I have an xbox controller for my computer now, what should I be doing

I have an xbox controller for my computer now, what should I be doing

sticking it in your ass

if only

please respond

hello, slashy vee?

Play a video game.

Some racing games use the analog triggers and there's some games that only support xbox controllers because of more anticompetitive microcock fuckery. I would suggest emulation, but every version of the xbox controller has a shit dpad. You should have gotten one of the four in the top right corner. I guess it's probably not that bad for PSX/N64 emulation.

play vidya

Throwing it in the trash and buying a Dual Shock 3 instead.


Getting a controller with a d-pad that doesn't suck.

get another one for when it breaks lol
this is a misconception, people say they break really fast but they dont, they break like a human breaks where there are any number of cosmetic deficiencies or non-vital systems that are fucked but it still works where as other controllers break like a horse where you shoot after the leg is broke

this is the real next step

Which one?

Also carve it open and put it in a not retarded shell

Dark Souls games are meant to be played with controllers, play them if you haven`t already.
In any game where you don`t need to point and click at something, the controller will be better than the keyboard/mouse combo.



Do people actually do this and think it's better?

check my dubs

Now you'll also need one that supports DirectInput because for some reason the default driver for the the Xbox controller only supports Xinput.