These are the people who make saints row

what does that ginger eat, nothing but tea and rice?

Probably Oestrogen for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

i hear making gaems is nightmare hard so i wont judge a dev if he is skellignton

those dyed hair faggots on the other hand are clearly parasites taking credit for other people work

black bull cum provides him with a balanced nutritional profile

I get scared for a coworker whenever he lifts a (about) 700 gram pizza into the oven. He has to hold the spatula with both arms and both are shaking throughout the entire movement. Why do people hinder themselves?

When will manlets just off themselves?

Both of them look like AIDS ridden faggot, aka the only kind of faggot.

pls stop bullying skeletons

I didn't know styx moonlit as a gayme developer

Soy protein, that's why he looks as emasculated as a modern Japanese man; shit's poison.

Rice is far too nutritional for him.

Probably because he doesn't feel the need to lift.

there is a skeleton inside you

Fuck everything.

They're so passionate about their work they don't have the time to exercise. slowly killing themselves for the things they love.

Look at those gains, must be the home grown veggies.


Did we really need a third thread?

It's the protein infusion from sucking all of that non-white "legal immigrant" cock from his 98% white ivory tower.

LISA dev was /fit/, until his father died and he got pozzed

What did you expect? The whole franchise is an edgy, retarded mess for literal idiots.


not an argument