Your newly created character is just some schmuck

This is the kind of roleplaying that absolutely gets my dick rock hard. Goddamn, I wish I could have played Galaxies before it got butchered through CU and NGE.

I kinda know that feel.

What's the point of video game about being jedi if its combat is shit?
Jedi Outcast and Academy are the only two games about jedis worth playing.

Combat isn't everything, even the original trilogy keeps actual lightsaber fights muted and focused more on the characters than actual action.
Galaxies made Jedi important again because of their scarcity; It was a big deal to even meet one, let alone become one.

Don't get me wrong, I think Outcast and Academy are a lot of fun. The combat is legitimately entertaining. But there's also fun to be had in the sort of dedication that goes into making something as inherently neat as being a Jedi and making it not only deliberately and exhaustively hard to ascertain, but also retain in the game world. Being a Jedi in Galaxies pre CU was equally fucking awesome, having immense combat bonuses that many other professions didn't have, but also severely limiting because you couldn't just go around waving your laser sword at people without possibly getting the equivalence of a nuclear bomb dropped on your head.

Galaxies treated being a Jedi with a lot of respect and reverence. You were granted great power, but at a great cost and with great responsibility to boot. It's just fucking awesome.


Sooooooo, is there no private server or anything for us to play? Is there any code or whatnot of the game out there for people to use?

Is the game 100% kill?

You can't seriously be this new/retarded.

You know… Actually where can I play this shit?

what is google?

Too bad none of those old Star Wars games that are supposedly so good work on Linux.

What is the point of this thread?


Yo, what did i fucking do to deserve this. I dont know a single thing about this game and I just want to ask you guys a damn question thats all.

Ill google then alright.

Aren't you a pussy?

I think I just wanted to espouse how neat Galaxies made being a Jedi in the early days of the MMO. The only other game, before finding out about this, that made working for the right to be a proper Jedi was KOTOR 2. Sure, you started with a specific Jedi class but you weren't granted a lightsaber right away. Through a mix of story and exploration you'd come across the parts necessary to build your very own saber. Not even KOTOR 1 gave the Jedi that kind of respect. You just get to Dantooine, talk to the Masters, click on a workbench and then congrats. Here's your cutscene about you being a Jedi and here's your new lightsaber.

Not spoonfeeding.

According to this thread, Im apparently a faggot retarded newfag too.

Isnt the game still alive as starwars legends? Why are you guys pretending that its dead?

What is being proactive instead of expecting to be spoonfed like a moron?

Did I hurt your feefees?
Take it easy user, learn to search for things by yourself.


The funny part is, if you figured out how to play it on your own I would help you get the discs you need because they can be a bitch to find sometimes, but you won't even so much as google how we are playing to get the first breadcrumb for yourself.

Why did being called out as a lazy piece of shit make you so buttmad?
Maybe if you actually googled it instead of acting like a clown in this thread you would find what you want.

You're not some superior being here, just a retarded asshole.


I'm going to go play video games now, good luck with your brains.

The funny thing is I never even played this game, I just butted in with a friendly suggestion to use google. I even saged because I knew my post was of little worth.

Great job increasing your shit's population my dudes.

Anons usually have more information and interesting things to say that you cant really find anywhere else. You didnt have to answer, but you didnt have to be a dick either.

Ive been on chans for nearly a decade and i still get called newfag, just for asking about a cool sounding game OP talks about. What the fuck is wrong with Holla Forums nowadays?

Sure is Reddit in here today.

Well, now we know why the game's dead.

I just wanted to talk about videogames thats all.

I bet your character doesn't know how to boipuss a compressor.

For someone who can't use internet search engines you have a high opinion of yourself.

Suggesting that someone search for things before asking anything is being a dick, gotcha.
This was fun, but I can't post on shit threads forever. Have a shit day.

I tried the Star Wars Galaxies emulator, and found myself pretty fucking irritated. While there's quests you can do solo, pretty much everything in SWG relies on big groups of people. I hope you like 15 minutes between pulls and getting knocked out every fight until level 60+.

People talk so fondly about the early days of SWG, but the truth of the matter is, 90% of you probably didn't play it or have any real understanding of the game. The game pretty much created the Radiant Quest AI where you could get quest after quest, but they were all fucking boring quests. The problem with randomly generated content is that there's nothing interesting about said content. Computers have an inability to create something compelling or interesting.

The only people who had any real fun with SWG were turbo autists who think Korean grinding MMOs and Diablo II's Super Tristram are the best things gaming has ever created, or people who like to jerk off to text while "roleplaying." You can overlook its shortcomings all you want, but the fact of the matter is, we still don't have a fucking proper Star Wars game and because it keeps getting licensed to the likes of Bioware we never will. You'll never be able to freely switch between flying and walking. And now that Disney owns and has left their indelible stain of shit on Star Wars, you'll never get a decent Star Wars game ever again anyway.

SWG was only fun if you like eating dick cheese, fucking faggots.


In the context of this thread your post makes way too much sense.

I have the feeling you have no idea about doctors.

I have a feeling you find it fun standing around while some dude pretending to be a twi'lek girl waves their arms around for 15 fucking minutes to give you buffs, while continuing to tell you to "donate" or they'll cut you off.


Wew tho wew

Sounds like real life.

Quality funposting there, bud.

Does anyone remeber that MMO Holla Forums used to play a year or two ago that played like an older western mmo? You could have an ability called psychology where you can shit talk enemies to death or even become a cow and play the game like that. Holla Forums made a guild or something that got muted for constantly spamming REMOVE DEER.

If SWG plays like that i may consider trying out the game, because back when i played that i had quite a bit of fun with Holla Forums. Becoming bounty hunters, killing shit and generally fucking around all across the galaxy while cracking jokes and clever banter would be pretty comfy to say the least.

Funny, all the healsluts in Galaxies when I played did that shit for free and accepted tips.

Ill be your healslut user.

In that context, yeah go for it, if you can organize a big enough group of people who consistently HELP ALL THE PEOPLE and not just a clique that says fuck off and leaves everyone else behind, then yeah it could be good. The problem is every MMO that Holla Forums plays, the biggest douche nozzle of the group creates the guild and runs it like a roller disco, giving all the best things to his small clique of 3 fuccbois who he likes to cybersex with, but leaves everyone else footing the bill and wondering what the fucking benefit of their leadership is (answer: none).

But on the other hand, if you do organize a faction and it's not run by a faggot, you could build some cities and go fuck up other people.

The day Holla Forums runs a not-shit guild is the day tumblr says Trump is an ok guy.

Would have been a lot faster and a lot less embarassing if user had just fucking googled it. There was a time when a google search was the first thing people would do before asking questions. Waiting for a response on this website is dumb.
Why wait several minutes to get a response to your question on a mongolian cavepainting bulletin when a google search can get you an answer in seconds? It's fucking retarded and deserves bullying

I know, but it's nice to hope sometimes.

Please use startpage

That's bullshit, even back in 2005, there was still faggots who wouldn't google or yahoo the answer to things. There was never a time in chan history ever where all people just automatically searched for things.

It's nice to live in a dream world, but this is reality.

Neither of those are the game in question, and I'm talking about KOTOR anyway. If you guys want people to play your shitty nerd games, maybe don't be such spergs when they try to get into it.

Gotta love when Holla Forums goes out of it's way to not discuss a video game and actively discourage people from branching out. Yet I still get to read a bunch of bitching and moaning about how horrible the industry is. Bonus points for anons projecting their own laziness with their "just Google it" shitposting.

We don't want retards.

Google is absolutely normalfag tier. Don't delude yourself into thinking you're an elite underground gamer because you're sufficiently literate to type shit into a search bar on one of your 6 toolbars.

It goes two ways.
PSO2 team was way too welcoming at same point which resulted in most of the team not even visiting 8ch in general or Holla Forums in particular.
This thread vividly demonstrates the opposite extreme though.

You seem to be confusing them asking people to google things with them saying google is what makes them so great. Please try to not be retarded, someone finding out information on their own is a BARE MINIMUM barrier to entry.

Yeah you're right user, every game is good, every game is rainbows and candy, we should all encourage each other to eat bags of shit.


I don't think I am an elite underground anything. But I am capable of playing SWG when the update comes through and the server is back up. You should actually read the thread and see how I offered up the ISOs the actually hard to find part but they do you no good if you don't have an account and if people need help with that part then they aren't going to have a good time playing this game anyway.


But Holla Forums HAS run a single not-shit guild, user.

Unpopular SWG opinion:
While not ideal, the CU wasn't as bad as everyone thought it was, and had some positive aspects to it that merited continuing to play until the NGE just BTFO of the game.

i hate this honeypost way more than reddit. you cia niggers come out the wood work to post these retarded reaction images at anyone who shows any sign of emotion. actually kill yourselves you've only served to ruin things that were once good.

Gorgon online was what it was called. I would consider playing either if Holla Forums got back into them. My SWG experience was cut short by idiot devs.

I've played with smaller Holla Forums groups and its gone well, or horrible but it was just so funny watching it all burn.

That was Project Gorgon. Dunno what happened to it.
I stopped playing it because I read that you could only play alpha whatever for free till like September, and then the threads died.
But apparently that wasn't the case and you can still keep playing the game or something.
I do remember seeing threads every once in a while, but they never really lasted.

That guy looks like a total Loser.

Holy fuck, you need to group with people to play this MMO!

Yeah, horrible ain't it. A bad game that still forces you to play with other people.

Yeah, welcome to fucking MMOs, retard.

Get over yourself, buddy. Nobody asked what your sister's cunt smells like, so close your flapper.

But I don't have a sister.

Ah I apologize, I didn't realize you have autism. I won't argue with you any further.

Now, and forever.

I'm not autistic either. You're not very good at insulting people, you know.

You might not think it, but it's fairly obvious.

Also I'm not saying it as an insult.


Are you retarded, perhaps?

Did any of these god damn Emu projects every fucking add JTL? I remember briefly following SWGEMU like 7 years ago and never wanted to start until JTL launched.


Not yet, but with jedi just about out of the way we are one step closer.

Project Gorgon was pretty fun
The game had shit combat though

My god, they've made less progress in that time than WoW private server emulation. Unreal; I just want to destroy Rebel scum in a fearsome Interceptor.

And I just want to assassinate rebel leaders as Imperial Commandos.

I dont know what you did wrong either

I just want my comfy houseboat back. Maybe 3 or 4 more years

Pretty sure you can.


pls no bully

Asking to be spoonfed. Look it up.


The pain slowly fades, but the love is forever!

I remember gaming magazines of the time complaining it was to hard to become le epic jedi :^))) and that made the game feel less like a Star Wars game. I guess they got happy with TOR where every literal faggot in the galaxy has a lightsaber.

If you want an reaction image dump you just gotta ask friend, no need of these mind games.

was that KOTOR 1 or 2? I've been thinking of playing 2 for a while now.

Galaxies you fucking mong.

Well it's easy to say that after NGE Hindenburged the whole fucking game.

I remember NGE quite fondly, probably due to the fact that there is JTL, gunboats, and shittons of content to go through.

I lead our own little SWGEMU excursion here for a while before we all got bored nearly a year ago playing pre-cu and doing exclusively mando bunker runs (the only thing to do aside from being on your ass for 30 seconds during pvp)
You may have seen us try to jump to stellar bellend, most were hyped. and then right at the finish line the devs decided to whine and give up because "muh entitled community" atleast they are releasing its sourcecode so someone else can actually pick up the work instead of flushing years of work down the drain like the others.

The test server host straight said "no fuck you i'm keeping it up" but unfortunately its still just a test server, not a dev-frog free enviroment. so whats the fun in just getting everything immediately?

posting some good times


I don't understand. Is this thread in relation to emu just getting its pub 9 update where they include the Jedi stuff? If so, why is OP not putting that information out there. Does anyone want to play together? Train Jedi together? Or is this just a nostalgia fest even though the game is still up?

I think you might have played SWG:Legends (the NGE server) instead of SWGEmu. Emu has no levels for one, and you actually don't do anything in a group except 2-3 late-game activities that are completely optional (DeathWatch Bunker, Arkay, Nightsisters), but all the other grinds you do solo. You can even do Krayt hunting solo.

I played it at launch. You just ran out of town to the npc spawning nest. Then you run back to town and get a new nest mission to kill. It was shit.

Most comics can be read online easily but Holla Forums still makes posting threads to discuss as a group and have fun together….just admit you want to feel superior to that user and suck your own cock

I don't disagree with you, but to be fair it's difficult to explain SWG. It's a pure sandbox mmo with no levels, only profession trees that are segmented into boxes basically. Each box gives you an added benefit, be it being able to craft something more complex, or giving you more proficiency with certain weapons, etc. It's a game that was designed for heavy RP in mind so be prepared to see a lot of RP mechanics. You can buy houses and make a city. There are no vendors outside of player vendors, and players make or farm for everything that sells. Gameplay itself is horrible, if you want to have fun fighting this is not the game for you. Actually it's not a game for a lot of people. You have to be at least a little bit autistic to really like it.

I'd probably give it a shot, I haven't played since retail way back in the day but it mitebcool to see how well the emulation has gone so far.

This is wanted. I actually wanted anons to tell me about in the first place from their own experiences instead of spurging out and ignoring actual discussion like

those 2 absolute faggots.

If you do give it a try, send an email to "Sho'ta" (without quotations) and I'll hook you up with some early credits and some info.

And by email I mean in-game mail

Basilisk may wipe soon due to instability from publish 9, its all to be decided, but we could potentially revive the daily dose and claim our own turf on a major world if we were to act fast enough.


Are you on SWGEmu? Is that the main server everyone plays on?
Do I still need to plug in a god damn disc drive and find my old CDs because the devs are autistic about links?


Yes, I play it, but not all the time. If you're looking for someone really active to play with, I will disappoint you.
Not sure, but all the other servers are shit.
No, just pirate them in .iso format and follow the directions on, under "Install SWGEmu". Here's a magnet, but this comes with an outdated SWGEmu launchpad. You simply have to install the latest launchpad from instead.

They fixed the instability and there's no wipe. Publish 9 is online, you can check the patch notes on their forums.

Thanks for the link, was really dreading going through boxes for my old CDs. I'll probably try and start it tomorrow and see if it's as glorious as I remember; I'll shoot you an in-game mail.