This is what everyone is playing?


Is there anything good out there?

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Do people still play that game!?

Two questions.

I have been playing Broodwars again since they made it run on modern systems easily.
You don't have to pay for the remaster unless you want those new graphics.


How fucking bored with your life do you have to be to watch someone ELSE play Runescape?! And nuscape none the less.


she didn't even get fucking naked, what good is playboy anymore.

You fucking shopped that.

go look for yourself it takes like 2 seconds for gods sake

The streamers are more entertaining than the game itself.

you mean streamer cancer?

I was just joking, comrade. Top Twitch streams are literally just a popularity contest and what's popular is what's familiar and what you can play with your "friends". HoN, Warcraft 3, and Mario 64 are anomalies. Also, the Splatoon one seems to be a glitch.

It's actually real, but how?

Also mr reddit spacing if you're gonna ask for recommendations it's logical that you first tell us what you like.


The top game actually does have a ton of players.

What the fuck?!

Well, with the discovery of the half a-press, the possibilities are endless :^)

Surprised that 9th most popular thing to watch is a talk show. I wouldn't consider what I watch there a talk show but do watch a girl body paint herself into anime, game or comic characters. She talks but it isn't anything mind blowing.

It's not quite a single talk show. The category adds the viewers up for all the streams and then ranks them.

Everyone plebeian at any rate.

Why did you post a picture of a social media website? What does that have to do with videogames?

Stop being a newfag Satan.

It's free to play, runs on toasters, it's being shilled out the ass by esports faggotry and streams, it has crates and expensive community skins, it's kind of fun but I doubt most of the players are into that, what do you really expect?

Fuck you.
Super Mario 64 is my favorite multiplayer game.

I played Heroes of the Storm and people were too stupid to play that at a normal level, is dota2 harder or easier?

I guess it's harder? I haven't played HoTS and I haven't played Dota in 4 or so years.
I do recall my first few matches being played with some real morons, the type of morons who you can ping and call commands to and ward and still get killed because awareness is for suckers.

Mine too

Blizzard recently released a patch for it.
Various sites have articles about it so normaly people wonder what this thing with Warcraft in it's name that they've never heard of before, could be?
Just give it a week or two and nobody on Twitch will care about it anymore.

Warcraft 3 was a good game. I have no idea why it has that many views or is it relevant again though

I haven't read Playboy in years, but the last I heard they were supposed to be bringing back nudes and centerfolds - though they were tame even by Playboy standards. The whole thing was probably a publicity stunt, but during the time they banned nudes - Playboy was shedding talent, there were lots of fights in the board room and people were just retiring, leaving to work elsewhere, or were being driven out by the new leadership. Subscription rates tanked, but it was selling better on the shelf since it was now more visible.

No idea how it's going now that Heff's son is in charge though.

Broadly speaking, Playboy has never been about the nudes. If you wanted to see some pussy, you picked up Swank or Hustler or something like that. Nudity was just part of Playboy's branding. They just needed to let people know the magazine is still out there, since my generation is probably the last one that grew up, or will grow up, with Playboy. Even Hustler can't compete with the internet. From here on out, they're riding on merchandising fumes.

I'm playing Arx Fatalis, actually

Actually, looks like its just some eceleb

Hasn't it always been softcore shit?

Lately I've been playing (listing worst to best):
Creativerse - It's an underwhelming Minecraft clone with few redeeming qualities. The only good thing about it was being able to build a proper roof.
Dungeon Defenders 2 - It's a 3D tower defense game. It's okay…
Factorio - This is a great game is you're a sperg. You land on an alien planet and have to build a giant factory, starting with only a very meager amount of supplies. You get attacked by aliens that are kind of like the bugs in Starship Troopers. The fun is in building huge complex automation systems. It's pretty neat.
RimWorld - Another alien world survival game. But this one is very much like Dwarf Fortress. But it is less complex than Dwarf Fortress. But it's still a really fun game. In the game you're dealing with the threats from hostile raiders, mad animals, and diseases. It has lots of mods too.

Is something good coming out?

I think people were talking about Bannerlord and other stuff.

Pretty much everyone gave up on Bannerlord coming up after E3. We'll get it in 2025 if we're lucky.

I'm highly interested in Factorio and Rimworld, but they're early access and shit being tweaked after I've bought it drives me insane. Fuck you Endless Legend

I pirated both because I'm poor. You can probably find old versions of the games online. Don't ask me where. I found out about both from threads here and used links in them.

I'm looking forward to whenever they decide to put Project Nimbus, Midair and Rogue Sky out of EA.
Also I have some hopes for Ruiner, and a bunch of comiket games like Steel Striker, Sakuna, Robotron and Link The Unleashed Nexus RH

I thought Bannerlord's release date was NEVER EVER

Actually, I misunderstood a little. You don't want to risk the game being updated to a state you don't like. Well, pirating is still the answer kek.

Newest version of Factorio:

Newest version of RimWorld:

Actually, I dunno if they are the newest versions. But they are the versions I am using and they work fine.

Is the story in that one still incomprehensible gibberish?

Haven't played it myself. Again, waiting for it to fuck off of Early Access.

Normalfags control the hobbies now, user. No longer can you appeal to a niche or stylize, no, everything has to be geared towards the lowest common denominator to make the most money. Of course, this means dumbing down to make sense to your average chad. And it seems more than ever, people are choosing to live willingly in blissful ignorance despite the age of information readily presented to us with the internet. Sadly, that's also a disadvantage. As with the internet, popularity can spread just as rapidly. And once something's popular. It belongs to the normalfags.

Not all games, user. There are still a few diamonds that appear every once in a while.

That's always a choice by the developer/publisher. There is money to be made catering to a specific niche, it's just that most developers see making games as a job, not a passion.


Tell us the last one you found?

Factorio, a game undoubtedly made by a sperg, for his fellow spergs. But like I mentioned earlier, RimWorld is great. You can imprison and execute prisoners in a variety of ways. And then cannibalize their corpse. And murder all the faggots you find in the game.

No, that's what people are watching, you stupid faggot.

Kek, it's like you and me in the thread.

I was weak and found I hard copy of Anno 2070 for cheap, it's been my current autism simulator. I'm on the last level of the campaign and annoyed that I have to build filthy eco buildings when I could be making more alcohol and boigers for my Tycoons

Those are more infrequent now. Those are games that put limitations on themselves instead of aiming for the massive AAA scope that end up as dull lifeless husks for the sake of size. The reason games seemed better back then was because there were a lot more limitations that forced developers to think outside the box and work with what they had.

Sure, certain niches. But there are still F-Zero fans, Star Fox fans, Paper Mario fans that are waiting for a decent game meant for them. And the niches that do grant money don't deserve it. They're whales. They're people that will buy every sort of merchandise attached to the product just because it exists. And to even warrant some merchandise in the first place, you need a popular product.

They've been teasing that patch for over a year now, I think.
It's finally out then.

I never played that one. I never played the Civilization-like games that much for some reason. I don't dislike them exactly. They just aren't very interesting to me.

AAA games have mostly been garbage for a long time now.

For the reasons I gave too. Less limitations means it'll be easier to appeal to a wide scale. It's why movies are garbage too now.

Anno is not actually that Civ like, it's a city builder were you draw in ever more taxable pops by building whatever luxury resources they want. There's layout autism and production ratio autism.

It's funny, now that you mention movies. I also quit watching movies for the past several years or longer. I hadn't even really noticed it. But I think it's because they had all become shit. And they aren't even worth watching when I download them for free. You can fucking forget the possibility of me paying for that garbage anymore.

I see. I bet you would like Factorio a lot.

Not everyone.

Just finished Zero no kiseki and currently playing SO5.

I take offense at the implication OP. This is Holla Forums not Reddit gaming.

you're right user, those are the only videogames in the world
great thread

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all that garbage, these are bad times

No Man's SKy, on ps4. I just got a new, up to date rig together and I dont feel like paying 60 fucking dollars for it.