Greetings from Mexico. If you didn't think that OVERWATCH was dying hard, watch this

Greetings from Mexico. If you didn't think that OVERWATCH was dying hard, watch this.
You get the game and skins by buying toners for printers.
Thank god!!

I can't read taco so I'll have to take your word for it.

I know none of us are too fond of the game here, but for fucks sake, stop clutching at straws every chance you get.

Buenos dias mandy

For some reasons Staples is trying to sell windows 10 with sonic. I tried to make a video that would do justice to it but this is all I could do and its gone now. Sega also has its its own category under "gaming" in on the stores "kiosk" system.

fuck off spic this a whites-only board


kill yourself fam

op here those tints cost like 10 dls tops, that just giving away the fuckinngg game

no hablo espanol

then why is it owned by a jew

it says "with the purchase of any cartridge of ink, you get as gift (here with red letters) VIDEOGAMEKIT OVERWATCH WITH HEROES"

with small letter
"one game per ink"

videogames = videojuegos


That is Mexico, I wouldn't be surprised if Burgers here are still buying this shit.


Cada vez que peleamos entre nosotros, los judios ganan, anonimo.

The fucking Mexicans are smarter about videogames than burgers for once.

Mexican here as well, no one at all talks about that fucked up overwatch shit at all, and by now I have yet to hear of anyone here buying it. Guess for once my bronze race wised up. Or maybe we are all just collectively poor.

Why do your folks shit up our country? better than niggers by a long shot

He literally just told you they are all just collectively poor. Thought to be fair US business' enable illegals by hiring them.

No thanks, I'll stick to my 10000 games in 1 console

Fuck off mexitrash




With the purchase of any consumable (ink and toner cartridges) get the overwatch+heroes videogamekit for free"

I did a direct translation but you should get the gist of it.


Fuck this game so hard.

Really makes you think

fuck off nazi wanabe

I love how desperate some anons here are to say a game they don't like didn't sell well, fact is OW and Paladins are just about the only Hero Shooters that didn't flop, and the others only flopped because of OW and Paladin's previous sucess

Guess what pedro, they give the game away because they know dumb spics like you will buy lootboxes much more leniently if the game is "free"

wtf I love multiculturalism now

Its time to work on your backlog and learn moonrunes

Illegal activities are not allowed on this site mr. cartel crony.

For every other post, you literally have no way to determine nationality, race or facets of identity on an anonymous imageboard.
Go back to Stormfront.


This tbh

I wish user, but normalfags love the shitty shit

God I fucking hate HP printers. They always fucking break.

Life is weird. Anyway, I enjoy Vanessa from the mexico team in kof 11. Her playstyle is different from Iori and B Jemet, which rounds out the team.

So subtle, Chaim.

Shill harder, kike.

The problem with HP printers isn't how shoddy they are, it's that HP is an even bigger cunt about ink cartridges than most other manufacturers.

Not an issue, Blizzard made hundreds of millions of dollars off of this game already.

I'm Jewish or black when I disagree on a touchy subject, and white in every other case. Deal with it. Nice dubs however.

No kidding. Printer Combo cost 100-300$. Seems like a sweet deal, until you see how much fucking ink cartridges go for. 40$? Fuck tHP.