Another boring day at work with nothing to do

Another boring day at work with nothing to do.

Recommend a game that won't bore me in 5 minutes Holla Forums

tfw no DOOMRPG for Android

Dragon Quest III

Pac-man 256

The nigger game. Meet up with a co-worker in a large, open area on the job site and see who can shout "nigger" the loudest without getting fired.

Real suggestions: One Finger Death Punch, Rolling Sky, Downwell.

Try and seduce your boss


Work thread?
Who /stocking/ here, best unskilled job ever

Obviously the best solution is to download an emulator and emulate yourself some actually good games, the only downside is that they eat up your battery like nothing.

Game Dev Story and other Kariosoft games.


Sometimes i wish i could go back to a job like that.

Go back to work faggot

my life is already over

Why would I ever want a different job

Bean's Quest


No the economy is just shit user. Also most people don't want to hire anyone without five years experience in their field so you end up having a retarded job market where the only people working are retiring boomers. It will all collapse soon enough.

Do you still have to deal with shitty teammates? Or do you work alone?

Also do you get to move at your own pace?

Just having a job makes it easier to get another one. So keep working , make use of any connections you have and be on the lookout for opportunities. It worked for me anyways.

And trust me, having had one or more shitty jobs are a useful experience. People who have never known real hardship tend to be extremely delusional. Many of them turn SJW.

cooking mama

Soul Knight
Flow Free (and clones/derivatives)
BTD5 (it's pricey for a mobile game but i'd say it's worth it)
Time Surfer (maybe)
I Love Hue

I just payed $3 to remove ads from Sonic Dash, I can't yet tell if it was worth it.

Just download a fuckton of emulators and play RPGs and other slow-paced games all day. Assuming those genres don't bore you by default, you'll have a blast. If it's an option, you could also read or watch shows/anime.

Is Puzzle & Dragons still a thing? I remember that being the only mobage with actual gameplay worth playing.