What are some games you **want to shill* are looking forward to...

What are some games you **want to shill* are looking forward to? These days it's hard for me to get excited for an upcoming game. Vid related is it for me because I just want to go fast again and miss Tribes.

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The guy who made FTL is making a turn based tactics game where you use vehicles to fight monsters on a grid. Each thing has a different attack type so you have to plan out your turns, as you might knock an enemy away or not be able to line up a good shot.
Looks like fun. I can't remember what it's called though.

Quit hyping up Midair. It will not be as good as you think it will be and it will most likely die by the third month.

It wont die if Holla Forums isn't filled with newfags and plays it as much as they played Tribes Ascend and it's pretty unlikely that this game will be worse than Ascend.

It's fucking dead already


I'm looking forward to not be able to play bonnerlord in my fucking toaster.

I'm looking forward to finding a game I actually enjoy.

Right now i'm just replaying old games I haven't played in over ten years. I'm having more fun replaying these games than I have had playing most modern games.

Dusk looks interesting but only if I can mod the enemies into niggers

No, I mean in general. It seems that every game I see posted about or recommended on Holla Forums is shit, no matter how new or old it is.

2 and vengeance are both better than that shitpile hirez shat out, never stopped you newfags from playing it though.

For all the constant wishing for an actual old-school first-person shooter with actual level design and no fluff you'd think Overload would get more attention

I would list off what I am playing but i'm sure you would find my tastes shit.

Go ahead and shoot. For context, the only game I've played recently that I've enjoyed has been Doom.

You should check out Redneck Rampage and Shadow Warrior. Off the top of my head I have been replaying
I would recommend at least checking them out via torrenting to see if they click with you. At most GTA:SA reminds me why GTA 5 was such a god damn let down.

Rogue Wizards is simple but pretty good turn based Diablo clone.

Red Faction Guerilla is very good fun- crying shame the multiplayer is dead. 3rd person shooter with hit boxes the size of busses (in single player) but the fun is tearing apart buildings and being a one-man army. Mars is pretty as well.

I'd recommend anything from SpiderWeb Software (Geneforge, Avadon etc). VERY low-budget and retro Balder's Gate/Ultima style RPGs, but a surprising depth. If you buy it physically, you even get a hint book- which aids you, but tries it's best to avoid spoilers (questions are at the front, answers are at the back).

Terraria is what Minecraft should have been, but it's successful enough to not need shilling TBH.

Dungeons of Dredmore is a fantastic roguelike turn-based RPG. And it's a true Roguelike- you die you get nothing (other than learning what sort of enemies are on floors). Devs are dead, so fuck knows who the money goes to if you do buy it (I only say because I don't think anyone will have made a pirate copy).

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is an excellent match 3-or-more vs. puzzle game if you can get it for cheap. Don't bother with multiplayer- everyone worked out the broken hero/monsters combination.

Breath of Death VII is the best cheap/budget RPG I've played (like, under a buck)- and is fantastic value for money. Cthulu Saves The World was a little too long and didn't provide anything interesting to keep me hooked. But you can get a bundle for both for the same price as one of them alone, so why not?

The original Valkyria Chronices game is also fantastic (just ignore sequels). Avoid looking up how to get perfect A rank on missions- even on replaying the stage. And don't try to get that rank before you beat the game either.
It gives you powerful weapons, and how you do it is counter-active to what's actually fun.

If you play any of the Shantae games, play Risky's Revenge. It plays more like a Metroidvania, and has a much smoother and quicker gameplay than the usual Shantae games. It's not as expansive as other metroid games, but it's got plenty of areas to re-visit and progression skips if you like speedrunning (the game is basically built for it- and rewards 100%, fast clear times, fast clear and 100%… But the reward is just an achievement and a different menu picture.)

Torchlight 2 is allegedly god-like once you install certain mods (more pets, rebalance, infinite dungeon after beating the game, etc). However, I had a great time even when I was playing it vanilla. And it's better than giving Blizzard money for Diablo 3.

* I meant Pirate's Curse.

There is waaaaay too much praise being heaped on this nothing of a game, it looks like old ass and there looks to be fuck all but endless pointless deathmatches et al to engage in.

Looking at the vids it comes off like an early access, beta, kickstarter, patreon, gofundme, babbies first arena shooter. I predict it will vanish from memory within a few hours of release.

For the first time in about a decade, I have a PC that can run decent games.

But I've been out of gaming for so long that I don't even know what is out there to play.

Well, the good thing is- the last 10 years haven't been amazing.
2007 was when it first all went to shit.

However, there are some stand-outs.
Look at any Holla Forums recommends guide for PC and look for stuff post 2007. But start with the oldest stuff first.

Holy shit you are new/underage.
I am seeing more faggot posters like you by the day and it wont be long before we are as bad as halfchan's Holla Forums.

You mean like all videogames ever? Oh wait are you upset that it doesn't have leveling and grinding bullshit? Why not just play your Overshit then?

I bet you are one of those faggots who think Dues Ex is a bad game because it's too hard for you.

>tfw I still play a game that has this shit in it but it has mechs and halo style gameplay, my one weakness

Thanks. This'll be fun.

I've played almost nothing but dwarf fortress since 2010.

The actual people who like old school and actual good games on Holla Forums is a vocal minority.

This fucking board is filled with retards who only play AAA/Mobileshit/ASSFAGGOTS/MMOs as a way to fill the void in their lifes while bitching and moaning about how there are no good games left all the while tons of niche and less popular games pour in by the dozen and they either pirate and forget about them whilr going back to their daily grind or simply avoid talking about it while maintaining their daily grind.

You know how many threads we had about Rock of Ages 2?

Fucking 0

Daily threads about Granblue, Skyrim and flavour of the month Early Access scam/ASSFAGGOTS is what Holla Forums is all about.

I want to believe that it was different back on 2014 but I'm likely lying to myself and part of that vocal minority just fucked off after all the site fuckups, Infinity, Jewsh and Jimbo acquisition.

I'd recommend an image of the recommended if you can find it.

There's this:

But it must be half-chan's picks because most of this is shit, hipster tripe, or devs who no longer deserve your money. Also, ignore the banners, they treat the OS's like the years even though Win 7 can run it all.

I'd recommend (not including stuff already mentioned):
> Shovel Knight though I'd recommend it for consoles, or at least use a controller and get comfy

I knew I forgot one. Most of Sega's first party games during the dreamcast era are top notch as well.

neat, the now first game was pretty fun

Now heres an updated list I post every time time one of these threads pops up.

If you can't find anything to play or go full retro because "no gud gaymes" you should fucking kill yourself.

-Total WaWa 2
-Sonic Mania
-Firepro Wrestling
-Serious Sam 4
-Ace Combat 7
-Ni No Kuni 2
-Pathologic Remake
-Outcast Second Contact
-CS3 and the PC port of the first two
-Tokyo Xanadu
-Spellforce 3
-Sunless Skies
-Angels Fall First
-System Shock Remake
-Monster Hunter World
-Mario Odyssey
-Xenonauts 2
-Ultimate General Civil War
-Shenmue 3 and the remastered ports Sega has been teasing
-Baldr Sky hopefully this year
-Sea of Thieves
-Abandon Ship
-Ori and the Blind Forest Will of the Wisps
-Forza 7
-MechWarrior 5
-Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar
-Red Dead Redemption Revengeance


Go play PowerStone 2 you fuck

How could you even if with those dubs

Sega's been porting a lot of stuff.

OK, maybe not Denuvo- but I heard it had issues of some kind at launch at least?
Controls or something? (Not sure if it was controller or Keyboard + mouse)

Destiny 2

This one indie RPG. I'm worried it will lean too far on generic, JRPG side and be super tedious throughout though.

im looking forward to dreams ps4 personally, modeling your own games sounds cool, shame i'll be like, ninety when the niggas at MM decide to release it

60 frames would decrease the time enemies would take to kill you.
Thats it, already fixed

Looks like that garbage Microsoft tried to do.

Yup, sure is a good list that reaffirms my confidence in modern game development :^)

Never played it before. Doubt I'd like it because it has RPG features.

other than that the list is perfect

I'm looking for games in the vein of:

Are there any upcoming or forgotten games I might like? I like going through games like these without any companions, because I hate micromanaging more than one character.

So much potential thrown out the window. At least the music was good I guess.

Underrail is getting an expansion, so look forward to that.

Gonna tell you right now everything I'm going to list is either old or semi-obscure. No new AAA things here.
That said you might like lone-wolfing it in Kenshi. Make a skeleton martial artist. Join the Kenshirobot legion. And just wandering around getting into fights and whatnot.
There's also these:

There's Cataclysm. But bear in mind it's pretty.. fucky. Some niggers inserted poz into one of the branches or whatever. At least, so I heard. Choose your version carefully. Is, of course, a Roguelike.
There's also Gearhead 2 which has both a DF Adventurer mode and a pretty amusing tactics side-game (like how fortress and adventurer modes are different but in the same program) where you recruit pilots/personnel, buy and modify vehicles, etc. Bemusingly, it's more of a Roguelite in either case, not being particularly punishing. Although defeat (if not necessarily death) is still a possibility.

I'll give it a try. Shame there's really nothing new getting made.

Kind of off topic but what's the name of that upcoming TBT where I think you play as anti terrorist forces? I recall the trailer had like a raid on a warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

Tell us how it goes, user.
Sorry about ruining what little hope in man you had.
Sage for not contributing.