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More visual novels, more suggestions, more shocking twists to come.

Current Recommendations
Collar X Malice
Hoshizora no Memoria
G-Senjou no Maou
Kara no Shoujo
Crimson Gray
Katawa no Pico

And remember

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Apparently they are evil garbage so don't touch them.

Anyone have any more suggestions? We never did find the "Ara + involved story" VN that was suggested in the last thread.


Ara involved? I think I missed that.

Why are you saging?

Majikoi isn't translated

Where were you last year? A group got together and finished not only Miyako's path in the Original but translated S, A-1 and A-2. I personally put aside months of my time last year to go through both.

And it's a polite sage? I dunno but I usually do that if I double post.

well…cool. Looks like we've got something fantastic to add.

No one told me about this and I was in a coma for fifteen years not really but I hadn't checked this out since I heard everything was only half translated and multiple routes were untranslated about three or four years ago

Nearly a decade later and we're still getting Koihime Musou material.†musou-kakumei-souten-no-haou/#more-2950

Has anyone played Koihime Musou? I really liked the fighting game and was wondering if this was worth the time. That aside, I'm still reading Libra of the Vampire Princess and Wagamama High Spec. I didn't expect Wagamama to make me laugh as much as it already has. The masochist friend is pretty damn funny.

Is the muvluv steam version censored?

Fighting game is probably better. Koihime is pretty much pure sex. You're given one major orb that you use to spend time with the main heroines and three minor orbs you use to spend time with other girls. You will need to play through a few times to get all the content. There is a harem end, from memory you need to spend enough and equal time with the mains after going through their routes and endings.

One of the major things I don't like is that each while of the girls are named after characters from the Three Kingdoms period, they use their Japanese names for them instead of their classical Chinese names.
Kan'u Unchou is Guan Yu
Chou'un Shiryuu is Zhao Yun (From memory, she's a good character).
Chouhi Yokutoku is Zhang Fei. You get the idea. Having played alot of Dynasty Warriors, when they refer to who they are, I didn't initially get them.

Second was… Enshou Honsho or Yuan Shao travels around the country after you defeat her. First scene they have is sex between her attendants, pure yuri. So I thought I'd stick with it cause I like yuri. Next scene they both grow dicks and double team Enshou. Complete killed any enthusiasm I had for them.
It's not bad but there's little story to be had, just lots of sex really.

Nope. Anything that typically ends up on steam is censored. Still TBA on that.


Welp, that's not something i really want at the moment. Thanks for the input though.

Would you actually recommend Tsukihime? Recently found a convenient torrent, but I don't know if it's worth it.
Never finished it, but Yume Miru Kusuri was nice even if Council President had that typical japanese existentialism that I'm not fond of.
That is sadly my eastern experience, western I loved Juniper's Knot -more of a slideshow than a VN since it doesn't have choices that I remember- and Murder Dog IV.

Let's talk about doggirls, aka bestgirls. Are there any VNs besides Wanko that feature them?

Are we perhaps overdoing it on the VN threads? We used to have a thread every one or two months and it was fine. If we keep making them as soon as the previous one dies we risk either burning out or turning into a cancerous circlejerk general

Please tell me you at least finished Aeka's path and gave her the headpats she deserves.
Also if you want more VNs to play, that Crimson Grey doesn't look too bad.
As for Tsukihime, I tried starting it but I just found it too boring to be honest, I got though Stay Night just fine but Nasu's other works I've had trouble with. I say go for it though, it's pretty good on all accounts.

The only dog girl I acknowledge is Wanko AKA Kazuko. I don't mind the occasional back to back threads, been wanting to talk about VNs for awhile.
If you're Philotes…

It's actually one of the baby's first novels, the only reasons that's not apparent is because op is a faggot, as usual, and maybe because there is remake in the works that will never come out, that probably is worth waiting up upon.

Wanko is shit, not because it's bad, but because it's extremely boring.

Daily reminder that KnS is shit.

I would take Katawa over that anyday.

Take your complaints to the cake jew.

It's finished list, otherwise why would I include the turds.
As of "don't take it personally" I find it worth a read, because it's interesting how newer generations might turn out to be.
Is this why you find crapawa a masterpiece?

How do I find friends who enjoy VN's? I have so many, yet no one to share them with! Its depressing….

Not a masterpiece but certainly worth your time going through.

We're friends here? Even if our tastes differentiate.


Opinion noted.

>generic pick your girl SoL vn with nothing going for it or even less than that, see ^
On it's own it isn't that bad, but by this point it's so blown out of proportion that I'm just inclined to call it shit instead of "it's average and bland". Especially it's insulting as baby's first vn, because the only redeeming quality for that choice is that there are better things to come in the genre.

I recommend Tsukihime but only if you want to laugh/skip the sex scenes and like vampire anime. It's fairly internally consistent, though Shiki is a little OP. But the rest of the story is neat. It's not as animated/repetitive music, so if you're looking for as much effort as FSN, you'll be a bit disappointed. If you temper your expectations in that regard, it reads pretty well.

Of courshe user. The game appeared to me in a third world pseudo-social site so catching that one reaction pic(s) to the strangulation scene for the first time gave me one hell of a chuckle.

Thanks for the input, given the file size (~200MB) I'm going for it, after going through Azurea Junction which I've been postponing since release.



Why are you punishing the nip devs?!

Not with Hisui being dead it's not.

Yeah, the light size and simple animations make it more like a standard book but with some background art and ambient music to chill out to, which was really nice when I was reading some of it on my phone. The lack of animations means I also didn't miss much using VNDS.

I'm actually reading Rewrite. It was a pain to go through all that SoL but I'm finally beginning the Kotori route.

Adam the Double Factor is the mystery-thriller visual novel/adventure game sequel to Eve Burst Error. Here are some hot opinions on it from someone who just reached disc 2:

Non-Key romance VNs that aren't eroge or have few h-scenes?

It's actually got pretty good graphics aside from the artwork and runs like a JRPG. I played it. It's fun.

Does this really count as a VN anymore, though? It's pretty much just a straight up JRPG with H now.

Not necessary for me but it's always a bonus when the content isn't hacked to bits
You almost had me, user. Then this had to come in…

I should say that the protagonist in Collar x Malice is a police officer who is fully trained in use of her firearm.


You cant solve a mystery if you kill the suspect, silly.

I'm ready for it to be translated in 2023

Your opinion is not valid

Of course, what on earth was I thinking?

Is there something we should know about Alicesoft?

Never ending monster rape if I remember correctly.

Nah I've heard Evanicle is actually funny and light for the most part.
…Then again it may have been all lies, but would this artist do monster rape?

But it's not cuckshit if it turns you on, user. Everyone knows that.

No we've been over this: gangbang, NTR and monster rape is for cuckolds
gangbang with multiple men on one woman (or more men than women) is for cuckolds and latent queers
gangbang with multiple women on one man is just degenerate - unless they start doing things to one another and forget the guy, then its cuckold

M-maybe they'll f-find another VA.

This can't be an idiot detector, r-right?


As far as I'm concerned Evenicle is one of the best jrpgs released in recent years. It gains that prestige simply by being Dragon Quest: Alice Soft edition. Tons of content, a massive overworld, extra hard optional bosses you have to go back for, monster-girl capture to boost your stats/get CG, fun but simple combat, the list goes on. It is an Alicesoft title, so there are side characters that are horribly raped and that is an unfortunate blemish on an otherwise completely vanilla game.

I attribute their stupidity to a combination of not understanding how guns work, not understanding basic human anatomy (have fun trying to close up a femoral artery wound before bleeding out), and trying to make the main characters look "cool". And yes they trot out this excuse:

I reached somewhere around the 60-70% mark in Evenicle back when the fan TL of the system menu released and there were 3 rape scenes over the course of a long game otherwise filled with 100% vanilla harem content. The main character is completely NTR-proof. He slaps a ring on a girl and she is safe.

You're missing out user.

You've got a bit to go then. I'm inclined to Lucia and Shizuru myself.

I miss that old school artstyle.

Is rewrite any good. I started it but am just on the fence. I enjoyed other KEY stuff like lb and kanon.


I didn't read it for 2-3 months. I hope I didn't forget anything important.

Turns out the IGG version doesn't have the R18 patch with it. You can find said patch here.

The translation is pretty horrid though. I can definitely tell there are a few words that should be there that aren't even translated or bizarre sentences every once in a while that makes me have to reread them to make sure I actually understand what's being said. Maybe I should just move onto something else. Saying that, Mari is best girl so far.

Probably not. An eroge/RPG would be a much more accurate description. Though there are visual novels with gameplay like Tiers to Tiara 2. I still need to finish that game.

It's actually 100% translated with 63% of the editing down. After that it's bug testing and beta testing before the release. At this rate, it will most likely be done the beginning of next year.

We all most likely have something we enjoy that others find to be shit. At this point, I just assume I have shit tastes and will continue to find stuff to sharpen my tastes.

Forgot the link to the Evenicle progress.

I didn't know they were doing Sengoku Rance as well. Seems they announced it at Otakon 2017.

Who knows when we'll get these. This isn't the first, and it won't be the last time Sekai Project rapidly slows down the release of a VN to the west.

You're two hundred years too early to say that to an ex-fuwafag.

Is the MC doing the raping? Im a vanillafag, so I can deal with that

Get out and never come back.

If you liked Rance you're probably safe.

Being a vanillafag is pure suffering

Rape is done by lawless bandits. In Evenicle the sanctity of marriage is ruthlessly enforced by higher deities and any relations outside of marriage will result in all parties involved immediately being branded as outlaws. Those scenes are way more brutal than they should be and are a massive whiplash in tone compared to the other 95% of the game. It really is a shame because the game is otherwise filled with vanilla fetish material. The main character gets around becoming an outlaw because he's a knight. Knights are allowed multiple wives based on performing great feats.

Around alicesoft, never relax!
I guess I will put it in my backlog and skip those scenes really fucking fast.

Can anyone recommend a good visual novel that isn't about boning girls and preferably doesn't have a weeb type artstyle?
I'm hard pressed finding anything with these two caveats.

Oh come on it can't be that bad–

This is the kind of trash that makes me physically ill and angry.
Wait, what? I don't–

Collar X Malice is pretty good, especially for an Otome game. You never feel like a femboi for playing it since it's got good characters and a really interesting mystery.

u wot

She looks pretty perfect to me, man.
That's the thing with Majikoi. There's so many 20/10's that it would feel weird going from one girl to another. I'm not used to so much quality in one batch

Man, those first two, especially the second, is great stuff. Super looking forward to it.

If memory serves me right those are not 'you failed, so fuck you here is your punishment' either.

What VNs allow me to impregnate cute girls?

That just makes it even more brutal. Man, now I know why Alicesoft gives some anons PTSD

That's from Hoshizora no Memoria

You don't know what weeb means do you?
Anyway, I would try out The House in Fata Morgana.

That's exactly the type of thing I would want but didn't expect to be in this game. Now I want it even more.

No, being a faggot is pure suffering and you should end it.

Because they're newfags in every sense of the word, I mean once upon a time you'd be desensitized to most of the common+ shit by having a spell on either Holla Forums or whatever. And no shit that's from hoshizora.

That's Eushully, the company behind Kamidori Alchemy Meister.

It has a lot of flaws, the biggest ones being the lack of coherence between routes and Lucia's route being garbage.

Is there a term for vn with ecchi/hentai material, or are they all just lumped into the vn genre? Is there something differentiating them?

Nope. Your only choice is to use tags on vndb.

Term you want is Nukige. There is a tag for no sex content.;m=0;o=d;s=pop

Did something happen to make you end up here?

You might be thinking of nukige or eroge. An eroge is just an adult game. A nukige means that everything revolves around sex. Not all eroges are nukiges as some don't have many sex scenes.

Should i ever consider looking into visual novels?

Too bad the only i might be interested are: 1 russian VN (guess which one), 1 scalie VN and 1 erotic furfaggy (and done by russians, again) VN.

Что тебе мешает просто взять и попробовать? Хули тебя ещё уговаривать кто-то должен?
>consensual sex involving tentacles

Eushully games are more rape-y than Alicesoft games.

Don't try to translate this, it's just pure anger.
Да иди ты нахуй! Мне мнения нужны а не пиздешь и "попробуй!!!". Хули мне пробовать если интерес к "жанру" как таковой нет? Была бы классическая adventure, RPG или хуевый point-and-click с спрайтами - не спрашивал бы. А вот блять когда какой-то арт на скрине мельтешит и текст бегает что мол "Вот ваш Семенов обнял НЁХ" нихуя не понятно. Либо, блять, интерес разогрей, либо пиши +100500 посылов нахуй. Если не то и не другое можешь - катись к хуям сам.
Тоже мне, блять, епископ дохуя.

Так я и говорю, хули тебя кто-то подогревать должен?
Мнения ему нужны, ты сам не догоняешь что это гибрид аниме и новеллы в формате exe? Ты не знаешь что из себя представляет аниме? Ты не знаешь что такое японские новеллы? Ну последнее не знаешь наверно, но это не так важно так как это риторические вопросы.
Это как прийти в тред жрпг и вопрошать "вот меня тут интересует пара тайтлов, но чёт меня отпугивает унылая боёвка и штамп на штампе, стоит ли оно того?". Тебе конечно могут посоветовать навернуть смт, резонанс судьбы или хронику валькирии (2е последних из которых говно, да и смт1 не оч) но ведь они тебе нахуй не сдались и ты будешь выёбываться пока кто-то кого-то не начнёт поливать дерьмом. Просто иди и пробуй.
Если нужен стандартный ответ: апплокаль, сая но юта, английский патч. А дальше по рекомендационным листам или что тебя там интересует.

ITT: Two russians are mad at each other.

Huh. I knew of the pirate one, but my experience is otherwise only of the Meister series.

Where will I get all of my lewd vn's now that sukebei.nyaa doesnt exist anymore?


Don't recommend .si, it's run by SJWs

Didn't know that. Anyway, nyaa.pantsu is scraping all torrents from .si and other trackers.

I cant believe they forced the boobs artist to draw that

Nah, im a vanillafag for life.

Pic related

I can't look at Senran the same way again. only allows certain content on it's site because they're ran by goons, I mean shit a quick search of people's opinions on and you'll just hear the name of Herkz and how much of a douche he is. Nyaa.pantsu was started by Holla Forumsguys from /g/ and /a/ and it is endorsed by Nips. It has stability issues and some supposed bad things associated with it, but the instability is because of the sheer volume of Japanese users while is empty and therefore more stable.


I'm playing it but machine translation keeps crushing my spirit during the dialogue portions.
The gameplay is dope though.

You know that thing SJWs did when they forced all Indie devs out if they didn't bend the knee and become another SJW? Herkz does this with his own circle of friends with fansubbing groups. For you have to use their tracker no exceptions, then there is deleting torrents because they did like your group, removing announcement urls, amongst other things.
The guy who owns Nyaa pantsu has poor opsec but since the biggest user base for him is Japs it won't matter that much if the west abandons his site. And Torrents already expose you if you don't use a VPN so you're fine if you weren't busted by now.


What an asshole. Thanks for the summary.

Oh and nyaa.pantsu isn't a tracker so be sure to enable DHT.

Did pantsu ever fix that bug where RSS feeds return a "torrent not found" error? I've been forced to use for my anime needs, and I do not like it.

I already enabled DHT. But, I thought PantsuDev had add his own tracker (

why? it doesnt even have more battles, how different does the ending in the first version went anyway? and Sunrider: Rebirth when?
Also Ava best girl.

Oh boy, Sunrider…
Get this out of the way, Sola best girl. Like Kuuderes.

This series…. has a bit of troubled history, at least from my perspective. I'll keep it short.
First played Sunrider: First Arrival and I liked it. Anime cheesy plot but managed to do a turn based battle system in the Renpy engine. That got bloated in long battles though but the system was pretty fun, lasers do damage over long damage but are weak or blocked by shields while autocannons and projectiles are shorter range and hit with full power but is blocked by armour.
Was pretty good and set up the series. Then the second part was branded Mask of Arcadius and they slapped parts 1 & 2 together. This was also the time the dev decided that he wanted to turn the series into an eroge now, for some reason. Instead of focusing on the mechs and the girls interacting with each other, it's now stupid harem drama fighting over a captain who can't get over his dead sister that only gets revealed in the second part. Plot was okay at this point, the whole Liberation day part with taking back the planet, couldn't wait for that.

But instead the dev spent a year developing a boring school sim with 4 of the heroines, instead of making part 3. And there's more sex in here, for some reason.
But now finally part 3 comes. And it's pretty good, battles are better, Ava somehow survives the end of part 2.

But. And this is the biggest butt. Remember how the harem stuff had been building? Well, I thought I would get an ending with the heroine I liked, Sola in this case but NOPE, you're locked in with the engineer chick because of her back story. And then the end jumps off the rails. No joke, brainwashing, clones, 4th dimension time perception, she ends up killing herself and then the Capitan heroes himself… for no reason. No way to fight off the enemy, no way to alter the outcome from the choices that have been made before and you just better accept this is how this series ends.

Naturally there were a lot of negative reviews. I dropped the game shortly after but soon after that they came up with the [RE]turn thing, basically to try and salvage the series. But at that point it didn't justify a playthrough again.

So yeah, there it is. Their latest game is a school idol thing, probably will have sex in it.
Reason I started this was for the mechs but the story eventually dropped and the love triangle bullshit just got too much at times.

shameful, user, she turns into a punished ava, if you send her to activate the cannon thingy, but it doesnt matter much.
If you dont destroy legion (big ass ship that nuked your planet), it doesnt appear or get mentioned in liberation day at all, only a small dialog at the end of the game and i think its was included in the v2.0 update, because it doesnt have nip VA.
really? i think they updated the game because when they nuke your city, MC loses his shit because her sister was there.
In mask of arcadious, i didnt like the whole thing of the clones and shit, WE ARE LEGION, at least they explained it a little in liberation day.
you dont need to finish all the battles again, you just need to select new game and go for [Re]turn
with one lewd scene
fontana kills her right after she manage to unrape her mind from the hivemind
he needed to stop a mega nuke from launching by the alliance, so he allah snackerbar against the ship carrying the nuke.
but maybe they rewrote the whole thing to be less retarded?
wait, so that was the ending? that how the series ends? because they added some shit about the ebony fleet trying to conquer the whole universe, and they are just some faggots from the holy empire that tried to time travel and jumped to the present and are just fuck it, lets conquer this timeline.
I THINK they are going to make a new game.
Dont know why they are losing time making that idol stuff, but i guess they lost even more time doing the whole high school dating sim instead of adding routes for each girl and different endings in liberation day, those damn fuckers, before finishing liberation day.
Well, good think i played the 3.0 version instead of playing 1.0

Yeah, supposedly there's going to be another part where you basically become public enemy No.1 and also ACTUALLY get to choose you're favorite girl. Hopefully they'll get started on that immediately after their idol cash-in bullshit since I'm still interested in the story.

Better than their cringeworthy attempt at a sci-fi story.

Ayyy, sekai are a bunch of jews

It's probably because they went with Japanese voice actors again, despite not being located in Japan. Dunno why a OELVN developer would do that, just go with no voices.

Can somebody rec me some incest VNs?
No inseki

Honestly, none worth recommending. There are several translated, and they aren't good either as a story or as porn. You are better off skimming through the incest section of literotica. At least the selection is much bigger there.

Anyway, >>>/in/5118

Wow they've gotten a lot better with these CGs. This is actually professional now.
How good is the SOL?

Hara Kano
It's not even strictly incest, but you get the little girl and your mom, so it's got some variety.

And people said Muffin-Luv was bad…

I liked the english voices in mask of something, to bad they didnt add subtitles for the nip voices in liberation day when you were fighting, they also didnt add any nip dialog for the merc units, but strangely they added an english voice to the loli pirate.



What OELVNs would you guys recommend, if any?

Git gut.

But seriously, pushing the alicesoft is about monstershit angle is both moronic and false. They at best add a token scene or two per game (if that much) which usually comes with a look, you fucked up (and could've prevented it) or if you needed motivation to ruin that villain - here it is caption.

Katawa shoujo which is a 6/10 VN . That's all.

Wanted to quote

I like VNs but man they are so long and eat up a ton of my time, so I don't read them too often. Started reading them since 2013 and since then I've only read a handful of them.

Is there anyone that plays normal VNs? Every time I come to these threads it's either something about rape or pedophilia or both. Nah who am I kidding asking this board for recommendations you're all a bunch of degenerate perverts.

Here this is something normal. It's a horror vn about a man and his who accidentally enters a timewarp and winds up in the Edo period and he has to search for her.

Normal vns are called puzzle adventure games. And that's if theyre any good.
I recommend monkey island. Stay away from lechucks revenge though that shits hard

t. normalfag


If you want to spread the word you can least not be a faggot about it. For those that don't know it's Ouma ga toki (逢魔が時) and it has a second game too. The Neogaf thread I found it in actually talks about some interesting games too.
Glad he got his wish granted.

Go back to Tumblr faggot

im not playing a shitty lucasarts game that I played when I was 6
hahaha haha haha

nah before I got my translation job I used to do fan translation for VNs and half of them were about sexualized high school witches with giant eyes or an older brother holding his elementary age little sisters hand while she peeing with a route to have sex with her. It was fucking disgusting but I needed to get experience and money. I don't mind hentai ones as long as the story is good, but any of the shit mentioned above is out. Anyway, if that's your gig whatever, I just want something to play outside of the games I have already.

Yeah it's Ouma ga toki, there is a sequel as well but haven't gotten around to playing it. There are some great one's on SNES, PSX and PSP/Vita but most of the crap I've seen on PC is either boring ass eroge with shit writing or that moe shit about tism girls in all kinds of styles: animal, school girl, princess, etc - which I have no interest in. Hayarigami is definitely one of the best that I have played, the stories, setting, writing and characters are all excellent, though the artwork changes throughout each iteration the writing definitely gets better. Machi is fucking amazing, quite possibly the best out of the older.generations. I'm actually working on a translation of Hayarigami 2 as a side project and I'm done with 2 scenarios right now but ripping text out of PSP games is way above my ability so I'm looking for someone who could do that.

i would recommend these VNs

This was the main reason why I stuck with the english voice cast for Liberation day, even though the Tsundere's voice and dialog made me want to kill myself.

Probably left over from Mask.

i remember an user uninstalling the game because of webm related.
I also miss the "cinematic experience" attacks

Yeah, there's a good reason to turn the voices off.

Yeah, that was pretty bad.

I think outside of all the merc units, the only other English voices I liked were Ava and Kayto. The others I either tolerated or actively despised (Fuck the tsundere, worst voice, worst girl and worst mech.)

You keep shilling this OEL garbage with this incredibly arousing girl. I will now bite the bait. It's called Sunrider, yes? What's this shit all about? What is the reading order?

I wanted a decent game, not your fap material you fucking faggot

Mm, that angel bitch looks delicious.

Good luck on the translations user. Also what do you think is good that has come out in the past few years?

Read the thread. Basically just get the waifu sim and abandon all hope for the actual mecha mainline series

i wouldnt go THAT far, she was pretty good at killing all those damn mech fodder and the support mechs

play Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius, its {{{free}}}
when you finish that prepare to be disappointed with the story in Sunrider: Liberation day, the gameplay is still good
its not [[[free]]],2818159.rar
Dont forget to add the uncensored patch for tities.

The game is about some faggot that got his hands on a assault carrier full of qt pilots and its on a mission to kill some red fags
Battles are turn based, because everyone is a gentlemen when fighting in space.
You can upgrade you shit to move faster and shoot harder.
Low lewds and a lot of cliches.
I liked it because im a huge spacefag that needed his fix.
want to give shekels to the devs? oh boy i hope you like to send it by mail to the devs house, because they are being published by sekai project
fucking masochist, read this

What is this, /hgg/? Look at the OP! Not everything has consensual romantic affectionate relations violent rape.

Sounds nifty. Is it in English? Playing anything with an involved story through machine translation is infuriating.


For me I mostly just used her to finish off weakened enemies and to be a dodge tank. Everyone else had an important role they fulfilled, except for her who was just kinda… there.

Although during the final maps of Liberation day she almost managed to completely redeem herself by tanking Asaga almost singlehandedly.

Thanks for the small write-up though. I'll put it into my backlog.

what's the name of that one doujin where a kid impregnates his elementary school love and then he tries to abort the baby by kicking her stomach etc etc??? It's a classic one that I really liked. My parents didn't like it as much as I did but they said the same thing about the hole in the wall story, too.


In more ways than one. Too bad they didn't open source Liberation Day too.

But user, devs need to feed!

Lets hope they do it when they release sunrider: reborn NEVER EVER

Any recommendations for SFW fantasy VNs? Looking to play some more.


Period Cubed is alright. It's another Otome title and the artwork is very clear, but its got an interesting plot all the same. You play as a sister of some guy who gets herself trapped in an MMO that ensnares people's consciousnesses and threatens them with absolute death. You're trying to find your brother with the help of a childhood friend but there's also factions, a serial PKer and other things.
No firearms like in CollarXMalice, but at least that means the writing won't infuriate you by talking stupid about things the author has no idea about and couldn't be bothered to research whatsoever.

There's also a girl romance option, but you should already know there are no girls on the internet, user

It's alright, for the most part. Get it dirt, dirt cheap if you really want it.
That aside I have no idea.

But SAO was fucking garbage. Dropped.

What happened to that Bishoujo Mangekyou (the one with the vampire loli) fan translation? The site just gives me an error now. It seemed almost done when I last checked.


Hey, it's the best I could offer you..

archive from last thread


I couldn't find a single mention of it with ctrl F. According to they switched to another site, but that just instantly gives an error about not finding the server.


Hey, who's the jackass who suggested this?
For the first chapter, but even in the true ending with everything back to normal and literal peace and joy the dude is never changed back to a human form

I mean it's obvious they would transform him back and it'll be all happy ever after, I guess, but they just end with him still stuck as a human meatball going "Hey, when am I going to be human form again?"
What a limp ending. It was alright otherwise. Well not really; had to slog through a far more severe taimanin story and the vanilla opening and the dude's transformation into a meatball clearly shows the writers wanted to cuckold the reader.
Is that why they returned everything back to normal except for the protagonist's love interest? To keep him - and I guess by proxy you - as a cuck?

Or wait, no is it so they could do that thing where they introduce a new player stand-in as the love interest/protagonist for the stupid card game that been going on for years? Is that it? They needed to replace Kousuke with [protagonist] for yenshekels?

Whatever. I feel awkward. I don't usually read something that's designed to make you like characters and then try to sexually arouse you by horrifically torturing them at least meatball-boy got his waifu pregnant before it all hit the fan, though that whole thing is another story… It's just weird they didn't have a final romantic or happy scene between those two considering Asagi's history of murdered love interests. You'd think purple Dante-Taki Asagi would have earned it by now.

And speaking of, what about Asuka? Pink Cyborg Ninja Sister was so sweet on her brother the whole time but suddenly at the end we don't even see a scene of those two hanging out or talking? I'm glad they at least accomplished her and Asagi's arc of reconciliation but there's just nothing there. Kousuke got the shortest end of the stick in every single way, though he's alive.

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced it was purposeful. It's not just a parting comedy gag for the end. The writer really did want to make Kousuke a little cuckboi and, considering meatball-lad had the same no-face as every other player stand-in, make you a cuck by proxy.

But what should I expect? The series is built on making a character you could vaguely appreciate and having them get viciously raped and tortured. What kind of mind wants to see their "waifu" get raped by other men orcs tentacles futa everything? It's a series for cucks - or at least for cuckold cultivation.
Guess I'm the idiot for expecting different for the last installment. The final battle was pretty cool, though

Oh sorry about that, man. I had it confused with this
That Bishoujo Mangekyou looks like it has great artwork, though.

Oh damn, you're right. That's pretty detailed. Now I'm curious about what happened to the supposedly almost completed translation.

Hopefully it didn't get NEVER EVER'd like most of them do; this looks so good I'd prefer to know what's really going on without re-configuring my brain every sentence to mentally reinterpret the machine translation

Anyone got anything else?
Anyone want to talk about trash VNs like we did here

Why would you want to talk about trash?

Why would you do that?

But it was fun!

Root Double Before Crime After Days Xtend is a shitty VN translated by Sekai (refer to OP when dealing with that company). The promotional material made it sound promising enough, and at first it lived up to it's billing. You are a captain of a rescue squad sent in to contain a nuclear reactor currently melting down. Thanks to an incompetent set of emergency oversights, your team and the few remaining survivors are sealed behind bulkheads for the next 9 hours. The plot does a serviceable job going through a disaster scenario; dealing with a makeshift chain of command, searching for unconventional exits that bypass the bulkheads, tracking down every last vial of the plot convenient anti-radiation drug, and dealing with your increasingly paranoid fellow survivors as they begin to suspect each other of sabotage. There are a few weird kinks in the story like a subplot about telepathy and your MC having magical plot amnesia where he suddenly remembers things exactly when he needs to for the sake of plot advancement. The 1st scenario ends with many plot holes in hopes that you then play the 2nd scenario which is from a different character's perspective so that you can learn the truth. So then the 2nd scenario begins.

PSYCHICS PSYCHICS PSYCHICS PSYCHICS. What? Disaster scenario with adult characters in a desperate situation inside a nuclear reactor meltdown? That's cool, but check out this hot shit: Autistic high-school kids who are psychics going to psychic high school to learn how to be the bestest psychic ever! You want hours of generic Slice of Life anime in your disaster story, don't you? Of course you do! But not all is right in their peaceful school life. After hours of our hilarious SoL events, it turns out that terrorists are planning to attack the local nuclear plant! Oh no! Not a problem, surely our new protagonist, WHO HAS THE POWER TO READ MINDS, can thwart their evil plans seeing as how they explicitly do not have any psychic ability (spoiler alert: he fails). And so the 2nd scenario ends where the first one began with the reader learning absolutely nothing of value should you be able to put 2 and 2 together in the 1st scenario.

Finally, there are a 3rd and 4th scenario where the 2 main characters join forces to hastily explain away all the plot holes up to this point. Why has nobody died of radiation exposure yet? Oh, that's because there is no radiation, it's all psychic energy. Why have they been injecting themselves with drug then? Oh, because it's anti-psychic drugs, not anti-radiation. Why hasn't the reactor exploded and killed everyone yet? Oh, that's because there is no nuclear reactor. It's all a psychic lab in disguise! Why did the one main character have amnesia? Psychic power. Why did the survivors lose their minds? Psychic powers. PSYCHICS PSYCHICS PSYCHICS PSYCHICS. Complete waste of time.


GIS didn't turn up anything about your picture. Mind putting that in a spoon and feeding me?

Here's your spoon, feed yourself

The art didnt gave that away?

not initially. The art is bad for sure but back when the story was about a rescue team putting out fires and containing a meltdown, they at least depicted the overwhelmingly adult cast with little flattery. Everyone is bruised, bloodied, and wearing torn clothes. It was appropriate for the story at first. The bait and switch 2nd story is where it really goes to shit.

Now im upset

I like how incredibly detailed certain aspects of manga can be while utterly failing at the same time. That eye and the tongue make your skin crawl but then you notice she doesn't have an eye socket. She's basically a doll with a silly putty skull

Good question
Sure, until they ruined it…

How? How could that even happen? How inept can one man be possibly be for this to happen?
10/10 post btw

Sounds like that would have aggravated me too much. Thanks for the warning

What did anons think of Steins;Gate 2?

Completely unnecessary and did nothing but weaken the first one.

I think there is a VN of some faggots that go underwater for reasons and shit hit the fan, I think its the one with the chick trapped in the washing machine.
You should check it out.

Ever17. Translation is atrocious. It's a mindfuck story with a few decent scenes. Doesn't go pants-on-head retarded with the plot, which is rare for mindfuck/what a tweest stories.

So there's no old men just off camera this time?

Yeah, I normally wait at least a week between paths.

Who's your favorite?

Hard to choose. Either, Tsubame or Benkei.

Is the silver case any good? Any games that are like it?

I cannot understand this ass pull after the master piece that was virtue's last reward

VLR itself was worse than 999

oh boy, here we go, do explain

i know im a (1) and done but the entirety of VLR is a lead up to a third game. The ending leaves you with massive blue balls and there is no closure whatsoever, you just live in worst timeline and you have mind powers because. 999 stands on its own as a fantastic piece of story telling from beginning to end, has fantastic plot progression and closure that leaves you with a satisfying answer and more questions.

VLR isnt bad, its just nowhere near as good as 999 was. And its almost impossible to judge this on a gameplay level because what is a VN's strongest factor other than its writing?

got it.

I heard the entire series is just the writer rehashing his own work from Ever17 but poorly

I read that one years ago. It was pretty good. It takes its sweet time setting up the plot and then goes full throttle with twists and big reveals at the end. I liked the scientific curiosities in the story, like the characters having to slowly depressurize so they don't get the bends (there are a few scenes where the MC should have died from that though).

I'm sure there are a lot of opinions out there about which Uchikoshi works, if any, are good. I'd say 999 beats Ever17 with better pacing, the latter is a very slow burn. The twists at the end are honestly pretty similar. On the topic of Uchikoshi, Remember11 would be his best work if it bothered to resolve all the subplots. Never7 has a very relaxed setting (comfy summer getaway compared to the usual "X number of characters trapped in a weird place") but I haven't got far enough in that one to give many comments about it. His VN's are fun but I can see how people might not like them for being blatant Shyamalan mindfuck plot twist bait.


That does seem to be the case

Because a few of the major plot points are never resolved in 999? Or because you think it's bad?

I think it's still worth a playthrough. It's a fun ride even if the ending gets absurd but at least the build up to it is hinted through most of the game. I think what he's implying is everything that gets built upon is shat on in the sequels. VLR takes it to absurd levels and I haven't played the third game but heard it doesn't do the build up from the second game justice. VLR was entertaining for me as well and the massive cliff hanger they leave you on might make you think of trying out the third game.

Essentially, from what others have said, this series is like Corpse party when it comes to quality.

There is no need for the sequels, the game itself manages to do that well on it's own. It fails to follow the rules of literature genres that it tries to use, whatever unanswered questions there are they are either retconned or just supposed to be taken as is(which is kinda hard with the deus ex machina twist), it fails as a vn to have standard mechanics required for a seamless experience(if that is possible at all), it fails as a quest game by pretty much assuming that you are a retard which partially translates into the actual writing, and true ending is only half decent from "conveying emotion" point of view(on every other front it falls apart though).
I didn't play other games in this series, but I can say for sure that 999 and VLR are nowhere as good as BC and BoS, and even if we were to compare the faulty entries then it would be 3 to 1.

They are all based around a sci-fi gimmick or gimmicks and unlike 999, I'd say, they are all handled pretty well.
While I would agree that early routing in Ever17 is extremely slow, but it picks up the pace the further you are in and by the end its fast enough to pick itself off the ground, while 999 just smashes into a wall which is a magnificent site for all the wrong reasons.

fuck that shit.

Will it ever get translated?

What is it?

True Blue

user, I asked what it was not for its name.
What IS it? Mystery? Drama? Nukige? What is it?

Basically you got a nice harem of high school girls, but some fucking niggers are trying to steal them away and NTR you. You gotta figure out how to save your harem.

The protagonist, Kurusu Akito is a second year high school student at Mikage Gakuen and the baseball club's ace. His childhood friend and classmate, Kanzaki Aoi is a campus idol and is this year's Miss Mikage Gakuen. They're close together since birth and thought that these days would last forever.

One day, an unknown organization picked Aoi as their next item for their "auction". The organization then organized a contest to see who gets to successfully train her to become a sex slave and picked 7 people in close proximity to Aoi as the contestants. Akito is one of them. The time limit is one month.

Not wanting his childhood friend to become a sex slave, Akito decided to protect Aoi against the other 6 instead. Unfortunately they're being observed and he doesn't know who the other 6 are so he couldn't move unskillfully and decided to protect her behind her back.

Any good VNs for Android, or ways to run shit on Android?

Look through the google play store, I think Steins is listed there for some reason. You could Splashtop which allows you to access your desktop if it's connected to a wifi network.

All taken from you know where. I don't know shit about this.

It's like you don't have any self-preservation instinct. You know how belly-up this could go so easily?

Stop being a pleb and VN on PC

I heard it was being translated to English using the Finnish version by a guy who didn't really know either language. If that's true I hope he died of aids.

get on the line of NEVER EVER VNs, user.

Just wanna say that when we started having these threads somewhat regularly, a lot of people were confused about why exactly Sekai was so bad, and I had to keep posting my Fuwanovel cap.

I'm glad that people (here at least) are aware enough consumers not to be suckered in by those Jews, and the cap has become mandatory in all threads. I love VNs but I don't want to see them go the same way Anime did, with kike companies basically killing the fan scene.

I implore you to finish YMK buddy, Class President is a rarely rare variety of storyline that not many VNs focus on.


From his site. He's also listed as living in Finland on his twatter, so I would assume he at least knows Finnish and has some grasp of Nip.

May as well just stick with a machine translation over a translation of a translation. Or just learn Japanese already.

I an still sad that they went and killed off the best character. When can he get a spin off game.

Anyone here try out D.S Dal Segno? Was interested once I read it had a chuuni heroine.

Read the (rather short) common route and I really like it, pretty comfy and the music is good.

Sounds like what I'm looking for. Switching over from Libra of the Vampire Princess because the translation is killing me. Every once in a while I'll have to read something twice to make sense of it or ask "Is this really in context to what's happening?" or realize they said something that wasn't even there. The translation is probably to literal and so things come off as awkward. Either way it's kind of ruining the experience. Though I did enjoy some of the characters.

Mari was my favorite character. I got a good laugh when she transformed for the first time to attack someone and was immediately smacked down. Her smugness and PTSD moments were endearing too.

You know, when I started this thread I was interesting in VNs that had something deeper to them than just vanilla plots
- but after taking an user's horrendous advice and finding myself in a fecal pit I'm actually very open to vanilla esperiences now and a pink "werewolf" maid (see: cat-girl) doesn't sound half bad.

How does that balance out?

What good mech VNs are there (aside from Muv-Luv and Sunrider)?

Are there any mystery visual novels about alien searching or cryptid searching? With a conspiracy?

fucking bullshit

Fucking loved that character. Hate what they did with him just so he'd have a knife for the Backstab Party.

Galaxy Angel?

There are many solid looking mecha VN's out there, a lot of which boast strategy or action gameplay. None of the ones I know are translated. One I had fun with was called Dedenden! and featured the dual selling points of Assault Suits Valken style side-scrolling action and cowtits.


How do I get myself to play through Chaos;Head? I've tried to get into it at least three times before and every time I just get bored and drop it a couple hours in. Takumi is a good protagonist and it's interesting to read, it just seems like nothing is going anywhere any time soon. Does shit take off all of a sudden, or am I stuck with more or less the same pacing?

She is MC's maid and he's the heir to this very powerful vampire bloodline. However the MC want to be human (like that will slide) and she constantly teases him over it. Inviting him to bite her neck, telling him to seduce as many women as possible, or start draining people to gain his full potential. For that reason, she can get away being smug around him because she knows he's too weak to force her to stop. Every once in a while a monster hunter group will come to kill vampires and the like. When sent on a rant about them, she will daze off and start mumbling about their attacks.

So does it balance out? I think so. I found it pretty entertaining. She doesn't get triggered often though.

I like classic anime artwork like but it needs to be a certain quality. GA is too visually broken for me to enjoy
also that Sago Jou doijin about the blond raping the redhead qt with a futa alien penis was my introduction to the series and that really messed it up for me

I was genuinely impressed with the Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth later maps and postgame gameplay.
Are there any other VNs I could play that have decent tactical gameplay in it? Already played Rance and Eiyuu Senki Gold.

Why would you do that?
Why would you get my hopes up just to hurt me like that?

This any good?

That's a good question. Didn't Eiyuu Senki have a sequel of sorts?

There's something coming out soon that's a FPDungeon Crawler, though how good that'll be is anyone's guess

Looks like fujoshi bait but I wouldn't know. Some otome titles really surprise you.

DRPGs are mainly gameplay and only some VN stuff related to it. And for what story there is, there isn't much of it. Demon Gaze is decent. It's pretty simple and easy to play if you're not used to dungeon crawlers. Then there's Unchained Blades and Dungeon Travelers 2. Both are really damn good and have unique mechanics going for them.

UB gives you several units to play with who all have a sphere grid but it's not nearly as linear as FFX's. Each character can have 3+ minions under them and each attack with their master or defend them against random attacks. Every character has their own super move and not all of them are offensive. DT2 has a bunch of characters and classes to choose from. Each are pretty unique and none will feel obsolete as in it's well balanced. Dancers grant buff/debuff passives over everyone on your team or the enemies while still able to heal people's MP/HP. Samurai's can attack 3 times in a row and each can instant kill if you have the right equipment. The joker class is some gimmicky nonsense that can deal crazy damage if you play your cards right.

It helps that DT2 has a good soundtrack. Also, Tears to Tiara 2 is another Aquaplus VN that plays very similar to Uta. It's stuck on the PS3 though I it's about 27 dollars on Amazon. Shit needs to come to PC already. What I find bizarre is that it's localized by both ATLUS and NISA. Obviously, avoid giving NISA money.

I've played their other games, they're all otome shit and short. The art is the only redeeming thing about them, the stories themselves are uninteresting.

I'm into guys

I ain't got alotta time

Always good

Can't be so bad, given it's free and short I'll give it a pass.


Have fun, then. If you want some other recommendations, I have some, but most of 'em will be longer games.

I'll take em for later, what'd you have in mind?


I'm a fucking monster, I know.

The stories you're missing user. Give something like Majikoi or Grisaia a go and actually get to know the girls. That's fine for a disposable Nukige but some of these are worth the time going through.

I would recommend Eroge! The Joy of Sex and Game Development. It's stupid funny and filled with sex scenes. The dialogue made some scenes kill my dick due to laughter. Especially the President's scenes.

Yeah… I'm good.

There are 4 girls and each have their own audience they appeal to. All that stuff belongs under one girl who gets everything bizarre. Everyone else is pretty vanilla.

I hear Nightshade is decent, too, but I haven't played it yet.

So the reason people robbed tombs in egypt was because there is a fetish for hot mummy bitches?

1) Mummification - a BDSM bondage practice that involves restraining a living person's body in a non-damaging way by wrapping it head to toe, or neck to toe, in materials like saran wrap, clingfilm, cloth, bandages, rubber strips, duct tape, plaster bandages, bodybags, straitjackets, latex or rubber suits, gas masks. As the name states the end result is a person completely immobilized and looking like an Egyptian mummy.
Sadly not in this case.

Any good futa or trap VN's?

Rondo Duo's the only one I can think of off the top of my head.
Otomaid Cafe.

Yeah I already played Otomaid , it was fun.

Just avoid Iori, she's fucking gross.


I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this one.


That list gives me hives

What does VNDB even consider a visual novel? Like they have a ton of games with lots of gameplay elements like Phoenix Wright, Dangan Ronpa, and Rance. Is it simply the way the stories are told or what?



This is what I'm currently playing minus the ones with X that are just hentai games or VNs finished. The amount of actual VNs I've played is rather low. I just finished the red head's route in Grisaia no Kajitsu and left the game mid pink haired girl's route, and that was like 2 years ago, I feel like I should start again. I want to leave Yosuga no Sora para cuando sepa mas japones. Ademas de eso, que recuerde he terminado Hoshizora no Memoria, Yume Miru Kusuri and Wanko To Kurasou.
As for pure and shameless eroges, I'm currently playing one of the few actual Harem games, Pick me Honey, and I'm enjoying it. I really liked Eroge! and I'm in the middle of Magical Teacher, which is not that good but it's nice for having a shota.

I think all the fetishes fitted with the game's theme, but without fucking everything else. Also, you can turn those things off.

That's some hardcore MoonRune

Spoiler that mate
Did you have a stroke?




Anyway, what are those titles? Never heard of them.

Is that the one with chuuni NatSoc villains?



Because when a male character is involved you're just cucking yourself by playing it.

That doesn't even make sense.

It's in the OP, user, but basically is a guy who returns to his home town after making a promise, but he don't remember who he made the promise with. It's pretty cool, although I liked Asuho's route the most.
This one is more or less classic too. It's a about 3 girls and how they each deal with Bullying, Drogadiction and Suicidal Tendencies. It's pretty neat.
Science made animals that look like people and have a similar inteligence but not too much. They're basically pets. The protagonists find an "stray dog" and he have to learn how to take care of her. There are actually 2 routes and they involve human owners rather than the animals themselves, although they are still big part of the story.

Oh yeah. Sorry, I got confused with all the moonrish lol
One of those fun VNs where actual application of the premise in any real context would make it a living-nightmare story. Sounds neat, though.

Don't you have to watch your girl of choice get raped/gangraped and/or suck the semen out in one of the routes?

What's a Vanilla guy like you doing with a thing like that?

I read YMK a long time ago and I don't remember any rape. There was attempted rape in one of the endings but it doesn't pan out. I didn't do the druggie girl route so I can't speak for it but the other routes are NTR free.

That world have it's own rules, that doesn't really change a lot from IRL pet rules, if /zoo/ was legal. There's also the fact that since they are pet they are sometimes treated as things, despite looking like people, pets still have the natural life spans of their respective animal, and best route gets surprisingly depressing towards the end but with a nice ending.
No, there's something close, but it never happen. If you want to play it, I won't spoil it to you, but nothing NTR or where someone else fuck the girl other than you. Also, remember to always protect their smiles.

Give me something pornographic with a nice story that isn't
G-Senjou no Maou
Saya no Uta

Hmm…Cho Dengeki Stryker?

Wew lad. Image associated

Wew, this better be worth it.

Good taste my man. That shit has some great music and introduced me to JAM project (through Maasaki Endoh)

Learn moon (or wait years for the TL) and read Nanairo Reincarnation. It's about a spirit detective type who has to put spooky ghosts to rest with the help of various spirits who you can lewd along the way. Features 10/10 artwork.

That looks great. good thing I know moon

Oh wait, I remember seeing news of the TL before, and it was uncensored. Might as well wait for that because fuck mosaics.

Is there a list out there of VNs on Steam that aren't shit?

Discussed this on /u/ but it's that damn artstyle that turned alot of us off.

Next time Mangagamer has that list of titles they want to take an interest in, I'll remember this one. Looks comfy.

The artstyle is great though. Better than most other OELVNs

perhaps start with suicide



It's Sekai? Fuck.

Is there a way to import the uncensored CGs into the original game?

I think this is why they started getting the help of the fan translators of the projects they take up. Still, even with their help they work they can work slower than them.

wow thats bad

Been waiting a long time to post this image, anyway to be honest the visual novel market is flooded with web shit, only a few western games like

I remember that thread
Or was it the little sister? Really unnerving either way

Didn't the guy who made that say he was going to make another one with mature women this time? I think he said the reason the women were made unattractive was to make the loli that much more enticing. Would like to see one with adults. It was funny enough to go through it

So a worse Muv Luv. Got it.

haha pretty much

western games were a mistake

Nothing but trash indeed



I don't speak Chinese slab slapping so I have to rely on them. Once you hotwire your brain a bit you can follow a story along pretty well so long as it's not intricate

You'd probably get something more coherent just making up your own story to go along with the pictures.

its time to learn moonrunes or marry a nip

I've done that before and it worked, actually. But I just want to know what's happening sometimes.

No wonder nips are so entranced with anime and VNs.

2D exists because 3DPD is PD.

fake news

kotaku of japanese shit pretty much. also all women are whores and have society encouraging them every step along the way. shame them.


Someone who speaks Nip please help: what does "Bean Jam" mean in Japanese?

>he doesn't know about the very serious and alarming number of mother-son incest testimonies arising in the NukePlaceholder Islands

What a delightful way to be greeted by the main menu.

ya should've read the article. only 8% of the women from that poll actually considered sex to be cheating while 37% considered hand-holding cheating and there were a bunch of other groups who considered other forms of NOT ACTUALLY CHEATING to be cheating. all in all, only 8% of that 45% actually cheated. that is, if the article is true at least. it reads like a joke though, so i honestly doubt it.

second article is the same. clickbait title with a considerably different message.

Is Dies Irae porn patch out yet?

Puts a whole new context to that whole "you can have my body but no k-k-kissu!" deal started by that stupid whore movie where Costanza tries to rape a another Jew

which of those are worth playing for the gameplay and which for the porn? are there any that excel in both sections? the only games i've played so far in which i enjoyed both were AA2, sengoku rance, modded sims and VH back when it first got popular and even then it wasn't that great tbh. is there a hidden gem in your folder?

Anybody got any info on Sekai's financials? When will they finally go out of business?

I know this looks bad, but I wonder if it's better or worse than America?

Considering the population difference it might be worse

Say I wanted to make a visual novel, is software built for the task better than programming it from scratch? Are VN makers quality?

Most amateurs seem to use Ren'py.

Looks neat, plus it's got Python so I'm able to be extremely flexible with it.


Not yet, end of this month I think.