Fate thread

Just finished a guide for those wanting to get into Fate but having no idea how.

Also a thinly disguised Fate/GO thread, how is big titty flapjack dango drops treating you?

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Just checked out some of the gameplay. Yikes.

Getting decent drops, but hella mad about mat drop rates.

Yes, as someone who is in too deep take my advice; tread not into these cursed depths. I've barely managed to hold back from buying more quartz. These jews are very skillful.

'Fate is garbage' sums up the series in three words, sorry to say you wasted your time OP

What's it like being so weak-minded?


Reminder that secondaries still believe Hollow Ataraxia hasn't been translated

Dubs of truth. You can watch Fate/Zero or play Fate/Extra but everything else is bland shit tier.


What's stopped me from buying Quartz is they want 25 bucks for a 10 roll.

Sorry but I ain't buying, 15 maybe, but not 25. That's real Jewry right there

Thanks, OP, a friend for some strange reason likes this damn IP and he is a fucking retard so this guide will help him.


Time to farm monuments.

last op here, how dare you take over my thread-making duties. Good chart though.

why so many saber clones?

Ironically enough older Seibah isn't a saberface.

Because she's profitable

Can i just play Extella if i've read FSN (among others) but haven't played the Extra stuff. Is there some sort of recap option or something?

The game takes place directly after the ending of Fate/Extra. It's going to throw a lot of buzzwords at you that it assumes you're familiar with. I would recommend against it but it's completely possible to do without. Don't worry about CCC though, it only borrows servants from that.

Fug. Are there HD packs or something for Extra atl least?

Only a PSP release user, there's an anime coming up next year, but, other than that Fate/Extra is not that accessible. Still easier to access than CCC tho

Speaking of which, what is user's opinion on SHAFT doing the animation for Fate/Extra Last Encore, I thought they did an okay job with CCC OP but I'm just used to ufotable fate at this point.

Guess ill crack AA and AF to eleven

That's pretty cool I wonder how fa-

He's also a SJW so you're better off learning Japanese.




fml and fuck this game, mayne.

Really? You should be able to get him from FP summons. I already got that guy to NP 5
I also got Altera

the fate series is fucking garbage

reddit pls go

How good is Caesar anyway?
I feel like his skills would make for a decent support servant, should i bother leveling him?

No Jules, as far as I can remember. Just lots of Mata Hari. And Altera annoys me too much; I'd just burn her on sight.

Might try making something out of D'eon, though I already have a pretty tanky team and just got a Georgios, who is supposed to be a top-tier tank. Oh yeah, and already have motherfucking Cu at max ascend too.

You can't just go recommending Carnival Phantasm to Fate-onlyfags.

Watch me.


Best non-gold saber, although there's not really any contest there. Arguably stronger than Lily as well, but has a single-target NP. Caesar had a hard life ;__;

Currently one of the, if not the best sabers. All Saber faces have shitty intuition skills or are Nero who has her own problems. He's also the best Single target Saber right now, and shits on Lily. While the Saberfaces are strong now just due to stats. He's also good at generating stars due to his star rate and his moves hitting multiple times, as well as NP

muh boi, god tier tank, and his character development is great too.

Yes you should do everything else first, but it isn't impossible to enjoy it without it and it's related to Fate.

His scene in the event was pretty funny, too.


Step it up sempai

His interlude is fucking amazing. George is one of the few bronze servants that actually gets good character development.
I'm tearing up thinking about the guy.

How ded is FGO NA?


85000 people normalfag enough to have a facebook account "like" it. I haven't seen concurrent player numbers. It's not like we'll ever compare to Japan and their 6 million :^) likes in Japan but whatever.

Seen plenty of whales in game and storys online of people spending hundreds trying to get Gil. Also I think there is an interview out there where one of the devs said it's doing better then they expected. Might not be doing as amazing as japan but it is far from dead.

I have a theory that the SJWeeb circle is doing everything in it's power to make sure the game never gets translated. I expect in a year or two the guy is going to pass it on to another one of his friends and they will also stall for years. At this rate the CCC event is grand order is getting translated long before the actual game.



Last I heard the NA version's actually doing better than its JP counterpart at its current time in life, of course that's not saying much since NA had a significantly better launch compared to Unlimited/Maintenance Works but it's something to at least note


Aww yeah, got my second Moonlight Festival drop; won't have to worry about buying the 5k one now to get a 4th limit break on it.

Last thread I had a similar story; Blue Tights Man is motherfucking unkillable.

It's a complicated feel.

>Cú Chulainn Prototype

At least I have blueman now, but the downside is that he dies when he's killed. At least he has Protection from Arrows. Hell, it's still better than nolancer.

I feel like giving up and just buying the accension mats.




I made that webbum before Holla Forums existed and haven't bothered to update it.

I can't even remember the title of the movie, to be honest.

We all know this garbage thread will just devolve into gachashit discussion, no need to hide it you cancerous twats.

I had to fucking Google this game IMMEDIATELY to make sure this wasn't some kind of inside joke. No. A person actually looked at this cover and said "ship it".


bro wtf is this face. I need help

Stop pretending to be black you goddamned underage.

Underage is a noun now? Got you.

Nigger the entire game is like this, this was all intentional, and it was popular enough it got a sequel.

To fight the patriarchy of course.


Nigga please, you think we're as bad as Granblue Fantasy or something

I've watched Fate/stay night and Fate/zero. The latter one was okay'ish but holy fuck all the characters in stay night are so unlikable and dumb.
Re:Creators does the concept better imo, still a whole bunch of dumb characters but not as annoying.

FHA has the best fights in all Type Moon, period.


I want Raikou to be my mommy!

crinopedia has been down for a few days

Nigger what?

I kind of want her just to see the character interaction between her and Ushiwakamaru

You're all cancer to me

It's already back up for a while though.


Why are you trying to access the old one from 2015 when there's already a page for the NA version of the event?

Either way, saying that the site is down is wrong when it appears to just be a few pages being broken.

But you only got two drops and bought two, it takes 5 altogether to limit break to maximum.

To be fair, one of the pages that is broken (at least for me) is the homepage, which is what someone first sees when going to the website.

He kinda already outed himself by saying Re:Creators does a better job conceptually

How much you wanna bet he watched the studio deen adaptions?

Is Gil good? I have him and he seems underwhelming. And his NP lags the game

He's arguably the best Archer in the game at the moment, even in the Japanese version.
His big thing is Crit Spamming, due to his absurd number of hits per attack (~10 each).

He's one of the best Archers
Only thing thing Gil is bad at his his NP is AOE but isn't actually good against mobs, instead, he gets an AOE that hits servants as hard as most single target NPs. To be fair, he's currently missing two strengthening quests. One that gives his Collector a NP gauge filling effect, and another the raises the base damage of his NP by 100% and then on top of that gives him a NP strength buff of 30%

Probably the best Archer in the game besides swimsuit Aturia. He really needs someone else to help him generate crit star though.

He does 5 hits per attack for anything but his extra, which is 8.

will i be able to clear the shop in time? i got the 500 and 2000 CE from the shop, all the assassin pieces, 5 rider pieces left, 20 rider pieces left, 20 archer pieces left, 20 assassin monuments left, 16 rider monuments left, 10 archer monuments left, 20 blaze of wisdom, 30 fire of wisdom, 8 fou attack cards, 10 fou hp cards and 1 5000 CE. I ran the 5AP event with 2 moonlight fest and 1 support with moonlight fest and 2 mooncell automatons for +11 dumplings. I currently have 227 moon dumplings and 1 special dumpling

My mistake, then. Sorry for the wrong information, 82d240.

Do you plan on buying the 5000 CE?

How can Stheno and Artemis be servants if they are gods?

my goal is to clear the shop and hopefully get 2 CE drops. i checked the wiki and it seems only the 15k hp wolf in the 5 ap 3rd wave drops the ce and it seems to be rarer then nerofest cause i was able to limit break nightless rose and here not 1 drop yet.

The gods are able to use loopholes to become servants and its something they like to do

Artemis cheated the system by hijacking Orion (who isn't a god)'s summoning. That little bear thing she carries around with her is what she turned Orion into in order to do it.

Stheno actually makes wisecracks about that, insinuating that she's only summonable even though she's a goddess because she's so weak and her stats are shit - comparable to that of 'normal' (legendary) humans.

For clearing out the shop you are currently off target. I did the math and to get everything you need without lucky drops is to o buy all CEs before you purchase anything else. Even then, you're still unlikely to get it perfectly and may need a level up or golden apple to have enough AP too get all the dangos you need.

We've never actually received an explanation for why Stheno and Euryale are summonable, the lore just states they shouldn't be and doesn't say anything else. As for Artemis others already explained.

Aaaah, right you are. Haven't still gotten a single CE limit broken. Thanks, you saved me a lot of frustration!

Stheno and Euryale are weak enough to become heroic spirits, or there's some loophole there I'm unaware of. Artemis isn't a servant, Orion is. She just tags along. There are other gods that manage their own loopholes as well. Some use a human as their vessel and are demi-servants like Zhuge Liang/Waver such as is the case with Ishtar. While some had human vessels for a time back in their day and we summon them in that form such as Quetzalcoatl.

There is no loophole that's actually been explained, bond level 4 dialogue states that they "originally should not be summonable" and leaves it at that. It's even stated that being summoned forcefully ups their stats.

>tfw the shitty mobage still not out in southeast asia
At least my shekels are safe

Can concur, Deen's one saving grace is they always get Kenji Kawai to do Fate stuff.

Where should I pirate the FSN ln?

user Fate/Stay Night doesn't have a light novel, did you mean VN?

Well yeah.

There are plenty of links anywhere, even tpb, it's not that hard to find one, what do you usually use to torrent shit?

Seems the stuff on torrentproject and nyaa.pantsu dont have seeders but tpb does lol.

One of the nyaa ought to have it. Or then fuwanovel, if that is still a thing. Hell, if you're a full pleb there are like a dozen playthroughs on jewtube.

You're good people. Also, it's not out where I live either.


Would John Browning be a power Servant?

Also, if you get the Realta Nua pc version, note that it's three different games since they made one for each route. Also, you have to set your pc locale to Japan to get it to launch.

If he was, he'd be Thomas Edison tier, i.e. a shit servant with barely anything if it's concept wasn't be supported by something else.

Plebs, plebs everywhere I go

Both are good, but I just figured it was worth noting. Though the "split into three" part was absolutely fucking retarded.

I do also seem to remember the Fate route being available for free in nip, since they're using it to reel in new people.

Well I'll download one of each and see which one works.

The game's a linear VN and not supposed to have much choices amirite?

It has plenty of choices, but the major routes are locked. So aside from the plentiful dead ends, it's quite linear.

Remember, you shouldn't think "what is the reasonable thing to do right now", rather try to think "what would a suicidal hero of justice with a truck load of survivor's guilt do right now?" and you'll be fine.

On a meta level, I believe it was intentionally made to punish readers who didn't get what Shirou would do in the situations. For example, in UBW Shirou will just straight up ignore the reader's choice and do what he wants to do.

Oh god justcefags, my one weakness!

Depends on which version. If you go Realta Nua, the major branching paths are locked into completely different .exes, and I believe you can choose them in any order. If it's the original, you have to finish Fate, restart, make a different decision at one point to unlock UBW, get the good ending, restart back a few chapters, get the true ending, unlock Heaven's Feel, restart entirely, make an important choice near the beginning to start the Heaven's Feel route, get railroaded into the "good" ending, restart a few chapters back, get the true ending of Heaven's feel. If you do this all correctly you should be awarded the true ending of Fate route. **I played this like a decade ago so my memory may be a bit foggy about some details.

Do be aware, it is pretty linear, but there are plenty of instant death choices as well as affection points you need to be aware of. Illya fucked me over in the Heaven's feel route and it was the only time I had to figure what the hell I did wrong.

Well, just think on the bright side, you'll get to see that justicefag die again, again, again and again.

Though on a more serious note, I absolutely loathed Shirou and justice, but halfway through Fate I fucking adored the insane little fucker. He's doing it purely for his self-satisfaction in true ubermensch fashion.

Yeah, one of the key components of this game is that Shirou is not your blank slate protagonist though he really does look it at first if you treat Shirou as supposed to be sane or self-preserving in any fashion you'll be severely confused by what he chooses to do. You have to treat Shirou as a psychotic suicidal justicefag with complete disregard for himself. Just think Funny Valentine but younger, and less immortality.

Is Orion gud?

She's a 5 star so she's pretty good, but not like super amazing like Zuge Liang and Merlin are, if she's your waifu feel free to roll for her, if not feel free to pass.

is she good? the answer is not really. she is really effective vs male enemies and double effective vs male saber but other then that not note worthy. she has big boobs and she is cute so that raises her effectiveness

It's not like she's Koromine ruler tier, she's pretty good and her NP is pretty good if she can get it off, I put her right in the middle of tier 5s

Apparently Mordred's va Sawashiro Miyuki can speak both Japanese and English perfectly. If whoever ends up producing the inevitable Apocrypha dub is smart they'll just have Miyuki reprise her role. They likely won't though. I also did some research for when I inevitably have to tell people Mordred's not a tranny. The only Servants it's remotely possible for are Chevalier D'eon and Da Vinci, who are explicitly listed as having ??? and Female (Body) for their genders respectively.

She may not be a tranny but she may have a futa cock. As for Da Vinci, he decided to look like the Mona Lisa when he was summoned because his "entire life was the pursuit of beauty" and he considers the Mona Lisa to be one of the prettiest things. I really don't view it as him being a tranny as much as he just is whimsical as fuck.

As for Chevalier, in history, he claims he was born female and assigned male by his father in order to get some legal rights to process. Upon death he was discovered to have a fully functional penis, but also had "rather full breasts", which he never took any hormones or whatever. Most likely he was intersex but it might actually be legitimate to call him a tranny.

Shirou's unlikable as hell in Fate because he acts like a typical shounen protagonist with various hints and teases to something being very wrong with him; however in the latter routes you come to appreciate the absolute madman because of how hollow he's revealed to be and far he can go to get what he wants - which is, in most cases, becoming a hero of justice. It's especially great in Heaven's Feel's final days where he abandons his hollow ideals to protect his loved ones, he's slowly dying by his body turning into swords because of all the advanced projection he does, yet he doesn't give a single fuck because he has to destroy the grail and anyone that stands in his way to save Sakura.

His fistfight with Kotomine at the end of HF was the greatest goddamned fight in the VN.

I originally watched the Deen anime and despised Shirou, but upon reading the VN by the time I hit the Berserker fight in Fate I realized he was growing on me. Then, when the church basement scene hits—which was utterly butchered in the anime—I fucking realized I adored him. What made the scene doubly great was that I thought it was a bad end and had saved beforehand, expecting to just get the Tiger Dojo stamp. But no, Shirou got the fuck back up and since then I've been gar for him.

Personally prefer UBW where he goes full Nietzschean ubermensch and chooses to derive meaning from his the supposed nothingness, surpassing himself as he goes toe to toe with a demi-god for the fate of the world.

Light and Darkness is awesome, but I hated how they misused the Emiya bgm there; while it's playing Shirou is just getting his ass beat and then when he finally gets his shit together the song changes.

I'm okay with this.

i got 3549 dumplings now. will i be able to clear out the shop? when is the last day?

If you dont plan on buying the CEs. maybe. but at this point I'm assuming you already bought them.

When does it end? Remember looking at one half AP event saying it would last another day when I went to sleep but being over when I woke up.

I need like 100 more dumplings for my last CE. Should I just wait 30 minutes or should I just use an apple?

It's not a misuse. They play the Emiya music as a fake-out, since by the time you get to that point, the music is supposed to key you into a "oh shit, it's time for Shirou to kick ass". Except it quickly reverses that, and the music reverses fairly quickly as well, when reality kicks in and it goes from "final curbstomp" to "two-half dead men beating on each other to see who will give in first".

And of course, Light and Darkness itself is sort of a blend of both of their musical tracks. The whole scene really is amazing.

So it's not a misuse because it's a misuse?

Well, it's not one if you consider it the same as his ideals. Something no longer intrinsically a part of him, something he discards along the way. Still, I've found it completely jarring each time I've read the HF finale.


which ap did you get it from?

Bought the first two, grinded for other stuff and bought out all the EXP and stat ups, got two CE drops during that and now got the 5000 AP CE.

which quest did you get the drops

Don't remember, but it drops from them all as far as I know. My advice is to just do the 5 AP one. Right now, I get between 29 and 58 dango per run on a team full of Moonlight Festival CE, if my math isn't completely fucked.

Sure would be nice if the game gave me any of the regular dango instead of the ironically half as valuable "special" dango. At this rate I may not even be able to buy all the chess pieces.

It will be good until the CE that is direct upgrade of it is released. Literally the same effect of Moonlight plus 30% NP gauge charge.

I think I remember normal dango dropping at a higher rate before I did all the rare dango missions. But that could just me being paranoid about dw trying to fuck with me.

Yeah and it literally has 100 more HP for some reason, too. Literally all around upgrade.

Edison didn't do anything except steal shit though. JMB invented everything.


All quests have the chance to drop it but some appear to be more likely then others according to these spreadsheets

It should be noted that what people remember/believe about you has an incredibly strong effect on your stats as well. Else the Innocent Monster skill wouldn't be a thing, If enough people believe Edison was an inventor his powers get adjusted accordingly.

so the next event were gonna get is the holloween event and we get deli as caster with 3 arts cards and a buster NP

Hopefully Okeanos will be out before or shortly after that. I can get about 40 more Quartz from there and as f2p I need to save all I can get.

Putting aside the King of Inventors title he has (also Lawsuit King), TM/DW did actually focus less on that aspect and more on how he actually improves shit for commercial use with his two skills Mass Production and Concept Improvement whereas actual inventors like Da Vinci and Tesla have the Pioneer of the Stars skill. I actually like that they did that.

I doubt they'll release Halloween event before actual October so we'll probably see Okeanos first.

Where can I farm grails? I need a lv 100 Cu

You can't. They're given as rewards for completing story chapters and certain events. They're literally the rarest resource in the game.

i need just 1 gold berserker statue but every single time i always get carmilla as the last enemy. these rates are messed up or something

What. The. Fuck
Tfw limited to 1500
Tfw only released at wonder fest

Tfw forgot the fucking picture

One hour left. Did you get enough dumplings for everything you wanted?

no. it is 1hour + 50minutes

I got about 3 CEs and cleaned out the monuments. I had no luck getting another CE to drop so I figure I'll wait til it comes around to limit break it

I got everything (except the 5000 CE) I wanted without spending any of my golden apples. I'm really trying to save those for an event that's actually worthwhile.

Yeah I skipped out on the 5000 CE for roughly the same reason. If I had another CE drop besides the one, I would've said fuck the monuments and gotten it but eh

Tbh the CE is useful for this event and it's reruns and then gets completely stomped by Castle in the Sun which is direct upgrade with the exact same effect plus 25% starting NP charge. This CE isn't really worth freaking out about and will eventually just turn to shit.

Yeah I know, I just wanted it limit broken from the get go and then rode on it until Castle of the Sun came out

Cleared out the shop of everything that wasn't hp fou and the event CE and managed to nab 3 hearts.

This is the third fucking time I've farmed this stupid fucking quest (although the second time I only grabbed a few things from the shop). It will be the last.

Oh my god that's amazing. I'm really loving the two sides Arturia Alter has and how they seem to be emphasizing "lazy neet" as her default over "hardnosed badass". If only normal Arturia let her neetness poke through a bit more.
And if only I could summon her.

This is my first time running this event- got all the pieces/monuments but only 4 CE (the last refused to drop) so I'll just hang onto them until it shows up again in two years or whatever. At least I got Orion from a summon ticket.


come on.

You don't seem to understand that this is usually the type of thing to be considered a job, has Holla Forums even had a successful translation project? Only thing I could remember to be on similar scale is Pokemon Sage(yes it's not translation I know) and that turds been cooking in the oven for years now.


I don't plan to play other mobile shit, but like, do other games do this?

There have been the Nep retranslations.

It depends on the game, but yes.

This game is very stingy compared to other mobages. Not even in the quartz thing either, but in how much AP shit costs. When there's no event there's almost no reason to play, just boot up the app 3 times a day for 15min and that's it.

>Tfw normal humour involving Saber for most of Ataraxia
>Culminates in her being bullied losing some hair and evolving into the true King of NEETs
Shit was cash

It's mostly because we're still pretty low rank, once we start getting missions that level us up more 40 ap will seem like not much at all

WhereI can kill lancers for the daily? I missed the three knights thing

Fuyuki X-F or wait for saturday's daily.

Get yourselves QooApp, it has all versions of FGO including English.

This is the worst bullshit ever. I want to violently remove Google but can't because the game spergs out over custom ROMs.
I prefer Tunnelbear. You can download the app from NA or JP playstore and then disable the VPN and it will stay on your account and automatically update.


To be fair, the chinks did hack the fuck out of the JP version, which is what caused all this to happen.

I don't believe there are any events that have high master experience rewards purely for high master experience. You can only level to 130 even if that were the case, which puts your AP cap at 155 and then no more. Sure there will be fights that are difficult for the point of insane difficulty but grinding the 40AP quests is still a plenty high way to get Master's experience.

did anyone noticed that the enter the treasure vault was "bugged" and not its supposedly fixed? was it giving more or less then it was supposed to

I noticed it in the maintenance notes but I haven't farmed the QP quests in a while since other things were more important.

Has there ever been an EMIYA banner? I mean, I'd like to get him to NP2 or higher, gg trying to get another one of him with the 4% chance to get a 4*.

Well, he was super easy to get if you started at all in the month of July as you could just redeem him from the shop but as for banners. There was a Fate/Stay Night special that raised the rates of all Stay Night servants (including the limited Gilgamesh). However the US version skipped that one kek.
Anyone got the giant picture that lists all of the event summons that have been released? The ones that you usually circle the servants you want in?

Dueing some random checking there was also the "Fate/Extella event" though that ship already sailed, the "3 Million download event" but >us servers reaching 3 million downloads
and the "class specific summoning event" where the entire archer class got rate ups.

Which is how I got him; got Berserker and Gil as starters.


Well, I'll have to keep using summoning tickets and keep fingers crossed.

Try using RemixOS. Memu was another option but it keeps getting blocked with each apk update.

Currently level 136 in JP. My max AP is just 139.

Guda Guda Honnoji has him on rate up so save up there. If you're unlucky though, you'll fail to get him and just get a slapstick Saberface instead.

Ooh, nice thanks for the heads up.

rolling for copies for the chance of NP upgrade is not wise unless your a whale

Well, it's essentially the only thing I want right about now and this game is all about that waifu/husbando grinding, right?

got your back user, we are suppose to get Kintoki and Artoria Alter Banner next but who knows if they are going to change the placement of some banners later on.

the ones are want are jack, saber bride, big titty ara berserker, loli oni and ishtar

I need Jalter like I need air

why do people like her so much?

Are the Tuesday daily event quests the only way to get lancer pieces? I'm trying to ascend my Elizabeth.

Next time I make the OP I really need someone to put this there to stop these stupid questions.
This is the drop rates for all available ascension materials. There is the Tuesday and Saturday knight duels that are the best, you can look at this sheet to see when you should farm where for what when it is not those two days.

I've actually seen that before, but just now noticed I must've been looking at the JP tab. My bad.

It's okay, I just think it really needs to be in the OP because the less posts we waste on easily answered questions the better. I'm not angry just frustrated.

have sjws been calling orion a tranny? zee is a women that identifies as a man after all

Orion is the bear

Orion is a bear, Artemis is the girl

Seriously you need to spend less time thinking about tumblr and Mordred faggot

That guy's not the resident Mordredfag.

It feels like it, I'm really tired of hearing about what tumblr thinks about Mordred at this point.

Okeanos soon pls. I need better grinding spots to get all these Seeds and Dragon Fangs.

I am too, honestly.
and i'm mordredfag
On that note, is her Saber or Rider version the better one?

It's a bit of a toss up. Mordred Rider isn't cursed with Intuition as skill, but Mordred Saber has way better stats than her. Rider is better on an Arts team while Mordred is better at Buster spamming. They both have s skill to help generate stars when you would never want them to do that. Altogether I would have to say Saber is better in Isolation, but Rider would benefit a lot more from most team comps.

It really all comes down to what kind of team you want though.

Anyone know where I can get sabers, riders and archers for the current us weekly?

Refer to this drop sheet on the NA tab

so were 2 years behind jp which means we have at least a years worth a content we have to go through. how much can they add in a year? how much does it change from how it is now

Ah, well I plan on getting both anyway so I may as well make several teams and see how they work. I thought about putting Saber ver on a meme team to support regend with extra crit stars but if she has Intuition I may as well use a lv 100 Saber Lily on that one. In terms of just waifufaggotry though I think I prefer Rider Mordred because of the tan and her Bond lines.

Next major event should be the first Halloween one or GUDA GUDA Honnoji with Okita, after that is the first Santa Alter event, then New Year's.
We'll also likely get Okeanos before New Year's and if we're lucky we might get London too.

Okeanos should be immediately after Halloween, though it may be earlier because the US version started a month earlier than the Japanese one

Well, at least I'll have time to grind up all my current Servants. After the Orion event half of my team got ascended and now that I'm in the 50+ stage, they don't level up so quickly anymore.

Also, going to concentrate on accruing quartz from all the Servant-specific quests.

I want to get into this waifu warfare, is it too grindy?

It's pretty grindy, I don't know what too grindy means to you though. Right now the game is mostly just grind grind grind until either more story is released or they have an event going.

These F2P games with loot sure are a pain to grow. I remember when I played MSA, and that could be extremely grindy too.
Well, there is no way around it.

Honestly I can't tell if I'm happy that this should be corrected in a month or two and grinds should be measurable less hellish, or angry that the English adapters didn't just put in the correct system from the beginning.

I can barely tolerate this madness as it is now so imagine more casual players. but at least they admit their mistake and fix it. now next they should add a way to get saint quartz daily outside of daily log in or at least make the weekly master missions daily. more free saint quartz would not make them lose more money

Son, you do not the misery that was the original JP release

Well yeah it would, I mean whales would buy less quartz if they got more for free.

Also your strategy doesn't make a whale pay 1700$ to roll for Gilgamesh and still not get him user.

I guess I'll wait for Kirara Fantasia and KR City Wars in the meantime.

Is doing this virtual console shit possible on a toaster? AMD A10-5800K, 16GB RAM, Radeon R7 240 4GB DDR3

Fucking chinks.

I prefer Tunnelbear. You can download the app from NA or JP playstore and then disable the VPN and it will stay on your account and automatically update.
I don't even have playstore on it, using Yalp instead.

Bah, London and Saber Wars are right next to each other? And here I wanted to have a good shot at both Saber and Lancer Artoria Alter. Well, that is, if Global follows the same schedule.

I happened upon this image recently. I'm guessing that's what this references?

It references Hollow Ataraxia
The first time casual Saner Alter was imtroduced was in a joke scene where Shirou was forced to make burgers until she was satisfied.


This disgusts me slightly

That line is so cringey but so anime.

"I Know I'm wrong But, Anime and HOPE Mother fucker believe it"! ~ Anymee Faggot MC

Good ainmu though for all that embarrassing dialog.

I mostly put it up because it was just retarded but it was a funny kind of retarded. I know it was supposed to be "I know you're right but this is wrong!" But it came out as "People die when they are killed!"

Great scene overall though, even if it's a retarded as fuck line

Do we have that many resident Mordredfags or is it just one guy switching IPs?
In fact, who is your waifu Holla Forums

It was a direct inversion of the confrontation between Shirou and Archer from earlier. A more literal translation would be "You only care about being correct" but the way it's said there are a lot of ways you can interpret it. Correct in the sense that Archer doesn't believe a word he's saying, rather is just spouting excuses. When Archer earlier scolded Shirou by saying "if you fight for ideals, all you will protect are ideals", he was saying that Shirou was an ideologue rather than someone who actually wants to help people and thus was doomed to a hell of his own making.

For all that Archer lectured Shirou about the meaninglessness of the ideal during the climax, in the end it had nothing to do with his own motivations; EMIYA just wanted to kill himself because he was tired and worn out; he wanted to have Shirou admit that it was all a mistake as a final cathartic unmaking of all that his life had been because he had lost all hope. If Archer really had believed everything he said, then why did he go back to his own personal hell with a smile on his face?

Shirou's design from the start up is someone who is always fighting against themselves, someone who embodies that characteristic of "I can keep going" despite everything. He's Sisyphus on the mountain, smiling even as the boulder rolls down.

I don't mind if you're trolling, I like arguing about this shit.

fixed your guide

wait, but aren't Archer and Shirou the same character?

I liked how each subsequent storyline in Fate Stay Night matured. The first one's almost like a childish ideal, then it's a teenage ideal, then it's an adult one.

anyone have a good torrent for Fate/ Stay Night? I found this
but can't tell if it's the 18+ version, nor if the voice patch is english or japanese dub.

Checked it out and it says it has all the relevant patches. Go ahead, man. Check fuwanovel if it doesn't work. Fuwa is kind of garbage, but should work at least.

If you get the decensor patches, avoid the older one and check the pictures first. The early one was just garbage.

Not really, but kinda. You can essentially consider Archer to be Fate route Shirou(there are differences, but it's the closest equivalent), but he's a separate existence altogether.

And in the end, Fate Shirou is the craziest of the bunch as he keeps going until he makes it into the motherfucking fairyland, through sheer stubbornness.

Yes user, the entire point of Unlimited Blade Works is future Shirou wants to kill past Shirou so that he can commit suicide before his life turns into a living hell. He can't just off himself because he already sold his soul to the throne of heroes, and will just pop back whenever needed. In order for future Shirou to die he needs to create a time paradox strong enough that the world just completely erases the existence that is future EMIYA. In the end though future EMIYA still wants to be a good person and fails letting Shirou win.

Well, it's confirmed to pretty much not work, seeing as how in F/UC arcade Archer kills Shirou and how there's a bad end about it in the VN too, yet nothing ever happened to EMIYA. He's stuck.

Even in the original VN he stated it's possible the paradox won't be strong enough but it was his last glimmer of hope for the sweet release of death.

Which is weird because he didn't seem all that suicidal in Extra. What's the big deal about being a servant anyway? The other servants don't seem to have a problem with it.

in extra he was not EMYIA he was nameless and being a counter guardian is supposed to be different then being a servant

In Extra he doesn't have to MURDERDESTROYPURGE humanity every 5 minutes for all eternity. Extra Archer has it quite easy, so him being a bit moody about his life is actually a bit laughable. Additionally, as he becomes the representative of "Nameless Heroes", like Fake Assassin is for "Sasaki Kojiro", he's gotten an upgrade to being a proper Heroic Spirit(or Legenadary Spirit as it was localized). Also, the Moon Cell copies are essentially 1-to-1 the same as the Throne of Heroes copies, but they don't have the same responsibilities anyhow, so no Counter Guardian duties for Nameless.

Other Heroic Spirits are essentially minor deities on their own right, so they can't be forcibly deployed by the Counter Force like EMIYA is all the time. They can accept summons and such, but it is of their own will. EMIYA is forced to be a murderbot and clean up after disasters and calamities in every parallel reality that exist, for all eternity.

In Extra he doesn't have the option, every time a servant is summoned, they are just a copy of the original hero, who is currently stored in the throne of heroes. Even if that particular copy dies, the original hero in the throne remains unaffected. EMIYA can't just off himself, he needs to time paradox his original self out of the throne. Because the throne is removed from time, but is still interacting with it (via sending copies) time paradoxes may be able to nuke him out of the throne. At any other time, he just nihilistic goes along with what needs to be done because there's no point in fighting it.

Also be aware EMIYA is not a hero in the standard sense he is a Counter Guardian (this will make no sense if you didn't read the VN but you can get fucked for being a little bitch who can't read) basically there's the force of nature, and the "consciousness of mankind will to survive" which are at odds at times. Basically, human will to live and nature sometimes clash. EMIYA sold his soul to the Counter-Force to get immense strength to fight off some unknown evil, because of this he is now under contract with the counter-force to be summoned whenever he is needed to protect humanity and it's survival. Problem is EMIYA deeply regrets his choice to sell his soul to the counter-force which is why he wants to commit sudoku.

Eh, can't see all the bodies.

cool, downloading now.

any idea where I'd get the decensor patch or be able to check if the VN needs it? It'll suck a bit to read a whole bunch only to get to the censored scene or not even notice a scene was removed.

I heard about Fate through Valkyie Connect's shitty event (It was awful, I didn't bother to do it out of getting Gilgamesh, who sucks in VC) and Unison League's event (That one was actually fun and cute). How hard is it to catch up in the app game if I were to start now? Does the game hate f2p players like Valkyrie Connect (Don't play VC. It's awful, and most of the players are creepy sjws)?

Fate/Grand Order? It hasn't even had a single story update since release yet, though it has had two limited events, not to mention missing out on a voucher for a free 4* servant. When put into perspective, you really haven't missed that much.

Three star story servants like Cu Caster don't get added to the friend point summon right? Or do they?

No idea, been so long. Just google around, I guess.

pretty much this

Someone on game faqs said there is a rumor that we arent getting the gudaguda event or the ccc event which means no oda or BB. does anyone know where this rumor is coming from?

I also want to add that i will be fucking pissed if this is the case and they better give us a ton of free shit to make up for it because they sure as hell arent gonna make 2 new events for us



It doesnt have anything to do with normal fags. I dont even know what manga it is its based off of or that it was based on anything.I just want the free servant and the goodies

It has everything to do with normalfags

The reason they even need to give a shit about the manga being released (fat fucking chance) is because normalfags will bitch if they don't understand

is the manga even translated in English? besides i dont think people who play FGO care about that when they are getting a free 4 star servant

It isn't, that's the problem stated here for why they may not release it on time

tl:dr we won't get GUDAGUDA because normalfags won't understand what's going on

you cant really say its normal fags though. its their own fault for not translating it and making it available in the first place and they are the ones jumping to conclusions that they cant have the event. its also 100% their mother fucking fault we dont have CCC yet and they brought over extella just fine which plays off ccc not extra

user this is blatantly false. Fate/Extra CCC is a direct sequel to Fate/Extra, and is what happens after Sakura AI starts kidnapping masters to the back side of the moon. Fate/Extella is also a direct sequel to a "parallel universe" of the original Fate/Extra, this is why we have the entire "sub-servant and main servant" relationship between Saber and Caster, as that never fucking happened in anyway of the Fate/Extra CCC routes or the original Fate/Extra at all.

That good considering plebbit and sjweebs are going full retard over jack.

I remember hearing that if they cant do the events we still get the servants, still sucks though. I'll probably email support about it and see what good that does.

wait i thought it was based on something that happened in ccc so your saying its just something they made up so everyone gets to be with the girl they like?

Yes, yes I am

Pretty much, Extella is a fanservice game more than anything

They even pulled that whole body/mind/soul thing which makes no fucking sense because nobody's body is inside of SERAPH so there's no logic to having a 3rd body ver. MC except to shill the green waifu.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's true they introduced the concept of the mind/body/soul thing but I never interpreted it as being Haruno's literal body as Haruno was already dead before entering the war and thus had no body It refereed more to the physical container/projection of the host magus inside the moon, which is why everyone looks like they do on earth. They project an image of themselves and fill it up with their mind and soul. It still being data allowed it a modicrum of memory and personality, but eh. that's how I read it anyway.

Pretty sure he wasn't dead, just stuffed in suspended animation because he has brain cancer or something. Also if we go with your theory that the "body" of the MC is his physical conception, that still makes no sense because the MC looks like a generic NPC since he has no body data.

Since we're on Extella, Extella 2 has confirmed Saber Charlemagne. No further info for now. Not even a design.

I like Extella, just for the fact that Archer(Nameless) masterminded the entire Saber-route and is keeping Saber under check by just making her lots and lots of food.

And you got this information from?

The entire Caster route of Fate/Extra CCC involves Caster wishing that Haruno will have a body on the outside. Also due to the events inside the original Extra, he's either dead, or nearly dying.
maybe he looks like an NPC in life why are you discriminating :^)

Gematsu. And right after posting that, Charlemagne's design in Famitsu got posted. Go figure.

How much did Extella sell when I wasn't looking?

There's something deeply satisfying about scenes/moments with two dudes on the verge of death, pushing to and past their limits fighting for something neither of them will even live to see.

They state it flat out that the MC has the look of a generic school NPC in Extra.

Didn't play CCC so all I can remember is that scene where blond Rin finds the MC's body in the real world and presumably rezzes him somehow.

gaul and unknown coordinates x-5 fuyuki is perfect for quickly clearing out this weekly master mission. gaul has a roman and divine servant and x-5 has lawful, good and chaotic all together

There was a reason I put the :^) there.
I actually had to re-read all this shit because my mind was being jumbled up, okay.
Hakuno on the moon was an NPC made by Moon Cell with it's personality based off of the Hakuno in cryo down on earth. Thus NPC Hakuno and IRL Hakuno are two distinct individuals and NPC Hakuno's entire exist is self-contained in the moon cell. It is accurate to describe NPC Hakuno's entire exist (mind body and soul) as being inside the Moon Cell as she is just a copy of a human down on earth. Due to kikery bullshit she managed to a personality ala twice and gain sentience and think she was a real person. In order for NPC Hakuno to get a body, because she is a distinct existence from IRL Hakuno, she needs a new body made just for her.

There fuck.

That looks like Galatine, which is weird considering that Joyeuse is supposed to be related to Durandal and Curtana, instead.

cuz we were talking bout extella

I guess it makes sense if one of the endings in CCC involved Haruno getting a body somehow. I think it was stated in Extra that even SERAPH couldn't do it though.

She's a bad girl and doesn't even try to hide it except from her master, and even then she doesn't do a good job of it.

Hopefully there is enough complaints that they run the event anyway. Even if normalfags don't get it they are not going to complain about a free 4 star and a way to get materials other then shit drop rates. Also dosent the CCC event tie in to the main story of Epic of Remnant? Pretty sure they have to run that like it or not.

Very nice to hear. Sadly I am worried Apple or google pulling some bullshit that will force them to censor anyway.

I really don't even like her I just want that free saint quartz

Why do Casters usually make the best servants


Kintoki's Banner Soon including half ap quests with it for 2 weeks

who is ready to roll for GOLDEN?
you are all going to try to roll for saber alter don't you?

As much as I like Kintoki's style I'm hoarding everything I have until Valentine's event where there will be a Nero Bride/Jack the Ripper rate up. Nothing else matters.

rider kintoki looks better then regular. I want jack and bride so i was gonna roll in December but if they are both in valentine then i guess i gotta wait

While that sounds nice in theory, you now have a servant who can't ascend even once and is stuck at level 1 NP. I really don't think it's going to work like that.

And then I'm going to roll for Lancer Artoria Alter when she comes along


I'll just throw some tickets at the gacha and hope I get something nice. I think I'll do the same for the Okeanos banner.

My Eng. team is fully leveled up and ascended and I'm just accumulating useless exp cards. Wtf am I supposed to do now? Wonder if I should uninstall since I'm grinding but the game has stopped being fun.

I tried the Madoka gatcha too, but it was boring and when there was a patch I couldn't play it anymore car I don't have a Jap. Phone.

All your servants skills are at level 10?


level up servants if they have an interlude because those give you one time quartz for free. then use those exp cards for mana prisms in the shop burn them for that. there is always something to grind or farm


I just login each day on multiple accounts for free quartz in hopes that one day I'll accidentally draw something amazing.


what is the guaranteed 5 star paid gacha like?

I just wasted 20 quartz on the story banner because I really want Altutria even though she's featured on Kintoki's. All I got were Black Keys and that one 4star CE with Kirei shirtless.

You do a one-time multisummon for 40 quartz that guarantees at least one 5star from the following pool:
Arturia Pendragon, Altera, Okita Souji, Mordred Pendragon, Orion, Francis Drake, Jack the Ripper, Zhuge-Liang/Waver Velvet, Tamamo-No-Mae, Vlad III, or Jeanne d'Arc.
It can only be performed with Saint Quartz you've spent money on.
It should be arriving on New Year's.

this doesnt seem like a bad deal really


Also wouldn't it be 30 for the US server? I thought the change from 40 quartz to 30 was the one year anniversary but the US started there. Thus I'm uncertain they'll ever introduce a 40 star gatcha.

To each his own, I mean I'm not one to talk, I've wasted a quartz when I just really didn't want to lose a fight before, but you should be more patient user. you can get better deals.

Well anons? Who are you saving for?

Maintenance over; we're updating to 1.3.0. Also, QP missions half AP right now.

Because the entire franchise has turned into a steaming pile of feces.

It had potential, but they had to ruin it by bringing in MORE stupid character, MORE weaboo pandering, MORE character changes, MORE stupid shit (Whie-haired Archer Kiritsugu??? Nigger archer?) and lolification and general infantilization (fluffly animal sidekicks) of the entire thing.

Archer was right - Life is suffering. Fuck humanity.

I watched Zero before playing/watching staynight. Much better decision, it was far better written than staynight and I found staynight more of a chore than enjoyable.

Which is it? Also, FSN > Zero.

I couldn't play all the way through the game, and I never finished the 3 last episodes of FSN.

Right, so neither then. Got it.

Taking a shot at Saber Alter with the Kintoki summon. Going to wait for the Zhuge Liang rate up day though.

Then I'll probably saving up until Scathach and London (Lancer Artoria Alter).

I have 170 Quartz right now, though I'll probably stop summoning the moment I get Saber Alter… if I get her


Updated my support with Medusa and moved Marie to front. I can't wait for the half AP for ascencion materials.
ID in filename if anyone want to add.

Speaking of, as someone with only about 4 million QP, should I spend some time farming the Treasure Vaults, since those are Half AP right now?


0/10 would not friend

so far i never ever seen any tamamo cats

you should consider that doing 20AP now (half 40AP) gives you 15k exp so you can grind master level.

Yes, it costs 10,000,000 QP to get one servants skill to level 10, and the only good way to farm it is the daily. They are rarely half off as well.

It's almost like my reasoning was correct , and you could have avoided everything had you listened.

Welp, used the rest of my quartz today trying to get the King of NEETS.
Got based Golden instead. He's a pretty sweet 5star Berserker so I can't be mad really but I find it kind of funny the game absolutely refuses to give me any 4star servants (aside from Herc on starter summon and Lily bcuz free).
I'll use the million dl quartz and tickets when either Waver or Jeanne are up, after that everything goes to Lady Mordred's banner.

This game's fucking with me I swear

Leaning on b, but advice will be heeded.

I would say option B is not the best as Hans already has all three of his abilities and doesn't benefit as much from stats (he leans on health so unless he's having a hard time surviving it doesn't matter)
It really depends on which ability you are getting to level 5 for option A.
Hassan gets pseudo divine protection from arrows in addition to getting insane crit star generatin for a common servant. I would go with option C personally.

I was thinking about that, too. For EMIYA, his skills aren't going to get all that much better, while Hassan gets a niiiice crit boost+survivability so he could act as a pseudo-critgen in QP grinds for example. But he has a pretty high star weight and I don't want Hassan to get all the crits.

I already have nearly maxed Fou HP Hans' health, but it's still a tough decision because all mats are so precious at this point. Well, I have a level 92 EMIYA and a level 70 Vlad, so any team composition at this point is viable.

Not quite what I expected but I'm still satisfied, Martha is a real qt. I'm gonna save up tix for for the Okeanos banner now.


I just rolled saber alter on my first ticket of the banner, I feel like I'm going to use up all of my limited luck, and have something really unfortunate happen to me if I keep doing this.

I don't want to play this game anymore.

you lucky sons of bitches

I've accepted I'll likely never pull her Saber version and will content myself with the free Rider class Santa Arturia Alter when Christmas arrives.

You guys realize that the only Saberface that's any good is Arturia Archer, right?


well then. I should be petty and bullying to my fellow anons more often.

You do know that this game is a waifu simulator and the best servants will always be your waifu right?


You also forgot that Nero Bride and Okita are really good as well. Atruria Archer is definitely the best but those two are great as well.

I would sting more if Kintoki wasn't outshined by his Rider self that is guaranteed event servant. While his berserker self is really straight forward and probably the Berserker with easiest access to his ultimate. Kintoki rider does so well on a quick team it's fucking unbelievable how much shit he can get done. Also comparing their Unique CEs, Berserker Kintoki has one that just boosts his NP gauge and damage, but Rider gets to boost crit star drop for his entire team. Berserker does fine in isolation but Rider can make a lot of meme teams amazing.