Uncommon Time Thread #3: Autism Edition


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You can find the stream over at smashcast.tv/Thassil

Starting in 45 minutes at 6PM EDT come and watch!
>And last but definitely not least, we found an amazing character in that game, the only saving grace this game has. Teagan Who did nothing wrong.

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Just fucking kill me


He recorded the entire thing, so you get to watch all 25 hours of this when he uploads it to Hitbox/Youtube.

You know, I actually will.
Won't be the same as watching it live and shitposting with you fags, but it's better than nothing.

Infact, I will also go so far as to say we have like 2(soon 3) full on recordings of this game and our reactions on Thassil's Hitbox Smashcast channel.

Archive of old bread here: archive.is/o3Eg4

Already watching this years recordings, just 6 more hours until I'm "caught up", yey.

Did he do that new ending some user made?

Wait no shit, it's 12 hours

Welp, guess I'm watching the recording on this one.

I am comfuse; is it ogre? Are the anniversary videos uploaded on the channel this year's? Is it a fresh start/new game at 6:00 tonight?

pls respond

Tonight is an afterparty of sorts. We're doing the dev room, where you get a disturbing look into the mind of the author, as well as an user-made ending.

Wait, what?

E-Explain please

Apparently an user made an ending called Duet. It's that these are from. I think it'll be steamed today. Most of us haven't seen it.

The dev room has commentary from FP on each of her characters, so that should be self explanatory.

I've been wondering recently, what with how in depth we know of FP at this point, how would they react if a semi reputable person played it?
And they sided with Teagan?

All indications are that she would flip her shit.

DMCAs out the ass, minimum. I know FP isn't popular even on tumblr, but I wouldn't be surprised to see torches and pitchforks come out anyway just to gaslight someone. These people do this sort of shit for fun.

FP is relatively tiny on Tumblr with just above 1000 followers and she's mostly popular for her Undertale content rather than Uncommon time.
archiveofourown.org/works?utf8=✓&commit=Sort and Filter&work_search[sort_column]=hits&work_search[other_tag_names]=&work_search[query]=&work_search[language_id]=&work_search[complete]=0&pseud_id=feralphoenix&user_id=feralphoenix

This infuriated me in a way I never imagined possible. The girl spent all her day babysitting four special needs children and her nights training them to play music and sing so they can reach some level of competence when they need to play a piece on which the fate of the world rests, yet we're expected to blame her for the others' failings, and the others all say Alto was the one who taught them about music. Fuck killing off Alto in Teagan quest. Death is too good for her and the retard squad. Teagan needs to save the world in a way that everyone knows it was her and have this lead to Alto and her family losing everything and going down in history as failures along with the rest of the retard squad.

Not to mention that the world tuning failed explicitly because Alto caused it to fail due to her desire to destroy the world.

Then she continued to blame Teagan anyway.

I went ahead and played said added ending. Y'all are in for a treat.

I keep forgetting about the whole Teagan is blamed for World Tuning failure just because Teagan is shit on by the game so much that it all blends together for me.

Fuck, I can't believe how much this shitty game has grown on me and shitposting with you guys is such a comfy experience, I will really miss it ;_;

And don't forget that Alto thinks Teagan should guilt trip herself over it for the rest of her life because if a person does something wrong, they should never be forgiven for any of it.

How do I stop being such a fag?

user it's a fucking stream, if you can't stop being a fag to do the literal minimum you can do we can't fucking help you
God help you if you decide you want to actually play video games with us


Yeah, this is the point where you're fucking up, user. Don't worry so hard about catching the entire thing from beginning to end, just jump in and have fun.

Hey everyone, streamer here.
Sorry for not making the thread, I woke up 5 minutes ago.
Stream's still on for 6pm.

I may have misunderstood alot but doesnt Alto blame everyone for the tuning to fail? In the Mary Sue dungeon she says it was her fault and in Ending 1 before facing the Ribsslime she shits on Teagan for splitting the party up after the fail so they couldnt "clean up their mess"?

I got lucky and noticed right before the thread fell off page 14. I got your back fam although I'm still gotta give you shit about it, just for fun.

Please do, I deserve it for being a faggot and over-sleeping.

Alto blames anyone for anything as long as it isn't Alto or Arietta. Even Aubrey, the "love interest", gets shit on from such a height that she probably thought it was god himself. I'm surprised Meirin and Saki got away relatively unscathed.

Saki and Meirin escaped the brunt of Alto's wrath by largely being more interested in each other and mostly only interacting with Alto as yes-men. Both Teagan and Aubrey were unlucky enough to want actual relationships with her.

Damn you hit the snooze button almost as much as I do. I only bully because I care, y'know.

I've hit it in my sleep.
That was a bad day.

don't go to eat at the start, who do you think you are? Mark?

Wait, didn't Meirin have sex in the game? If she lied and was actually underage, who was the pedo who had sex with her again?

You know I feel like Alto could have been a decent character if the writer was self-aware enough. I mean, if the story didn't carter to all her shit, then she would probably feel like a selfish, childish brat that needs to grow with the help of Teagan to become a better person instead just being a selfish, childish brat that we're somehow supposed to sympathize with.

Those pictures make me feel, can someone give a link to that Uncommon Time version that user made?

Or maybe Alto could be a different kind of childish brat, one that isn't a author self insert most importantly. Why? Because I want to dick Alto.
This is your fault for drawing porn of her :^)

You're right. The arc woulda been simple. Have Alto collapse from a mistake and get isolated, not unlike Teagan. A period where being her means not being the good guy, but being with her as she does that, realises she is like that, breaks down from the realisation and pieces herself back together.

The unintended flaw with Alto is that she becomes abusive, not unlike the shit she went through. That's painfully true to life, and it's what really drives us mad about this game. So, have her world collapse in part of that. Have her be made face that. Then, have her come around from that.

same tbh please draw more

You know the thing about Uncommon Time is that there is potential for a good story in there. The characters are fairly distinct from one another, there is some care put into the setting even if it comes of as retarded and the relations between the characters are interesting. The problem is that every time we could have an interesting plot point, it fucks up completely because of character feels.

I mean "creator feels" not "character feels".

The modded game in full

One with a premade save file for a good place to start, if you wish to move on from some things. (Give Saki the medicine and then go to Tenuto Grove):

I can't seem to be able to download it, do you have it on some other hosting perhaps?

Is it starting soon?

It began 35 mins ago

From Yesterday's stream

Tell me she did this only because she knew what was best for Alto, FP.

Go on. Tell me.

It's reassuring to hear it didn't shit itself and crash or break somehow.






I'm interested in this too. I don't know who thought it'd be a good idea to archive.is a download host link, but it certainly failed to do its job. Even another Mega link would be good enough for the time being.


Sorry guys, can someone else come help out?

Don't take the meming to hard, modbro, it just looks a little silly

I sadly missed what happened with Nega-Teagan or whatever was going on, what happened exactly?


How was this involved then?

We don't know yet, we're getting to there

Same thing happened to me, I just used livestreamer to connect.


"You still had those bandages on when we first met."

I'm feeling it.

This is making me angry. Just because of how EASY it was. How easy it was to change Alto into a somewhat likable or agreeable character.

Got archive of the first one as well?

Honestly I liked parts of Alto even in the original. It's just that one fatal flaw of FP's turns what could have been an interesting protagonist into a disgusting wreck - a complete lack of self awareness. Alto becomes what she hates, and hurts others because of it.

But recognising that flaw? Exploring it?

We get somewhere interesting, then.

It should be hidden there in the 2nd thread somewhere. Maybe in the OP.

Teagan = AnonAlto > Aubrey = Altair > Saki >>>>>>>>> Meirin > Feral Alto

It's not just the self awareness. There was a lot of passive aggresiveness, and it somehow always went back to her. Just look at the uncommon time with Aubrey. In this little mod, all of that has disappeared or altered and made her 150% better.


I love you guys sometimes.

I knew this moment could be earned, but I honestly didn't think it'd be earned as much as it was.

A+, user.

Feels more canon than canon.

Yeah, I guess I'm attributing that to lack of self awareness. Because, y'know, Feral.

My name is not important

This is nothing short of incredible.

Teagan = AnonAlto = Loli Aubrey > Aubrey > Saki


Fair enough. It could all go under self awareness I guess. Maybe I'm just retarded.
Or this entire moment is getting the better of me

The Trump timeline has been a wild ride

It's getting the better of me too ;_;

did u rike it?

Watching the VOD isn't going to be the same without the chat.

I stopped reading chat or even typing in it. I was captivated once they went in to Uncommon Time.

Play it yourself, you'll have the joy of experiencing it up front.

Came just in time for final boss, ending and credits. It was pretty emotional, F.

What was the origional ending supposed to be?



Alright I'm gonna need a link to the mod with the game. I have to do this.

I got the last hour, so was this a mod to the game or what?


Link for anyone interested

It's the one true ending, uncovered after two years of memetic research into saving Teagan.


Holy shit, that was actually amazing. Thank both of you glorious bastards for doing this!

I still cant grasp it
Its done. I cant believe it.
fucking Duet user made me and quite a few others cry

I think I might.

Alto agreeing with her evil side but still 'overcoming' her, convincing everyone and herself to tune the world despite wanting it gone, being a passive-aggressive shit with double standards to everyone, telling Teagan she will never forgive her ever
What edgy fanfiction, huh?

Holy shit, this mod fixed the game.

Alto is a cunt for all the FP endings. She never forgives Teagan and they're not really friends. She's such a massive cunt, that it's impossible to like her.

Post it.

lmao what a bunch of fags

Duetanon here. I'm glad I got to share it his with you. Uncommon Time and all these streams have ended up meaning a lot to me. Thank you all for being here.

Streamer here, here's the mod link, I think.
Game: mega.nz/#!pmxGhIoQ!MxD1qSCqWCxQ3BYG_64Nt03cAoEJ0cIzIvH95uGuFp8
Save (Go in to town, inn, then Tenuto Spring): mega.nz/#!9zASBLAa!mM7kIn-D8SNO3zC4x2qZ96NlPMMvmDMYSJH9iLHoyuY

I'm gonna write a longer thank you post, but until then. Thank you all, so much, for joining me. This was a wonderful and fantastic ride.

You're welcome

BRAVO user


You left one of the credits images out, right? The one with Alto and Teagan waving at the camera.

Now THAT was a ending.
We loved teagan and hated alto, every fanfic we thought of was dumping alto to the curb. Our canon end was the death end. And then here comes this fag that actually gets us to root for alto. Wew lad, 10/10
Dump all the new artwork you got made nerd.

You made diamonds out of ashes.

I want to shake your hands (No homo) and give my thanks

Don't you mean lucky nerd?

Are we still even in the same timeline? Do good things actually happen?

Where were you when Uncommon Time and Duetanon saved vidya?




Make a /vp/ thread. Board moves slow enough that an uncommon time thread would stay there for a long time.

Sage for off-topic.


My favourite is the shadow Teagan battle sprite. Ben Garrison outdid himself in this.

Nope, no such luck. Guess I'll have to keep asking around.

Only in a place like this could people who hated something take it from the creator, fix it, and say "we're the fanbase now", to the point that they talk about it more than the original fans did. It's like you completely fan-cucked the creator.

Were those new art assets from the game itself or did anons make those?

u r welcome, I loved nuclear.

It's fucking true, isn't it

Thank you for making it, it relieved the years of crushing wrongness and pain that this unbearable piece of garbage had inflicted onto my mind.

The new stuff was drawn by the user who drew this a while ago. Found him in a drawthread. Treasure your drawfags, guys.

And it's an incredible feeling.
I like it how we basically said fuck it to story, and made our own happy ending a reality.


Great stuff my man. You and your crew truly are doing God's work. Shine on you beautiful bastards.

[spoiler]>Didn't take part on the original streams because it would just be annoying
I guess Nietzsche was right, there is no happiness without suffering.[/spoiler]

Normally I'd tell you to fuck off back to cuckchan, but I'm in too good a mood right now. I'll let it slide this time.

Actually whats most impressive is that you didn't try to change what was already in the story and just worked with it.
This was a fun ride, its been a while since we've had one.

I'm going to thank you again. You really don't understand how moving that was to finally see a good conclusion to that game. I have sat through almost the entirety of every single stream. One stream lasted so long, that the sun had set and rose during the duration of it. I don't know why I did it, because it never ended well. Even with ending 5, I was nowhere near content. After two fucking years of pure hatred for this game, you have made a meaningful conclusion. Two years of pain and suffering have concluded in the most satisfying way possible. I teared up, and I never teared up over a video game before. Seriously, and I'm not shitposting here, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

no homo

Oh come on I just saw someone doing multi-line spoilers and I went to the FAQ.

>this nigger has no idea how spoilers work

Niggers. Has anyone uploaded a recording yet?

**Just use the double *.
It werks.**

Or not.


These [spoiler] tags are actually quite useful because the website treats them differently from the **, so you can embed spoilers in spoilers.

I would never give someone a tip like that under normal conditions, but holy shit am I happy.

Thank you for everything.

>Making it even better when Alto stands up, refuses to stand down and when she's at the verge of victory shows honest compassion like a strong, caring girl making the most of a heavy burden

10/10. I'm not just saying that while lost in the moment.

I feel motivated to do my best tomorrow. And it's all thanks to you guys, especially Duetanon.

Oh yes I did.
Don't think the little touches were lost on me. But then again, you probably saw the chat going mad over every little thing from the breaking items to Alto's frame facing.

Give yourself a pat on the back for me, since I can't do it myself.

Now this begs the question. Can we save Arietta or even, God forbid, Meirin?

I understand now. We didn't need to make a game where Teagan was right. We needed to make a game where Alto really was right. FeralPhoenix was too blinded by her own problems to see that, and we were too blinded by our hatred of Alto so we clung to the only person who seemed sane. We, like Alto, shouldn't have asked for a lighter burden, we should have asked for broader shoulders.

I'm just glad there are people who care about this mess as much as I do.

Feral did a very good job setting up the world, but she tripped over her own bitterness and neurosis at the end. It's a shame, because even the tragedy of Alto holding onto her bitter self could have been a very good story if that was what she wanted to tell.

I had a lot of fun writing Winter Alto, though she ended up very different from the base game.

The sad thing was how easy this was to make. All I really did was swap the order of a couple of scenes. Almost all the Uncommon Time sequence is exactly the same, but it was just a wall of text with no way to relate to it without Teagan there.

Everything ends up transformed because Teagan is there. You remember what the key to the last door was in the base game?


That was a fantastic way to end the streams, but now it's time for me to sleep before midnight for once. 4 hours of sleep for the past two days really wasn't good for me.

I think Meirin's shittiness and everyone else's is coming more from Alto enabling their behavior more than anything.

I really loved they way you switched the last key for Sorority.
It was Malice, right?


Thats nice and summed up actually.

All the little details that went into it were great. we need that recording uploaded. I wanna see the teagan fight again.


Fucking this. Welp, Teagan Quest got redundant now, we have our happy ending.


Actually I have a real question
How much HP did Teagan Alter have

It could still be done, I mean, Teagan still wanted to explore the world, so maybe it can be just going around knowing the world

I said it once, but I'll say it again: you're a saint and you're doing God's work. I really express to you in words the sheer satisfaction and closure that ending brought, and at the end of a two-year build-up of emotion that I didn't know I needed resolved. All the little touches were good, it made it feel (more) authentic. Managing to include memes tastefully is an artform, and I didn't think I'd see the day where I could witness it out of a Holla Forums project, but you handled them well. There were little issues I'd have to replay it to point out, but overall, let me attempt to thank and congratulate you on this again. I can't really find the words for it, but this was the healing I didn't know I need.

I don't know what your future plans are, but please, make more shit in the future.

Something else I found frustrating that was adressed was actual character development. By Ending 1, Alto has gone from bossy bitch to Queen Cunt. Teagan barely changed, only apologized to no avail. Duet made Alto confront her inner demons without becoming them, and managed to find a way to make Teagan self-aware of what few shortcomings she had she did nothing wrong but still and apologize for them in a way that made her character evolve rather than just shoehorning in "man I guess I was a shitty friend if Alto said so."

All of this has made me realize just how stagnant the characterization of all the characters is through out UT. You see a glimmer of it during Ending 1 when Alto is """dead""", but this really brought it out in spades. I'd be interested to see good endings for the other characters too.


I'd rather her get the chance to see a world that doesn't involve preferred pronouns being a normal thing. Maybe along with DuetAlto.

If you want a reaction form the main party, why don't you contact that friend that followed us to 8ch/v/ during somewhere around the time we discovered Uncommon Time? You know, the one that thought not liking who likes your game was silly, and some user was sperging at us because we didn't hide our HTTP Referrers?
If the main author won't see our game, at least her friend can.

Honestly, the anniversary and Christmas streams are the primary reasons as to why I come to Holla Forums.

You know, Meirin and Saki's backstories are nowhere near as explored as they should be in the game. There should be a second expansion, where their story is explained. Meirin is clearly fucked up inside even without Alto's enabling, and Saki has a genetic disease. Surely there must be a way to explain their behavior, making them likeable rather than just extant. I also feel that Aubrey deserves much more attention that FP gave her. Her story still has a lot of holes.

We could also ask that one girl Feral based Teagan on what she thinks if she actually bothers to show up in this thread after so long.

Thank you Thassil and Duetanon from the bottom of my heart.

I never would have thought, that a stream about some shitty tumblr RPG Maker Game on Holla Forums of all places would bring me to the verge of tears.

This was truly a marvelous experience, looking forward to next year.

The real turning point for Duet is that Teagan was there when Alto confronted her memories. I'd like to do the story of how it might have gone if it had been Aubrey or someone else instead but Teagan was the deuteragonist all along - and Saki and Meirin really don't have enough canon development to be able to do this. I wish they had had their own UT sequences because they both have the potential to be very good characters.

We still have Christmas.

Christmas Stream was a shitty game/fanfic fuckfest. What are we going to turn this year into, given these new developments in friendship?

We got our end, how hard would it be to unfuck the game play?

Harmonia isn't the entire world, right? Also, I'd imagine DuetAlto would still be looking for a way to stop the need for World Tuning, so maybe she'd go research in other countries for some hints and T accompanies her

Saki and Meirin I felt them like party filler, and I'm still mad that FP didn't go anywhere with Meirin ancestor possibly being part of the 1st World Tuning, while Aubrey, for being supposedly Alto's romantic interest, was barely explored, but at least had a background unlike kidslut and MY, MY

Do we even know her? She has to exist, but how could we contact the people Teagan was based on?

A shitty game/fanfic fuckfest but with a slightly more positive atmosphere

Just like in real life: it's easy to stew in your own feelings when you're by yourself, but with another person (and another point of view), it's harder. Moreover, since a lot of her animosity throughout her music box was directed at Teagan, allowing her to represent herself on the spot helps lessen the emotional/psychological burden. Hell, many times Teagan managed to take shit she wasn't involved in and put a softer spin on it.
I'll say, you certainly picked the right time to try and turn Alto's character around.

Honestly? All of them deserve music box sequences to have gone through. Alto and Aubrey were most related to the World Tuning, so that's probably why they were chosen, but Teagan, Saki, and Meirin all deserve to have more fleshed out backstories and a chance at characterization. Especially Meirin, since her ancestor probably was in the original quintet. A reunion with between those two would been a nice touch to include, and could do wonders for Meirin as a character.

That would take a real effort and more than just one nerd with rpgmaker. Duet has a very limited scope because I wanted to be sure I'd finish it.

For Saki, his main think seems to be never judging the actions of others. I want to believe this comes from his want to commit suicide; namely, he wants to be able to kill himself without anyone being affected by it; everyone merely takes it as his choice and moves on. I feel this could be an explanation for why he seems so adamant on letting others do whatever they want, even if what they want is insane or self destructive.

For Meirin, I have no idea. I never really paid much attention to her because I just didn't like her character.


Meirin becomes a lot less of a cunt after movement 1. After then any time she's a cunt is pretty much because Alto lead the charge. In fact, Meirin is probably one of the kindest people to Teagan post rejoining. I guess because FP says she has a crush on her, which I guess is something else that could be explored.

I figured it might be a undertaking that might go no where. The limited scope works really well, they way the rest of the gameplay flashes by after the climax doesn't seem rushed, it actually looks really natural. The big issue was taken care of so nothing can stop them now.

The gameplay part was just something I wanted to throw out there to see what kind of work load and how hard it would be.

I find myself agreeing with everything you said. I suppose you have some luck in that the redrafts can be easier than the first. Makes me appreciate the effort Feral did put in, but as you said, her flaws tripped herself up.

Even so, things like the item swap and evil!Alto changing more or less had to be that way if we wanted them done right. Like I said, man, the mod earned its good parts.

We first found Uncommon Time out of a vidya-spurred curiosity, no? To explore the underbelly that was RPGmaker/tumblr gamedev? Why not find some other games to dissect, then come back to Duet to wash the taste out of our mouths?

I'm glad you did. If another user wants to take up the challenge, I wish them good luck.

Hey anons, streamer here.
Thank you. Thank you all so, so much for joining me on this unbelievably fantastic ride. Playing through Uncommon Time with you all, ever since that first stream 2 years ago, has always had a special place in my heart. These past few days have only cemented what a fun and happy memory Uncommon Time will be.

I appreciate all of you, but I want to give special thanks to three people in particular:
To LoliOasis, even though you ended up being a massive faggot, this all would not have been possible if you hadn't found and streamed Uncommon Time. Really, we all owe you for introducing this to us.

To TeaganBestGirl, thanks for keeping Uncommon Time fresh in the minds of anons with the winter streams. I've unfortunately never managed to make one, but I'm definitely gonna try this year. Best of luck with them.

To DuetAnon, you managed to do the impossible: make Alto likeable. You even did it without changing too much of the canon source material. Hell, through Nega-Teagan you also showed how Teagan was abusive towards Alto without really shitting on Teagan. You are a truly masterful writer, and I apologize for dismissing your mod when you asked me about it the first time. Uncommon Time: Duet is going to be shown in every anniversary to come, I promise you that.

This has been a wonderful and amazing few days, and I look forward to doing it all over again with you all at the three year anniversary on August 11, 2018.

See you next time, faggot.

See you next year faggot, let this game become one of the sacred treasures passed down through the ages.

Thanks streamerfag, your streams always remind me I haven't beaten unmodded Uncommon Time time yet and this year you motivated me enough to get back into it.

Don't forget to upload the stream. I missed it and I want to watch, even if it's not live.

A little teaser for the general tone of Tone Deaf.

Here you go: smashcast.tv/Thassil/videos/1352361
All the other streams are there to, and the download links for the vanilla game and mod are in the description.

You too, my man. Thanks for picking up the torch and running with it. God knows these threads would've died out entirely without your efforts. Because of you, oldfags and newfags alike have closure.
Hopefully life circumstances let me tune in again next year, but even if not, I still want to thank you for your service. If I can, I look forward to seeing you next year.

This was such a healing stream. It's like all anger and bitterness caused by Uncommon Time over the past two years just suddenly vanished.
Thanks DuetAnon and Thassil for this great ride.

This stream was beautiful. After the shitty ending 2, the duet ending redeemed the second half of the game. We are making this game great again, ironically enough.

I know its a meme, but that would imply UT was great at some point.

I'd say we love this game more than feral does. She's forgotten it before we have.
Good on you, Duet user, you've done something magical.

One of the current ideas for Tone Deaf is to make it so it's structured so that the lore of U.T is spread into it in such a way that newfags can pick it up. Thus we can spread the word of Teagan to many.

I'm amazed that Holla Forums of all places has an unironic discussion about fixing what is quite literally the worst game we could think of while retaining all of its charmingly abhorrent lore.

FP put a tremendous amount of effort into creating the world and characters while somehow not going anywhere with it. It's like she expected their physical appearance, sexual orientation, and gender to speak more for the character than the actual characters.

Teagan doesn't really need a Music Box sequence, and especially after what Duetanon provided us with. She is so brutally honest about everything, there really isn't much to be explored. Outside the conflict with her whore brother, Teagan's and Alto's story are intertwined.

Meirin needs something much more refined than what little FP has shared. All that's known is that she's a whore, but you don't know why she's a whore. Even her physical appearance implies internal crisis, but FP doesn't even bother to use this as a device and doesn't even give a hint of conflict until the fucking Dev Room. The way she's presented her characters makes you think they're diverse for the sake of diversity rather than diverse because of their chaotic lives.

Casual hanger-on of these threads and the game. I know most of what happens in original UT, but not the nitty-gritty. Will I be okay just hopping into Duet, or should I play through OG UT to get full appreciation for what Duet changes/fixes?

Also, about how long are these games start to finish?

To fully appreciate Duet, you kind of have to go experience the normal game in its fullest I'd say. Otherwise a lot of what makes Duet so good will be completely lost on you.

Same fagging, but I should've clearified you can play the Duet version, as it all it seems to do is fix the experience curve so you don't have to grind for an extra 10 hours.

Just don't do the Duet ending until you've seen the rest.

Isn't the other big feature of Duet that the exp curve was rebalanced so that it's less of a chore to get through? I'd say just play through the normal routes in Duet first, to get the story with a minimal amount of self-torment, and then play the actual Duet route afterwards.

That's the kicker isn't it? Even Saki's got an interesting reason to look like a trap but his vanity isn't revealed in the game, only in some obscure tumblr posts.

Yeah, Duet cuts down the time it takes to grind through the game a lot. You should be the right level to beat a boss on your first walk through the area which saves LITERALLY HOURS of weakly slapping at bosses while you're underlevelled and using cheatengine to give yourself infinite HP. Also you get save points before bosses now.

Oh, so Duet ending is essentially tacked onto an otherwise fairly normal UT experience? Like an extra ending F?

Can I just experience the entirety of original UT with the modified Duet exe, then do the Duet content when finished with that? That's basically the gist of what I'm asking.

The touted "15-25 hours of playtime/content" was mostly 2/3rd's of the game being a fucking grind, Tumblr not even once.

Duet is another ending designed to be cathartic after sitting through the other shit endings. It works best if you are familiar with the rest of the story, because it's basically one long fixing of everything that went wrong in the original telling, so to get the full appeal, you have to see everything that went wrong.

The only thing Duet alters, besides the extra ending, is reducing the experience curve so you don't have to spend hours grinding.

Which is even worse by the fact, from what I hear, everything in UT is an HP sponge, so grinding is slow to make it extra tedious.

Okay, excellent. That's exactly what I needed to know. Is there any obvious tells for the Duet ending? I'd like to avoid it and finish original content 100% before stepping foot in user-made territory.

Thank duetanon, it was incredible surprise to see such a well done mod, I always doubted that anyone would be dedicated to make what is essentially "Teagans quest", but you did it, and you smashed it ouf of the park.

Thanks dude, it was a wild ride, I missed a lot of it, but I turned up every day.

You have to to a different area then you would in the story, and a big text box will pop up saying WARNING if you try to go there anyway.

I think I finally understand why I hate this game so much. It wasn't the mindnumbing grind or even how political it tried to be, but there was absolutely no movement at all. None of the character stories except maybe for Aubrey developed.

Feral really botched it.

Not at all. You will have a vastly different experience if you play Duet first rather than play through the game and then Duet. You don't really begin to hate Alto until all the events that happen after the Teagan fight because then she is fully revealed. Our hatred for Alto has been hardening for two years and Duet completely reversed all of that in a couple hours. If you just play UT and get the Duet ending first time, it will not even be in the same realm of satisfaction.

I kind of want to see how Feral feels about the Duet ending. I imagine she'd fucking hate it, but I wonder if it would help her get even a fraction of self-awareness.

I wanna know just how exactly she feels about everything about her "fanbase".

You've seen what to expect from her from the game. Hasn't she given you enough disappointment and frustration?

Hopefully she or one of her friends will leave an asshurt comment like in Pittura.

Apologies for the shitty drawing, I just felt I needed to post something in celebration of Duetanon rescuing Alto and Teagan from their hell at last

FP has made a few other games, now that you mention it

Sorry for making Teagan look like a goblin when she shouted 'fuck'.

it's cute.

Hey, I only did the one. All you missed was some godawful fanfics and the RWBY equivalent of Uncommon time but without any of the potential for a better game. Still, thank you very much for doing this! I wasn't there for your original stream, but I'm glad that I was able to be here with you faggots to witness this. Seeing this ride out with all of you truly has been an amazing experience, and I hope to see you all in four months for the Winter edition at smashcast.tv/Teaganbestgirl! Shooting for December 11, but I'll make a thread around then anyway where I'll update if something comes up.

Only the VN, but it's a "kinetic" VN (ie: no choices, just story). One one hand it's the perfect genre for her but on the other it's boring as sin.

What the fuck am I reading? What happened? Teagan walked Alto through a Persona 4 shadow confrontation?

We love goblin-Teagan all the same drawfag, don't worry too much about it. But if you insist, you can go ahead and start working on the 10th anniversary HD Edition now :^)

Sounds about right up our alley As long as you narrate.

Better than nothing. It wasn't that bad anyway, the face wasn't great but it wasn't that bad. Thanks for your work!

Hopefully December won't be a fucking landslide of bullshit to do and it's feasible to watch. See you then, I hope.

>tfw watching the the middle segment of the stream I missed where Teagan fights Teagan
>Boss Teagan has been redesigned
>she covered in the keys Alto is stabbed with
>Nuclear midi
Holy FUCKING SHIT. I only caught the beginning and the end of the mod, but I did not expect this level of quality in the middle. It's so brilliant, it's absolutely unreal. I can't even believe this is from Uncommon Time. BRAVO.

Not true, she's made five other RPG maker games, most are blissfully short except for one. But the one we should all be really interested in?

The Sullen Boku Girls Alliance
A meta RPG maker game that stars all the previous protags of FP's previous games including Alto


No seriously, where do I get the shit FeralPhoenix is smoking? Jesus lord above.

Enough to try, apparently, and it's supposed to be released this year

sage for doublepost

This reeks of asset reuse and "oy vey, we can't let these very time-intensive drawings and character profiles go to waste, goy!" I look forward to seeing how much of a dumpster fire it'll be.

I wonder who would be the cuntiest of them all?
I have a feeling someone is worse than Alto

Fuck I hate word problems.

if you have ever tried to go inside Feral or Tumblr's mindset, she probably means the mentality.

wew. Also what the fuck is going on with the ages here. Are there supposed to be more characters in this shitshow, or did Feral just not understand how numbers work?

Forgot to actually read the profiles.
Wow, what a diverse and interesting case of very unique characters! I'm sure that every single fucking one is definitely not a self insert for the author with a bad temper and an agenda.
I should really get into making RPG Maker games and/or drawing. If this fucking hack idiot can do it, surely a dumbfuck like me can too.

Being a hack idiot is actually a prerequisite for any kind of success that doesn't involve working hard.

I mean this is an author who kind of got her start from rewriting Yggdra Union's plot to remove basically all the 'war is bad' and lessons about death. Removing defining character growth moments to instead keep them flat and uninteresting, or to just make them wanna bone their hated enemy as lovers instead.

There should be more user RPG maker games. Duet honestly convinced me of this. I should get back on that horse too.

Here lies my hopes and dreams. May they rest in peace.

Right, so you'd think with a bar set so low it's inside the Earth's mantle, making something worth half a damn by comparison would be a piece of cake.


I missed the first few hours of every stream and the archives are taking forever to download, someone remind me about the happenings leading up to the save file posted, where Saki wakes up from his AIDS coma.

I'm betting on Kouro, this shit reeks of character exaggeration and it bluntly states that she is an unfriendly person. Otherwise she'll be the game's Teagan and Alto will claim the prize of ultimate cunt.


That reminds me, someone needs to shop a picture of that clock with "SHIT ON TEAGAN" and Alto saying "Look what time it is" or however the meme goes.

They really do shit on brass instruments a lot in this game.


Might want to add the video name and time stamps for the user to enjoy.

Subaru = Saki Alto
Kouro = Teagan Alto
Hours = Fairy Alto
Honoka = Aubrey Alto
Clara = Meirin Alto

Alto = Non Canon Alto
I'm calling it.

Wait, non-canon to FP's Alto or our Alto?

Our Alto is canon now!

It's not Canon Alto. You know, the one that was an actual character instead of a bland stangated self insert.


No need, I've sat through full streams before. I just didn't remember the sequence of events.

(tfw accidentally fuck up my posts)

"Teagan Alto" is probably an accurate description of Kouro in Refinery canon. Whether it will carry over to Sullen Boku Girls I have no idea.

I think I solved it! The age (18, 16, etc.) refers to the age they are written as in their respective story; the fifth oldest, fourth oldest, etc. refers to when they were created in relation to each other. This is why Tomomi can both be 19 and somehow the second oldest and Clara can be the youngest even though storyline-wise Madison's younger than her.

I see her drawing skills have only marginally improved. Still got those ugly line quality going on.

You serious?

Is she getting worse? Because the 1st ones look better to me

The down syndrome faces still fucking get me

She's going backwards.


I figured out what bothers me so much about those.

Their heads look like pumpkins, like Jack-o-Lanterns

All four pictures of Teagan look like she was trying to draw a different character entirely and the less said about poor Aubrey's stretched out face the better.


So what happened in 2016 that made everyone fat?


You missed something magical, user. The video is up there, but obviously it's not the same.

About three hours in. The battle system, now that I've unlocked 4 party members, buffs/debuffs, and AoE attacks, is finally starting to become something that resembles fun.

The story and character interaction is pretty poop so far. Mostly exposition dumps about the world tuning, PMSing all over the fucking place, and hi-fucking-larious RPGmaker manzai routine between Alto and Teagan. I can already see why Saki is considered a yes-man non-character, as well. I've seen him refute and repudiate Teagan for bringing up logical arguments about Alto's recruitment and some of the dumb shit she says with "lmao just trust her she knows best" no less than 3 times, despite Alto having said or done absolutely nothing thus far to engender such trust.

So far nothing truly outrageous, but I'm already getting beyond tired of the parties constant bickering and melodrama in the incessant cutscenes. Can't go 5 fucking screens without getting a 5 minute cutscene of PMS and everyone backbiting each other.


Damn you know, I really thought she had gotten even a teeny tiny bit better, but I think maybe my judgement was off.

Rate my fix Holla Forums

The full Uncommon Time experience hasn't settled in yet. Wait for it to ripen to 2-hour cutscenes and overt bullying of specific party members.

sorry, this is a coping mechanism

wait a minute
That mask

Hold up
Is that THE Lieutenant Quattro?


Thassil's gonna upload the recordings right? Also, we are doing a winter stream this year?

The final segment should already be up.

Huh, great. Thanks user. For some reason I just couldn't see em on mobile.

I want more, but is such a thing even possible?
Could the game ever continue on from this point or would it just get bogged down?
At this point, I want to have all the characters fully explored, but the Duet ending is just so good that I fear continuing on from it would just ruin the whole thing.

Bravura a cute

No. It's Jean Descole from Professor Layton. Has a p good theme.



Better to enjoy this as it is, user, I think.

Duet only worked out so well in the context of a poorly written base game and long-running personal investments, be it fondness or hatred, in the two characters it focuses on.

It just really feels like the closure I didn't know I ever wanted, and I wouldn't mind if this is all we ever get.

2015 is a marginal improvement over 2014. Then the game came out and she wasn't having to draw as much anymore, and you can see that she basically got lazy and let her skills atrophy and go to shit.

This is probably the truth.
People loved Teagan and hated Alto. That much emotional investment in the two is probably the biggest driving factor for why that ending feels so good.
As far as I can tell, when it comes to the other party members, no one feels anything for them except for when it is in context of Alto/Teagan.

Any important story one could possibly write beyond the end was already told in the credits cutscene, both wordlessly and concisely.

You did good, lad.

Seeing the ideas being thrown around for Teagan Quest, I was expecting that the eventual game released with Holla Forums's mark would be just as much of an embarrassing revenge fantasy as the original. Yours has grace, in both senses of the word.

I know this is late as fuck, but thanks for streaming Uncommon Time for all 2 years and sorry for missing the last few streams due to working nights. I swear that I will take a week off from work next year to watch all of the streams and I will get music done for the game to replace all the public domain shit in the original and possibly for Duet, should Duetanon want it. Also, I will work on Tone Deaf as well.

You know it might be a little late for this as the stream ended a long time ago, but this stream made me realize some very important things, so I ask you to listen for a bit.

There is no denying that this was probably one of the most beautiful thing that happened on Holla Forums, but just now I realized how great it truly is.

Not only did we fix Uncommon Time, we have also proven ourselves to be better than FP in a way. Now I understand that Teagan Quest was really an unnecessary thing from the beginning and would come out as an edgy revenge plot instead of what we've got. Uncommon Time's message was that you should hold to your anger and hatred no matter what, and by making that game we would just prove the creator right. Instead this goes completely against the true meaning of the game instead proving that forgiveness is a way to go. This story is not only a story of forgiveness between Alto and Teagan, but also of our forgiveness towards Alto. This ending made us forgive Alto and finally understand the characters that were presented in the story.

Furthermore, I feel as if Teagan Quest would come out as something from not understanding of Teagan's character. There are a lot of things we can say about Teagan, there are a lot of things that we know about her, and we see that she was treated unfairly by the story. But she wasn't treated unfairly by the story just because Alto was a bitch in the original UT, she was treated badly by the story for one more reason; neither did we nor FP saw one of her most important character traits. We didn't see that most of all, Teagan is loyal, that she tries her best to be a great friend and doesn't want to abandon Alto. Most importantly, we didn't see (along with the creator) that Teagan LOVES Alto as a friend.

You know I believe that characters have a kind of will of their own, not literally but in a way. If you write characters differently than they would really act, you're going against the will of the character and it will come out as fake and unpleasant. Watching this ending with you made me realize the true reason why Uncommon Time was such a big pile of shit. The true reason was, that the creator abused the characters and didn't let them do what they truly wanted. FP once said in the developer room that she didn't do certain things because "Alto" didn't like them, but I think that the truth is that she is completely and utterly wrong. I feel that FP did not listen to her characters at all, that she ignored what they wanted for her own personal agenda. It feels as if Alto and Teagan wanted to forgive each other as characters, the story should be logically leading to that, but she ignored that fact to fuel her own damaging view of the world. She did not think that you should forgive, therefore her characters would not be able of forgiveness. It feels disgusting in a way, because in the end she hurt the characters she created by doing that, and we would have done the same with Teagan's Quest. There were anons who noticed that, noticed that there was potential for Alto to be a good character, but Duetanon really was the man who saw it the most clearly. Duetanon listened to those characters and for first time allowed them to do what they want and not what FP wants. The effect is what we have now, the most heartwarming and cathartic ending to a video game we've seen in a while.

Anons, this has ended far better than any of us could have expected. We not only gave a big middle finger to FP, we not only fixed the game and proved it's meaning wrong, we did not only learn something about forgiveness but most importantly: We FREED those characters Or rather Duetanon did, allowed them to do what they wanted and finally gave them a happy ending.

Even small things like that make me regain hope in humanity. It makes me feel that there truly is yet hope for man.



Every time this stream happens, nearly everyone would agree Alto would be an okay character if FP didn't write them. But Alto is FP's self insert after all, so it's only natural whenever something dramatic or heavy happens to them all her negative traits or FP's true nature comes out in full force.
All it took was someone who wasn't FP to write a competent character. We're or rather duetanon an outsider, so we could see the kinks and failures in the machine because we have a fresh outlook on it all. FP is a narcissist, and obviously had a lot of emotional investment in this game. If it meant having to break down the game to understand why it went this way, it would mean breaking down herself in the process.

Jewish math.

It took me until someone in the thread mentioned that for me to really understand it. It's funny, Bravura even says that holding onto your hatred is like drinking poison, but I had just assumed she was calling out FeralAlto; I never even considered the same could apply to us as the player.

Duet is just too good. I don't think anyone will be able to come up with a better scenario than this. Part of my is ecstatic it happened, but saddened that it's over.

Uncommon Time 2 when?

The characters were square pegs being forced into round holes. This didn't make them new and surprising, but instead shaved off important parts of them and flattened them out into caricatures of themselves.

Perhaps it was that that filled the base game with so much unease; the forced tumblr politics felt like mere decoration and were largely easy to ignore. The underlying cruelty and hatred, and the way characters would twist themselves in knots in the service of said hatred to the detriment of the story, was the huge problem.

What's so brilliant about Duetanon's mod is that it's not coming from a place of frustration and hatred, but a place of love and compassion. Instead of taking an obvious trainwreck of a story and poking fun at it for being such a trainwreck, it is picking up the pieces and lovingly rebuilding them into something beautiful, something the story could have and deserved to be in the first place.

Another beautiful thing I think people forget is that even back then when we first discovered Uncommon Time the group of us latched onto this small project for a reason. Deep down we all knew there was something good in this simple mishandled RPG Maker game and Duetanon was the one to bring out the good in it. What another user said might be a good idea; we should look for other small and seemingly unknown projects like this and try to bring out the best in it.

Duetanon's attention to detail even extended to the freeware music from the game and where it's used in the mod. Most streams had the music played over by Youtube, but while the game's soundtrack is inconsistent and cobbled together, FP did make an attempt to have certain pieces of music only be attached to certain characters. Teagan has a "theme", Alto has a "theme," there's even a "theme" for their friendship in the base game.

And Duetanon used all of it correctly.

What video on Thassil's channel is the Duet playthrough? I've never sat through a whole playthrough before but I'd like to now that I know there's a good payoff.

It's the most recent video. Just click the first one on his stream.

Thank you user

First 45 mins are Dev Room and the rest is Duet I think.

yt-dl gives a 404, and the download link needs auth.

Is it ever even said WHY they hate brass instruments so much?

Brass Instruments are Phallic symbols or something like that when we talked about it on the streams.

Feral hates brass.

pretty sure she's holding grudges from high school, something about the brass players in her class couldn't manage their dynamics

I can understand that somewhat. Trumpet players who are either just learning or only have a small amount of experience are not good. I spent many days just sitting in band while the instructor just worked on making the trumpets and drums better.

Percussionist here, can confirm, we sound like shit until we don't.

The Many / Congregation (WIP)
(Aubrey's regular theme / battle theme respectively with the latter starting at 2:33)

I know this is most likely the last thread for now, but I guess I should post what I have been up to for Tone Deaf. I took an old song from the first attempt and made it a lot better for Tone Deaf with some guidance. Song's still not done, and I need to fuck with the mixing some more since I had to normalize it prior to posting due to the clipping in Congregation and add a section from the old song that I skipped over on purpose.


You missed the wribstsdemption

Guess I'll just have to be there for all future anniversaries and playthroughs.

Rate this anim?


This is 6 fps whereas that is 3. Still, I kind of want to play that now.

I feel like it's a bit heavy on the treble cleft, not enough deep tones to balance it out except towards the end.

Otherwise, definitely a marked improvement.

It's nothing special. In terms of Quirky artsy RPGmaker games, Space Funeral is better.

Teagan looks a bit mismatched with the game around her.
Early days and all.

Best part was when standing started to play. That was always the scene that stood out the most with us, really well done.
Now I want a pic of anons carrying alto while cheering while teagan looks on proudly.
*optional addons
saki in back fashing anons with varied expressions
merin :3ing with anons
aubry getting poked by anons mumbling to themselves about worms

This was a bitch to make

Archive.is or Screencap
Pick one.

What, did someone on the tumblr side respond to us?

Screen cap. I wanna see.


archive, and a real link to the page in question

Duetanon, I want to applaud you again. Not only did you manage to redeem Alto of all fucking characters, but you did so in a way that doesn't contradict the pre-established lore or characterization of anyone involved. Moreover, you showed enough restraint not to go full "purge these degenerates" and actually made them likable. I am absolutely floored; you are living proof of the old adage that "Any story concept can be good if it's told well enough."

Also, requesting a Teagan version of pic related

Screencap with the archive on the image.

I meant the thread, Holla Forums has a feature on the bottom of the page that lets us screenshot an entire thread and download it onto our computers. It might take a few seconds due to images and shit.


Yeah, the thing is that it may or may not work

Seriously, well done duet user. Wonder how FP will react. Hope it's kek worthy.

Yeah, also Im a retard who uses mobile and it doesn't work there 🅱ro

Hol up, is that Full Frontal :^)


And for TeaganBestGirl, I hope for you to use this for one of the threads.

Fug, noticed an error.

I sincerely believe the reason all the Teagan Quests up until now failed/never finished was precisley because of what said. Even if we didnt understand it, we somehow felt that a revenge story simply wouldnt work fucking memes messing with the reality again.
All I really ever wanted for these years was that apology scene for Alto to forgive Tea. That was all that was necessary to avoid these wounds that wouldnt heal until yesterday.
I used to hate FP and I still hate SuperAutist, but after the redemption, dunno. Kinda feel sorry for her. It is obvious that Alto was her selfinsert, so the inabillity to forgive is likely a trait Feral posesses. I wonder if she had a falling out with her bff and waited for them to apologize but they never did so Feral lost all empathy or words words words you know what I am trying to say. I believe SJW and Tumblrinas used to be human beans once.

Anyway, thanks again for Thassil and Duetanon made me cry like a bitch. And for 0bb7db to perfectly describe what I was thinking about the entire day.

So I'm not the only one

VODFag reporting in.

That was truly beautiful. DuetAnon, I salute you. I salute you for the way you fixed the characters, fixed what went wrong in Uncommon Time, and for fixing the anons in this thread. The hate that brewed over Alto has washed away, and everything has been set right. A weight has lifted off everyone's shoulders, and it's all thanks to you.

You crafted a story that was so much better than I think anyone expected. Salvaged what lay there beneath the surface, beneath FeralPhoenix. Teagan, Alto, Meirin, Saki, Aubrey. Us. Everyone is happy now, thanks to you.

Take my most cheerful image. Godspeed, DuetAnon. Godspeed.

Uncommon time is far from fixed, there's still plenty of problems with it. user fixed hardest bit, which is Alto, and make the other characters a bit better. Still great job fixing Alto.

Y'know, by moving the first uncommon time segment from the start of the third movement to the climax of the second movement, there is now more room to fit in supplemental characterization for Saki, Meirin, and the Many.


And so it begins yet again.

We can save them, Holla Forums. We can save them all.

Back when it was being worked on, I spent a decent amount of time thinking about where TQ would have to go story-wise, and there were several good ideas, but none that ever really felt like "Yes, that's the one." Revenge was pointless, and not in keeping with Teagan's character, so it had to be a story about Teagan redeeming herself and saving the world, assuming it could still be saved. Assuming Alto wasn't already dead, there was no point in seeking her out to kill her. However, I'll admit that it never crossed my mind to to save her, either.

Like you said, Alto is a self-insert of FP, and therefore has the same character flaws without being aware of them. She's an SJW through and through. Likewise, we saw ourselves reflected in Teagan. Despite being blunt and aggressive, Holla Forums is practical, and generally does wish for peace, even if people don't seem to get that. The tension between her and Alto was a natural sort of conflict that would arise from sending Tumblr and Holla Forums on a world-saving mission together. It's a mirror of the real world in a way FP never meant for it to be. Everyone on our side is anxious and feels like the world is on the brink of catastrophe, and the opposition is trying to destroy everything that exists for no reason other than "muh feelings."

In the real world, the answer to the problem is clear. We're way past the point where a whole lot of people have to die. Not just enemies, but countrymen, friends, and even family, who are doing their damnedest to destroy civilization just so they can feel good about themselves. They chose that willingly, and there's no saving them, because the alternative is our own death. It's been so long since I felt like those sorts of people could be reasoned with that I forgot there was a time I wanted to save them, too. There are cases of SJWs being saved from their cult. They're rarer than one would hope, but it does happen. If nothing else, I'm glad that Duet went that way, because it was a reminder that maybe some of them can still be saved. Not all of them, and not most of them, but maybe some of them.

Well, The Many did get a segment via bonus dungeons. It's arguably the best thing in UT barring Duet. It just goes in the motion that you should never forget what you did ever even if all that is left in the well is poison.

This hit a lot closer to home than I'm comfortable with.

Those are great.

I always imagined the double suicide notes having "ur a faget" since they're addresed to Teagan.

I download webpages with "Scrapbook" addon. Retains everything in a folder that can be moved around easily.
Firefox has a built in screenshot page function, too.

I gave up trying to match the art style, so I did something else. Hope you like it. We need more Uncommon Time OC.


favorite parts except for the redemption where ofcourse those feel items

In other words we live in ending 4 and are staring to the open sea?

You joke but for the longest time I was thinking about redoing some of them.

It was fun doing it.

Here it is colored like I did in the mod.

I think you honestly did everything perfectly. EVERYTHING was just so right and in place.

Oh shit, forgot a crucial feature.

Wait a moment, I have another possible reason as to why the characters might have hated brass. Didn't a lot of larger wind instruments used to sound especially horrible to begin with in older times?

I have a request. Draw Alto holding TOBLERONE with the Uncommon Time logo rewitten as TOBLERONE TIME while she screams "IT HURTS MY HANDS."


The Many's backstory was handled best up to a point, but the payoff was unsatisfactory. Rather than the Many actually learning to stand on their own feet and work through their dependency and depression, they just get lectured at by Alto and told to never forgive themselves, which is…just going to make the depression worse in the long run.

That's an easy enough fix, especially in a storyline where Teagan and Alto work through their issues, thus freeing up Alto to help Aubrey work through theirs.

A bigger missed opportunity is that Aubrey is the best connection to the past that the party has. Aubrey lived through it, and unlike the Arietta and Altair that appear in the spirit realm, Aubrey is not a copy of a long-dead person dwelling in a space that responds and changes according to the contents of people's hearts. There are probably things about the past that Aubrey knows, and knows more accurately, than Arietta and Altair, or even the fairies who spent a long time avoiding humanity. And some of the things Aubrey might know could be hells of useful to the party.

As for Meirin and Saki, in canon Alto picks up on the fact that Saki's struggling with something on her own. The game, of course, fumbled this really bad ("I want to live" "Okay go to bed"), but it would be a very easy fix. Just have Alto realize that Saki's problem is bad enough that he shouldn't have to deal with it on his own or lean on only Meirin for it, and confront him about it. And Meirin gradually gets closer to Teagan towards the end of the game and has a crush on her. Explore the crush more than just as an awkward tsundere joke, and have Teagan pick up that Meirin is unhappy with how things are with Saki and offer to help.

Hell, maybe Meirin and Saki might benefit from going through an Uncommon Time sequence together.

Basically, the connections do exist in the base game, but the game more or less says "this is here, now back to Alto's important feelings" and so misses almost every opportunity to make the connections actually functional. And thus, they never really come together as a team, so their victory against the slime thing at the end rings false.

Meirin's family issues probably need an UT, Saki might work if his AIDS and nihilism are explored in-game.

It's not working through Wine. Any other anons able to help, or have some version of this that'll work on GNU+Linux?

I do have a small request to Duetanon
Change the last slide from "Unoffical Ending" to "TRUE ENDING"
oh and the one cg where D.Alto and Tea are hugging? Tea needs to cry more, both were affected by the events. But this is just a taste thing DO change the title though, TRUE ENDING!

What would we need to edit the game? I wonder if we can work on the gameplay issues next.

Needs to switch to some less hectic walking animation when she's slowing down.

alright I am going insane. Its 2 am here, my balcony door is open and I hear fucking sounds similar to the celo tuning in the main menu obviously I know its not an instrument, but still: I better save myself By that I mean hide under my blanket**

To be honest, I almost made that mistake myself. The earliest draft had Winter Alto being completely destroyed by Alto's super attack. It might have been cathartic to see Alto removed that way but in the end, she's not some monster or villain to be defeated; she's a frightened and angry girl lashing out in the only way she can. She always was, even in the endings where we hated her. That's what makes the whole thing so tragic.

The Diamond Dragon Breaker Rhasphodia is still in even though it doesn't kill her because I absolutely love G Gundam and that whole ending is shonen as fuck anyway.

I couldn't. I can't pretend like the rest of Uncommon Time isn't real because Duet only worked due to the emotional investment people already had in these characters. It was Feral who built all of that and I don't want to replace or diminish her work. There's more than one reason it's called Duet.

We migh>>13238619
You got the right idea Duetanon. I'm concerned though, because your ending concluded two years of raw hatred. It was a great end, a perfect one actually, but it was so good that I just don't know if I'd like the next stream as much without another emotional shock. It's like going back to Ritalin and Adderall after snorting cocaine once. Maybe we should make Teagan the actual worst girl in another mod.


I'd really hope that if FeralPheonix ever plays Duet, she actually sees the light. I'd hope she realizes what kind of person she is (someone unable to forgive, someone with a lust for revenge), and change that about herself.
I don't hate Feral, and I don't want to just mindlessly shit on her or her game. I pity her. She's clearly someone who's emotionally damaged, and I want her to be saved. To be redeemed. It's like said, she's just a frightened girl who's lashing out.
If Teagan really was an old friend of Feral, I'd hope that one day Feral can reconcile with her.

Maybe I'm just a sap for happy endings. I want things to work out for everyone, even people as broken as Feral and Alto.


The Duet ending still had full impact even on me, and I only first watched and was first exposed to Uncommon Time from these recent streams.

I don't know, I think it could work.
Like, make it more about the history between Alto/Teagan. If, in canon, Teagan really was abusive towards Alto, I think it would be pretty neat to see that played out. See/shown, not told like FP did.
Duet did it to an extent, with Nega-Teagan's pre-battle talk. But, I'd like it to see it explored more. Maybe have it actually set in the past where we see smalto and tiny-teagan interacting.

But in canon Teagan was abusive :^). She disagreed with Alto, and said mean things.

Addendum: I think it could work, but it wouldn't be the same Teagan.

I think it could be the same Teagan, or at least close to her. Here's an example:
She's protective of Alto, right? Make her way, way too over-protective. Like "you're not allowed to do/say/think anything without running it by me, because you're too fucked up to actually survive by yourself."
Teagan removing all of Alto's agency and forcing her to rely on Teagan would be emotionally abusive. Not as abusive as what her parents did to her, of course, but it'd still be abusive.

Ah, I understand. Well-intentioned but ultimately harmful.

Holy shit, Duetanon, what a ride. That Nuclear midi.

Everything I can think to say has been said by other anons, so - thank you for that closure.

I don't even feel like we need to stream anymore, but my feelings might change when FP's new "game" comes out. At the same time, a small part of me hopes news of this gets back to her. The smallest possibility that she reconsiders her assumptions…is extremely unlikely to happen. But fuck, I can always hope.

I think that was how FP wanted to portray Teagan in the first place, but really failed in showing the "ultimately harmful" part of it. The Teagan we got was always looking out for Alto and always doing what was actually best for her, instead of what Teagan thinks is best for her.

I don't even know if that was what she wanted. Teagan was meant to be a strawman of everything she hated, and she has said that Teagan is meant to be a bad person a lot. It wouldn't surprise me if Teagan was just meant to be her taking out impotent rage about some perceived wrong.

How many times was she forceful about it either, beyond tearing up the world tuning sheet? The most I recall is her nagging, and that's perhaps an overstatement, which is something completely different.

I don't wanna change story shit, maybe make the gameplay better.

It's not so much that it doesn't have an impact on first-time viewers, my concern is that it was so good, that we'll have more anons like who feel that future streams are now unnecessary. We watched it to hate Alto and FP, but now we love the first and pity the latter. Even though the meaning of the streams has changed, I'm one for tradition and I will continue to watch because it celebrates our little community, but I don't know how many anons feel the need to cherish what culture we do have.

This concern has made me focused much more intensely on programming for the purpose of recreating Uncommon Time in C++ so that interest doesn't die. It's severely autistic to say, but my concerns are that real. I love this shithole too much.

Can you do any Java?

Did anyone upload Stream 5 elsewhere? The download link still requires auth.

Winter streamfag here. You know, after reading what some people are saying, even I'm kind of doubting the necessity of another round. I try to diversify with other bad games and storytime, but still, what's the point if the main event has been resolved this well?


Fuck, thats a good question.
I think we should still do it. We enjoyed this ending so much because its been stewing for 2 years. If you take away this ending you still have a TERRIBLE GAME.
And you know, thats worth laughing at.

I think the shitposting is its own reward.

No, but I can learn.

For the love of God, let this continue. Duetanon, I thank you, but I hope in quelling our rage you didn't snuff out our passion too.

SO yes, I would very much enjoy more streams of UT, to laugh and rage at the shit, and feel at the duet mod.

If you saw the animation earlier I am from the Tone Deaf group, we are establishing ourselves right now. Tone Deaf will give another reason for the game to be streamed. Want a discord invite?

FP's a SJW and a kike. I haven't suspected for a moment that she had real problems.

Codefag here. If you want a hand learning, I'd be happy to help.

I think that some ideas are now unnecessary, but not really the tradition. First, UT isn't going to be a hatewatch any more so much as a part of tradition. I don't feel a need for a Teagan's Quest, or a grand revamp, but I know I want to keep this game in memory, and so talk about it with much as something to chill with one of my favourite boards during some time off. I just wanna shoot the shit with you guys, and let some other anons see this shit for themselves. Holla Forums is a place to talk vidya, first and foremost. Games we hate, games we like. For me, that feeling's not going anywhere with UT.

Second, like was said earlier, maybe we can find some new games to explore? What if there's another game not to far off of what we found here? The winter stream would be a good chance to see them. And then we round it out with Uncommon Time plus the Duet mod to end it on a high note. I know I'd fucking enjoy it. You never thought someone would be suggesting that two years ago, did you?

Duet masterfully brought out that canon Teagan was in fact showing some pretty worrying signs. The problem with Feral's portrayal is that Teagan's controlling behaviour and thought process, while present, is overshadowed by her genuinely solid advice (which is so basic and common sense that Alto looks like the asshole for ignoring it most of the time), kind demeanor, and by Alto and her yesmen increasingly ganging up on, shouting at, dismissing the opinions of, and even physically threatening or beating her.

The problem wasn't that Teagan did nothing wrong, the problem was the game decided she deserved to be thrown under the bus for it while simultaneously ignoring or even applauding Alto's equal or greater sins.

I think streams going forward are sparkling with possibility; since the meaning of the game changed so much as a result of this round, future rounds have potential to bring about more and more positive developments now that people aren't gathering only to hate on and laugh at an obscure indie game.

You better be coming to town, Santa Claus


I still want to play fucking videogames with Ruby. I don't even like RWBY, but that scene was too cute. And the way anons got blue balled was amazing too.

Definitely do it again. I liked that you had all sorts of games and all the fun we had (even that Sonic/MLP game was admirable as a work of bait and the guy who made it will never know that it actually trolled us. A true artist.)

Hell, a big part of the reason I made Duet was that I was worried a lack of OC would cause these streams to fizzle out. And I'm already working on something else, if I can get it finished for December.

Hard to believe it all started because we wanted to laugh at some tumblr pronouns. What a time to be alive.


>Thanks to Duet mod we can now enjoy Alto lewds guilt free

Alright, Winter stream is a go*! I'm more than happy to oblige but I just wanted to be sure that's what the people wanted.

* also heads up that I may be moving next month and I have no idea what my internet situation will be, so there's a chance that there won't be a stream after all

I would say yes, but my life is a bit chaotic right now so I know I will be inconsistent. Thanks for the offer, though.

Could you give suggestions for resources? I've almost finished reading through Stroustrup's textbook and I'm making my way through Structures and Interpretation of Computer Programs, but where do I go from there?

I like your optimism and I hope you're right.

You made me forget my worries for an instant. Perfect timing. Thank you and your work on the mod, resident drawfag.

t. Manwe Súlimo

Post them.

I don't think she's actually been drawn nekkid yet. There's Teagan and Saki, but that's all.

Post it.

I just wanted to see the trainwreck with my own eyes.

:^) This is from when we didn't know.

But in all seriousness, here you go. It's the only lewd I know of.

I'm mostly self taught, to be honest, the only textbook I bothered with was Head First Java when starting out. Maybe that makes me bad, but what I learned from C++ I learned from doing challenges on sites like Hackerrank, which has some challenge tutorials if you're just starting out and some proper challenges if you're not. Practice makes perfect, followed by hours of looking, thinking, searching for solutions and asking questions at any place that'll help you.

If you just wanna make a game, look up practice examples on youtube. You can find some instances of people making pong in Unity, UE4 or even just raw C++ like vid related (probably don't actually use vid related)

even the lewds have FP's sameface face structure



In light of duet, there needs to be more.

Here you go, a how-to guide to summoning the dark lord.

Teagan is pure.

Thank you my dude.

Probably jenkem from all the shitposting that was going on those days.

Alto-Teagan yuri doujin when? No seriously, we need to get /u/ on this. They have the resources.

Honestly Teagan would be a better love interest for Duet!Alto than Worms.

Sweet, thanks. I'll give this a shot right now.

meant for


If Worms was given as much character development as Teagan and Alto were in Duet, then maybe I could understand the relationship.

It's more to see how Feral would react. I'm pretty much desensitized to porn now.

Best Bro-Sis.

Did Feral say she didn't like vidya or somesuch? I find it hard to believe anyone would draw that conclusion from Teagan ingame.
Then again, she could just think of it as fake pussy bullshit.

I doubt that'd get much of a reaction, and definitely not more than Duet. Feral's likely already steaming away.

It was something Feral came up with for a high school AU setting. Teagan's first (and last) exposure to video games was her younger brother getting her to play Dragon Age 2.

Damn… That's sad.

How the fuck would one redeem Tales of Xillia 2: RWBY Edition Vale of Darkness?

Yeah, she thinks all video games are like that now, according to Feral. Well, aside from Undertale, of course. :^)

No fucking way. This is canon?

It's written by Feral, so I would say "Yes"

I feel I should add in that according to Feral, Teagan doesn't hate it for being a bad game, but because she got triggered super-hard after finding out about the in-game whorehouse. Which is fucking stupid and makes her sound batshit insane when she's supposed to be the one psychologically stable member of the group, so I choose to disregard that part of the write-up.

I'm vaguely remembering something about Saki getting Meirin and Alto to wear Frisk and Chara-based sweaters while playing Undertale.

Isn't the reason as to why she abstains from sex is because of her whore brother? Or is the only significance of that conflict is that it's made the estranged?

webm related

Who knows. It's probably part of her character according to Feral, and probably because she grew up around shittons of hypersexual whores according to anons.

The canon reason she abstains from sex is that she finds the mere thought of it icky and horrifying, and apparently that's why she objects to her brother being a whore (and not, you know, that she's protective by nature and would absolutely not like anyone she cares about entering a job where rape is a real possibility.)

Feral tends to make a bigger deal about how much Teagan's aversion to sex colors her thoughts and actions than Teagan actually shows in-game, tbh. Apparently Teagan's supposed to be always triggered and horrified by it, but her reactions around Meirin and co. tends to be more "go have fun, leave me out of it."

We really dodged a bullet with this game having been released before Undertale came out, didn't we? Given that Feral got most of her current fanbase from her fanfics, I wouldn't be surprised if most of that crossover game she's making is just memes and cancer.

Considering every single book in the Folio library on the fiction floor is a thinly-veiled reference to other RPGMaker games she played or webcomics she read…imagine if one of them had been Undertale.

The way I see it, nothing should significantly change about the Uncommon Time stream itself. UT still deserves to be streamed, but now Duet might deserve to be appended henceforth. However, remember that UT isn't the only shitty game that we've encountered on this ride together. This is the same event that led us to Anonymous Agony. Now that we have some degree of closure on UT, consider that it could be the permanent cornerstone of the event, but also act as an overture for the event as a whole, and new games could come after it every time.

Uncommon Time could be the ceremonial opening to Holla Forums's bi-yearly expedition stream, where we adventure into the wild world of shitty, weird, and otherwise unexplored internet vidya gaemz together.

I'm still voting for streaming FP's other works, if only so we can have the proper knowledge for when her crossover game comes out

They're high priority, no doubt. Hopefully she'll be the gift that keeps on giving. But games take a long time to make, and at two games a year, we'll be playing them faster than a single person can make them. Once we hit that point, other games will have to fill the spot while we wait for more.

To my knowledge of the 5 games that FP has listed:
Her new game isn't out.


We already redeemed Alto, showing Teagan a good time with video games isn't out of the question.
>ywn make her wear a girly dress and pat her head while she blushes

This reminds me, at some point in time, Feral had mentioned that Teagan was the only character she could write easily. Every other character, Feral had to write and rewrite in order to get things to how they are now. Really makes me wonder what those original lines were.

I think you really hit the nail on the head here. FP was adamant on writing a story where "the abuser isn't forgiven by the abused," she said so several times when talking about Uncommon Time. Makes me wonder if initially Alto DID forgive Teagan at the tower, only to have it rewritten to fit FP's twisted morals.

I think it was also mentioned that Teagan sometimes enjoys games the require physical movement like DDR. (I believe it was also mentioned that Teagan would never like someone who would continuously play a game they hate and then talk about it on the internet.)

Here's her list of gaymes:
Visual novel that's 2-3 hours long
A classic
Her crossover game, guaranteed cancer
Drama/Horror RPG maker shit, one hour long
Fantasy RPG, 12 hours long
A drama/slice of life 'game' that's a whooping 15-30 minutes long
Adventure puzzle 'game' that's 5-10 minutes long
Fantasy RPG that's 45-75 minutes long

All in all we could clear all of them in the same time it would take to finish UT with Duet

I'd rather play pump it up with her. I always felt the layout was much more in tune to human balance.

Does anyone have a link to that edited UT version that makes it less grindy again?

The old link seems to be dead.

I feel like there should be a statute of limitations on how long after publication an author's notes on their work should be considered canon if they're involved in social media. Black Hermione, Gay Dumbledore, Undertale Meirin.

Writing this made me look up my favorite author as a kid and KA Applegate's twitter is full of mediocre anti-Trump retweets, but she apparently wrote a book where the main character was named Kek, so that's kind of funny

I can't tell if that's a crack at us or not, given that FP is likely too far up her own ass to know details about us.

Alto didn't seem particularly tomboyish to me.

Everything past SBGA is just stuff she's translated from nip though. I'm curious to see if she added anything extra though

Wait what? Then where the hell are these bitches come from?

It's absolutely a crack at us. FP's blind spot is herself, she seems insightful enough outside that.

It probably is.

I'll refrain from liking authors until they are too dead to fuck it up.

My guess is that they're from random ideas she has in various stages of super WiP, judging by their source mostly being "Project: whatever"

In my experience, they usually fuck it up in their own books easily enough.

Seriously, check for yourself. I don't know who this "RE:Sell" person is, but these translations are certainly deserving of further investigation

Would she have translated them incorrectly?

Half remembering from what I'm pretty sure was one of the original streams but going by how badly the translations were for Teagan's limit breaks in the game's files, then I wouldn't be surprised.

What, how bad are her translations there?

I was worried for a moment I wouldn't make it before auto-sage, but here you go.

It's nice to know anons are still big softies after all these years.



Beautiful, user.

I honestly want to send Duet to Feral to see what she thinks of it (Even though she will probably hate it). Has anyone tried that yet?

that's great shit

My guess is that she'll ignore it. If she doesn't, I don't believe she'd have quite the same reaction as she did to Pittura Infamante, but I reckon she'll interpret Duet as missing the point of Uncommon Time; that being, as one user has already pointed out, that the abused does not forgive the abuser. Unless she's matured these past two years, she'll refuse to believe that FeralAlto is anything but a victim.

I hope we're not planning on saving Feral now. 3DPD is always a lost cause


Can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. As much as a fairytale ending as the "Chan Uncommon Time," fanbase and FeralPhoenix somehow coming together would be.


Turned out pretty good, though.

After looking through her tumblr to figure out how best to approach her, I gotta say, she has not matured in the least, and I doubt she'd even play it as much as find the fact that it exists to be an insult. My conclusion is that she is still a selfish person that loves to be a victim. I can still offer her a link anyways just for the sake of it, but I agree that it is far more likely she'll just dismiss the thing entirely.


Looks great, user.

Prior attempt didn't look FP enough so here's attempt number two

Damn user!

This is looks great.

It looks too good to be convincing though.

I feel like you should have kept Teagan slightly reaching towards Alto.

And perhaps not looking FP enough was a good thing.

Ooh, good point, I should go fix Teagan

it still doesn't look FP enough I require more derp eyes

There we go now Teagan isn't just standing awkwardly

Yeah, Feral uses Teagan's sex-aversion as the reason she fights with her brother and doesn't want to go whoring with the others but in light of the rest of her character it's very hard to see that as her motivation. When Meirin tries to drag her off to the brothel the first time she doesn't go "That's fucking disgusting you degenerate", she says: "Don't cause trouble for the escorts."

In the end she treats Tristan almost the same way as she treats Alto, and while her sex-aversion probably made her fight with him more bitter it can't have been her motivation.

It's beautiful.

Rather than sending it to Feral, I can't help but wonder how things might turn out if we put it up in the comments section to Pittura Infamante. I know at least one person in the comments section there has admitted to going back and rereading the story when they're feeling down, so it might be a good way to show Duet off to other people who were unsatisfied with Uncommon Time's canon endings.

Nah, those are from something slightly different:

Thank you for correcting me, user.

I did it and I cannot undo it. Hopefully others find Duet as good as we did, though I'm not sure if anyone will ever find the post in the first place. Not like there's many people (if any) looking for Uncommon Time fanfics.

Huh. After reading this I really think that FP won't be able to appreciate Duet. She must be so far up her victim complex's ass that she doesn't see us as anything more than a bunch of assholes eho enjoy laughing at her. Who knows how offended she'll manage to get over Duet. (or atleast, what she precives Duet to be.)

Most of the time I just lurk on these threads and on the streams, I wasn't even able to catch up on the last stream yesterday but I just finished to watch it and man I wasn't expecting that but I am glad it turned this way. Before that mod I though Alto was just a spiteful idiot but after that I realised that was most the author doing, its incredible how such a small change in making Alto and Teagan make up and become the true friends they were meant to be can change a entire perspective and make the game take a turn to the best. Thank you duetanon for making this mod and making a good thing from this game.

Quality work, user.

That would've been it. That was literally the only thing that Feral had to do for me to accept Alto. UT would've been just wasted potential instead of wounds that would never heal until 2 day ago.

and just one digit of for perfection. I really am diggin how proud and happy T looks there.

Now that some anons were talking about translations and such: The Fuck is Feral? Just a weeb or an actual nip?

To be fair, Uncommon Time has less than 1,000 downloads even after 2 years and the popularity boost that was her Undertale fics.

Weeb with a minor in moon runes

A Jewish weeb who desperately wants to be Japanese and has even learned the language.

While also being very concerned about cultural appropriation of people who aren't Japanese

Bretty gud but with the positioning, I'm getting too many Loss vibes to take it seriously. Also, needs at least three unnecessary signatures.

I wonder if this was Ferals cry for help all along

That's some pretty advanced 4D chess.

bretty gub

thats deep man

Ill ask one more time before the thread dies. If I wanted to fix up gameplay what would be the best program to edit it in, and would any anons be interested? Should it even be done?

Depends on what you mean by fix up gameplay and what you mean by edit.

If you mean edit as in not remake the entire thing from scratch, you're looking for RPGmaker. Mind you, RPG maker has its limits as a base thing, though with enough scripting and creativity, you can pretty much do anything (just look at Shut Up and Jam Gaiden. Damn thing never even went to the battle screen. All "ights were actually on a map, the actual combat system was completely run by scripts and never used the built in combat system.)

One more pic before the end of thread

this is making me appreciate FP's art more

The lackluster RPG combat fits in with the rest of the game. In a good RPG the combat mechanics mesh with the theme and environment of the game, so making a version with better mechanics would pretty much necessitate starting from scratch to make sure they are interconnected properly.

Besides, in some ways it seems UT is supposed to be a "subversion" of typical RPG plotlines - so having the most generic RPG mechanics possible actually suits it.

Everything about this is wonderful.

I love this one. I feel like I need to create a new folder for Uncommon Time.


what and . My 2 cents are we are better of letting it as it is, this way we suffer more and suffering was necessary for our healing

Sorry everyone, but I guess there probably won't be a Winter stream after all unless there's a Christmas miracle of some sort. Keep your eyes peeled around 11/12 but don't get your hopes up

More for gameplay stuff, stats and what not
But like

said, it might taint the experience
Guess I'll leave it alone

What the fuck is happening, user? Are you moving to the Amazon?

Are you going on a spiritual journey or something? You didn't sign up for the armed forces, did you?

Fuck, that's perfect

No, just moving halfway across the country and pretty much starting from nothing

Did anyone ever sort out Stream #5 and make it available for download?

Oh, okay. Happy trails.

Good luck fam. Hopefully you can get back on your feet sooner rather than later, but we'll be waiting for you to get back. Hopefully December won't be a fucking hellmarch and it'll be feasible for someone else to stream.

I'd stream myself but my net connection is abysmal. Best of luck, dude.

If anyone wants to pick up the winter stream, uh, do think about it. It'd be great to have one.

…Huh. Something just clicked into place for me after watching the recording of the Duet stream again.

Duetanon, you magnificent bastard.

That was a thing the main game handled so poorly, and is a huge reason both Pittura and Duet are much more satisfying takes on the story.

Teagan and Alto's issues are intertwined so tightly that the only ways they have of dealing with them are to either break off from each other entirely or work through it together, as a team and as equals.

The game tried to do some combination of both, in which Alto shut down her empathy towards Teagan as a means of shielding herself from further harm but still wanted some form of relationship with her, but since you can't shut down your empathy towards someone and still have a close relationship with them, this just resulted in an Alto who never works past her problems with Teagan and a Teagan who will never be able to have closure no matter how much she changes herself or tries to apologize.

Pittura had them go their separate ways, which would allow them space and time to heal, but would forever leave a few dangling threads.

Duet had them save themselves, and each other. So now they can move forward and have a mutually beneficial and happy friendship.

Duet in particular makes me very happy in ways I can't articulate properly

We need to keep the meme alive.

This might be a bit late, but what does the "Nega" in Nega-Teagan stand for?

Nega, as in negative or negated.
Basically, the "evil" side of Teagan.
The nega-prefix is pretty commonly used anywhere.

I can't see how that's possible.

Synonyms: Alternate; Opposite; Evil version w/ a moustache.
It's not a term in the game.

Just sounded like "Neger" too me, which, surprisingly, means Nigger in German.
Which would still fit tbh

What did he mean by this?

Seriously, I don't get the reference.

u will neber fug bravura

There's a tag called "Antai Spoiler" on Feral's blog which likely refers to Uncommon Time.

It's some turbo weeb stuff.
In Japanese, they typically abbreviate phrases (or anime/manga/game titles) by using the first two characters of the first two main words. In Japanese, Uncommon Time would be アンコモン・タイム (ankomon taimu). Shorten it down to the first two characters of each word and you get アンタイ, or "Antai".

I'll take a look into whether or not my shit can handle streaming next monday.

I don't know why the stupid shit she does surprises me anymore.

It's simple. The streams change from a monument to negativity and criticism, towards monument of positive critique and improvement. Every stream, we play the game and ask "How can we improve on this game and make it better?". We do that until the game becomes good.

After that, we start working on the fan sequel.

We live in the best timeline.

Well, if posters like 5280ce are anything to say then just the XP mod alone seemed to have trimmed the sheer length of the game to just a tad slower than playing the unmodded game with Chit Engin.

Just halving the HP of all the bosses would easily shave 6 hours of the play time while not changing the pacing or "gameplay" at all.

And think about what else we could do. We could rework the battle system, rework the locations, enemies, items, skills so that they are basically similar but better. And that's only gameplay changes.We can make the game be fun aside from story and then also fix the story even more than we already did.



>Teagan is still right, but I feel bad for all characters involved now.
Bravo, Duet user.

Pics related are my favorite lines from Duet. Just felt like sharing.

The "puzzles" in the game are basically nigh nonexistant ("Google it" as a tip for one puzzle solution, another puzzle involving pressing giant obvious red buttons, etc…) And since the creator did mean for there to be puzzles, an obvious gameplay improvement would be to make puzzles that aren't either so basic a two year old could solve them or requiring one to have Music 101 knowledge (or google.)

You know, I'm feeling like you're right but I can't think of any examples.
But perhaps my newfound sympathy for Alto is just clouding my memory

She pretty regularly says Alto's an idiot who needs to be babysat.

Fucking christ I'm half tempted to ask someone to make a version without the pronoun shit with Aubrey before I lose my mind. Who the fuck calls someone a Mx.?
Why am I even playing this shit?

I'll just take your word for it, I really don't feel like playing this shit again

Well. she isn't wrong.

To experience the Duet ending for yourself and feel our bliss.

And with FeralAlto, I'd think her justified. Suddenly Alto gains self-awareness and all that becomes heavy-handed to compare.

Be thankful you can even play. Wine doesn't work on the Duet version, and I'm not about to play it without that XP boost.

Friends hurt each other sometimes, in ways they realise and ways they don't. It doesn't mean they should stop being friends.
A good friendship is one that can work these things out.

She's pretty aggressive, but let's not forget 2 things:

Fucking timezones.
Fucking work.
Why couldn't this shit happen back when I was a NEET?

I'm glad. It really was important to have this all fit together and not have anyone doing anything out of character, because it wouldn't have been satisfying if it had seemed artificial or like it couldn't be part of the main story. If there had been someone preaching at Alto, or some big gratuitous apology on her part, it would have seemed like fan-fiction which it is, but the point was to change as little as possible.

"I'm Teagan…" still makes me tear up.

One of the hardest parts of writing Duet was going back through everything and making sure every time someone referred to Aubrey it was actually "they" rather than "she". Even Winter Alto isn't so bad that she'd misgender someone, after all. :^)

Here's some stats from the stream, if y'all are curios.
Something that I found interesting was that Duet got more viewers than NUCLEAR (96 vs 89). Bravo DuetAnon, you're more popular than the biggest moment in the actual game.

Feels good.

It's interesting, because a lot of the time, what Teagan says, if taken out of context, could very easily be viewed as friendly banter and it actually starts off very innocuous, but slowly ramps up over time. At the pier, I think Teagan only insults Alto once, and it was mostly a "I can't believe you believe in this World Tuning nonsense."

Afterwards it cools down when Saki presents the magical score sheet, which proves to Teagan the World Tuning is real. It starts ramping up again when Meirin is added to the party because, in Teagan's view, Meirin is incompetent and should not be given the task of playing the song that saves the world. Not to mention the many detours the party takes in stopping at every town.

I feel it's Teagan slowly getting fed up with Alto and the rest not taking the World Tuning seriously. Alto has been trying to convince Teagan that the World Tuning is real for years, and now that Teagan finally believes, Alto wants to go recruit a hobo, an incompetent violinist, and some woman who just woke up from a 2000 year long sleep.

Things came to a head during the "Teagan Drinking Alone" scene. The only two people awake are Alto and Teagan, the rest of the party is passed out. Teagan admits that she needs to stop drinking. She then goes on to say "Every time I drink like this, I like to think about what would have happened if I never saw you in the garden. (Or something like that)" To which Alto responds, "That hurts."

The thing is, I don't like the way FP has revenge against Teagan; I feel every writer should have some form of love every character they write, even if they are writing a villain they intend to knock down. Duet, even with its memes and shonen-esque scenes, is by far the best ending I could have hoped for.

Side note on this: Feral actually thinks that she gave Aubrey an ambiguous sex and is actually trying to pull the "Aubrey is whatever you want them to be!" Like Aubrey is the main character from Undertale. Look, if Alto is sweating over "My parents want me to have a baby!" It's pretty obvious Aubrey isn't a man.

I feel that it should be preserved. The absurd sincerity of it all is what made the game so entertaining. Honestly, I want to see if we can expand on it and explain why the characters are the way they are to see if a couple of fags on the internet can write better minority characters than paid writers.

Thread archive just so no one forgets. archive.is/vw0Au

Same. I don't know how we write Aubrey without it, and even so, an actually decent minority character would be a good challenge.

Yeah. The problem with UT isn't that Feral never portrayed Teagan as being flawed and even as hurtful to Alto. The problem was that the narrative opted to punish Teagan indefinitely for it and make her a punching bag for Alto for the rest of the game and call it "moving forward and fixing the relationship." Rather than actually moving forward and fixing the relationship.

I really enjoyed how both Pittura Infamante and Duet just had Aubrey as "they" without ever commenting on it. Something of the flavor would be lost without Aubrey being The Many.

My God, I need to stop. This is too autistic for me.

I think that Aubrey's gender bullshit should be explained as that she lost her identity after the explosion or traumatized by Chantal's faggotry, so she feels like she just exists in limbo rather than reality. It needs work, but it's much better than "muh pronouns."

can we just fix the whole game already?

It's not that Teagan did nothing wring, it0s just that while she gets shat on for it, Alto gets praised for being wrong. And even if Teagan does wrong, is usually justifiable, by the context.

If there's a trans user posting alongside us, they'd probably be able to give some good input on how to write Aubrey. Of course, we'd need to not autisticly screech "degenerate" at them the second they identify themselves.

I thought audrey just had the stupid they pronouns and her friend was the tranny.

Aubrey is agender, which is essentialy trans. At the very least, it's closer to being trans than being cis normal

Nigger, the entire concept of transgenderism is bullshit from start to finish: it's having a mental illness, then choosing to mutilate your body into a crude resemblance of the opposite sex because muh identity. Haven't you wondered why shitloads of trannies kill themselves, even after the surgery and hormones?

For that, the story needs to be preserved in its entirety with explanations to certain endings.

I don't think Aubrey is a tranny, though. I doubt we have any anons on Holla Forums who are trannies either. There was one on a self-help board here, but I wouldn't be surprised if he committed suicide by now.

I believe it could be saved with more or less the same story. The thing is, there's a lot of flat out bullshit in it that I'd consider a near dealbreaker in a really good game, and I don't know how much we can edit or change.
Start at least with Tumblr degeneracy, follow into subtle arts of characterisation and top the whole thing off with win.

I know a surprising amount of trannies on twatter and youtube. The well adjusted enough kind, mind, who don't get triggered over any little thing. The best I gather is, gender dysphoria is a legit thing that needs treatment, but that's a rare mental disorder (since why would you be intentionally born in the wrong body?)

In lucrative societies like the first world, though, it's easy to feel lost. That's why tolerance for an unusual circumstance became a bandwagon, in my opinion.

I don't see how any of what you just said is relevant. I'm just saying that we've got a character who's essentially trans, and a trans person would probably understand Aubrey better than a normal person.
The moral/ethical implications of being trans are separate issues entirely.

Holla Forums's a big place, who knows who lurks behind these posts.

The notion that you have to be something in order to write a character which is that thing is cancerous as fuck, and leads to the sort of shit you see going on at Marvel right now. Just write an interesting character.

No, it'd still be a factory stock female. It just doesn't identify with that fact, because SJWs think that gender and sex are two different things that you can pick and choose, and in this case, it chose neither.

He isn't advocating for transsexualism, but asking for reference material to make Aubrey's ambiguity more convincing and understandable. I'm pretty sure that everyone agrees that trannies have a mental illness, but we don't know what it's like because we're for the most part I hope normal.

The Tumblr degeneracy must remain in the game, we just need to explain it away like we did with Alto.

Chantal latched onto Aubrey after Altair took them in, decided to be a big sister to Aubrey, and is very pushy about Aubs's hormone treatments, hormone treatments. And Chantal outright states that she cares so much about what Aubrey does because Aubrey reminds her of herself when she was younger and so she projects on them.

It would be very easy to just make it so that Chantal assumed Aubs was trans like her and ran with it out of a psychological need to redo her childhood.

You'll have to forgive my old fashion way of thinking and not understating that crap. It probably doesn't help how shoehorned in it felt.

Anyways I see why you lads like Teagan so much, while not perfict, she definitely has a good head on her shoulders.
I'm amazed she hasn't given the rest of them a boot to the arse yet.

Oh shit, I think we have our backstory.

Not so fast. Someone Aubrey, Chantal, or Altair, I forget which says the reason Chantal got so close to Aubrey is because they're both """genderqueer""". The way I'd read that is that Aubrey was already identifying themselves as agender before they got adopted, and when Chantal found that out she go close to them.
The reason why Chantal was so concerned for Aubrey was because she didn't want them to end up not transitioning properly like she did.

It's solid and relatively non-degenerate. I like it.

Ah, right, forgot that part.
Believe it was Chantal.
Now this begs the question of how Aubrey came to the conclusion they were agender before they were like ten.

how do you transition into "they"?

Well, after playing through the first chapter and a half of the game, and experiencing what are pretty much the only scenes Saki and Meirin are fleshed out, these are my opinions:

For Meirin, I think she acts like a slut because she wants to be viewed as holding the responsibility of an adult and erroneous associates sexuality with adulthood. She also has a lot of mommy/daddy issues because, being the middle child, she gets neither the support of the older siblings nor the attention of the younger siblings. She mentioned she felt invisible in her home, and after getting yelled at for wasting her parents money (she demanded violin lessons, and when she finally got them, she didn't like the fact that she would have to learn from structured sheet music, and so rebelled, refusing to take any further lessons), Meirin runs away to join a traveling band. She seems to put a lot of stock in trying to be self reliant (which she consistently fails at throughout the game).

For Saki, his entire issue can be summed up in the fact that when he was 12, he suddenly saw into the future and saw himself on his deathbed. From the fact that he wants to kill himself, I can only assume what he saw was not the soft passing away of an old man surrounded by his family, but instead the painful passing of a man alone. It would also explain why, despite acting as a parental figure for the party, keeps an emotional distance from everyone. Because he knows (or assumes) they will abandon him on his deathbed.

The relationship between the two is also an interested thing from what I've seen. It's quite obvious they have a romantic relationship, but for some reason they do not engage in any sexual activity. I think there are psychological reasons on both ends for this: For Saki, he at one point states that he is 95% uninterested in women which is odd, because if he was gay, why wouldn't he just say 100%? I think he is something more akin to bi and doesn't want to get involved with a woman under the basis that it could lead to a child, a child that carries his genetic disease. For Meirin, she outright states that she doesn't view Saki sexually because he is too old for her, which makes no fucking sense, especially since the man still looks young and women are generally attracted to older men. I think Meirin's actual hangup is that while being with Saki, it is terribly obvious just how childish she is, and she hates that part of herself (as that childishness is what made her choose to remove herself from her family).

Of course, all of this is just armchair psychology and speculation, and anyways, we all know the real answer is FP thought a romantic relationship between two people who were not sexually attracted to one another would make her look super progressive.

>Now this begs the question of how Aubrey came to the conclusion they were agender before they were like ten.
Kids can start forming their gender identity before puberty. At an early age Aubrey probably just didn't feel like a boy/girl, so they started identifying as neither.

Transition towards androgyny. Take enough HRT to reduce the natal sex traits without going too far in the other direction.

But what if Aubrey became (((genderqueer))) after interacting with Chantal, hence why they got closer and why Chantal took on a sisterly role? Also, there's one big hole in the plot. Chantal is on HRT and gives smol worms some, but Chantal is a dude turning into a grill. So if smol worms was a grill from the beginning, what effect would the HRT have on her? Isn't it just estrogen?

It's never said anywhere that Chantal gives some of her HRT to Aubrey, she's just reminding them to take their own. Aubrey was shown to be so obsessed with research/working with Altair that they forgot to eat/sleep, Chantal was probably just concerned with Aubrey taking their own medication on time.
Also, Aubrey could be genetically male. Sure, Alto's went on about not having kids, but Aubrey could've gotten some surgery down there or is just infertile from the HRT Since Aubrey's 'mones are never brought up again in the month(?) after they woke up, that makes me think Aubrey probably had some sorta long-term solution (i.e surgery)

I doubt it was the same. We can't really tell much from the art, since Feral basically just draws all girls and calls some boys, but Aubrey is definitely a feminine name. Plus, Altair gave her the name "Spica", which ends in a traditionally feminine vowel. I think it'd be more probable that Chantal simply gave different hormones to Aubrey. Hell, didn't Chantal >herself get pissy with >her parents about not getting hormones early on? It's not like such faggotry is uncommon in Harmonia.

Kids start forming their identity early on, yes, but as we've seen with that 6 year old girl whom was told by her (coincidentally) transsexual parents that she was transsexual too, they can easily be misled on this fact. These people aren't above outright sacrificing a child's happiness for either progressiveness or their own mental illness.

Didn't Arietta lecture Chantal on the HRT thing, though?
We are not making worms a dude. That's too gay, even for Holla Forums.

I see where you're going but I disagree with your conclusion. I think parents could seriously alter a young child's identity, absolutely. However, Chantal is not Aubrey's parent, she's an older sister, and not that much older at that (~4 years I think?). Chantal simply doesn't have enough control/power over Aubrey to really create such a drastic change. Plus, there's a massive difference in how strong the self-identity is in a 6-year-old (who had probably been brainwashed from a much earlier age) vs. a 10-year-old.

But you have to remember that Aubrey and Chantal got together as a result of being orphaned from that Metronome disaster, and the death of a kids' parents at a young age usually has a tremendous psychological effect, but FP never explored this at all. Aubrey is also completely broken and lets other people dictate her life.

Arietta and Chantal talked about Chantal's HRT. They never talked about Aubrey's.
What are you, a faggot?
What's gay about thinking that Aubrey was male? Unless you wanna fug them, in which case just imagine they're a trap, which totally isn't gay :^)

Try reading what you just wrote again.
Here's a hint: Aubrey's co-dependency issues almost certainly stem from the traumatic loss of their parents. They couldn't do anything to save them, so they end up viewing themselves as unable to even save/take care of themselves. That's why Aubrey leans so much on Altair, and later Alto. FP also touched on Aubrey's survivor's guilt, in that they are actively suicidal (see: their reasons for hibernating)

I'm not saying she's altering Aubrey's identity anywhere near enough. I'm saying she's telling Aubrey "All that psychological fallout you're feeling? Totally not from the death of your parents. Nope, you're TRANS! *cue Tumblr-tier lecture on how awesome transsexualism is and how it's totally not wrong-headed at best*" Naturally, Aubrey, being a little kid and impressionable to anyone who would give her attention, wouldn't think Chantal would lie. Hell, Chantal might have been misled in the same way, through a strong self-hate and lack of masculinity, and so really believed the bullshit she was spouting.
The idea of transsexualism is a cancer at every level, as harmful as any jewish brainwashing.

Holla Forums - HRT and sexual identity

Duet had me tearing up. Bravo.
It inspires me to do something of my own.

Everything that happened in Uncommon Time was at Altair's mansion and focused exclusively on the relationship between Aubrey and everyone else. Her dependence issue is never presented as trauma, and I don't even remember her even really talking about her life prior to the accident. It's more like she just falls in love with Altair and Alto.

The cycle is complete.

>muh jewish boogeyman
Holla Forums pls go and stay go

I almost certainly remember someone (99% certain it was the Aubrey's uncommon time version of Chantal) talking about how Aubrey was being too dependent on others, and it was definitely portrayed as a negative/harmful thing.

He did, or at least Aubrey's version of him did. All I'm saying is that her dependence issue isn't presented like it's a result from the accident

>user advocating for tranny posters to attention whore is from Holla Forums
really makes you think

Would you rather our people end up destroying their bodies due to psychological problems, which could so easily be solved with therapy?
But that isn't the topic of this thread, so I'll stop arguing about it henceforth.

Was it definitely a result from the accident?

Aubrey seemed like they were a pretty independent kid before the accident. See pic related. Since they were independent before the accident, dependent after, I think that's decent evidence suggesting the accident is the cause.


Motherfucker. This needs to be explained like her parents were bartenders. Still, enjoying or at least not minding solitude doesn't equate to independence.

Fuck, parents*. It's midnight here, I need sleep.

I lowkey wanna make a thread just to see this discussion continue, I enjoy it.

If Aubrey was by themselves pretty much all day, that would've meant that she had to take care of herself without any help from her parents. I'd think that qualifies as at least a little independent. Certainly less independent than after the accident.

Go ahead my dude. Though, wait 'till page 13, at least.

Archive it, and we should resume it during the winter thread if there is one. I don't think we need another Uncommon Time thread right now since the stream is over, though I guess it's permissible because Holla Forums is for video game discussion. Anyways, I'm off to bed. G'night fags.

I'm probably not gonna make a new thread because most discussion has dried up for now.

My 2 cents on Aubrey are somewhat how I feel about Teagan/Alto where I saw her preach about the ills of abuse even when it wasn't remotely appropriate. She tells the Aubrey to forever regret their actions concerning Chantal, but in Aubrey time they were recently suicidal, and Alto telling her deeply-grieving recently-suicidal partner that they should forever regret their actions towards a person they can't apologize to right after that wound has been freshly ripped open was not only appallingly insensitive but potentially even downright dangerous.



btw Duet works on my machine.

Bravo, Duet

I thought WINE didn't play nice with Duet. What gives?

Buy a Macbook.

btw before I say goodnight and goodbye until the possible winter stream, this is how far I got in 3 hours 6 minutes of Duet user's playthrough—I am just before the SoL bit.

Wow. It's going to be just 2-3 streams to clear this game on future anniversaries, isn't it? Well, unless it's decided that suffering through it the old-fashioned way is part of the experience, anyway.

I admit that some things were somewhat lucky with status moves like stuns, burns and silences and I wasn't fucking around with things like music, the books in the Library and had fought every battle until After the boss fight with Wind Fairy, then I was somewhat tired and just ran from every fight on my way to Bel Canto—so I may have been even been a level or two higher

I beat it from beginning to Duet end in about 10-ish hours. I did take my time with it, though, and fought every random encounter. I did also keep the game open while I did other things and didn't use a walkthough, so forgetting what I was doing and getting lost was part of that time.

After getting some sleep, I think we're all making a mistake in trying to remove the tumblr from a tumblr game. I think it's better to just pretend all of the tumblrism is normal and instead focus on exploring the relationships between the characters in a manner that doesn't lead to verbally bludgeoning one another into the dirt.

Whelp, we're on the last page and about to go over the edge any minute. We will hopefully see eachother come winter, but even if we don't it was an amazing ride.
And, let it be mentioned one last time:

Goodnight, thread.

Here's an archive of this thread; archive.is/qdpXO

Just one last thing I'd like to mention, if you're playing Duet yourself. Since Teagan's "Brace" command makes her completely immune to physical attacks, if you use it against Almighty it makes her completely trivial and she can't hurt you at all. :^)

Don't get cute, user.

Also, Duet user, I'm curious, why did you give Evil Alto the Nuclear spell as well?
Giving it to Teagan makes perfect sense, but why also give it to Alto?

so, is there any download link?, i need to try this myself.


Save File (Go into town, then go to the inn, then go to the fairy village to start Duet):

I think you did however have Bravura call Luminoso a 'she'. Luminoso's a Many you shitlord

Happy Teagan + Alto artwork when?

When you make it.

Fug, you're right.

It's in the second phase of the fight, when Winter Alto's smug persona breaks apart. She really is nuclear at that point - and it's really impossible to separate what represents Alto or Teagan because of how just connected they are. Also I wanted to mechanically differentiate that phase from the one before by giving her a new move.