Arcades are back babyyyyyyy

Arcades are back babyyyyyyy

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That looks fucking amazing TBH. Turns out VR isn't such a bad idea, it just needs a full Space Harrier type setup to go with it.


I can't wait to play with Holla Forums with it.

That looks super fun, too bad they won't release it for PC.

Now if only if it wasn't kiddie cuck bullshit like Mario and maybe had more realistic graphics and physics like a proper racing sim, then it'd be just fine.

Satan only plays mature games for mature people like himself.

This is being developed by Bandai Namco and, from what I understand, will be available as an arcade machine in the VR zone arcade in Tokyo
So no, not a demo

There are already some good racing sims for VR; like Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally.

That makes good replacement for buying PC, VR and game that I will play once.
Plus it will pander to normalfags, and like not normalfag gamers but actual real normal people.

I can't wait to wear VR goggles that are caked in the grease and residue of the 100 people that wore it before me.

Let's face it, arcades were always disgusting dirty places, this isn't changing much

With how expensive good vr is (the headsets alone won't offer anything worth buying) VR arcades would be a good business decision.


Yeah, but at least in classic arcades you only have to use your hands. It's not a huge deal if those get dirty. I rather not put filth on my face.

Your hands are the worst thing to get dirty since they handle your cock, the food you eat and anyone you touch.
Technically getting your face dirty is much more sanitary than getting your hands dirty

Now arcades will have no fucking excuse to not have those ridiculous multiplayer gundam sims

Why would you jerk off or eat food with dirty hands, you fucking animal?

That's the thing, you don't know if they're dirty or not
Your hands probably have shit on them right know, they had actual shit on them 10 minutes ago when you scratched your nose, now that shit is in your sinuses, in your lungs even.
You've got actual shit in your bloodstream user, all because you scratched your nose without washing your hands

What are you gonna do now?

Nigga, your own filth is unavoidable to some extent, but filth from public places isn't. If you handle money for a long time you're going to feel the dirt on your hands.

I want something like this but with that one weird Star Wars starfighter arcade machine.

We've been saying this for years. The true home for VR will be high-end arcades. Consumer-grade VR will either be shit-tier, or mediocre at best while still require you spending thousands of dollars and dedicating an entire room to your PC+VR+Treadmill.

You live like a nigger, tbh.

god i wish i could get one of those sticks as a buttplug

I fucking hate society.

I miss the days when "wash your hands before eating" was advice everyone knew about. Now we have retards like you who probably never wash their hands even after using the bathroom or jacking off into your monitor.

You sound like niggers, or people that live around niggers. I worked at an arcade in the mid 90s, and part of my duties was cleaning the controls and screens multiple times a day. I'm surprised you didn't bring wetwipes to the arcades with you if you fuckers are so gross you have jizz/dirt/snot build-up on your mouse/keyboard.

My cousin pees on my toilet seat and doesn't wash his hands before sperging out and touching everything

That's why everyone has immune disorders– they don't consume enough viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Soap is bad for you.

Keep telling yourself that, pajeet.

trips confirm. kys

Maybe we shouldn't let in tons of uneducated, filthy mongrels into our countries, eh? really makes u thinko

No thank you.

inb4 tapping an amiibo on a part of the machine gives you a permanent buff throughout the entire round and it becomes p2w

Aside from that though, I'm happy to see this. I've always liked arcades and sadly they just aren't around anymore. I hope there's enough interest in this kinda shit to bring back arcades with new machines for the masses and old retro machines for people who wanna play the old games. There are some nickel arcades dotted around America, or some places where you pay for a pass and it lasts the entire day, and honestly I think that's a bit more fair because the shifts in the economy have caused 25 cents to be kind of pricey for a single go.

I just have some distrust for Nintendo nowadays after amiibo and some of their more halfassed games

polite sage because I already bumped in my last post

Well unless you use the joystick as a buttplug it's not quite comparable to have a smelly, saliva soaked goggles right up in your face.

I envision that everyone can bring their own goggles. Be it Vive or Oculus.

They can also sell goggles on the spot. A cheap cut-down version exclusive for that arcade.

It would be trivial to design them with a disposable liner where it contacts your face. After your session, an employee in the arcade would wipe out the inside of the goggles and replace the liner.

Never change Holla Forums

enjoy your shit genetics you jew

You know that's not some kind of outlandish thread twist and you aren't fooling anyone



holly shit that picture is real

Also, daily reminder that proper hygiene is a "white thing" (if your controller/mouse is greasy right now, you should kill yourself immediately), so when you see someone complaining that you're too hygienic, they're obviously filthy muds.

Maybe it will allow the piggybacking of more traditional arcade games on the market too.

And so are those tits

not really that impressed. Its just funny to see a legit Nintenjoo PR bimbo literally pulling a Jade Raymond.




the switch straps covering her wrists and throats, nice touch.

Arcades never went anywhere in Japan, OP. Cool video none-the-less.

Looks good, but the gameplay looks awkward as shit. Is it based on the first Mario Kart arcade?

are you implying she is hiding an Adams apple?


Strange, I don't see Audrey taking credit for her male colleagues work.

Dem tiddies tho

She doesn't, though, she looks like she genuinely likes what she does and she have never taken credit for anything. In fact, after that megamilk conference Nintendo catch on quick and removed her.

They did. They're just not dead like in the rest of the world.

VR was never a bad idea, it's just that everyone who tried so far never touched a video game and their attempts are gimmicky, retarded garbage. Saying these overly complex VR setups will succeed in the world of today sounds just like those retards back in 2006 saying the nintendo wii's controller would be the new standard controller.
If multiple companies pump out a head mounted display that's not trash, works on vendor-agnostic software, and first person games implement support for them people will start getting those. If they're sold for less than a monitor of similar specs instead of having 95% profit margins and operating systems get proper support, they might even enter the monitor market.

why do whores scream like bitches?

also, nice way to give me motion sickness, I love VR now.

Oh you just reminded me of something

vidya whores are not a bad thing. I just think its funny that its a nintenjew vidya whore.

Are you from San Francisco?

How is she a vidya whole, though? Other than taking advantage of the fact that she has huge tits. As I said, Nintendo quickly sent her some other place to avoid her family unfriendly tits.
She posts pics with merchandise and tits, but she do it on her own, not because of Nintendo, and she doesn't even have any significant position on the company, so comparing her to Alison Rapp or Jade is retarded.

You are confusing wetwipes with lotion.

Fuck off satan, VR is for escapism. If you want racing realism go buy a real car instead of flooding yet another vidya market with boring games.

Simfags haven't ruined the racing game market.
Simfags who never touched a real car and who will buy literally anything no matter how shit it is have.


Arcades never "left" (Earth). They just left the Glorious Burger and Pizza lands, because kids don't go outside anymore (there).

Why would they want to go outside? What is there outside but drugs, disease, the foul air, deviancy and the degeneration of the world? This isn't exclusive to America either.

Niggers killed the arcades. America is too dispersed to allow arcades to be profitable outside of major metropolitan cities - and in major metropolitan cities, you have throngs of fatherless niggerlings roaming the streets. As a result, Arcades became a haven for crime and drugs - and with the rise of home consoles giving you an arcade experience at home without having to deal with belligerent niggerlings, it's no surprise they went bankrupt or got shut down by city officials in an attempt to clean up the streets.

all women are whores

What about nuns?

So, no arcades in Italy?

all women who are not nuns are whores.

Even when consoles weren't shit this wasn't the case my dude.


Now they are coming back as esports shit. I was just reading that my town is going to get some esports cafe kind of shit where anyone can go and play, what I would assume is the most normalfag of shit, including vr.

Honestly I think VR should become a very prominent thing for Arcades. Most people don't have VR since the setup is too expensive. It could really revive arcades.

that fucking asian chick's laughter is making me angry.

Fuck off you tool!


Why would you want nudes of girl that is already taken. So you can cry in the corner of your tub and dream of the life you'll never live?

Arcades never left as far as I'm concerned.

no, so my dick can cry in the corner of my tub


Now I can finally RP as baby Peach.

That insane jewess makes my benis cry happy tears :DDD

But she's not even particularly good looking.

she looks better like this

She's got a perky set of titties but looking at her it makes you think. She's already non-white, has Hershey kiss nipples and has fucked up her body with metal tats and being a whore why not just go for an Asian girl instead?

Even a 5/10 Asian girl would be better than her in all aspects.

Exactly white perky titties are attractive it makes you think "youthful" but the complete package is just disturbing and makes you reconsider if she is hot at all (she's not).

It's more so the fact she looks a grown up anne frank who used her job at nintendo to market her services as a (shitty) high class hooker and pegged her beta boyfriend on camera to prepare him for his life as a gay prostitute.

every time

Is she wearing contacts to make her eyes to dark or is that natural? It just looks so unsettling.

She looks like a 40 year old junkie


Why not just buy her for a night and make your own nudes

I don't live in Seattle, although if I did I'd honestly consider this, get a good shot of her with my load all over her face too.

I just want someone to film themselves screaming make america great again while cumming and see how long it takes for her to storm out


Now I wish I lived in Seattle, I'd put down good money to make this happen.

The nose knows.


Fuck you OP. Retards like you are why I am glad I spent the money to buy a Red and Ted pinball machine. I still remember what a fucking Arcade was.

Arcade games lived and died by gimmicks my man, hell, just think of all the racing games that give you a big fake vehicle to scoot around on and lean on when those controls could just as easily be accomplished with a joystick.

If any of you fucks give her even a penny, I will fucking end you.

Confirmed for underage b&.

I haven't touched anything Nintendo since the N64 but karting and arcades are a thing they are itching. Won't ever be as good as running a girl off an actual track though.

She looks prone to heat rashes, not at all fit for service.

Do you really think the average person can even afford to buy a car in his entire life?
Are you retards really this dumb?
Don't answer that

Get out of the basement every once in a while, you can rent and drive track, rent firearms and get a feel. You would have found these things out if you weren't an absolute homosexual.

I knew a girl who worked customer service at Toys 'r' Us who managed to save enough money to buy a car in only a year of working at TRU. If she can afford it, I'm sure you can.

You don't have to buy a fucking NEW car, you know.

tfw no breasts to wear your boxers over as though they were a bra

Took fucking long enough for people to realize that's the only fucking way to get VR to work.


Sorry newfag, should've planned your post harder.

Would you really want to put some skeezy public VR set on? I don't care how often they swap the sweathead I don't want eye fleas from the multitude of unwashed nintoddlers.

You merely adopted the Quark. I was born in it. Melted a computer in it.


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man whats that webm where that ferengi is trying to find a noise on the ship. I always seem to not have it.

I-I don't really think that boys are meant to have breasts!!

What are you doing here then?

Arcades worked because you could only play in them what you couldn't play at home.
Street Fighter is usually considered the breaking point, because despite not being the 16-bit versions not 100% perfect, they were pretty close and prevented people from going outside.

As for the "Arcades still exist in Japan", I understood they do have old stuff in some retro places but most of their arcades carry only very recent stuff.

That's the point, user, Arcade carries recent stuff because they are nor dead there. As for gimmicks, cabinets usually included something that was hard to emulate at home or not the same like lightguns or dance pads.