System on Chip emulation machines

We were having a discussion of SoC boards to emulate videogames, and the thread got shoah'd.
The last thing I remember is some user telling me that an Odroid XU4 was good enough to emulate the N64, which I'm intersted in having a portable SuperSmash machine.

PS Raspi a shit

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the raspi is fine as a product if you ignore all the sjw shit. they're a lot less powerful than things like orange/odroid but they're also less expensive.


I think this is the hard limit to the value of emulation, which is ultimately just an accessible but not accurate or optimized way to play these old games. In time FPGAs will be the future and provide a truly equal or even superior experience to base hardware.

I installed a front loaded and some emulators + multi media applications on a pie and gave it to my parents as a superior smart TV box.
it's pretty odd.
PS1 is for the most part fine, SNES sucks ass, Megadrive is good, GBA is good for the majority, GBC is good but GB is ass.

You're not ignoring it if you give them money, you're supporting it.


This phrase bothers me. On the original hardware the game is running at 100% accuracy. It doesn't get better than 100%. And no, upscaling the image to a higher resolution isn't "better", in fact most times it will look worse depending on how it's done.

You can say that one day FPGA's will be equal to base hardware, but calling it superior from a technical standpoint just doesn't make any sense.

Problem is, normalfags refuse to see it that way, and will not believe that fucks like these just funnel their money into projects to undermine society and destroy anything they can.

If literally anything other than price and what you think the value of the product is affects your purchasing decision, then you're a retard who doesn't belong in a capitalist society and should move back to communist Russia.

Fuck off, we don't have 100% pure capitalism because that doesn't work. It would result in monopolies everywhere straight away. And we already have too many of them.

If you do not support the behavior of a company, you should not give them money. And yet there are retards on Holla Forums who will give EA any amount of money.
And there are alternatives for the PI.

Why do you use this gimped hardware for emulation? Its not like you're gonna carry around a screen so its not portable anyway and if you ARE going to carry around a screen then might as well buy a fucking android tablet with a bolt on controller.

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It depends if by accuracy to the actual hardware you just include on it runs the game and nothing else, or every aspect of the hardware.

Thanks for the laughs Holla Forums!~

If it doesn't replicate every aspect of the hardware then there is literally no point of wasting cash on it
FPGAs for emulation are just a meme pushed by wishful thinkers.

So you think having an HDMI output is pointless and would rather pay for an emlulation box that can only do compsite and RF?

If you want something at the price that it costs, why on earth would you ever not buy it? That's just hurting yourself. Why? So you can make a statement? That's stupid as hell. You're so petty you would take a net loss in value because it would give money to people you don't like? Illogical people like you are WHY we aren't purely capitalist.

Actually, spending money on what you deem to be acceptable and supporting businesses you like sounds really, really capitalist to me. Your idea of YOU MUST BUY A PRODUCT, EVEN IF YOU HATE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE IT sounds more communist. Well, if communists had money or things to buy.

Why would I not just buy a PC and use emulators instead of paying for a specific FPGA only to emulate a handful of systems using it?

are you a literal kike?

FPGA are capable of replicating things no software could replicate at playable speed so there is a point to preferring it over software emulation in some cases.

Got any examples?

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Are there any real-world examples of these being used for console emulation? If so, what kind of cost are we talking about? If not, why not?

So I take it you'd have no problem buying a well made item from a Neo-Nazi? :^)

We aren't pure capitalism because that doesn't work. Get a lot of money, short circuit a specific industry a couple of times to kill all the competition, sell your overpriced shit.

Basing on just price is stupid as hell. There are many more things you should base your purchase on. For example shipping time, support for the item, quality of the manufacturer, trust in said manufacturer, …

Not all of them are always important. But if you only base on price alone, I would like to sell you the brooklyn bridge for just 1000 dollars. Its the best price you are going to get on it, so please do base your purchase on price and price alone. Ignore likelihood of being a scam or anything else.

Older arcade games that are purely discrete circuit
Accurate SA-1 behavior
Probably more once FPGA start actually getting powerful enough to tackle 5th gen.

I'd prefer if you would name some specific examples.
I find it hard to believe that MAME can't run older arcade games at playable speeds.
Is the SA-1 emulation of higan lacking something?

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Fuck no I wouldn't have a problem with it. Hell, no one did. Why do you think nazi Germany made so much money? Everyone hated their ideology, but that didn't change the fact the created and exported quality products for fair prices.

It's shocking to me that people think I'm a liberal or something because I'm advocating for MORE capitalism and self centered thinking. It's like you retards flunked out of middle school civics class.

So you are a literal kike

MAME is made by the people who would require you to have a skylake CPU to emulate Mario Bros (synthesized sound on the fly vs the old sample based method that ran on a Pentium Pro) so yeah I don't find it hard to believe at all ever since they decided to go full retard.

It's way incomplete, some behavior would require something several time more powerful than what we currently have to be properly emulated, what we currently have sorta works on the surface but it's basically emulating a chip that is missing 50% of what it can do.

That $25 I funneled towards them for an emulation machine is what ended up with me getting a Privilege-O-Tron 5000 correction gun pointed at the back of my head not even five minutes later, can confirm.

I just want a portable console that exclusively plays pixelshit indied

good one

but that's not an argument

Those should all factor into what you think the value is. If you need something asap, and it takes 2 weeks to ship, its value to you is very low. If you think the manufacturer isn't going to fix any of the issues, that would lower the value also. Hell thats why I don't buy any hirez games anymore. I'm afraid they will leave it as a buggy mess like they did tribes. What should not affect a product's value to you is the political stance of the manufacturer. Besides the obvious that you're not going to change their vote by not buying the product, the bottom line is that if you hurt yourself to hurt them, all that's happened is that you hurt yourself, and that's the only thing you should care about.

I meant examples of games performing better on FPGA than emulators not non CPU arcades.

Except that it doesn't?

Like? What games/software suffer from that lack of functionality?

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nobody is gonna fall for your retarded rhetoric here.

My hypothetical support for them begins and ends with the aforementioned $25 unless I need to buy another RasPi for some reason and EPIC goyposting doesn't really prove otherwise my dude

Nobody gives a shit about your opinions so you can keep them to yourself.


You mean want, right? If you want to buy one? Like if you want to buy an inferior product simply because you want to support Marxists?


By default all game perform better because there's no software based input polling,
As for more specific game example there isn't much because in software you can just throw more power at the problem and generally get it solved for 2D systems which is pretty much the limit of what FPGA can do for now, the only real example that comes to mind of a game that still doesn't run on software emu but runs on FPGA is that one Pinball game for GB that breaks in half randomly when you play it.

You might not have tried since the switch in audio emulation then, the skylake thing might be an exaggeration but it's still exponentially slower now than what it was before, like pretty much every time they switch a board from sample based audio emulation to actual emulation.

From what I recall byuu saying it's basically almost all undocumented behavior, some game use it, but they don't visibly break if you don't emulate it properly, still it's kind of surprising to know that the crappy FPGA in a SD2SNES does a better job at emulating the SA-1 than the best software emulator out there.

Yes, user, needing to buy another RasPi would imply I want it.

I take it you produce your own gasoline then and make your own clothing and grow your own vegetables to not support all those evil industries? :^)

Is that actually true or just another hyperbole?
Where can I read up on this? From what I can gather SD2SNES doesn't even play well with a lot of SA-1 and SuperFX games.

It's probably still up around on the byuu boards, since hte SD2SNES implementation of the chips are based on his work.

a lot of the responses read like tumblr logic, where they demand a dev support their crazy ideas even though they won't buy the game anyway.
personally if i were to buy another SoC i'd get an odroid just because i want more power than the current raspi can provide.

which snes/pi are you on that snes sucks ass? i know starfox is garbage, but i've played through a number of games on mine without issue.


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Tinkerboard is better than Pi