Challenge: List relevant developers who aren't cucks

How to tell if the developers are cucks:

And so on.

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CDprojectRED (cyberpunk 2077)
TaleWorlds (Mount and Blade Bannerlord)
Warhorse Studios (Kingdom Come: Deliverance)

HuniePop's dev.

Go back to pol.

What if said womyn is highly fappable to? Like Shantae or Bayo?

Notch is neither of these.

Anyways to answer your question OP
Kern (not really very relevant anymore but he's the anti-cuck)
Tennapel (again not really very relevant but very anti-cuck/strong)
Not many more I can think of unfortunately.
Soret was okay, but he pussied out for understandable reasons. I'm not sure what's happened since then.
Oh and the people who made Hollow Knight are probably pretty uncucked. Same with whoever is making the new Ys and Trails in the Sky.

One and only.

Throw in the Syrian Warfare devs, and do the Hatred developers count as well?

Yeah, nah.

That's different. If the women really is dominant then it's fine. But look at Game of Thrones. Most women there, like Deneris, are presented like some great leaders who men willingly follow, even though it's clear that they are little bitches from who no self respecting ma would take orders from. The only dominant woman in the show, who could actually be a leader, is Cerci

None of those are even out yet.

You were doing fine and then you had to fuck it up at the end.

This. I get the feeling the dev wasn't serious about it and just wanted to make meme games to get cash out of dumbasses.

Didn't CDProjekt add a nigger trader after being pressured in TW3?

They did. They also added a "le current year" social commentary.

They live in the west and literally only 2 have mental issues. Also, only 2 straight up used goods you're expected to like.

You dumb faggot.

The Ofieri from Zerikania were always niggers, so the in-universe stuff makes sense. They could have chosen that kingdom after SJW shit but likely the DLC was already locked in before the game itself even released.


Niggers, Cleve of course. He destroys every Sape.

Let me repeat myself, it's a waifu game, it doesn't work if the waifus are shit.

Not my fault you like to rub your face in shit and then get upset when someone points out you are rubbing your face in shit.

Last I checked "diverse" means shades of brown, and they've got that one covered. Also, I think they're just stalling for time and pushing out fluff pieces to placate the fanbase.

At least the ginger wonder is gone.

You sound like you'd know. I own the Witcher and got to the part in the swamp where you have to find 10 McGuffins to advance and dropped it. Would I enjoy the others or do they pull the same single player WoW shit?

That doesn't mean he's somehow cucked, either, you cunt. That's my damn point. He was appealing to obvious fetishes and archetypes.

And what fetishes are those supposed to be? Normalfags and their shit taste in women? You do realize men in the West say they like used up goods with mental baggage because they want to get in their pants, right?

Leave it to a Western developer to take what is supposed to be simple escapist fantasy featuring appealing and idealized female archetypes and thoroughly fuck it up.

Cerci is a retard and the only bad things that have ever happened to her are her own fault. And like every entitled brat, she blames it all on everyone else.

Even on the show where they constantly try to prop her up, she would be nothing without Qyburn.

2 characters are literally supposed to just be "MILFs" while the actually mentally fucked up ones are just a psycho bitch and a literal neet. Literally everyone else is flirtatious or more romantic and fits appeals like occupation or personality that isn't 3DPD.

You're still being a cunt and not thinking for 5 seconds. The guy was also not taking it too seriously.

The sequels are better. There is less MMO quest shit in those. The Witcher 3 in particular has some great side quests that are basically fantasy noir with you as a monster hunter detective.
If you can get past the sephiram shit in the first the fourth chapter is completely unrelated but utterly comfy.


Make shit waifus "ironically" still leaves you with shit waifus. His attempts at humor weren't particularly funny, and his parody was neither clever nor creative.

Is this kindergarten or something? Are you his nanny? Suck a cock.

Video games were always cuck hives, especially since they make kids useless pieces of shit. The best thing a responsible parent should do is ban all video games.


I'm not a fan of Huniepop but The Cat's the best "Waifu"

How the fuck is the witcher 3 less MMO-like with those billion sidequests that are just 'walk to map marker, watch cutscene, fight, return'? What the fuck am I reading?

Todd howard

pick one

I thought that this implied that the Wild Hunt would come and exterminate the Jews?

And failed rather miserably. Waifu games do not have degenerate whores as romanceable characters. That's more of a nukige theme that doesn't use moe aesthetics.

Sega (specifically, the Yakuza devs)

And even then you're rarely romancing the whores, just turning them into even bigger cumdumps.



Cleveland Mark Blakemore.

Hahaha, it's that chink fag who is worried that Trump won because of "right wing rise" in America. Also a big fan of jew-jew abrams.
Yeah, totally not cucked.

With the river of tears (and free publicity, just according to keikaku) they elicited from the (((games press))) and assorted media faggots, how can they not be?

They're making a new game called Ancestors
The PC UI is different supposedly.

Notch hired Minecraft Chick, who literally does nothing. It's a wonder how she still has a job at Mojang now that the man she was hired to give blowjobs to is gone, although Microsoft is a Silicon Valley company who virtue signals nowadays, so I guess that's why.

KTGust. Still making games with underdressed underaged girls. God bless them.

Writingfag here, how mad would you be if I made a race where the women are stronger than the men from a genetic standpoint like the Mantis? If it helps that's the only race in my world where the women are stronger, and it vastly effects how they act.

I'll ask the obvious. Why the fuck are you pandering? Make YOUR game.

At least make the race have men have lower numbers that women, then it's still retarded because how is a warrior supposed to fight while pregnant, unless your race is not viviparous and men as well as their semen are a precious commodity.
I doubt you were smart enough to come up with that since you are more concerned about virtue signalling than writing something enjoyable.
in any case >>>/suicide/

Why would women be racing?

This kind take of take to world building is trash to begin with.

I'm not pandering, It's the game I want to make. I think the idea of a humanoid race like the mantis is fucking interesting, just pondering what their politics and military would be is fascinating to me. I'm not saying they're the ideal race (in fact they're kind of a thuggish race, very Ork like), but I like it as a concept. I'm curious why you'd assume it was pandering.

Nigger please. Are you trying to imply that anyone but shitlords (myself included) come on this site? Considering how the women act during wartime when they get pregnant is one of the things that fascinates me, as well as what the men find their place to be in such a society (who says they have to become "the women"? Sounds lazy to me, they'd take up a different place). I love how you fags assume I'm some goon.

It's a race as in a fantasy race. They're similar to orks in this case.

See, you just assumed it was for pandering purposes without any indication of it being the case. You can't separate fiction from reality any more than SJWs do.

In the real world, this is how you can tell someone is 16-24 and never had to work a day in his life: complaining about useless shit like this. Typical of redditpol.


The dunecoons have always been in witcher universe. One of main villains of first game is a shitskin. And one of the main villains of second game was a degenerate faggot.
"The current year" line was a clear joke.

Although I don't like how witcher 3 had a random cross dressing elf and a random faggot
Although the elf was kinda of a joke I think. Elf says he's not gay but likes to wear disguises while geralt looks horrified. Eh.
The faggot on the other hand was completely pointless and there's no excuse

Nip games have them too. So long as they're not used to make the audiences feel sorry for the pederasts it's okay to feature them. Even better if you can beat the shit out of them.

Nips often see crossdressers as a joke, though. It's mostly a thing in comedy.

Are you retarted? do you read books from up to down?

If you don't explain why they are superior, put no thought and reason behind it and just do it for muh stronk womyn, then yeah, kys.

I wish the people who made and reposted this picture had as many brain cells as niggers do.

The game does plenty of jokes and this is not one of them, or it was really poorly executed as a joke compared to the other jokes in the game.

The most irritating thing about this is actually the Kwanzaa candelabra off to the side rather than the Menorah. Hanukkah is an ancient celebration whereas Kwanzaa is about as much of a holiday as Festivus. It was founded by American Black nationalists in the 1960s to celebrate African culture and is almost exclusively observed in North America. The creators were ingenious with developing it, because it's archaic presentation and method of celebration along with its proximity to Christmas and Hanukkah tricks people into thinking it's an actual holiday validated by some rich history.


Flesh it out and be rational about it. A race where the women are stronger than the men- what evolutionary strangeness happened to turn the baby-carriers into the ones that fight and die the most? If you can come up with a good explanation for that, post it, otherwise you're going to run into serious consistency problems.

Only gurl better than Shawni is Triss.

Virtually every western developer fits at least one of these criteria at some point in their history. If not motivated internally, then forced by a publisher looking to appeal to a broader audience.

Wasn't Shani supposed to be Yennifer in first game?

Virtually and literally wrong.


Daisuke Amaya.
Shigeru Miyamoto
Jackie Chan

She was a good girl though

Poland was the first nation in Europe to enact laws to protect the jews from hate speech in the 1400's

It's a crime in Poland and many yurotrash countries to deny holocaust :)

There are already tons of works where women are stronger than men. In the Prison School manga, all women are so strong than males can't even dream of intimidating them.

You could always write something about good old drows, males are stronger but they are completely controlled by women in a completely matriarchal society.
Yet for some retarded reason (3rd wave) feminists completely ignore this AD&D setting.

Correct me if I am right, didn't germany almost end up ruling over europe?
Back then I mean, I know Germany basically has control over all of Europe because of the EU


They would be extremely mannish and masculine. This is the part porn gets right although logically by nature, the men wouldn't be completely useless unless your race takes a turn like angler fish where the male finds a women and fuses to her permanently otherwise it'd be like Hyenas.

Before Hatred came out, the devs had an extra dosage of controversy after it was revealed that most of their employees held anti-immigration views.

just write what ever the fuck you want, if people dont like it, fuck them, if other people like it and actually give you shekels for it, then you are doing something right.

It makes you a cuck. Stronk womyn fetishization correlates with it.

Hey there leftypol.

Nigger LARP. More at 11.

Done by cucks yes.

Found the Biodrone/Nintenkiddy/Some Other Fag with Nigger tier standards.

Big Boss.
So anything about the crusades is pozzed? Jeez.
Eh. Fine there is no real reason to make an unattractive female, a plain not attractive one is fine but not a purposely ugly one.
Are you fucking retarded> serious question

The Boss was one of the worst things to happen to Metal Gear's setting. And yes, her being a stronk woman is a big part of it.

After I typed that I read the thread a little more and realized he didn't mean actual strong well written characters who could be a good leader.
Just girls who are BIG BAD GIRLS for the sake of LOOK AT ME I'M SO PROGRESSIVE.
Now I gotta think but I know there was a queen character in a game I played recently that was a really good queen.


Yes what's your point? Also why did you space everything out like that?

That the Boss is a shieet character who is totally a stronk womyn as called in the OP. You're just another one of Kojima's cocksuckers.

Oh no. I have never played metal gear. I tried the first one and couldn't get into it.
I just remember seeing some post about how she was really well written or something.

I think it was the Queen from Ni No Kuni that was well written

Well in nature there are examples prey animals where the females are larger and dull with smaller pretty males, that way predators eat the males faster than the females as one male can impregnate many females. Mantises eat the male when breeding so you'd have to skew the birth rate to work in that way.
If I were you I'd brainstorm several environments without thinking of the race you have in mind, afterwards look through them and see if any give you inspiration for your mantis race.



you have to go back.

I suppose I'm just going to have to deal with the fact that people on both the left and the right will hate my work. People on the left because I won't cater to intersectional cancer, and the right because I'll explore weird shit that will make them uncomfortable because that's what I think makes cool fantasy.

Handy posts, I'll carefully consider things to ensure it doesn't end up illogical.

This post is extremely useful, thanks. I think I'll do a bit more research into the species in nature that have larger females.

ofc the jews were protected first, but considering where the power really was put it would be USSR that did it

The merchants are already part of witcher lore and villain in first game is one of them
The current century lines were jokes to mock the sentiment
Keep in mind that one of le current year lines takes place only after you beat the shit out of a woman in a fistfight
You retards nitpick the wrong stuff. Try complaining about the faggot hunter next time

It's not a "waifu" game. It was just a game about dating and fucking a range of different girls by doing good at matching tiles.

Shut up and fuck off.

HPS Simulations

I think in this other wargame, Decisive Campaigns: Operation Barbarossa you can pull off a final solution of SS vs "partizans".

There's a Zulu Wars game on Steam but unfortunately it's a shitty unoptimized Unreal Engine 4 title.

You sound like a complete presumptuous authoritarian faggot.

Croteam, Taleworlds, Warhorse and Ironclad (also many, many small and/or slavic devs but they're perhaps not 'relevant' enough). Additionally for uncucked publishers I'd say Devolver (ex-GoD faggots so no surprise), Kalypso Media and any of the companies that just churn out re-releases though I'm not sure they're still a thing nowadays (e.g. Sold Out Software/Mastertronic and White Label/Virgin). Stardock count as both a Publisher and a Developer.

For all of his flaws Notch seems to have managed to break his Swedish programming, I expect having your wife run away with half of your cash exactly one day after the legal time required helped focus his mind. Consider that he also had to give away ~60% of it to the government as taxes and then watched them spend it on refugees.

Should add there are fringe cases where this is acceptable: if the submissive men are portrayed negatively for example or if it's shown to be a dysfunctional society.

Oh and Eugen since they're greedy rather than agenda-pushing. Also Cyanide. Focus Home Interactive for another uncucked publisher.
Looked them up, apparently they went bust in 2015. I expect re-releasing physical copies of older vidya is no longer as profitable given the rise of digital distribution.
Became Avalon Interactive, went bust in 2005.
I know they're complete and utter jews but I don't think Valve (a publisher if arguably no longer a developer) have done anything on OP's list and I seem to remember that fat fuck Gabe getting angry that time someone else banned Hatred from the store.

No, fuck you faggot!

Go dump your cuckshieet elsewhere.

I'm sorry, I don't listen to faggots. Did you know that most lizard species the female is larger than the male? Does that trigger your cucklord?

You're making a species having men with tits.

Postal series devs used to have a semi dead /krotchy/ board here. They'd come and talk and run weekend multiplayer gamenights. They have only recently reclaimed the board and it's kinda dead but you know, it's neat that they're one of us. I mean, *of course* they are, it's just nice knowing they are open about it.

No I'm not idiot. Sorry me making a fantasy race triggers your identity politics.

Triss being Yeneffer in W1 would make more sense.

Now I know you're leftypol.

Hence this. Can't believe I forgot RWS.

Oh man, I remember when they visited Holla Forums. Good times.



That sounds like a cult.

You sound like a faggot.

I played Diablo 1 and 2 and in D1 there was a black magician I think, and in D2 they made it even worse. A fucking BLACK PALADIN. It's not enough that they had to insert a random black character, it's not enough that they had to make multiple STRONK chicks who were not cute at all in the game, they had to make a black paladin as some sort of insult. And the worse thing is that people even make excuses for it, like it's just dark skinned. Give me a break. It kinda ruined the game a bit for me because it makes me think what other pooz the devs inserted in it while I play D2.

I looked up the dev on twitter and of course, he had to make some anti trump statement. I swear to fucking god that there's some brain virus that just cucks 99% of people in entertainment, especially video games.

What was the post?

You are with us or you are against us, something something fence sitters

I never played the witcher past 1. Thanks for making me puke and avoid the other two. Who the fuck writes that shit? What kind of numale?


Well yeah, all races want to purge the devil, user.

Yoko Taro
Hideki Kamiya
Mark Kern
Daniel Vavra
Tynan Sylvester
Adrian Chmierlarz

Just stay away from misc quests. Most sidequests are pretty solid.

First, it's embarrassing to play as a char that's black when you're white. Second, aren't paladins some holy crusaders in the name of good, like in the name of christianity? And because they are, they should be white since I don't remember black people crusading in the name of god hundreds of years ago. It's just like they did with that guardian from Thor. The whitest of all gods, and they casted a black guy to play him. It's how I feel about the Paladin. Also, the dev virtue signals women in gaming and some other shit, so I am not surprised.

You really sound like a faggot trying to false flag

He's right to complain though. It doesn't help that the fact that the nigger Sorcerer was considered the best class in Diablo 1, and the Paladin was one of the best in Diablo 2. At least in Diablo 3 they tried to make a redemption with their shit game by making the Crusader white. What kills it for me is the fucking stupid over sized armor that the Crusader wears. At least the Witch Doctor isn't considered a replacement for the Necromancer in Diablo 3 anymore. But anyways, Crusader>Paladin any day.

Fuck you stupid fuck. I hate that the paladin is black and I hate you and your misuse of 'false flag.'

About some niggers in a fantasy world? At least he could bitch about not been able to pick the skin color of the characters

The presence of those things don't indicate a cucked developer in the same way that a lack of those things isn't indicative of a non-cucked developer.
The writing is by-and-large the biggest issue.

too bad they also killed her at the same time by making her have problem hair and tits to 0.

Dude, shut the fuck up. I don't care if you watch BLACKED and you like playing as black people in games, but when I build a char, equip it, and it has no background story, it's assumed that it represents me. It's not like it's CJ. So I don't wanna play as a black person and I don't care if you are offended by this. He's not brown, he clearly looks like an african. If I had the option to choose skin color, my complaint wouldn't be made. But I don't, so eat shit.

Read, nigger, I was talking about the crusader, also if you dont like the character, dont fucking use him.

Who said I use him and who the fuck are you to think that I can't comment on it anyway? And I specifically complained because he's black on a character that's supposed to be white. It's like making the barbarian class a blonde woman, that's just retarded. You are only right about one thing, the crusader does look just tanned, so I made a mistake there.

Says who? You? Its a fantasy world, the writer can do what ever he wants.
I never said that

You just wanna have the last word don't you? Can't be content with the fact that I dislike holy white paladins being black in a game, that would be too offensive right?

You say it indirectly by saying it's a fantasy world and the writer can do anything he wants. That's your response to my complaint. So what, because it's fantasy I can't say anything about it? The paladin should've been white. The necromancer could've been black instead, since black people actually do have a voodoo culture present in some parts of the world even today. It's more easily associated. I don't understand how many replies we have to keep making just so you can understand that I don't like their decision on this.

Opinion noted.



Hi Randy

Read the OP again.

I like Kojima, but there's no denying he kisses (((Hollywood))) ass all day every day.

American McGee literally had his life torn apart by leftist weimar bullshit and still managed to make one of the best waifus in the west. He also came here once and was a damn chill guy.

No one wants to look at niggers other than their fellow niggers and cuckolds. I wonder why of the two you are.

Anyone have working links to the alice games?

Did not they have a saying: "The Jew cries out in pain as he hits you." or something like that?

Doesn't the second game come with the first one already included?

"The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."

I have no idea because I have never been able to find a working copy of the game


IIRC the non-steam version has the first game included either as an extra or an unlockable. I recall there was an .exe for it in the game folder, and that you could activate the on-disc costume DLCs with a simple. txt edit. But the game shouldn't be that hard to find.

Try this:

So pretty much every Japanese game released in the last decade, sadly. If that's to be the standard we need to purge Touhou faggots and the like.

What the fuck and its on the torrent site version too, I explicitely remember checking those before. Thanks

Notch was a cuck, is not a developer and is not relevant.
He's also probably still cucked inside but he blows the fuck out of people on twatter because he's bored.

Cucks, and not relevant because they never even made a good game.
We can thank them for GoG and even then they're really trying to ruin GoG.
Come on man you're just trying to piss me off.
3/10 bait got me mildly flustered.

Does 2hu even have any men in it?

It has a garbage collector and it's implied a few of the 2hu were married at one point or another.

Well, I guess I know why the genre is called "fantasy" now.


Ice-Pick Lodge… Pathologic soon, r-right guys?

To be far

Edmund Mcmillen and his wife, Danielle.
His commentary on gaymergay and [THE CURRENT YEAR] starts at 3:40


Japanese men are cucks.

weebs too

Is that like being the biggest fly on the shitpile?

No it's like being the biggest shit in the shitpile.

bandai namco

CDPR and Kojima.

read thread

Kojima still counts. Him churning out shieet for weebs and waifuniggers doesn't make him not a cuck as noted in the OP.

He was really funny. He has a great sense of humor

They ignore it because they know they can't get any personal gain from it. They tried it with metal music and that blew upmin their faces horribly

Bugbear. Almost relevant.


hahaha no, they're capcom tier


I want more conlangs and song magic, though



They're both crimes and should be on equal levels.

Literally Gay (Emil) & Hermaphrodite (Kainé) Character. I think you are in the closet fam. not that NieR:G or NieR:A are bad games but Taro (a straight man) is pretty cucked if you are honest with yourself

Assuming any 2 humans, not to mention the entire humanity is equal is fucking retarded.

If there's anyone who is pure cucked, it's Taro friend who chucked himself off the roof by accident.

The logic behind condemning piracy is the exact opposite of the logic behind condemning child pornography.

they're both victimless crimes anyway. As is anything on the internet that isn't actual stealing by hacking into bank accounts and shit. You can't truly hurt someone through the internet. I've tried.

Paladin was overall ideal due to hammerdin bot teleporting, sure. But I think everyone knew, deep down, that glorious aryan Necromancer was the most fun class.


Well the downloading of it. Producing it is something that doesn't happen on the internet. Child molestation is its own crime.

That's paradox.