Cyberpunk vidya

Let's hear it, Holla Forums. What's your favorite cyberpunk vidya?

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Cyberpunk 2077 never ever.


Try Bladerunner the game, it's good.



Will anything surpass Do Sex?

If I'm right that's that new Observer game. It's very pretty but it isn't much more than a walking simulator from what I've seen, fitting considering the title.

wut gaem

I'll take it. I have such a weakness for cyberpunk cityscapes, I'd just slowly look around to admire the city in Hard Reset even though I hated the game.

Oh, for a Walking Sim, it's pretty damn good, I'll say that.

If I heard that, I'd be scrambling for the nearest fire extinguisher.

It mostly sounds like a jet engine when a bunch of computers switch on at once, especially older servers.

MD was rushed as fuck. Game felt like a 1/3 of HR if you ask me.

As someone pointed out above, it's Observer.

Deus ex and Neotokyo.

It's weird to me that it was so rushed when they had a huge delay in the first place.

Even HR was supposed to have Montreal as a third hub, but it got cut and we got to revisit Detroit and Hengsha instead. I didn't mind revisiting Hengsha, but Detroit was kinda mediocre - the only redeeming factor was that enough had changed that it was quite different.

HR also had the neat experimental weapons that MD entirely skipped. No laser rifle, no plasma gun. Using wallhack vision with the laser rifle was fun as fuck, there was no reason to cut that shit.

Recommend me a cyberpunk anime that isn't just akira or ghost in the shell, preferably with chicks and cybergore.

I thought Detroit was better than Hengsha. Like the cities in the original Deus Ex, it was very gritty, and felt like a real place. Hengsha felt like a fantasy world–it embraced cyberpunk tropes too literally. (A colossal two-tiered structure for a city? Come on.)
Hengsha wasn't really bad, but thematically, the game should have stuck to one vision or the other. Mixing them made Detroit feel boring and Hengsha almost cartoonish.

Ergo Proxy?

Nah, mixes in too much magitek aesthetic for my tastes, and the main girl doesn't do it for me.

What? Look up some skylines of oriental cities, these gooks are basically constructing this shit right now. I personally thought that upper/lower city division was as cyberpunk as you can get.

Did you play Human Revolution? I'm not talking about buildings with a raised terrace, or a skyway, or on a hill.
It's a colossal megastructure over the "lower city" that supports an entire second city. It's impossible and looks like far-future sci-fi, not cyberpunk.

Several of these don't fit all of your conditions or are short OVAs/movies, but here you go:

Bubblegum Crisis, Texhnolyze, Serial Experiments Lain, Goku Midnight Eye, Appleseed, A.D. Police, Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm, Megazone 23, Genocyber, Cyber City Oedo 808, Parasite Dolls, Dominion Tank Police, Black Magic M-66, Angel Cop, Roujin Z

Cyber City Oedo 808. 3 part OVA.

If you want hilarity, watch the dubbed version. When dubbing, they decided "so this is supposed to be gritty and mature? right, we'll have everyone swear every 5 seconds". Embed related.

Serial Experiments Lain, if you haven't seen it already.

Psycho-Pass was decent enough.

Bubblegum Crisis is supposed to be good, haven't seen it myself.

Main grill was qt, that was the show's biggest redeeming factor. It's rare for me to want more fanservice, I normally dislike it, but that show was a cocktease.

I didn't bother finishing it, it was just too mediocre.

Yeah, a connecting portion between three large towers = a 54 square kilometer floor of superconstruction and steel, completed within 16 years of the game's release.
You're right, the idea is pretty cyberpunk, but in a Ghost In The Shell 2 way, not a Deus Ex way. The devs were incompetent and don't have their fucking priorities straight.

ty I was looking for an OVA

Holy shit, I remember watching this back when I was 10 or 11. I never knew what it was called. Thanks, user.

If you want more there's a list here which is at the very least on-point, I can't verify the quality of a lot of the recommendations though:
exolymph [dot] news/2016/06/04/cyberpunk-anime-comprehensive-list/


You think shits bad now? We got a long way left to fall.

This was Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. We're already living in a dystopia. It's just that instead of companies like Hosaka and Maas Biolabs, we got facebook, google, apple, and microsoft.

Christ when you put it that way, putting the ficitional megacorp names against the real names I mean, even our megacorp NAMES are complete shit. Think about that. Our dystopic nightmare is so dystopic, we can't even have cool intimidating names for our globalist kike-run mega-corporations. Fuck this timeline to hell and back.

At least Monsanto isn't a dishwater-dull corp name.


I maintain that "Microsoft" was a pretty cool name. Gibson actually dubbed a type of swappable implant in Neuromancer "microsofts". Given that the book was published in '84, that Gibson didn't follow tech that closely, and that the only notable thing MS had done so far was MS DOS, Gibson might not even have ripped the name off.

But really, it's no surprise. These companies kill with kindness. They're happy and bright and cheerful, while they do utterly horrific things to our privacy and rights. We're not living in 1984, we're in the Brave New World, and everyone needs to be happy and cheerful and social. Modern tech companies simply reflect that.

Monsanto isn't even that bad by megacorp standards, unless you bought into the memes about GMOs being inherently bad for you.

Monsanto is only better than average in that its nature keeps it at a distance from the population.

vidya and iphone megacorp

Real life

Its pretty boring when the companies are working together

Where are our awesome corporate-sponsored black-ops wars?

First they have to defeatXcontrol their government.

I should have probably mentioned cyborg titties too tbh


they already do

I think the only thing cyberpunk fiction never took into account was how willing corporate board members are to work with each other

we'll never get our corporate war because the same people control all the corporations

I know that feel, user. Ruiner looks really cool, too.

My chummer.

I always thought she just got hit with the ugly stick. Seems pretty mild as far as FAS goes.

I just take the pic as a goof. And it will trigger those who like her, so there's that.

She lives near where I live and her family was on the news one time, she looks nothing like them, it must be a case of FAS or some other birth defect.

She could have been adopted.

I have questions.


Snopes says it's fake.
Which is a shame, since that's pretty hot.

Nigga you what?

Welp. I always said leftism is a religion. With its own denominations and pastors.

Praise be to the Revolution™

Chicks and cybergore?

remove commies

Compared to the other two, what's wrong with the third one? Isn't that just an example of "this is private property, get the fuck out"?

That's exactly what it is, but the Bloomington police were waiting in the wings to arrest the black supremacists.
t. Minnesota fucking get me out of this blue shithole, everywhere but the goddamn Twin Cities is red as fuuuuuuuuuuuck

The implication is that you can be arrested for not complying with corporate policy smacks of a cyberpunk corporation. Hell broadcasting any 'comply or you'll be arrested' message has a cyberpunk tone to it.


I wish this was me in the image.

I don't usually get into politics, but I think this pic is hilarious. A communist flag in a KFC restaurant, fighting the bourgeoisie one chicken nugget at a time.

Lepht Anonym is probably splooshing from her wetware right now. If she hasn't killed herself trying to turn her clitoris into a 3d printer or something.

Soon user. Soon.

The Revolution™ offers many Benefits™ to its Culture Warriors™, redeem your codes now!

he would have had to recently have died since the balls keep the sperm warm and alive.

I think the logistics of this is far more complicated than originally assumed. For instance, even if somehow managed to extract sperm she would need to insert it with semen or some kind of substitute since the vagina is kind of toxic without it. Extracting either would require some fairly comprehensive surgery.

Oh Thank God, someone else remembers.

All the David Bowie references were great, too!



Megacorporations ruling territory as if they were sovereign nations is not fantasy, it's a very real possibility. I think the only thing hindering them right now is nukes, they don't have nukes.

Fuck1n6 n00b5.

I never said it was a fantasy. I never said anything vaguely or remotely close to that. Shut up.

It's just going to be an over the shoulder non-rpg like the witcher.

They are because of the poison they're genetically designed to produce to keep insects away isn't working and is in fact strengthening the insects requiring a fuck tons more insecticides. All crops that do that can be considered tainted with poison. The trace amounts might not seem so bad, but that's only if you ignore the amount of food you eat every day. The only thing worse then that is the weird shit they spray on their produce in supermarkets.

Wish the creator wasn't a d-bag, but I am excited for this game.


You make a better game, entitled prick.

patriarchy defeated

Worse. It's actually a first person walking sim, and it's not even entertaining enough to sit through a longplay.

I agree fellow user, excited for the new Call of Duty and Fifa? I personally can't wait

What does the patriarchy have to do with this? Yeah, they're bad, but I don't see what that has to do with the topic. Don't derail this into politics.




Reported. Legitimately kill yourself.

Normally it bothers me when the game is trying to look retro while doing this, also along rixels and mixels. However, in this case, it's so far from what those games normally look like, it doesn't really bother me.

The fuck is this user?
That is some seriously creepy shit.

i was expecting something funny the entire time

True, pure love.

its a guy behind a mannequin, you can see his head and mask ffs

You're a guy in a mask.


watchdogs 1

It's just the anglo curse.

Is there anything that really resembles System Shock 1 in style? Cyberpunk's gritty, spartan designs with lots of bells and whistles feel retro-futuristic to me at this point since everything is moving towards being white and rounded with as few buttons as possible. So I feel the blocky, pixelated visuals mix really well with the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Still an awful fucking manga though. I thought he would actually become a boxer, that it was going somewhere. In the end, it's just another story that ends with "and he learned to accept the fact that his life is mediocre and shit .. the end."

does guyver count?



I'm by the part where you hack into the dead girl's brain and encounter the nanophage monsters. I can appreciate the sense of horror throughout the game, or at least its attempt at horror, and definitely like the Bladerunner aesthetics, but I can't play this game longer than 15 minutes without getting a headache. This has never been a problem for me in any other game ever.


So according to this image, does the entire asian race have permanent fetal alcohol syndrome? Or does FAS just turn caucasians into half-asians in the womb?


It took me way too long to notice the guy in the back.

really nigger?

Did you miss the whole google fiasco recently?

Genocyber is everything I love about late 80s and 90s anime OVAs rolled into one.

How's Satellite Reign