintage is going to do is re-add pre-mannconomy weapons or at least really basic framework. Discounting dev user's adding in shit like balloon race into the pack-in pretty much all the maps in retail TF2 outside the PASS and Mannpower maps are there and work.

The pastebin is titled "The city of 32254c"
I think the guy who posted that was making fun of him, not you or devanon

>"hey tf2v dev add me so we can have a (((private conversation))) :)" goon-tier tactics

I recommend you just filter the cuck.

I was being silly. I know who posted it and it's just to highlight while we aren't all that knowledgeable with things we're trying. Meanwhile the dude's just going "TF2C is better stop trying and just play the mod I like goyim"

Yeah we get it, TF2C is further along and has more content, but one is a horribly balanced mess and the other is a shitty arena clone.

hey what's going on with the git? It hasn't been updated in over a month and I wanted to poke around a bit and see what's changed

I'll stick with V, the people playing don't make me want to an hero and it's also free.

Most of the changes are on the experimental git

The reason why they haven't been pushed to the main one is as it is my files horrible break ANY compiled binaries so essentially the Z'Gok repo is a quarantine and when shit works it'll be committed. So right now feel free to tinker, If you can take a look at gamemode logic if you can or better yet figure out what the fuck is wrong with spy on my build because I broke spy horribly

get the fuck on here boys

I'll stick with V too because that's what people play. Im tryjng to explain that this mod is no different than tf2c with couple cvars changed, Idk what else to say. I shouldn't be so harsh. I didn't post these chatlogs btw.

What does that mean ?

how many are playing? also ignore the goons and just enjoy TF2V (which is still miles ahead Classic)

o-oh haha. I knew that. Thanks user

Where's v3.


either you're baiting hard or just plain retarded

Seems to be dead right now. Someone seems to be setting up a new server but I can't connect to it.

Prove me wrong then. Tf2c can disable new weapons with a cvar. If you don't add the dm and 4team maps into rotation you won't get these modes either. So what is left ? I mean I don't have anything against vintage mod, just the execution is rather poor. The guys have problems releasing the v3 because the spy is broken, but there's nothing new in v3, only less stuff from tf2c. So… I dont get it

Should i just move all my 2.9 maps to a different folder until memesystem updates them?

Mayo please if you want to go play TF2C go mate, according to the devs lots of people still play and their community is totally alive.

I think so. or just delete them

I just don't know your hip cool lingo. I know Smurf is a blue creature from an old cartoon. If you're implying this is a fake steam account, it's not, I had it when hosting tf2c in 2016 as well, although there's no way to verify that now I guess. Tf2v server will be still on, I'm just complaining

Maybe I'll have enough ram to run both. It's hard choice. Tf2c but reddit or tf2v but 8ch

Yeah but TF2C is objectively shit and spearheaded by retards.
Same can be said about the meme maps in TF2V BUT THAT HASNT STOPPED ANONS FROM COMPLAINING HAS IT?
How about not having base mechanics and features bugged and not working from day 1
As opposed to…? try refuting this without naming TF2C :^)
Further proving you know everything about nothing. V3's problems go beyond a simple thing that was already corrected in V2.9 :^)
Only correct thing you said, It just takes care of binaries and makes shit neat and tidy something TF2C fails at
Read a book nigger.

Memesystem should work fine if you delete the maps with the wrong version and redownload them from the server.

I'm gonna give you a straight answer because baiting can only go so far. Right now, TF2C is going nowhere - devs aren't pushing out updates, people playing it are from fucking facepunch, of all places, Deathmatch did not pan out, at all - it's a good gamemode once in a while at best, but it gets really old and there is almost no strategy to it, you just hope to get the drop on the other guy and that's that. Custom weapons are a gimmick that aims to make TF2 fun without breaking any balance, but consider this - I'm a medic and it's time to uber a soldier and the soldier has a fucking RPG (1 rocket loaded only launcher) instead of a fully loaded default RL. What the fuck is he gonna do, reload for half the ubercharge?

That's not even mentioning the fact that user seemed to make some maps from default TF2 to work with this. Oh, and come to think of it, that iiboharz tranny gave himself infinite uber on one of our servers back when we played this. Why should we put up with this, too?

Map pack for the no hotpockets allowed server:!4lRllDaJ!w-mW3NdNZoigdQkVeTDFGHNWTkLnlkS2RCTDYL5i_dY
Place them in your maps folder so you don't waste time downloading them in-game.

yeah it works, we're filling memesystem up. Also valid point, why play with devs who will cheat.

Your lingo shows me that you're not a programmer. I'm not gonna pretend I'm a professional or something, because I'm not, but you're taking a pretty good source code (it's based on leaked 2007 tf2 code that wouldn't even compile, try making a mod out of that base, good luck) and butchering It, that's my problem. I dont know how many times do i have to repeat myself, it's like you pretend to not understand what I'm saying. The idea might be noble, but the reality is that you look for tf2c keyword in the source code, delete that and see if it still works. That doesn't take any skill and doesn't improve anything. If tf2c had all this shit hardcoded, fine. It's gotta go. But you can disable it with a fucking command.

that's not me you're replying to. I think you really do need to read a book.

Being this dense.

knowing him yes he is


Then just look the damn word up


Can someone decompile a pl map and show what's around the payload ? Do they have some clip brush around the bomb ? Players get stuck inside the bomb, because the game doesn't check that well for collision with moving props in online game, but it should be fine with a clip brush, an invisible box around it. If that fixed getting stuck I could code a routine that will spawn such brush when the map is loaded so the maps d
Won't have to be updated.

I guess the bait wasn't that weak, after all


Are those the same version this mod uses for sure ? I'll look into that tomorrow. If there's no invisible box around the bomb in the map file then it's very likely that just spawning on would solve the problem and it can be done when map is loaded.

It will work on tf2c too because it's the same shit. I said I'll fix payload and I'll do that. Doesn't mean I'm not right.

Well don't that beat all

Either go work on your queer little fix for your queer little mod or stop being such a bipolar sperg.

I have to agree, mayo thank you for helping us but please calm down man it's just making you look like a massive autist. I mean that's a really neat workaround with the character art for the HUD you came up with and hopefully we can figure out how to get the real PL hud in after

What the fuck are you talking about. I said that tf2v is pointless, because it is. Run tf2c with forced stock weapons and you're set. How was i BTFO ? Nothing I said was wrong. I already had it fixed back in 2016, too bad I didn't do a backup. It's gonna be published here so you can apply it to tf2v or tf2c, works just the same.

I know, but I'm from Holla Forums so it fits.


Are you implying I'm an elderly person ?

then why are you so interested in fixing it :^)
then why are you so interested in fixing it :^)
k go play your queer little mod then
Learn to read first and then go through the entire thread again.
Not an argument.
Bullshit of the highest caliber
Riiiight. Nothing suspicious about this. Because im sure you wont stick any malicious into it :^)

He's not wrong. The only actual coding I've seen is from MSM.
Again, he's not wrong. Like I've been fucking telling devanon this for two weeks, don't add extra fucking maps. More maps means you need more materials to support them, which adds way too much bloat. If TF2V is supposed to be a simpler experience, why the fuck is it 30% larger than TF2C?

You sound like a fag, and you're shit's all retarded.
He's very clearly saying he's making the fix for TF2C, but it also applies to TF2V since it's based on the same source code. It's like none of you have any reading comprehension.

The person he's carrying in the image is a trap btw.

oh fug
Extend this to the entire TF2C dev team. Not everyone who shittalks TF2V is an Alphacuck or a tranny. Some people have legitimate concerns over the direction TF2V is heading, like me.

I'm not gonna add anything malicious because I'm not gonna give you compiled binaries but a source code. It's like 5-10 lines of code, I just have to 're remember where to put it in. I doubt anyone remembers, but there was a server called europoor united. It was my server and it had the payload fixed, so I'm talking about the same thing.

Oh.. I didn't know that. Bet he didn't know that either. How do you know that ? If that's true I'd love to see his reaction to finding out

Discounting the mememaps packed All devanon's done is pack the retail maps into the mod. and the fact we have maps that don't even work in TF2C working shows we've got something a tiny bit better

No, your point is taken and I've gotta start checking the file contents before shit gets posted.

Thank you you salty faggot, I'll have to give it a go.

Is there a download that's just the update?

then why post here? why not ask the TF2C fags? why sperg out ITT

you must be so deebly goncerned

If someone has the 2.5 and 2.9 downloaded he can make a patch easely. There's lots of programs that will select files that are different from two selected folders. I only have 2.9 so I can't help



Where did that reply come from
disregard that I suck cock


Like I said, no reading comprehension.


Aghh but that means I have to download the entirety of 2.9, which is what I wanted to avoid.
Thanks anyways.

Well I meant that devanon could make a patch.

I've never seen your particular vernacular before on Holla Forums so I'm gonna have to say no.

What did he mean by this?

Let's also not mentioned that the update will finally finally be out soon**read as NEVER EVER and if it does itll still be garbage and broken

I much rather have two anons who learning yet updating the game at a decent rate then a fucking tranny and his circlejerk of friends.

You're on 2.9 right?

2.9 is meant to be a clean install because that's the launch pad for 3.0 pending new binaries. That's why it was pushed. 3.0 onwards will pretty much be just new binaries meaning the downloads will be very small and only contain what needs to be included. Nothing else will need repacking and no more multi gig downloads.

It's why there is no 2.9 patch unlike 2.5 and other versions. It's an attempt to make everything neat and since future updates will just be bug fixes again it's just gonna take a simple updates to the bin which will be good for everyone in the long run I hope.

Badly formatted Holla Forums meme

clean install

His brain shut down from all the stupid

He never said that. All he said is that TF2V is a buggier, more broken version of TF2C (which is a fact, considering the binaries haven't changed).
Please stop posting until you learn to read.

I meant to say this would never happen if tf2 was written in rust. Phone posting.

What map were you on when the crash happened? It's an issue with the map itself.

to an extent he is. the "why not just play TF2C instead" is a indirect attempt to get people to switch over.

I've found this pic from 2016 showing this payload progress bar. Obviously this isn't the final solution, but better than nothing.

then why play this? why post here? why defend the retard? why sperg about maps? if its so buggy why arent people playing TF2C? why are you such a fat cunt?

redship, I think

Fuck all you D&C goons trying to fuck up something good. Do you really want to go back to the shitty days of TF2C? All that fucking drama? If you don't like it, just fuck off and don't post in the threads. Stick to your own dead community.

It's one fucking shill doing it. I wish he would just fuck off already.
sage for off topic

i'd rather have it how it is then something that fucking ugly


Well it's good you don't decide about shit. Besides it's a proof of concept. This was made couple of days before I left the server. I wish I still had the files though.


some nigger voted for it
I voted cp_granary
not that that matters though

Try centering it. It's a start. What I don't get is the calls are there but it doesn't seem to want to load PL's hud.

Redship isn't bad, a meme map is something like fucking balloon race.

As far as I remember there's no payload game mode in the code at all, at least server side. It's a control map as far as the game is concerned, most of the magic is done with entities on the map. In live tf2 they probably added some code to control That, but this mod uses 2007 tf3 that didn't have payload at all. We're lucky that it works as it is.

it seems to use some logic based on what is known from hammer editor and goes from there. So it'd just need to call a HUD element that may not be there. VBS is giving me shit as I try to register it so I've gotta look for a crack or else my code fiddling days are over in 2.

The way I see it is the hud element for PL isn't being called but there is a hacky framework for the mode itself. The issue is now to unfuck this somehow

It's possible considering the spaghetti code. Just like the spy was calling YLW and GRN uber models.

Stop calling it vbs for the love of god. Ask you to register it ? Didn't you pirate it ? What version do you use ?

I remember the first time compiling half life 2, back then recommended setup was ms visual 2003. It took almost whole day to compile on my 1.6ghz machine.



What, you expect us to play video games on this video game Chinese claymation IRC?

You're right

Not really since he's not necessarily wrong with his assertions, for the time being V is a hackier version of C with surface-level changes that could be accomplished through C server-vars and a shit-ton of maps bundled in bloating the filesize. If anything let him put his money where his mouth is and fix payload since progress on that seems to have deadlocked and save the sperigng about le shillz for if it turns out he's all talk or doesn't know what he's doing

To be fair Vintage has maps from retail TF2 that don't actually work in TF2C. and not talking about payload but even maps like cp_sunshine supposedly are broken in classic. Most of the people here don't want to deal with TF2C in one way or another and that's why they initially jumped on this. To make matters even more fun consider the TF2Cucks come to the vintage servers and play because they're so upset their community is dead they're forcing themselves to play something that is considered by them as "a chinese bootleg".

I know devanon has a group helping him behind the scenes and I'm not much of a coder or not a coder at all despite the title given to me, I just wanted to try and improve the situation instead of sitting on my hands and bitching about it. It'd be great if we had the talent pool TF2C had, considering with namefagging comes an e-rep people would easily jump on a project if a big name is attached to it. That's not the case here, it's a handful of anons piddling about with some hacky code based of a shitty leaked build of a game that's comatose and needs it's plug pulled.

2013, didn't pirate it because too lazy should have.

And source engine itself is quake engine with some shiny shit glued with ducktape. It's beautiful, valve comments from 1999 in tf2c/v repo. And I'll say it again, I love the hl1 spawn item sound.

wouldn't that be goldensrc? with soruce being just goldensrc with some shit removed and a new phsyics engine?

Actually From what I know about Goldensrc you could have regional damage in it but not in source.

I thought redship would be like the two trains ctf map

it's not bad, it's PL with objectives. Cart changes and each cart has unique traits

Editing my soundspray spits out an error in console about a temporary file not being found when hitting the hotkey.
Also should I repack a new standalone

How do i use soundsprays?

If you've got the whole tf2vintage pack, you should have it set up and able to be edited.
Look in tf2vintage for the custom folder, then jingle, sound, player, then jingle.wav
Replace jingle.wav with something else with the same name and you're golden. It should already be bound to "o" in console.


Is the file you replaced the jingle with under half a meg? is it still the same jingle.wav name?

Ok, I think I got the overtime bug on Payload fixed. I don't have acces to my computer, so you might want to see if it works and let me know. What is this about… So when the timer runs out and BLU is still on the cart, the game goes to over time. When they leave the cart there should be a 5 seconds timer and if that timer runs out the game ends. When BLU touches the cart again that timer gets reset to 5 seconds again.

in src/game/shared/teamplay_round_timer.h

add float m_flExtraOverTime; at the end of class declaration


bool m_bPauseDueToWin;
bool m_bResetTimeOnRoundStart;
int m_nTimeToUseAfterSetupFinished;

// overtime fix
float m_flExtraOverTime;
// !!===
in src/game/shared/teamplay_round_timer.cpp find the method void CTeamRoundTimer::RoundTimerThink( void )
Go to if (flTime InOvertime() )
TeamplayRoundBasedRules()->SetOvertime( true );
#if defined( TF_DLL ) || defined( TF_CLASSIC )
if ( tf_overtime_nag.GetBool() && ( gpGlobals->curtime > m_flNextOvertimeNag ) )
m_flNextOvertimeNag = gpGlobals->curtime + 1.0f;

if ( RandomInt( 0, 1 ) > 0 )
IGameEvent *event = gameeventmanager->CreateEvent( "overtime_nag" );
if ( event )
gameeventmanager->FireEvent( event );

SetContextThink( &CTeamRoundTimer::RoundTimerThink, gpGlobals->curtime + 0.05, ROUND_TIMER_THINK );
if (gpGlobals->mapname[0] == 'p' && gpGlobals->mapname[1] == 'l')
if (gpGlobals->curtime > m_flExtraOverTime)

m_OnFinished.FireOutput( this, this );
m_bFireFinished = false;

instead of checking for map name we should set a flag telling it that it's payload mode when the map loads, but this will work too.

As for the progress bar, I think I have an Idea better than ASCII bar. See, the GUI works like in normal CP game, you don't see the point being captured, because it's cap point is set to some 999999 and so you standing on it doesn't move the capture process by even 1%, when the cart reaches a check point the game just puts 100% capped at this point. I think it's possible to just send packets to the client with the fake CP capture %

Calculating the process isn't that easy, I remember I had to grab all the way points, calculate the distance between them, you have to keep track of how much the cart has been pushed (and take care of lowering that value when the cart goes backwards)

Yeap. It's due to the way I saved it in the audio editor I used.
Saved it as 32-bit instead of 16-bit.

Install this
And you can use mp3 files

ah nevermind, this doesn't apply to sound sprays.

Is there a console command to remove the insane overbearing development team from TF2C?

No there is not.


ctf_powerhouse_night has some lighting issues. And what may be either misplaced or missing textures with only lighting in both RED & BLu base.

Could someone join the hotpockets server and download a map in-game? I want to know if the extremely slow download is just on my end.

if the download server is on the same box, and most likely it is, you can try downloading the map in web browser, maybe it will be faster.
and you'll see all files that are downloadable, example for my server

I think that powerthouse is a non stock version. I do remember having framerate issues on it too when I was doing a recording.

two people on memesystem right now

New 2.9 variants now available

2.9 Revision
This one cuts down on the filesize and removes some of the controversial maps in 2.9.

2.9 Lite
If you'd rather use an external maplist on TF2V than the stock maps, use this one. Note that this will mean you'll need to use servers with good fastdl in order to prevent sitting around all day.

2.9 Maps
This is the default maplist for 2.9 in TF2V. This is an alternate in case you'd rather use another server hoster's maplist.

What is the maximum spray size for vintage?


there should be 'xD' in that error message for real.

you gotta delete your map and download the server's

It's a nice idea, but the mapper for it just couldn't figure out lighting, and the produc looks wierd because of it.

the map set for that server is here

nevermind, I just realized that you were the same person

yeah, hotpockets server download is ridiculously slow. 7 minutes and only 1/5th of the way downloaded.

Judging by the Statistics tab, people try to download for a really long time, then leave after their patience runs out. So it's not just on my end.
To anyone who wants to try the server, please download the map pack in first. No meme maps included.

any way for you to fix that?

I got this error from the map pack.
cp_edifice_rc1.bsp.bz2 is corrupt

Got the same error, and when I downloaded this map pack the server complains that the map file differs from the server.

In practice it's ncie but the whole compression thing seems to just be fucking everyone over left right and center

Looking into using IIS.

I've replaced the corrupt file and it should work after I've set up the server again.

I see. I won't include compression anymore.

do it, faggot! its free money!

I tried the method in
Does this website work?

That's a private IP, user. Only you can see it that way. We need the public IP.

Holy shit user, dont post my ip adress here. I'll get doxxed :^)

no bully

Gonna play real soon, you guys better join

Holla Forums GET OUT

I expect everyone to either be a furfag, ponyfag or drooling retard.

Zog. Server booted me, gotta redownload maps it seems.

So i made a wav file, but when i press o nothing happens. Its named jingle in the right folder.

you can use [code][/code]

You got a version without any modifications? I notice the sticky-bomb arm effect is a bit more noticable, along with the flamethrower effect being different.

Go to your custom folder. and just remove the TIP folder.

What exactly does the revision remove? Do we need to download it if we need to play? Is it also available on moddb?

The maplist on memeserver is different from 2.5's, for some reason.
You'll need to download it.


I like VNN. Atleast he gives more info than valve ever fucking does.

Remember when he got banned from the TF2C servers and then bitched about it in his videos warning players not to join them? I sure do

That's all I managed to glean from your post

i wasnt there for TF2C drama. only heard about it later.
for? just for being e-celeb?
i mean he probably saved alot of people from playing a shit mod :^)

Link? I remember when he shilled TF2C and that it's a good mod.


remove your maps folder. sappy is retarded

just delete the whole folder?

just put it somewhere else

On it. Should be available by end of night.

just move it somewhere else

I checked, the light_env is using the exact same settings as cp_powerhouse

having trouble AAAAAAAAAAAH?

Now I'm really confused.

That happened?

Fuck we need to take an opportunity to get him to learn of this mod. make a useful idiot out of him

I fixed it by
downloading the entire fugigng tf2vintage folder again from

what the fuck is wrong with my game? The same message appears no matter what I do
It's not possible it's drawing the maps from elsewhere right?

try deleting your maps in the download folder

I deleted EVERYTHING mind you.

scratch that, cp_powerhouse differs from the server's version.

This is getting out of hand why the compression was ever looked at I don't get.

Just deleted my entire maps folder and cleaned out the download folder and can connect but fucking christ on a stick if this hasn't fucked people harder than any drama

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I got a step closer. Now I'm missing the map and redownloading the map pack after emptying my recycling bin

It's fugged for everyone and everything; the mapserver differs from the version we just downloaded that cut down on the (((meme maps)))

Okay there's a fix
Just fugging delete the maps in the map folder and let the downloader shunt it in itself. This is incredibly silly but it works

it's because devanon is going one way and sappy the other and I'm stuck in the middle of this wondering what the fuck is even going on.

fuck this game


try just making the maps fodler and put nothing inside it same with download

It's ok everything is okie dokie now

Getting reports there are still join issues and at this rate come gamenight we're going to basically have to tell people to remove their map folder.

I'm just gonna silently update the moddb download with the one with the maps folder empty

It's apparently due to the filesize differences that don't match between the server's checksum, booting players.
It may be due to
(((compressing the maps for easier download speeds.)))
If someone downloads a compressed map, the server will read the filesize and notice the difference and boot the player; and it will infect that player's ability to join ANY server until the map is deleted and the server shunts in its own map.
so stop compressing the maps please serveranons, just retrieve them from the server uncompressed and throw them into the maps folder thank you

here comes the best map ever made

phew, good thing that's out of the way :^)



addendum: stock maps are not downloaded by the server, please advise
We told you going non-stock would lead to problems and you didn't listen. There's balloon race for fug's sake

UI'm jsut done sappy and dev user need to sort this shit out I'm getting tired of this shit myself


fuck this shit i'll come back tomorrow!1LBwUahT!SadokXdb6fbwwt_5iMQqs0wE2t_cLdvMYy_2ytVKa80


thanks for at least trying to fix this shitfest

memesystem will run this map pack for a while until I redo the map downloads.
Basically, I thought it would be a good idea to convert the custom maps too, but since more servers are popping up, that's just going to cause headaches for everyone involved. If you download a map from one server, you won't be able to join the other. It'll be much easier for the players if all the maps were the same, so I'm just going to use standard bz2 compression for the custom maps to maintain compatibility with other servers.
Sorry for the confusion/frustration.

I feel like less of an idiot now, at least.

Communists aren't allowed on the server sorry




right so fixing this shit right now 2.9 will have the fix and I'm upping it to moddb

anybody wanna play some video games?

rip tf2v

rip tf2v

stepping down, can't take this format war bullshit and it's just going to fuck everyone involved over. I've handed devanon the info to the moddb profile with instructions to change the burner email I used and the password to it.

Not sure why you decided to scuttle the moddb especially when an agreement was worked out last night. All that was really needed to do was upload the versions I built and it would have been fine.


Hey G, make me a sandwich?


Is anyone going to play today?

Guess I'll hop onboard this shitshow.
I still get flashbacks to TF2C's Poacher's Pride. I hope this is less traumatizing.

I'm getting on in a bit, just gotta eat.

Do tell.

Double barrel rifle without scope, for sniper. Basically like FaN.

Someone on TF2C's dev team had the bright idea of giving the Sniper an unlock primary that was a two-barelled sniper rifle that did half-charge damage. It's also quite loud.
One day an entire team decided to use nothing but the Poacher's Pride, which while not particularly effective on its own, turned a team of 7 snipers into an unstoppable barrage of 3,000 hitscan 2-shots rushing around the map. We couldn't even get out of spawn without the ear-raping crash of multiple PPs going off and throwing our corpses against the back wall of the room, let alone get back onto the cart.

And they wonder why we want something different.

I'm connecting, join in niggas.

It's not dead I handed it off to devanon And we're not using what was agreed on, devanon went with his own compression instead of the compromise that we pack in sappy's premannconomy maps anbd leave the post ones uncompressed, then splitting it into two more downloads, one that is strictly pre-mannconomy and one that is just the post mannconomy maps in a map pack.

I then get told use this NEW download with NEW compression which I know was going to use a version mismatch so I just calmly gave the login info to devanon. Best of luck to you guys hope you can see this to the end, but this is where I get off. It's been fun guys but I've got a massive headache from all this


The stock maps weren't the problem, it was the fact that Dio keeps fucking insisting on including a bunch of compressed custom maps, which will (and already has) caused issues down the line. If a new server owner tries to add their own custom map, nobody can join because they already have a specific version. Custom maps should not be converted to thw new bsp format - this is a mistake I made with memesystem and the reason why it's pre-Mannconomy only right now.
We tried to talk him out of it, but talking to him is a nightmare on its own. He either constantly misinterprets everything or straight up doesn't read anything you say.


That's wrong because it didn't. That's the whole issue.
And why the fuck are you referring to your repacks as "builds" and "versions"? They're all running from the same binary code.
You're so goddamn insistent on keeping the custom maps. Drop them. Drop the post Mannconomy maps, too, and get rid of the gigabytes of shit you threw into TF2V. If the only thing you actually contribute to "development" is repacking assets, then do it properly.


Once again, I direct everyone to

alright, which map pack is the one that works

Use the 2.9 maps and the 2.9 version. The server owners need to update to 2.9 content instead of downgrading to 2.5 just because some anons forgot to update. I can guarantee one 2.9 server up Friday for gamenight if needed.

I pray this mod doesn't die after this last week of fun we've been having. I'll keep it installed and check for updates on the whole map situation, but for now, I'm taking a break.
It's been great playing.

I agree with this. Devanon if you're reading this please dont back down. This is the mod that we need, but after seeing all these autists maybe its not the mod we deserve.

m-maybe if serveranon used a trip?

I'm going to continue development of TF2V, either though a standalone sourcemod or as a TF2C expansion in the worst case scenario. Pretty much a lot of the issues I've had reported were caused by people not updating TF2V and having mismatches and other errors that were fixed. I even encountered an user who was still using V1 before the map update in V2. The biggest issue is the maps which again, the format was changed in 2.9 to not only cut the size of the game down by 2GB but as a side effect to force anons to upgrade to the most recent and stable build of TF2V.

I think the "no meme maps" compromise was fair enough which is why the 2.9R contain only stock TF2 maps and the TF2V effects as optional content. It should smooth itself out as the week goes by and more servers and anons upgrade to 2.9 in time for the gamenight this weekend.

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Nope. If there is one thing I can guarantee it's that I'm not affiliated with Alphablaster, REDchanit, fagpunch, TF2C or the TF2C dev team. I got dumped by the first half because I wasn't interested in pushing a political agenda and dumped by the second half because I disagreed with the directionless scope creep and original content.
You're on the front page.


I'm still lurking, I'll come back in time but I'm more focused on beating DoW, I am glad though this is getting recognition and hope it does become popular

I think a small number of carefully curated custom maps is a good idea. None of the meme-tier maps like highertower though, if server owners want to host cancer that's on them but I sure as fuck don't want to have to download it just to play.
Now that's just blind purism, what magically makes post Mannconomy maps inferior? Hell some of the oldest maps in TF2 are fucking terrible. If you just include pre-Mannconomy we'd only get one good ctf map, for example.

Also what the fuck is going on? Is tf2v dead? Can someone summarise the drama for a faggot who's only casually interested? Do I just download 2.9 from moddb to play (I assume a completely fresh install)?

Yes, download 2.9 from moddb. That is the version all server hosters and clients should be using. If you aren't using 2.9 it will spit version mismatches.

Nothing, because that's not what I was suggesting. Make them a separate download so that TF2V doesn't come packed with a bunch of bloat. Nobody wants to download a 4 GB archive every time there's a small update. TF2C's Vapor updater may have been shit, but at least the devs tried.

That's more reasonable but I don't see why to arbitrarily cut off maps at the mannconomy update. If anything a separate download should just have the most popular/least shitty stock maps of any age.


By the way all the Halloween cancer maps have been removed right? Obviously that's for the best but it's a shame they aren't just pallet swaps, if they were literally just the same map but with spooky textures they'd be fun to play this October. Valve just had to fill it with spells, ghosts and that bullshit.
damn, how are you going to compete, devanons?

This is something I looked into which is an unfucked set of Halloween maps for TF2V. If I do release it it'll be an optional pack for servers in late September/early October.

Oh damn, well good to see I wasn't the only one thinking about it.

Is memesystem down?

Anyone wants to play?

Vintage xperience is up. Lets play on that.

pls join

6 on, come join!

ded game

goodbye friends

is there any burger serbers still up? I only see salami and cakeboy in the browser. is ded gam?

Invite your reddit buddies to populate the servers!

how do i connect to online servers? whenever i try to it tells me to restart my game, but that doesn't help. i am on linux by the way

please don't joke about that user, you're scaring me

join salami for now, I'll be there in a moment

Already on the front page of the subreddit.

welp, time to pack it up and go home, guys


Oh fuck.

Well, it was fun while it lasted guys.

Nice bait.




I got this with my moon man audio spray.

As in I'll take care of it. Really needed a comma somewhere in there.



Who would have thought.

Do these people not read the moddb page for instructions? Do these people not read at all?

sauce or gtfo faggot :^)

Who would have thought.

So are you fucks actually playing the game? I checked a while ago and there's 0 people on.

We were and then we left. It'll be morr populated during the day and on weekends.

dead game XDDD

I mean, we only have a player pool of like 25 at most. Give it some time to get popular.

game has been up for like 2 months what do you mean

even tf2cucks had a decent player pool by this time

And they also had reddit, and furfags, and trannies.

Except ours has been in Holla Forums which is much tinier than other places. By this time they were advertising on fagpunch, leddit and getting TF2bers like VNN to shill their game. The only main site we have is here which isn't popular at all with some publicity on moddb. If a channel like VNN shills it, we could then push it further by getting a legitimate claim to a mod page on the TF Wiki.

literally unpleasable

smaller user bases are better

what did he mean by this


I enjoy murdering redditors as much as I enjoy murdering everyone else really.
What's the worst that can happen?

I know, right?

v3 ?

Past 300 replies, on page 13. make a new thread guys. I'd do it but I don't know whay should I change or add for the next thread.

new thread when

where'd the servers go

ded mod of a ded game

New bread: