Space Thread:Exploration Expedition

Welcome to another space thread Emperors,Admirals and Captains

Post about your

And your space waifus here in the Space thread.

Also a Question for the thread, What was the most interesting looking planet you have seen from any movie,game,book etc?

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I think I'd have to say Gobotron.

The name of the Thargoid ship, that's been seen lately throughout the game, was revealed in the beta.
reminder that each fin on the ship is the length of an anaconda


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Is Elite Dangerous worth the price, how about the season pass? I haven't played space game in 10 years and I'm really itching for some

Pirate it. Not worth giving money to the devs.

I don't think its piratable?

No. Only if you can get the game and season pass together for 30 bucks or less.

Try pirating the latest version of no man's sky instead. It's actually added a lot single player content recently.

Thought it was. I wouldn't bother then unless you want a "graphical" experience. If you want to play as a jew in space try the X series.

Such as? And does it work on a toaster?

I did re-pirate it and besides the crashed freighter the start of the game is the same grindy slog for cash. You can honestly get started in E:D way quicker.
That and it still runs like trash on my comp.

If you get it on sale it is, the game has been slowly updated to make it worth 30$ if you get horizons as well and the Thargoid plot is supposed to be kicking into gear after the beta for 2.4 ends sometime next month. The beta patch notes where pretty barren of anything new so somewhat exciting things are happening.
If you're on the fence though I'd honestly wait, this is the last update for season 2 and the game's pricing model will probably change once 2.4 winds down. This means getting horizons and the base game might be cheaper as they combine the two and separate whatever is coming next into a new dlc pack.
Although from recent rumors it sounds like they're gonna move to smaller updates with cheaper pricing.
Reminder the Thargoid plot is supposed to be a one off event that will happen over the course of the next few months and possibly longer, part of the galaxy wide evolving story the devs get a hard on talking about.


meeeeh guess i dont really lose anything by trying

I wanted to travel between stars and fuck around while watching anime for ultimate cozyness

Did anyone try starfighter origins?

Not a planet but i fucking love Iserlohn fortress and it's design. They put some real thought into their unique space fortress and the tactics that surrounded it.

pls respond

nms is horribly optimized on pc so no

On another note, why do space sim devs try to cram everything in their games? Why not make a tight focused game like Tie Fighter or FreeSpace

I really love the entire design of everything in LoGH, from the idea to the metal surface forts to the ship design. The Imperial Uniforms after Reinhard takes over are the best.


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Good taste user, Iserlohn definitely became my favorite fortress in almost any media with it's sleek marble look and design, I just wished it wasn't used by the FPA for the majority of it's screen time.

It actually does amaze me that there has never been a properly good game about space exploration.

Cause .jpegs :^)
In truth though I am not sure why space game devs these days force in such feature creep. In the good old days you'd make a game engine or flight model and build your game around it, these days it feels like devs try to build the game they want by throwing shit on the wall and hoping it sticks.

Anyway uploading latest versions of Pulsar Lost Colony and a few other space games right now. It will be an hour before they are fully uploaded.
Need to build up a larger selection of games eventually. Ignore the Joint Ops file, it's an alt download for the gamenight

Does it count that I liked how the earth was presented in Rescue Party? Just having a bunch of confused star fleet-like ayys investigating earth during it's final moments before the sun goes supernova was a pretty fun take.
Only to find that all of humanity just went fuck it, strapped everyone into rockets, aimed at a probably inhabitable system and flew off.
While having set up cameras all over the planet to send a live stream of the apocalypse to ourselves.

Adding to that, Loophole and Expedition to Earth could have made some fun short Myst-like games to be honest. I miss the era of hard scifi short stories and novellas, the shorter format lends itself much better to the genre.

With subs

I really liked Look to Windward. It shows the Culture as the asshole they really are, but powerful assholes. The ending is satisfying.



Post-scarcity != socialism.

tell that to Holla Forums. They genuinely believe post-scarcity will inevitably lead to their communist utopia they so desire, like it's an inevitable reality.

In post-scarcity, communism or capitalism won't matter anymor. The Culture isn't some socialist utopia, it's a civilization that should have sublimed a long time ago but stays to mess with lesser races for shit and giggles while Minds take care of what is important.

"You know," he said to Rugon, "I feel rather afraid of these people. Suppose they don't like our little Federation?" He waved once more toward the star-clouds that lay massed across the screen, glowing with the light of their countless suns.
"Something tells me they'll be very determined people," he added. "We had better be polite to them. After all, we only outnumber them about a thousand million to one."
Rugon laughed at his captain's little joke.

Twenty years afterward, the remark didn't seem funny.


What did he mean by this?

It's the end of the short story I mentioned.

Yeah, what the author meant by :

It meant first contact didn't go so well
20 years down the line Humanity didn't like their little federation.

so humanity kicked their asses or what

They sent a strongly worded diplomatic letter telling them their federation was a shit.

Testing out new weaponry on ayys. This time MIRV missiles.
Taking out Precursor fleets after a ship goes dark in a new system.

X is maximun comfy then, as far as I know.

Well I hate commies, so fuck off faggot

Empyrion Galactic Survival's fun so far, it's a space engineers clone except functional, has way more content and is more aesthetically pleasing, not to mention stable multiplayer. Feels good to actually be able to make the geometric ships of my dreams. Lots of serbers, wish I had people to play with tho. worth a buy/pirate

can you have qt xenos as crew members?

All I want is X from the perspective of a human, being able to walk around your ship and on stations. Maybe even planet landings.

Give me that, or a more fleshed out Pulsar with doable single player/harder scifi Outer Wilds release never ever and I will be at maximum comf level

what game?

aurora 4x

Welp, finally got around to finishing LOGH.

What a fucking ride.

Well done user, now go watch the gaiden serials.
Here's the production order.

OVA gaiden series 2.

Do note that during series two their animation style changes a bit and becomes, at least in my opinion, flatter.
Also the chronological order would be Spiral labyrinth, Silver-white walley, The mutineer, The Duellist, Dreams of morning, songs of night, The retriever, A hundred billion stars a hundred billion lights, the third battle of tiamat and finally Dishonour.

So, whichever way you prefer to watch them, you are still in for a great ride.
Personally, i prefer the shows from series one, first of all due to the animation style still being similar to last season of main OVA and also because we get to see more Reinhard, Kircheis and Schenkopp.

Also pic related is from Dishonour.

Fug, forgot to mention that the Dishonour was part of the first gaiden series.
Mea culpa.


Tell me more!

Can you build in space in creative?

How big a ship?

How many options? Custom Giant turrets? Weapon types?

It's like all the things everyone wished were in space engineers. There's a lot of other shit like blueprints and modules that auto-construct bases or ships from a list you can choose from (if you got the mats). It's got content.

You bet.
As far as I can tell there's no upper limit.
Nigga we got turrets out the ass: sentry guns, miniguns, cannons, rockets, missiles, flak, pulse lasers, artillery turrets. We even got mining laser turrets that auto-mine asteroids.

It's fun and would be fun to play with some 8fags in space

I'll be your xeno user

I'd be willing to try it. If I could find a good/trustworthy torrent.
Can you program berserkers in?

Fucking dino shits keep your filthy hands off my life energy.


Jesus Christ while I was busy building defenses and ships just to keep these bastards from wiping me out, they took the entire rest of the map, "winning" me the game.

I just got my Oculus DK2 working with SteamVR. What are some good space titles to play on it? House of the Dying Sun looks fun, but short, so I dunno about paying $20 for it.

I tried Elite: Dangerous, but controls are tricky, and a lot of the cockpit text is very hard to read in VR.

also how good would a flight yoke and pedal set be for Elite?

X-Rebirth VR is the best space VR vidya made for people like you.

Hmmmm…it has to be REALLY good for me to start AGAIN.

I tried building a specific giant ship before (in Starmade), but the entire group just stopped playing more or less.
Now I'm building it in SE.

Staring from scratch and having to build a ship that big in Survival???
I dunno. I guess if there's a multiplayer world where multiple people can help me….

Also, I heard here's a limit to how many guns a ship can have.
And GIANT big-ass turrets?

The ship is (or should be) around 760 blocks long in SE (and that's downscaled)

it's a really neat idea but the actual gameplay is a big letdown, probably not worth your money

Thanks for the advice. I had no idea I'd enjoy LOGH as much as I did; there was no part of it - at all - that wasn't fucking great from beginning to end.

What game allows me to remove bugs?

X rebirth if you are a good enough coder :^)





What do you guys think about the new Master of Orion? I played 2 to death and I'm looking for a new Space game.

It's shit. All about spehhs crossroads and chokepoints. Until somewhere mid-to-late research when you get some sort of warp-gate tech game goes as stellaris (w/o much research/mining station tho) with "hyperlanes only" settings. Then it's just blob your fleet and xenocide. Also shitty camera ergonomics in a way that it moves and zooms as shitdevs thought will please tablet gaymers.

Disgusting, I'll pass then.


The Starship Trooper games do. Starcraft does. EDF.

The game has content for about 10 hours, stretched over literally the entire galaxy.

E:D in about a month

Sword of the stars.

Is ED a game yet? Last time I played it was a screenshot simulator with a RNG function tackled on it. Also I had strong suspicion the BGS was an excel sheet and intern updated every night.


And the webm attached, the devs have been slowly adding less rng content. They've also promised that the updates after 2.4 will return to fix and update core features, instead of more rngineers.

I wonder if there is any game that lets you properly manage a spacestation?



So, what is happening with the Mandate? Is it dead?

It's deader than dead user, I'm so sorry. I just wanted real time fights with real tome boarding

I just got back a couple hours ago from the total solar eclipse, but I had an absolutely awful trip other than the event. What's the most relaxing space game?


I'm not a marxist you fucking troglodyte.
Not everything is fucking Marxism or related to 1800's socialist theory.

Any games that let me impregnate a qt xeno gf?


Player of Games is one of my favs, their society is so incredibly utopian that you can do whatever you want, and because of genetic manipulation all deficiencies have been removed
plus due to post scarcity criminality has been pretty much removed, the crazy guys get a automated bot to zap them/stop them & observe them for the rest of their lives
virtual reality so real you dive into a virtual world while you sleep, free food at every restaurant you visit, if you want to design spaceships as a hobby even though a machine can do it 1 million times faster, you can

this game was real fun, especially as you can have enemy guys infiltrate and make your buildings explode, plus the different species are interesting, would be nice to see a new startopia in the works with more alien visitors

RIP, the game had so much promise

lucky you, I wish I could see it

Any of you know of cool E3 space vidya games coming out?

Who reason I dropped it. Even made a post in the VN thread about it.


Well satan, Rebel galaxy is pretty comfy and has a pretty great soundtrack on it.

Rebel Galaxy badly needs mods.

Name a better TIE fighter variant than this. protip: you can't.

At least the gameplay was fun


Space vidya will soon be saved, anonymous!

this thread is occupied for the glory of the queen



The latest No Man's Sky updates have made it playable. Check out some YouTube gameplay first, just in case. I think it's a fun game now, but maybe it's Stockholm syndrome on my part.

Gentlemen. I bring you… CORN!

I know it's a stretch, but I really hope that during this thargoid shit we end up getting some kind of thargoid derived bioship available for purchase.

You could outfit a large fleet with TIE Hunters without having to shave that much combat ability.

I was hoping to walk around planets in Elite Dangerous by now.

SJW's happened. It's completely and utterly dead.

I think House of the Dying Sun is worth a pirate. I find it to be rather fun.

Alright, anons. How do you prefer your ship/station?

Spin gravity in a tube built for dropping on cities.

Theoretically, with a better understanding of the chemical signals used by the body to control bone and muscle regrowth, and nanites in your blood stream to manipulate this chemical balance, you could make this atrophy a thing of the past.
Genetweaking might also produce the same result, if you are willing to make a race of genetically engineered spacers. Just don't make them bluehaired space elves or they might just try to take over your society and ban you from owning anything in orbit "for your own good".

What games let me play as a freakazoid alien creature? Doesn't even have to not be a humanoid, I just want to at least look like an alien. I've been on a star wars binge recently and the only games I've played so far that let you be an alien (say, a rodian or a wookiee) are Star Wars Galaxies and Jedi Academy, the bulk is just humans and the occasional green or blue human with spikes.
Don't get me wrong, I love removing xenos as a human-supremacist faction in tons of games, but if you're going to give me some melting-pot society with a bunch of aliens and make the humans have nothing special about them, let me play the damn aliens.

Destroy all humans

You rebel niggers blinked… now die!

Star trek online, it's alien character creator is breddy gud.

Alright. I'll look into all of these again.

Before it reaches totality, everything becomes an odd hue, you could see Jupiter and Venus, birds flock since they believe it's dusk, and apparently leaves cast much different shadows. Complete totality is an entirely different experience, however. Even witnessing an eclipse at 99% isn't worth a goddamn thing in comparison. It's a completely black hole with tentacles of light dancing around it that's so unbelievably crisp, no picture or video does it justice. The temperature drops drastically in the Moon's shadow, which sweeps across the Earth at mach 2. My only regret is that I didn't look at it long enough during the two and a half minutes, but it was worth the three days of no sleep, two-star hotel, and 16 hours of loitering in airports.


Considering we'll be getting tech that lets us actually deal damage to thargoids I'm sure the devs will have some cross over tech planned.


The Thargoids will be reskinned NPCs in renamed Conflict Zones and you know it. The special weapons will be new RNGneers recipe with new random materials drop from random encounters in Supercruise. The devs fell for the multiplayer meme without having the required competency to pull it off and now they are stuck with their architecture.

Really is an underused ship.

Or maybe it's being used all the time and you just don't know user

Most hated version of elfs I have seen, and the humans were a bunch of cucks, all that time I was wishing for the damn orcs to appear.

probably pick related

We know there will be new modules their concepts have been shown. If they lock them behind Palin or another new engineer I'm not so sure.
We also know that at least one of them will make the Thargoids vulnerable to conventional weapons.
We also know they will not have any affect on normal human ships, probably for the best as the devs have been struggling to balance anything after engineers became a thing.


story please.




You guys having fun in space? I sure do!

im getting feels in space.

I'll wait until we see more than a controlled tech demo. It looks cool, but unless they unfuck the casualisation that was in rebirth, I won't be interested.
Not a fan of the art style though, it looks like nms. Also, what the fuck species are those ayys? They don't look like anything from the previous games.

a really skinny looking Paranid?

They look really generic.

Fugg, I hope they'll still let us play as a Spacejew Teladi.

I got to witness three Belugas jammed in the mailslot get eviscerated by the station guns.

The graphics from the demo are just a placeholder apparently, it'll look much more 'realistic' when they work on the actual textures. I'm here with bated breath but I seriously hope we get something good after the abortion that was rebirth. They seem to be going back to their roots while keeping some of the good ideas they had in rebirth, however few there were.

They look like self inserts

What game this?

It looks like that because of the physically based rendering meme that makes everything look cartoony and like plastic. I actually like that look for a space game though.

X4 looks breddy gud from that demo, but I remember Bernd's lies from the X Stillbirth demos and will approach X4 with caution. Still, they have admitted what a disaster Rebirth was, he even said they screwed up in the X4 demo. So I am cautiously optimistic for X4. Also I noticed the demo was played on mouse and keyboard, unlike Rebirth's demos which were all played on controller.

D-Day has begun and I'm Germany. Fuck me in the ass and call be Betty this is going to be a rough fight.

wat mods

I'm downloading the series right now. I didn't know this existed, but it looks radical.

You're in for a real treat user

Starsector (with mods)

Are there any experts of old Space Sims in this thread?
I'm really new to the genre and got really interested in it only recently with Elite Dangerous. I want to research some older games so that I could try to make a space sim myself that fixes the problems I have with the ones that are out right now.

So far I only tried to play Elite 2, but I could not get it to run at a decent framerate. Is that even possible? Could really use some help.

What else should I play?

It used to be on Youtube. I got as far as about episode 35ish, but it got taken down. That was nearly a year ago now and I still want to finish it. Know where else I can stream it?

Unfortunately the only place that I know that has it available is kiss anime

BakaBT has blue-ray version for the whole series. Also this.

The Wing Commander series as a whole is required for anyone still wet behind the ears. Which one you start with really does depend on what aspect of space sims you like.

Trading? Wing Commander: Privateer.
Space Opera with solid space combat? The main series.

Avoid Prophecy like the plague if you care about the story. Privateer 2 also isn't that great.

Frontier: Elite 2 is top notch.
You tried DosBox? Unless you're running on a real toaster you shouldn't have to much trouble. An alternative would be the free elite clone oolite.

Ok here we go, in no particular order:
-Freespace 2, a must play and with the mods it looks like it came out last month.
-Terminus, a weird game and totally overlooked, you can play it as a campaign lead game with the Mars/Terran military start or play the Mercenary/Pirate start for a more Elite-like experience.
-Hardwar, not really a space sim sonce you are on Titan but you can trade and do missions, the storyline is nice too.
-Wing Commander Privateer, already covered by the other user.
-Escape Velocity: Nova, not a space sims but you have the whole trade/missions/storyline sided. Multiple storylines hook make it have a nice replay value.
-X series, the more Elite like of the bunch plus you can build stations and complexes. Avoid Rebirth. Also they didn't fell for the multiplayer meme so there is actual content in the game.

That's pretty much it on the top of my head.

The liquid metal armor idea blew my mind the first time I saw it. One of the few times I seen something legitimately new and interesting in sci-fi or fantasy.

SE and Emp have roughly the same scaling, and I hate to let you down, but a 760 long Capital ship will drink so much fuel that it will literally spend months between flights in Emp. I have a White Base-styled carrier scaled to 75 long and it has a 60 minute flight time with full tanks of Fusion Cells.

What is Space Engine like nowadays?

That's either retarded or you have tiny fuel tanks on a huge ship.

Here you go user.

I've mostly just been playing Wallpaper Engine lately. It's a fun game, but if I'm honest the gameplay is pretty much just Press Prtscn to Win. I found this planet getting absolutely obliterated by its parent star, which was neat.
I'm bored to death please help.

I love SE, but what makes this Emp game better? The performance and the multiplayer never bothered me since I only play my autistic block building games solo.
Most importantly, just how autistic is it? I can only enjoy SE when I have mods that vastly multiple the number of metals and alloys, complicate all of the recipes with them, and necessitate Factorio-level production chains just to refine the fuel to perpetuate the chain, and I keep assembler efficiency and refinery speed at their slowest values. I find Create-mode building to be boring and pointless, and need to feel like I've earned every scrap of material I use to craft every individual block of my week- or month-long construction projects.
It looks pretty, and I'd love a SE-styled game that's autistic enough that I don't have to resort to buggy mods.

If you die in the rover, you lose your ship and everything you own just as if your ship was exploded, right? I'd like to try them out more, but I've been too afraid since I almost got mine destroyed by some random nonsense one time.

Nope if you die in your rover you re-spawn in your ship. The higher end small ships can easily carry multiple too.
You can also repair them anytime using synthesis in the right panel.

What will the Star Trek: Discovery video games be like?

ME Andromeda but worse.

Pretty sure the AI is running the culture at this point any mammals in control succumb to hedonism long ago. Plus the ship's fuck off the mysterious ether of the sublime and come back just for the fuck of it.

STO is just going to get new luck box/lock box ships.

Oh my god could you imagine if EA secured the rights to Star Trek Discovery games and that's the secret BioWare project they put most of the ME:A team onto after they shut down their studio? I would break a shit laughing.

So since there isn't a better thread to post this in has anyone been keeping up with BSG:Deadlock? Thought feelings etc because I'm inclined to purchase it atm.

BSG is still a thing? I thought it died after the series went to shit and eventually ended.

Ham-fisted political allegory and theological wankery hasn't dented my appreciation for the space combat.

I know this happened last week, but I also reget not staring at it longer. I took a few shots of totality with my camera but I was more amazed at how the rest of the world looked. I didn't even look to see Venus or Jupiter. Worth a 24 hour drive and sleeping in a stranger's basement. Might go to Argentina in 2019 to see it again.

Sage for not being video games.

From the screenshot it looks like some mobileshit game. I'll take a look at it.

That's why I'm still weary, I've had a look at the developers and the only other game they've released was also a space combat sim. However I also read it was limited in units and mechanics and is still steep at a £15 price mark. The developers seem to care but I don't know maybe NBC Universal want's a quick cash grab for a shelved franchise.

Playing Nexus again makes me wish for a proper corporate warfare space game in the solar system. The fact it went full AYY LMAO gave me blueballs beyond imagination

So the short version of this entire thread is there are no new decent space games out to play?

Being a spacefag is suffering. But yes new games keeping fucking things up, it's just as bad as being an RTSfag

Thanks, I guess I'll continue my not playing any games anymore lifestyle.

Shame I was going to offer you a hug


Too lewd for you user?


Fuck this, it is still a good game but I would have liked more Stiletto and less Angelwing.

Nice digits user.
Pretty much everything you said but one thing on top of all else that I missed about the corporate warfare is that ships with rotating sections make me incredibly horny

You, me and the rest of the universe.

spoiler that filth user!

Too extreme for you?

S-stop user!

Don't forget the OSEC ships.

Stop resisting. Give in to your love of rotating section shipfu.


Is there any way to get around this shit, atleast through file editing?
I just want to play with crossfaction teams.

Hard coded. You can technically do it via mission editing but it's not something you can do in skirmish.


Oh shit, it's time to get crazy with those rovers then.

well, i finished rebel galaxy, its was ok, nothing out of the ordinary.
first pic is best ship and second pic is the ship that i used to kill some xenos.
also F for best girl.

Why not create multiple teams?

My favorites are the not-ISD triangle ship that you can get with enough authority/citizen approval and the Damocles class ship from up here
Do missions from mission boards that increase pirates like towards you until you can use their stations.

Meant to link to this post on that second line

Rebel Galaxy really needs mods or something for more replayability. Also grinding pirate lords really is a fucking chore.

Fuck the damocles, this badboy is where its at.
It hits like a battleship with those 10 broadside guns and 9 guns with good arcs let it take out hordes of smaller ships, all while keeping its mobility high so you can get out of tough scrapes.
It basically gets all the advantages of a big ship, without the big drawback they all get.
Mind you, it takes ages to grind out the cash for one

Ladies and Gentlefaggots
I would like to point out that every single one of you is wrong!

the only way i manage to buy my next ship in that game was of pure luck, selling high prices OP weapons that ships dropped in the story or some pirate lord.

i guess you like to mine and stuff?

The Radvoich is fast enough to burst in unload on a Dread and GTFO before they are able to charge their weapons. It also handles and move more like a Corvette/Light Frigate while still have formidable defenses and a good firepower. Overall it's fast and tough, a Battlecruiser in all but name.
If you have yet to try it out you're a fool.

it looks ugly

And pink.
Still doesn't mean it isn't one of the best ships in the game. The ship honestly needs nerfed by how ridiculous the thing is. You can literally get underneath the guns of a Dread and pump their ass full of mines and burst out before they detonate


I finally managed to fill 90% of a system with a trade route.

Nexerilien, Steelclads, New Galatic Order

Oh, and YouWantToBeaMerhcnat and CommChatter

Any games that let you be a generic marine or something during a gigantic space invasion or through a campaign series of space conquests that you may or may not direct to some degree but don't outwardly control like an RTS or 4X? I want to shoot ayliums.

really mate?

So Kangz in Space?


Just saw this game was recently released:
BattleStar Galactica
spess strategy, real time with tactical elements?


We have a fleet?

Well it's been around for years now.
I just figured there were other players here who are also part of it.


What is this? Bizarro Earth?


Did a fuckton of posts get deleted in this thread? Or is codemonkey fucking shit up again?

Has the new Masters of Orion game gotten any better via updates?

If not what are some good games that let me make the human race number 1 while purging aliens I deem need purging.

Here is my new fleet in Aurora. I'm using this setting as the lore:

Bryyo from Metroid Prime 3: Courrption

Galactic Civilization if you make the Terrans the Terran Empire. Or Birth of the Federation mods

Sword of the stars.

Just beware the specters.

Star trek takes place in a universe without racemixing and perhaps includes eugenics. The federation is clearly natsoc.

Its pretty fun, user, fairly in-depth, though the story doesn't seem to be amazing or anything so far.

The interface (especially for controlling fighters/making your ships hit priority targets) is supremely clunky, though. Z-Axis stuff is pretty neat, and ship collisions always seem to result in both ships being destroyed

Does it have ship to ship boarding user?

I'm pretty sure I've shot down some Heavy Raider squadrons, but thats about it. Unsure if you can go and raid (though I haven't unlocked all the fighters yet)

Please tell me you're joking. You aren't seriously going to trust them that much again after the abomination that was Rebirth, right?


Is there a good guide for getting started in this game? Something like captnduck's videos for Dwarf Fortress?

Holy shit, does that mean I'll finally be able to play ICW indefinitely?

They already put it up onto the workshop.

Fantastic, I've been waiting for this for a long time. A friend of mine died without ever having this opportunity, sucks to be him


So how does it work?
Do you purchase ships outside of combat on some sorta shipyard (like Battlefleet gothic), do you build them mid battle (like Homeworld), do you just select them from a list or are they handed down to you during missions (like in Nexus)?

I know that feel user.
I am also both.

We're all gonna make it.

So Empire at War gamenight soon?

Sounds cool.

You need more lasers.

Ballistics and missiles do next to nothing.
Get plasmas. Get a lot of ships so you can mirco and and kite

Quill18 on YT has a decent tutorial series that goes up to a little past first contact iirc
that is, if you can handle his voice/personality that long.
Otherwise its a perfectly suitable tut and even taught me a few things after i had sucked the wiki dry of all helpful info

Your main fleet is a mobile shipyard that can produce units on the fly, though only outside of missions. You can build ships and split them off into separate fleets and have them defend their own sections of the whatever the fuck place you're defending from the toasters.
Its closer to Gothic, I suppose, though your shipyard is (usually) always moving about, so you have to take account of that.

Vid related is the shipyard itself.

Yes, i am aware of what does and what doesn't kill a specter.
Just wanted to give a heads up to the new player.

Some user typed up a tutorial for Aurora a while back. Did anyone happen to save it?

fug, im really starved for space vidya.

ded gaem

Shared with halfchan Holla Forums I think. But I'm pretty sure every one moved here during the Schism.

Oh look it's another voxel based space sandbox that doesn't look like shit.
But it's a kickstarter so it will probably end up shit somehow.
It's fully funded so guess we can wait and see.
Will totally pirate the moment a copy leaks

I haven't finished the series of tutorial yet, so if you guys want something I'll do it.



These are the last ones

Thanks, user.

downloading now

Galactic Civilization 1,2, or 3?

Not him but galactic civ 2 is the only good one.

gotcha, thanks

but it looks like shit, user.

Hey guys what's up?

I remember that concert, it was kinda shit music.

Is there something similar to Stargate in vidya form?

There needs to be more terrestrial games, I've played Endless Legend and Alpha Centauri to death. Is Pandora any good? Or are there some space based games that actually have good things to capture/fight over? I mean things that really have impact that everyone wants, like grabbing a region with wine in the early game as necrophage in EL.

Joint Operations Stargate Mod.

I didn't know I was this autistic.

What is Holla Forums's opinion on Starfleet Command and Starfleet Command 2?
Personally I like the setting better than the regular star trek setting. The ships and races are all more interesting and varied, gameplay is good imo, relying more on planning ahead, to control your energy use, than twitch reaction or grinding for gear.
The campaign is just you going around and building up a fleet of ships you use to deal with everything from diplomatic incidents and tribbles, to that fucking doomsday machine…


The biggest star destroyer.

I hate this. I hate this so much.

I just want engineering changed into a feature you can do at any station instead of having to sit through a dozen loading screens traveling to each engineer.

That's no Freudian Nightmare.

That was a joke ship… but this however…

Why is it a giant stealth bomber in space?

Because it's meant to be stealthy user :^)

Avoiding everything nuWars hasn't made me get less angry at this trash when it crops up. I am an foreverial angered user, furious permanently and no enjoying it.

I think that's their plan, see if they can find new and ingenious ways to piss off the old fans as much as possible.

I'd love to see the concept artist/modeler behind this abomination justify himself.

Hey, at least JJ didn't change the way the ships interiors or exteriors look.
t: ruffled ST fan.

What is next on JJ's list of things to ruin?

According to wikipedia he has 2 upcomming movies:

going by the theme naming, Battlestar

He was probably told it has to be 'betterer than the executor class'. Given that the nuWars trilogy is actually the remakes of the original trilogy films this is what'll replace the executor and the second death star perhaps for the third one.

He did though, turned them from blue to black, made them a lot darker and added more red on everything. He did the same to the design of the Tie Fighters and made the black and added in a co-pilot. He'd have redesigned the Falcon if given the chance.

He's pitching a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit and is in talks for a Half-Life movie.

There is a big fucking chance he will return to Ep IX. Not joking…

Then he should be messing with something with Star at the beginning of it. I can think of Stargate and Starship Troopers off the top of my head, and both of those are in the process for being made into remakes/reboots.

I honestly thought they were some sort of tie-bomber when I first saw the design.

Well, if the falcon really does get destroyed in episode 8, I have no doubt they'll give Rey a new, shinier light correlian freighter by the end of episode nine.

The brand new ship, the Decade Eagle, the Hourly Tit, the Century Condor, the Eon Red Breasted Robin.

Doesn't matter what it is, it won't be as good as the Ebon Hawk. That's the best alternative to the Falcon that could ever exist.

It actually IS that ship, someone made a model for Empire at War that takes up a significant portion of any space map.Mod is Yoden Mod.

not big enough

Hokay, second try and we are in business!

Wut game?

Stellaris with Logh ship mod.
All it does is give you new options for how your ships look like, you can pick from Alliance and Empire ship styles while making a custom race.
It also changes the way combat platforms look like.

Sword of the Stars lore only gets better from there.

Fuck off cockroach, this is a human-only thread.

fuck me

It's a fun game and they have slowly been improving it. But like a lot of things, the fun only lasts so long. Still… worth playing.

If you like Pulsar's crew mechanics and don't care about first-person shit, check out Empty Epsilon as well. It's free and open-source, and scripting new missions for it is quite easy.

Looks neat, I'll have to give it a try.

Was the second Sword of the Stars any good or should I just stick with the first?

how the fuck do you get it to run?
do you install windows 98? i've tried multiple times to get it running on 7 and it always either crashes or is fucked in some way making it unplayable.

stick to the first, the second one was a clusterfuck.

Figured that might be the case when I saw the second games release date. The 2007 meme seems to strike true a lot.

somebody make a new thread.

Second plays completely differently to the first one and has some technical problems.

So yeah, you might want to stick to the original.

They fixed it up a lot since then. I still prefer SOTS.

SOTS2 introduced some very cool stuff (proper armor mechanics, more in-depth ship control, height planes) and some questionable ones (homebases, fleet creation, missions).
They are not "bad", given that they are designed to mimick how fleets work in RL, though they are somewhat constricting.



Your humanity fuck yeah fanfic is mediocre.
Humans are not more feared than the other races. Tarka have their military might, Liir have their super tech and mind powers, the Morrigi have their doublestandards, lost tech, and general douchebaggery Hivers have endless numbers and unmatched tenacity.
Human Nodespace drives are no more utterly incomprehensible to other races than their FTL is to humans.
Humans have no more experience or success at dealing with all the spacemonsters than all the other races. Less often, since they have far less experience at dealing with them than the other races who have all been around for hundreds to thousands of years. Hell, the Morrigi probably made half of them so long ago they've forgotten it.
Every race went to war with the Zuul, not because they where afraid of pissing off the humans, but because the Zuul attacked and raided everyone. And considering what the Zuul do to their slaves, everyone thus had good reason to do something about them.
Humans did not exclusively develop the training to resist Zuul mindrape, that was the Liir who used an old mindgame of theirs as the basis.

Check out this thread,163396632.0.html
Dynaverse is a community that still do campaigns and modding for the Starfleet Command series. That thread was for a patch for SFC II, but they also discuss how to get the game to work.
I got the best results by choosing Software Emulator in the setup exe after installing and modding the sfc.ini file to run the game windowed. The text in game is a bit small, but other than that it runs fine.



user tried to leave us to die, new thread