#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Battle with The Fallen Angel Edition



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Reminder FDR is the single worst president in the history of the United States and caused all of the shit you're seeing now.

This thread is official sponsored by an unheralded hot girl of Shadow Hearts, Karin.

Yup, goddamn it.

Patton was right when he said that the USSR should be attacked after the Nazis were eliminated. He knew that this day would come.

Here we go


every time Josh tries to escape the pigs there's always an oinky reminder that he's trapped forever

Which is why he suffered a conveniently timed car accident


Who could have guessed this would start happening


Didn't Daily Stormer actually fuck with Cloudfare though.

Haha the world is going down in flames Fugg

I see you are a man of culture as well.

I'm probably going to regret this but what is 2A?

That blows, user.
what state?

Isn't it illegal to fire someone on grounds like that? They don't have any proof other than someone heiling at you, right?

Oh darn, that fucking sucks. Darn it! People today!

aren't they just attention seeking trolls?



They said Daily Stormer claimed they Cloudflare "secretely supported their ideology"and that's why they took it down. Now what exact happened or the exact terms used by DS I have no clue

No idea

You knew there'd be risks fag; you have no one to blame, but yourself.

Looks like somebody forgot to post the

According to Cloudflare, Anglin claimed that Cloudfare was secretly in support of him. Other than that, he didn't do much, all he did was say dumb shit.

Which country? In most states in the US it is lawful. They could also spin in other ways if their HR department has some sense. In Canada it is more muddy, especially when unions get in the melee.

Search for job in another state.

>They said Daily Stormer claimed that* Cloudflare "secretely supported their ideology"and that's why they took it down

Who are you to dare contesting a job creator's decisions? A commie?

Damn, it's not illegal? I thought it was. I might be mixing it up with something else.

You were a dumbass for going to the psyop. Look into legal since they cannot fire based on personal politics, but you are still a dumbass, and going to the psyop is not only not hiding your fucking powerlevel, but is almost as stupid as a jew wearing a gold star in a staduim full of nazis.

I'm not a burger, and all know about that shitfest is that everyone is blaming the jackasses role-playing as nazis and Antifa is not even being mentioned
How are you dealing with this ? Because I refuse to trust most news sites to give anything but biased info and/or regurgitated crap from other sites
Also fuck KYM for even considering themselves as a neutral site

Reminder that most jews wore those stars willingly its like those jews on twitter who echo their own names

Everybody who isn't a braindead libtard believe it's both sides that're retarded.

He was a dumbass for exposing his identity.
If there is anything rallyfags should have copied from antifa it's wearing fucking masks.

Sadly not, political belief is not protected like say race or religion, that said it can still be wrongful termination.

Guilt by association. Just being at the event is enough for people to think you're a nazi unless you're a antifa commie. Either way I doubt people's bosses would put up with left or right wing protestors making an ass of themselves.

That's why you stay as anonymous as possible.

You fucked up user by taking shit IRL.

If you never actually mixed with the rally, could argue you were a counter protestor, but you better think really hard where you were in that event.
Any video or picture showing you in the rally will fuck you.

You kind of deserved it in my opinion.
Didn't you learn anything from Chanology? Don't take that shit outside or you will look like a fucking retard and in your case, come back and bite you in the ass.

The story until now, #TorrentialDownpour news related and not.

- archive.is/X1omT
- archive.is/wiJV9

Our Holla Forums and cuckchan /g/ made a replace for nyaa after it was taken down, make sure to use it… Now Approved by Japs.


As a troll move they put the fakku doujins you have to pay for in download state.

Fakku 0001-1000: files.catbox.moe/129di9.torrent
Fakku 1001-1100: files.catbox.moe/h3l457.torrent
Fakku 1101-1200: files.catbox.moe/47batv.torrent
Fakku 1201-1300: files.catbox.moe/c9ntlr.torrent
Fakku 1301-1400: files.catbox.moe/rkuheo.txt
Fakku 1401-1500: files.catbox.moe/ce8oor.txt
Fakku 1501-1600: files.catbox.moe/nmqh3d.txt
Fakku 1601-1700: files.catbox.moe/60v3p6.txt
Fakku 1701-1800: files.catbox.moe/3ii6j8.txt

Wasn't it something Richard Spencer made or was that something he hopped on to? Regardless, you should never join something Spencer bandwagons. Not because he's a "ebil nazi" but because he's a fucking faggot chode who's probably controlled op.

Thats why I called it a psyop user.


Well, net neutrality is fun virtue signaling for but when it comes to actions it quickly gets thrown in the trash. The internet is done for, we need a replacement, normalfags can have their facebook-net.

If this isn't fucking bait or you actually did something fucking stupid as going to a fringe element honeytrap psyop, you tremendously fucked up.

As Jordan Peterson says, Sort yourself out, rebuild your life, and do not an hero.

You went period, and honest to god, you would have been smarter wearing a guy fawkes mask or anything to cover your face, getting a new job is gonna be brutal for you, you may as well have a murder on your record.

user, I'm talking about the entire "unite the rally" bullshit. It doesn't matter if you were off in the sidelines, don't go anywhere near anything that (((Spencer))) touches.

Second amendment, the right to bear arms.



Be like poland, you cuck.

Really makes you THINK!

Fuck this.
You guys have fun, it was a good run


Didn't Korwin say that Hitler did nothing wrong?

Used to think Dickie was just a faggot who wanted to build a cult of personality but the more I look into his history, contradictory statements and just all around retarded decisions/actions, he most likely is controlled opposition.

You really fucked up user.
Should have never gone in the first place. Or at the very least disguised yourself as a progressive/commie protestor.

Don't lose hope yet. Motherfucker, if you give up, you're letting these fuckers have their moment of victory. Don't give them that benefit. Tread on and tread lightly!

If he did then he's retarded considering how Poland got fucked by the Nazis

Tell your boss you were there to film it and that you disagree with what they were doing. That you were a counter protester.

It's fuckin' weird that the president of the US talks sense while everybody else has gone mad.

IIRC Washington, New York, and California all have some degree of protection when it comes to it. Granted, that was mentioned years ago.

nice archive, user





Shut your faggot mouth.


If you ever do comeback, sort yourself out and remember, these fucks want to ruin your life, and they think it's for the greater good and they feel great about it.

You can leave and see nothing changing. You can stay and also see nothing changing but at least you can say you tried

Poland is a country that constantly impresses me. And its current leader is a cool guy.

I had a natural disaster destroy the capital cities garden in nova scotia and regret not being able to see them before the disaster because I was sick the one major opportunity I had. These fucks disgust me.

Poland has been fucked by both sides constantly and the nazis winning would have only ended the polish tribe all the same. So polish saying "fuck you both" is more than fair.

It was by far the lesser of two evils for Eastern Europe even during the war when bullets and bombs were flying everywhere. Nazi soldiers certainly didn't rape women in towns they captured, nor did they burn villages that they were retreating from. Most of the "we don't like either" shit is because of Western and Russian media trying to control people by guilt-tripping them. That people didn't want to be controlled by Germany just like they didn't want to be controlled by Russia is self-evident, it is only Westerners and Russians that need to be told this, and it works just as well as it did for Trump: the fact that Nazis are included in the message as being not desired is conveniently blanked out and instead foreign media cry about how it is the rise of fascism.

We are just saying you fell for stupid psyops and shitty strategy. user is our shield and sword, and you threw those away like a dumbass, and yes, you can use user in irl.

Yeah, agreed! It's time to #closethegate tbh. For real this time.

Is there some backstory for Mouthy Buddha I don't get? He is a very weird persona.

Whats everyone spurging about? It got deleted.

An autist went to tricky dicky's rally, got photographed, then got fired after a co-worker showed it to his boss.

Is netscape even still a thing?

user went into a right-wing protest, got a photo taken with him on it, then the next morning got fired because his co-worked ratted on him.

user went to the Spencer psy-op, got fired for it.


That's not a mistake, their screeching hatred should only give you more motivation to help fight this insanity.

Daily reminded that orcs are not niggers.

Extrme pat


Needs to be combined into a single image, file name: this is why we are user.

Phahahah, thats what you get for getting involved with Spencer. He must be from cuckchan because here Holla Forums calls him bullshit.

I only know of him because of vidme.


Wait, he might be from /cuckchan/! That could explain tons of things!

Ever been so mad that you look completely calm outside while your blood burns with the fury of napalm inside?


The protest was discussed plenty over here months before the demolition derby in Charlottesville. Spencer didn't start it, he simply got involved and then everyone else in the right got scared of being called racists, which resulted in less people arriving and thus increased the chances of user getting caught.


Oh lol.


You know what grates me most about this shit ? People say destroying statues of oppressive figures is a way to liberate a population, and they're right. Tons of populations worldwide, from Russia to the middle east, have felt an immense sense of liberty and freedom from being able to take down a statue.
Thing is, they were fucking dictatorships before that statue was torn down. The monument was there to jack off a huge overpowered leader that could have you killed for merely looking at him funny.

Comparing victims of atrocities and historical monstrosities throughout the world to your sorry worthless neon-haired ass to justify your retarded quips and actions is so blatantly ignorant, selfish, self-important and horribly inhuman, you should be fucking flown to North Korea or some african hellhole right the fuck now and forced to live there for an entire decade.
Fuck those people who imagine themselves heroes for never battling against anything dangerous.

That's all you need to do to ruin that narrative: Comparison of Antifa and ISIS destroying statues and the way they both dress (the black clothed ones). Stress the point that museums and libraries will be next if it's not stopped.


I'm going out on a limb here and assuming that Robert E. Lee was not alive when his statues were built.
It's not like he did any oppressing either.


What a whore.


I say wherever we drop them yell "they have cash and love communism". Then watch them be beaten for the cash.


Prepare for a wave of bannings against shitposters.

user, should have jumped ship when he found out about Spencer getting involved. Also this was plain LARPing

So they are shutting down their bots?

Fake users is codeword for people they don't like obviously. They love using the word fake, yet look what happened when they tried it the first time with "fake news".


The bots have real-person names and pictures. The only fake users have funny handles and animu avatars :^)


So they get rid of everyone they don't like, all the bots that aren't under them, and anyone who isn't official. Just about killing probably more than half their userbase. Likely forcing Twitter to begin bankruptcy while Facebook itself just dies. I like this plan.

Actually in Eastern Europe lots of people preserved the statues, in some areas they outright left them in their place. Obviously many were destroyed, considering the fact that it would be counter-productive to store 50 identical statues of Lenin, but many are now either kept in a museum or kept in storage. And another thing to add to that is that many monuments were destroyed for the sole purpose of building those statues of Lenin and Stalin, since the goal was to erase history, in the US this isn't the case: Robert E. Lee's statue wasn't built on top of the ruins of any momument.

Yeah but if you already have something planned and then someone says "lolno, you guise are racist pigs" then you're not going to be too keen to jump ship to the side of the other cunt that is ruining your plans for the sake of virtue signalling by telling others to boycott the demonstration.

They are calling it fake not because they don't like the people saying it but rather that they hate it when their enemies can remain anonymous. A real person can be bullied into submission, a concept of a person cannot.

You and I both know things like facebook will receive endless funding to keep them alive as long as needed.

If there was an american version of this banner, I'd put it on my house in a heartbeat.

I know, but that's what it ultimately boils down to. It's to eliminate anyone they don't like for the reasons you stated.

So wait, my account thats just a dog pic with a silly name with almost 0 activity is getting nuked?

I just got sent this, it all checks out. Want to rage?

someone on kia mentioned something about cloudflare losing some kind of protection against dmca lawsuits because they dropped the stormer. anyone got more insight into this dmca safe harbor stuff?


Actually all commie figure head statues were removed and commie symbols, however things like russian soldier "liberating" some people is left. Maybe because people are too lazy or maybe because they are mostly fuckhuge blocks of cement with a few statues glued on.

Honestly some of those researches are weirdly worded and don't make much sense, which is why google misinterprets them.

all I wanted to do was play good games and be left alone but noooooooooo

Van attack in Barcelona.
So far a few injured confirmed, nothing more.

Google may be tampering with some, but at least some of those searches seeming off can likely be genuinely attributed search algorithms and how images are tagged.

It is a wonderful thing to dream. But like said, it's likely (((Google))) or (((Soros))) would keep them alive or at least seemingly alive for a good while. At least trying to push for more people to come back.

Decided to check DDG's image search out of curiosity, it seems to deliver relatively similar results. Might be worth checking other search engines as well.

They'll get away with extremely minor changes and a new model name. In fact, I think they already do that.

I'm digging into now, and yeah, some of them are because of all the race baiting bullshit leftist sites do now. Like with "white couple" if you click on the results they all come from articles using that exact phrase. A lot of them are like that.

I'll take things that never happened for 500, Alex.

Well over here we have a statue of Lenin stored in a crate after it was removed. What I meant was that many weren't destroyed, not that they are still standing there, and if I remember correctly there are some statues of Stalin and Lenin somewhere in Eastern Europe still where they were placed, can't remember where though (and no, I don't mean Russia).

Must be those damn ctrl-right people again

Mudslimes are getting real sloppy lately.

This image's level of autism is convincing, but it would be more convincing with SOME FUCKING SOURCES.

I made it fairly long ago and can't be bothered to look it up again. And considering the fact that I made claims on both what other people say and on what the reality was, I would need to have two sources at the bare minimum for each invention.

Confirmed as a terrorist attack.
No death confirmed yet, but a few pictures online seem to showcase this as very likely.
The driver ran over people, then left the car and ran away.


The image here, now archived.

Lee was such a fantastic and honorable son of a bitch, he seriously deserves statues, even from the perspective of a hard leaning leftist.


American Communists' goals is right here! Read it! Save it! Spread it!




this is beyond fucking hilarious



I'm not Spanish.

Totalbiscuit is one of the most retarded people I have ever seen.




Lmfao. He probably thinks this makes him look like an hero that's forced to leave the woman behind to keep her safe.

how does it go?
the legion of doom runs Manchester school/spineless swine/ cemented minds

It really is a fucking cult, isn't it? Straight up Stockholm syndrome.

OK, I like what TB's saying there, because apparently he at least kept his gusto for hating on journos, and apparently the kotakuUK boss is a massive shithole who actively tried to hide or control something for purely selfish reasons, it seems, and that's extremely interesting to know
I hope we get to find out about it, and with a lunatic liar like Laura Kate Dale, we can definitely expect something amazing

This is the best possible outcome.


Who the fuck is Laura?

Journalists shouldnt interview their friends without explicitely saying they are friends. Friends in this case being some fucked up relationship these crazy fucks think is friendship

I swear if you're going to say water is wet next I'll lose my shit

Lying piece of shit always looking to create a shitstorm at every event they go to.

TB is loyal to his friends to a fault, even in our case when the friends he was sticking up for were corrupt liars constantly running their fat and ugly mouths AGAINST THE VERY SHIT HE WAS SUPPOSEDLY AGAINST.

In this case his loyalty to that attention seeking tranny is a great case of the old "let them fight" because no matter who loses in this thing, we win.

Christ, we may even walk away with a red-pilled Dale and/or, not that I want LKD anywhere near me.

Water IS wet, user


What cancerous asshole

I'm losing it right as I'm writing this

Don't feel sorry for them, they are Catalans. And they are as leftist and greedy as jews.

That fucking beard.
Jesus fuck

I may be mistaken but I think Laura is the trans (early convert by the looks of it) who happens to have some contacts at Nintendo and consistently leaked infos about the Switch and other things before anyone else. She got a lot of journo cred due to that, since nobody does fuckall journalism anymore, and landed a editor job at Kotaku.

Here's the fuller "statement" from TB, apparently he's just calling out Stanton for lying about gamergate (defending us still is at least appreciated) and accusing him of whatever, while not even defending his own journalist, which indeed is immensely cowardly.

Oh fuck.
It's very good find.
Majority of their points apply to this day.

I will make it worse.
Traps are gay.


Nigger, learn to read.

From what I read, TB wants to split from Laura, because Laura's circles of friends hate her because she knows him.

He'll willingly feed her to those wolves and just skip off on his merry way, coming out smelling like roses. He's not thinking that she'll continued to be harassed and bullied by her "friends", he's not thinking that they'll hold her old conversations and podcasts with him over her head.

I hate TB, but I hate stupidity even more. I'd rather see him man the fuck up and tell her circle of friends to fuck off rather than "Wah I'm gonna lose a friend over this but it has to be done. Sniff sniff."

?? Be more specific.

For those not willing to read it

meh, I already knew that

You're right about that, but wasn't it just a question about modding tools, not a plug or any sort of promotion? Transparency is best, but it's not so bad there.
Besides, nobody was shitting on "her" for that, they were absolutely ganging up just because of who it was.

What the fuck?

Can we can more images like this? Since Anita Sarkeesian is now outright exposing herself as a bonafide Marxist and she's being proud of it. Make sure you make it pretty.

I disagree. Wu did the same thing, somewhat being friendly towards a GGer, and >she got devoured by >her "friends", but all it took was saying "I'm sorry you guys are right I'll never do it again" and they sucked >her dick again.

interesting, I read it more as him pulling a reverse Harry and the Hendersons by being the one to leave the friendship so that the psychotics Dale is friends with leave him alone because TB isn't in the circle anymore.

Here comes the speech police. :^)

Stop trying to subverse language you fucker, these abominations will never be the other sex and you are enabling their cancerous bullshit if you do it.


Only because Wu is becoming irrelevant, and hasn't stepped out of their line since.

Laura will probably do it again in the near future, given that she's covering "harassment".

So that's who xeres is.

Looks like theyve achived all of that except for 38 and 39


spotted the newfag

lolThis is why I use "she" here and "him" on twitter and other social networks

Bully this faggot.

This looks too crazy to believe at first.

Is the source reilable?

he put that face at the end

turned on my radio yesterday and was greeted by the soulless mutterings of scooby wu weighing in on the Google memo fiasco. This was also under the pretext of running for congress to fix the mean old tech companies that discriminate against "women" from working there.

Flynt was describing himself as a software engineer and game developer too :^)

Yup it is. It's from Kotaku in Action and I think years ago was shared by Holla Forums on their book drops. But then, you can cross-examine it and make sure it's real for yourself.

Doesn't seem that crazy, given the shit I've seen in the last decade.

Apparently two armed men are hiding in a restaurant in Barcelona, while the driver of the van than ran over people is still on the run.
Do remember to stay safe and keep your loved ones close.

I dont think there is anything i can consider 'crazy' anymore considering the last 2 years alone.

I actually believe comunism, or at least today's comunism, is something made by corporative jews trying to break society to fill the holes with their shitty products.

Footage from the terror attack.

Communism back then was also pushed by jews

Leftist ideologies pretty much rebrand themselves when getting caught, this is just them from being so fucking blatant to switching towards subtle indoctrination

It was pushed heavily by bolshevik Jews.

TB is the only person I've seen who acknowledges and accepts his mistakes but never learns from them.

Religion of peace I guess?



The Weimar Republic and the Frankfurt School of Marxism.

Given the level of intelligence and organization of all the commies around, its hard to believe it was all a meticulously planned conspiracy. Not to say its not real, but I believe its more like a natural tendency of human nature VS prosperity with some aid from powerful people.
The idea it is just a conspiracy is comforting, because then you only have to break a few skulls to "stop it", but I think its more complicated than that.

noice, more multiculturalism pls

user, I have some bad news for you

No, you don't get to be lazy and have a tl;dr typed out to you. This is important shit everyone should know.

I would have thought he'd be driving.

Being a conspiracy doesn't mean it is planned. It might be just the last plan to overthrow governments to make little sheeps to steal our money, or a fast earning plot of jews not minding to break civilization in exchange of some shekkels, like most times Western culture have been fucked over.

It sites where the goals are from. Go investigate. "The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen.

Also, move out of the cities.
Cities is a cancer that degenerates people.

Why is alt right so violent bros?

These people are mentally ill.

Daily reminder that Barcelona was so up to ban tourists and bring refugees.

Anda y que os den por el culo, catalanes de mierda.

No, but that list implies every step there had actors behind it, which I don't think it did. Much of that would happen regardless. Obviously there are actors pushing for faster demoralization and putting down anyone trying to correct it, but conservatives tend to imagine that without jews/commies, society would stay perfectly inert in a state of bliss.

Lots of deleted stuff in this thread; what did I miss?



And so it escalates…

But user, no matter if you are a conservative or a faggot, a world without jews and commies would be a world of peace.

At least not greedy jews. I can tolerate Mark because he can eat pork.

For fuck's sake, if pigs weren't so tasty I would love to have them as pets.

But here's what I don't get, the elite clearly have the resources to build a globalist technocratic system; yet they're letting their pet communists become a hindrance to progressing it further (in terms of innovative progress). It leads me to believe there's a possibility (a small one) they will sell out their pet in favor of this in the near future and any coming civil war will serve as a "cleaning house" ritual. Especially once machines can do what a useful idiot or propagandist can without pay or disobedience at all. How plausible is this?

they're actually pretty smart animals user, and I'm with you about them being tasty. tbh I'm trying to cut back on meat in general but especially pork because I think they're pretty loveable animals

I believe that is Gibraltar.

I can't wait for the fall of UK so we can recover it and finally get back the control of the access of the mediterranean.



I can't.

There's still arabs, chinese, irish and so many other 'manipulative' ethnic groups out there. The mistake is our lack of self reliance.

Why not have them as pets and eat them? I raised a pig once and ate it. He was not a good pet, his farts were ridiculously smelly and he woke me up at night with his freaky sounds. Now I only have chickens.

People are already saying it's "alt right" because Lincoln was anti-slavery.

Yuri did say former Communists were shot when they were no longer useful idiots


The Communists were repeatedly caught doing most of this, the Party sent ordinary US citizens to infiltrate institutions and parties by telling them to act like everyone else does in them until the time comes to act. Communists appointed other Communists into government positions and then used those to steal information from the US Patent Office so they could send it to the USSR under the guise of "diplomatic papers". The UN itself was founded by a Communist, places like Africa and South America had plenty of "liberation theology" movements which were effectively Communist movements masked as religious ones, universities and schools did the same no-platforming as they do now but had much less power than they do now and in the media you could see the intentional infiltration from how most outlets REFUSED to post the report by the FBI on Martin Luther King. In fact, a very large proportion of history during the Soviet Union was staged, for example Einstein was made to be the hero revolutionising physics even though general relativity and special relativity are simply corrections to results and even though there were a hundred other brilliant scientists working on the Manhattan Project other than him like Feynman, yet he is given all of the credit. And the reason why he is given credit is because he praised Communism, he paid the lip-service and in turn he was showered in praises.

The globalists are interested in power, not in money. Having Communists take power means that, as long as they have enough collateral against the Communists themselves, the globalists can have a portion of the power they hold. That is why they are so willing to give so much money away, they are buying themselves power.

They are smarter than dogs, they have even a better sense of small than dogs, are more compatible for organ transplants than primates, they eat anything, they can get rid of the corpses you make and they are surprisingly clean if they aren't trapped inside some pen, just covering themselves in mud because they can't sweat.

Remind them that Lincoln was a Republican and Confederacy were Democrats.

I hope eltonel's okay. I think he's a spainfag.

He is fine, at least operating his twitter.

Lincoln didn't spend years fighting vampires to be treated like this.

Contacted him on twitter to show him my support.
He's angry.

But at least those groups can be met face to face. The jew can camouflage himself as a white person to the idiots, use their jew networks to betray nations and do some hebrew witchcraft to fuck over people.

Eltonel is from spain!?

Tengo que invitarte a una cerveza algún dia.

Or how about
Really? Fucking relly?? Because the last time you fucks got criticism you screamed sexist as loud as you could, smeared the whole gaming community as terrorists and arguably got Trump elected!

Tell me more about how willing you are to accept criticism kotaku! TELL ME MORE!!!!!

Did this happen today? What happened? I need some deets

Most people are aware of the cold war shenanigans. But its wasn't spies secretly spreading the communist ideology and its more palatable derivastes, people did so in the open and most of them weren't even spies. Once Nixon fucked up his hunt for communists, they were free to spread it, and it spread not because of a conspiracy, it spread because it was a more powerful idea than the ones going against it.

As I said, a vulnerability/flaw in humanity itself, more than people being brainwashed by sneaky jews.

Eh, Lincoln didn't care about slavery all that much, it was used mainly as a pretext to go to war with the South, to prevent them from leaving the Union.

After all, he literally wanted to ship niggers off to liberia.

In that case, a globalized autonomous system under elite control would still exert even greater power. It removes the middle man altogether and makes them the "gods" of information. It's also why I figure entities like Google and Facebook would collaborate with intelligence to achieve this kind of endgame. Yet at the same time they're letting themselves get bogged down by ideological nonsense, instead of practically advancing it at full steam ahead.

There are not too many details, but for what I understand some van rammed over people in Barcelona and now two armed guys are hiding in a turk restaurant.

Fucking hell.

Wasn't it Panama? I remember reading about his Panama Plan that he drafted before he won the Civil War began, as far as I can recall, but don't take my word for it.

Now 13 dead.

It's been a while since I read up on it, and I'm not certain. But you are probably right in that I think he was looking at central america as another possible option.

It's gonna get memory holed, just like that #ImWithHer faggot who shot that GOP guy in the head.

And you anons might want to listen/watch to this shit, jewtube censorship and the psychotic leftists. some ecelebs who are kinda dumb, but really relevant talk

So how about them nazis?

The bus goes "honk honk" john.

No, sterling saying that their relationship is done would be supreme irony.

This angers me, but on a slight happy note I found a rockabilly trump supporter that is either married or a guy with a female avatar, but the philly location does make me hope

I like rockabilly girls

I made it one image

how many white men were inside the car?

That's the faggot owner(editor?) from Bleeding Cool that posted his site all the time on KiA. It took a while for them to make it archives only, fucking disingenuous faggot


Christ, they planned this shit out.

Anybody ever check out liberal twitter? They're all frothing at the mouth right now. It's like 28 days later in there. It's all rage, indignation, projection, and in some cases legit death threats

Trannies are fucking insane. They really have mental health problems and getting a vagina is going to solve that.

Take screencaps of some of the best moments you find.

I closed it out and not going back. Shit depresses me too much.

I keep on insisting gender dyphoria is but a sub symptom of depression.

SJW are going after a jewish woman, who was attacked by the neonazi's this weekend, because she wrote something about free speech. Holy shit.




Spanish news.

Watching people walk pass their dead and dieing countrymen really shows that diversity is a strength

DIE-versity is their strength.

Vavra's game is looking great.

Remember that cults commonly tell their members that they are practicing incorrectly even if they're completely in compliance, because doing so reinforces the idea that they don't understand things and need the guru/leader/savior to think for them.

Did kingof/pol/ confirm it too?

Never mind.

Not KOP, you faggot. It's Holla Forums. But hey, if you want, ask them.

He still around?

So far, the only confirmed casualties (but clearly temporary) are : 1 dead, and 32 injured. They said there'd be a lot more deaths quickly since many injured are gravely so.

It was also horrible journalism because of the conflict of interest. It's just in this case the bad journalism was to the benefit of someone who supported GG, so the normal corrupt SJW clique freaked out.


The Naked Communist is an anti-communist book from a political theorist published in 1958. So it's their goals according to someone who hates them.

This hit close seeing as this mostly happened.

Oy vey an udda showah.

I never claimed that they were spies from Moscow, I claimed that they were Communists. It was ordinary citizens indoctrinated into the ideology that did all of these dishonest deeds and they did it KNOWING that it is dishonest.

MLK himself did the same "liberation theology" shit, if you look up his own words you can see that he taught the Bible as simply being fairy tales. Now you may agree or disagree with that but that raises quite a few red flags when a pastor/priest denies his own scripture, for example he claimed that the Bible says all of those things because the people that wrote it were "pre-scientific" savages. Now, to be a Christian, you don't necessarily need to believe the Bible word for word, but in that case you would need to hold the same moral standards. And that is where the FBI report comes in, MLK while he was campaigning constantly had orgies with prostitutes that he beat fairly violently and which he paid for using church donations people gave him, all of this while being married. And the way he got to his theology degree was by plagiarism, he not only "took inspiration" from other people's work but he outright copy-pasted a large portion of his work without attributing to the people he stole from. While people may claim he managed to bring his message forward in spite of the media and the establishment, the reality is quite the opposite: he has the image of a saint BECAUSE of the media and there was a shitload of intervention in the FBI investigation. In fact, when people within the FBI sent him a letter with the tape of the phonetapping they had done on his place, it didn't take very long until the Communists assassinated MLK so that they could have a martyr, and they got a scapegoat to blame that not even MLK's own family believed was the culprit. There was also massive suppression of information of him being a Communist, the FBI report alone should be enough but another thing was that he had plenty of images of him attending Communist Party meetings from before he started his campaign.
Obviously reality isn't controlled by conspiracy but the whole point to infiltrating institutions is so that a small group of people could have a FAR greater amount of power than they would if they were acting honestly. And when I talk about all these things what I mean isn't that they are everywhere but that they had enough power in just the right places to immensely change US history, now even the most racist of people look up to MLK was as if he were sent directly from heaven. To cover for all of these things there needed to be fairly large and powerful network waiting to shield him from any criticism and to push this narrative of sainthood.

But he was also a race realist

ummm, it's clearly transphobia that causes the depression in all these trannys and their 50% suicide rate because society is the cause of all their problems.

definitely not the radical operation to slice their genitals into an ersatz fleshlight/prick

definitely not the mountains of pills that block hormones, add others, and increasingly frequently even delay or outright disable puberty!

definitely not the lunatics patting them on the back for every sign of craziness reinforcing all the negative thoughts as being actually the right ones all along

I don't know what's going on with TB. He's all over the place.

"Trap jokes are transphobic!"
"Trump being a moderate is literally endorsing the KKK!"
"Why aren't there more moderates???"

Not bad looking, but people are complaining about facial animations and referring to ME Andromeda, the facial animations look fine, just need a few tweaks, but gotta agree, 50/50 on cringey and cheesy on the trailer.


Reconquista 2.0 when?

There is something deeply disturbing about destorying the history of American Civil War 1 while on the verge of American Civil War 2.

Can we at least skip the Utah War this time?

It's also totally not them regretting their decision to cut off their dicks after it turned out they were just in a phase.

Possible Barcelona suspects:
>Naturalised Spainsh citizen happens to be Muslim
>Lone nutFucking white males

TB needs to learn the definition of "explicitly"

The election mindbroke him and now the cancer has reached his brain. He's a rambling mess at this point.



I was taking a jab at you trusting anybody else's confirmation instead of checking the sources yourself.

It's called trend hopping. That whole swarmy, smug Brit thing is so passe. It's time to milk another fad for all the e-cred.

Fucking hell, this virtue signalling is getting out of control

Crap, it didn't link

What the hell constitutes 'hate music'?
pic unrelated

Are they still around?

Music made by straight white men i'd imagine

All in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. They likely think VSing/pandering = more $$$

Shitskin confirmed. So muslim.

People need reasons to pat themselves on the back for the most minimum of effort.

Lord knows. Remember when over a hundred songs were taken off the radio for a year after 9/11, including incidental shit like "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"?

Source ? So far, haven't seen any confirmation. Reminder that twitter is never a source, so unless the police or whatever actually said so, it isn't a source.
It's obviously a mud though of course

If they were honest about it then probably shit like webm related. But considering what they ACTUALLY mean by hate music, it will be people that aren't pozzed enough.

The moors didn't learn from the last time.

Spanish news.

Pray with me.

dunno user, it seems like pretty by-the-book alt-right behaviour to drive a van down a densely populated promenade, and the bail out into a cafe taking hostages

ETA officially disarmed, so they say, earlier this year. But you never know. Assholes going to asshole.

All this went down cause you faGGots abandoned mememagic
You had the world in your palm and you let it slip
…you let it slip away…

they removed "illegal" content. just let that sink in.
spotify admit they had content on that was against the law. :^)

Mormons, Amish, Quakers, or Buddhists.

So basically just twitter :^j

You don't understand. We can only get meme magic from the death of celebrities.



sam hyde

Don't worry, Kek's coming back with a vengeance. September is always Happening month.

Burzum is still there, guess they were too afraid for the backlash or they didnt bother translating the lyrics

A bleeding hole in your body isn't a vagina.
I understand why modern medicine and psychology encourage such practices: MONEY. I begin to think that trans are more victims than anything, modern medicine is taking advantage of them. Pity.


Is possible… Maybe possible, that my contrarian mememagic is out of control I have talked a lot lately about those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

Embrace it, the more it happens, the more desperate they get. As they continue to ban, delete and censor, they isolate themselves.

Those fucking hateful Buddhists. When will their madness end?

The Dalai Lama is actually a pretty racist guy who wants to restore the old Tibetan nobility.

Those dammed "asians" or "youth" back at it again!

I need sources on all those headpats to compile.

I keep saying it, How the fuck is an inarticulate fat cheeto rich tv star the best president we've had in decades?

Because the alternative were the Clintons.

He must have been redpilled, look at how cancerous things were, and remember, he close to the circles of Pedowood, Bushes, Clintons, and the wide circlejerk of cancer and said he can't take it anymore.

>deleted the tweet too quick for people to archive, but this was caught: archive.fo/MCC8Y


He doesn't give shit about being re-elected since he thinks it's a sure thing if he does a good job, so he just shoots from the hip and uses the same Art of the Deal techniques he always has.

He's a surprisingly moderate republican (ie appealing to the non-insane left) who tells things like they are, political correctness be damned. Juxtapose this with the current left that's going full "You're with us or you're a nazi" and it's not hard to see why he has a lot of quiet support from neutrals who see through the MSM bullshit.

That is actually a smart move on his behalf, he talks that way to speak to the audience rather than the host or whatever person he is debating because that is what most people can understand. If you listen to older footage of him talking, you will see that his language is much more sophisticated than his presidential talking suggests. And this isn't a "hurr durr 8D chess" thing, many very intelligent presidential candidates have no success because they speak too complex for most people to follow along. Webm related is an example of too much complexity, where Keyes speaking tries to argue something fairly abstract - although he makes a good case, it is something that will make most people phase out where the only thing they hear is wordswordswords.

And that's probably the key part. While the MSM likes to pretend that people are siding with their divisive rhetoric, the reality is that only 3% of the population even fucking trust them.

Never, spain is way progressive for that.

Source (by order of appearance):
Himouto! Umaru-chan S01E10
Angel Beats S01E11
Clannad S01E1
Gakusen Toshi Asterisk S01E09
Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? S01E3
Toradora S01E14
Kizumonogatari S01E1
Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta S01E10
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W S02E08
Made in Abyss S01E2
Acchi Kocchi S01E11
Shinryaku! Ika Musume S01E02
Hinako Note S01E08
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! S01E12
Konosuba S01E08
Nagi no Asukara S01E17
Non Non Biyori S01E01; E02
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S01E10
Eromanga Sensei S01E12
Owarimonogatari S02E01
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!! S03 E06
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko S01E07
Aho Girl S01E04
Watamote S01E07
Musaigen no Phantom World S01E03
Kyoukai no Kanata S01E12
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san S01E05
No Game No Life S01E02; E08
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S01E03
New Game S01E02
K-On!! S2E14
Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge S01E2

Well, we already knew that, but good to hear it from the horse's mouth.

Meanwhile the LDS invented

So basically an obscure religion that isn't even 200 years old and is viewed as crazy by most people has invented more than the entire black race in its history.

Another 7 centuries of war.
North Africa must be retaken.


I don't get people like you either. Is it really that hard to admit that he's doing a good job so far considering all the shit he has to deal with now?
He's certainly not inarticulate or stupid either. The way he talks has made him "accessible" to basically all Americans, which is kind of important when you're running for President. Smug intellectuals may think that makes him a bumbling idiot, but they're too far up their own ass to make proper judgements anyway.

wew that's a good one.

Always post tweets to RT


So did "she" drop him to validate "herself" to the SJWs- or because TB didn't grovel hard enough?
Or did TB "suggest" this so she can go back to her (toxic) friends?

I mean shit- TB's basically thrown "her" back into an abusive relationship. And being Gemma was in a bad relationship before TB IIRC; please don't treat me as gospel. Can't remember if she had an abusive partner, or if he just wham-bam-thank you mam'ed her, you'd think he'd know better.
Then again, he's one vote away from verbally abusing her.

And yet he doesn't realize the attitude of the boss and the attitude of "her" so-called friends are identical. Do as I say or I disown you.
He's thinking about "her" financial health, but not "her" mental health (but if he can't even admit sex-change is mental illness, who's surprised?).

HE can't even realize he's part of this dumpster fire and it's harming his reputation. Like the fucking Gunshow "this is fine" dog. Only he's busy insulting other people in the room who are throwing gasoline around- but not talking about them spreading fire.

If anything that's more like what an SJW would do. Feign interest in a person for personal gain (interviews & podcast guest). And drop them the second they would harm their rep.
TB's either an idiot who doesn't see what he's doing, or he's border-line psychopathic (but in that case, why would he care about "offensive" things? Unless that's fake to get virtue signal points)

Even if not, it seems to be the playbook of those making the world worse.
It also gives you a point by point guide on how to fix the US- do the opposite.
Encourage the church as part of the cultural backbone.
Mock those who sleep around.
Even reject porn in excess, or choosing it over women once they're back to normal. At the very least a proper sexual education on how porn is exaggerated, faked, and how anal means you need adult diapers by 40.

Is any mental analysis legit? Or is it really just as simple as boiling it down to "get angry too easily" "scared of [A] due to trauma" "Straight up Insane" ?

The absolute madman!

Hot from Holla Forums

I fully understand why he speaks like that, but just in terms of pure image it's quite the juxtaposition from our past leaders.

Regarding that Keyes clip. I honestly don't think the argument of marriage as a utility or principle is convincing to the majority of people, because it's not longer understood as an institution with a purpose for the benefit of society, but rather, a confirmation of love. Once that perception change occurred it was inevitable that gay marriage would be legalized as the the definition of marriage had already changed.

I don't believe what I said, I'm just making a point about his image in contrast with his performance as most people see him.

What am I looking at?

That's harassment shitlord mc.fuckface
Anita knew she had a large audience and effectively sicced them to dogpile her. But imagine that, a cis white woman proving her privileged over transpeople.


Is this that van of peace faggot from Barcelona?

Yes. Actually there been more crazy shit happening in Barcelona , check Holla Forums if you are interested.

Hes acting like an english noble courtsman from long ago, act kind in front of others, poison them later.

There might be 30+ deaths in Barcelona, nothing confirmed yet

Anyone got any capped posts/links to Sadpanda mods being shit/SJWs?

Damn, they must have planned this attack thoroughly.


thirsty goons

When they added the Tomgirl tag.



It was in the description of the video

Their hypocrisy knows no limits. Half of the shit that went down during GG that they call harassment was

They even pushed that 'sea lioning' bullshit vilifying polite disagreement.


What is the source behind 30+ people dying?

They forget the paris attacks so fast.

1 confirmed death, lots of injuries

god, why am I asked for captcha so often.

He said might be, there are 31 injured.

Everywhere is saying 30+ injured, but 10 of those injured are in serious condition.

This thread. Daily Mail says 13 dead
>>>Holla Forums10432681

This blatant revisionism.

Why is CNN still a thing, fucking weasels

Nice.Paris.London.You fricking retards.

that rare pepe looks weird as fuck. probably the angle

Anyone know how to download youtube captions/subs that are properly timed?

Our guy Allum is continuing to get great google stories.




Truly 1984-tier reporting.


Que os den por el culo, joder. Ojalá os dé un mal cancer.

Inb4 first response blames nazis.

Spain is full of leftism cancer, but they still call islamic terrorism by its name.

Damn it.


Let me guess. No urinols in the female bathroom because some women have dicks?

wait a minute, male hormones block menstruation, right?

I mean in the twitter feed.


What happened in Charlottesville other than the car incident? What justifies them going crazy< like this?

Alright that's just terrorism now. How much longer before Trump can declare Antifa an enemy of the state?

This is the path you chose TB


Something something american nazi party 2.0 something.

We Cultural Revolution now.

Any excuse is good to break society and go after straight white men.

If he never was bankrupt, perhaps, buthe was bankrupt twice and earned his place by offering tangible solutions to the big problems. You however still have some yellowish white gunk around your mouth, and shit on your nose.

Forgot archive, no bully

Alwas jewish and muslim/nigger names.


I hope you amifriends begin stocking up on funs.

A reminder tothe left and jews who are watching this thread, beware those who think they have nothing to lose, they havemuch in common with post ww1 germany, which primarily lead to the nazi party.

It's sarcasm.

That's The Most Trusted Name In News® for ya.

I'm sure NYC will do it. After all, they're the only reason that fuckhead is still in office.

You can't tell me their isn't a good chunk of them that wouldn't seriously consider it.

Sarcasm or not, some idiot will eventually try something for real.

Colbert was involved in Pizzagate. He deserves to be tortured to a slow death. Anything that comes out of his mouth is worth less than literal dung.


Oy, dung still has uses, he has less worth than monopoly money.



Kek, better be unemployed than a walking pink slip.


Like what? Buzzfeed and VICE? Both of those do it as well, all it takes is having a camera and a place to film.

There was some general scuffling, small fistfights and what not. Nothing seemed too serious from what I saw. It looked like a pretty stand protester/counter-protester setup

I refuse to believe they actually said that
someone must've picked the footage and dubbed over it to pretend like that was a journalist
no fucking way is that real

Kek wants chaos to bring order.

Close the gates.

Is it really so hard to accept?

It is. I might just be a naive bastard, but I don't want to imagine there is enough darkness inside someone to abuse such a carnage to make a point against someone you don't like. At least not from fucking journalists

People usually depict accountants, bankers and lawyers/prosecuters as vultures, I believe they should depict jounalists that way instead.

If you have a hard time believing it, imagine being David Duke, who is still being called a Klansman despite having left the KKK and disavowed it 40 years ago. Think about it, an average jail sentence for homicide is 20 years and 8 months, after which all is forgiven. Now imagine being constantly shamed by the media for being literally Hitler for the duration of one homicide sentence and then another one for murdering someone on your way out of the gates, with the difference being that the two murders would be forgiven while advocating for the wrong views is not.



Seriously. They are lucky spanish people don't care about these places or they would be filled with shitposters from forocoches.


This is just disgusting reporting. I also love how they don't mention the Nice, France attack. The other vehicular attack that possibly inspired this one.

Is this cultural appropriation?

Or Hispachan. Do they still advertise here?


I haven't been there in a year or more.

Is full of cancer both from PP and Podemos.


This all just makes the incident in Virginia all the more sketchy than it already was.

This is fucking disgusting. I'm fucking getting emotional over a goddamn article on the internet. Never fucking happened before. How do these people exist.
This is unacceptable.

Just stop CNN, you're venturing beyond the full retard event horizon.

slightly larger res

And Berlin.

And another thing, the nature of this terror attack would have likely been planned way before than the incident you accusing of being a copycat of.

Silly stupid idea, but is there any Forocoches user here?

Just thinking, maybe, that we could guide them towards CCN's shitty news.

That guy's a fucking badass.

I want someone to bomb CNN headquarters.


Man, that was brutal.

If we feed an islamist to a pig, does it work?

Id rather them be visited by trucks of peace while on air.

Any kind of pork mixing into them removes them from paradise.

Oh fug that was brutal as heck


This has been a shitty day. How's Eltonel doing?

Asked him earlier on twitter. He's furious. He later favorited my tweet about CNN's bullshit, so he's aware of it now and probably even angrier.

Well, all that woodgrain was getting pretty sexual.

Why are removing his videos?

Also, holy shit, have you seen a doctor for that shit, user ? Don't die on us, alright ?

It would but it wouldn't give enough shock value for the effort that requires.

Seconding this.


Every time you post a link without an archive, another monument is scheduled to come down.


How about this one?
Intentionally hired a liberal writer to help make the script for Songs of the South as unbiased as possible

What human rights do they oppose?

For fuck's sake. Even the dark web is infested with faggots.


I think if they tried to take that down, a lot of normalfag support will drop instantly, there are reasons that walts nazi cartoons are reserved as a trivia bit and not used more than that. It would kill disney, and that would put a lot of copyright kikes out of a job.

Just checked twitter, I'm assuming you're Wal and this is the tweet.


I really am starting to lose patience with these guys. CNN is so scummy, how they haven't been sued into oblivion is beyond me.

Coughed sputum into a cup for the doctors to look at. My lungs are aching and I have been having trouble breathing like I got a weight inside my chest or something. It has been feeling like this for over a week, wasn't too bad at first but seems to be getting worse. I'll probably end up dying from a stroke instead of this if CNN continues this shit though.

Appears that (((youtube))) is finally doing the purge that was speculated, first EmptyHero, now this guy who I don't know.

I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that they qualify free immigration and interracial relationships are considered "human rights" in this case. That's off the top of my head.

Well, tor has few trannies working on it.
So it's useless and has shit code even worse than that from pajeets.

I swear to god you asshole, you better start taking better care of yourself, you hear me ? If something's going bad, especially fucking coughing blood, you immediately see someone.
And yeah that's the one.

Well, what do you expect from something that was invented by the CIA?

nigga why are you waiting to see a doctor about this shit? Unless you're in burgerland and are afraid of getting a million dollar check up bill this stuff seems serious

For what purpose ?

Gee I wonder.

Because pedophiles are on the Right Side of History™.

LGR talks about old PC games and DOS, not about politics. It's probably the "algorithm" punishing him for not drinking the koolaid.

I love how you can guess this guy wants to rape kids just by the look on his face. I remember when I thought he had a pedo face and he tirned out he was actually convocted for pedophilia.

I'm not afraid of dying. Besides, the second I coughed that up I went to a walk in clinic. Like I said, It didn't seem to bad before. Appreciate the concern, but I'm not that important.


Good, I hope it hits more people every minute. This way people will be pissed enough to finally kickstart something and either leave the service in mass or give Google a few headaches


You mean the (((algorythm)))

You're important to me
You guys are all people I like. You matter in the sense that the world would actually feel emptier if I heard about anyone of you passing away.
Many anons died during those three years.
They died before Kotaku and Polygon


No, he is very political, but against trump. I have no idea why he is getting purged.

He still have monetized videos there. He needs to establish himself somewhere else and then ditch Youtube for good. Also e-celebs are very jewish

This is what burns my ass. Even philip Defranco didn't mention that Antifa and BLM were outside their permit zones and were there illegally, or that the governor quietly called a state of emergency and used riot police to force the alt-right protestors out, after they went through the park which had antifa all around it throwing piss bottles at them and pepper spraying them mind you, which led to the protestors being pincered between antifa and BLM with the police herding the protestors right into the trap. And the majority of alt-right protestors, who were unarmed were attacked on two sides by the protestors that were there illegally, because the police forced them there against their will. There were even alt-right protestors resisting hoping to be aressted but no, the riot police just herded them forcefully to antifa and BLM and then stood down and watched them get attacked by two armed groups while the majority of them were unarmed. Not only were they forced into a battle unarmed by government officials but their rights were violated as well, and yet no one is mentioning this part, or the part of antifa being incredibly violent to them, or that antifa was 2 blocks out of their permit zones and there illegally to attack the alt-right protestors. This is such a gross violation of the peoples rights it's fucking disgusting, and it's all being justified because "nazis are bad, mmkay?"

I used to think Phil Defranco was a fairly unbiased source that would report on shit neutrally, but this shit really sealed the deal for me. Fuck him and fuck all the liars who are trying to cover up what the government, antifa and BLM did. And especially fuck those that think it's okay to trample on the citizens rights because you don't like what they say.

Fuck you, user. I'm sitting here trying to maintain objectivity about the Barcelona attack and you go and make it personal. You dick.

I hope they all got front row seats at the big Ethics Convention in the sky.

Y-you too.

But the ACLU are the bad guys for pointing this out.

Attacks like this had been happening in the middle east prior to Nice and London. I am shocked they didn't mention the guy who hit muslims with his car, but I suspect they think that was memory holed.

The VA governor is a disgusting cuck, so I am not terribly surprised by his actions here. I hope that all these fucks get some kind of justice, but that might be too much for this world. Fuck these people.

The funny thing about anonymously posting is that there's no way you'd know if I died. Maybe you'll notice a decrease in the amount of trap porn being posted but that's about it

I'm sure I'll be fine, i'll tough this out one way or another.


Wait, YOU are the trap poster ? Your death would be a good thing then.
I'm kidding, I appreciate you as well, although loli is obviously an infinitely better fetish, since at least it ain't gay

I'd still like to see a doujin where lolicons fight against the rich pedophiles who have their hands in everything.

Roger Rabbit already did that years ago.


It's the media that causes all of this. They constantly tell people that Trump is dangerous and that people need to fight back.

I'm expecting people to yell
at journalists soon.

I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon. Just look at all the rallies, there are always way more lefties than right wing people.

Yeah, standing up for the citizens rights has made them the enemy. So fucking ridiculous. I can't even check the places I normally go to to see what left leaning news is about anymore because this shit has been so scummy it's made me actually agitated and pissed off the past few days. And so many people are cheering for it! As if it's a good thing that the government horrifically abused the rights of american citizens and actually used black supremacists and commies to attack them with the police and governments approval. It's some turner diaries level fucking shit. Completely insane.

I hope the va governor gets fucking prison time for this. Fucking disgusting.

They have already taken two, m8

What if somebody paid protestors to be there?

Your digits dishearten me, because I think that's true also.

Same feeling, just more patriotic.

I usually check his videos out to see what 'neutrals' are saying but I feel the same way. At least the comments are on his case about it, maybe he'll actually address it if he gets pressured enough.


CNN publishes a "list of 1,500 confederate monuments in the US"

What can go wrong?

Fuck him. He's the same as CNN to me now. Just enforcing the narrative. I used to think he cared about american liberties but I see now where his priorities are.

It's because most on the left are paid actors and criminals. The real right is made up of people fighting mostly from the sidelines online instead of directly out in the open irl.

Is this historical fact or something made up?


(nice quads)

Not only that, but calling anyone who has a problem with that "Nazi sympathizers." It's like… Nazis and commies have been natural enemies since 1928. And we beat the asses of both. Why is it now that every single god damn politician is trying to force us to choose one or the other, subtly implying that commies are the only "right" choice?

Remember, the cia is really good at destroying foreign nations. What if they try to ruin the usa this time?

I wonder how they might react if someone were to post a list of 100 CNN employee addresses.

Good luck matching soros, and good luck making sure the right abandon honor and not being cringy for a sense of strategy and calmness. Holla Forums can use "dont be a pr cuck" all they damn well want, but this is a war won by winning the peoples, the normalfags minds. And considering an user came to the thread and cry that he got fired for being there, the right needs sabatoeur and tard disposal desperatly. Anyone who goes to any of these: "cover your fucking face, carry for defense, and I hate to say this, but channel the jew and play as the enemy to discredit the enemy, they do it to you anyways, turnabout is fair play."


At least now you can cite this to blame CNN directly for every future incident now. Trump could even have a field day with this. Nice quads btw.

Most cia niggers have cushy jobs in isreal or the un as backup.

Holla Forums has done so before.

I haven't even seen many people acknowledging that the opposition has communists. Everywhere I look it's "Nazis versus Not Nazis (no ideology here, just normal people)."

They do this kind of shit to trump videos all the time. And it's not just the little guys, NowThis is owned by HuffPo and they did the same.

Same as the racist label or the sexist label or the misogynist label. Can't beat em with facts, use your character attack word to do it and make them silent. And from what i've seen a large amount of the left is outright supportive of communist factions now.

How crazy can today be to have so many retards?

They already have at trump rallies.

Normalfag leftists will support them to literal death, then complain that no one stopped them.

They fear being called evil by their peers more than they fear the ramifications of seriously harming others.

Missouri Senator: ‘I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!’

Damn did we have a happening or something?

Isn't that reason to be in a terrorist list and to be forced to resign?

Are you out of the loop?

Not in current year

You don't get it, do you?
Kek works in mysterious ways.
At this point I can almost swear that a civil war of some kind is coming to the U.S. and with it, the great purging. Society has to be burned down, and from the ashes a new America will be born!

Just authoritarian leftists trying to purge wrongthink through the destruction of history, as usual.

I think it's time we start getting wallpapers reminding us why not to fight fire with fire, cause I sure needs one.

CNN are knowingly pushing a false narrative. Defranco along with a good chunk of the population are stuck in what Scott Adams calls a "Mass Hysteria Bubble". Scott just put out a good article detailing what that is.


Far as I know the bullets dipped blood claim is iffy but in the Generals autobiography he wrote about terrorists being buried alongside dead pigs.

And of course when you bring it up once the shit has hit the fan and you scream about how you tried but they wouldn't let you, they'll either deny it and play stupid or try and pull some bullshit about it being time to unite not fight.

Honestly that's only thing they are good at, this and manipulating elections in another countries.

It won't be easy and there isn't much time left, until some idiot will upstart WWIII.

Is Kek a dual god, does he shift into another when it is time for order and become Kek when it is time for the renewing flames of chaos?

You'd think.

I noticed a discrepancy between the Charlottesville photos, what do you guys think?

Worse, their ego will force them to still blame you. But once that happens save youself, no need to help them.




Is there a thread up for this time as well?

Kek is the god of constructive chaos, transformative chaos. He is an agent of change, hence the symbolism of a frog. One leg in water (chaos) and one leg and land (order.) The egyptians knew him as "the bringer in of light" because Kek symbolised the chaos that birthed order, the universe.

Or something like that.

Damn, that's a good blog post.



out of the all fucking people, LGR? Who did he piss off then? as far as i'm concerned or know, he hasn't done anything that deems to be controversial. Unless there's some bit of drama I haven't seen lately.

Has anyone done map of how things went down btw? like where BLM, Antifa and "alt-right" protestors were initially and what were the permit zones and paths and the escalation points. All I see is pictures and videos of whats happening but not birds view of this

Maybe, I'm just repeating what another user said a while ago.

wrong picture

Am I too late for the dance thread?

There is a reason to dance?

I don't get what that picture is supposed to say. You think something fishy happened there? What's wrong with the sunroof?

There is chaos and we must revel in it.

Youtube's script most likely detected that a significant enough number of people that watch LGR are shitlords and automatically labelled the account as one.



The TRUE chaos will happen after Solar Eclipse on August 21.

Why is this Solar Eclipse so important and why are you saying there will be happenings because of it?

No, thinks something fishy happened because he's looking at the wrong damn car.

If all this shit happened right before December 21 2012 I'd believe it was real.

What happened then?

I just feel weirdly uneasy like some insanity is about to occur. Probably it's nothing though.


Nothing, but there was a big deal about the world ending or some shit over the Mayan Calendar, they even made a movie about it.

I think it's too early to dance, but have some space dance.

Oh I see it now, from the reflection of the car I thought it looked brighter then it was and didn't pay attention. Yeah I'm retarded.




Gotta love how twitter is so desperately trying to prevent sub-hashtags of the Barcelona attack and artificially inflating anti-trump hashtags. 'Moroccan' was trending for 4 minutes before being wiped and 'I voted for Trump' being raised one level.


Silly goyim, social media isn't for people sharing important news and information, it's for agenda pushing and virtue signaling with paid bots.

All of this doesn't seem like it'd give the communists power at all honestly, all of it, ALL OF IT, just seems like a giant "fuck you" to society in general, all of it is degeneration of society shit that wouldn't actually put them in power.
Given that there's no real goal after these bullet points, their entire goal doesn't seem to be instating their people for some big goal, they tore down the bricks of society to instate this shit and they think the people they demoralized will be effective? No, this is too disorganized.
This entire list is just aimless revenge. It's mindlessly destructive with no constructive means of operation.
This entire list is about destruction of society.
That's step 1. There is no step 2.

Can't stoppan the Moroccan

That's communism for you.
They are unable to make any kind of long plans.
I think they are still butthurt about fall of USSR.

I believe they captured the people involved and now they are watching in case there are more active cells.

Is sticking 'hate' on the front of everything the new meme.


Internet "dating" is nothing but a tool for creeps and sluts to get cheap meaningless sex easier. No big loss here.

What will happen when their stupid 'strategy' bites them in the ass when people stop using their services for being filthy ideologs?

Now that is virtue signaling at its most extreme.


Virtue signaling, virtue signaling everywhere.
Seriously, what the fuck are they doing?

Everyone in the path of the eclipse will gain super powers and it's going across conservative areas of the US.

But if two people are arguing with each other left & right, then they have to get a room.

I thought he was just a hardcore libertarian that really hates commies

They think that the revolution has arrived and that they can finally get revenge on the people they had to pretend to like all this time.


Yeah, a white supremacist. :^)


the best way to keep a business is to count your money quietly, once politics come into it, once you allow that in, you're tainted forever and you lose money. And in my jewish household, the saying always went "be silent about politics, religion, money and sex". it never ends well.

that's why us jews are so prevalent in business, we all care only about money. The rest is meaningless.

I think it was only reason for his ban.

Hello jew.
So who makes all this virtue signaling then?


it literally says who in the image.

I just don't know who is the one banned and the one reporting the ban.

weev is in Serbia?

Jewish neo-Nazi that does quite a lot of shitposting but occasionally does something productive.
Archive.org link because his original YT video got shoah'ed

Hey if you're gonna cremate me at least buy my oven first, it's a good deal!

a factory in california known as San Francisco. Doesn't make much money.

the reporter is just some fuccboi, but google "weev" if you want to know about him. He's fairly infamous.


Can you just name anyone and they'll been them?


No shit.
Are you going to tell rest of juden in San Fran that virtue signaling and pandering to SJWs just make them lose money?
BTW SJWs and hipsters don't really buy anything. At least in vidya.

I'll try it, my account is of a sheboon so they are likely to listen and believe. Have a suggestion on who to recommend? Preferrably someone that isn't high-profile enough to be instantly told apart but well known enough to cause butthurt

I don't mind if you are a Jew. Some jews are my inspirations, like good old Torkemada. But, of course, you need to convert to true christianity.

Or, if you prefer, we can torture you in the most horrible ways and break your bones until you kiss the cross. Also, don't let the moors get in the peninsula.

I swear to god, I've been here since the beginning and I still feel like a fucking casual.

None of the jews I know really have a hand in this one. This shit's all on the left.

Weev owns dailystormer so he's an easy target now

Considering how every country that has a nuke told the U.N. to fuck off, this doesn't seem all that likely. Also, last I heard, gun sales in the U.S. are on a drastic rise.
Okay, so the U.S. just needs to stop funding the U.N. We pay for more than half of the bill, see how quickly it collapses once we stop.
This is going to be fun to watch considering how the leaders in both parties only agree to whatever gets them ahead.

Damn. It was worth to try I guess.
Did some of (((you))) imported mudslimes to Europe by ships for money?

To be fair, you would only know weev if you've been on Holla Forums long enough. Whenever he shows up in the news it is for a pretty short period of time.

Weev doesn't own the Daily Stormer, Anglin does. Weev simply occasionally posts articles there.

o-oh, then disregard that

I like cute retarded dogs.

But that's pretty much all of them, user.

Daily reminder that many of the moors from before the invasion (like in Zaragoza) helped the christians during the Reconquista

Wasn't there a big controversy a few years ago about Tor taking on a bunch of SJW developers and causing a schism? Maybe it wasn't Tor, but I thought it was some big open source project like it.

Dude, they want to kill us, what's money without life? We're greedy, not stupid.

In order to make money you have to preserve an enviroment where making money is unimpeded, and people who won't buy your stuff anyway are shitty customers.

A dumb jew or even a person in general sells a gun to a man who will use it immediately, if you catch my drift.

I think that was something else, the one randwhale was working on.

they kicked Jacob Apelbaum recently

Yeah well the moors were the moors, not the Somali.

I can't take this shit anymore, help

I see.
So it's just commies and suicidal whites.

There was. I am searching archive for it now.

People believe tech is racist on purpose. That's why we don't need shitskins or niggers in tech.

I can't believe this shit. They are literally trying to say talking about ethics is harassment.

I was capped? lemme see lemme see

They've been saying that since the beginning. That's why they attempted to turn it into a meme (ie "gamergate is actually about ethics in x") and used it to shut down discussion.

Please say it's Claire McCasskill.
Please say it's Claire McCasskill.

Found it.


Yeah, but back then, they didn't use people talking about ethics as evidence. They just went "it's about le ethics, amirite" as a sarcastic dismissal.


Great, another crazy tranny. Why don't you show the whole thread you faggot



And I guess we can call him out because he will block anyone disagreeing with him?


Fuck, I'm tired.

This. Fucking this.

Thats cute, and technically loli onee

But what if one were to create an enviroment that sells 2 guns to people that would kill eachother and once they do you can take the guns, wipe them off and sell them to 2 more people who hate eachother? and the apex jews are in their towers, I do believe you when you say you do not want shit skins, but will ask would you end soros and the rothchilds to stop it?

It's virtue-signaling-a-ton


The Kinect was racist too at one point. It wouldn't register non-whites either for a while.

shucks, it was the user who I replied to they also let out the part where I asked him if it was really a coi and he then provided some reliable sources to back that up.
I think it was 4 threads ago or so


In cs:go they sell these pinup stickers. The nigger one is worth only 0.40€ while the white ones sell for over 0.80€

Best boogeyman 3 years running.

And you people act like I'm full of shit when I say goons lurk these threads for material.


There's nothing there remotely implying a call to action. These people are grasping at straws to ignore that their own "friends" are attacking her.

I miswrote something

thats why they will never be divided, if they do something horrible, they always deflect onto others, and they eat it up without question. That is, unless you say something remotely conservative, in which case you're branded for life.

What did they think was going to be the response.

Do anons? I'm pretty sure we've known that for a long time, especially after all the instances of people finding shit only for the people being investigated to start shutting everything down.

cs:go is shit, but that's fucking funny

Honestly, part of what's driving that price down is the obvious "Yes We Can!" femishit reference Martha makes.

What is Gab? and why do they call it hate speech?

Twitter alternative made by right-leaning/conservative people who got fed up with twitter's bias

And of course the crazy tranny trying to blame anitas mob on gamergate has 150 likes and mombot only has 47. FUCK FUCK

Welp, that's a major blow to one of twitter competitors.

Maybe it's the goons that say that. I've said before that shills are just mad goons and people say it's just bored anons and there are no real shills.

Yeah. Sure google. And it has nothing to do withthe fact you have investments with gabs direct competition, enough investments where BOTH FUCKING FACEBOOK AND TWITTER BLOATWARE COME PREINSTALLED AND UNREMOVABLE THROUGH REGULAR MEANS ON EVERY FUCKING ANDROID.

(Final trips checked)
They don't even try to pretend anymore.

After that fast shut it down that one faggot from Ubishit pulled out. I am not even surprised anymore.
Far-Cry 5 petition. Did that one was actually saved anyway?

Weev is the CTO but yeah, Anglin owns it.

I see. And how are they going to reply?

I fucking HATE goons.

Uh, writing a puff piece defending somebody's character without disclosing the fact that you're a personal friend of theirs is absolutely an ethics violation. But if we put it in scare quotes, that means it doesn't count, right?


That shit annoys the fuck out of me. And if that wasn't bad enough, they bloat your address book if you decide to actually use those apps.

The corporate take over of the internet is happening what are we going to do??!?!?!

I want my wild west back ;_;


Why our autists are better?


GAB should sue them for racketeering or they'll keep shutting down any competitor with the same excuse.

I REALLY hate goons. Is this dumbass really pushing that Zach shit still?

dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

Lawyer up, quite possibly.

Goons are fucking warped as shit. It's honestly amazing.

What can we do? It's getting insane, but at the same time, no one really has any measures to go against all this.

Sheer coincidence, I'm sure.

So have we agreed yet to start pushing Gab to the Japs? Did anyone make an effort to contact them?


It's a fucking feeding frenzy right now. The left is rabid, trying to destroy anything and everything.


Good luck. The will say something something twitter and facebook both being there are proof against it.

Goons are the ejew, and once jew numbers have been dwindled, they are next. The internet is the akashic record.

Still do not like commie young.

Man, talk about being on another plane of reality. God forbid that someone's confirmed to be a complete shitheel.

Hug boxes combined with everything the internet brings to the table will do that to you.

Well, if nothing else this should end in the next couple of years because the rabid nature of the modern left is going to lead into a civil war if they don't get themselves run over.



dude wtf are you smoking besides dick?

Not really, very few seem to be posting about it.
Mombot or the company? If it's Mombot, I haven't seen anyone post about it (And, I scrubbed my Twatter account months ago). If it's the company, I'm about to send them an email asking why me account hasn't been deleted yet. Anything you want to ask that I should add to that?

I can't tell if this post is being ironic.

If you want it back then help sites like Facebook and Youtube confirm their suspicions about extremists making them lose money. Contact companies that support them and show them videos of ISIS propaganda on the sites, which you would have no issue finding considering the fact that their filters were never made for removing it, and help stamp out bigotry one advertiser at a time.

Nobody likes them. I doubt they like themselves.

Shill gab and hope that google will get sued by gab.

They went completely insane. Burgers should get their raifus ASAP.

I think Scott Adams said it best



Monetary issues, just how they make due and whether services that are free on Twitter should be locked behind a paywall on Gab, not to say a lot of them are but the smaller unnoticeable things are.

And what if they win? For all the mockery we are making of AntiFA, they are clearly amoral enough to do whatever it takes to win.

Maybe, but being a blonde nigger probably pushed the price down too.

I can't find it in the previous bread archive. Unless you spoilered it.

They never played MGS3 so they made up some reasoning for the art or they have played it but lied.

Yeah that gun strat really worked because every time we got outed for it and we were kicked out for instigation. So we went into entertainment instead, and that worked until communists decided use our networks for propaganda when we weren't looking.

The richer a jew gets, the dumber he becomes, it's just a fact of life.


That was me. I like how he says "they're alleging the article was edited to include disclosure" and claims it isn't true when I provided archives of the article from both before and after it was edited. And the disclosure added was only partial, mentioning the podcast but not the personal relationship.

Tweets indicating they have a personal conflict of interest which Laura failed to disclose (or to recuse from the article entirely):

>Oh, and if you want to read that article and support fact-finding and journalism, its right here Kotamu.com (please use archive.is).uk/2017/08/16/totalbiscuit-on-dealing-with-the-hate … My friend wrote it


Sources I provided indicating this is a classic conflict of interest (pretty much just the first things that came up on a search since it's a pretty typical example):



Original Kotaku article, note the top comment in the archive is a commenter asking about the lack of disclosure:

Article with partial disclosure added:

Whoa look at all that mansplaining

What a ridiculous cunt. I hope more people like her read through these threads. They may actually learn things for once.


Possible gab happening

I do not think that applies to only jews, and can probably be tied to ones greed level.

I just found the answer:
Also, I decided to a log in and they STILL are asking for donations while locking some features behind a monthly fee. So this picture still applies.

The only way they can win is if it DOESN'T turn to open conflict. In small scale protests they have the advantage of being more organised, in something big like a civil war they are severely fucked. They can buy all the overpriced rifles in the world, very few of them have ever had any training or field-experience, the only thing they can do well is throw bricks at bystanders. Conservatives and libertarians have had guns for decades and have talked about overthrowing the government since the day they were born, antifa have had guns for less than a year and even then it's still a fairly small number of them that actually have them.

My favorite non-political YT channel just got their entire video library demonetized. 800+ videos. All appeals denied
Is anyone baking yet?

Who was it?

I didn't spoilered, maybe it was one thread behind that one

Man, Google's ad bubble really is popping, isn't it?

There is no winning a US civil war at this point. The US has its fingers in too many pies, so the second we fall apart all of the knives will come out and do their best to carve us up. That is the part they don't get. The US has not been the friend of the rest of the world for a long time, and the closest countries we did have to genuine allies that would at least not fall apart immediately are fucked because of things we had a part in. Well, there is Japan, but that is if China doesn't immediately invade them.

The saying "throwing stones in a glass house" applies here even if the usual use is for something else.

dis is gonna be fun

Oh sheet

someone tag @popehat in this (I'm blocked) I want to see him squirming trying to find a reason to not agree that Google's ban is bulshit


I'm going through the sites information on the investing and I found a comment that mirror's my thoughts:
>I asked this question several days ago and it has gone unanswered. Can you explain a little further how Gab will generate revenue via subscriptions/other sources and continue to go? What are plans for future rounds and exit plans
There is nothing on the site that gives a reason as to why someone would want to invest in Gab. All they say is "We're the largest growing alternative social media site" in various different ways. How does this company make money for the people investing? What incentive is there?

A failed state can still fire nukes, most of the shit that other states will throw is support for their favourite side. In that situation I definitely think the left will lose the civil war: Russia has been spooked one too many times to take any chances on it and they will most likely go balls deep with their initial plan to balkanise the US by supporting right-leaning separatist movements like Northwest Front and aiding Texan seccessionism, alternatively they might simply decide to take the risk and go for the whole country. China will definitely go for supporting the left like they are doing with antifa now but they won't have that much luck, since they haven't been too invested in it. Saudi Arabia and Western Europe will support the government, which will inevitably be a futile effort. So there is a definite winner in this situation.

No wait it was on this thread. Jesus, I might have Alzheimer

This isn't entirely correct. I own a nexus 5X neither app was on the phone when I bought it.
Facebook and twitter ship preinstalled on phones because manufacturers get paid to include them in their default apps list on unlocked devices that are running skinned android, and it's bundled in with the standard carrier bloat on others.

Heaven forbid a movie reflect the era it was made in.


I'm not sure China could actually beat Japan. They have manpower, but their leadership is so terrible they've never actually "won" a modern war. At best, they've just thrown bodies at the problem until it went away.

Reminds me of this.

Does embedding vimeo not work? I can't seem to get it to work.

Anyone else noticed how fast the alternatives are being taken down. I think those NGO's that Google have teamed up with have been waiting for this moment for a long time.


Now will be a good time to find hardware alternatives or even start campaigning to have other hardware alternatives. This is going to be a slow and long battle.

I assume peeling off even a small fraction of tiwtter's audience and then monetizing with "Gab pro" could justify the investors. However it's hard to see them as being very successful when the vast majority of twitter users don't know or care about the censorship, Twitter has huge advantage from network effects, and they don't have a specialized appeal I know of besides the no-censorship thing.

Every time I visit them I do something like click on someone's name to see their feed, get some "Sign up to Gab" shit, and close the tab. Yesterday I realized you could actually see someone's feed by editing the URL to just have their name, but I don't know if there's a way to browse hashtags or whatever without signing up. I'm pretty sure someone is prioritizing "metrics" for number of sign-ups by making the site half-usable otherwise, which seems really stupid unless they just want short-term numbers for investors. If people are browsing the website they might sign up to interact with people, and "begrudgingly made an account because they had to" is not worth as much as an actual user.

Be prepared for happenings and potential false flags in Coolige park Chattanooga.

Its shit like this that makes me wonder what would happen if certain key points of network infrastructure utterly failed and the internet fell apart.
Who would falter first, the normalfags who have standardized staring at a cellphone for hours on end or the degenerates desperate for attention?

Yeah, this is going to be a shitshow.

the second one.

And? They'll shit on us no matter what we do so may as well ignore them and do whatever we want.

The latter, then shortly afterwards the former. Personally I'd miss you guys, but I've got no problem fucking off innawoods and leaving the internet behind me if it dies when the happening comes.

Seriously. Someone's being a piece of shit? I'm gonna say it, no matter how much those Goons scream "HARASSMENT" because of it.

You never know. Watching normalfags lose their shit over SPORTSBALL™ never ceases to amaze.
Especially when it suddenly becomes impossible to acquire information on it.

Trump is going to have to act decisively on these communist subversives. He needs to direct his justice department to declare Antifa as a terrorist organization and to start handing out warrants for arrest and prosecution.

Say it with me, folks:


I should have been more specific. I meant with the prize being the whole country, I doubt either side would win. Its also because of all the bad actors like La Raza, Muslims, and gangs of niggers that are no doubt going to cause problems during that. For every day people its going to be hell, though.

China probably wouldn't win they do have nukes, but they would still invade. Either way, it would mean that Japan would have bigger issues to deal with. Another thing to consider is that China is likely to collapse sometime in the next decade.

San Fran was a mistake.

What's that?

Razorfist's gonna come on later to talk about the Youtube Algorithm shit.


AFAIK the biggest thing they did was they bought a ship in order to unmask NGO involvement in human trafficking and keep migrants from flooding into their countries for handouts and rape.

They get involved in a lot of protests in Europe

It's not coordinated, not intentionally. The simple fact is they all follow the same script. They've all been brainwashed to respond to the same cues. It's all leading to the same world though as they seek to consolidate more and more power. None of them are even aware that they are creating that world.


Where's the baker?

Despite it's context, what's a cool picture.

I've got family there, hopefully they don't do something stupid and get run over

freedomnet when?

When we either learn coding and start making our own protocols or the entire FOSS community purges its ranks, gets its shit together and takes over the way it was meant to.

None of them hold the ENTIRE puzzle. None them go "Oh this leads to a single world government that controls every aspect of our lives and only benefits a wealthy powerful minority and I am 100% on board" they all think it's a bout social justice, or communism, or making the world a less racist place or whatever all while being useful idiots.

I'm on it

Is this why some faggots start their greentext story with >be me

Good morning. I'll take this one from here, brother.

Or leads to a single world government 'utopia' in their eyes that will go beyond the stars.

What people are not aware is, if we get visited by aliens, they would be representing a company or some particular nation or faction of their home planet.

If you or someone you know has removed their government mandated Tetracorp RFID please report to the nearest security center.

The ladder to Bread-ven is here!




For fuck's sake.


If supremacy is defined as neurological superiority then it has always existed. How could U.S. founders pave the way for something that has always existed globally? Whites, on aggregate, always high intelligence and created more value than others. Asians still rank second as, like others, they lacked a great deal of advancements pre-colonialism.

Fucking tumblr noses.


Again, Gamergate wins without lifting a finger by simply existing.
You can't wish for enemies this retarded.

Nigger, do you realize you just linked to a CCHR video?

The CCHR is an organization dedicated to replacing psychological and psychiatric quackery with Scientologist quackery Hubbard was ironically correct, in this ONE case, purely because the (((Mental Health Profession))) was a direct competitor with his own brand of quackery

Oh no, of course not user, they just have the same powerful backers, who own the vast majority of news networks, lobby the government to pass laws or repeal laws they want, as well as reject those they dont. Same wealthy investors and bosses, etc. Really it was the same for the journalists declaring all gamers dead. It wasn't organized, it just happened organically when one started, there was no Games Journos pro list or anything like that. Really, it's all just a pure coinkydink. Do you really think you're fooling anyone? Do you?