So I guess IGN has a Disney show now

The conflict of interest only grows…

Who watches this dumb shit?


The girl on the far left has porn lol, fuck kike disney.

Is that fucking Will Smith


Hold on, do they really have a Disney show or is it a clone like those Nick shows?

I die a little inside every time one of these happens

it's always the most disgusting ones, god 3d is pd

Has anyone else noticed the massive influx of interracial sub-tones in these shows and commercials? It's like they're fucking everywhere. Why are Jews obsessed with cucking white men?

well? I'm waiting

Can we bring 80's and 90's sitcoms back? Please?

Gonna post it yet, you filthy fucking degenerate?

I dunno, the nig has the appeal of a literal monkey in a suit while the white guy looks buff and masculine.

Is that the one who doxed a kid because he mocked her on Faceberg and people's reaction was "you go gurl"?

How can anyone take these animals seriously?

is this going to be like a scripted show where all the plots revolve around playing/beating games, with the white dude being the 'bad guy' that keeps fucking with them?

The white guy reminds me of AVGN, while the nig in the middle would actually look half-decent if his hair wasn't a fucking rat's nest.

It's not even a real negro, he's 25% black mutant who looks like he's an unwashed laborer (not that nigs would do labor, or there's anything wrong with blue collar work)

If you see cucking everywhere you look, maybe you just like cucking in general



Pure cohencidence


This will be on Disney?

I actually recognize the problem glasses on the right with the resting bitch face.
She is part of IGN's Anime Club where they talk about how problematic anime is because of things like sexual humor and fan service to complaining that a domestic product from a nation with 98% asian people doesn't have more black people and mexicans.

I checked just now to make sure it is the same one, it is and to back up my argument of what their opinion is on anime.

TV is beyond dead lol

Fork over the porn nigger faggot

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so randumb!!!! xD

And nothing of value was lost, television was always the shiteater medium where (((they))) decide what shows you get to watch. Even movies had some patrician shit and better distribution.


Jesus Christ.

Reminds me how they have (or had) an anime club. They treat shows the same way the review games. They barely play/watch them and don't even try to understand them. Like damn all you have to do is shit that and look. You don't even have to "git gud" to watch anime.



They only like casual tier anime that everyone can get into but they don't actually like anime. And how do you review a show and only watch about 2 or 3 episodes? That's not a damn review.