Ultimate Knight Windom XP 2.008


It's a gundam VS clone for PC. You can blow up mechs and shit.
It has PvE, PvP, CooP, dedicated server program, huge gay mod community and the ability to use your waifu as a pilot for other people to kill her.

Long version:
It's a team based mecha dolphin porn action game, the quickest way to describe it is "Gundam VS clone". Though being a clone it does a lot things differently, like melee weapons handling, having magical girl mechs and moddability.

Chinese mod scene for this game is absurdly large. Supplemented by brazilian, russian and japanese autists the sheer amount of mods for small indie game is absurd. Skins, maps, pilots, music, HUDs, even the full conversions are available. Making brand new mechs was also attempted, but those are mostly remixed movesets/weapons of the existing ones. You still can get more or less functional God Gundam and the like.
Of course you'll need identical versions of game/mods for online play.

You know how modern pink-haired indie "devs" only release local only co-op/pvp games because apparently making netcode for one screen pixel shit too damn hard? Well around 10+ years ago a solitary japanese man not only made fully functional clone of a commercial competitive gundam game, but also made a dedicated server program to go with it, so you can set up games for over the internet or local networks.
Who knows, maybe you can even still find some servers online.
Needless to say server program is bundled with the game, so you don't need to go search for it separately.

Yes this is english patched 2.008 version, i.e. the last one released before author moved on to the next project.

Well too bad, as you can't buy it directly from the developer for quite some time now as the official site is 404.
There is an "official" english site that sells the original game, i.e. without Power Up Kit update which made it basically 2.0 and doubled the amount of playable mechs. I highly doubt buying from there will benefit creator in any way. And you won't get the latest version.

As I said you can mod pilots. But unlike the rest of the game pilots are stored in txt/ogg/png files that you can edit without any special knowledge or difficult tools. Cats serve as a templates for your experiments.
You can find a lot of pilot packs of varied quality made by people floating around.

It should. It's launched through 32 bit exe file, so I assume you can even play it on Linux and Apple OS through emulators and shit.
It werks natively on WinXp and Win7 without any fuckery.
As you can tell by graphics, it's not a demanding game at all, and you still can scale the options in launcher.

Even though I played a lot of Gundam VS games and of course it's objectively superior to Windom, it still has some strong points going for it
I don't remember if GVS series had destructible environment since day 1 or not, but this game has it out of the box. You see that building? You can demolish it.

It's old and graphically primitive.
You can remap all keys except movement ones. Have to use glovepie or some shit for it.
All player communities are dead.
Mods are stolen left and right, you can never know who made that alt eisen model - chink, brazilian or ukrainian.
Because of that modding community is dead too.
It's objectively not as good as Gundam VS games, even Vs Zaft 2 Plus on PS2 has 3 times more content and 2 times better graphics if you emulate it.
While game supports arbitrary resolutions UI is drawn for 1024x768 and will always look ugly and stretched no matter what you do and how you mod it.
You can work around it with portraits at least.
Shit like AA and AO has to be forced externally.

Other urls found in this thread:


Screenshots and shit.
You can use camera mode from pause menu to take sick ass screenshots.


Looks fun, is there a server up? Also, is there a site like gamebanana or a ModDB where mods can be found easily?

Do arcade sticks work with this?

Is the server software less fucky these days? I was hosting a server many years ago and it kept shitting itself, forcing you to restart it.

I doubt they do natively. You can always try joy to key or something similar.

Of course not. It's up to us to set one up.

I only used to set up local network lan games around 10 years ago. I remember game shitting itself under the huge number of units in battleship mode, but don't remember any problems with servers.
I think modern computers should easily brutefroce anything this game has to offer.

Also it was 1.09 version, not powered up, so hopefully the latest one is indeed more stable.

ALSO it has full set of offline modes, so if op made you think that you NEED server to even play it, you don't.
It's a proper offline single player game as well.

Fuck another thing I forgot.
As of 2.008 game has 24 or so mechs, but you start with 5 or 6. In order to unlock the rest you need to complete arcade mode with default robots.
Each robot unlocks new one.
Unlocked ones also unlock robots further.
It doesn't matter if you play on easy, normal or hard, robots will unlock identically.

I guess you can find and download save file with all mechs unlocked if you want, but that may destroy the sense of progression this game has. But it's up to you.

There is also light customization system where you can repaint your mechs and equip passive bonuses. Higher difficulty levels drop better items obviously.
In order to actually receive an item you need to grab it first and then win the mission. If you lose or quit, the item is lost.
You don't need to finish entire run though, so you can grab item, win mission, and quit - you will retain your item.
Alternate color palettes are dropped in the same way. Each robot has 10 or 12 palettes, I don't remember.

I hope my multiposting is not too cancerous, but I hope anons will hop onto this game because of how well made it is, especially compared to indie trash released by the west these days.

I've been meaning to try this game out but haven't found a proper updated version. Also what you're saying about customization/passive drops sounds very similar to weapon/armor in EDF, is that about right? Also, where do you get your mods? are there any you recommend?

Any mod for best SRW mecha?

Is it just me, or are the Linux suits over-powered? It feels like their projectiles have very strong homing and high power, but the suits have low cost.

In EDF you pick up different weapons that actually change your play style, in Windom it's just more HP, more boost, higher DEF/DMG etc.
Also in Windom you only have 4 slots to place items in, they are not automatically applied like armor crates from EDF.

As for mods, most dedicated sites are dead, but there are huge compilations lying around on MODDB or torrent trackers. You can shuffle those for something good. Just be ready for gigantic variation in quality between them.
I wouldn't recommend actually installing entire things though.

I'm fairly sure every real robot from SRW was made at some point, but can't claim that.
There is also a SRW gundam VS clone for PS3, but it's jap only.

It may appear so at first, but soon you realize that they mostly lack physical projectile weapons, like missiles and bullets. Those tend to have higher travel times and can't be reflected back at you, also suits themselves are pretty squishy.
In the end I found myself thinking that the game was balanced fairly well. I even found fun ways to play deliberately shitty suits like win-98.

Some good mods:
Extreme VS Full Boost mod (1.25gb 5 parts)

Gundam Versus (1gb + you need the 3 updates)

What ever happened to the new Windom release? I heard it was coming out "soon" but that was back in 2015.

Thanks, but
Is the Extreme VS Full Boost mod on moddb not the latest version or something?

Does that thing actually add new weapons/movesets or just swaps around existing ones?

Japanese -lite- version is around, but it's just a demo with 5 mechs and 3 maps. I assume he keeps working on it. Though official Windom site being down makes me worry.
Some autists are modding in their favorite gendums already anyway.

The download links are from here:

The mod was made by chinks and can be originally found here:

Honestly I am surprised the winz00e site is still up, it has a few decent mods on it like the ACE mods.

This seems kinda neat, could we host a server at all?

Oh shit there's ACE mods? I fucking love that game. Also thanks for the original link, I'd rather translate the page than use mega at this point

What's up with the pictures of upset cats in that webm OP?


Just don't expect it to start playing like ACE just because you swapped models and maps around.

There is a third thing that is also certain:

I thought not, I just thought it'd be cool to have the mechs. I've got an emulator for ACE 2 & 3

Yes, yes we can.


What is this horseshit?

I-I'm bad with port forwarding satan.
I'll try to do it when I get home, but maybe anons with more experience will do it better.
I never could play Risk of Rain online because port forwarding is too hard.

Its cool, Ill look into it to, it cant be that hard right?

I recognize this game.

Jesus, how many can fit into a server? Also how do I add meme portraits/voices?

Disregard this, I think I figured it out it seems pretty easy

How do you go about making a cusom pilot?

copypaste cat folder
rename folder
edit files as you see fit

So like I just start server and then what?
Can people connect to it?
How do they even find it?
Do I need to fuck with router for people to find and connect to it?
Will I expose my dolphin porn poetry collection to hackers if I do?
I have no idea what am I doing.

I mean I can obviously connect to myself as well, but I dunno if it actually works

Do you need help seeing if it works?

I would rather have a competent user to set things up so I could just play and don't think about anything.

What is your favorite mech? So far I loved the XP Type-2 and the XP SP3, the first one being a full on artillery type and the second one a mid-close range fighter with funnels and a fuck-huge sword that takes away 75% HP

I havent unlocked them all, I tried to use the old looking one but hes just to slow.

The green one with shitty grenades and machinegun? He unlocks the Millenium series,which are the ones in the pics, the Milleniums are decent mid-range fighters, which aren't too "expensive", ending in the Millenium II, which is a pretty good mid-close range.
I haven't unlocked everything either, but the game is still pretty fun.
Just put the arcade in easy, God knows the MS-98 is shit enough

Got a server up.


Just kidding, how the fuck do I join?

I literally just figured out how to forward ports today, so that's probably the issue.

That's your internal IP, nobody can connect with that. Go to whatismyip.com or some variant and post that

aw, well are you in the lobby? I type in the IP in the IP address bar and get 5 empty rooms.

Wont that like, give his IP out?

Yes. Do you want to connect to his server or not? The IP address he posted will only work if you are on the same local network as him

Still empty, are you in a lobby or something?

Yeah, Zeta. Honestly, I have no idea if I'm doing this right or not.

Have you forwarded the ports?

I don't see you in that lobby so probably not. Thats alright.

Hes never done this before, what port would they be anyway?

Yeah, do I have to forward the 68 as well as the 192?

The manual says to forward ports 2362-2366 and 3362-3366 if you are hosting a server. You will need to restart the server once you've forwarded the ports

Ebin post

Alright, it's back up. Let's hope it works this time.

It works! Well done

I don't see no one.

gimme a minuet ill be there



I hope this happens again sometime when I can play longer, was fun for all 12 frames we got

Gimme a sec, I'll try and host


I couldn't ready up for shit and pressing every button on my keyboard to join in and ending up typing up stupidity in the chat

Holla Forums game night when?

No idea, how the fuck do I host this shit?
Host user, gib link pls

Did I miss everything?

There is a server program in the game files.
Also, you have to forward your ports as

Fuck, what am I doing.

I might have it, gimme a few

My imagination runs wild there.


Im sure I fucked something up, my router page is different than what Im used to. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Anyone else willing to take a crack at it?

You should be able to enter yourself~ without any port forwarding.
Just start server, create a room and in game connect to


That's the ip you have to connect to. Google 'what's my ip' then post that.

I don't know how to forward ports.
I mean I googled it and it's way over my head.

Open command prompt, enter 'ipconfig,' then enter the default gateway IP in your web browser.

I got nothing, sorry guys. I cant even do the self connect. I have no idea what the issue is.

I need to know before I get too autistically into this, but are other players able to see your custom pilots without having the same files?


Did you go into your router settings in your web browser, forward ports 2362-2366 and 3362-3366, and also enter your dateway ip into the settings?

Yes, its asked for the inbound and outbound ports, it said those should be the same range. It also asked for an IP, but it was the ip of the device on my network so I gave it the default gateway one.

Ok, enter '2362-2366, 3362-3366' exactly as I typed it into both the inbound and outbound sections, without the quotations.

Yeah, client downloads custom pilots.
At least their faces, not sure about sounds though.

Those too, I'm sure.

Didnt work.
Fuck me man, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. fucking ree

Working on a Discord for when this thread inevitably goes down.

suuuureee. Alright, lets try this again
try connecting to this, I wanna see what happens

Don't. Just don't.
It never goes well.

I won't be able to get home in like 6 hours.
Fucking rip.

Did you restart the server, because I don't see anything.

alright, give me another sec

try again

No dice. You could just try again in the morning.

God dammit, I just wanted toplay video games.
Alright, we can try again later. I don't know what fucking up. Thanks for trying to help.

Nice English mate.


Wanna see if people can connect. Might play one game, then I'm going to fucking sleep.

Hours late, but you press F1 to ready

this game it pretty fun for something this simple. Anything else like it?

What is this game

Gundam VS franchise.
Virtual On franchise.
A couple of one-off korean p2w games.

A relic from the past, when doujin and indie games were made by people living and breathing video games, driven by the passion to have fun and overcome challenges, both in playing and coding.

I just played it and holy shit, this is some cuhrazy stuff. Should I just google for mods or is there a place to look for them?

Anyone else wanna try hosting? I might take another crack at it in a bit.
On basic bitch survival for now. Might switch to teams if enough people hop in.


I dont see it ;_;

Am I doing something wrong, I type in the IP address, give myself a name, pick mech/pilot and click login and it says choose a room all named after Gundam then nothing happens. My fuck-up or is the server not up?

Isn't showing up.

He fucked up with the server somehow.

Try this IP again, I think I know what I was fucking up. I wasnt asking my default gateway, it was asking the IP of the device on the network. Lets see if I fixed it

Gonna try now.

Side note: I'm not usually into /clang/, but I wanna fug Linux Primula

Host here, had another dude in here just know, and last night I had him and some other guy. Honestly not sure why yall can't connect.

Hey, I'm in. How do I start playing?

awwwww yeah its workin how.
connect here

What's the chat key?


enter in game, I think

how to adjust hp and shit


Got the same.


300 ping user here.
I guess I won't be ruining your fun guys.
Enjoy the game.

God dammit, I hate leaving fags out



I mean my ping actually fucks the game up for everyone.
It's not like I can have fun at the expense of others, I'm just not having fun too.

downloadan this game
gonna join ya, fags

ayyyyy this is pretty fun

That map fucking sucked, holy shit


switching game type

Rip blitz

god dammit one of you come back

Is anyone able to open images Game/Robo/?

alright rehosting with different game mode

ggs yall, shit was fun

Maybe I just cant join when we do that. Worth a shot tomorrow.

Blitz works solo for me. Maybe it's the tool used to host itself?

Maybe, could it be the buffer size? Problems for tomorrow I guess.

So did the lag go away after I disconnected?

Blitz is just fucked in this version of the game.

Blitz was always fucked, I mean regular small modes.
They didn't lag did they?

Blitz works in single player fine. I wanna do another mode because just team DM can get a little stale

FFA(survival) is fun though, assuming nobody disconnects

loli mech is a monster and needs to be stopped

You fags playing vanilla or modded?

Vanilla, unless there is some recent change I'm not aware of.

I only fuck around with pilots.
Modded robots are usually just popular gendums' model pasted on existing mechs anyway. And whenever modders try to give them new animations those look pretty shitty, or outright broken. Not to mention inconsistencies in genums' quality between different modders.
And using new maps most often than not breaks bots' AI. Actually game's own flying islands map seems to do the same.
I guess dev didn't code pathfinding or something for that map, and modders never bother with it at all.

Anyone hosting?

Ill host, IP here

I wont be in for like 15 minutes or som but the serb is up and Ill be watching the thread.

Thanks guy
I'll see you tomorrow then, nobody seems to be on
I'll give it a go in the morning

fuck you, Ill be in soon. We can play at least

Yeah, don't be a pussy.

Dubbing was a mistake.

RIP server.

can you rejoin?

Beating hard isn't worth it, I was wrong. Four hard linux magic girls await.

Hard mode has a chance of dropping legendary S-ranked items.
Both from enemies and from final result.

Yeah, I got a few so far. Would you happen to know offhand how many of those legendary S-ranked items there are? So far, I only got Aegis and you got Brisingamen. I'm assuming there's at least a third for the defense-power combination.

I remember there being a couple of norse-themed ones, like Mjolnir or some shit.

Are enemies supposed to be invulnerable when they fall over? I seem to still take damage but enemies do not, even after they stand up they aren't affected by melee swings.

There's two forms of knockdown, some attacks will knock down and you will be vulnerable for part of it. The other is if you take too much damage in a short enough span of time, and you are invincible the entire time. Basically, if the cursor turns yellow you can't hurt whoever you are targeting.

Alright, it seemed like bullshit initially. Just started and I cannot deal with the final arcade battle 3v2. I just got shot from behind nonstop and can't really accomplish anything while the ai bot just rushes out in the open and gets butchered.

New Custom Robo never.

Don't remind me, it still hurts

Anyone hosting?
Is it easy?

When your screen is glowing yellow it means that you're currently in the mercy invincibility state.
Also when enemy is knocked down and hits the ground, he can still be hit/shot in a very short amount of time for reduced damage.

Someone has been throwing it up for USA for a few nights now. It seems easy enough to host.

Anyone down for a serb?
Ill throw one up if so

Are you burgerland?

yeah, if you arent we are going to have a bad time

I'm down for it regardless if he is or isn't.

Fuck you.

Address here, going up

if we keep doing these 2v1 we are going to get bretty good

I'm dying.

Fuck you, leatherman. How's about you get out of that jabroni outfit, I'll strip down, and we'll settle this like men. I'll show you who's the boss of this thread.


moddb.com/mods/gundam-versus-mod Here's one of the most recent mod packs, in case people want to give it a whirl. Has stuff like IBO suits.

this game look dumb


Well, that was worth 20 minutes.

I remember getting into the NA beta for Exteel. It was dead before it even began. Oh well.

Virtual-On will feel pretty close to this. Custom Robo is a little different but you'll probably like it too.

Am I the only one here thinking that it's the best Gundam since Zeta?


Tomino pls.

At least you watched it to be able to tell me that brother.

Well is my post to begin with.
I watched most of Gundams, and Turn A and G-reco are some of the worst ones out there are, being better than Seed Destiny only by having high production values.
Tomino is George Lucas of anime.

I bet you like Grungust Type 0 faggot

Grungust 0 is the best OG mech



You're all wrong. The best OG is SRX.


Nobody asked for a condiment dispenser faggot.

No one asked for a stupid horse, either.

I know that may sound redundant, but it looks like a toy. I mean even by mecha standards where everything is basically a toy, SRX looks like a fucking toy.

Did ponyfags bullied you or something?


I don't understand this reference.

SRX looks like piled up condiment dispensers.

Oh. That it does.

The SRX is one of the ugliest combiner mechs I've ever seen.


You get it in Ryusei's route, actually.


Between Kyosuke and that dumb fuck, who in their right mind would choose ryusei?

People that wanted SRX apparently.

Beating both routes lets you carry over pilot points, levels, weapons, and the like. Why would you not play a game to completion?

You need to know this beforehead.

You mean playing the same shit 3 times? Why?

Personally, I wouldn't do the third playthrough since nothing new is added, but some people like having fully upgraded units/pilots in the first stages I guess.

What is best mecha and why is it Vienna?

Fuck you.
Fuck this game.
And fuck this thread.