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August Event Schedule
7/31-8/8 - Poacher's Day
8/9-8/15 - Five Flowers of Fate (Rerun)
8/16-8/23 - Unite and Fight (Water)
8/24-8/30 - Xeno Sagittarius Clash
8/31-9/?? - New Scenario Event

Pastebin with guides and info:

You can play it from your browser by going to

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.


Any characters any of you seen that's fuel for your fetish or makes you yearn for them to be?

every erune

Third for best "girls"

gw theme

When Carmelina rose to 3 stars and the glowing started; I saw Walders form in her place.
Jades new body confirmed Draph.

I finally got around to editing the new footage from the stream at the start of the month with the old footage. Every event in one webm

What's different from the last time someone did it?

added the events after Lyria's event. Plus I made it 480p so it's easier to see.
I was the one who made the last one

I'm thankful for someone putting them all together but that just makes it look worse from blurrier faces and artifacts.

complain to gaps wheels if you don't like it. It took me literally months of daily bitching on /sudo/ but I got him to raise it this high so I could post pdfs of LN fan fiction on my private board.


I used to be good at webm wizadry, but I struggled to keep this below 12mb with a high bitrate. I think that was about 250 bitrate. Part of the problem, though, is that I'm unable to find a good quality version of the March livestream. If you look at the last part of the webm, the quality improves because I could find a 1080p stream link to use footage from

You didn't spend money on this, right?

I did, whatcha gonna do about it?

Thank you for saturating the nips endless hunger for whale so the game continues.

Brought the wrong party in a GO raid, could use the assist.

Testing a support team call out if you need heals or clarify

Thanks, misclicked and picked my strike time lineup instead of my GO team, so naturally Zooey KOed half of them in short order.

No It's cool I haven't used half my team members in battle before and not used to Bishop. Personal best score though.

After the battle can I get some advice on team comp?

Post your character pool and current parties (optional).

This is just a support team for high level raids. I lack the ark to do any real damage, but I managed to rank at 15 despite my mistakes like forgetting to rez Yggs when she dropped and popping Thor way to early. Since Ayer and Herbs were completely useless this battle I was thinking of subbing Sara to stall for time while Rez cools down and shifting in more UP skill gear since Ark is pointless for me at higher levels right now.

Fucking Autocorrect I swear on me mam.

It will never be ready

Shame she isn't the SSR version, but yeah, she can work in the fifth slot. Also if you happen to have Best Butler put him in the last slot, his refresh is a lifesaver.


True enough, but Sevastien is wind, tho.

Also, I see you have Eustace. How is he? From what I know few bosses are immune to his Paralysis debuff, might be worth having around as insurance.

I've begun doing the 90mobacoin daily draw
I've only gotten 2 SSRs so far and I've been doing it for about a month now


Yeah, that was really an unfortunate waste. You could've gone for the surprise tix instead.

It should start in 7 hours 30 minutes. I'll go to sleep early tonight


Eustace is the shit if you can keep him alive. Get five charges and lay in every rebuff you have before Pig I and he tears shit apart while buffing Ayer with grits for when he goes into hate crime mode. His para doesn't always hit but if you put it at the end of your queue you get three free attack rounds. Set yourself up with multi attack buffs after coming out of ougi and you can throw another one out by the time para wears off.

What about Queen Potato? I have her 4 starred and she is good for stalling. I also have water fox princess who can stall mass buff and heal.

SSR Charlotta? She's a monster minitank once you get her 5*.

Then you're ahead of expected value. How is that supposed to be bad? What outcome were you expecting?

but user,
I bought that as well
I also buy every scam gacha


It's okay, I'm new enough that I haven't been burned too many times

First, what are my orders during the GW? I'm on the second crew, get the mats to fight bosses and call you or what?

and second, should I roll for Chloe? I want to get the summer erune gyaru but I also want to save for the legfest

If you're new you should only roll during legfest. And if you're not new you should only roll when you're sparking.

Did you send Cy those letters yet, everyone?

But will Summer Chloe be available during the August Summer Legfest, I'm scare KMR doesn't make an August legfest

I sent an email.

It's in front of my profile

How'd you guys do during free draws?

Already had OG Izmir so I wasn't too bummed about missing Summer Izmir

I got Vampy today in a single one with the hopes of getting the erune gyaru

I got jack shit

Summer Izmir

Nothing but 1 gold moon from a dupe Korwa.
Free draws have always been shit to me.

I didn't roll during legfest due to sparking, but this is what I got in free rolls

Considering I started 17 days ago I don't know.
I bought start DASH and SUPTIX though so that accounts for three of my SSR and one SR. I also blew through crystals during Legfest.

Earth DLF made up for the two 10 rolls where I didn't even get a moon.

Summer Chole will almost certainly be in the August legfest. But that doesn't really matter.

Your odds of pulling Chloe on a single draw are 1 in 133. The odds of pulling her on a 10 draw (with a guaranteed SR) are 1 in 9.

The bottom line is, if a random SSR is likely to improve your team then you roll during legfest to maximize the number of SSRs you get. If a random SSR isn't likely to improve your team then you only roll when you're sparking to ensure you don't waste resources. And if you don't care about improving your team then I don't even know why you would play this game. You can see all of Chloe's artwork and scenes without rolling the character. You're also allowed to look at all the porn of her even if she's not in your party. I prefer to have cute girls on my squad too but I wouldn't sabotage myself to achieve that goal. I guess some people have a totally different mentality than I do.

If you only care about getting Chloe and nothing else then you're probably better off rolling now because she isn't likely to have rate-up during the coming legfest and if she does it's not going to be as high.

Woah user, no need for the Wall text, I got it, I'll wait for legfest If I don't get her there at least the SSR will be a good consolation prize.

Unless is Chat noir, fuck that SSR.

Now how should I work during the GW with my crew I wonder?

SR characters tend to be piss easy to pull during their launch, at least for me.

Would you be okay with having all the Five Flowers as separate characters if all of them were only SR?

Of course.

I just realized that the laughing potato and crying potato are different potatoes.

I bet they got a cross fate.

I got dick from free, and useless gacha ssr summons during legfest.

Such a small and petty thing to censor, I wonder why.

GW in 4hrs 30 mins.

Post your final earth grid


I've been ready before Magnafest started.

I know everyone is posting grids for the event but here's something I don't understand from the wiki about Baha weapons and the >implication that grids can have more than 1 Baha weapon on their grid

Does this mean I can have a Baha dagger (Human/Erune ATK/HP) + a Baha Fist (Human HP + DA/TA) and make my Human grids filled with none's and primal's really powerful and tanky?

I hate not having an earth Erune or Korwa.

So I got mixed up and got the time wrong. Went to sleep earlu and woke up thinking GW was last night. Couldn't get back to sleep so I ground and tweaked builds trying to maximize my pathetic honor gain any way I could. Now I am exhausted and it is about to begin. Gonna drink a bunch of ES and try to fight through it all. Wish me luck, I am off to K-Citymarket to stock up.

the start of GW preliminaries isn't that important. The last half is far more. You're better off worrying about that time

But muh 10 wangun

It looks like I'll be continuing the eyeball massacre this time.

you are the designated meatslut for your crew

tweeted both granblue and cygames

If anyone can answer my question about using multiple Baha's in a grid I'd really appreciate it

Did you tweet in jap or english? It seems like they just bin all english feedback.


The short version is that you only want one baha weapon per grid unless you really have nothing better.

am i ready?

If you wanted to be really bulky and tanky, you would want a primal summon, or be a light sword luck lord. The reason why you wouldn't want to use the HP/DATA Baha weapons is it's a lot of investment for less damage in your grid, the DATA may be nice, but it isn't worth losing out on the 18/20% damage up any other weapon will give you (adding in an extra ygg sword at SL10 should be 30% more damage in most cases).

If you still want a bit more HP, and don't mind limiting yourself to one race, you can use 2 "Normal" Coda weapons, and benefit from the 20% normal attack up and 15% hp up on the 2nd coda.

let me have at em

I found a 720p video of the march stream and remade it with that. I also lowered it back down to 360p to make it look better.



The gobu.

The EX+ boss doesn't have a bunch of HP trigger ougis this time, thank god.

It was fine for my light squad but my dirt team relies on Halle and S.Ayer, I was worried I'd be fucked.

Been enjoying this set up for nightmare, seems easy so far but his mechanics are probably going to be annoying on the later versions.


I'm fucked after all. My worst nightmare was that the nightmare boss would have a Yugu-style multi attack and it does. I can't believe they were actually big enough faggots to do that. Even with < 9% chance for Halle to be targeted she's still going to get hit a lot.


Every mechanic is an anti-Halle mechanic.

On the bright side this boss is absolutely slaughtered by counter so Ayer and Sarasa really stand out.

Maybe I should put SOIYA back on my team and play luchador

Going from a 9% base chance to be hit each turn to a 34% chance to be hit is more anti-Halle than all of the mechanics of the last GW combined.

True enough. At least it doesn't have plain damage triggers, a low amount of charge diamonds or buff clears yet.

Are the tickets from the valor badges affected by draw rates or can I save them for a spark?

no, they're in the same tab as ruppie draws so they are unaffected

which ones? the honor ones give a spark the one bought with valor badge give nothing

I'm sparking the cock. So any ideas on which GW goes better with her, Okto or Sarasa?

So shitty R Yoda and a R summon I've gotten every free draw. Good thing I wasted those tickets. Good shit.

both choose with your dick or wait to see the spark result

Both of them benefit from her a lot. Okto doesn't get as much use out of her third skill but by virtue of having Okto on your team, you'll be using Ougi more which makes her first skill better. I'd say Sarasa still is better suited for Mahiras playstyle since she gets drumbeats by using her GZ, Rage and counters so Sarasa will still line up with your party even if RNG decides to mess with her. I am biased however, pic related.

I think it's more of a question about which other Earth characters you have and what content you want to be better at. Mahira and Okto aren't ideal for MVP racing but are great for Singleplayer stuff. Sarasa allows you to snipe MVP on magnas and do some general utility with her GZ.

Both are great. Go with your heart though, you'll enjoy the game more that way.

Jesus fucking christ he's blinded and he's hit Halle four turns in a row.

Abby is cute, CUTE

Funny how I got Diathna from a single premium ticket. Why couldn't the character ticket have been S. Chloe? I wanted Erune tan lines damnit.

Would wait if I didn't have to pick a weapon.

Have Zoi for quick stuff. Mostly looking toward xeno, HL stuff. Earth team is all SRs right now, so hoping to put them all on deck swabbing duty. I'll take a peek at their fates, maybe that'll help.

I wish I could have done better for this GW.

use yugu instead of halle por favor

Nope, Shroom tator doesn't have a single cross fate.

I ended up with another sword last night so I'll be uncapping one of the ones in my grid.

Thanks I'll try, but my dps is shockingly lower without halle. I mean even in this event, she hits like a fucking truck she does.

Earth is sadly not an element that benefits from Zoi like some other elements do.
Like said, it's better in this situation if you pick who you like.

Some notes though.
Sarasa can be very risky if you miss-use her abilities. Knowing the fight is crucial for her.
If you decide on Okto, try to use another character that has good Ougi synergy like Siegfried, SSR or SR to a degree Eugen, Gayne, SR Herja, etc.
We don't know what Xeno Cocytus will do so either of them can be completely screwed on that fight, higher chance of Sarasa geting messed with since there are more mechanics that can stop her from dealing damage.
Do not underestimate Oktos "Blade God" passive, it's absolutely amazing. Due to this passive you want to place him in the second spot for short fights and the fourth spot in longer fights.
If you decide to someday get the upgrade for either of them, be aware that Sarasa gets a bigger boost from her upgrade than Okto, even without Titan.

They're both great for HL but they're used in different ways and both benefit from different sorts of fights.
covered most of what I could add but it's also worth keeping in mind that a lot of Okto's 5* damage is from his 100% crit rate 70% crit damage buff, meaning he's amazing for water fights but not as useful for playing off element.


I through I was the only one.

So who good is S Diantha? Can I replace one of my water characters with her?

Pure ougi buffer type character. I'd say she's decent, but I don't know if she fits into a water meta.

How would we know who to replace if we don't know who you have?


Oh yeah, good point on Oktos Crit. Another thing is that he has amazing DATA, just TA without 5*, after he ougis. It only lasts for two turns but as long as he does 5 attacks in those two turns he can get it back immediately. With his 5th star he gets something ridiculous like 70% DATA just from his skills.

Her full team TA seems like it'd be great in a Varuna+Uno team. Her second skill doesn't boost C.A. Cap so i'm not stoked on that, skillset seems meh overall. I don't play water i actively dislike it even but people seem to rate her highly so i might be missing something it might also just be Anthuria again.

Wouldn't Silva be better in the frontline instead of Lily since she's kinda redundant with Charlotta?

I have almost the same lineup as that guy, Lily and Charlotta make for stupidly good ougi juggling, particularly when MC is DF or CR.

Silva should always be in the frontline though.

I guess if you wanted hyper offensive you could run Silva, S. Naru and Diantha.

Just to note as people have pointed out that non-Halle teams are much better if a little slower to apply dps.
The team in the picture compared to my previous one here have gone from getting the NM boss to only 60% health down to 20% and about double the honours made which is a big ap saving.

for the love of god make some research before talking

diantha is uno's bitch , uno activate fleeting spark and diantha worship him

Well, Silva isn't Lv100 so I keep her in the back to as an Ougi destroyer.

Three hours

Finished clearing out my first four drawboxes.

I'm speechless

One character, five times the fanart.

Well technically, she is five characters so.

I feel like I'm way behind in my grid compared to what my rank is. Too bad all I get is balms and animas in red chests.

Depends, what is your rank and what do your grids look like?

Managed to do it on day 1 like planned!

My best grids at rank 112.

Its less you are behind and more you spread yourself thinner than you should have. You ought to have focused on skilling up one grid to 10 first then branched out. That aside considering you worked on 6 grids at once it does not look too bad.

Well I do plan on working mainly on fire. It's my strongest team and I have Shiva.

It looks like your weakest grid, better get to work then.
I can relate though, I'm in a similar position.

Well it's less my grid and more that I have really strong fire characters.

Good man, she's worth every item farmed.

Should I save my betting cards for the finals, I have gotten 2 from the draws?

I chose staff for this GW, I'll try to only convert them after the 4th one, I still have 2 other weapons to complete anyway.
And SR staff also gets dropped. I might be on the right track.


That's enough of this shit for today.


Save your sunlight stones if you have any but moonlight is okay to upgrade your light, dark, water and earth carbuncles. They're really useful for both a damage boost fighting on element and for damage reduction fighting against the opposite element. They can make magna bosses much easier to fight and to tank the ougi attacks of.

Macula is a pretty good summon, not sure if he's worth a sunlight stone or not though. Someone who knows more than me would have to answer that.

Anyone know this shit is all the way in fucking bottom? it's the same shit with confirmation pops ups, they keep going lower and lower to the bottom of the page to the point where i can't even click on them.

I need to stop doing this.


It's a manly sounding name so my hands just do it on their own, plus that haircut…

But those tits and thighs…

Just as much a man as this is a girl.

Fuck this site keeping Spoiler enabled.

Well it does bring to mind a certain Roman general

The internet further disappoints me.

After getting two times Siete's sword in the first draw I made today I tried to test my luck to see If i get the erune gyaru.

I did it.

Was this added in the same update that messed with the results screen? Honestly, if they didn't fuck with the other omega anima drop rates, this might make it easier to keep up with 3/day omega raids.

That's not what's happening. You just got two omega animas.

Lamretta's cute ougi helps ease the pain of the grind

I don't suppose anyone has data on HP% thresholds for Ayer's Blood Strife bonuses.

top 300!

Am I the only one that didn't know this? I've been playing for months without that on.

Fucking SSR crystals are trolling me lately.

This is me during the free draws. Two useless SSR summons.

Thank you to whoever uploaded that new set of Gran Blues to sadpanda.

It started making my side freeze up a lot for some reason, so I had to swap back after weeks of using it. No other games have any issues too.


Top 200

So Halle goes up a bust size when 5*'d and S. Izmir goes up as well.

I was the only one who received 3k crystals from Cygames?

check your cache.

3000 crystals

1/9th to a spark. But what is it for?

KMR's heart grew three sizes this day

Maybe his bust size increased 2 cups. 5* KMR when

check our dubs

The nips will check them when they awake :^)

Did somebody died for this?

300 sparks. 3000 is one ten draw. Ten draw 10 sparks

Do you think Hallessenas 5* fate alludes to a new Robomi event in the works?

Learn to draw with Lyria

will we get more nahuatl based units bros?

Will needs to stop fucking around with the lizard and bring some civilization to these savages.

I don't see why not. Especially since it would cut down on the need to think up a new character to sell.

So this is what having ultimate power feels like.

JP Twitter are posting their draw results @ the gbf account. So many Summer Idols…


oh nevermind they literally just showed up

I can feel them, I can feel the dolljoints with my fingers

Another shit summon.

actually it's a pretty good summon. It's an ssr buncle. It gives water attack up and fire damage down, useful for both offensive and defensive purposes.

SSR bunkles aren't bad, though.
You could do a lot worse

Ah thank you, sadly it will take a long time for me to uncap it and I have loads of other summons too which makes the decision on which to uncap really quite difficult.

So how well did all the crews place now that preliminary are over.

I wanted the idols but a teenager foxgirl with tanlines is fine too

I know right, screw the idols, the tanned erune gyaru is the true price to strive for.


I wanted tanlines and got swimsuit idols. I'm both happy and sad at the same time.

So, the necessary amount to spark is 90k Crystals, is that Right?

yes, or XXk crystals+rest in tickets


Yes but it's recommended to save up premium draw tickets too
Every draw ticket you save is 300 less crystals total you need to hoard

Is not that I care that much in character s by now, just getting the right weapons so I was thinking on start saving to spark when a character appears since is hard for me in Latin America to make the steps to buy mobacoins.

You fags have got to stop making me want to 10-roll. I am hurting for summons so bad.

Somebody fucked something up and you got 3000 free crystals from the devs, it's basically a "free" 10-roll

If you go in expecting the worst you won't be disappointed when it happens and feel refreshed when you get something good

This is a win-win situation you got here, better roll now cause limited's don't last forever

Fucking same, I dont desire characters anymore, I want summons.

This shit right here, this is what makes me fucking hate GW. Feels like it happens every GW, too.

This is now a filename thread.

Progression should not be randomized.

I fucking hate so much about this game.

Nice! Looks like you got exactly what you deserved.

The general consensus around here is to save for legfest. Why didn't you save for legfest?

I used a burner card to buy a discounted single roll and got the S. Diantha

You deserve this.


Could have been worse.
Welp down to 151/300.
I've only been at it for 2 months now, wanted to wait for New years, but I think I'm going to be able to spark a lot sooner than expected.
Biggest problem is, I don't even know who I want and I might have to decide on the spot based on what caracters come out.

Is there a chance they will bring Halloween Cags back?


I've been saving since the beginning of January and i'm at 421. What the fuck are you doing?

SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK AM I MISSING!? Is there a crystal lode that I missed?

I spent everything I had during Legfest and I am already back up to 15k crystal.

All the holloweens will be back.


eat shit if you arent going to help me, Siero

There is another way to help you spark you know.


Somebody pick what earth characters I should use because I'm dumb

Where is Summer Medusa? I was told there would be Summer Medusa.

Forgot this.

cog yugu mellau or gandalf

Infinity's final score

The lack of number separators really triggers me.

Ygg aletheia melleau, cog is useless outside her 5*, don't forget to bring clear.


Clear/clarity, the debuff removal green skill from 2nd row healer.


I don't know what to tell you, I've pretty mich started saving when they gave away the 30 tickets, even used 5 lf the damn things. I was at chapter 76 of the story, now I'm all caught up, haven't even finished all the free quests. The Idol event had 12 characters in it and that was a lot of crystals in fate episodes, plus being kinda newish still, I'm unlocking achievements for killing magnas and HL bosses X amount of times.
I haven't been lucky on the free rolls either, getting only 3 new characters between Rs and SRs, but I haven't touched the button since I started (remindinf myself I'm saving to spark every time I look at it apparently helps) and crystals and tickets just keep piling up.
I had even more, but I just got Threo as well, so… what the hell are you doing?

And apparently I've got to stop posting fron the phone. I hate this keyboard and I miss too many typos.

Does anyone know when they are supposed to add solo coop?

It is said by the hopefuls that since the Elemental Shivas are straight upgrades to these shitty summons these dumbasses will get a buff.

Did you forget your tickets or something?
I also started saving in february and I already sparked two weeks ago

I started sparking in March and was ready to go last legfest. Though that was in part due to 9000 crystals from the march livestream. 30 tickets from the anime and another 3000 crystals from the august livestream.

IHYATA cause I am done until the first round starts.

Scam gacha later tonight
I eagerly await disappointment

You should really make a co-op alt regardless.

Is the game getting glitch as fuck for anyone else?

I was grinding Casino earlier. Ended up with 5 million, bought some shit and was down to 2 million. Just went back to buy silver bars and I was back up to 5 million.

When isn't it?

I aint gonna complain about getting nips for free.

Also the game just updated so the new scam catch a might be up.



The first thing to check whenever the game updates would be to check this banner on the main page, the game updates for the new granblues comic.
The scamcha would be up in about 2 hours (19:00 JST).


How many dark claws are you really supposed to run in a dark build? I have been hearing the max is like 3-4 and then two dark axes.

I can't offer you legitimate advice as I only have 3 0* claws, but I don't see an issue running a 6 claws build if you're going to be at really low health.
It boils down to how willing to meme it up you are: If you have S. Zooey you can get away with 6 claws since you'll be floating at 0.1%-60% health and cranking up enmity to eleven, while the two or more zaghnalls allow you to hit harder at higher, almost full health due to their Big modifier.

5-6 is a full commitment uploaded some of the new granblue song on volafile

What the fuck elephant, why don't you use mega like a normal person and upload the ost there

no fuck off

You god damn nigger making me download each song individually

stay blue

Can you at least upload a zip of it.

only cause of those trips FANTASY ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS Fate.7z

Thanks m8

Don't do it.

I got summer Ghandagoza

I just wanted a titty monster

Legfest is in less than two weeks and all the summer folks will have up rate. If it's the same as last year.
Everyone stop rolling now.

Stop me.

The weapon up rates and associated characters for the next few days

They know what's up.

People aren't going to stop being retarded because you asked them to.

yeah because eusless' gun is a meta earth weapon

for titan yes

Why's it so hard for them to put Summer Cami in?

Camieux has been in the draw pool for over a week now.

Summer Camieux is an SR

I need Summer versions of all 3 sisters.

And I ended up with Carmelina and Chloe instead…all I ever wanted was a stronger plain damage character and to finish my collection of Cami.


only good for dolphin porn

There is a furfucker among us.


I love loli Heles.

But she isn't an Erune any more than Rosetta is human.

rosetta isn't human though

Would Schacha (Deidre's vessel) be Heles' daughter or her clone? And when is Heles getting her 5*?

neither and never

Somebody say Rosetta?

I've been wondering; is that picture breast envy or yuri?

Heles and Seruel made the vessel by a 'blood ritual'. You can go lots of ways with that little info. Maybe it was a simple as the two cutting themselves for a couple drops of blood that the beast then used as a blueprint to make the body, which would be more clone. Or the vessel could have required a fertilized egg of the royal bloodline, then daughter fits.

I'm just happy for the comiket books of her that feature consensual vanilla sex with her knight.

Here's another little tidbit: According to the Naoise event and Schacha's fate episodes, her best magical compatibility is with Seruel. But yeah, she likes Naoise more.

It's time, nerds. All aboard the airship Autism.


In some 13 hurrs.

The GW NM bosses have been sort of pissing me off these last few GWs. The are pretty much:

oktopuss is one of the easiest gw boss to date

I've just been using ayer/ygg/cog and killing it before the skill seals are even an issue.
95 and 100 will be cancer without veil though.

Is furias from Mahira's rooster temple clan? He's the only other harvin with chicken ears. Did he turn evil because he didn't get the divine general position?


Hallesena is carrying my ass hard. Nothing like tripling for 500k-1m a hit with a half developed grid.

Likely testing the waters for more to come. Cygames are the people who censored the Shadowverse artwork as well. If you don't raise your voice now then when it happens again they'll just say "well no one was complaining last time."

Why? Why even make such a minute change?

Because she's everyones hira.

I wasn't too fussed on mahira when she was announced, mostly due to her being harvin, but she's really grown on me. I hope I manage to draw her before the year ends. But it doesn't matter that much since we get a free SR version of her at new years anyway

I missed out on SR Anila

I imagine most non-japanese did as her event was before the english patch. Shame, as I really like the bow in her hair in that version

Look at this sleek compact design, the beautiful porcelain finish, the silk interior, the state of the art bumper that feels so good; you'll find it hard to stop ramming it everywhere. How could you not want to slide into one of these fine specimens?!

For a second there; I thought SR Anila only had one arm.

It's everyone's favorite game, "Guess whos behind those buffs!"

I can't believe you spent money on an outfit/Djeeta.png, Ayer, Sara, and Seigfried.

Nigger, that's literally toddlerporn. Potatoes are not for fucking except by other potatoes.

Even if this potato is a cake?

Would need diaper cancer introduced before it became that.

I'd partially understand if the proportions were womanly, but as far as I have seen, Harvins don't even have enough boobage for A-cups.

Where I can obtain an outfit for characters I like in less than or equal to 28 USD, I shall pay.

They have birthing hips!!
How the hell did they nurse before farms?

do you even have all of them?

nevermind, you have good taste to make up for a lack of sense



The only one I don't have is Mahira, and she is my current spark target, and I am currently sitting at 198 draws, and am on course to sparking her for either Christmas or new years legfest with draws to spare.

well we've never seen a cow in granblue fantasy, but there are female draph…

We've never seen a doctor, either. Should we just assume that people who get sick die right away?

Don't look at me, look at Lyria.

Only one has sold his soul.

Make that two.

What I'm saying is how did they nurse their young before they could figure out that other animals and plants could be used as a source for their offsprings nutrition?

we've seen doctor's before. Eugen was in hospital in Lyria's event where Gabriel posed as a nurse.

A bombshell of a nurse at that.

Playable Nurse Gabriel when?

Next year. Maybe. Hopefully.






I'd fuck all the races

It's based off hews' self-depreciating joke with his latest WIP art.


4 down, 6 to go. Good night and good luck to everyone still grinding.


Who's left?

Well I am done for this round. How did you do?

I can't post my score, my crew will mock and shame me if I do.

I know your feeling bro


that's Japan alright

why didn't these cunts go to tier b instead of bullying the noobs in tier c

There was clearly a point where I went too far.

and then I decided to just keep going.


You skill them up, not uncap them.

Crew 1 did amazing on the first day.

Wow… all those EX+ bait trains I ran were for nothing

It's so they can get all the C tier rewards
They're B tier teenagers who're competing in a C tier competition meant for kids

What kind of fucking bullshit is this? Randomized progression is bullshit.

at least you didn't went the autism route

Anre, Feower, Fif, Seox, Eahta, and Niyon.

That was rough during their Assault time.


Zeus orders me to carry out my Light Gun memegrid plan.

I find it hilarious how the nips are happy to one shot the regular manga raids, but they won't do any of the HL raids.

Good haul from betting

To whom did you bet user?



how fast you are though? sara damage is pretty mediocre and so is yaia

Over 10 minutes. I can probably go faster if I multi client or something.

What's her secret?

naoise isn't the father


A prank.

Yeah, over 10 minutes kept hitting the 1:19 mark near the end

But who is your favorite?

Who couldn't love co-coco-ri girl

Would you tell the others?

I just want to win one round.

why do you need that many guns? Think of all the ssr fodder you're wasting

I don't even know at this point.

You can make a solid Zeus grid with a bunch of those I guess.


Welp, early loss. The opponent is really strong and beat the lvl95 boss as fast or faster than us.

which crew?

I'm in a jap fun guild, first battle was fair enough. This one is impossible.

Checking those dubs of truths.

Were are you placing your bets, guys?

It's looking like it could be WES again, but keep an eye on the numbers over the next 2 hours and bet at the end.

Also, Chloe's art count has doubled since her summer skin was released.

Well she IS a brown teen in essentially what is a fancy cowboy cosplay stripper outfit.

I've been slowly screencapping the numbers over the last 2 hours. It was WES earlier, but N overtook S. It'll either be WEN now, or possibly WNE, but I don't think N can catch E at this rate, but it is faster. Depends if they speed up after betting closes.

Why won't you die?

Anyone know the crew ID for Raven Nest or what ever the 4th crew is called?

Why ask?

Making the new thread with the list of crews. The 4th crew is the only crew that I don't know the ID.

don't there are crossposters here unless you want people to mock you

I don't care but they need to fuck off

I see. What is this crew ID you're asking? Can't find it.

Rookie is this you? Can you make your crew not private on your profile? If you're some other guy then give me your ID and let me inspect your crew from your profile if you're from the 4th crew.

Done. Check again.

New thread

I love you, you beautiful nigger.