Greed Run, or Speed Run?

Greed Run, or Speed Run?


If you stopped using every product or service that was worked on by someone you disliked in some tiny and insignificant way, you'd be living in a fucking cave. You may already be.

I always grinded that secret tundra level whatever the fuck it was called to the point of being unkillable and then just facerolled the game.
There was no reason to play any other way.

Glass + Command is just as broken and more efficient..

speed run nigga I'm not here to jerk myself off all day

I sure as fuck don't use goybook or jewgle, you fucking D&C blackpill shill


Nice dubs, but they won't save you in the latest stages if you're not well stocked on items.


You must be new.

Did you remember to remove the word "spoiler" from the link?

A Loader with 3 alien heads is a easier way to steamroll through the game if you'd like that.


Get out

I never had a run that good since then either.

This game can be a lot of fun but after winning a no item run I just can't enjoy it anymore.

There is literally nothing wrong with reddit.

Greed run always
Beating the game real wicked fast isn't that hard, all the fun in the game comes from stacking so much shit until you can one shot anything by standing next to them

The people who use reddit are whats wrong with reddit, it doesn't help that reddit, actively seeks for undesireables and encourages those people with its interfaces and way of communicating. At its best it's a shitty echo chamber where shallow people post shit to get attention, at its worst you hit "we did it reddit" levels of autism.

Anonymity is the key difference, you can be jerking off someone in one thread and fighting with them in another. On reddit, or any forum with user names really, the lack of anonymity means that any form of proper argument and discussion is immediately hindered because of past prejudices, reputation, or because one persons dick is getting sucked so much they dominate the discussion even if their points are shit. Downvotes are another huge issue that get misused and abused but that's a result of the population, not the system.

It is an issue with the system, since the system only works if the population is perfect. The upvote / downvote system really only works in smaller communities, if something gets to the size of Reddit or even Holla Forums it's inherently broken.

Yeah that's definitely true, I still visit some niche subreddits where the community isn't pure cancer and the upvote/downvote system works well but on anything with over a few thousand people it's pretty bad.
With increased numbers come increased autism, people have been sperging out about the summer holiday bogeymen that have appeared but it is somewhat real, threads definitely dipped in overall quality. The question is whether they'll stay shit or get better as school settles back in.

Why not a 3D run OP?

I'm skeptical about it but also the skies the limit.


Well, that and performance