Post pantsu from video games. Others guess what game it is from...

Post pantsu from video games. Others guess what game it is from. Black out HUD elements to keep reverse image search from finding the game.


Kingdom Hearts/KH2. Duh.


Of couse it's not from the HD remake which lacks pantsu. Never said it was.


I bet you prefer models ending at the thigh.

Weren't those removed from HD versions just like in KH games?

Posting the whole character would make it too easy.

Are we being raided? What's with all these single sentence OPs?

Wing Diver?


This one is not a faggot. He's a cretin though to have stolen Nana's panties.

Jam has the best panstu.

I bet none of you fucking casuals recognize these pantsu

I don't like panties, I want to see the pussy.

Antsu pantsu? I am so sorry.

You're no fun.

Are these pantsu for antsu?

Panties is a cuck invention. Before it, women had no problem with walking around butt naked.

You can get infinite copies of her pantsu pretty easily. The quest you get them from is a side quest so you can leave the area mid-battle unlike a main quest. If you full strip her, leave, then return her, her friends and the security guard all get their clothes back


First is Tony Hawk Project 8, the other as everyone else mentioned is Akiba's Trip.

Unused, but texture modeled by devs for Metro: Last Light.


Stalker Last Light

Is there a montage of all the Gal*Gun underclothes floating around?

Yeah, by beating up your adorable sister, you monster. Best sets are the ones with pantyhose or kneesocks, and Rin's.


for some reason I don't remeber there being women in metro

does this count?

GunZ 2

Glorious, too bad FF-Type-0 is already pozzed beyond saving


fukin slut


Is that Custom Maid 3D?

Good thing there's a fan translation and PSP games are so easily emulatable.

agreed. never seen better in a game

camy from street fighter

akibas trip

Yes to both



What game?

Literally in the screenshots of the post he is replying to.


God bless her gook heart.

They know what the people want.

this is LITERALLY rape, wtf?????


Of all the things Japan has gifted us, obsession with pantsus is probably the worst.




I remember how disappointed i was with that priestess outfit at first, and then how pleasantly surprised I was when I flipped her skirt for the first time.

wow, she looks like my onahole




Who might this be?





I swear to god user if she weighs less then a buick you're not invited to my house tomorrow.

That sway is just too good. Her hips are crossing goddamn timezones moving like that.

Go away Toriyama.


Chel Hell Bunny, some twitter cosplayer attention whore who is also a mother.

Do metal plates count as pantsu?

If your android's ass doesn't include android ass lore THEN WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT?!


Do you have a picture of her standing up? because no way in hell is she not a whale.

Secondary question, that's tagged like it came from a booru. Is there a 3dbooru?


I download all of these from Idol Complex. I'm not proud of it.

Goddamnit I fapped to that.

that is vile

post more.

Just remember anons that the future of pantsu in vidya is diapers :^)

Shad you MF, quit crossing the streams

I'm going to pretend like she doesn't have a front.

Yeah that one wasn't very flattering. In some of the images she's fatter because apparently some of these were taken after she gave birth. This is the last time I derail this thread, I promise.

I saw this as a webm, and i never saved it. "Why would i need this?", i said to myself. Well, this is why.

Can you imagine how the kid will feel when he finds his mom's cosplay porn some day?

Get out.

I thought I had it too but here's a new webbum. They truly are sad making.


/ss/ probably, the kid probably gets fucked by the dad as buffer bitch in girls lingerie till he's of age to get some gloots.

That and I'm 99% sure she's a cultis of Shadman, so the life she leads is his dirtiest incestual ghetto backalley ass-eating anal-obsessed fantasy.

throw some maple syrup on those and they'll look like the real thing. grossness averted. on second thought, she should just cosplay a pancake

I do. does support WEBM's now.

shadman doesn't even draw porn any more

He posted this 4 days ago, pretty sure that's porn.

You think he could draw something that good?
He didn't have anything to do with that picture other than uploading it.

Definitely not Shadman, very well-drawn but I don't see how people get off to vile, disproportionate, uncute shit like this.

It's some loser he has upload stuff on his site. If you thought shadman's anatomy was bad….


She looks like Pixie Terry. She even has the shitty bodyshape.

She's like a really tall shortstack goblin.

She's got the right amount of cushin' for the pushin' without it being too disgusting.


The least she could have done in the 2b video is wipe the sweat off of her ass.

I'm not sure if this is just a really widespread meme or you think anyone with some rocking thighs is "fat"

Way to project


is there porn that comes close to being accurate with her?

Ugh it's the fat Shadman fan girl

Grim Dawn

I knew I saved this image for a reason. Also, kill yourself.


Alright this just went from disgusting to hilarious.

And right back to disgusting.