What was the last game you pirated? Be honest

What was the last game you pirated? Be honest.

I pirated Mess Effect: Andromeda. I deeply regret this as I live in burger land where the bandwidth is capped to 200gb a month.

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Nier automata.
I expected Nier but without the tedium. Boy was I disappointed.

Rimjobworld as I'm unwilling to spend money on something that will never be finished

Eliosi's hunt.
Technically it's a mess but gameplay wise it's fun, if nothing too special.


Sims 4.

I actually like to play Sims once every few years. The game could be a lot better but is fun to just mess around with people, create OC, and stuff. Also some mods are great.

However I'm never gonna pay for that shit what the fuck EA, it has like 634534 expansions and DLC and you NEED them to make it enjoyable. The base game is shit.

I'm not too good at it but it sure as hell beats whatever low quality bread there is these days.

Endless Legend, honestly glad I pirated it as it's not that good.

Oblivion. Felt like replaying it like a week ago. Still haven't touched it. I'm just hoarding games at this point. Feels bad.

Its the best 4x in over a decade

Evil Genome / Rez Infinite / Titanfall 2
I launched all three download at the same time

holy fuck was that game a mess

Red Alert 2, just felt like playing. Now it's sitting here being useless with the rest of the games I played a couple of days and never uninstalled.

The AI is worse then Civ V's, even on the highest difficulty the AI is an absolute joke to go up against.

This thing. If only because I was tempted to try it for years since it looked kinda fun, but got bored in 10 minutes. At least the download was short.

No Man's Sky

I was just as bored as everyone else, but for $60 less.

i was going to pirate sonic mania, but then i just brought the game because i knew it in my gut, it's fucking worth it

Dunkey definitely says so.

I pirated Assassin's Creed: Black Flag after a long drought of not pirating anything in a long time.

I regret it. The fucking ship fleet management is locked behind always-online DRM, so I uninstalled it since that's what I was looking forward to.

i was thinking of looking at actual gameplay but i don't know why would you want to be tricked by a fuckin poser

Asscreed Rogue fleet management isn't locked behind DRM but that game is so short you can beat it in a few hours.


Stellaris is the best 4x game ever made. The AI isn't shit, it has a lot of modability, tons of great mods, tons of content in vanilla and many ways to play. its also barely a year old

All of them

Lego Star Wars
It's neato

Latest cosmoteer.net

Bayonetta on PC.

I haven't played it, they made it free on the Plebox One and PC blows so I've just been playing it there instead.

The last one I played was Strafe because I was concerned it was going to be shit, and it was shit.

eosd I don't find fun in trying out shit games when I know they are shit. Why do people do this?

Rogue Squadron, since it was far faster than digging through several cd flip books and trying to find the right one.

and MY PC blows* Fuck.

My PC blows too but it runs bayo pretty smoothly.

t. Johan



I uninstalled it after about an hour, because I was not having any fun and still waiting for the actual game to begin. Turns out: I was more than half way through the whole thing.

Ubisoft will never not find a way to take a shit all over their games. You have to access their shitty UPlay servers because the mission clocks are probably not set to the game clock, but to their stupid goddamn servers.

No regrets. Besides Edward Kenway being the best AC protagonist, the whole game was shit. Just the same buggy mess that AC has been since Brotherhood.

Why get a xbox one instead of upgrading your computer? Did you really want to play sunset overdrive that bad

Oh I forgot that it was an Ubisoft game. I actually bought the Spore collection for $2.50, then found out it had UPlay, so I refunded it. I bet people at Steam think I'm fucking crazy because of the reasons I refund things.


Skyrim. Glad I eventually grew bored and uninstalled it.

What? It's an EA game though.

Oh maybe it was Origin. Either way, if a game has ANOTHER DRM platform installed, I don't buy said games. I got fucked over with Alone in the Dark cause I didn't know that the Steam version has Securom embedded.

Why do other game devs even try to compete at this point? Nobody's going to use an online platform that has not even a thousandth of the amount of games Steam has.

I bet Titanfall 2 would have done better if it were co-sold on Steam at the very least.

If emulations counts, Wario World.

Spore used securom which is a predecessor to Denuvo, it had limited installs but it was so bad if you got a new card it count it as a new PC and use up one of your three installs.
Origin wasn't out when Spore was as far as I remember.

How the fuck do you eat that monstrosity

Also, last game I pirated was Bioshock Infinite I think. Fucking glad I didn't pay for that turd.

Which one of those limited install DRM triggered a new activation when you plugged an USB drive, I fucking know it exists because I tried it after hearing about it and thinking no DRM could be that retarded but I can't fucking remember the game or DRM it came with.

just redownloaded rimworld
i love the game to death, but i'm not crazy enough to spend 27 euros on it
a great game is worth 15 at best

What did you expect with Platinum games behind the wheel. Just make a fucking hack and slash out of every franchise.


A week or so ago, I pirated some 3ds games from the freeshop.

Don't remember that one but I do remember Bioshock also had limited installs and also treated new parts as an entirely new computer and the only way to get new ones was to call some number but the idiots put the wrong phone number in the manual meaning if you when over your install limit you were fucked, and when Square re-released FF7 on PC it's securom was broken and hardly anyone besides pirates could play it forcing square to get rid of it.

Last game I pirated was Pyre
good soundtrack, the rest was kind of eh though.

That kids face says it all. Also, world in conflict. I like it so much I might buy it :^)

Lost count of how many eroge I have pirated. If the creaters didn't try to jew you for $15 on a no newgame+ vidya I may of decided to support eroges. Half are shit, a fourth are okay at best, and maybe a 1/10 are true gems. Rest are a mixed bag on taste.

FF7 on Steam is fucked though, because any XInput controllers basically don't work with half of the buttons. Like you can't use a D-Pad, as an example.

Star Dew valley, only played it for a few minutes.

It was Morrowind so I could play with you cunts.
Next server when?

Puyo Chronicle.


When the next update comes out this month. Said update is fixing custom shit so we can make our own broken potions that give 54037 int for 453876734798 seconds and give them to other players all while having spells that do 100 pts of damage in area 50 that are actually synced and seen by other players so we can go around nuking towns

Morrowind online is a thing now

Deus ex: MD
Was okay, wouldn't pay for it.


I've been playing the same five games over and over for in excess of a year. I might need help, I don't know at this point.

what 5 games fam

Brigador. Played it once, never again. I might have to uninstall it because I need hard drive space to try out the Sims 4.

rez and valkerie drive
kinda nice beat them both in a day
might get witcher 3 soon if i dont get an install error like i do with every other game

Pirate a lot of games that I don't end up playing more than an hour. Last game I pirated and actually played for a while was probably Rimworld or Factorio.

Stellaris will be good in a year or two, if you get it and all the DLCs. Just like every other Paradoxkike game.

Bayonetta because I have no money and I don't really have the time to play through it even if I did have the money for it.

Tfw lack of features made version 0.6 mostly exploit free.


System Shock 1.

And the worst part is that the feels aren't nearly as good as the first one, yet the gameplay is better. It's like a monkey paw.

Don't Starve because I wanted to try a communism simulator

same here. I've never played it so I hope it's good.

Beyond Good and Evil

The never ending story of how Steam sells you non functional games that work better when you get them for free

I want him to be the protag in the next next Deus Ex game.

Been sitting here for twenty minutes trying to flesh this out, can't think of anything else. I need an intervention.

Go play legend of grimrock 1 and 2



Hellblade - Senua's Sacrifice and

Both run like shit on my machine so I'm glad I did.

Nice try FBI

Ao no Kiseki
Fucking loved it

Shining Force 3. I've been having good luck with Mednafen and Saturn games, and I can actually play Asuka 120% with BGM and appropriate sound effects. Just need the patch that translates the names out of moon runes to be able to pick characters appropriately.

Pic related. I also downloaded Antibirth. I tried doing Afterbirth + but it pissed me right the fuck off with all of its bullshit.


The Elder Scrolls : Oblivion
That was the last game I pirated, it was in 2012/2013 and I did not touch another game since then.

Why are you here then?

Sheltered. Pretty boring but I guess not the absolute worst of those type of games.

Nice, I wonder what sort of mayhem that's going to cause with lag though.

Tony Hawk's Project 8

It actually works pretty decent on RPCS3 as of yesterday, running at ~15 FPS if there aren't a bunch of NPCs around.

Recently got freeshop but I can't think of anything I want to play


/agdg/ threads and looking at feminist and leftard shithead destroy everything.

You're not missing much

At this point only half of /v even plays video games.

I know, I just want to see for myself how bad it is and my uni has fast as fuck internet and can't open encrypted packets

I pirated Observer_ a couple days ago. Haven't played it yet.

I haven't bought a game for years.
I sure do play a lot of them though.

Yatagarasu: attack on cataclysm
It's complete shit.

cold steel on pc, I have 3 different copies of it, I don't feel bad at all.

Ghost Recon Wildlands. It's completely underwhelming but let's me waste time without having to think.

Sonic Generations, it's pretty alright and a huge step above all the other 3D shitfests this poor franchise is saddled with

Given how young RPCS3 is (3200 commits, with over half being in the last year) and that it is a 3D commercial game, that is pretty decent.

Ghost Recon Wildlands. It's honestly not as atrocious as I'd expected it to be. It's shittier MGSV with more operatorin' than spyin'.

Flatout 1.
Was fun and the main menu theme is rad.



Hollow Knight.

Played it for several hours, decided I liked it, and bought it. Developers should be less afraid of pirates and more focused on making good games.

I stopped pirating a long time ago because nothing is really worth playing, but people in the fighting thread recommended kof xiv to me so I pirated that one. Was shit, had to uninstall it right away.

I have never pirated a videogame.

Same. I pirated it, but was so impressed I ended up buying it. Instead of trying to combat piracy by investing into intrusive anti-consumer DRM the industry should learn from the fucking past and start making demos again.

Hollow Knight. Not a bad game.

Is it that bad? I was thinking about trying it.

Zero no kiseki.

If it ever gets a Western release I'll buy it from GOG I swear on Aidios.

Me too.
That's all I have played for more than a year now.

Same as these fine fellas. I need to download more rom before I can make it work properly, though. Come on, it's a goddamn 2D game, my toaster should be able to handle it.

State of Decay YOSE. Already own the game on Xbox 360 and own the regular version on Steam. Not paying for it again, and it runs like shit because it's a bad port. Still a fun game and I'm excited for the sequel if it isn't Windows store exclusive and runs well.

Game before that was Nier Automata like this guy:

And I didn't like it either. Never played the first Nier, but the story of Nier Automata felt like standard convoluted Japanese game writing and I've never liked the "attack multiple enemies at once with AOE melee while jumping 20 feet into the air" gameplay that a lot of Japanese games have.

Fate/Stay Night
Illya is best girl, but Rin gets an honourable mention.
I feel like the doormat girl's route is going to be the worst to go through.

Pirating a bunch of PS3 games to test in the emulator right now.

Yeah saber's definitely the worst with that type of chest.

Blood Bowl 2 and Dead Cells. I like the former but I'm not buying a needlessly done remake because they wanted slightly better graphics. And Dead Cells is the epitome of early access "fuck-all content, we promise we'll add tons more but give us money now."

Saber isn't that great I really wanted to like her, but she was just too dull, but at least she is not this girl.

Sonic CD since I'd never actually played it before
I was really surprised at how amazing all the ancillary details like the art, sound, and concepts were, yet how absolutely fucking bungled every gameplay-related aspect was

It's sad they fucked that up so bad, I'm sure a sequel that polished all that shit and nailed down some more well thought out mechanics could have been 10/10

Her route will definite be the most interesting developed though if you're basing the quality off of the love interest do be aware that Sakura Route is also the route you get to do the most bonding with Illya.

Have you ever emulated?

PS3 emulator? Oh shit, I'll have to try that out.

Now I'm interested.
To be fair, Sakura would probably be a great wife, but she is too timid for a game like this.

Hoo boy, Heaven's Feel is going to be one wild ride once Sakura gets going.

When the real messiah comes have fun eating scraps, goy.

I pirated Stellaris last week
Oblivion three weeks before
Fallout 4 3-4 months before
I literally pirate all the games I play that cost money

Also, once you've completed all routes, I would recommend reading Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Where you and Illya get to do some really lewd things like hold hands when you're sleeping in bed together completely platonically

Then I'll prepare myself for her once I'm done with Rin.
Should be interesting.

Then I'll prepare myself for her once I'm done with Rin.
Should be interesting.

lol you might be better off asking what they bought last

Warcraft I

Why the fuck does the screen scroll so quickly? There's no difference when you change the settings.


Is Alex Jones M. Kirkbride 2.0? This is some 10/10 lore, not even joking.

it's fucking amazing. is just a massive faggot that sucks at games

Sims 4 with all the DLC. It's alright but the only thing it has over Sims 3 is the character and building tools (and also having all the DLC doesn't break the game), everything else feels so lesser. There are no negative character traits, there are no marked improvements in gameplay, and in general all the details about the game make it seem like this game was made by a bunch of silverspoon motherfuckers.
There's only 1-2 poor people options for objects. Then there's about 6-10 rich fucker options and there's no in-between. Really seems like the people who've made this game *never* knew what poverty was like and so only threw in poor people stuff because they absolutely had to. But the problem is that even the poor people stuff looks mostly fine. There's no ascending scale to quality of objects. And when it comes to the character creator, there's not a lot of plain clothes options, it's mostly inner-city San Fran hispter garbage.

The whole game is shallow and undeserving of your time if you already have Sims 3 installed.

Joint Ops Golden Edition for the weekend thread. Too bad nobody wants to host though

Latest version of Terraria. Having a blast!

Same here. Fighting threads sure are pleb and nigger central, this game is completely irredeemable garbage. Easily worst KOF game ever.

If you're looking for fighting games, have you tried BlazBlue: Central Fiction? I found it pretty decent, easily best game in the series. Only downside is that it takes an absurd over 50 gigs of space because all the audio and video are uncompressed.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Not literally the last one I pirated since I have a backlog (that would be Fate/Extella but I haven't installed it yet), but is the last I played.
2008 Mirror's Edge is much better in every single aspect but I think this one is still worth a pirate if you loved the original. Not worth buying though, maybe if EA offers it in a sale for 10 bucks or less and you don't mind Origin.
I recommend playing it until the 7th mission and then uninstalling the game, by then you've seen and experienced the best the game has to offer, it only goes downhill from there.

You people are fucking retarded, I swear to god. Next you'll tell me that Melee is the best fighting game because it's only limit is yourself.

Same story for me with Assault Android Cactus and Snake Pass

Kingdom Hearts 3D for the 3DS. It's not on the Eshop thus not on Freeshop either so I had to hunt down the .CIA file
Burger here, stop spreading blatant lies and get a non-shit ISP

I pirated Rebel Galaxy, liked it so much that I bought it, and then made a thread about it. The controls are a little wonky at first, but it's supremely comfy and it makes me feel like I'm in one of those old anime space operas like Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star.

Civ 4. Was fun for a week.

That's how I feel about all 4X games. Even really really good ones like Master of Orion 2 or Alpha Centauri.


fuck you phone keyboard

burger here
Only internet available is satellite internet unless I move into a leftist city. Would rather have my land.


Nevermind then, I'll keep getting all my sims pregnant in the Sims 3 then.

Where? I wanna move there.

Most suburban areas on the outskirts of major cities are like that as a result of "white flight" with the exception of the Pacific Northwest and college towns

Feels pretty good.

>tfw neighbor still hangs a Confederate Flag on his window for all to see even after all the recent happenings

Doom 2016
Played once, uninstalled, and have never had the urge to play it again since.

I downloaded the "Free Weekend" from Steam and then cracked it. I uninstalled it after I got to the chapter with the mini-challenges or fucking whatever because that's when it started becoming repetitive as fuck. It's a 60 GB game with maybe 10GBs worth of content at fucking best


By the way you got triggered I assume you think XIV is good. Go back to your contaiment thread you turbonigger.

Yoko Taro is a talentless hack who got lucky with the first game he was given and he's pushing his luck more and more with his BS.
He's only written the most generic stories but for some reason people love it even though it always ALWAYS boils down to "Violence bad, be good" and with Automata it's "Roberts are people too look they make baby like people persons even though they are Roberts"
What's really stupid is the whole "Endings" gimmick where it's not actually multiple endings but you just go between characters like they're chapters. What makes it worse is that the point Taro is putting across is not only transparent from the start but KEEPS GETTING HAMMERED IN ALL THE TIME.
He's also reminding me of Shia LaBeouf with his stupid mask shit. Like, he justifies wearing it to literally every press meeting by saying "I'm just a nobody, even a grocery worker could get as big as me blah blah blah" but what I hate is instead of helping others get their start he does fucking nothing but wear that mask in front of investors and shit and thinks he's deep. He could be helping out budding Japanese game devs get a foot in the door but he fucking doesn't.
The reason why it took Nier to become something big in the west was because of Taro's antics with that stupid mask. It was only after Platinum, after putting their nose to the grind and shitting out the throwaway games like Korra, TMNT, and Transformers that they were able to get a bigger name in the West despite having good things before. Nier was going to be a tough sell to the audiance because Taro doesn't care as long as he can run around giving his hollow message about how "deep" he is, so the Platinum devs had to sell this game. If someone told me that Scalebound was canceled because one of the Microsoft higherups looked at Taro and said "Hang on, is he going to be involved? He looks like an idiot" and canceled the game I wouldn't be surprised int he least.

A Touhou doujin game, Genius of Sappheiros Weekend. I can't even really count it as a pirate because there's no way in hell I'll ever get to purchase it legally.

Get an unlimited cell phone data plan and tether it. Works great assuming you can get 4G where you're at.


It was Ichigeki : Hagane No Hito.

That was my plan.
Although I'm probably going to wait until the voice patch gets finished.
Hopefully it won't be more than a few months now.


What do you expect from Vlambeer?

Sonic Mania is good, regardless.

I remember waiting 3 years for just the original translation to be finished. The last year where it got stuck at 90% for 6 months killed me inside.

N2O: Nitrous Oxide

Plays amazingly on my PSV running Adrenaline. The whole thing is essentially Tempest on acid, and it has a bangin' soundtrack if you like The Crystal Method.

Re:4 old game but I owned the game cube copy copy and wasn't willing to put a few more shekels into my crapcoms pocket just to play it on my pc

Avatar: The Fucking Video Game.

And that's only because I was to impatient to wait for Monday to go to the store.

Still brought the game latter.

Haven't pirated anything since then. Did not have a reason to.

You're like the biggest normalfag I have ever seen on here

Gone Home. I had to see if it was just as bad as everyone here said it was. It was worse.

Finally you fucks have woken up to this. Hopefully the brainwashed redditors can realize that automata failed compared to nier 1.

Nier 1 wasn't that good either though. There was a ton of incredibly awful, boring, tedious shit there too.


Wizardry 7, haven't gotten around to it yet though


I love that video.

Pikmin 3.
Crashes on the final boss.

Zelda breath of the wild.
It was as shit as i thought it would be.

You dumb motherfucker. There are worse KoF games than XIV. 2001 has some awful "music" and some drab visuals, combine that with the potential for 4v4 matches with just drag on and on and the striker system directly tying in to the amount of meter you get, it's awful.
2002 vanilla has the same problems as 2001, but there's no striker system so that means it's back to classic 3v3. Music is still shitty, but not as shitty, the game still looks like ass and the hitboxes are crazy awful too. You'll fly through each other as you try to hit each other for no good reason.
XII has severely cut down movelists and the smallest roster in KoF history. I think it had the smallest roster for a 3v3 game until Skullgirls took that throne. The music is bland and forgettable, but the stages looks nice. Too bad you'll see them all after a few games because there's only 5 of them. The Critical Counter system people used to just spam out once they had it, because there's only so long you had to use it before it went away. Doesn't help that the overall presentation is bland as fuck too.
And then, to put the cherry on top of this shit cake, you recommend BlazBlue Central Fiction. Asshats like you don't deserve to breathe.

Okay, I'll bite and give you a honest reply.
I never even implied that XIV was the only bad title in the series and if that's what you assumed, you dumb. I agree that 2k2 and XII are bad, and you forgot about the shitshow that was KOF Neowave. As for 2k3, I happen to really like it but can understand why many hate it.
But KOF XIV is shittier than all of them. Other subpar KOF titles, while shit, I still could ignore their flaws if I wanted and got some enjoyment out of them. I absolutely loathe everything about XIV: character design, new characters, art style, animation, overall presentation and interface, music, general gameplay and hitboxes, etc. I didn't just disliked them, they caused me disgust, because to me it didn't feel as just another bad entry in the series - it feels like the series died and they've raped its corpse.
BlazBlue has never been a great series but it feels like a fucking masterpiece compared to KOF XIV. As for Melee, it has never been my thing - I see SSB series more as a party game than a fighting game.

Ok, enough gayposting. I don't remember the last game I pirated, but the last pirated game I beat was Ori, and it was really good.

West of Loathing, it was pretty good, looking forward to the planned expansion and future similar games.

Call of Pripyat

Arma 3, because I friend of mine wanted to play the Co-op campaign with me.

I request the name of whoever serves it.

It's so fucking easy to exploit the AI and it barely changes on hard as they just cheat a fuck ton of resources and ships in. All the AI can do is just deathball and follow your ships while I am baiting them with one massive fleet and a smaller fleet that just goes from planet to planet bombarding and taking over all of his planets until they cannot do jack shit. Go back to bed Johan.

Yeah. That's what happens when you have a pozzed developer.

lmao poorfag


I've never seen someone as retarded as you, but thank you for showing me the light.

I hear that these projects usually take a long bloody time to finish.
Better late than never, I guess.

From what I've read on the patch forum, it doesn't look like it would take more than a year now.

Fate/Extra CCC's calling. Still waiting for someone to pick up the fucking translation.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

It's decent, but it'd be more fun with friends.

My Sex Slave is a Classmate

Grimoire. Glad I didn't buy the meme game.

Time to learn moonrunes and translate it myself.

Undertale, around the launch some Holla Forumsirgins uploaded it with the soundtrack and i decided to see what all the sperging was about. Thoroughly boring earthbound clone, that somehow isn't as polished or funny, really. wasn't difficult either, not in the slightest.

I would activate a Behelit for a burger like that right about now.

I'd gas 6 million jews for a burger like that.
I'd do it for free

I'd become the next Sin for a burger like that
I'd genocide mountain lions for it.

In Albany we call it a Steamed Ham.

Yes well, in "actual America" we call it a hamburger.

Either way you're in for an unforgettable luncheon.

Thank you for introducing me to this scene.

And people have the gall to call my country backwards.

Last thing I pirated was Brigador. Bought it yesterday.

gib bandwidth bls

I pirated Hellblade to vet it for a friend. Saved him 30 buckaroos.

Jade Empire.
Not too bad tbh

Well if you like it and aren't aware there's this mod for it which brings in a lot of things.



So far I've only played through NWN2. When the game is good I tend to buy it afterwards to support the manufacturing of such games but do I really want to give money to current year Bioware?

Obsidian made NWN2, though.
They've dissolved some time ago and made some kikestarter RPG that was hyped to hell and back over the years and supposedly turned out to be awful.
I never played it myself, so I wouldn't know.

So it's probably best to not give money to anyone in this case.
Be sure to go through MotB as well.
I like the game, but holy fuck, is it ugly. Maybe I should check one day to see if there are any mods that make it at least a little bit better-looking.


for shame.

Games these days arn't worth pirating. I've pirated some porn games that were made in rpg maker tho..

What the fuck


Silly goy.

Even the israeli president steals from his fellow yid

nobody calls it backwards, nobody even talks about it at all

It exists, I guess. An unnecessary entry into the series because they moved to a new arcade board. If there was something worth talking about (and if people played that stinking game), people would bring it up more. As it stands, it's just a footnote in KoF history.
XIV is far from bad, but it's got a long way to go before it can even think about rubbing shoulders with '98 and 2002 UM. It feels like there's no soul put into the game, but I'm guessing that's because it's their first real attempt at 3D since the Maximum Impact series. Antonov is the best newcomer in the game by a country mile.

That's the European Union development fund. Rich countries in Europe have been paying for the old Warsaw Pact countries to become part of civilization.

Total War: Warhammer

So we get gypsies and criminals in exchange for paying for Romania's bandwidth. What a joke.

Sound of the Sky Quintent of Maidens after it got translated of all fucking things (it isn't good, don't bother), mostly because the few more recent games I've been interested in have been worth paying for.

One of the few disappointments I actually went the lengths of refunding and leaving a bad review on Steam.
What a boring, mediocre, by the numbers twin stick shooter.

I actually bought it for Steam workshop support, makes managing mods easier. Plus I must've spent hundreds of hours on pirated versions so Tynan deserves my money.


Shinobido: Way of the Ninja and Custom Robo a few days ago.
The next new release I will pirate is Ys VIII

Joint Ops

Breath of the wild
im not buying a switch or wii u

I tried out Total Warhammer. I played it for about 7-8 hours and then uninstalled it. It just wasn't my kind of game.

I was not about to pay for a sngpe player walking simulator with no replayability. The "Blade Runner destopia" aesthetic is pretty cool, but the game suffers from a lack of things to do and from about 3/4 completion I haven't left the same small hub with an apartment complex and a tattoo shop in it. This is not city exploration game. Bonus points though for having Rutger Hair voice the protagonist.

didn't play it yet


Fucking phone auto correct. The opening in the car is such a cock tease though. Makes you think you are about to be flying through a blade runner style metropolis then you get locked in that apartment complex to play doorbell ring simulator

Spore. Not ashamed to say it.

Persona 5

It's fun.

I think it was Max Payne 3 because of RSC.

Silent Hill 2/3 due to no way to buy em' but I pirated them years ago for the same reason and only recently re-installed/re-configured them to work again.

Oh now I remember. Bully. Yeah I pirated that this year. Haven't finished it. Didn't click with me.

Mah niggah

Diablo 2 with lod expansion.
Im poor and play vidya on a toaster.

The Surge. Played it through twice. Had a pretty good time.