Planetside 2 - RIP Game Edition

Since the game and the outfit is completely fucking dead outside of the few stragglers who represent 2% of the total population of the outfit, where have you all moved? I heard some of the outfit moved to the Old Planetside while others moved onto Warfarm instead.

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I only played with you guys occasionally (mained another server), but I've not played the game in about 6 months.

Shit update after shit update, with retard developers.

Moved over to single player games mostly, with some occasional Squad or Rising Storm 2 thrown in.

stop making these fucking threads already
weww is dead, let it die peacefully already
also the game is even worse than what it already was with its free to play bs

I'm gonna start playing more again. Been playing some other shit waiting for the next big update but I've been missing Planetside and wwew.

If they actually gave the community the modding tools(not the cosmetic bullshit) and ability to host servers, we could play the living shit of this game like Joint Ops and play it TACTICOOL.

And the lads in outfit play other games OP, we did like everything in that game, even broke the construction shit.


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Why waste your time playing a game that will never be good and will probably only get worse over time?

We should just move on to PSForever. At least the devs won't make it worse every single update.

Is it second revival time?
I remember some people moved to Black Desert Online, but I don't know if they still play that, I couldn't stomach that piece of shit.


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It had potential, but will never be good because Gaybreak no longer has any big backers to their shit games.

Any big updates? didn't dropped it off because been playing my backlog.

Everyone went to play other games, Titanfall 2, Warframe, Space Station 13, Wurm Online and ect, and no, unless there's a hook for us to come back to a dying game, there's no point.

Huh, probably ran into some of them.
I'm one of the two and a half people that still use the 8ch network

quit making threads you cunt
let wwew die peacefully
let it go

See you, space cowboys.

Suffice to say, we scattered amicably (mostly) because the game was getting stale, and there's not much salt to get out of PS2 population because it fucking dropped hard. I will miss Gunner "If she bleeds, she can breed" Nacho's spaghetti tales.

I miss all of you fags.

I might've spurred this thread with my .webm's but it just took that long to finish them to my autistic standards. Now that I've gotten halfway gud at it I'm baking .webms and playing vidya on the side casual as fuck.
Looks like the VP system is being entirely scrapped.

Interesting timeline we're in, boys and traps.

I have had a strange hunger for this game again.
Maybe I'll hop on later

They fucked up the crown recently and I don't even wanna look at what they did.

They also raped and murdered Highspeed's favorite spot in the game. The TI alloys rape room.

Highspeed needed to detox anyway, he was bit by a vanu and contracted a bad case of HIVanu.

A couple of us moved to PR and stayed there.

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Fuck it, Im getting the updates. I could go for some gassing I guess.

ss13 tbh

Soldier 482 here, just fucking around on my Euro character. Grinding out the Butcher again because fuck it, it was a great way to stockpile certs and everyone else had fucked off to nc or warframe.

I miss you cunts.

Aite fuckers I don't care how dead the game is I've sunk too much of my life into this shitfest to not come and meme again, get ready for dad squad and fort bunker to rise again I was going to wait for the big update but I'm always ready to meme also I moved to ss13 and have been spending alot more time with my wife and daughter


I never left because I made the mistake of getting the aurax for the Lightning. But I'm fucking around solo again and don't really feel like reapplying for the third time to the outfit tbh

nothings happening fam
the game is even worse than it was when we first started

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What should have happened was everyone waited until CA was shat out to see how bad everything became.

God damn.

Higher quality version.

Combined Arms seems to be farther off than people would wish. PS2 is getting a new content locking system it appears, old alerts and VP system are gone..

Seems like an eh change. People fight for biolabs all day because as much as they don't like to admit they're one of the most fun kinds of bases to fight for. In the end this will be nice because it'll bring more pop to non-amp station/biolab/etc bases which will lead to less repetition
Now this is a good change.

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but in all honesty PS2 fucking SUCKS and Im glad we stopped playing this dank swamp of a skinner box

I moved the H1Z1 and PU Battlegrounds.

You hopped between parallel universes on H1Z1?

I have a feeling it'll get rolled out once the VP system gets changed.

Been working on my own game and hanging out in in the agdg general. I don't know about the rest of the group, I think everyone's splintered. I don't think there's much of a point coming back to the game.

I'm glad the decal got in though. The process was grueling and way past the time of relevance but I'm glad we left a permanent mark. Posting it, in case anyone still wants to save or use it for whatever.

I still love this video.

Played a bit for today, may play a bit more.

It was fun while it lasted but it has lost some of its appeal. I think the devs just have a lot of wrong or bad ideas, and the publishers are pushing the game in a direction that it doesn't need to go. All we really needed was PS1 redone on a modern engine, with some upgraded game mechanics to make combat flow a bit better. I understand some of the more recent updates have tried to move the metagame in that direction but the core gunplay still feels more like Call of Duty or Battlefield than anything else.

Honestly all the embarrassing repeated gutting they've had to do to PS2 just makes me miss PS1 more

When is that planetside forever shit coming anyway?

Feels good, looks good

PS2 hasn't been on the mind really, but thinking about it makes me miss it. Sucks that now my free time is way more erratic than when I used to play before.


In case you wanted to see how the VP system is being changed.

anyone still on?


Been playing Warfarm, I'm sorry guys, it just too addicting and the threads are pretty active

I aint got time for that, give me a bullet point of the changes so I can decide whether or not to come back to the game

Playing other games, simple as that. SWAT 4 & Project Reality for tacticool. Silent Hill 2/3, Pathologic, Supreme Commander, Tekken 7 and other shit.

PS2 just got repetitive and seemed like a constant uphill battle to force the game to be fun or strategic. I didn't drop it intentionally I just sorta forgot about it. It's still installed but I should probably get rid of it now. It felt like every time I logged in I'd need to spend a lot of hours to feel like I made even small progress in personal skill, XP for gear or any impact on map control. But unlike something like Arma it wasn't a personal journey with other players that I could remember and talk about fondly later or feel excitement, danger or satisfaction in cooperation. It was just chaos in the end, no matter how we tried to disguise it. Chaotic grind to get better gear for more of the same later… in PvP.

I'd rather play warfarm but I rarely play that anymore either.

At the very, very least they now have a single programmer on the team.

Is the outfit still alive my dudes?
I had to make a new account and would like to play with you lads again.


Do I need to put a spicy meme and post in my application to rejoin?

New jets that send you forward instead of drifting around/upwards, new grenade that repairs everything in surrounding it. VP system is being scraped in favor of 'get 2 territories from hives, the rest are from territory and once you get enough territory you start an alert. Once you win the alert you get massive amounts of orbital strikes that kill everything that isn't in your faction and you get a bunch of iso-4 and some free cosmetics.'

It's alive in the sense that two or three people still play.

Everytime I try to run it from the launcher my screen blackscreens, alt F4 doesn't save me. When I turn my computer off then on again it says my CPU temp is at 74C and doesn't run, despite me being fairly sure it's not. I was able to play Planetside 2 when it first came out in beta.



they're around, they're just playing other games

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Amazing. I figured there would have been a purge. It's been over a year since my last login.

It was such a great time despite how shitty most of PS2 is. Really nice to enjoy online gaming again for the first time in close to decade even when I'm an antisocial fuck.

God i miss fort bunker, does anyone have the new screenshots of the bigger and better version that we did last time?

My soul shattered eventually because being NC is eternal suffering as nobody wants to play as a group, so went to Overwatch where every game makes me even more mad, then paladins which was just a repeat of that

Now Titanfall 2 and BF1, because at least I can kill enemies in 2 shots and I'm not reliant on assholes who don't know their ass from their elbows

I'll forever miss how much absolute anguish WWEW brought PS2 in game and outside it

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Fuck man, I haven't played this game for like a year. Wish I could play with you fags

I don't have Fort Autism but I have Fort Sperg that was cobbled together on what we could do in the area between The Crown and Ceres.

Don't worry, I did nothing but shitpost through text.


Nice game, bros.

Are you going to screech about how they wanted your passport too?

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That place should not have lasted as long as it should have against a constant fagrider/air bombardment but autism is a wonderful thing