Just finished the Memories quest

So. A couple things.

I know Zelda games aren't known for their great stories but the amount of overlooking done by everyone throughout the story is so immense you'd think Hylians are part giraffe.

Because it's a shitty, rushed, unfinished game that's even more disappointing than MGS5 and skyrim combined. Couple this with the dumbing down of everything, being the easiest zelda so far that the masses just fucking eat up. Play better zelda games, play better action/adventure games and play better open world games.

I'm not gonna sit here and try to defend a game that I personally find so much issue with (the weapon system is absolute fucking trash) but insofar as "it's too easy" I can only agree to that if you're talking about the base game.

Granted, needing to buy DLC for the equivalent of "hard mode" is stupid as fuck, it does indeed up the difficulty to a satisfactory level.

At first I thought it was nothing more than making the enemies more damage spongy, but after a while I learned that a lot of enemies have changed patterns and many of the laughably easy enemies (Guardians) have become legitimately threatening because they delay their attacks and can no longer be systematically AND consistently parried to death.

I never played Skyrim, but of other Open World games I've played in recent memory (Sleeping Dogs, Horizon: Zero Dawn) it's more or less par for the course with some exceptionally good bits and some exceptionally bad bits.

I like it.
Couldn't live without it.
It'd be fine if the weapons didn't OUTRIGHT FUCKING BREAK and leave you COMPLETELY DEFENSELESS. It's "okay" late game when all the weapons that drop are high enough durability to last a minute, but jesus christ is it jarring.
No. Stop that.
Seriously, I don't need a lizard and a goblin in every region to attack me with that region's element. Give me a new fucking enemy every once in a while.

It's a fundamentally flawed but enjoyable game. Just like Ocarina of Time was. Just like every Zelda game is, whether you want to admit it or not.

Zelda 1 and 2, Links Awakening, Link to the Past and both Ages games are amazing. There are no flaws in those games. Nintendo went to absolute shit with the Nintendo 64. The new Zelda is a joke for manchildren and nintoddlers.

You're right.


Towers should've been dungeons that forced you to ascend before getting the region map

Weapon durability/breaking has been handled so much better by so many games (Summon Night, Monster Hunter, Muramasa) that getting this incredibly basic system so wrong is an unforgivable sin.


The Awakened Master Sword has the most weapon durability of any weapon in the game, not that it fixes the problem.

Nintendo has absolutely no idea how to do voice acting they have never fucking done it. Especially the people at Treehouse they have no fucking idea on how to direct an actor they are failed writers. Especially fucking localization people who don't even know what the fuck the script they are working on means. Treehouse's translation practices were brought about in times when Nintendo games did not have stories or characters they had fucking scenarios that were dead easy to translate. The only time they had a real script to work with was the Paper Mario/Mario & Luigi games which were comedic. So it made a lot more sense for them to re-write jokes to work with an English speaking audience and people didn't really care as long as it was funny. Now they are being forced to translate actual stories and they don't know what the fuck to do. It's why every Fire Emblem game needs to cram a joke in every other line they're just doing what they did before not realizing shit isn't appropriate.

It's mentioned a couple of times that Zelda's mum died before she could pass on any of her knowledge or training or anything. That accounts for some ball-dropping, for sure.
Then, there's the cyclical nature of things, but the cycle is 10,000+ years since the last one, which would be TP in this case. It's hard enough to get the facts straight about the hall of cost and that happened less than a century ago. Now imagine the Yiga Clan has been fucking around with Hyrulean history even a little bit over a time period one hundred times longer and you've got plenty of shit to sort through and unravel.


The games I played when I was an impressionable kid are perfect and flawless
The ones that came out when I hit puberty and realized what a failure I was going to be in life are shit.

I wonder why. No way it has anything to do with nostalgia or my state of mind

Zelda is a cunt and calamity ganon is literally all her fault.
And it's also bullshit that Link had to clean up her mess and he still gets shit.

Two reasons:
1. Elf bitch. If it's got pointy ears it's gotta have a British accent, right?
2. Royalty. Because nothing says prim and proper bitch that needs to be raped a few times to learn her place like a posh British accent
Got me there
It's called DESTINY faggot. Or as we called it back in my day, SHIT WRITING
They didn't even give him a shield to practice parrying with. He wouldn't have broken the Master Sword if they just gave him a Hylian shield and taught him how to parry. What a bunch of retards. Also, how fucking dumb is it that in the memory under the tree in the rain, he's doing Katana exercises with a European style sword? Come on, Nintendo, get your shit together
It was put together to deliberately fuck with timeline faggots. I applaud Nintendo for this, timeline faggots are cancer. The timeline is just another word for "Cinematic Universe" and therefore fucking trash.

100 years of death and suffering were all her fault. But that's fine, once Ganon is dead she can just go right back to being ruler of the Kingdom.

It's not mentioned in any of the memories, which is all I've seen of the game's "story" so far.

Connecting all the games together in an overarching timeline/multiverse is stupid, but the games in the same style (OoT and Majora's Mask, Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass, etc.) should have connecting lore at least.

Also, Zelda's not looking too bad for 117 years old. What's her trick?

Don't forget, zelda killed link's fishwife too.

Everyone wants his dick, Zelda included. She has to get rid of the competition somehow, and prior to unlocking her goddess powers the only way to do that was cold-blooded murder.

100 years of Gerudo Semen. Real good proteins for the skin

I was honestly expecting them to have her as old woman, like Impa.

I could swear that Zelda was on the same level as the great fairies, she's literally the reincarnated goddess and doesn't have to age.

I could be wrong though.

It might not be mentioned in the memories themselves, I can't recall exactly, but I know it's mentioned at least in the King's Diary in one of the secret rooms in Hyrule Castle. Possibly Zelda's as well in her room atop one of the towers.

I'm gonna hazard a guess and say maybe it has something to do with being in that blob thing Ganon was reconstructing himself in. Maybe it works, similarily/identically to the shrine of resurrection.

Can Zelda "stories" even be called as such? Is a hodge podge of cliche and "HERO ANCIENT LEGENDARY PROPHECY DESTINY GODDESS etc etc" used to chug the game along good enough? The only Zelda with good story is Majora's Mask, because it literally ditches all the fucking boring Zelda trite for interesting characters and events, an impressing atmosphere and world, and the moon and mask antagonist.

Well I suppose if you think about it, part of the problems with Zelda's stories is that it's mostly the roles of 3 individuals and the rest is either unimportant or trivial.
The main story more or less could be the same without it.

You fucked up.

That's one of the reasons I liked BotW so much over the previous three titles. SS, TP, and WW were pretty damn boring story-wise aside from one or two noteworthy things (Ganondorf's speech in WW, Groose's character arc in SS, Midna's Lament in TP), which meant there was little justification for how strictly they cordoned you off from going wherever you wanted. So scrapping the story in return for getting all of the freedom back from the first games was definitely a worthwhile trade in my book.

From a literary standpoint, if you break down the raw technical story elements of a 3d Zelda and compare with all other stories ever, it must be among the most lame and simple stories ever created ever, and yet they emphasize the story despite this. Whenever I wonder why this is, I remember what Miyamoto, alone, with no opposition, did to Sticker Star. And I remember not to expect anything from such a retarded company.

While I am still skeptical of the legitimacy of what happened with sticker star. I'd have to agree with the statements concerning Zelda's story being somewhat ancillary as a framing device for the stages.

From what I understand Miyamoto's effect on Sticker Star was an overreaction to his advice when he came in to talk to ask them what they were doing. He said something to the effect of, "why make it the same as previous Paper Marios? Why not do something more with the stickers you have here?" and they went whole-hog down that path.

I like Miyamoto for his gameplay design but he has an annoying obsession with never wanting to retread old ground, even when he could improve his previous work. It's why Zelda 2 was so different, why Star Fox Zero had dumbfuck controls, and why Wind Waker exists at all. And before you bring up Mario, he barely has anything to do with most of those games anymore.

George Lucas syndrome. ITS FUCKING MIYAMOTO BRO so you have to do EXACTLY AS HE SAYS NO EXCEPTIONS ALL DA WAY. But that is an interesting perspective on Sticker Star, that I have not heard before. Neat.

I would argue that kind of comparison is something most games will fail at, but even by game standards 3D Zelda's stories are pretty basic.

The development cycle goes all the way back to the Wii U launch (possibly earlier). It was significantly delayed for the Switch launch. How is that "rushed" ?

I have a feeling they made all the weapons so throw-away because you can literally throw them away. Having weapons that last a long time or allowing you to mitigate weapon damage would give way less incentive to throw them at enemies. Not that I'm saying this is a good reason, but it's the likely one.

Why would you start a sentence with "so"?

He didn't just start a sentence with it. He made an entire sentence of it.

This game will not be remembered for its quality voice talent.
Zelda's voice in english is particularly horrible and pathetic. She doesn't sound that bad in Japanese, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish & Latino.

It's a long tradition that Zelda fucks up and brings the doom of civilization. She destroyed her kingdom in Ocarina too.

There's no logical way for defending this. Maybe the just are too japanese/Protoss for their stuff and can't do a thing without checking their honor first.

Not sure what' you're talking about, most references are only through locations names, which were just stupid fuckups from Nintendo that shouldn't be taken seriously.
Ocarina is referenced ocassionaly (Ruta & Ganon's Gerudo form, Lon Lon Ranch) and the Goddess statues looks identical to the ones in Skyward Sword, but that's it. Ritos were introduced in WW but that's it.

Have you actually tried it without savescumming or reading a guide?
Game was a mess even in the '80s and the reason we played it was mainly because it was a sequel to Z1.
I liked earning XP and having a different scale overworld, and some fights were good specially against darknuts, but that's it. Good luck trying just to make it to the last dungeon, or trying to beat the last boss without cheating.

What a wonderful idea and a great solution to a major problem I have with the game: virtually no dungeons. I didn't care for the gimmick of the divine beasts at all, and I found it downright obnoxious all four of them shared it. The fact that there are Four dungeons in the game, and maybe five if you count Hyrule Castle, shows how barebones the game really is.

And the tower with all the electric fuckers that is always raining is horse shit.

I guess Miyamoto was wrong, a bad game is a bad game no matter how long you work on it

That is a really good idea, yeah. One that I would like to see is the Shrines being expanded out into an interconnected "underworld", so you can travel from Shrine to Shrine by bombing walls, getting to places you aren't normally supposed to, et cetera. Similar to how all the interior zones of OoT and MM are actually connected and you can travel to the spider hut of MM by bomb-jumping up the wall in the Termina goddess fountain. Only, obviously, intentionally instead of through glitches.

I think my only issue with towers-as-dungeons is that I wanted at least one really big traditional dungeon. Hyrule Castle is kickass, and I wouldn't want to trade it in, but I would still have liked a larger, more complex dungeon somewhere, a la the Water Temple from OoT or the fourth dungeon in Majora's Mask.

That tower can suck butts.

You can also totally cheese Hyrule Castle, there's no real puzzles, just some minor obstacles, and a semi-interesting underground portion that's sole purpose is to get the Hylian Shield.

At a certain point the shrines were more fun than anything else in the game, and I think that's due to the lack of any actual puzzles in the game, other than some really weak samey ones from the main dungeons that all used the same gimmick. They should have just made the towers super special shrines or something, IDK give us something other than a tower to spend 10 minutes climbing up with no real challenge other than a select few, It baffles me that people think this is the "superior" version of the Ubisoft "climb a tower to reveal locations" formula, it's the same exact thing.

As a burger, I hate this meme. The limeys are becoming too popular in this country. If I see another snaggletoothed island monkey get featured in a jew hollywood/talmudvision special, I'll scream.

Trash, faggot.


And then there's all the brit actors acting like americans, like half the cast of nuSW.

Also yes apparently. This game, I wanted to like it, I really did, but the story was such a fucking mess. I just hope the final DLC is enjoyable or better written.

Easy question

The why for evey single moronic thing is this: they're trying to push Zelda because she's someone's waifu, almost at FF. Lightning's level

Notice how the other goddesses, the one that created everything, are barely mentioned and Hylia is the main religious focus? Noticed that Zelda has the FULL TRIFORCE and Link and Ganon somehow, whithout explanation whatsoever lost their piece?

Every single memory from the slate is about Zelda a how she gradually got the hots for Link and almost got him killed to gain access to her power, if Link didn't get his own memories from other places, we'd nothing about his past other than his "relationship" with Zelda

That's why this game is so bad, storywise, it focuses too much in making Zelda a mary sue and not much else happens

I kinda got the vibe that it was supposed to be saying "No, Zelda isn't going to defy her role. It is what it is for a reason, and if you fuck it up look how badly things will go."

No wonder I felt an irksome vibe of familiarity.

Everyone once in a while, you faggots manage to trigger the fuck out me.



Now we wait until they use Zelda as a model for some stupid fashion magazine article
You know it's gonna happen


This the result of driving on the wrong side of the road?

I don't need to keep remembering awful shit I wanted to forget, damn you. Damn you forever Square.

ayy lmao

Still, Zelda is at least attractive, unlike that pink haired anorexic.

Not much of an achievement.

He didn't say she was more attractive, he said she was attractive at all.

Din't worry, Nintendo will make sure you never forget about it

My 10 year old nephew asked who that boy was and didn't believe me when I told him it was Zelda, he said Zelda is always pretty and that that is a dude in a dress

Don't confuse a thicc ass with attractiveness, user

i played it for around 200h and enjoyed it, im glad i can have fun

Your 10 year old nephew is probably confused because Link looks like a girl. Or are you a fag that hates the eyebrows?

He recognized Link as a boy right away
What's worse is that Zelda was wearing the white dress when he said that and he was not the only one that mentioned it to me

My 12 year old cousin, a girl, said that she didn't look like a girl, even though she KNEW it was a girl and the other, 10 years old too, sai the same as my nephew

I don't care about the eyebrows, I just like other designs better
Even fucking Tetra and the short legst/longer torso-arms looks much better than this

The huge ass is the only redeeming quality this Zelda has

Your Waifu is a pudgy-faced inbred polack with nigger lips and a drag queen's voice.
Develop some goddamned taste for God's sake.

I had fun too, Master Mode is fun as fuck
Glad I pirated it, that game is NOT worth 60 bucks, not even with the DLC

Shit, I should start proof reading, too many mistkes

You don't seem to understand what I was saying. I was implying he must think boys are supposed to look like girls, so girls must look like boys to him. Also, I have little reason to concede to your authority when all your anecdotes come from the one source of "secondary family members that have barely reached puberty."

What you said makes no sense, he knows the difference between girls and boys and this is the first time this happened
What the fuck are you talking about?

I'm sorry I triggered you this much because I hate your waifu's design but there are other tasteless people in here, flooding BoTW threads with her eyebrows and ass, so don't worry

It was an apparently bad attempt at a joke.

By bringing those anecdotes, you are implying they give you more authority over me to judge whether Zelda looks attractive or not. Do you not understand debate?

I'm not triggered. She's not even my favorite Zelda. Hell, I agree with you that Zelda is being pushed very similarly to Lightning. I just think it's silly to claim she's entirely unattractive, aside from her rear, and even sillier to claim she looks like a guy, which I'm now certain only stems from her hairstyle, eyebrows, and Japan's fondness of effeminate men. I also find it amusing that you're accusing me of being triggered, when you're the one devolving to insults and biting sarcasm.

Same. The NO FUN ALLOWED crew doesn't even play video games as far as I can tell. No idea what the fuck is wrong with them.

She's not the best Zelda but she's still decent. You guys are just gay as fuck imo. Also "nigger lips"? Shit maybe you're just blind.

And like I said, its not that hard to be prettier than someone like Lightning.

That's not even the point here. The whole thread was about the story having large plot holes and mistakes with the translation. Saying "Well I had fun." adds absolutely nothing to the conversation, is completely off topic, and came out of nowhere. You had fun, but what does that have anything to do with the story? And saying something like "NO FUN ALLOWED crew" is the same retarded shit that Dark Souls fans used to deflect criticism of their game, except they used "Git Gud". I don't doubt there are bitter faggots that shit on everything because they can't find a game to play (or even try to) but this just comes off as being offended that people don't like the game you like.

What insults? Unless you're takin "what the fuck" as such, I never insulted you and you're one who started sounding offended by a little bit anecdotal shit, calm down

I don't really care about you likin or disliking Zelda, I don't care too much about her either, I was just stating that other designs are much better and, in comparison, this one only has that

If you cannot see that's just an opinion and discard it as such, then you shouldn't be anywhere near the internet

She's not attractive to me, she id for that other user, opinios everywhere

You think she's decent and better than I give her credit for? Great, I just don't think so and that's it, I preffer TP o OoT designs are but that's my opinion, so there

Happy now?

Aren't the importing more foreigners than other countries which are twice the landmass?

yet another bad thread about this bad game

She looks like she has to shave a unibrow

You've been indoctrinated by negro propaganda and memes.


They completely changed the ending too in the localization, in the Japanese they said that the third stage of the Ganon fight existed because of his will to always come back and in the English they said that he had now given up on coming back, implying that if you kill him he's dead for good which obviously won't make sense the next time Nintendo lazily put him in a Zelda game.

If it was a completely standalone game I'd prefer the English ending though.

I'm dropping the rest of the conversation, because you're right about it getting ridiculous over an opinion, but are you really saying that calling someone tasteless isn't an insult?

Oh, that? I never take it as an insult, I've been called way worse things here, I never thought someone would take that as an insult because everyone here just spouts worse things and no one seems to care

I apologize if I offended you, I'm too used to it by now and didn't think it'd matter, sorry

MOTHER FUCKERS, Do not talk about wind waker with a bad tone, The game was good, fucking amazing honestly. Everyone bitches about the boat, I actually like the boat adventure in the game, the second game based on wind waker sucked ass, becuase the boat was way worse. plus fumbling around the time temple just to go one floor down everytime makes me want to hang myself.

Plus the story was a lot better presented in wind waker, sure its not a grand epic, but how they do the story is good, ganon speach honestly just makes me feel sorry for the dude, he never had choice, because some demon asshole took away from him.

I wasn't all that offended, no worries.

And how do you defend the triforce charts, huh?

Incompetent translation most likely.Otherwise I heard and saw worse and it was more of a hassle rather than torture.
I dunno nigger,maybe it's because britbong english is ascociated with royalty.For god's sake nigger,it's called "Queen's English" how are you so retarded to know this cliche?
The shiekahs have been living in more rural areas for a century so of course they don't have the "Ye Olde English" accents.
A)Last I checked triforce is not involved in any meaningful way,since the triforce of courage is nowhere near Link.
B)Her Mom died during her birth if memory serves correct.
C)Shit gets lost in time
D)Triforce got trashed,now it's more about Hylia's magical powers that got passed down to Zelda since SS.
There's worse,though it's closer to contrived convenience rather than Deus Ex Machinima as DEM has to be something that fixes an issue that comes outta nowhere to advance the plot(like it was the will of the Gods,ergo,God out of the Machine).Then again you might as well complain about how it took Lonk 100 years and near the ammount of time that Zelda was unable to contain Ganondorf anymore JUST the moment you're at the throne room.Chances are the seal weared off enough at that moment for him to get out,though it's questionable how much of that was

Also learn your fucking figures of speech cocknugget.
Can't remember,probably a failsafe or some shit since I never really bothered with this plotpoint because it was not that interesting for me.
Otherwise they might have thought it was better to keep them unlooted just case.Otherwise it must have been the fact that they felt confident in having a shit ton of guardians and giant stone mechs to fuck Ganon's shit up with.
Callbacks,though it would make sense if people/places with similair names existed in a different context.
I wish OPs were less retarded and we had less people to suck them up.

I don't think you know what "Lightining-tier" is.
Lightning-tier is having a character shoved in your face for 2/3 whole games.
Lightning-tier is having her as a protagonist.
Lightning-tier is making her a literal messiah and market RL clothing with her.
Lightning-tier is being the director's fucking waifu,that has pictures of her hanged for "motivation" to the workers.

This is one game with her being seen in snippets of 5 minutes while a full playthrough usually takes 20-to-30 hours unless yo're speedrunning,Lightning had 2 entire games as the fucking Protag while having her shoved in every damn FF property since her inception.
Faggots like you are the reason I never took "X is the Lightning of Y" seriously.That is because the people who claim shit like that don't know what Lightning is and represents:An autist in a high position pushes his pet waifu onto the world so hard that it put a household name into dire straits.

For the record,for Zelda to be a Mary Sue it would have to be for her to be the absolute center of the plot and be absolutely justified in everything she does.At worst she's an inoffensive,bland character.

A singular tedious part of an otherwise Good-to-Great game,not the best part but it's not bad enough for it drag the rest of the game to the mud.That is unless you're a gay nigger and never dug/hauled around for rupee bags,treasure and the triforce charts themselves when roaming around.

Exploring, I liked it, I felt good after I found all of them. Wind waker was like the only zelda that I played as a kid that felt like amazing adventure. The open sea way my path, the wind I weaved to my will, and fought incredible beast that all lead up to showdown that honestly if they played sadder music it honestly would not feel out of place.

Tried to play it because Holla Forums said it's good, made it to th tower of gods and dropped it , I got bored but I'm glad you enjoyed it, mate

Alright, I'm still sorry, I need to be more careful in the future

Did you play the same game I played? Because they even justify her being a complete bitch towards Link as her not thinking someone else had troubles too in her dairy

Man am sorry to hear that man, honestly it's still my favorite zelda game, me and my brother play together because why had the attachment and he would help me out while we play, honestly that was the most fun I had was when me and my brother work hard to beat it together, now my brother wants really nothing to do with me, honestly barely feel like he's my brother anymore.

My memory's of my time with that game will always be remember as the best time I spent, and the most bitter of sweet memory's.

It an action understandable beyond "bitchy" and actually justifying something are two different things.
Think of it like this:
Does having someone kill your dog justify killing other peoples' dogs?
Does having a bad dad justify being antagonistic to others?
Does having someone shit on your plate justify you shitting on a random stranger's plate?
If she was an actual Justified Mary Sue(basically having attrocious story-telling/writing) they would have her being praised by everyone except her abusive father,who then turned out to be a baby-raping,puppy kicking monster who she would rebel against and then defeat Ganon even after he posessed the guardians.
Instead she fails miserably until the final moment cursing Hyrule into decay and only managing to keep Ganon dormant instead of sealed for a 100 or so years instead of of the millenia the previous heroes did.

This is why I shouldn't post at 4am

I'm happy to read that, it's not a bad game but having to constantly change the wind is fucking annoying but maybe I'll give it another go with the HD version, I heard they fixed a lot of the "bad" things

Again, not a bad game, I may be too AHDH ridden to sit down and enjoy te sailing

She's still being justified by everyone when everyone else already did what they were supposed to, een moreso, NO ONE thought to tell here going to thw battlefield withoit so much as being able to use a swird is a suicide, eeryone just went "yeah, fuck it, what could possibly go wrong?"

If she is not a complete mary sue, she is in the right fucking track to become one

Because you can't trust anyone doing "translations" for Nintendo to even know the language they're suppose to be translating.

Like who?
Only thing that comes to mind is Urbosa saying how hard she's working.No one else after that.
This is nigh incomprehensible and barely relevant if she's a Mary Sue.Lastly they were re-sealing a great beast with an army backing them up with her protector/Ganon killer being Link,which is a solid plan considering the support they had.
The dumbest thing was not assuming that Ganon didn't take any countermeasures/that he was retarded against the thing that fucked him up last time.

Honestly, breath of the wild feels shit compared to wind waker, Sure their's a lot to explore, but the world gives you little reason to do so. The weapon durability really pisses me off.

Sure their's a lot of little touches in the game, but that's all their is. little touches you know what other game had that. Majora's mask. It's a world without reason.

Look, I do not like majora's mask at all. Because all that fucking game is, is side quest the video game, the masks are not what I call reward, the only good one was the bunny mask and all that did was break the game by giving you the abilty to run faster. Woo.

In wind waker the items feel like they have a place, not mention the story, the actual one in majora, is shit. Like really has no meaning the mask thing was only a gimmick, a poor gimmick. Like there were three mask that were actually useful, and a 4 one that basically ruins the final boss fight.

What a fucking reward, Honestly I never felt so anoyed by a game, I actually wanted to do shit in wind waker, but to have majora's mask rehashed again, I'd say fuck the hell out of that.

Only thing that comes to mind is Urbosa saying how hard she's working.No one else after that.
Revali never says a sanrky remark to her, even goes all "aww that's a shame", even though she seems to wander uselessly all the time
Even Mipha tries to help her when she's supposed to be the embodiment of wisdom. No one other than the king seems to see the problem with her

And that bit IS relevant BECAUSE she is purposefully putting herself in harm's way to not feel completely useless, making it harder for Link to defend both of them and almost getting him killed but oh no, you gotta save he, Link because she was stupid enough to send you to en early grave and now she has to contain him all on her own, boo fucking hoo

If that's not everyone defending and justifying her even though it was modtly her fault, thwn I don't know what that is

Feel ya, I don't know what it is about the game that I dislike but I will give it another go and, well, I understand your gripe with MM but I did enjoy that game

Dhame you didn't like it, I thought the sidequests were a good way yo let you know the world and characters organically but I see where you're coming from, some of them are really annoying

Yeah man. It's pretty great.

Here's my take on BotW:
It's fanfiction with Nintendo's seal of approval. It's intended to sell and have fanservice up the ass for people who may have played one or two Zelda games. It's for people who would endlessly debate the Zelda timeline before one was ever officially released.

It doesn't fit together very well but it's a game and it's Zelda flavored so fucking whatever. All I wanted was a new male Gerudo not Ganondorf and I didn't get that so I guess I'll just keep cooking under the red moon.

The fish specifically say they don't want your help, only the king and the younger ones like you.

If you think about it beyond "HURR IT'S GRAND THREFT ZELDA BECAUSE OPEN WORLD," BOTW is the most faithful 3D adaptation of Zelda yet. Most 2D/isometric Zelda games are open-ended if not open-world.

u faggots jerk off to eyebrows or what?

Yea nah.

To be fair, every dungeon looks the same in Zelda 1.

That's just blatantly wrong
still more effort than BOTW's all looking the same

Hey kids, did you know that your favorite japanese game is rushed and with artificial difficulty? Uncle imageboard says so.

Buttblasted headcanon faggot detected. Get over it, your timeline was wrong.


Can Ganon and Ganondorf exist independently of each other?

Will Linkle ever be in a mothership title?

Will Vaati ever return?

Nigger I was five or six years old and I beat it without a guide or anything. This was back just before the SNES released. All the information you need is in game, and the rest is exploring and trying things for yourself. Get that "it's impossible without a guide" bullshit out of here. It just reveals how fucking young/casual you are.

Unlike Lightning, Zelda actually has an ass and not a wooden board where her personality should be.

Ganon and Agahnim existed sorta independently, though it's not clear whether Agahnim was possessed, a puppet, a projection, or what. Either is possible.
I do hope Linkle comes back in some canon appearance, she's fucking cute.
And Vaati should definitely make a return in four swords style open world monster hunter style multiplayer.

As far as I recall, the only person who knew about Link's connection to the Shieka slate was Zelda herself, and she was extremely jealous of Link because of his importance and apparent ease of life in comparison to herself, I think the diary in Zelda's room, and one of the memories posted earlier in the thread goes into a bit of detail on that. So I can only assume Zelda is extremely petty, and envious of Link up until Link practically kills himself for Zelda's sake, like most women, by which point it's too late.

Breath of the Wild is a huge disappointment. But I've completely disavowed Nintendo. I skipped the Wii U, I'm skipping Switch too. And I'm not alone in this. There's no reason any self-respecting individual should enable Nintendo. Not the Nintendo we face now which actively desecrates the treasure trove of masterwork that previous generations of artists carefully constructed. While we once loved Nintendo, these are new times and it's time to cut the bullshit and move on. The old king is dead.

When I got Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PS4 I thought playing BOTW would be retreading too much ground and it would bore me. As it turns out, I've already spent ten times as much time in BOTW than I did in H:ZD, and I gave up on H:ZD 1/3 of the way through the story.

Feel free to attempt to refute this, but BOTW is currently the absolute best Open World game for a handheld console with actual fucking physical controllers. I know I could stream steam games from my desktop to a tablet, but that's not the same fucking thing.

Nintendo isn't an automatic sign of a good game any more and hasn't been since at least the gamecube, but that doesn't inherently mean it's the opposite either. They can make good games, they can make bad games.

BOTW is an okay game.

You literally just removed all the competition. I'm going to ignore that retard stipulation. I just recently replayed Sleeping Dogs and it's 5x better than BotW. Also Far Cry 3 is better, too. And Witcher 2. And Saints Row 2… etc

Newfag spotted. Repair powder is in much older games feggit.


I'm not saying Nintendo doesn't know what they're fucking doing but

lol why

it's the only way it can compete