Best RPGs on PC?

Best RPGs on PC?



Actual answer.


Falcom games, specially Ys

Should I play Spiderweb games in order? Should I avoid any?

one, you may only pick

Sometimes I feel like I was the only one who enjoyed pic related.

You were.

I dunno why I liked it so much, but I thought it was fun.

The most resoundingly mediocre game of all time.

It's okay. It's better than Skyrim but then again, so is the shit I just took.
What it needed was a deeper combat and leveling system. The Fae were the first time elves were actually interesting in vidya rather than a terrible ripoff of Tolkien. Too bad they fucked it up by putting in actual elves.
The stone statues that had greek culture was also interesting.

Cool rpgs, underage.

For me the best are as follows.

Ys is not bad but I wouldn't call it an RPG. It has levelling up and that's it. Other Falcom games are simply not as good. Trails's combat and pacing are awful and experience ruining, Xanadu Next is more of an RPG than Ys and it would be good if not for the skeleton keys and lack of obvious QoL improvements. What I sort of liked is the combat and mastering abilities idea.

I've never played Kingdoms of Amalur so I can't help and prove you wrong, but I think I'm the only one who likes Gothic 3 around here too, so maybe that's going to cheer you up?


You only need that one.

Recettear is not that good, to be frank.

for your top down: fallout 1 & 2 for isometric: morrowind & fallout new vegas

You mean the shittier M&M, Wizardry and Ultima? That one?

It's okay to meme but this just breaks suspension of disbelief.

Morrowind and New Vegas are not isometric. They're first-person or third-person.
Fallout 1 & 2 are isometric.

ahhh thanks

It's not a meme, I'm being serious. Skyrim is just that bad. At least Amalur had potential. Skyrim was about obliterating any chance of TES 6 being good.

fuck me capcom why?

Faggots, please, contain your autism: the true master has arrived.

Just leave

Why would I, moron?

This seems interesting, but I could never get into this game.

Farming PP is horribly repetitive.


Brandish, The Legend of Xanadu, Vantage Master and more beg to differ.

And the combat right now is not an issue since the games now have turbo mode.

console games pretty much. emulate and port beg, PC rpgs are fucking garbage.

best is dum tirm

Underrail is fucking godlike.

this one is my favorite, though you need to tell us what kind of RPGs you like most.


Now I have to wonder what other games are there that let me be a fairy and fuck everyone over.

Pace yourself while going through Geneforge. Take a break of a few games between each installment instead of rushing through all 5.

They do?

Not real Brandish.

Your brandish is shit

What is "this"?


Recettear was a real disappointment. Good concept, sloppy execution.

Filename explains the game quite well.



That one time you try to follow your dreams of making a game but it fucks up, robs you of your fortune, and costs the state of rhodeisland a shit ton of money

Remember kids, always follow your dreams, just know that sometimes you follow them straight off a cliff

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Touhou SaGa

You have to choose both

A shit-tier game made to appeal to tumblr hipster sensibilities that was created by an SJW faggot. No thanks.

Whats up with all the recettear shills lately? Are we being raided?

This is the first Recettear thread I've seen in a long time, what are you on

The fag's message went over my head when I played it so I enjoyed it thoroughly. I enjoy bizarre games.

Step aside, though. Real best RPG coming through.

Another actual answer

That game is an accomplishment. It's the only third person game I've ever played where the camera positioning and field of view make me physically ill. I even tried hacking the game and I can't get it to look right. Shit's fucked.

Decent game, not great by far.

Maybe if you just play through once, but the replayability is what makes it stand out. Also combat that unapologetically shits on normalfags is refreshing.

It's weird for me. I liked the game a lot, but for some reason it didn't feel alive to me, I don't know exactly why. The combat is great indeed, reminded me of D&D 3.5 sessions with my former buddies, but the ambience was lacking for me.

Eventually I just cheated my way to the game's secrets because I was too curious after dropping.