Souls-like video games

What's the best Dark Souls inspired game?

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Hollow knight XD it's like dark souls… but 2D!!

I have a Dark Souls inspired nickname for your mom, OP.

It's Gaping Dragon

Dark Souls is not a genre.

Everyone knows its a genre now.

What game is that?


Dark Souls is not a genre.

Doujin concept art.


Salt and sanctuary. I'm waiting on either PS4 piracy or a complete edition to try nioh.


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Anyone played both Risen and Dark Souls, how do they compare?

the only thing they have in common is they are both fantasy, and you fight things…

Risen 1 is good in it's own way, at least the first chapters

Take your pick. :^)


Dead cells is nothing like meme souls

Neither is Risen.


Since we're posting fictional game artwork


And SoTC
That list is full retard

I would honestly play this.

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They can't be serious. Those games are nothing like Dark Souls.

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I don't know, what is there in the Memes-Like Genre?

But they have third person swordfighting
They're 1:1 copies of Dark Souls

Small time.

Still not a genre, Demon Souls/Dark Souls is just an action adventure game that happens do have a death mechanic millennials weren't familiar with.

I never played Demon's Souls but I wish people gave it the credit it deserves, if anything OP should be asking "what's the best Demon's Souls inspired game?"

Aside what's already posted there's also The Surge and Necropolis.


Also this.





MediEvil is the dark souls of the souls-like genre.

Oh I guess I should contribute something to the thread other than making people angry/laugh at casuals by mentioning King's Field. That was made by the same guys as Demon/Dark Souls but it came first. You can see proto-souls elements in it rather clearly.

Armored Core is better.

Armoured Core isn't a souls-like game.

I never said it was, I was saying it's their best game series.

Still not a genre. Plus, Nioh only plays like Dark Souls if you play it like a fag and don't take advantage of stuff like ki pulsing, stance switching and flux.

You brought it up when people are discussing the best souls-like game, of course people are going to assume that's what you're saying. If that wasn't the intent then why bring it up to begin with?

You didn't even say that, you just said it was better. user. you're such a fuck up.

ninja gaiden on nes is the only good souls game

Dark Souls isn't a genre. The only thing Souls did that was new was the "collect currency after death". Everything else could be attributed to other games (Metroidvania, Monster Hunter, and other action/adventure games)

Dark soles? Never heard of that song before. This is a board about video games OP. Please stay within topic.

crash bandicoot obviously

i'm considering finally picking up bloodborne. i remember hearing a lot of complaints that build variety was basically absent from the base game, should i play it with the dlc the first time through or do that afterwards?

Dark Maus is actually pretty decent. The enemy AI have unique behaviors. The spiders were especially nasty to fight. Short game so if there is a crack of it, give that a try and then throw shekels at it if you like it.


Has necropolis gotten any better?

The old hunters feels more like an essential patch than DLC. You'd be doing yourself a disservice with just the base game.


Because soulslike is indeed a genre, and I actually like it very much.

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Uh, Monster Hunter has controls quite comparable to dark souls. When I played it, it reminded me of PSO meets dark souls


I could see an argument for The Witcher series being a bit like Dark Souls with how it can be quite difficult and features mainly swords and sorcery.


This is the best Souls-like game

King's Field

lmao that's all it takes for something to be SOULS LIKE?

Gonna have to say Nioh. It borrows elements from it while adding it's own unique mechanics to it.

Surprised Sinner Sacrifice didn't get mentioned yet since that looks like an actual souls clone.

**I think it looks alright so far but something about it seems off.
The studio being named another indie doesn't help either**

It's a shit list but gotta give credit to anyone who recommends Dark Messiah.

I'm not saying it is, I'm saying it's at least ARGUABLE that it could be considered something a Souls player might also like to play because it has some common themes. It's an argument someone could have about whether they're alike enough to be considered "a game like Dark Souls". Shadow of Mordor, not so much.

Diablo ripped off Dark Souls so much. Why are they so brazen bros?

Lost Izalith, Blighttown, death mechanics. It's literally the same.

Not even once.

Don't forget how Diablo 2 lets you "invade" other players.


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Typical souls thread.

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Anyone remember this game? It was suppose to come out in 2016 and it's been awhile. Right now on the dev's twitter it looks like he's still developing it.

I was excited for a darksouls/metroid hybrid.

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I've wanted to get back into it for ages, but something about Dark Souls 1 feels weird to me. I found some skeles in the first area after the crow picks you up, yeah? And I know that blunt damage traditionally works better on them than piercing or slashing, so I switch to the hammer I found. It's got the same damage numbers, so I figure I'll be fine. But I ended up spending at least 30 seconds on each individual skeleton, only for a second group to appear with a big skeleton among them.

Is it supposed to feel this slow, or am I playing it too much like newer Souls style games?

Truly, Ninja Gaiden is the best souls game

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Lords of the Fallen is an awful game, so don't get it.

I tried it, didn't seem that bad. What's so wrong with it?

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Shit slow combat and awful boss fights.
I found going through the areas and fighting the normal enemies to be fun enough, but the bosses were the worst part of the game.
I fought two of them, both had tower shields and I was told most/all the bosses were like that. They pretty much never dropped their guard and the few times they did it was down for such a small time that you could blink and miss it.

Unlike most games that get accused of this, Lords of the Fallen really was just a bad Dark Souls ripoff.

So should I go right? Or are the skellies hiding something good?

The skellies are hiding the sword of kings, don't turn around until you get it.

Except monster hunter existed long before Demon souls ever came out…

Some of the early parts of Dark Souls are out-of-depth unless you know what you're doing. However it's worth learning how to traverse the catacombs early since you can get early mask and fire weapons. Better yet, early +5 chaos if you dare trek to Lost Izalith with a glitch.