It's that time of the year again, post games that you were excited about but got cancelled.

To make things more interesting, alternatively you can post cut content that should've been in finished games.

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Was scalebound really gonna be that great? Saw the E3 Trailer and didn't like it.

Prey 2 man, almost completed space bounty hunter game killed by Bethesda.

I hope the ones calling the shots die in a painful and slow way. Those faggots are human pieces of shit.


A while ago I made a thread about the game called World War Machine.
Embed is what demo looked and played like.
is what the end result looks like.

At this point I firmly believe that all those completely cancelled games are better left that way, instead of raping them into surreal parody of what could have been.
Cases in point

That sounds infinitely more interesting

I hope that the recycle Scalebound into a Drag on Dragoon remake.

Didn't realize it was memorial day already.

Well speaking of Japanese games with amazing potential that Microsoft axed because they couldn't get their shit together… I'll be forever holding a candle for True Fantasy Live Online. Goddamned that game had me hyped back in the day. Coming off of PSO on the Dreamcast, it was the one game that really sold me on the Xbox - and if they were to announce it today, after getting all their netcode shit sorted - as exclusive to the Xbox One, then I'd actually picked up a cheap used shitbox just to play it.

But who the fuck am I kidding. Chances are, the moment it was canceled, all the code and assets for it were probably run through the digital shredder so that Level 5 couldn't take their work and sell it off under a different name to Sony.

Yeah, I've played Fantasy Life on the 3DS. It's just not the same.

Fucking Microshits. I just wanted to play a cutie button nosed witch with adjustable breast sliders.

They also changed the original premise which had a loli and dinosaurs in it, so the good idea for the original scalebound was already tampered with from conception.

Alice: Madness Returns. All the great ideas and they only exist in an artbook. Never trust EA, ever!

Don't forget about Spore

FTFY - because that's what's really killed the game. Platinum can make a competent single-player game where they tightly control the pacing. Kamiya gives no fucks about multiplayer, because other people coupled with lag just dick-up and ruin the experience. Yet MS wanted a "games as a service" shell they could market as multiplayer and cram full of microtransactions.

Every time I saw them take ex-employees hard drives and zero them out 4 or 5 times, I died a little on the inside because there is a good chance that guy spent months of not sleeping working on that project only for the high ups to go "lol not cost effective" and fire the temp guys as they ensure that they don't even leave with a floppy drive because they don't want that shit to leave their office.
The biggest offender was one time where a guy made some really slick database software. It was so modular and compact that the company decided against using it because they wouldn't be able to convince their clients to upgrade their software because of how lightweight and responsive the database sofware was. I then proceeded to see them fire the poor fuck as they make sure every copy of the program was wiped and then reminded him that everything he worked on was property of the company. I hate my life.

The version that shipped was too long; without EA fuckery they could have cut it a bit and made the remaining content more fleshed-out.

5/10 gameplay 10/10 art.

I don't understand this. Everything HAS to be multiplayer nowadays. Even my friends absolutely refuse to play anything that isn't multiplayer. I just don't get it. Is it autism, or something worse?


Legend of Dragoon 2
Super Mario RPG 2

Got into ace combat, and really enjoyed the games aside from ASSault Horizon. Looked into things, and saw that pic related. Thought it was a real game, but discovered it was never ever made.

American had a rough life.

Turns out even normalfags enjoy grinding in a video game. You just had to replace levels and drops with an exp system and unlockable perks/skins.

Don't forget fanfare and shiny colors every time you rank up

Its because multiplayer games has longevity if they can do it well. Its a remnant of the cod bubble era of games where everything needed a competative multiplayer component to stay relevant or market viable. Its even worse now that microtransactions are thrusted upon multiplayer games because now they allow them to charge people over larger periods of time.

The really funny thing about it is that there are no multiplayer games worth playing nowadays either.

Yeah, that's one of my main complaints. I want to play video games with my friends, but there are no good new multiplayer games, and they refuse to play 'old' ones like Killing Floor or Risk of Rain. I'm currently trying to distance myself away from them.

The thing that breaks my heart is the fact that humans always have that drive to complete something or to build up something. Because of the world we live in, we can't tackle the problems that hurt our world because "dat's not politically correct!" and now humans have this need to progress but all avenues are cut off. This leaves nothing but skinner box tier scams that are ran by kikes that would rather squeeze every shekels from people instead of making a competent product.

If you use the debug mode in Golden Sun: The Lost Age to walk through walls and fall into the water here you'll drown and be kicked back to the area's entrance. This is the only area in the game the water has this behavior and the drowning animation has otherwise unused sprites. It explains why the "puzzle" for this area is so simple.

At least we got the first Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games

I would have loved to go to the moon in Dragon's Dogma, but sadly it'll never be.





Just getting this out of the way.

Reminder that the aquatic stage was completed, and playable, but was removed because play testers said it was too hard.

Anyone has that pic with the diagram and map that show all the stuff that was cut from Dragon's Dogma?

Gas the playtesters, vidya wars now

At least Battlefront 2 had that nice storyline.

The entire Legion part of New Vegas.
Star Wars 1313
MGSV kojima's infinite time and money edition

60-74 and the diagonal jumps are unused.

I don't like this story.

requiescat in pace

Yeah, actually it is. Instead of taking it like a pussy, he should've quit, copied his code to his own hard drive before he left, and sold his own product to another company, such as red hat.
off topic sage

Bannerlord is still coming out, user. We just don't know when because the devs don't want to put out a release date because they don't want to disappoint anyone.

Never ever

Every day we grow further from God's light.

you can really tell that they feature creeped this game further and further into development hell. I don't think anything could truly save it anymore

I will never forgive Microsoft or give them a cent for not only cancelling Scalebound, but placing the survival of Platinum Games in jeopardy. It's a miracle that a sequel to NIER sold well enough to save the company.

Wouldn't be surprised if MS intentionally tried to kill Platinum so they could come in and buy them.

That sounds much more like something EA or Zenimax would try pulling. I think Microsoft is incredibly incapable and foolish rather than malicious when dealing with the Japanese. It doesn't change much though.

…and a FOSS coder was born.

What the full story?

Don't forget christ almighty!

who was this guy? >>13243175

Xenogears is great, except for the fucking entire second half. Looks like it was rushed out the door before even a third of the content was finished, having only really polished the ending segment.

I nearly bought an Xbone for this.
then I saw the gameplay.
then I saw it was coming out on PC.
then I saw it was cancelled.
I didn't buy an Xbone

It's a linear, generic JRPG with a pretentious, convoluted storyline. If you want an actually good JRPG, check out Romancing SaGa 2 or Dragon Quest 6.

you will never save sev

You need to specify, on a scale from 1 to Kawazu, how autistic you must be to enjoy that game.


Where's the justice?

We need a fucking Sin.

Embed related sort of counts as a cancelled game since it's completely different than what we ended up getting.

Reminds me how the antlion cave in HL2 Ep2 was ruined because the playtesters were extremely retarded.


You're favourite game should have been canceled.

You're basically telling me that the concept of GOOD should've been cancelled.

your a faggot


Was that ever confirmed? Considering they are giving modders source code access I can't imagine them putting denuvo of all fucking things in the game. That would flip shit over any form of modification, let alone code being added.

Have you not seen the state of modern singleplayer games?

That's not how MS rolls. They kill off developers so other companies can't buy them.

Let's get this sucker out the way.

It was originally going to be about an older protagonist.

Why devs continue to sign up with them or EA to this day I'll never understand.

I can't shill this video enough. FFXV is shit and you should never give square enix money because they can never reach the quality that they built their company upon

devs ain't making the deals

it works like this.
Publisher X approaches studio Y with a proposition. "we want you to make game Z for our platform! We can offer you a budget in time of this, a budget of cash in that, and we expect milestones every N of months. We would like to negotiate the project with Director H."
Studio Y agrees, the project starts and a contract is signed. Obviously you want a return on your project so you make sure they can't just take the money and waste your time, the entire industry has learned from tim schafer at this point.

I don't know the exact details of what happened with Kamiya, his team and Microsoft, but it doesn't seem like it was a pretty break up. MS does have some history of project meddling as of late, but it's hard to say if it was an attempted hostile take over.

Microsoft has had a pretty good relationship in the past, although I don't know much about how the lead for the xbox project conducts things these days.






Jewtendo do that as well they wiped out the source code for all their older games, fun fact all the older Nintendo games on the estore are actually roms they downloaded from the net because they destroyed the originals.
Square also did it although they did it somewhat randomly, the Kingdom Hearts 1 remake had to be remade completely from scratch because of this.

Spore was perhaps the biggest dissapointment I've ever seen, but there's something specially painful about seeing a beloved series raped and seeing it's hollow shell paraded online for shekels.

Game was still pretty good, though. It's literally one of the very few games post-2006 I can actually stand.

Your mileage may vary, ofc.

sega is objectively the worst at handling old data, as much as I love them. I do believe Nintendo still owns the gold code for all of their releases, they're very fond to keep things around for sometimes a decade or more before finally deploying them, so it wouldn't surprise me. Your conclusion is a little farfetched, they just used the roms that were already circulating because they worked and had a good header format that made it easy for emulators to know how to deal with the games being played.

MS doesn't even do that. The games market is too open for them to pull their usual modus operandi, which is (according to internal documents the FBI found during the anti-trust proceedings) "Embrace, Extend, Exterminate".

Microsoft starts off by integrating compatibility with some new feature - and then the have a foot in the market, start to implement all sorts of proprietary hooks and file formats which make using competing software a pain in the ass. They they start removing compatibility with functions added by competing software, while hooking the proprietary formats back into other software suites and their OS - essentially extinguishing competition by making their software so difficult to maintain compatibility that it's basically worthless.

They can't really do that with games, because each game does it's own unique thing and user selection of software is entirely down to tastes - not utilitarian purposes/functionality. A few of their first and second party studios have broken loose. The others, like Lionhead, weren't driven out because they feared competition if they regained independence and started developing for Sony. No, they were just axed because the Xbox division was failing due to MS's own incompetence and somebody fucked the budget - so they cut the studios that were under-performing and weren't in line with their brave new vision of "microtransaction filled games as a service".

Is that office girl from chaturbate?

Half of planned Wotlk content was cut, what i am most pissed about are Azjol-Nerub underground zone + Azjol-Nerub raid with Anubarak, Vrykul raid in Utgarde Catacombs and the Aspect of Chamber portals (only Obsidian was opened at launch and Ruby one was added after ICC patch)

The only aspect chamber I really wanted to see was the Bronze Dragonflight one. The other ones we can imagine what they look like from other places related to the aspects like The Nexus and The Emerald Dream.
Also, no shitty dogfights thankfully

Since wotlk was the last true wow experience however, it still makes me sad that there wasn't more content. At least we had Ulduar though, right?

The frustration regarding Wrath is also magnified by the fact that it started the trend of every expansion pack shipping with like 2 raids, one small and one big, with at most another 2 more being added over the course of the expansion's life plus a side raid or two and a handful of shitty catchup dungeons near the end. Fucking TBC launched with two full tiers by comparison with most of tier 6 coming out like 4 months.
I don't know about you guys but when it was apparent that Cataclysm was only going to have one tier of raiding on release I decided to just quit right there, not that they game had really been keeping my attention well up to that point anyway.

Yes because him and the company he took the code to wouldn't get reamed by the business he """stole""" the code from in court.

A filthy commie.

I heard a lot of content got cut from this game, and there's even a joke about the cut content near the end of the game.

Its not that i even want the this game anymore with the current staff of capshit but i like to imagine it would have been really nice to play and see mega man come back home


Seriously, why didn't the bitch just leave the project if the whole thing offended her that much?

And who do you work for?

Maybe this is the truth behind Panzer Dragoon Saga source code. Not lost due to incompetence, but wiped out due to "company policy".

The fucking apocalypse can't come soon enough.

Collecting the gems unlocks art galleries loaded with interesting ideas and levels they didn't use.

I would have been great.

We will never have a proper Wotlk expansion where Scourge is unstoppable force and Northrend is a punishing frozen wasteland where not even the sun can penetrate the cold mist.

Anyone who gets offended over that kind of shit publicly is a Jew pretending to be a Christian as cover. It's all part of the religious D&C long game.

In Homefront the Revolution the Timesplitters 2 Easter Egg wasn't actually a demo version. They actually bundled in the complete edition of Timesplitters 2 but only had the first two levels playable. It seems inside that game there contains the full PC port of Timesplitters 2. Apparently Future Perfect is also in the game files.

Ask Phil Spencer on twitter about it. He doesn't reply as much as he used to (Thanks shitposters) but he got super detailed on some of the code they had before including cancelled games. There's a chance MS might have it. They didn't have Phantom Dust's code but they had all the art assets, source sound files and just before it went gold, they found uncompressed FMVs. They might have somethng for TFO though apparently that fell through because L5 couldn't integrate the voice technology even though MS Studios Japan actually were walking them through it. Amazing reason but L5 were known for varying levels of competence even back then.

Someone at I-Jew-N who broke the Crackdown 3 delay said there's a worry that game might be Scalebounded but from what she was told second hand. Scalebound being canned wasn't the Xbox divison's call and neither will be CD3 if that gets cancelled too. Possibly something to do with the financial office culling projects that overspend.

The biggest smoking gun on it not being Xbox or Platinum having issues is that Inaba and Kamiya were really quick to shit on Sega for not picking up Bayo 2 and having awful marketing for Vanquish. And Inaba was really unhappy that Activision pulled the rug on them. Neither said anything about MS other than they were sad to see Scalebound cancelled and Spencer said on IGN that if they could work with Platinum again, he'd do it "In a heartbeat". Had MS actually really fucked Platinum, Inaba or Kamiya would have said it by now and very loudly (He's still following the Xbox team on twitter as well).

Game looked super rough and was apparently super difficult to control as well. So it probably was a mercy killing. More people cared about it after it was cancelled than before it was cancelled.

Is it fully playable including multiplayer? How has this not been extracted already

True. Jews hate Christians and will do anything to destroy them.


Not to defend them, but when your touted exclusives end up being a tv show on netflix simulator, and politically correct counter culture: the game, you'd probably want to do some meddling yourself.

Hello darkness my old friend


I'll begin with a classic.

Screenshots are from a mod called Doom Delta that was made for what originally ID Software had in mind for DooM.

Friendly reminder that one more year of development time would have made this the greatest modern role playing game.

keep deluding yourself, obsidianigger lmao

I don't honestly believe that everything east of the Colorado River would have been finished in a year
however you are right about the cut content making the game lopsided

Why the fuck would you need a rifle when the fucking shotgun also doubles as a rifle.

That HUD looks excessive and ugly, and wouldn't fit the unrealistic direction they decided on. The Unmaker would've been nice though, wonder why they dropped it.

He didn't say it would be GOAT, just the best modern RPG. And he's right, too. What the fuck else in the last decade or so even compares? South Park? Witcher 2/3?

I wouldn't know how good a game that isn't planes would be from Project Aces. But I like the idea of having a game set in an Ace Combat country, and the pics at least look cool. At worst, they would have made another Assault Horizon even then the music would be good.

Would you like to hear a fun fact?
There's fully complete PC versions of Blinx the Timesweeper and Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, or at a point in time in Microsoft's Offices, and they were NEVER released.
In addition, Microsoft let the actual trademark/patent/copywrite for Blinx die on its own so there is virtually NO way they would release it.
And as far as Naoto Oshima knows, NOBODY ELSE has a copy of the code for the PC versions of Blinx 1 & 2.

Proprietary software needs to die.

The STALKER 2 that was being developed was a dumbed down console game that a number of GSC employees had left the studio over what a failure of a STALKER game it was going to be.

I remember my friends and a relative playing that game back in the day. Some of the bosses were grindey as shit.

wow, shut up

fuckin hate living

This is one of the reasons I advocate against working in the game industry and instead develop games in spare time.

The people at the top care little about understanding their products' substance or potential. It frequently narrows down to ownership and brand recognition.


If you look into cut content, practically every video game published by a large company is a slide show of broken dreams

At least we got a more "live" community in TS3.

So basically Metro 2033?