Fighting game

So, if you had an idea for a fighting game, what would it be?

See if you can come up with some ideas. I've made some difficulty tiers for them.

Easy mode: The game's main draw is the characters.

Hard mode: The game's main draw is the fighting system

Ultra Hard mode: The game's main draw is the fighting arena

Heaven or Hell mode: The game's main draw is a combination of all three

It's about a bunch of fat chicks.
They fart on each other.

Not my favorite genre, but I've wanted to see one that uses more verticality.
Like everyone's got a jetpack or something and you have a full 360 degree range of attack but all attacks need an angled input to move you around, normal movement being slow to change vertical level.

Almost want to say duck game comes close to this




I wanted a Fatal Fury vs Virtua Fighter game since the 90s

I thought of a decent one but I forgot to write it down

Try Psychic Force

There's a fighting game general for questions like this.

I just wanted to make a neat thread. Inevitably my question would've gotten buried under people discussing real fighting games.

Pay the autist no mind


If I was asking about a specific existing fighting game maybe. I think you have the idea of a fighting game general all wrong. This isn't tf2g after all.

Proper Guilty Gear X3.

Traditional airdasher/anime fighter mechanics. However, combos are nothing more than ABC or ABC(special).
All special moves are used for zoning, area control, mobility, reversals, etc. but not for combos. There are no launchers or ways to turn a ground combo into an air combo.
ABC combos are strong enough to take off a third of a normal character's health (though obviously some characters can do more or less).

I'm picturing Melty Blood for movement and general gameplay.

I think a Samurai Shodown style fighting game with a roster based on Arthurian lore (King Arthur, Lancelot, Gawain, the Green Knight, Mordred, Percival, the Lady of the Lake, Merlin, Morgana, etc.) could be pretty cool.

Generals are fucking cancer. Cuckchan created /vg/ for a reason. When there's an actual topic of discussion a thread should not be discouraged solely on the basis of the existence of a general thread (especially when it is as broad as a genre)

2d D&D Sorcery&Swords fighter
The more complicated motions = more powerful magic but have a chance of being hit out of it.

Also summer costumes

Food Fighter?




An Avatar TLA/LoK game. An arena fighter, similar to games like Naruto Storm, but with a classic arcade button layout. (probably LMHS) Depending the camera and the system, you would have to put motions, but if it's done, no need to put more than quarter-circles, dragons, and charges. Even for supers.

Avatar characters are cool.

Hard to tell without doing a prototype, but just the fact that you can have something as well animated than Naruto Storm, but with arcade mechanics to mess around, that can attire people without being fan of the main series.

Interactibles are shit, plus there's no true "rules" like Ring-outs in Avatar. It would be kinda like Pokkén, but Pokkén tried everything to minimize and nullify pressure. The entire game pushes the characters away, when one is pressuring the other too much. Pressure is important in fighting games.

Let's rock?

You really need to stop the shill, Josh.

Female-only Fighters; I'll call it Girls of Skull.