Doubting about getting a wired XBox 360 controller for 30€ since I don't have a proper one for pc gaming


I'd recommend a controller with a decent Dpad for AM2R. 360 controller is find for most modern games but you'll want a good dpad for AM2R & other 2d platformers/metroidvania games.

I've been using a Dualshock 3 controller myself.


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Get one of the PDP Xbox One controllers if you prefer. They're a hell of a lot cheaper and are wired USB. If you're going to play 2D games though, I'd suggest one of these. They're not cheap, but they're pretty much tailor made for emulation purposes.

Is that a switch that changes the d-pad input from hat switch to x/y axis?

It switches between the D-pad being interpreted as a D-pad and it being interpreted as left stick. Some games are hard-coded for one or the other.

Yeah that's what I mean. That sounds really useful, some games need xpadder or some other remapping software to even use the d-pad normally.

The DS4 has to be the best dpad for modern controlers, they usally go on sale on best buy and if you have windows all you need is ds4windows.

Just did! It's my new favorite game to play with all my friends™

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Honestly if he's gonna buy an HORI pad for general use might as well go with the EDGE-301, at-least dealing with things that need sticks won't be shit and you don't sacrifice the useful stuff from the pad you showed.

That or a DS4 with DS4windows.

Do you have steam installed or any other xinput gamepad mapper?

I never use ds4windows because games if support ds4 already have support for it, and if they don't its easier to use x360ce.


That has basically no use outside of fighting games.

And, y'know, Genesis and Saturn games. Especially the latter. But hey, keep shilling the 2-hour battery life meme controller.

You know you can remap those two additional face button and that most of the time it works better right?

Better than having a controller you can't use properly for most games.



I do have Steam, but haven't actually used Big Picture. There's a repo-like thing for controllers, is it for any controller or just Steam's? (In case game doesn't support it)


I have a 360 controller. It's decent and seems to be the standard for PC gaymin controllers. Recently I switched to DS4, it's my new favorite but requires mapping programs for a lot of games.
is my nigger. I thought I was the only person who owned one. it's pretty perfect for 2D games.

Are there any controller emulators out there?

I mean, I've got three controllers - a DS4, 360, and Xbox One. The Xbox One I have hooked up to my PC. The 360 controller is used on my laptop. My DS4 I swap out between my PS4 and SteamLink on the TV.

Problem is, when I start up most games and emulators, they want one input or another - most of them don't have profiles and I'm too lazy to reconfigure all of my emulators and games each time I play.

Is there a software controller I can configure all of my emulators and games to use - which then translates inputs from whatever controller I use, from wherever I use it from, into Xinput or whatever standardized input.