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Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Forcing a historian to prioritize shitposts over reporting their dad's corpse
☑ Vandilizing private property with "Strategic Designation #2"
☑ Causing chaos in Hollywood with an acid rainstorm
☑ Ruined the very concept of anime for everyone
☑ Firing a promising staff member from Platinum Games
☑ Making Colin Moriarty say a misogynistic joke and firing him
☑ Giving a white Iranian a date with DMCAstiny
☑ Creating bait that surpassed Metal Benis
☑ Stole Bioware's checkbook
☑ Making YouTube proud to support the [ERROR: Login to view this content] community
☑ Became Linkedredchannitin
☑ Adorning unrelated posts with images of anime boobs
☑ Overwrote reality with a Tropico save-file
☑ Teaching the Russians how it's done
☑ Spent 4 days legally dead for tax reasons
☑ Manipulated reviews to make Yooka-Laylee look as 64-bit as possible
☑ Revealed international culinary secrets
☑ Convinced an user into becoming a trap
☑ Funded by Russia to cause chaos in the USA
☑ Plotting to invade and take over the fashion world with a new puppet as mascot
☑ Successfully summoned the memeteor, then promptly dispelled it because it wasn't exciting enough
☑ Moved gaming acceptance back decades in the public consciousness
☑ Got seened in an Oakland drive-by
☑ Has trademarked "hikikomori ginger girls with names based on imageboards"
☑ Employed Russia's help in hacking the ESRB
☑ Bestowed upon a penguin a penguin-waifu
☑ Caught a glimpse of the evil that is the Korean Education system
☑ Likes their iced cream 'pure aryan'
☑ Hacked a character into ARMS, then leaked it
☑ Having a girl fetish
☑ Killed people at an Ariana Grande concert with a bomb
☑ Discriminating fantasy from reality
☑ Undoing all the hard work into promoting Far Cry 5
☑ Turned Ren Hoek into a terrorist
☑ Created Gamergate America
☑ Became starmen
☑ Brought misogyny into E3
☑ Turned Mario Mexican
☑ Prevented beloved VAs from reprising their popular roles
☑ Brought back unpopular video games like Metroid
☑ Blowing everything up



Would have no hope of doing anything outside of places like Detroit. If they try to expand too far outside those areas, they might end up biting more than they can chew.
Far too low in number in the US to do much, they are already unpopular from the fact that they are siding with the left in peace-time, plus most attacks are in areas where people are unarmed for obvious reasons so open conflict wouldn't be their desire.
Significant in numbers but not significant enough, they will also very likely try to make it a three-way conflict where they also try to fight the left. La Raza sided with them when it was convenient but the alliance was only ever to get closer to the goal of reconquista. They will get fucked pretty damn fast because they aren't exactly the most organised, nor are they they well armed or trained.

Anyone else planning to become a warlord/desperado of some kind if Civil War 2 becomes a thing? My state will allow open carry for swords soon so I plan to become a street samurai.



Freezepeach, Sealion, and SmugLoli are all down. Anyone know what's up?

This is not a benis.

What do you mean "planning"?
That's literally the only option you have if you want to live.

Then bring a bigass knife like this guy. Street samurai reminds me of that katana guy stopping a nigger from nigging on the underground train

Archive of previous bread:


Any good alternative browsers to avoid using Firefox or Chrome?
i was recommended Icecat and Iridium
But icecat has troubles posting in 8ch

If I'm planning for something that kind of means I expect it to happen.

Nice. Personally I'd add some nails into the bat in addition to the barbed wire.

Brave, but it still suffers from a number of technical problems.

I hope you didnt miss the knife on his belt I was talking about

What's wrong with using Chrome for posting on 8ch?

Because it's by fucking Google.

Nah I saw it. I'm trying to think of how to make a wide variety of weapons useful.
It might be a meme but do not underestimate pocket sand.


Enjoy being part of the botnet, user.

google botnet?

But traps ARE gay, user. That's half Astolfo's appeal.

Because it's a botnet. Chromium has botnet to it as well but far less.

Oh, /g/ tinfoil faggotry. Got'cha.

Willful ignorance is still ignorance, user.



Siege is a great game but please think twice before giving Ubisoft money.

Yes goyim, wear that tinfoil hat otherwise we'll steal your thoughts!









Yes, yes. Of course. They're out to get all of (You).

Use Water Fox or Palemoon you dumbo

I'm not a balding neckbeard who reeks of BO and hasn't had any female interaction since high school.

don't support ubi you cunt


This notion that they all act independently toward the same ends blissfully unaware of each others' identical actions is a farce. It is PROVEN to be a farce every time a private email list such as Game Journo Pros is discovered exposing deliberate collusion.

This attempt to backpedal from charges of collusion even when it is so blatant is a conditioned response predicated on the falsehood that ALL conspiracy is theory. Part of the CIA's Project Mockingbird was to weaponize the phrase conspiracy theory as a pejorative to instantly end all thought or discussion of any unwelcome charge. There are many such phrases with conditioned responses used to maintain control. There is absolutely no question in my mind that this agenda has coordination behind it. I've seen it. And even when I don't see it, having 20 articles posted within minutes of one another promoting the same lies is more than enough to assume the effort is fucking coordinated.

All the de-platforming happening currently is coordinated. I don't need to see the emails they're shooting back and forth during this to come to the reasonable conclusion that this much de-platforming occurring at once is coordinated.

It's selling your data. The data isn't evaporated from your skin, it is transmitted using your internet connection, thus resulting in shittier performance, wasting your RAM and wasting your internet connection.

Use a Firefox fork (Waterfox, Palemoon)

at least use Chromium - or even better, Ungoogled Chromium


If you're running any version of Windows then Chrome is the least of your problems.

I bought it last year on G2A. I'm sorry.

I'm honest to god not baiting. Just thought everyone was being ironic with the tinfoil hat shit.


Does UnGoogled Chromium have all the latest features of Chrome? If not, how long does it usually take for them to get implemented?

Ah yes, trust google. After all they have done surely they would act in your best interest, anyone suggesting otherwise is just a crazy conspiracy theorist :^)

Young conservative attends a Charlottesville vigil wearing a YAF hat because he wants to act as a role model for his group and "condemn the actions of the alt-right" as strongly as anyone else.

He gets choked for it, then dragged into an active street. (video just shows them grabbing the camera though)

The police need to start making more arrests. How are you supposed to defend yourself? You need a 3 person camera crew for liability and the ability to fight off attackers. Meanwhile the left are protected by the presumption of being angels.

Doesn't the FBI know about Antifa? Why can't they do anything? Antifa is providing moral cover and encouragement to liberals like these to act as gangsters and extrajudicial assailants.

RIP in peace brave samurai


I don't trust them. Just see "fighting" them as pissing in the ocean.

I installed waterfox in mint cinnamon and uninstalled firefox, dont ask me how, half of the time I didnt know what the fuck a was doing and the update thingy still wants to update firefox

Wait what



Most of America hasn't been radicalized enough for that to happen and most of America would probably go for a non-identarian fascist police state over communist chaos, starvation and identity politics.

IIRC, the FBI is pretty much just the national police force, and that's it. So, I'm assuming that they're held back by the same people holding back the regular police.



What email should everyone use? Is Yahoo mail a decent alternative? Please reply with your suggestions.

They don't do shit about Antifa because Antifa's handlers can and will bring down some serious shit on their heads the moment they crack Antifa skulls.

Being attracted to feminine people is straight, and that's that. To not be attracted as such is the mark of gayness.







Good evening, Gamergays! Has everybody been taking their mandatory oxytocin supplements?

Maybe this will teach him that he'll be a nazi to them no matter what he does.


Just don't like seeing my brothers drowning because they didn't want to board the comfy S.S. Google. :^)

I don't use Chrome, but Firefox-based browsers are pretty shit tbh. Much slower than Chrome-based browsers. Dunno if it's just me but anything rendered through Gecko is slower than shit rendered through Webkit, Holla Forums especially. WEBM-related.



Whichever user posted this last thread, well done. I was hoping someone would follow through on making OC out of that quote.

Totalbiscuit was a mistake. Corrupt bastards just making everything worse for us. If he'd just shut the fuck up no one would have cared.

All true, they would all still eat up resources, however.

I will never understand why some people involved in GG don't believe that anyone other than the specific group of people on that mailing list, including one who got caught doing the same shit previously in a larger media context, engages in that kind of bullshit. As above, so below.

Whoever made this must be a massive anti-social queer.

Waterfox is pretty much perfect IMO.

Gunblades brah!

I'm not your brother, faggot. Fuck off into the sun.

Any speed issues I have with PaleMoon (or Opera) are outweighed by the fact that I'm not giving Google the time of day.

Soon, in communist California, biology won't exist under law.

Anymore or do you think that's the best one?

You may not be my brother but you can be my lover. Let's set aside out differences in the name of love.



Seconding this, it's incredibly cringe-worthy.

Found it.

I'd consider hatefucking you bloody if it weren't for the fact that you almost certainly have AIDS.

Please complete the security check to access www.lakeconews.com
What the fuck man

It must be unhealthy to constantly be angry at liberals on the internet. Maybe you should stop.

Also some tranny trying to pin the blame on us


It's not liberals I'm mad at, it's immoral people exploiting the death of someone to take other people's rights away and silence discussion of shady unethical illegal practices.

It must be unhealthy to constantly be angry at conservatives on the internet. Maybe you should stop.

Whatever health risks are entailed in being angry at liberals are outweighed by the health risks of being liberal. Say what you will, I think we're coming out ahead here. You're welcome to go back to sucking Muslim cock any time now. As good a use for your mouth as any.

BTW what are the reason why you would avoid Firefox? Apart from it doesn't work as well as Chrome, is it as infested with this authoritarian bullshit that's happened at Google?


The SJW knows!
Move to 16chan!

One big one I noticed recently was the mass amount of positive coverage that yesyoureracist twitter got shortly after he misidentified that guy as a NC protester, and still continues well after it's been proven that it's wrong. Speaking of.

I have whatever you mother has, la'. So hopefully I'm clean.

Now cloudfare will have an excuse to shut Holla Forums down.

I havent seen this much bait in quite a while

Kim really needs to get around to nuking California.

Does anyone else notice Holla Forums has completely vanished?


I vaguely remember something about sjw virtue-signalling, can't remember exactly what.

I don't care about progressives on the internet it's the ones out there in the real world that are dangerous.

You know, it's probably about time-
Wait, it's literally the same shit?
Well, I guess that's convenient?

Thanks for outing yourself further

Fuckin 'ell - Scousers?

They are working with soros directly to combat "Fake News".

it's still there


Dysnomia de-listed it from the board list. It's not gone, it's just de-listed

This is some cancerous shit, man. Anyway that's the article.

You'd better take that back, Goon, unless you want everyone to know what you just implied about a stronk liberated womyn.

dont panic, they are just hidden for now

oy vey those evil chinese cartoons are gassing me!

My state allows open carry in state of emergency.

Are we being raided?

*teleports to the bottom of the lake*
pssh, gurglr gurlgr gurglr

lol faggot, Patreon killed his gibs yesterday

Probably, yeah.

We are always being raided.
But I imagine it might have to do with the false-flag lie.


Just a rant. Don't be gay, user.

I do hear people constantly say there's no coordination or that coordination is a minuscule factor. These people are operating with an ideology and tactics that subsist on cronyism and networking. They quite explicitly make it their goal to take things over and push others out. We see this everywhere. To pretend they don't coordinate is ridiculous as their ideology demands coordinated takeovers and coordinated attacks in abusing and retaining those positions for their cult alone. They could not have gained and maintained their stranglehold across so many companies without cronyism.

Goddammit. Browser alternatives?

At least google gives you the damn source code.

Mozilla is pretty damn retarded but the forks are perfectly usable. The company used to be alright.
When Brendan Eich was removed, it wasn't over his political views - that was just the public reason given. It was because he refused to implement proprietary DRM into the web browser, and the manufactured outrage gave them an excuse to oust him.

Fucking weeb.

Yes, and now people can easily post that screencap if they so choose when people start spewing that bullshit.


Good fucking taste

We're already talking about it.
Waterfox being the most suggested (and literally the same thing).

pale moon

Legitimately thought the first user was joking.

Holla Forums's only purpose is to keep the retards away.


Waterfox or Ungoogled Chromium?

Which one is better, or are there more options?


Waterfox or Pale Moon. They both suck for differing reasons, but hey, they're FOSS.

That browser doesn't work as well as it used to, no point holding on to a browser that's becoming obsolete. It was my main broswer for a long time.

Why do they suck? I mostly use a browser to browse and store bookmarks, nothing fancy.

You fags are easy and fun to troll, that's all.
The shill paranoia. The compulsive need to always take the bait. The unwarranted sense of self-importance combined with /r9k/ pitifulness.


Yeah, having a cp bot suddenly appear out of nowhere while multiple sites are being targetted for hate speech and users on major social websites being spontaneously targetted for retarded shit like "hate music" while we have goons lurking the GG thread is pure coincidence.

F-fuck off, shill. We are doing some very important stuff here, like ara posting.

Normalfags were a mistake.

You need a browser that can do everything decent because if you want people to leave a giant company like Google then you've got to provide alternatives that are easy to use.

We´re just being paranoid :^)

Are you really "trolling" someone if they just tell you to fuck off

I wish I could go back to late 2003. Live out the year or so leading up to finding 4chan, and enjoy the early days of it again. It's sickening to see the internet now. What even is hate music? It's so broad that you could probably get pretty much all of rap taken down under it.

Is this hate music?

Sure, but for the average Holla Forums user why do they suck and what would we be giving up by moving from Firefox to Waterfox or Palemoon? Im not saying don't do it, I just want to be informed.


Pale Moon is forked from an ancient version of Firefox and as such has still issues that were frankly fixed years ago on the main Firefox branch and the furfaggots responsible for the development refuse to do anything about them.
Waterfox has of the fucking issues and memory leaks that current day Firefox has, but hey, at least it has all the profiling and telemetry bullshit cut out.

TL;DR They both suck because they derive from Firefox, just in different ways.

So as of now the alternatives are:-

Ungoogled Chromium

What else?


Waterfox tends to crash for me. Making the switch will be hard.


werks on my machine



You're like a little baby.

I'm sure it's okay for now (again it's an obsolete broswer that will break over time) but we need to think in the long run. If you have the attitude that you're fine with only speaking freely in a back ally then there's nothing more I can suggest. Because Google and other companies are purging speech all of a sudden, now is the time to promote alternatives while the climate is still available to capture.

Honestly, you wouldn't give up jack shit by at least giving them a shot.

Chromium based and proprietary so there's no way to see what data it collects who it sends it too.

firefox alternatives:
Pale Moon

I hear Waterfox is the best. Haven't switched myself. I like Firefox as-is other than their plan to remove legacy plugins in the coming months. I'm not going to upgrade though and see how that works. After a year or two I might try the alternatives.

Brave isn't enjoyable to use IMO, frontend really needs work doing to it.

Which alternatives allows plug ins?

I feel like Tor got caught doing something that would be relevant to why they wouldn't care about that. I know some of it is that they started an ideological purge recently, but was there something else?

Wow, Waterfox is fucking garbage. Thing was freezing up my whole computer. Fuck that.

You faggots could try Light (another Firefox fork), it's worked pretty well for me so far and I doubt they left in any of the bullshit in given how ruthless they were with cutting things out. Downside is they cut shit like Webm support so I have to download every webm I want to watch on here (mp4s still work fine though).

I have to say, this latest bout of censorship makes it hard to take their please for net neutrality seriously. I don't want to get fucked by my ISP, but these people are already fucking me anyway. I almost want net neutrality gone now just to fuck these people the way they're fucking me.

That's my main problem with all the cries for net neutrality, as important as it is. Why is it that when so-called "liberals and antifascists" perceive a problem their first instinct is always "GIB DA GUBERMEN MOAR POWER"?

is there any problem with Iridium?
been using it for like a week now

The gov't knows best. Why do you think they're the ones in charge?

werks on my machine

Net neutrality is best understood as one group of Jews and bugmen fighting another group of Jews and bugmen over whether it's more important to make shekels or easily disseminate propaganda to the proles

Because they go for government jobs and that means giving them and theirs more power.

Why is this a problem?

I'm still laughing that psycho thinks me calling Laura K an "asshole" on a site >she doesn't even go to is "coordinated harassment."

Which alternatives allows plug ins

no it's fine

proprietary stuff can't be audited by the community which means you can't be really sure what it does with your data and if/how much it phones home

Here are the lessons from chapter nine of You Can If You Think You Can.
Bored? Frustrated? Fed Up? What to Do About It
>1. Get this basic fact firmly in mind - you do not need to be bored, frustrated, or fed up.
>2. Concentrate on exciting motivation. Boredom can't live with it.
>3. Get with the philosophy which teaches us to "Rejoice with unutterable and exalted joy."
>4. Don't shy off real spiritual faith. It's packed with excitement that burns out boredom.
>5. Remember: If you love life, life will love you back.
>6. Get away from dirty and noisy cities. Get with streams, meadows, mountains, if at all possible. Nature siphons off boredom.
>7. Like once-listless Larry, practice excitement. Practice excited thinking until you become exited. And always know for a fact that you can if you think you can.
>8. Level with yourself. Things are better than they seem.
>9. Associate with excited people. Let their excitement rub off on you.
>10. Keep thinking, keep moving, keep participating.
Hope this helps any user who needs it.

It's not even in question up here because I'm a leaf. But it's really hard to take their cries for net neutrality seriously when they turn around and start banning people from everything they can just because of wrongthink.
Funny how they were all so quick to start banning after one fatty was killed by a right-winger, but they aren't going after Islam after, what, 13 people, were just killed. It's almost like there's an (((ulterior motive))) here.

Sounds right.

Interesting that he's still on Twitter. That account definitely shouldn't be allowed up, unless they officially added an "it's okay when we do it" clause to their rules.

I'd love to be able to travel around to get away from the stresses of life or hang out with friends. Friends I don't have. All I can do is bide my time with video games and books though. Least it can fill me with some amount of excitement.

Wait, no, that's not quite right. The contention is whether it's better to restrict what information the masses have access to and charge for prolefeed (anti-neutrality) or allow unfettered access, because most of them won't look anyway and the prolefeed is really really good at drilling the message in (pro-neutrality). Both want to make shekels and both do, but anti-neutrality desires gold slightly more than it desires the destruction of the goyim, vice versa for pro-neutrality.

I got Ublock on it. You can install Chrome extensions by using GET CRX to get the CRX file from the Google Store, then drag and drop to Chromium Extensions.

Whatever you say.



Aren't we delisted anyways?

Did somebody finally gag McMaster?


The book also mentioned that another way to siphon off boredom, if you're unable to leave your area, is to take the time to decrease the amount of noise you experience as much as you can.

Time to take out my weed smoking neighbour who has the most annoying high pitched laughter I have ever heard

Why not? I'm a good writer.

And yet that's not good enough for them. There should really be a version of ED's "taking down ED" article for Holla Forums somewhere, show all the chucklefucks who tried taking it down and why. Though, most of them would probably be summed up as "they tried doxing people, then acted surprised that anonymous assholes trolled them."

It's most irregular

I used to do that all the time when I was into ERP.

Were these posted on /d/?


Seems its time to inflate them sales #s

Warning, /d/ posting
>I really, really wish I could do more too, but it's just so difficult when I like it so much. It's like, -really- difficult to stay focused and most of the time I've got to have toys inserted just to help me be a bit more distracted. Or like, I'll just be giddy, squirming and trying very hard not to think about it, biting a pillow or just melting and being very happy while drawing or writing captions on it.
>But it's just like, -really- hard to make any progress or get anything done when smegma is involved. Even huge amounts of cum, especially stinky yellow-tinted cum is like that too >>/d/18242
>Like right now I'm just in that state where it's either -don't- think about it and be okay, staaaart to think about it and start panting a little, heart racing, very wet and constantly trying to wriggle my toes and not think about it anymore, or like, I -can- think about it, but then I need to be masturbating with both hands and being very noisy, or have my master's cock here to play with, love, kiss and worship.
>Even all this writing I like have to do on auto-pilot without thinking and watching this porn movie. Is good that can do multi tasking or would be like, totally impossible to get anything done or try to behave a little.Although I think might be getting to a kissing mood again too which is like, naturally opposed to smegma and cock sucking.
>Trying to organize tentacle edit really makes fantasies wander to other things I kind of really like, like when a girl has a tentacle or monster gushing out of her mouth, and forcing another girl to kiss and deep throat and get pregnant that way . There's times where that's just so sexy and like, it's both really brutal and heartless, but breathtakingly intimate and romantic in another way too. Re-reading that fatalpulse h-manga that has it reeeeeeeeeally doesn't help too. I was trying to find tentacle thingies to add to my template and that really might not have been a good idea.

What an interesting tapestry you weave. I want more.


(((Humble bundle)))
>Ever trusting a bunch of SJW fucks from san fran to handle your money for (((charity)))

Shame it crashes so often on me.


But 2k wonders why they can't sell shit.

>>Ever trusting a bunch of SJW fucks from san fran to handle your money for (((charity)))

Actually, you can't file it under as a charity donation on your taxes. They even say it on the site.

These monsters' hatred no bounds. Look at what they've done over the statue of Jeanne D'Arc.

Cuckchan is also under Cloudflare so heads up if CF tries anything against Holla Forums only

The porn's pretty good. Just saying.

I kinda feel really shitty right now.

I just told off a friend over text after he sent me a bunch of "Le Charlotteville White Supremist" memes on FB.

I'm really pissed that's what he took from the incident, not that someone died and the local government did nothing or even helped instigate the incident.

He always had white guilt, but his finance made it worse. Hell, I'm sure she's why he doesn't see his friends and family anymore.

She's the typical SJW, blaming everyone for her problems; opening shaming him while we were on a trip for his "ableism".

I called out how he treated me like a token Hispanic buddy and never spoke up for me, even as a recommendation to someone even though I'm educated. He just talks and doesn't act, and acts like he's morally superior for regurgitating MSNBC's talking points.

I hate white guilt, I hate the alt-Left, I hate social justice, and I hate the MSM. They all took my friend away from me.

After CNN named 1500 Confederate monuments in the US, someone literally tarred and feathered a plaque with Jefferson Davis's name on it in Arizona. I guaran-fucking-tee you, if they didn't push that article, none of those fucks would have known that was a Confederate monument.

There's another DDoS mitigator site that took DS on. Jim might want to hit them up just in case.
tfw actually really happy about the left shoahing everything it can because it shows they're scared and it forces the right to develop its own shit

You're better off without him in your life. It may hurt a little but you'll feel better in the long run for cutting him off from your life if he can't start to treat you better or get his head out his ass.

>She's the typical SJW, blaming everyone for her problems; opening shaming him while we were on a trip for his "ableism".

Why is your friend allowing her to do that? Anyone with the smallest bit of sense would drop her in a heartbeat for someone else.

Loneliness I guess.

She was an old college buddy of his, and I'm sure he got sick of all the women who blew up his relationships with them, so he went for a safe thing.

They're engaged too, so it's only going to end really bad for him if they marry.


Have some self respect, user.

God fucking dammit. If this was another confederate statue it would at least make some sense with their supposed goals, but Jeanne D'arc is a literal God damn saint who gave everything up to and including her life for her country and people.
This is why Jeanne Alter exists.

you and me both user. i have to redpill so many friends, i have a lot of them that are DROWNED in white guilt. ever since that charlotteville event. my jewbook page is FULL of "all white people are nazies" "nazies are bad, we had a war over this"
AND THEY OPENLY SUPPORT COMMUNISM. i generally dont post political shit on there. but im starting slowly pointing out their hypocrisy in the comment section.

and im also not white. im the Iraqi user that hangs around here.

The story until now, #TorrentialDownpour news related and not.

- archive.is/X1omT
- archive.is/wiJV9

Our Holla Forums and cuckchan /g/ made a replace for nyaa after it was taken down, make sure to use it… Now Approved by Japs.


As a troll move they put the fakku doujins you have to pay for in download state.

Fakku 0001-1000: files.catbox.moe/129di9.torrent
Fakku 1001-1100: files.catbox.moe/h3l457.torrent
Fakku 1101-1200: files.catbox.moe/47batv.torrent
Fakku 1201-1300: files.catbox.moe/c9ntlr.torrent
Fakku 1301-1400: files.catbox.moe/rkuheo.txt
Fakku 1401-1500: files.catbox.moe/ce8oor.txt
Fakku 1501-1600: files.catbox.moe/nmqh3d.txt
Fakku 1601-1700: files.catbox.moe/60v3p6.txt
Fakku 1701-1800: files.catbox.moe/3ii6j8.txt

France has monuments and architecture far older than the United States has even been a nation, and they let their new immigrants shit all over it.

I never said I watch the show. I just like the porn. I barely watch anything anymore except for Steve. His videos are pretty nice.

They torched an Abraham Lincoln statue in a nationwide string of Antifa vandalism, then turned around and tried to say it was the Alt-Right's fault. These people aren't exactly smart.

The statue was an actual gift from General Lafayette…


Fear what?

It's most likely "tear" not fear

These people unironically deserve to be shot.

The show was good when Monty was in charge (And, it is very popular in Japan). However, RT is run by a bunch of kikes and SJWs, so you can guess where things were going once he died and everyone on his original team were either fired, left, or forced to close their mouths.

It was never good. Just barely tolerable. But yes. RT are absolute talent less hacks. Monty was only good at making action animations. Everything else still sucked hard when he was around.


That's what he gets, never should have given niggers rights.



Remember though that they are never satisfied and their double-down mentality means they won't stop. So after this first round of censoring and de-platforming of the people they currently deem 'problematic' they'll just keep going - they'll keep looking for more 'haters'. All that will happen is that more and more normalfags will end up getting sucked into it and then get banned cos any disagreement automatically brands them as a nazi.
What these lefties fail to realize is that normalfags make up the majority - keep banning them and you piss off an awful lot of people.


For her

He only did it to spite the south and to drive a wedge between the Confederacy and european support.

Holy shit everyone involved in that clusterfuck is fucking insane. Fuck every single one of these people. They're all terrible. TB especially is a naive fool who got played by someone who clearly wasn't as much of a friend as he thought. Let them tear themselves apart. Maybe then they will learn, but I know they won't.

Altera should be summoned. We're definitely bad civilization.

They can at least be consistent. Is that seriously too much to ask?

I've been aslep, also logs so no time for Twitter.

Also worth noting that a lot of the CP on TOR is homemade, so you can add "child rapists" to the list of things tor likes more than white nationalism.

Yeah, it's never enough with them. It's our speech now, but it'll be theirs next.

TB's ego really is going to be his downfall, but the company he keeps is going to make it happen faster than he thinks.

Okay, it's barley 930 here but I'm going to sleep. Hearing what those cretins did to Saint Jeanne's statue made me angrier than it probably should have. Even though she's been dead for centuries I still see her as a sister before God.
Fucking hell I can't take any more bullshit tonight.

Someone needs to make an edit of that, "Serves him right, he trusted a jew" and make it, "trusted a tranny"

Oh come on, it wasnt posted with any source. It could have happened years ago which would make it totally fine

You would think the last 3 years would have taught him not to trust these people. I guess not.

It's fucking amazing. TB was on a tirade a few years ago about how the gaming press fed its readership to the wolves, and how he was in it for the ethics.

Yet he let A FRIEND working for KOTAKU write an article about him initially without disclosure.

And change the knife into a dildo.

Where's Sterling in all of this?

They're "allowed to change," user. Whatever that means.

for her

Basically went "dude, not cool, don't harass my friend," and nothing else. They're so fucking scared of Anita that it's insane.

Worse. TB defended >her against factual claims that >she's part of the problem with vidya. And his reward was getting ostracized by >her because he's still a persona non grata, despite how many inside out dicks he lusts for.

Sterling only tweeted about how he was talking privately to Laura and comforting him.

It's amazing how both TB and Sterling want to suck his cock.

Genna really deserves better. I hope she dumps TB's cancerous ass.

No one should be defacing statues of actual saints in the first place.

>"the alt-right is winning support because it's the only attractive vision of the future if you don't fancyGLOBAL BUGMAN SUPREMACY"
Maybe you shouldn't have allied with Zucc, guys.

Good taste.

She seems like a nice lady. I feel bad for her being stuck with such a twat husband.


I know

Wew lad.

Why would you do that to yourself?

What really amazes me is that TB actually has the balls to confront Anita about it, while Sterling just hid like the beta bitch he is. She's literally halfway across the world from him, what the fuck is he so scared of, that he can't defend someone after a track record of defending them every time they got into deep shit?

Is that what they call jews?

First and foremost, refined flavors of salt. It's tastier than Twitter and lugenpresse salt because they spend what would be pages in the pre-Internet era explaining why Drumpf is totally finished. They also occasionally accidentally say something profound or interesting like that.

Twitter does have some pretty eye-opening stuff, too.

No, that's a paraphrase. If a leftist ever uses "small-souled bugman" then the right will already have won.

what a piece of shit

I pulled her today in F/GO from the Orion Summon Tickets. She deserves better than this.

I always like devs playing other games and giving commentary. It does seem sad when they are talking about dev development of old days and how much less the restrictions were from marketing and publishers.


Wasn't chemo developed in capitalist nations anyway? Aside from the comparison falling flat on its face by comparing fucking Commies to some kind of cancer cure, isn't chemo something we wouldn't have if the world were run by those faggots?


¡Santiago y cierra, España!

The sky is falling down around us, but there have been some pretty good video games coming out recently.
West of Loathing is one of the better games I've played this year even though the jokes are exceptionally tame and the combat system lets you take infinite actions until you commit to an actual attack. But I really think the pacing is great and I like how each of the companions you pick up has their own little quest that guides you towards different optional endings and secret bosses.

Moero Chronicles is actually a pretty good game too. It's very similar to Etrian Odyssey where the fights are really challenging when you first enter an area and then smooth out to auto-battle after a couple but unlike EO you get more than 3% of your level at the end of each fight. It is pretty easy but it's not anything at all like the shovelware fanservice game it appears to be on the surface. Hopefully it sells well enough to get more uncensored games in English.

What are you guys playing this week?

Palestine, both sides to blame…

Clearly the guy who posted that has never known anyone who went through chemo. Cancer isn't what makes your hair fall out. Chemotherapy is pretty damn dangerous.

Fuck both of you



Merely a coincidence you would recommend this game :^) I love the SJW devs putting GG jokes in their games XD

Go away shill

Perhaps, bring up Hezbollah/Lebanon; the Israelis performed airstrikes to keep defensive systems(SAMs) out of Lebanon. Really puts a dent on the whole US missiles in Rumania being above and beyond kosher.

Wasn't Chemo also found as a result of experimenting with mustard gas (Or am I thinking of another cancer treatment)?


I always feel bad about hearing stories like that. Why can't we have more passionate devs and stuff like that?

And remember to always be a big guy



I didn't know about that, where's it at?

American is a great guy. Can't deal with his stories they hit too close to home and I'm still living them.

there are GG jokes on it?

I am sorry to hear that user. I have had a lot of trouble in my life too.

I think my favorite part are the people now openly threatening the website and saying how pwned the account user is since he will never have sex.

Did you just milkshake duck?

To all the anons feeling they're coming for us:
They are.

We should be fine though. I'm actually not too concerned because it's not like they can re-delist us from Google.

Thanks Codemonkey. Speaking of which, when's the excessive memory leak going to be fixed?


Pretty fucking low effort, then again that "meme" is shitty to begin with

They want the hosting company to take us off, like they've been doing with all those wrongthink sites.

Yeah, but what about cloudfare?

Also this seems like an attack trying to prove they are still powerful, more like a last ditch move.

antifa need a good kick in the teeth

I mean, were de listed and they already threw everything including the kitchen sink at us and were still here

>We should be fine though

glad i stopped playing Kol back in 2012

Well shit. If anything happens, thanks for keeping the lights on and trying to improve things

You ever notice how none of these fuckers act like they graduated high school?

Thank you Script Simian. We criticize you like fuck, but you're holding this shit together. May the gods one day grant you more than cheap glue and old duct tape to keep this site together and running.

I don't think they would risk to open the floodgates more than they did already. Their neat monopoly over the internet raises a lot of questions and eyebrows with this sort of actions… they already burned a lot of trust, if they did it again, shit would be really fucked up.

Post this announcement in this thread too >>>Holla Forums781175

Thanks HypertalkApe. It makes you wonder what their avenue of attack will be. Could the CP bots right now be a setup for a Cloudflare removal in the coming days?

Sorry I haven't been posting much anons. Going through some medical shit and I'm basically just tired as fuck all the time. I'm still lurking, but its hard to fire the keyboard up and post.

I was thinking the exact same thing. They have no remaining moves. Subversion didn't work. Slacktivism didn't work. Protests, violent or otherwise, didn't work. The world is closing in on them. The very people who they're attempting to protect are doing more harm to their cause than anyone else. Alternatives will pop up. The Internet will be even more divided than before, but perhaps most importantly, the things they're attempting to shut down will continue in some way, shape, or form. And with that, they will tumble down into eternity.

And I shall laugh.

Why must you set up these flags; every time you think things are going smooth, something goes terribly wrong and all the boards are deleted.

Get well soon, faggot. Oh also:


Stop avatarfagging you double nigger.

That is pretty stupid.

At least whoever added that to the wiki seems to know hat's going on. It's strange that faggots from a deep red state would buy into agg narrative whole cloth, though.

Kop Tek.

They wanted anarchy, they got anarchy, unfortunately for them is an anarchy where they nor us will reign

If everything fails, just

I swear to god, 2k sets themselves up to fail.


Well that's not stressful at all.

I have only commited a mistake in my life and that was preorder Battlefield 4 with season pass, now I wait 2 weeks, 3 top before buying something.

Still, Battlefield 4 was enjoyable


I think it's pretty fucking obvious what I meant. There are artifacts in france that date back to the so called dark ages that have been covered in middle eastern graphiti. This wasn't a reaction to the confederate monument thing. It's a systematic problem that's been eating at france for years.

The worst virtue signalers re the ones from deep red states. They absolutely must mention ten different times how much of a fag they are and absolutely despise their home because there isn't enough crime niggers AIDS "vibrancy".

Has anyone ever considered posing as Holla Forums and contacting Google? Link the board and demand to know why "our progressive #resistence movement" website Holla Forums has been de-listed from their search engine results? Make a stink about it?

I can't help but think it might actually work, as crazy as things are getting.

can you make Holla Forums play star spangled banner in the background as a deadman switch?

Let sleeping cucks die.

thats just fucking stupid
go away you fucking retard

I doubt that would work. Google would just see Holla Forums and try to pressure codemonkey to remove that so the site can be spared. Look at reddit and how they got rid of wrongthink subreddits to maintain advertiser status (which is about equal to being progressive)

who runs the twitter account? codemonkey or jim?
or ghost rider?

Someone should find the "this game is muh new addiction" fag and see if he held to his word.


This wins the Most Retarded Post of the Day award.


So, We should panic. Also, Is that bombardment of Child Pizza a attempt to get us removed from Cloudfare? Cause that's what it looks like since the timing lines up, seemingly.
If Hollywood gets their way, it'll be a lose/lose situation, anyway. Everybody loses, but everybody wins, too.

Thanks for the update, Codemonkey; it means a lot, even if you make questionable decisions such as that Screencap button responding to PrtScr; Jesus FUCK this kills the browser.

And they scoff at conservatives for believing in silly conspiracies.


If you meant running the Twitter for >>>/fur/ then I'd believe you.

kek, more artists are drawing asanagi's depiction of that angry gaijin that sent death threats to asanagi danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2824569 ( danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2821323 )

Acid please look at what you just typed and understand why we are calling you retarded.

Wait what's the story behind this?

I love the internet.



We've done crazier things? "A stupid idea that works is never stupid" and all that.

Shi-nee chan is a cute.


Holy shit! You have the link to the doujin?

As soon as I figure out how to fix it.

Youre welcome.

We have a big big server upgrade coming in the next few days, and it should help speed up posting a lot.

We comply with the law and delete all CP that is reported to us. I dont think this can be used to attack us because we are in 100% compliance.

How would that be a deadman switch? Like if I die, then it plays the star spangled banner on Holla Forums?

I thought we put an option to disable that already? If not, we need that setting option.

I run the twitter account.

Doujin starring her when?

exhentai.org/g/1101937/d6a27baf38/ it's delicious

Granted, but wasn't it "CP" and that article by Dirty Dan Olson that got us delisted from Goolag in the first place? Let alone Paypal, Stripe, Patreon, and all that other shit.

Before we had aGG pushing against us, and Google just went along. Now if they're actively out to get us, they'll need even less of an excuse.

The Fucking madman!

Any plans on getting community growth to get back to our 2015 levels?

My dick can only get so hard.

Brian Fagioli here

Holy Shit

Problem is that people aren't joining new boards, we need a way to make smaller boards more active.

The funny thing is that Mesa is absolutely full of that kind of "vibrancy"

This is becoming quite ridiculous. Like the Emperor the Internet needs to die so it can be born again.

Cuckchan also uses Cloudflare, lets see if CF has the balls to kick us but not them


Only thing I can say for certainty will help is some site-wide stuff that unites the boards. The PPV Parties on /wooo/, the Hunger Games is some low effort stuff that can really get the smaller boards involved and can get really big should drawfags jump on it. We need some more stuff like that, internally, to draw the lurkers out and post a bit more.

tfw got sexually harassed by a crab then died ;_;

Doesn't moot work at Google now?

I think Codemonkey and Holla Forums in whole should try to regrow the site and try to really do things to get the boards popular.


Hate Music.


Gab.ai is the hero we need and the hero we deserve!

yes but he's a nobody, he probably brings coffee to talking heads and gloats about creating cuckchan to newcomers

Hey Codemonkey, just a heads up. A month ago a couple Anons on cuckchan's Holla Forums re-found that infamous CP video 'Daisy Destruction'.

Why do I mention this? Recently some fuckwad has been spamming dead boards with the tor link to the video /gore/ so keep a heads up if they start spamming Holla Forums along with the usual CP spammers.

He most likely just is the office's fuckboy.


Why is SU and everything related to it so fucking awful while representing the awful truth that humanity is a lost cause?

I just wanted to play video games.

Didn't Didney hate the Jews?

Generally I consider anyone who understands this but still thinks eating doggos isn't the same is a mild hypocrite. Societal norms are pretty strong though, so I don't blame them. I'm not dedicated enough to stop eating meats, but when synthetically grown meat becomes feasible I'll support it.

Finding unbiased sources on this sort of thing is hard, but this is a good point. This is what someone believes their playbook is.

See above.

See above.

Lincoln believe that, though whites were superior, blacks deserved all the same human rights. Ending slavery wasn't exactly high on his to do list though.

Didn't he once say something that sounds stupid even to normalfags along the lines of "I have good words. I have the best words."?

I'll post traps in your honor faggot.

That is fucking top tier patrician taste user. Holy shit.

What exactly is the point of punished Holla Forums wearing he SJW suit?

Thanks for the heads up. We shouldn't have been too surprised.

All of this shit, over something that could have been avoided by firing Nathan Grayson and slapping on some disclosures.

Anyway, you and Jim do good work. Despite the mistakes.

Until Disney died.


Out of curiosity, does anyone else see the irony that the "leader" of free speech is using the very site they're suppose to be competing with as their social platform?

Cloudflare could easily shut down the whole site because of "hate speech", they just did it with the daily stormer, virtue signaling included, and they could easily use Holla Forums or any dead board as an excuse to shut down Holla Forums.

Oh you're so naive. They're going to LIE about that, just like the SJW shitstain that got us delisted from google LIED about it before.
Tech companies are going absolutely apeshit with arbitrary bans and censorship, they'll make something up and have their cocksuckers in the press parrot it until it becomes the official story.
This is war to them, don't expect them to play fair.

You have to go where the public is if you want to show your goods

Did he say he didn't hate them on his deathbed or something?

Well fuck… Its over. We're fucked. To think I thought we stood a chance against the Current Year…

This is amazing.

That's what advertising yourself is for (Or, hire people to advertise your site for you). Gab and Twitter are direct competitors with each other. You don't go to a Chevy dealership to advertise that you have a Ford dealership right down the street.


This ain't a time to be joking around. We are beyond screwed. We are officially living in an irl Brave New World.

Tech companies are overextending themselves right now. Emboldened by cville they believe they got the moral high ground but the attention span of the normalfag is fickle, their own fault ironically. Like everything the SJW does, it will blow up in their face sooner or later.

Google employee crying about le ebil altright

no but you might open a dealership right in front of it across the street

You absolutely do if they are nice or incompetent enough to let you do it. And down the street isn't really applicable when it comes to online, seeing as there is no way to have incidental exposure sans shilling and word of mouth, which is what they are doing now.


Eau contraire. This is exactly the time to be joking around.

Get relaxed. Get comfy. Focus that autism. And plot.

Plot and plan like the little Supervillains we all are.

And remember for now that Holla Forums has a .onion service that we can use as a fallback.


They can't kill us. Not right now. So laugh at them for thinking they can, and put your energy into the slightly longer term problems and solutions. Zoom out the map and look at the whole warfront, not just this battlefield. Find something the enemy loves and threaten it.


I wonder if advancement at google is based on virtue signaling and social media use/addiction. At my old position we were denied social media accounts, saved me from this kind of folly at least.

This is a full blown crackdown, don't just sit back and expect it to magically blow up in their faces, repression does work.


It's Au contraire, Eau means water.


Just on the off chance someone here goes to the Super Niche forum…what the hell happened to it? It's down.

I for one was cheering on for a technological warfare on the internet. I had several small scale ones in the past, and the pattern is simple: We won't be able to breach their censorship, but we will be able to make them destroy themselves by trying to defend themselves from our breaching. Its all psyops and paranoia for them from now on.

Openly advertising a competitor of yours, in full view of the public, and in the front of your lot, is a sign of incompetence. When talking privately with a costumer, and discussing the best available options for them, that's another matter.
So, all of those e-celebs who still list a link to their Twitter profiles instead of a Gab profile is…something they shouldn't worry about?

Honestly, after hearing about it. Was disappointed with the execution of it.

What do you expect me to do? I'm already degoogled, deactivated my facebook account years ago and never had a Twitter. They'll never regulate the whole internet, they'll exhaust their ressources way before it happens.

user, the answer is obvious, we must nuke San Francisco.
Vidya akbar.

>Openly advertising a competitor of yours, in full view of the public, and in the front of your lot, is a sign of incompetence. When talking privately with a costumer, and discussing the best available options for them, that's another matter.
Wait a second, ah, that came out wrong. Could I reword what I meant to say?

Wasn't she just a cheerleader in armor?

Holy shit, first the Lincoln Memorial and now this?

I prefer the geneplague solution, more elegant and the buildings can be repurposed.

I agree. The SJW was mind broken way too easily. In fact, it was implied she was broken before the comic even began. It wasn't satisfying.


Go ahead. You might want to try again with the second greentext as well, because I'm not sure how e-celebs being faggots and sticking to twitter ties in with shilling and word of mouth, except that they are not doing it.

Fucking this. I'm feeling really defeated right now, watching an enemy army rise up to destroy the world as we know it, but I don't have the fucking luxury to feel defeated. None us do! Now is the time to fight tooth and nail.




Are you the nah Pedro memer?


So when will the fat fuck learn?
One half of me wants to see him go down in flames along with his clique, but the other want him getting his head outta his cancerous ass and awaken to the reality before it's too late.

The chemical principles of mustard gas are used to make fertilizer.

Along these lines, Mr Metokur Sorry has an idea along the same lines of "Mutually assured destruction." He calls it D.A.D. "Digitally assured destruction. Basically, he wants to weaponize net neutrality.

Anyone have the apk for gab?

They did it because the daily stormer owner was a moron who dragged them into politics claiming cloudflare was secretly fellow nazis.

They emphasized that it was that comment that caused it rather than the content on the site, so killing us at this point would be a direct shift from that stated policy (so long as nobody in charge here does the same thing).

That's a far better alternative than fucking up statues and overreacting to what should've been a fairly small thing.

Gentle reminder that the high point of this man's life was kicking himself in the balls on national television.

It was actually Mengele's human experimentation with toxins that established the chemical mechanisms for what would later become chemo.

My disgust is about using this crap to promote herself

Who were they bragging to that Cuckflare took it so seriously? Was anybody taking it seriously? Was the timing right after Charlottesville just a huge coincidence? Are (You) really fucktarded enough to believe that story?

Better reconsider that. IDpol is all about victimization to justify radicalization.

This is the strangest war in human history. The enemy is publicly just humiliating themselves for the sake of trying to seem like revolutionary badasses. This top's the Emu Wars.

I think the better option is to convince the government that Google is too fucking powerful. It's basically a monopoly and they're abusing their power to an insane degree to influence people. Forcing regulations on Google would put these other SJW companies on watch.

I'm not even worried to be honest. Imageboards are like fail-deadly systems of the internet, they won't even dare try it any further than superficial measures.

SJWs could use some time outside of the rich parts of cities so they don't always appear the fool

WTF are we supposed to do? We're too far apart from one another and the best we can do is post proof of corruption, but even that's not guaranteed to reach out to the media-controlled masses. I want to know what we can do before its too late!

post aras

Remember when (((hackers))) shut down part of the Internet in NA by attacking the head DNS a few months back. Might have been just a trial run.

It's just no feasible. Even in his comments he can't convince people to do it, and if the people who watch his videos can't be swayed there's no way the normalfags would. We don't have the numbers.

Come on, user.
People are already smashing Confederate graves. In one instance, the guy who did it also beat the 58-year-old gravekeeper half to death, and said anyone who pressed charges was a Neo-Nazi as he was getting arrested.

Sadly I don't think the people getting shafted by goolag's feminazi rampage have enough influence or cohesion as a group to make a difference either way on net neutrality.

CF used this as an excuse to give DS the boot. They were under some pressure for a while and the opportunity (Charlotsville) just came. They would have a bigger backlash if they tried this shit in a different climate

Stock up. Weapons, supplies, history books, and just general survival needs should a real happening ever pop off. Then we form our Outer Heaven.

I can do that but we need to think of something.

How easy is to contact Donald Trump on Twatter?

Is Bannon still around? He's more likely to care about these things.


Apparently they were wearing bomb vests. Jesus Christ

Anyone got the Deus Ex intro webm? Seems fitting right now.

Bad idea. We'd be cutting off our nose to spite Google's face. Even if it DID manage to work, you think the SJWs won't target the ISPs?

One more to the list

Alright, what I meant to say is that, in the analogy, the person advertising their Ford lot is incompetent on their part because why would anyone want to go to a Ford dealership when they're already at a Chevy one? And, on top of that, how much confidence does it show in the brand for one car company to look towards it competitors to help advertise their name?
However, someone buying a lot "across the street" (Like this user is saying: ) is something different because both lots are in the same area, AND it shows confidence in the brand by unofficially stating that they're just as good as the other guys. Also, with the spoiler text, I'm leaving that unchanged because that's part of a different matter.
As for the use of e-celebs, it's a subtle way to promote your brand. With every single celebrity having their channels funneled through Twitter/Facebook/etc., normalfags who already follow them will be more influenced to create accounts on those sites to follow those people everywhere they go. If they see a lot of them having a Instagram account, they'll likely make one as well. If they see a lot of them having a Tumblr account, the normalfags will probably join that site as well. And, so on. So, by having numerous celebrities promoting Gab instead of Twitter, a larger number of normalfags will be more influenced to check out the site than if they just regularly heard it through word of mouth. After all, the "only" thing keeping Twitter alive, according to some people, is Trump's usage of the site. Imagine what would happen if he were to switch to another platform?

Hasn't it been historically recorded that the U.S. government picks and chooses when they want to shut down monopolies? Also, what about all those government contracts Google has?

The more noteworthy thing is really Hatreon, because while Daily Stormer's crowdfunding came through it so do plenty of less controversial things. Its basically just a website for everyone that got kicked off patreon and you know how quick patreon is to kick people off.


Can this be exploited?
Hosting a video with no ads is money goolag themselves is missing out on, can we do something to consume as many goolag resources as possible without generating any benefits for them and generally fuck with their operations?

Chelsea really fucked up, getting that Amy's Baking Company reject involved.

that would be perfect, or just do it anyway

i won't judge

he can start by finding the grave of nazi aerospace engineer arial dohl who helped design the f-117


Possibly, it'll instead be made up by people paying for Youtube's Pay-TV service. Or did you forget that it's a thing?

How many more will it take till enough is enough?

Fuck Spain! They lead these faggots in by hordes, what were they expecting to happen?

You're still giving the site attention, and people will be curious to see what else is on the site. Also, what's to prevent them from apply ads to pages anyway, regardless of whether or not the users receives any of the money from it? We have to change our resources if we want to see Google fail.

Last polls I saw from Spain(and Italy) the public was heavily against letting refugees in, the government was just doing it anyways.

Apparently it's never enough, and you might not escape the sinking ship of Spain with those dubs.


holy fuck


I look forward to (((CNN))) finding some way to blame this on the alt right again. Remove fucking kebab, already

They're trips, James.

Am I wrong in thinking that the monthly "I'm going to kill myself!" emotional breakdown/proclamation from m2f trannies is just period-envy?

I'm assuming it's the hormones that's inducing it. Maybe there's a psychological case for it.

They identify with their FANTASY of what a woman is, and get hormone therapy-surgury to help them become that idealized FANTASY… so can't we also assume that the almost monthly announcement to the world that they are feeling "suicidal emotional instability" just another case of acting out what they think having a monthly period is?

I'm just saying I'm getting reeeeeeeeal tired of all these m2f trans and their almost-monthly-scheduled "I'm suicidal and experiencing uncontrolable emotional instability" public declarations.

And I suspect TB was, too.

In any case, I appreciate her enthusiasm.

Next, you're gonna tell me those are quintuples.

should just call them regular attacks from now on since it's not terrifying anymore if it's the norm :^)

Don't worry, they're working on a fix for that.

Viewers aren't going to pay for Red just because the stuff they watch doesn't have ads anymore.

I was imagining this earlier today. If I was a drawfag.

Comic panels.

Bottom of the comic in black just says "Justice."

You would need hundreds of thousands/millions of people doing this to make any noise at all and still it would be nothing. With a click of a button YT would either baleet the videos from their server or turn on automatic ads

BUT STILL NONE IN SAN FRANCISCO. Fucking bullshit, get your shit together you fucking goobers

Post-op trannies leak stuff down there for the rest of their lives. It's not blood but since they need to keep the gash open with a plug the body keeps secreting stuff trying to heal it

In Spain's case it's probably when it ends ups pissing the Basques off and they decide to remove both kebab and remove spaniard from their native region.

Nah, it's because they don't really feel like true women despite doing everything the left told them to do, and since everyone's telling them it should work they feel like a freak among freaks since it doesn't work for for them.

Cue suicidal tendencies.

Sort yourself out.

TV isn't Red.


Then you're going to have to explain what you're talking about because I have literally never heard of a YouTube TV service.

muh objectification of women

youtube now has a $35/month subscription that lets you watch live streams from most television networks and also set it to record shows for you.



And that's where they're going to fuck up. They've cut their own break lines and are gunning it for all they're worth. They won't be able to halt and change direction when public opinion shifts.

what was the latest update on the honey badger case?

That's fucking stupid. 90% of the reason people are on YouTube is because TV fucking sucks. Who the hell would pay YT for TV service?

ESPECIALLY when Comcast/Time Warner/etc. ream your ass if you try to get just internet service without a TV package?

It's also advertised as having "unlimited space", which says Google's trying to run off all of the creators so that they can wipe all the vids, only leave the red content up, and use the space once reserved for creators for DVR.

Who the fuck would pay money for such a thing?

look here shitlord, they show the outfit and that is like totally way over the line

Google fears the truth.

Normalfag consumerist whores.

Alright, I think the hangup is in the incongruous analogy, a one-time purchase of goods vs a service, so if you don't mind, I'm going to completely drop that. The reason to advertise a service in competition to Twitter on Twitter, is because the people that will see it are interested in using something like it. It's much more targeted than running ads on websites and praying someone will stumble upon it, desire to use it, and sign up. And it's much cheaper than investing heavy capital to sponsor an event to get your name out in the wild, as Twitter did with SXSW initially. It doesn't display a lack of confidence in the brand, it shows that you are a similar service and believe that you can do functionally the same thing but better. As for "opening a lot across the street", this is impossible, because the internet is not a physically tangable thing, where someone can drive past and see both buildings. So you need someway to get it out that you exist.

That brings us back to word of mouth, shilling, and e-celebs. You get a few people to sign up by shilling yourself, they spread by word of mouth, e-celebs join in, other people follow, etc etc. At least hopefully, anyway.


Pick it back up. It'll dull the pain.

I want to go back to 2016.

Dipshit college students and other young people who get free internet/wifi via their apartment but still watch whatever garbage is on television.
It might be suitable for people who watch a lot of sporting events, but without a full set of local sporting networks or a subscription plan it might not make sense for most people vs a traditional cable/satellite package.


Baguettes, not safe in Germany, not safe in the UK, not safe in Italy, not even safe in France, and now no longer safe in Spain. EU YES!

Does ISIS just resent the French or something? Jesus.

At this point, it's all the same country anyway.


Can we take down memorials to native Americans? They lost get the fuck over it. Can we shut up about slaves? They lost at life so get over it.

Not actively dicksucking the (((narrative))) is considered bigotry now.


Last I remember, France has some heavy ties in the Middle East for the past few decades (Which is how Reagan "accidentally" destroyed one of their embassy buildings while he had the army executing a rescue mission over there, and why they didn't join the rest of the world on the invasion of the Middle East after 9/11).

No more Indian reservations? I know that there are a number of redskins that'd see that as a godsend since their tax-free slums anyway.
Why do you think the Africans sold their own people to us in the first place?

They didn't bomb so good archive.is/RuPMK

Alright, I'm gonna head off for tonight. Probably be a new thread up when I return. Just wanna let ya all know, this has been an opening and also disturbing experience going through these threads these past few days. We're seeing the fall of Western Civilization as we know it. It's a very sad sight to see. But as long as we still breath, we must not be disheartened enough to give up.

We have to keep letting information be known and archived. This is a war of information after all. We have to be the side that uses it to our advantage to overcome an enemy that wants to erase it all because it offends them. We have to work together to fight an enemy that wants to divide us. To destroy us and our ways of life. We can't let them continue the path they're on. For the sake of the future.

I hope you all stay strong and keep each other informed of current happenings. To those in Europe, stay safe. I just wanted to play video games…

Filter your water user.


When's the third vehicle?
Can we meme it?

I want you to remember this user, in this moment of darkness, is up to us gamers to once again, illuminate the world darkest hour.

No, but they might have accidentally bombed themselves.

Onward and upward, beloved brothers.

Let the fire rise. It's ours, after all.


Google probably has buddies in the games industry Treehouse cough cough and Censored Gaming points out indirectly what a terrible job they do with "localization".

I think you mean the Third Impact


you mother fucker

is this child pornography?

Politics has become all sorts of stupid lately but I've come to at least one conclusion:

I'd rather be alt-right than ctrl-left.

We live in the age of ThoughtCrime and WrongThink, friends and faggots. Never stop resisting those who wish that both were hard law rather than social pressures.

That's why, and it's summer.

Still has. Saddam was a french pawn. Khadafi too. Somehow it managed stability in the region, US ruined that.

No, that's an elf.
Children cannot give consent, elves cannot refuse it.




What is link doing

Tfw no crossover between elf who cant stop eating and elf who refuses to eat

If your elf is salivating like that you aren't feeding it nearly enough.


No, France was chomping at the bit to take him out. You're right that taking him out caused things to turn to shit though, he was completely correct when he talked about how he was what was keeping Europe from being flooded with blacks.

I don't think DnD'ers are cool yet though. They probably will never be.

DnD and Wizards of the Coast are gigantic faggots now and forever.

Hell, they're better than fucking White Wolf.

Less cancerous is still cancer, they're infected with SJW Political Correctness bullshit for the last few years, remember those stories of how you can get fucked by the SJWs in Magic The Gathering tournaments? well if you can't beat the champ you can surely ban him from ever competeting ever again! or those "Genderfluid" and "Transgender" bullshit in the newest DnD editions, or the constant virtue signalling of their community managers, just stick with /tg/ and not those cancerous faggots.

I agree in some way. Sarkozy would never had done it without US approval, he was one of the most 'atlantist' president. Iirc the Clinton crew was more than happy to join. It was a win-win situation for him since Khadafi had tie in Sarkozy's campaign and several french weapon dealer, and started saying there'll be leaks/revelations.

✓ Radicalized the Dodge Charger of Peace
✓ Joined the Nazis and was fired and joined the Nazis HARDER

Also this is one of my first time viewing his videos but he seems to use SMT IV tracks a lot for transitions and whatnot. There's 2 different ones used in this video alone. This is something I like already even if this video made him come as a bit of a faggot

✔️Radicalized the Dodge Charger of Peace
✔️ Joined the Nazis and was fired and joined the Nazis HARDER


How can one man cause an anal ragnarok with a single tweet?

To the user who got fired:
>>>Holla Forums10438599

I don't think the list should devolve into "american political events: the list" I'll a little bit, but not a bunch.

When will the cattle see the light?

You know what, that would be a decent bit of info if the way it was worded wasn't so fucking cringy.

It doesn't matter what the reality is, they'll just lie and attack the site at every possible avenue just because we are allowed to exist at all.


Double Dubs is right, but at the same time, is halfchan even concerned with this type of shit or are they cucked to the point that Hiroshima will give Cuckchan the nuke to wipe it all clean.

I guess it only works for women? If not, then one guy could go spreading AIDS to all prostitutes and cause an outbreak.

Can people get AIDS by consuming infected blood or flesh? because maybe some crazy people might get crazy ideas.

So this member of Sekai no Owari follows Trump.

literally who

No, AIDS must get to bloodstream to infect.

Thank god.

I guess idol group members?

I forgot that sex is second way to spread AIDS.
Condom doesn't guard against it. HIV virus is too small.

That's retarded. You're literately putting a physical barrier around you dick. I get that they're prone to tearing sometimes but that they can pass through latex condoms is fantasy.

I hope this doesn't actually happen. I'm not prepared and don't know if I would last. I'm a fat Holla Forumsirgin that likes watching anime and playing video games, I'm not fit.
I just wanna play my video games

Looks like the EFF that people hold so very dear tweeted in support of Tor's statement on being against hate

user, there are plenty of cases where matter is capable of passing through seemingly solid objects. One example of this is the fact that hydrogen gas can pass through metal (and in the process causing embrittlement, which is why people don't simply get 100% of their energy from placing windmills in the ocean), which is why you never see anyone use metal pipes to transport it, even though metal is solid as fuck. The reason why some viruses and even bacteria can pass through latex is the fact that it is a porous material with pores of around 5 microns, while viruses can be as small as 0.1 micron and bacteria can be as small as 0.3. Fuck it, even some types of mold can pass through due to being small enough. It is simply that condoms are just barely too small to let blood cells through so although you aren't letting a fuckhuge flood of HIV through, there is still the possibility of enough entering and multiplying before the immune system can react.

If you're not prepared then just get the first two in the list.

Latex gloves maybe, but not latex condoms, because they use two dips of latex instead of one dip of latex that's used for gloves; that's phony as fuck information that was spread by a magazine god knows however long ago

Looked up CDC's statement on it and it looks like you are right

Rebel Media by that kike scam artist Ezra Levant is imploding btw.

They deserve far worse, fucking controlled opposition, qnd whats worse why the fuck is a (((white))) canadian site organizing shit in the states if not to fuck over whites. I am meh on southern, but only so long as she is more of a bother to libshits

And want to know the best part? Rebel Media still pushes the idea that the intention was to plow through the crowd, even though it would be counter-productive to try to crash into parked cars to do it, since they want the idea of fanatical murderous mobs of Nazis to continue

What happened?

The organizer of the charlottetown thing are (((white canadians))) and their masks fall right off when isreal is involved. Southern triggers low level libshits the most, and has generally not been an (((organizer))) as much as her cohorts.

southern left rebel ages ago

Thats for the best.

When a Kike who pretends to be "White" until it becomes inconvenient is pretending to be on your side, you can expect the Jew to become a tribalist fuckwit who'll attack "Racial and Ideological Purity" until Israel and Jewish ancestry is mentioned.

There are no modern fucking Nazis, there is no longer fucking Nazi Germany, but goddamn, the the 20th century invented Racial Guilt and the preaching of forgiving and not making the Son adhere to the Sins of the Father is just bullshit.

I know

If I could travel in time, id murder the ones who came up with those guilts and force them to add laws outlawing racial and sex based guilt. And Id make a pitstop to kill the founding idiot of trannyness.

This is why anime is degenerate


Also cunts like Gavin McInnes announcing to their viewers not to go to the protest for protecting the statue are to blame for why the media was able to proclaim it to be a white nationalist rally. You had him saying to people not to go with the reason stated being "but goyim, you don't want to be considered racist, do you?" even though every single rally at that point was somehow perfectly fine to go to despite knowing perfectly well white nationalists would be there. The reason why they switch sides now is because now that he got the candidate he wanted, he finally could ditch his support after the election and virtue signal to the left in the hopes of it getting him more popularity and power. For example, Alex Jones has always talked about how he hates Nazism but unlike everyone else he didn't start talking about how "the alt-right doesn't need to be your audience" and he didn't tell anyone to start boycotting events for not being pozzed enough, he simply didn't go there and left it at that.

If the West is to survive, you're gonna have to divest yourselves of the interest and agendas of the people who didn't build it.

wow an ugly sjweeb tranny
so amazing

What else is new?



This should also include people throwing others under the bus when they have outlived their usefulness. The same retards like Cernovich that virtue signal the very second that it seems like a viable alternative, effectively turning their carrer into the slogan "at least we're not the last guy who we replaced", since they turn themselves into a very slightly modified version of what they predecessors did: limp-dicked and incredibly easy to bully into submission but hey, cool new green meme flag huh.

Well I guess getting some weapons sooner than later would be a good idea.

You know something I'm tired when a terrorist attack happens? Making stupid chants like "We are not affraid!".

Islamic terrorists care little about fear, they just want to kill you.

Is that really Hotwheels and matchstick striking autist got him to do that?

There's still some leftover cuckservatives in those brain of theirs when they continue to virtue signal and get bullied to submission by the establishment, jews, and libs.

If only libtard and cuckservative faggots who were virtually sheeped into mass hysteria by the media into a frenzy would go and fight against these terrorists, but alas, the ideological enemies like whitey who refuse to fight back because of principals are the easier targets than the "Religion of Peace"

I can smell the revoltard autism yiff stains from here

I believe Japan actually had jew refugees because some Japanese diplomath was brainwashed with the 'poor hebrews' narrative.

Another fucking terror attack on spain? Hey Google and Silicon Valley, where's the mass crackdown on ISIS shit on the web? Aren't you concerned with this violent hate group killing people? Don't you want to stop this?

With a country with only 1.5% immigrants (half of which are Korean, and half of the remainder are various Asians) I believe there as much pernicious Jewish influence as there are Islamic Terror Attacks of Peace; I.E.: none
I believe the most Jewish influence has on Japan comes from Chuuni autists thinking Hedeaki Anno's interpretations of Gnosticism and the Akashic Records are something more than half-remembered fever-dream reaccounts of Grimm's Fairytales (pic related), as well as, the effect of (((Hollywood))) and MSM projecting American Soft-power (…received somewhat cynically)


But user, I am a liberal.

Question: is the professor that was misidentified going to sue this prick?

I hope so, probably not.

If Kurt Eichenwald can sue someone for giving him a seizure online, the professor has a case. Problem is, left outlets will find dirt on him and slander him to make sure that even though he wins, he'll suffer for it. Look at the United Airlines fiasco, they found dirt on someone who was beaten by the staff on camera to make UA look like victims. look at Hulk Hogan and that released phone tapes, and later that documentary being released making both him and Thiel look like monsters. If he sues, expect that to happen.

you guys know this was up for preorder?

Tor's pathetic, desperate attempt at riding anti-Trump sentiment to salvation reminds me of how Juggalos (half of which are violent drug traffickers) are trying to do the same thing.

The printing press was a mistake.


Indeed, and even if you are clean they will make shit up.

It wears you down, seeing for yourself how low they will go, and how quickly people simply believe what they print.

Oh yeah, it's been one year since MDE World Peace got shoah'd in Adult Swim because of a certain Cuckfeed (((Journalist)))

I think it's within the realm of possibility that in the next coming years the internet will split into two: one being HEAVILY controlled 1984-tier internet and the other wild-west like internet accessed via tor, freenet, gnunet or something similar.

I miss that show. It's abstract, and cynical as hell, some of that shit stuck with me. Shame Sam is not doing well now, he had talent.

Its the emotional and logical immaturity, and all fucking govs enforcing the process of thought that "everyones business public and private is always your concern." Keep out of my house, keep out of my private affairs, the public and gov do not belong in either unless I invite them.

Something other than tor, but yeah probably.

And yet we cannot look into their business despite the fact that as republics, we should have access to information to help decide our votes. They are fucking blatant about it too, which is the most infuriating thing.

They didn't ban anyone, that was just them virtue-signalling over twitter. I don't think they can just shut down sites like that.

more likely.
shit is kill, see appelbaum case

If you trust them after that you are an idiot who deserves the inevitable raid on your ass.

I assume you meen the gov being all about politicians privacy but not ours when it sould be the reverse, gov should be so transparent that they are like a window while we should have our rights to privacy protected and yes, that means even muslims and chinks, at least ithose who are legal citizens I agree

Was it really necessary for all this to happen for delusional ones among us who tried to goad us into accepting the (((alt-right))) label to finally realize what it was all about since the start?
What did you think was gonna happen when you accept the label your opposition created for you?

Fuck off, shill. No one did that.

Has anyone been following the anonymous networks (apart from tor)? They all seem to be in early stages. Which one of them is the most "complete"? How good is I2P?

One user did, went to the fucking thing and got fired.

That is a large part of it, but I also think government policy as a whole should be transparent. I was mostly thinking of Britain transporting in Muslim "children" behind a sheet when typing that. However, the problem is that you can't have complete transparency when it comes to things related to the military and espionage, and by having those there, it becomes an exploitable hole for these fuckers to hide in.

Sadly, the world does not allow for perfect solutions.

Holla Forums isn't Holla Forums you tremendous faggot.

I can't believe i missed that.

Fuck off retard.

I2p is not bad, but I think devwork slowed down upon scrapping of the tpp.

Indeed, but the ammount of "dont look behind the curtain" we have now unacceptable.

I told you to fuck off, revolt.

Do you have schizophrenia?

The thread chewed him out hard. Stupid anons forgetting rule 0 about our enemies, "always confront as user, even irl"

Some talked him out of his suicidal issues and telling him to sort his life out, but again, Spencer and Autistic Right got played hard and are useful idiots.

>all this new media being all "I don't like being new media I want to be old media, because in new media anyone can talk and that means the bad meanie poopooheads but in old media the (((producers))) control what you can say and that's good"

The court date is later this year. It's a shame civil cases take so long.

The event did have the silver lining of giving us the term "alt-left".

No user, he played republicans, and the nazi roleplayers, edgy faggots or shitheels there to make the republicans look bad did not help at all.

Yes, it did trigger the leftists much harder than I thought it would.



Top fucking kek.


This was posted and discussed earlier in the thread

Can someone tell that faggot it's already delisted from both?

So that (((Unite the right))) march was just a psy-op?

And I would be more offended if godaddy and their sopa supporting ass had us listed.


If gender is a made up term from the 50s by a mad pedo scientist, why isn't this line flat until then?

a62e88 looks like a shill. Unless you think you can help inform other user's as well, do not respond to dishonest arguments.

I second this, though GG was blamed for the protest by some goons, so I think one new bullet point is more than enough.

But user, that's degeneracy!

It's just like my favorite vidya gaem! Final Fantasy Bait!


Stop this racist hate speech user, or I might have to report you to the authorities.

This just looks like cringe.

Several things I did not like, but other than that it's too lewd.

This feels like more evidence of a coordinated attack.

This and this

How much memory do you have? I've heard memory leak issues related to browsers and 8ch can be reduced by not auto-updating threads. I think Ungoogled Chromium might be the best option. I like having very many 8ch tabs open at once and updating, and if UnChr can handle that in addition to all the other things Chrome can already handle, it sounds like the best alternative.

I've heard people say they use it for porn
Rick and Morty seems to have various writers and range in both quality and political leaning. Overall I like it. If you're referring to the fact that he's streaming, then yeah, streaming is shit.

Can't you cancel that shit? My dad preorders shit all the time, and while I don't support giving the companies perceived shekels and sales, his argument is that he can simply not pick up the game on release day, and wait to see if it's good. If it is, he's ensured himself a copy and preorder bonuses, and if it's not he can get all his money back as long as he doesn't pick the game up.

You're a giant attention whoring flaming faggot. There was no need for the spoilered text because you linked it. You pasted that shit here purely out of faggotry.

While it seems like a likely falseflag by antifa, I have yet to see evidence proving they actually did it.

Non-memetic Frogs fucking disgust me. Get trucked.

Proof read yo shit nigga and stop hitting the enter key twice after every short sentence or two.

I don't understand how them eating each other like this doesn't make you smug as fuck.

No. It would make it unrelated to the current happening though.

Good job GooberGabbers. You dun it again!

I'm sure hundreds of people have reported this account already.

The beautiful thing about that is how in their desperation to deny/distance from it, they'll reinforce its description by getting even more agitated by it. If they try to own it, then the group inherits the image of its worst members like antifa. Then that breeds infighting on top of that.

Already discussed, should tell the kike to go fuck himself and go after cuckchan.

The second hoe is a fucking mess. Bad hair, missing tooth and no tits. How the hell did she get the job? Is she the owner's daughter?

It was already bad enough that they censored so damn much.

I, for one, welcome them denying it. Denying that an alternative left exists means that they are implying that these fags ARE the left.


That would be the ultimate goal, to make people use the term at first but give up because it's such a mess they'll just say, "alt-left? screw that, the entire left is fucked from what I'm seeing".

I think he was actually mocking people/the president saying the mess in Charlottesville was the fault of both sides

Almost forgot:

I like Dawkins even if he is a normal fag, yet his unvoluntary redpills are hillarious.

A damned either way scenario is always welcome for the left.

You do know that was him being sarcastic to swipe at trump yes? I know, "thats the joke" but come on.

There's almost no way you find crops this good without being into this shit. This is either completely ironic, or some self hating trap fag. I'm betting on the former.

If you're not just memeing to trigger trap fags, stop conflating trannies with traps, because that's literally was SJWs want, and also what makes you think that's an SJWeeb? *Is this bait? I'm honestly not sure.**

that's the joke

He was getting mocked by real Jews for trying to tie them to the alt-left and getting shitposters to say that Richard Dawkins did nothing wrong when he wrote that Jews had it coming.

They seem to forget the "hideyoshi" gender joke.

To be fair, saying something that mocks the truth is going to be saying it in a dumb voice to make it seem retarded.

Oohhhh, y-yea I know. Was just testing you guys

I honestly got very sick of that shit.

I know it was an unfunny joke, along with him somehow being more feminine than his identical sister, but its better than "all effeminate boys are now female". and ironically a furry site has the best alternative to trap as a tag, "girly" is much better than "tomgirl"

Sadpanda and danbooru could have just gone with "otokonoko" if they wanted to replace trap, but no they went with something fucking Chrischan invented instead.

What do you all think?


When you literally draw a female skeletal structure and simply label it a boy and/or slap a dick on it, you've essentially created a fantasy creature. Traps are just as trapped in the 2D realm as monster girls.

Isn't tomboy shota superior though?

That depends. Does it include all the effeminate anime faggots, or just the one's that cross dress?
>Chrischan invented tomgirl
What in the fuck?



Danbooru does use otokonoko though.
danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=otoko_no_ko but trap redirects to it if I recall.

Interesting but flimsy. People will argue that as a private company they reserve themselves the right of vetting people based on their behavior/beliefs. Since Gamergate is established as a hate group (and not a religion or race) then there's no problem in denying TB exposure in their site

We've suspected it for some time, if there is proof it would be nice.

Usually effeminate crossdressers or boys with heavily feminine features.

They do? I thought they used "tomgirl" too.

Not that I know of.

You don't need to tell communists to do that now, they have always done that.


Probably alluding to many SJWs already having suffered abuse and/or mental problems.

You almost want to see her shoved into one of the despair mindbreak doujins.


This kills the YouTube.



This nigger gets it.


It was rather meh.
Not my taste.

Dickish people getting whats coming to them is fun. despair mindbreak doujins usually make me nauseaus




Goddamn I wanna play Yakuza 6 right now.

What the fuck is youtubes problem?

There's a premium edition that looks wonderful.

You mean other than trying to defend Time Warner right as their narratives are starting to crumble around them?

You saved a sample mate.

I don't have enough money to get premium or collectors' editions of any games. I usually just buy the game and nothing else.

That said, Kiwami is coming soon.

Well, if you want to shit like the statues (Or the glass cups, in this case) see about dropping by resale places a few months after release. I've found numerous "pre-order" items lying around those places. For example, I found the "Adam Jenson" statue that came bundled with Mankind Divided lying around a toy store, and I was little tempted to buy it, but the thing is so low quality that it made childhood Transformers toy look like fucking works of art (Including the ones from Bayformers).

I can't find a bigger image.

Thats usually true with stuff that is not limited stock or made to order. Also, statue ce's are shit and over priced. I miss game preorder bonuses and full soundtracks.

Thats fine, I just wanted to read the details.

and I found the beast wars toys usally had decent quality

Well, my Transformers toys are from Energon, Cybertron, Bayformers, a couple from Armada, one from Animated, and one from G1. Oh, and one of the Star Wars ones, which is also the lowest quality one of them all (It…"looks" nice, but it's super cheap).

Thats fair. And g1 were really bad quality, beast machines were mixed.


Bread Title: Agnus Dei Edition



Me cago en la puta virgen



No me lo creo. No creo que hayamos caído tan bajo.



Excellent taste my friend.

Shit like that is just going to piss people off. I'm pretty sure everyone can tell its just attention whoring and virtue signalling.

There could be so many things you chould use.

And infinity of things you could say.

Yet you made it about Val.

Val, is that you? I don't dislike you, but I have to call you a faggot for the horrible crime of being french.

Tio is second fav, but I think that they could make a posable rachnee and it would be nice to have.

Get trucked.

Oh so exploitable.

You can see it in the news.
Not to mention how "we are land of welcoming"
And how "we are gonna get used to this"
And how all the fucking imbeciles gotta say "yeah well they are getting bombed int heir countries too"

This is fucking treason.
Not like it matters anyway.

The momment I see it I'm going to explode with rage.

Franco no hizo nada malo.
Excepto ser un enano sin carisma que se dejaba sobornar por los putos judios de las energéticas, que probablemente no sean judíos pero son igualmente de ábaros.

that would be to easy

Estoy de Franco hasta la polla. Con el puto enano monohuevo la izmierda se siente justificada en toda la puta basura que hacen y dicen
Me duele España

You dont get to speak spanish

We need crusader robes and we needed them back in 2014.
Don't suppose anyone knows of a supplier?

Para eso existen los dictadores al fin y al cabo, para justificar políticas de retrasados mentales.
Soy un tocafedoras y aún así me quiero unir a la próxima cruzada.

Soon we'll get them. I hope.

We need to start our own sweatshop.

Not with the Catholic Church. Our greatest hopes lay with the Eastern Orthodoxy or that a rare confederation of Protestants get together and get too pissed off to withstand this shit anymore.

Do you really want to go that way?

Or find out if those fags running www.kommandostore.com are willing to to branch out to this obvious need.
I could only imagine the fucking shit Warehouse Ivan would get up to in this situation.

"Do we really have a choice?" would be the better question.

Are you getting ready for the next crusade when we kick out the false Pope from the Holy Vatican?

I mean that you are going to start a little shitstorm mentioning protestants when they are the ones responsible of the ilks we suffer today.


Everyone's capable of redemption user.
I agree that their shenanigans are what put us in this position to begin with, but we wouldn't have had the Enlightenment Era without them.
Post-Enlightenment is the greatest of all sins in and of itself.



I think you mean throw out the Pope AND the Vatican, it should be remembered that they are the ones that put the Pope in place.

Obligatory reading: archive.org/details/ThePlotAgainstTheChurch_192