Don't mind me, I'm making the PC a viable platform...

Don't mind me, I'm making the PC a viable platform. If I weren't around you wouldn't get your shitty call of duty rehash on your cheeto machine.


all those prior copy protections didnt kill the market, hell the numbers are inflated guesses about what customers would do, something thats near impossible to get right, just look at all those devs and publishers betting on certain features and concepts and games still not selling
you are idiots

Superior Copy Protection.

Each game comes with a little plastic booklet you have to submerge into water in order to get the code to continue. The kicker is that each game has it's own unique code and codes from other games will not work.

Is there even a game that was good that released with denuvo?
I legitimately can't remember by name, what games released with it.

check em

tales of berseria

Doesn't ring a bell

Good. You aren't a weeb.

so copy protection is entirely useless thing that relies on imaginary numbers

Thanks for the job OP I can start my dubs thread just here.
check 'em
But seriously limiting consumers on a platform just because you're too much of a hack to be a good game developer and blaming your poor sales on pirates and not your own incompetence is retarded

weeb as in likes anything japanese
or weeb as in plays bad games, and refuses to admit flaws in, just because they are japanese


Nice meme.


FIFA, Nier, MGS5, Plants vs Zombies ( Origin + Steam + Denuvo) , The Fractured But Whole ( Steam + Uplay + Denuvo for MAXIMUM JUST)

The God Eater Combo Pack
My shit. Just fuck it all up.

Only one of those I vaguely remember out of that is Nier, just because of density of Ass posting

I understand you europoors love soccer but it really is dreadful
If you like porn game play Skyrim
Its a subpar tower defense game with decent graphics and soundtrack. Nothing special.
Obsidian isn't involved, very likely to be shit. And its not out yet
Bottom of the barrel weebshit that is literally worse than Neptunia.


Other than the ones mentioned, it's a nice mediocre game filter.

Here's the top played games on steam right now and of all time. Check how many games use denuvo.

None of them

A good way to tell if someone never played a game before.

yeah you are finished

Great LOL thread, now it just needs these digits. check 'em

Kill yourself.

Did someone say dubs?

You don't deserve to get dubs with an attitude like that.