Post ITT if you're tired of video games becoming popular and well-loved almost exclusively for their aesthetic.

Games that have almost nothing unique or interesting to offer in terms of gameplay or substance, but have become popular because of their style for one reason or another.

Preying upon nostalgia, sexuality, or just needlessly filling an aesthetic gap or bandwagoning on a trend. Games that aren't unique, enriching experiences that a person of discerning tastes can find genuinely interesting, just empty shallow eye candy.

You have incredible shit taste in aesthetics.

Does that mean that you like the images I posted and you're mad at me for not liking them, or does it mean you don't like the images but you think I like them despite all context pointing towards the contrary and that upsets you?

Fuck off fag. Nobody likes games solely for aesthetics. There is almost always solid game mechanics underneath it all propping it up.

Anyone know who the first two cuties from the right in image 1 are?

Virtually all mobages

I hate that shit.
And now you've lost me. The games I enjoy for their gameplay and aesthetics usually have them both work fluently with each other.
Then discussion on the game turns mainly autistic on the aesthetics while gameplay takes a backseat until the negative discussion arrives. They will have missed the point because they absolutely despise the game's aesthetics before they even got to see it for themselves.
At least the music is always nice.

All I know is the one on the right is from Trillion: God of Destruction.

Excellent. That just leaves the blue-haired girl right next to her as the only remaining mystery.

Weebs of the board, hear my call and lend me your knowledge.

Don't touch my Nep you faggot.
Pixel art is dying.
Games like HLD or Superbrothers that try to look good and not "le retro 8bit nostalgia" are the ones that don't get enough attention in place for shit like Undertale.

Moero Crystal main heroin.

It's a shame that game didn't get a SEA-english release.

8/10, got me to reply

the atelier games feature a very unique style of gameplay though. trillion is also kind of unsual. not sure what you're trying to say here.

So as someone who just finished Atelier Sophie as their first Atelier and loved it, where do I go from here?

Also is Firis good?


Fourth pic is a mousou crossover game and is fun as fuck, fuck you OP

There is still hope for a steam release. Hell Moero Chronicle got a steam release and nobody saw that coming, here's hoping it generates some sales.

If you want some real examples look at Mobage.

There are barely any games that play like Trillion. The fact that you have to fight 1 OP boss with a trillion HP and whittle him down slowly with a bunch of likable characters who will die permanently is pretty unique. You get to liking the characters and then they killed off in horrific ways. And then you're forced to send the next victim to fight him with a little more potential and something left behind from the last person who died. They can disable Trillion's body parts permanently, make a shadow clone to fight with you, and much more.

This doesn't have many RPGs that play like it either. Like the ability to upgrade/debuff dungeons to get more out of them. Like adding more exp but losing a gameplay mechanic.

If you are seriously saying this game does nothing unique or interesting then you are full of shit. I'm going to assume you haven't played or even researched most of those games you posted. I serious hope you aren't assuming all those games in the first image are the same because they have similar aesthetics. To make matters even worse, only 2 of those games have art done by Tsunako, the artist of Neptunia, Date-a-Live, and Fairy Fencer.

They use fucking gradients.

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